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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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0 correspondent, my own private bollywood. m. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. oh, this is al jazeera. ah, it's 1500 hours g m t 6 p. m. here in doha. hello, i'm kim all santa maria. welcome to the news hour. there is anger in austria, replant. nationwide cove at 19 locked down with supporters of the far right freedom party out on the streets and protest who in the netherlands against pandemic restrictions after a violent night in rotterdam. also in the news, the salvi, the coalition says it's conducted a major operation against the who is in yemen. alert is claim attacks on saudi
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targets. we join in the cause for peer c authorities to provide independent and verifiable proof of her whereabouts and that she is safe. and the white house adds to international calls for answers about chinese tennis stop punch. why? who hasn't been seen for weeks? i'm sorry, high the sports is formula ones drivers back so forth. whole position at the very 1st cas, eyebrows free. and chelsea extend their lead in the english premier league with the 3 know when over lesta ah, from austria to australia. corona virus cases are on the rise again and with them the anger on the streets, governments are putting in new measures unlocked downs and in vienna, members of australia, i'm sorry oster his far right freedom party will get to australia been rallying against the tough new cove at 19 restrictions, austria goes into
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a nation wide lockdown from monday aside from essential work shopping and exercise . huge value also expected in amsterdam, where the netherlands government has re imposed restrictions itself. that's after there were riots in the city of rotterdam on friday night. and in australia, tens of thousands of people rallied in state capitals against coven, 19 vaccine orders, and a controversial pandemic bill. that starts with this from jeff, had major, who's an associate professor at the erasmus university in the hague. he says these protests really were expected. the protests were very much deductible, given the state of concern were rather skepticism that people have for the dutch government. since april we've been basically dealing with a caretaker government just not been able to form a coalition partners. i got a permanent government and there for people even before the pension interactive were very skeptical. the previous government was actually brought down because of
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the prices of confidence to the child benefits can go. that is never been resolved . so the crisis we're facing is not a corona crisis, it's really a crisis of confidence in the legitimacy of government. people simply don't trust the government tend, and that is, of course, a huge, huge challenge for the dutch government to overcome. it. seeks to convince people to have vaccinations when it seeks to convince people of the need for a lockdown. the government very quickly rolled back the previous lock down on without really step by step measures. so to reintroduce a lot on measures right now, of course are going to be heavily resisted by people. so it's, it's not surprising, but of course it's very, very worrisome that this kind of rights are going to happen elsewhere in the country. well, let's see what's happening elsewhere. michael. bon fellow, as an independent journalist, an author who studies the far right. and he's, well, looks like you're in the middle of it all there in vienna, michael, tell us about it. yeah. hello. from vienna. basically behind me you can see the
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march right now. there are several 1000 people marching organized by day, right, right next semester, freedom party. and the situation is pretty aggressive. so there were several attacks for me already with a spray and with cans and so on. so it's a very tough situation, and i think as it will go dark for this too, it will be probably becoming more aggressive. but i think there will be some lawyers today, the thing in vietnam. so is this something as you study the far right, is this something which the freedom party has seized upon the, the, the unhappiness that people have about lock downs and that they have almost spotted an opportunity here yet it's absolutely true. so what the far right group stayed is they looked on people who are not very happy with the measures to try to organize them. but the 1st of which is not completely unimportant off to freedom.
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power is in favor of measures against the pandemic. we have recent polls that showed us, but still the majority of the freedom party voters is with the party in that. how ah, strong or how well stringent will these lock downs be that are coming up from monday? i'm just wondering if there are going to be people who are sick, i locked downs and who is going to try to defy it anyway. well basically what we're seeing is that a big charity in the population supports both a de loc bowel and also her work see for all i mandatory, which will come from february next year. so basically, of course, this is locked down will will mean for people that there will be some troubles for them, for problems for them. but, but, but the, my tried of the people understand that this is necessary to stop their pandemic
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situation. michael, would you mind? i, i don't know if you can't, but maybe just hungry. i have to do. i have to, i have to move review right now because police is mumbling now and it's absolutely not possible for me to stay here without any police forces because then i will be immediately attacked. okay, i yeah. so you cite to keep going, what do you want to do? you want to leave now? yeah. yeah, no, no, no, it's all right now we can still talk. i just have to be in the mood so not to be a not to be attacked. goodness, may i, is there a way you can switch cameras so we can actually see what's happening around you. not that i don't want to see you, but i also get an idea that back we have basically in the back we have more and more people. this is one of the biggest places in vienna that can be up to 100000 people here. and it seems it's foolish people and it seems to situation pretty aggressive. so i have some people are wrong with protecting me and pay a wife now that i have to go under that i have to move position. okay michael,
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i'm going to leave. you don't want you to lined up in any trouble right now. there are no right now. no, it's all right now it's fine. again. as i said before, it was already attacked. so old times, so we have to be up for the cautious. okay, michael, thank you so much for that update. we might try to talk to you again later on as the situation changes michael bungalows joining us from vienna via the latest on the protests. okay, thanks for having me and good bye. thanks michael. let's move on to other news. the secretary of state says washington is investing in africa without imposing on sustainable levels of debt and the blinking in senegal. on the 3rd and final leg of his trip to the continent, he signed a $1000000000.00 trade deals and asked leaders to bring in economic and social reforms. lincoln says president joe biden plans to hold an african leaders summit soon as well. let's talk to nicholas hawk outside the presidential palace and duck . web. lincoln has been meeting synagogue president mikey sell tell us more about this visit specifically to seneca leg full rate. we're actually outside the
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presidential, probably the best institute where soon we'll see anthony blink can arrive. why the bus to institute will essentially this is where there will they will start the production of cobra vaccine, cobra vaccines that will be manufactured and produced in the lab. right. behind me and distributed throughout africa. now as you know, come out only 2 percent of the population is vaccinated. that contrast that with what's happening in europe in north america where, where governs there are calling for a 3rd job and most people here are unprotected. and that's the problem for the global fight against coven 19. and so secretary clinton will be right here. they've invested heavily in this lab to ensure that the, the fact the locally in baltimore, those that needed nicholas, i might just interrupt one of the challenges. sorry, nickel, that's also the noise behind you is getting a little bit loud. but nancy,
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the blinking is speaking at the moment since i've come to set a go directly after that. after that speech, synagogue and united states have indeed been friends for 60 days, 60 years of diplomatic relations sixteens of building on the common foundation that we have a democracy as a democracy and engine of economic growth in west africa, a leader in african institutions, a contributor to international peacekeeping efforts, and we didn't value the partnership between our countries. but we want to take it to a new level of ambition, mutual quality and effectiveness. and that's what we've been talking about since we've been here. and in that spirit, the foreign minister and i have had very productive discussions. before us, we talked about our relative ending covered my team. i underscore the commitment or benighted states to provide entity blanket, summing up his visits to send a gal at the 3rd leg of his trip to africa and nicholas hug. still with us. we
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didn't get an awful lot other than the usual sort of pleasantries there. sorry for interrupting you. what you carry on you were talking to about an infection and vaccination. right. and what's being done in synagogue? well, yes, i mean, the vaccination rates, sorry. the infection rate may have slowed down right here and set a goal in west africa. and other parts of the continent, it's slowly rising, whether it be in south south of our engineers, where the outbreak or the panoramic has brought the health system to the brink. but what's interesting here in the, in the, in the press conference that we heard of anthony blank, and he's really trying to break from the previous administration in many african liter liter, solve the forward administration, the white house, treating africans with contempt. here there is a completely different tone and it completely different way of operating with blink and really trying to put action to his words. thus,
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what we're going to see right now at the past. so institute calling the press conference where they're going to open up this lab that will ensure that there will be vaccines, not only that it will also ensure there will be more research done on through an arctic diseases. now, according to the united, knew united nations, though the diseases that spread from animals to humans, like we saw perhaps with a bowl law as well as cove in 19. but those diseases will increase in the years to come. and that's where it concerns not just for people here, but for people, whether it be in the united states or in europe, come all. thank you. nicole hoc in dot car. excuse me. let's continue this conversation with david chin and washington d. c. professor at george washington. university and previously us ambassador to both ethiopia and mccain, and foster and bass. the thank you for your time. i actually spoke to another former ambassador earlier this week, vicki huddleston. and the 1st thing she said in our interview was that no one could . and this was on the 1st day of fancy blankenship no one could deny that the
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united states doesn't care about africa and that africa isn't on the u. s. right now do you agree with that? why agree with. ready it, i think that clearly the binding ministration is making a great effort to get africa back on the agenda and this trip. my secretary, lincoln is an indicator of that is the thing that are in some of the more acute problems in africa right now. the most, you're referring to what we thing in ethiopia, but not the countries as well. is us intervention. what's needed on i'm using that word very loosely intervention, but, but what, what can the us do? and that's what is that what is wanted quite frankly, us intervention in and of itself will not be sufficient. and i think the american leadership understands not is why the us this essentially supporting former nigerian president over the san jose and resolving for example,
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the current conflict in ethiopia. he represents the african union and it has the support of the african union behind him. and that's more important lever, united states that this juncture is in that all of that arguably moving a bit too slow at the moment, given the seriousness of the situation, particularly in ethiopia. well, things are moving slowly. they have not progressed like much of the international community, including united states would like to see, and it's getting down to crunch time. the situation in ethiopia, for example, can spiral out of control. just as the situation in sudan is equally worrisome and even the ongoing long standing problem in somalia is not reaching a solution. but the fact is that united states is thoroughly engaged in trying to deal with all of these problems. and that's, that's
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a new west from the trump administration, for 60, blinking, also saying today, washington will invest or is investing in africa without imposing unsustainable levels of data sets. washington trying to sort of stamp a bit of authority and in the face of all the investment that comes from china is it's important to keep in mind what china is doing. and africa is based largely upon loans. not entirely. there is foreign direct investment. there is some grant aid, a lot of the infrastructure projects are based on the on loans. united states essentially doesn't do loans to africa anymore. it's either grand paid or it's foreign direct investment or trade. and that's the distinction that he's making. i think blanca has been very careful about breaking with compet ministration on the issue of china and africa. not making us policy focused on what china is doing,
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but making us policy focused on what is good for africa and us relations. trying to put china off to the side. best advantage in it is always a pleasure talking to you and getting your views. thank you for your time today. any of the construction of a hydro electric dam on the blue nile of now more than 80 percent complete, the dam will be africa, the largest hydro electric project when it's finished. but the $5000000.00 mega project has caused tension with both egypt and sudan downstream. it's been under construction now for 10 years. i was here is ethiopia bureau chief mohammed, topical and given rare access to the site and has this update. they've been our cell now our but if they're to the north is the borderline with sudan, about 25 kilometers from here. construction and all the walks are underway, as we speak, according to the project manager, the 1st filling of the damn has yielded 18000000000 cubic meters as planned. this
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represents one quarter of the scheduled filling capacity. we also visited the 2 turbans that were installed within the facility that are expected to be launched next december. despite the tensions in a future walk on, the project has not been interrupted. as you see behind me, there is the main damp and behind it there exists the waters held in its lake. this reservoir is expected to hold 74000000000 cubic meters within the next 5 to 7 years . it's known that the negotiations have come to a standstill and the filling of the damn was completed without the consent of the to downstream countries. egypt and sudan. the project manager also told us that 83 percent of the construction of the dams and has been completed a level 60 minutes past the are here on al jazeera. this is what's coming up with the cost of living. and park is done up 35 percent and just for years, the opposition stages a rally against the governments,
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also palestinian faction respond after the u. k. decision to designate a massive terrorist organization and was met tennis play. another joke of which is told he must get back cited to wants to defend his australian open title. ah, well, let's look at that story out of pocket. some were members of an opposition alliance out staging. an anti government rally in the northwestern city of the shower and demonstrating against the economic policies of prime minister around cons. government. a cost of living is up 35 percent since he took office in 2018. some a bunch of aid was at the rally for us. hello. listen to focus on elliptical policies in the opposition have gathered in the northern city of shower. they are continuing their nation wide protests against inflation rise in slices of police commodities and the government. they say that it is in wrong on government,
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which is responsible for what is happening in pakistan. they say it has failed the people to focus on. according to these leaders, the government is following the agenda and the policies of the international monetary fund and international organizations. rather than the interest of the pakistani people. although it is a coalition of a number of political parties, but they have not been able to gather more than a few 100 people here. and this is what the government has been saying that these people have tried their hands at power before they failed to focus on the people as well. and it is the wrong on government, which is going to bring about change. the government has launched the $700000000.00 program to provide relief to the people, but it shows that because of various international pressures, it is hard to increase prices. and as this back and forth between politicians continues that people continue to suffer august. lot has not seen inflation like this for the last 70 years. and the prices of basic commodities have been rising. people have been telling us that they are having to choose whether to send their
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children to school or put food on the table. the speaker of libby as house of representatives has officially registered as a presidential candidate for the long awaited elections. next month, i get a solid has led the east in parliament since 2014. he joins high profile candidates including wallowed. holly for hafta and the son of mormon. qaddafi palestinian factions have condemned the u. k. recent decision to designate all of hamas as a terrorist organization. ladies of the group of held an emergency meeting, and garza a say the move visit direct targeting and abuse of the palestinian people. we warn off that back a sense of this decision and we consider it as an expression of dyadic toast. vanity target think i'm about a senior people and a denial of their right to be liberated from documation. this decision represents
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an extension to the british colonial policy and is not appropriate for a country like a breton though. bless itself in opposition of the observance of a fish? yes. address yes. estate. some little closer look at the role of him asked the group which took control of the gaza strip back in 2007 after defeating its political rival fighter in elections earlier. a year earlier, apart from its political and military going, hamas also delivers social welfare programs to the people of garza. it provides aid money, drinking water and housing. but this u. k. tarrot designation could not complicate and hinder those social welfare programs and see from kazi hm. mm hm. an official who told us he believes the british government has been manipulated into this decision. i think this is something good and very strange and there was something shook. there that the british government, they don't understand the situation very well, they don't understand that from us became part of the political system. hamas
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bought to submitted and they a democratic election. hamas became a part of the of the day of power hearing garza habash participated in dialogue, a national little dialogue participate in the government. so i think that the british government, their reality explored that there are various to be there did not know anything about the situation here in the policy and territories. i fear also, i think the british government just to receive a fake and the false id for motion of from day shall barker. and they tell him the whole story about m as we close to that is right as enemy. and they will give it a prime minister, which is the pro israel. the support is that i had to put the cloth of israel and therefore get the policy, not people. this me is that there full yet all the crimes of israel forget the that the certain myths are against the international law, confiscation of last on against international law. assassination. see june garza,
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i think, default get all the crime cc establishment of his way in 1948 till now. we'll get all the crimes, all domestic of all the violation of israel. and just for just focus on how much i challenge the british government. if they have, when they prove that the hammers committed, any war, crime or tourist action, hammers just walking against the occupation. hammers just is working for liberation, of our homeland, for interest of our people for end of their corporation. so i think this is a very shame and black a sport in the face of the british government. they should be shamed really. they should be should the u. s. defense secretary has promised to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. lloyd austin says, washington will counter what he calls iran's dangerous use of suicide. drones in the middle east. he was speaking in a conference in bahrain, toronto, as long maintained though it's nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes. the canadian province of british columbia, struggling to recover after
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a months worth of rain fell in just 2 days this week. the waters have receded in some areas. others, though remain cut off and more. storms are forecast shepherd, towns you report not from western canada. thousands rain cut off and the mountainous northeast of british columbia authority said i hope highways will reopen by the end of the weekend. in the meantime, communities are improvising, highly closed or are way out is water. so i sent a bunch of other guys out and we're getting people where they need to be in the flap flood plain of the same us prairie on the us border. the waters have receded. focus now is on repairing and securing dykes and pumping stations before the next round of intense rainfall. early next week i've gone, it has been a year of extreme. so british columbia forest fires and record heat wave of the summer followed by flooding. one months worth of rainfall hit b. c, in less than 24 hours. this in,
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in and of itself is significant and without recent precedent. we also know that only the reason it's only the most recent of a series of extreme weather climate events that have occurred in british columbia climate scientists are unequivocal. these weather extremes are being caused by human induced global warming and the burning of fossil fuels. and the storms on the flooding did manage to achieve a long held go for environmental activists will be at temporarily the operations of the trans amount and pipeline that brings tall sounds. oil from alberta through the sewer prairie and onto the pacific coast well halted. the canadian government, though, is determined to push ahead with its expansion, despite opposition. pure bath tub is overflowing, you don't do go for the lop. you turn off the tap 1st and we're not. we're turning the top on. they continue to expands these projects that are causing this problem in the 1st place that has to stop the developed world is projected by the bruns of
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catastrophic climate change. but. busy as rich nations like canada increasingly experience extreme weather events, that mismatch routine professing to care about climate change, while increasing oil and gas production will become clearer, shabby, hence the al jazeera abbotsford. recent wildfire, meanwhile in california, destroyed nearly $14000.00 rare trees for a 2 year period. and sequoia can go to more than 60 meters at that height. they were once considered by a per se, but hotter, longer droughts, linked to climate change, had brought more intense wildfire. still had the on the news out of future of chill a young people make their voices heard as the country heads towards elections and sport action from the embassy. the shock the chicago bulls are red denver that's coming out later with ah
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hello, welcome to look at the international forecast. we got some wet weather and some windy weather in the forecast for parts of the middle east. northern policy has to be said, we are going to see some rather wet weather, just spilling off the mediterranean, pushing into levant, syria, lebanon jordan, all with a chance of seeing some wet weather at rain, making its way to the far north of saudi arabia. could see a spot or to move right into iran, maybe even teen to q 8 as well. he went to harvard, is going to set that temperature here at around $31.00 degrees celsius. but let the shower was not too far away. that will push away across northern parts of the gulf by disguise, to come back into the levant font, it right across much of the raven peninsula. so a man and yemen sat there along with the somalia. we have got a chance to some showers just filtering in from the,
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in the ocean as we go into next week. that something to watch out. but for the time being, it is fine and try to catch a chair or 2 in kenya, ga, the showers across the country, public of congo, pushing over towards the gulf of guinea. we got some rather wet weather, also sliding out of the d. r c. that'll make its way across, says ambia. zimbabwe could see some localized flooding over the next day or so. chances, rather heavy rain but needed for south africa. ah . can you hear it? anticipation these rises. excitement is growing. as cattle always brings your favourite team to cut off for the fee for arab call. 2021. greatness is in the air . lead sorres' warner and reach new heights. join us in cattle from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package. now at canton, airways dot com,
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ah, meet the minimum is a chassis, capital and the daughter decided to quit the rat race, hoping to live better with the less. let's just throw everything away out there. well, expose the simple living movement aimed at reducing possible consumption credit and clutch, and i hope to be happier as a result. a simple life on al jazeera lou aah! here on the news on here at al jazeera, these are our top stories. there is anger across europe opened new cove at 19
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restrictions in all street capital, vienna members at the far right freedom party stage to protest demonstrations, also taken place in the netherlands and in the italian capital run. look at these pictures, thousands of people rallying against the mandatory green pass proof of vaccination and negative certificate all recovery from the virus is now required for public transport and workplace. and in other news, you, a circuitry state says america's increasing its investment in africa. antony lincoln's in senegal on the 3rd and final leg of his trip to the continent. the san $1000000000.00 trade deals and honestly, just to enact reports. so let's pretend about top story. the wave of protests across the world against tightened corona virus restrictions. tens of thousands of people have rallied in sydney, australia worn out from dynamos. who's a journalist with the a, b. c. in melbourne. there are range of things that are being protested about around
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the country. to die is certainly the biggest die that we've seen for protest is around australia, and we had protesting almost every state and territory how to they the largest of which was here in melbourne. melbourne has enjoyed the longest lockdown in the world. and now there are concerns among parts of the community about some pandemic management legislation that the state government is currently trying to pass through the upper house of parliament. now that bill has stoled, but people are concerned about the amount of power that be state government will have if the bill passes. now, people are also protesting around the country about vaccine mandates. many industries have now got no job, no job laws, which means people who are currently on vaccination won't be able to continue working. and the other thing that many people protesting about are locked downs. now, here in australia, melbourne, deed, south of the longest lat.


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