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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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filling a promise of connecting the word, connecting the future, the cato got to gateway to whoa trade. ah, ah. hello, i haven't seen a in da how with the headlines on edge data in austria, members of the far right freedom party. and it's supporters protesting tough corona virus restrictions in the capital vienna for monday, austrians won't be allowed to leave home except to go to work shop for essentially an exercise and vaccination against cove. in 1900 will be mandatory for everyone from february 1st, next year. a big protest expected in the dust city of amsterdam. in the next hour, there was rioting in rotterdam on friday after a protest against covert 19 restrictions there. at least 7 people were injured and
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dozens arrested. 110000 cases were reported in the netherlands last week. the country went into a partial lockdown last saturday. in australia, tens of thousands of people protested against the cove at 19 vaccine orders and pandemic laws. rallies were held in each state capital including sydney demonstrators in melbourne, called for the scrapping of a bill. they say will give the state premier too much power more now from diana, from dana morse who is a journalist with the australian broadcasting corporation in melbourne. there are range of things that are being protested about around the country today is certainly the biggest day that we've seen for protesters around australia. and we had protest in almost every state and territory home today. the largest of which was here in melbourne. melbourne has endured the longest lockdown in the world. and now there are concerns among parts of the community about some pandemic management
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legislation that the state government is currently trying to pass through the upper house of parliament. the u. s. defense sector has promised to prevent iran from attaining a nuclear weapon. lloyd austin says, washington will counter what he called iran's dangerous use of suicide drums in the middle east. the united states is calling on china to prove the tennis play a punch. why is okay. she hasn't been seen since accusing a high ranking politician there of sexually assaulting her. u. s. president joe biden has said he is angry over the verdict in the murder trial of an american teenager car. rittenhouse was found not guilty of murdering 2 men and wounding another during racial justice protests in wisconsin. last year. those are the headlines. the news continues here on edges era after portal. ah,
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hi, i'm sandra gartman, welcome to a new series of portal. here's where we show you the world of al jazeera digital and it's award winning online content. think of me as your guide to the best of what you don't usually see on tv. this week, we're looking at latin america correspondent that isabel gives us a personal take on what it's like to report on one of the world's most dangerous routes for migrants. we've got an explainer on why life in cuba is tougher than ever and will take you to the front line of the battle between protesters and police in columbia. and i'm with the darian gap is an infamous stretch of jungle between columbia and panama. it's got mountains, rivers, and it's controlled by criminal gangs. crossing it is incredibly dangerous,
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but that's what thousands of migrants are doing anyway, hoping to eventually make it to the us out. is there a correspondent that isabel has been telling their stories? but in this episode of the series between us, she tells us her story of what it's been like on the ground. ah, dramatic situation is happening in latin america right now. we're thousands and thousands of people are trying to make it to the united states. people are extremely vulnerable, but they think they're ready to go. they trying to cross what is known as the darian gap is a jungle area that connects columbia with panama. they have migrant. we have spoken to. i have been rocked, many have been raped and the dangers they face are enormous. i'm babies have all my latin american correspondence for al jazeera and between story and like any other has made me feel completely powerless. so
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many of these people are originally there from haiti, cuba, venezuela. and there's also other countries, you know, we've seen people from bangladesh, people from ghana, they make it from my daughter, from chilly from brazil till the small town of nic oakley in columbia. and from there they have to get on a ferry and cross what is known as a gulf of order la, there they make it to a small town of i can be. and from there, they go into the darian gap that takes them all the way to panama. this is an area that says filled with rivers with mountains, with cliff. there is one mountain that is called the death mountain because it is so difficult to be able to cross it. they say that it takes them between $4.00 and $5.00 days, but then you have entire families. it takes them between $11.15 days to make the coffee. there are lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half old. they are also facing the dangers of criminal organizations. they were
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telling us that they have to pay between a $1200.00 each in order to be taken towards the jungle. and most of this money goes to criminal organizations. we met fatal javier in nickel glee. when he arrived to the other side, he started sending us messages, saying they lied to us. what happened is we were robbed, a girl in our team was raped. he said it was horrific situation for all of them. we took a flights of panama city and we went to the other side to talk to some of those or managed to make the cross. and the stories we heard where terrible in just the period while we were there, the reports of abuse had gone from 70 women reporting having been raped for 120. they saw masked men coming to one of the good taking separating the women. they kind of pick them, they chose who's a truck they rentals. not i spoke to
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a venezuelan woman said as she was seeing how many of the women in her group had been taken away and being rave. she started to cover herself in mud. so they would look at her and see her dirty, and nobody will when i touch it was extremely traumatic for me. it was listening stories where, where you feel powerless, where you cannot help them. ah, let's have a question. we asked at the beginning of the journey, you know, what you're getting yourself into, is it worth the risk when there were like, we need to do this because i need to improve my life. i need to give an opportunity to my children. so all of it is worth it, but when you asked that same question to those people on the other side, many will say this was not worth florida garcia. venezuelan woman that i spoke to after lawton, and i'm still in touch with, she was trying to climb aide was raining
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a lot and the mud was falling on top of her. and she kept on trying and trying and trying and, and you could feel her suffering really because i know what the, what it's horrible because i felt i couldn't any more. my feet were injured and i was thinking of my children. i thought my baby was not going to make it, or some corridors in the jungle where the rivers simply go up. one venezuela, migrant was telling me he saw forties and remains of people on top of the trees. apparently the were trying to save themselves from drowning. most of them lost their phones so you know, when did up sending messages to their parents or their relatives have brought, telling them that we saw them at their okay, that they're alive. i guess again, when i spoke to the mother of a venezuelan woman, the mother started crying on the phone and she's telling me, please tell me she's ok,
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please tell me she's ok when you started looking at the messages that they sent to their relatives. if they do not want to warrant, they don't want to show what they went through a . i am one of those journalists that truly believes that we can make a difference, that shedding lights on stories such as this one is gonna force some type of change because what's happening right now it's, it's so it's devastating though, as that, as a mentioned some of those migrants trying to cross, the darian gap are from cuba and up next is a piece that helps explain what's driving cubans to leave their country. it's an episode of start here, the online, explain our series that i also host. now, after huge protests on the island, my team and i looked at how keep it works and what's going wrong. ah,
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let's talk about cuba and why it's not working. there's not enough food medicine or fuel economy is broken even with a job. it's hard for most cubans to buy the basics and then throw in a pandemic people. they're tired on and then other thought we bundled up and now an unprecedented display of anger and frustration industry to you. well, me my paper to fill about it's, i don't put up with it, but for the fact that you guys can pull up old barre wants people shaniqua. don't we got this? this is rare for cuba. people daring to protest all the streets and online little one of them we, we met his own food of the what's going wrong. why are things worse than ever? and where does the us fit in? for after
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60 years of communism, it's hard to know just how many cubans still support the revolutionary ideals of fidel castro. are no free elections are independent holes. the state controls the media and shuts down the internet when it wants. all we know is what we're seeing and hearing. and in july, when thousands of cubans marched and protest, they were chatting, things like, oh, and also this ah, the john is from the song least a few months ago. a song that's become the soundtrack to people's frustrations, a spin on fidel castro's venus logan web that i want to do with
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people are tired not only of the situation, but oh, so tired of listening to the same things all over again. the system right now isn't working for anyone. so let's get into some of the main reasons why. starting with the absolute essential, getting enough to eat. people have to undergo our long lines in order to get food and not even to get all the food they need. they don't grown up there in ireland, but doesn't provide no fish 1st. so in most countries, food is supplied by a mix of public and private industries, but cubic communist system, centralizes and controls that whole process. farming is already tough enough. there are shortages of things like pesticides, fuel, and equipment, stuff that has to be imported. and there's a drought, the worst and a 100 years how the government sets prices and production quotas for farmers, it collects their projects and controls distribution. but most economists agree
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that that kills any incentive for farmers to be more productive. and the whole system is bureaucratic and inefficient. it didn't work in the soviet union. it's not working in cuba. most farmers are still dependent on the state of embed, have not purge that sector for billing the leaves are living for you. what all this means is that cuba can't feed itself. the state has to import something like 70 percent of food. and that has got even more expensive. in the last year, global prices jumped 40 percent because of the pandemic now to buy food on the international market. human needs foreign currency, but it doesn't have much of that. and there's a whole bunch of reasons for it. mismanagement by the country's leaders for sure. but also us embargo, which those same leaders have consistently blamed for the terrible state of the economy. long time ago, they won't come at all, she would be better,
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maybe one more go to you, isn't vargo. i think it has to affect. one is the real effect on the other one is the way it, sir. authorities, i saw some excuse to leave a the are all responsibility. a full train embargo was 1st imposed by president kennedy after fidel castro seized power in the cuban revolution. this was initiated in 1962 as part of a larger effort to overthrow the cuban government. that same embargo still exist today. it's basically a web of laws and regulations that banned u. s. companies from trading with anyone linked to the cuban state sanctions also make a complicated for international companies to do business with cuba, especially because so much global trade is done in u. s. dollars. so it has to go through banks and the u. s. u, but still has trade worth hundreds of millions of dollars with other countries like dana, spain, and germany. but the u. s. embargo makes it all more time consuming and more expensive. what's clear is that cube is ability to provide for its people,
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which let's face it is supposed to be the cuban model. well that's being squeezed like never before and gone. our cube was rich friends for decades, it could count on the soviet union. but when it collapsed than the 1990 s. so did q was economy. that was cuba last big crisis in the 2000 cuba found a new friend in venezuela and benefited from dirt cheap, venezuela oil to use and re sell. all shipments are way down because of us sanctions and the collapse of venezuela economy and oil factor and it's left cuba struggling to keep the lights on. no more power or no, i reckon if the value of it you would receive waste that happened because the economy has been so bad for years. many cubans have relied on remittances. money sent from
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their relatives abroad, especially those in the us. and that's an important source of dollars for the cuban economy to, but even that top isn't flowing like it used to under president trump, companies like western union were banned from sending cash because they work with a bank in cuba owned by the military. so that dried up a big source of cash and cubans can hardly rely on their own currency the best. so just can't buy them what they need. got even worse when the government, the valued the paso back in january as part of a major currency reform would have created an enormous inflation. so the price of food, especially with the way up, it's a huge mess. and then you add a pandemic which is cut off another economic lifeline for cuba tourist dollars and all those pressures. well, they seem to have pushed cubans to speak out against their government more and lee than ever before. more people in cuba, i've lost the fear of being depressed and that going down to streets,
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people is seen the generation after generation. the time goes by and they just keep waiting and the political speech doesn't change, the solution doesn't arrive. the question is, how much longer are cubans prepared to wait from cuba? let's look at columbia now. or a political crisis has spiraled into running battles between the police and protests. in this episode of the documentary series fly on the wall, we meet the 1st liners, the people putting their lives on the line and their demand for change. the film was shot back in july when some of the biggest protests and worst violence happened with my mama. you get a look and i didn't want to have someone to deal with video game you on a lot better. and i would well say,
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going to be, they'll see these course. york is what got put out put up when he's here. he was home, got orders yet. he is not by this. you would have made a lot of any of these to see at the ends of it all. yeah. in order to do this, i must is, i'm not sure this up on a and e on it. what is your, what is guessing if you're okay with you to me. amazing. i live on mason. k. no, no, it's me. how can i get a corporate all miss? he seemed korean goose. dear me. there was a girl who selling me is how about how i may say a at k yukari, cassie meal at sweetwater road in brooklyn, new to one? pardon me? yes, i am currently very quote me. it is
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independent there. and then i will let them been the hours for the last router, of course, because it's not gonna address a school. no, no, no. i'm in the for level of quality covered. it can get on the screen. duda photo la fees. hold on for now, but it's create a i don't chat. trish cable i know now is your home anybody? okay. call me or cancel cuz if they said, oh, now it will get there. i cannot get it on a cell because one, it also has a lucille, kitty and, and those tickets that come with she was able to see cuz it's a windows house and i saw this under go for the root causes. let's go. there was
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a calculator. wasn't we've been and was going to how to limited on media as you come into that it was good. can you a so she has a homeless k i'm at the battle. my good luck and i didn't want of getting a bicycle for some exist sickle is a new to be an it guy was up. ok. they're going to come get us as us. yes. awesome. look, i could only express here the stance from louthan and most computers have been done through this leopard. melina bonus, the transcript that he put out to look at me now in columbia in i'm fabian. so laura lee, cough gross kids were pointing the less part of the stuff, close case setting up where you are not police, he put it on and he was gonna tell you because he didn't matter be stolen. manual, at least, but adequate to lunch with
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your number from my last a yeah. a lot in share with me. nice little less aliya in canada. the boy the most up to be able to locate it when he says you in the movie. ha cnt stud me it. i see on game. i am. was ponce e though a kid last year that sip a you skill book or non good. yeah. yeah, definitely. have them give you a little bit of a kid notice, but i love either a little political a, a live in the low ceiling process. i thought of the lingle mucho,
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but even seal indicate looks kind of the actual is good enough. deals old is hang on for the odo, seen by lead us get us. he knowledge, he has to spend a 1000000 columbia, which is just love for montgomery that'd, that'd become good if, if i use it globally is and that's what the mother, what does in london meant that the name was k. so it is a heat akin boeing up when i add monday, those to buy c i is the guy model and i even good as you know say that sally, that then what could i think of it by them? poseidon, manuela is pete ideally, says bonnie gilly style can up when you see it fell into dyes, but they had be so it was going to be done levied. i'm with butter figure if i don't know, but it bottle, going to know if they're biting to come. yeah,
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that's it from portal for now. i'll be back next week with more from the world of al jazeera digital. until then, i'll see you online. ah, [000:00:00;00] with hello is warming up nicely now across northern parts of argentina. northern areas of chile set fair over the next few days and that the dry weather will feed its way up into paraguay somewhere into the 30s. here,
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as for the pleasant weather is farther north, we got some very heavy downpours, rio at 23 degrees. that wet weather punching its way right across the amazon. much of brazil seeing some big and lively showers eastern parson. pru still seeing some very wet weather after our recent spell of flooding. rain a similar picture as we go through sunday. further south, it's warmer still. we're getting into the mid thirty's for ascension. and also for one a series. $32.00 there for santiago, where the north into the caribbean, sunshine and showers, as per usual alive, your showers, going to be across the western side of the region. well i, we will see some mer rather big down polls from time to time, just making the way into cuba, and also into hispaniola. jamaica should stay largely dry over the next couple of days. now she try to for the eastern hours with some very pleasant weather, coming in here. now for the u. s. and pleasant weather here as well. we have got cloud and rain moving away from the eastern seaboard. still
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a little bit of winter weather up towards the b. c. but lottie settled for the west coast. ah ah ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm has him speak of this is the news out live from dall coming up in the next 60 minutes. anger in austria over a plan nationwide locked down with supporters of the fall. right? freedom party out on the streets, protest to in amsterdam over cobra. 19 restrictions following a violent might in brought to that palestinians reject and condemned the you case


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