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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm AST

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sold for the west coast. ah, lou. this is al jazeera. oh oh, i'm has him speak of this is the news out live from dark coming up in the next 60 minutes. anger in austria over a plan nationwide locked down with supporters of the far right freedom party out on the streets. protest too, in amsterdam over cobit 19 restrictions following a violent night in rotterdam, palestinians reject and condemned the u. k. decision to designate all of the
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palestinian group hamas a terrorist organization. we joined the calls for peer c authorities to provide independent, verifiable proof of her whereabouts and that she is safe. and the white house adds to international calls for answers about chinese tennis thought pang. schweitzer who hasn't been seen for weeks. i'm devin ash, with sport, will also have from men's tennis number one. they don't have it on that subject. and the gloves are off the head of the 1st ever cuts off formula. one grand prix intentions run high between red gold. i'm the faded ah, or corona virus cases rising once again in some parts of the world. and so is the anger on the streets. over the new restrictions and lock downs. governments are putting up to tackle them in austria, members of the far right freedom party, all rally against tough new corona virus restrictions their thousands on the
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streets of vienna. austria will go into a nationwide locked down from monday. a huge rally. also expected in the dutch city of amsterdam, where the government has reimpose restrictions. that's after they will riots in the city of rotterdam, on friday nights, and australia, tens of thousands of rallied in state capital cities against code 19 vaccine orders and a controversial pandemic bill or join us now from vienna is collette schmidt. she's a journalist at their standard, an austrian daily newspaper. thanks to be with us. so let's just talk about those protests that are going to happening in, in austria right now. there's no doubt the corona by canada, buyers cases are very much on the rise there. so clearly a lot of anger, how much of what we're seeing on the streets is reflective of the general public mood there. well right now they're about $10000.00 people
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on the street demonstrating against the law down against nations mandatory vaccination that will be enforced in february and austria. now this was presented by the government yesterday, but this demonstration was already organized weeks ago. also from the far right groups, there are a lot of people in asked you're angry, but most of them are angry because we didn't have anything against arriving numbers in the last few weeks and even months. because already in the summer, a lot of scientists told us that it will be batt again in the fall. because a lot of people who only had to injections only to vaccinations are now losing security to get infected. and we didn't start early enough with the boosters,
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so this lockdown is really coming from age. we already have hospitals in some parts of the country cannot take new patients. they are patients with heart disease is or cancer that cannot get proper treatment right now because the intensive care units are full with i'm vaccinated, carbon patients. but these people who are protesting, they're not protesting because this is all coming to their protesting against vaccinations against locked down. and some of them even think the virus is not real even now in this dramatic situation in our health care system. so if you take the 10 or even 15000 people and compare them to our 9000000 inhabitants, they're really a small group, but they're very radical. and 1st of them are very ireland. yeah, we mentioned that they're being led by, by far right groups. why fall, right groups in particular, they, why are they leading these protests? can you over the over, you managed to go,
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we saw even well known kneeling to groups and mingling with people who were just protesting against back phoenicians and not really themselves very far right. but then over the summer, the groups got smaller, but more radical. there are really a lot of new and not organizing protests, but also new groups who found each other because they're all against the corona, not against the virus. they don't believe in the virus. that's the problem and then also our position party in parliament, the freedom party, if they also said people should go to this party, their leader in the parliament said that a vaccinations are not necessary you should take in. this is not a joke. medi medicine for horses, if you catch a virus and vitamin d, we have people around the country who believe him, his name is have a ticket and who got really present because they did this. and now it's not
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a contract because it's tragic really. but this mandate politicians got the crew one of virus himself. we learned this 4 days ago, and now he's not joining the protest, of course, because he's at home with corona. good to talk to you collect schmidt. johnny stare from vienna, thank you. now you are a sec to your state. antony blinkin is expected to visit a covey 19 vaccine, manufacturing facility and synagogue capital decker. the pastor institute received millions of dollars from foreign partners, including the united states to help african nations produce their own japs. as of now, the continent import 99 percent of all of its vaccines. it's kind of nicholas hawk . now. i joined us live outside the presidential palace in decor, where blinkin is a meeting with senegal serv president mackey sol. so i tell us more than about to blink his visit there for this morning, we saw as legally can sign
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a raft of deals between american companies and and the senegalese government. most he to do with infrastructure. and although he didn't said for name, he never named china, he was explaining in his speech that the investments that are, that the american companies are giving to senegal comes with it will not put senegal into debt alluding to the private chain does. the investment comes with a high interest rate, right now, blinkin is meeting with mikey south will be next year, the chair of the african union. and as such, this is an important meeting, not only to foster the, the, the reassertion of, of the united states being barking, mikey sol as this chair. but also it's a break from the past, from the last visit that we saw of secretary of state pompey under the trumpet ministration, essentially blinking. the thing is like the united states is back in his hair to help african nations, not just on security,
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but also on the coven front. later on today, anti blinkin will be going to the pesto institute, where there are researchers will not only develop vaccines against cobra, but also against other infectious diseases. thanks to the investments made by american companies as m. m. and so just give us a sense of, of the picture, the whole covered, 19th picture in africa at the moment. and the, the infection and vaccination right there. well, the vaccination rates is really poor and really 2 percent of the 2 percent of the population in africa. we're talking about a 1000000000 people have been vaccinated. compare this to what's happening in europe right now. where, where there's discussions both in north america and europe of a 3rd job. people here are not being, are not getting vaccinated, not because they don't want to, but simply because they don't have access to those coven vaccines. despite the fact
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that early on in jo biden's presidency he had, and he had promised that millions of doses of those vaccines would be delivered to africa that has not happened in as antony blanket explained that early on in his visit in a buddha, he is seeking to back african solutions to african problems and that's why this visit to the french. but so institute a significant will be the 1st time that the lab based in west africa, will not only produce vaccines against cove it, but also export it to neighboring countries. and while there are, depending on which countries you're, you're thinking of, there are a rise of cases in south africa. earlier on in the year in tunisia, the, the coven cases brought the health system to, to the brink of collapse. well, here in senegal and in certain west african countries, we've seen a slowdown of, of the rate of infection. so scientists are still trying to figure out why that is, is it because there's a population here that's young and that may be,
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are being infected, but don't show the symptoms of covered or are there as researchers from him. but we have suggested, are there other factors such as the fact that some of the people here are, are, are facing other infectious diseases or malaria that give them a higher immunity. so they're still a lot of research to be done on her. it in that research has to be done here on the african continent. and that will benefit not just africans, but the world globally. awesome. nicholas hoc life was there in dakota. thanks. i plenty more ahead. the all nish news out not any mail off the surviving for days on the whole and others border asylum seekers mainly from iraq and syria plead not to be sent to south west africa in what could be one of the costliest national disaster out of the history of the world's best tennis plan,
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which is hell he must get vaccinated if need to defend his title strain and open ah, well let's go ahead 1st. the united states is calling on china to prove that tennis player. thanks. why is ok she haven't been seen since accusing a high ranking, a politician of sexually assaulting up our child reports. she's china's most successful tennis dollars. a former doubles world number one, winning the french open and wimbledon. but she hasn't been seen in weeks hang has taken to social media to accuse a top chinese government official sexually assaulting her white house press secretary and sac. he says the u. s. one for verifiable proof from china that the player is ok. we are deeply concerned by reports that peng shy, appears to be missing after accusing a former p r c,
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senior official sexual assault with joining the calls for peer c authorities to provide independent, verifiable proof of her whereabouts and that she is safe. the united nations also wants answers and has insisted on the fully transparent investigation into pangs account of what happened to her. we would stress that, that is important to, to, to know that, that she, you know where she is and, and, you know, her state, you know, know about her well being. and as i said, we think it would be important that there's an investigation into her allegations of sexual assault. tennis plays including serena williams and novak chocolate h, the wealth hotman's player have also voice that support for the chinese athlete. i mean, i hope that for you know, for the sake of tennyson and, and chinese tennis and pang shy to, to find her very soon because this is, is terrible. i mean, this could happen to anybody,
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the well tennis association has questioned the authenticity of an e mail released by the government, which retracts the allegations. this case has not been reported by chinese media. and any online discussion has been censored or removed. one saturday, the editor of the global times tweeted, pang will make a public appearance soon. china has remained largely silent over the tennis sto, asked to respond to the mounting questions. china's foreign ministry spokesman had this to say, we and i've not heard of the if you raised this is not a diplomatic question. government. her fellow players and have hands are waiting for answers. her marriage or $32.00, they were among dry as a founder of the china sports inside a web site. he says the story is gain global attention, but it's being tightly controlled. in china, the initial post from hung about 2 weeks ago was up to 20 or 30 minutes before that was deleted. and then all of that the relevant search terms,
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her name and connections. so even the sport of tennis searches for that would have been scrubbed as well. now there been a couple of responses in addition to the global times that had sent him into a couple of c, g t, n. the chinese state a english television channel, which is the english language only very important to say this is not being covered in chinese media. they have made a couple of references, basically suggesting that hong is fine. no one that i have spoken to or seen comments from believes that these are credible reports. and then until until we we hear from hung herself, i don't think those questions are going to go away. but this is a huge global story and almost nothing at all in china, given the censorship a couldn't come. it was time in terms of the olympics just around the corner, coming up in beijing in the starts of february here because people have already started to connect the 2 stories and it's already reach the white house. so this has been building and building and building the foreign ministry is going to keep
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getting questions on this. and i can't keep saying, i don't know about this particular when it's on media, is tweeting and, and putting out posts on that very topic. so we don't quite know what china is going to do. there's not going to be much discussion because some of the allegations involved in that original post were, were explosive with in china. but you know, until people hear from pong and, and get a credible response that she is safe. i think the players are going to keep the pressure up on this campaign to say, you know, where is punch, why we wanna, we want to hear that she's safe. now on the flip side, china wouldn't come back to play tournaments at the w t excuse me, wouldn't come back to china to play tournaments for almost another year from now. so from that point of view, we have a long horizon, a lot can happen between now and then, but this is going to go on for a little while until we get a proper response, i think. and we'll have a more reaction on that. thanks wise disappearance. later in sports to stay with us for that now, palestinians factions have condemned the u. k. decision to designate all of ham as
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a terrorist organization. leaders of the group have held an emergency meeting and garza, they say the movies, direct targeting and abuse of the palestinian people. we won off that back assurance of this decision. and we consider it as an exhibition of direct cost, vanity targeting go about a senior people at our denial of their right to be liberated from documation. this, this, this represents an extension to the british colonial policy and is not appropriate for a country like a breton. the bless itself in opposition of the observance of officious address is estate. or let's take a closer look at the role of hamis. the group took control of garza in 2007 after defeating his political rival, fatter in elections a year earlier. apart from its political and military wing hamis also deliver social welfare programs to the people of gaza. it provides aid money,
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drinking water and housing. but the u. k. terra designation could now complicate and hinder those social welfare programs. has he hammered is a hamis official and he joins us live from there. thanks very much for being with us. now. we just her, her day from, from one of your colleagues, but i wonder if you could talk a little bit more about your reaction to this decision by the british government to, to designate the organization that you represent as terrorists. i 1st before i was on this said this in a stupid decision taken by the british government. i don't know that the british government wake up after 30 for ease of distinguished of hamas movement to see now that hammer say is a tourist organization. i think this is something yeah, yeah, and very strange and there was something shook there that the british government
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there don't understand the situation very well. they don't understand that from us because part of the political system hm asked about the submitted and they have a democratic election. hamas became a part of the play of day of power hearing gaza. hamas participated in dialogue and national little dialogue participate in the government. so i think that there, the british government there reality explored that there are various to be there did not know anything about the situation here in the policy and territories. i also, i think the british government just received a fake and the fall said for motion of from day schwabacher and they tell him the whole story about m as we close to that is right as enemy. and they will give this a prime minister, which she's a pro israel. the support is that i had to put the glass of israel and therefore get the policy, not people. this me is that the full yet all the crimes of israel forget the that the certain myths are against the international law, confiscation of law on against international law,
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assassination seizure on garza. and i think default get older crimes sincere establishment of his way in 1948 till now we'll get all the crimes. all of them are sick of all the violation of israel and just for just focus on hamas. i challenge the british government if they are, when it proof that the hammers committed, any war, crime, or tourist action, hammers just walking against occupation. hammers just is walking for liberation, of our homeland, for interest of our people for end of their completion. i think this is a very shame and blackest both in the face of the british government and it should be shamed really. there should be one. i wanna ask you a little bit more about the statement from that, from the british home office. in justifying this decision they, they, they say that her math continues and, and i know that you've heard this come up many times for her that they said hamish continues to have in his charter, this line that caused for the destruction of israel. what do you say to them?
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i think they just said to her, did they want to find an excuse that we want to destroy their completion? we want to in bail creation. and we repeated this many times, and i think we are brown, that they are walking in say a commission. but did a british government, he just focused on when the statement to say that they don't there, they forget that is like the one to destroy the policy. not people did declare that the policies are not exist. they didn't pay for it all the full get their statements of these really politician that they want to build more so than was to kill more policy of even the prime minister estimate their prime minister. and if that had been a tool, it tried all the time to, to kill and to assassinate, to pull a seen us. i think that the british government really is there is there or they, they have taken a very, very stupid and bill was there, there creditability. and they said in the past that the support of an esteem in
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estate is a born a political solution. but i think all these things are lies and fabricated the and it was from the british government. i think that now all to policy today, it all to policy infections all policy and have people even the for latino dorothy, this is very frankly, that we are as a pol, athena's again, is this decision and we're condemned this. this is taken by the british government . good to talk here as, as he hammered dad. they're joining us, sat from garza. thank you. minnes, are members of an opposition alliance. in pakistan are staging an anti government rally in the north western city of pasha, up the demonstrating against economic policies of prime minister in milan. cons governments cost of living there has gone up by 35 percent since he took office in 2018. a correspondent osama bin job aid was at the revenue portion of pakistan's political parties in the opposition have gathered in the northern city shower. they
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are continuing their nationwide protests against inflation rise in slices of lisa commodities and the government. they say that it is in wrong hon government, which is responsible for what is happening in pakistan. they say it has failed the people to focus on. according to these leaders, the government is following the agenda and the policies of the international monetary fund and international organization, rather than the interest of the pakistani people. although it is a coalition of a number of political parties, but they have not been able to gather more than a few 100 people here. and this is what the government has been said that these people have tried their hands and power before they fail to focus on the people as well. and it is the wrong on government, which is going to bring about change. the government has launched the $700000000.00 program to provide relief to the people, but it says that because of various international pressures, it is hard to increase prices. and as this back and forth between politicians
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continues that people continue to suffer. pakistan has not seen inflation like this for the last 70 years. and the prices of basic commodities have been rising. people have been telling us that they are having to choose whether to send their children to school or put food on the table. opponent says, hundreds of refugees and migrants have again tried to breach its border polish guards, so they arrested $45.00 people for throwing rocks and tear gas canisters. there's been a humanitarian crisis in the region for weeks now. john hall reports from a hospital on the polish side of the border. after 5 days lost in forest along the polish border, syrian must who has done better than most. he's just made it to safety in a hospital inside the european union. and we are all sick i came from bay were to mince can we ended up with the border the bel arossi nomi took our food and water and pushed us away and told us not to return. we'd been here 5 days with no food and water, and n g o work takes down my sewers, details
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a lawyer will help him sign a power of attorney, and he completes a note formerly requesting asylum. they were quickly on, it will soon become why they go in the cover. but in the next door cubicle, in obvious distress, alarmed ahmed hama occurred from northern iraq. i am not an e mail word from a d. and in an i c. u. bed on identified and unconscious, a 3rd man suffering the effects of prolonged exposure to cold weather. these men have been on a terrible journey drawn to bella roost by the promise of safe passage to the e. u unwitting victors in a cynical standoff in which neither side much cares about their welfare. they may be signs of this crisis easing of conditions on the other side of the border
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improving of diplomacy working. but for the individuals in this hospital, on the polish side of the border, at least one of them lucky to be alive while they're stuck in a nightmare. and it's still unfolding. he is why the presence of human rights activists matters, polish border guards arrive to take them in a way, going to the okay i pray. ok. so just be nice to them. be nice. okay. okay, and don't just the nerve of poland is not a welcoming place for asylum seekers. and there are frequent reports of refugees and migrants being pushed back across the border. that's much harder to do now that they have legal representation. we are following the start to make sure that the people in the refugee crisis that the guards have boxes are going
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to be transported to the guard station and not to be pushed into the forest. are you worried that they might be pushed back into better route? we are always worried about beauregard headquarters is the end of the line for the men, for now. and the international law they should be looked after here. there's no guarantee they will simply be sent back. jonah, how al jazeera, near the polish border in ethiopia, the construction of a hydro electric dam on the blue nile is now more than 80 percent complete. $5000000000.00 mega project has cause tension with egypt and sudan downstream. how much walker has this update from the site they've been selling? our debt to the north is the borderline with sudan, about 25 kilometers from here. construction and other walks underway as we speak,
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according to the project manager, the 1st filling of the damn has yielded 18000000 cubic meters, as this represents one quarter of the scheduled filling capacity. we also visited the 2 turbans that were installed within the facility, expect it to be launched next december. this by the tensions and if you work on the project has not been interrupted. as you see, find me. there is the main damp and behind it there exists the waters held in its lake. this reservoir is expected to hold 74000000 cubic meters within the next 5 to 7 years. it's known that the negotiations have come to a standstill and the filling of the damn was completed without the consent of the to downstream countries. egypt and sudan. the project manager also told us that 83 percent of the construction of the dams has been completed. turner for whether he is evident. hello, welcome to look at the international forecast circle. so wet weather and some windy
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weather in the forecast for parts of the middle east, northern parts it has to be said, we are going to see some rather wet weather, just spilling off the mediterranean, pushing into levant, syria, lebanon jordan, all with a chance of seeing some wet weather at rain, making its way into the far north of saudi arabia, could see a spot or 2 of rain in 2 were iran, maybe even seen to q weight as well. even though harvard is going to set their temperatures here at around 31 degrees celsius, but let the shower is not too far away. that will push away across northern parts of the gulf by disguise, to come back into the levant finance right across much of the raven peninsula. so a man and yemen sat fair along with the samaria. we have got a chance to some showers just filtering in from the year in the ocean as we go into next week. there's something to watch out for. but for the time being it is fine and try to catch a chair or 2 in kenya. but ga, the showers across sir, them republic of congo, pushing over towards the gulf of guinea. we got some rather wet weather,
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also sliding out of the d. r. c. that'll make its way across. so zambia zimbabwe could see some localized flooding over the next day or so chances rather heavy rain but needed for south africa. i'll still head on idea. we the jury find the defendant kyle, a written kyle each read house, not guilty. president joe biden weiss in on a verdict in a politically and racially charged from turning protests into action. the young voters determined to change one of south america's richest country and in sport action from the n. b, a of the chicago bulls rack up a rare when in denver that's coming up with gemma. ah, a community decimated by cancer fights for the truth. who in this room has cancer, or knows the family that lives here that have cancer?
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phone lines exposes houston's cancer class death, these over 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath they look data visible. pope a community, it just say forget, feel them bow. no. so, we were sitting in time for lines on out, is the euro. can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing. as cattle anyways. brings your favorite teen to cut off for the free for arab called 2021. greatness is in the air . late sore is juan and rich new heights. join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at qatar airways dot com lou.


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