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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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for everyone. mm ah, this is al jazeera ah 1800. i was gmc here on al jazeera. hello. i'm come all santa maria, welcome to the news hour from austria to australia. people are out protesting against ty at corona virus restrictions. also in the u. s. secretary's day actually blinking ends his tour of africa with a promise to increase investment without imposing crippling debt. i think him is out again in sudan denouncing the military takeover and
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cracked down. demonstrators are accused of setting a police station on fire. we joined the calls for peer c authorities to provide independent, verifiable proof of her whereabouts and that she is safe when the white house adds to the international goals for answers about chinese tennis star punctual. who hasn't been seen for weeks i'm far higher than sports? louis hamilton clenches pole position at the very 1st casso grand prix, and more trouble from unseen eyes as a lease for one as watford applying pressure on them manager one. ah, we're starting with corona virus news cases on the rise across your and with it the anger as well on the streets of countries including austria, germany and the netherlands tightened their restrictions. once again, not in barbara stats as of today. gathering in vienna to say things have gone too
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far. as governments around europe try to limit rising coven 19 infection rates. austria is bringing in a 3 week national lockdown from monday. and it's making vaccinations, compulsory for everyone from next february, with fines for people who don't comply. 2 thirds of austrians are fully vaccinated . that's one of the lowest rates in western europe. vaccine skepticism has been encouraged by the far right freedom party, the 3rd biggest in parliament, which organized saturdays protest. you can see absolutely clear that where a right to guest room is a strong ah, less people are a waxen aid. it and more people get the ill. so you'll see that they have some direct influence on the other, the level of the banner mitchell taishan. benevolence is also now impartial, locked down with bars and restaurants, closing at 8 in the evening. on saturday, they've been demonstrating against the measures in amsterdam on friday night,
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there was rioting in rotterdam, where hundreds of protest has gathered to show their anger decoded 19 restrictions and ban on fireworks or new year's eve. demonstrators threw rocks at police or in some cases, burned vehicles. while police moved in with water cannon, one commentator told al jazeera, he's not surprised at the protests, citing general skepticism after the previous government fell. following a child benefit scandal. people simply don't trust the government and, and that is a cause, a huge, huge challenge for the dutch government to overcome. it seeks to convince people to have vaccinations when it ceased to convince people of the need for a long down in bavaria in southern germany. it's the last weekend before a local lockdown for the unvaccinated. the country's health minister says a 4th wave of infections is so serious that a national lockdown can't be ruled out, but not the police at 1st picked the alice didn't give had to politicians organized this more strictly. we would have avoided this worsening situation with intensive
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care units being overloaded. i think, i think it's absolutely right in high time to react. i'm fine with a lockdown mental care with being put under pressure now. and ultimately we're no longer free honesty. if you ask me, i'm convinced mandatory vaccinations will be entities. slovakia is just recorded a record figure for daily cases. this week the country of 5 and a half 1000000 people has tightened restrictions on unvaccinated people. nadine barber al jazeera and this is not limited to europe and australia. tens of thousands of people held protests against coven 19 vaccine orders and pandemic laws . rallies were held in each state or each state capital i should say, including sydney. i demonstrated in melbourne, recalling for the scrapping of a bill they say would give the state premiere too much power more from dana more so the journalist with the a, b, c, and melvin. there are range of things that are being protested about around the country to die is certainly the biggest die that we've seen for protest is around
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australia. and we had protest in almost every state and territory how to day the largest of which was here in melbourne. melbourne has enjoyed the longest lockdown in the world. and now there are concerns among parts of the community about some pandemic management legislation that the state government is currently trying to pass through the upper house of parliament. now that bill has stoved, but people are concerned about the amount of power that the state government will have if the bill passes. now, people are also protesting around the country about vaccine mandates. many industries have now got no job, no job laws, which means people who are currently on vaccinations won't be able to continue working. and the other thing that many people protesting about are locked downs. now here in australia, melbourne did south of the longest lockdown and they have been locked downs in other states and territories including sydney. and there have been much sure to
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lock downs in brisbin, adelaide and perth and in high bought as well. the northern territories currently has parts of this of the state in lockdown as well, which people, ah, is to do with carving, still spreading there. so people are protesting about a number of things. and it's also important to recognize that the purge, as to some extent, have been infiltrated by far right. far, right. political activists who are, you know, staging conspiracy theories as well among the protested. so it's a range of raisins that people are protesting here in australia. missing until the news, the secretary of state says washington is investing in africa without imposing unsustainable levels of debt. and any blinkin is in senegal, that is the 3rd and final leg of his trip to the continent where he signs multi $1000000000.00 trade deals and ask leaders to bring in economic and social reforms . lincoln also says president biden plans to hold an african lee to summit sometime
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soon. nicholas hawk following developments from decant to day. whereas we say secretary state blinking was meeting synagogues president, this is i take us through what happened? well, he started there with meeting business leaders where we saw u. s. companies signing deals with the senegalese government infrastructures. infrastructure deals without mentioning china by name. he alluded to china saying that the interest here is to ensure that there's investments that will not cripple african economies into debt. chinese investment. often it come with a 4 percent interest rate. and also here, what's interesting is he went to, to, he went to the m to, to the co read the, to the pastor institute, where there's going to be manufacturing of coven vaccine, thanks to the financing of the united states. but in, in a press conference he rich rated what he said earlier in this africa tour in boucher the need to save guard democracy and democratic institutions. really this
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comes the speech that was made at the west african body. echo us in a region where there's been a series of cruise, not just in west africa, but throughout the continent as a whole. so he's really calling on better leaderships and also specifically on the issue. and on the crisis of ethiopia, calling for an immediate cease fire and the halting of, of the fighting. take a listen of what he had to say. we continue to push for an immediate into hospital . it is without pre conditions and humanitarian access for the millions of people in northern, if you who need life saving aid. and we continue to urge americans to avail themselves of commercial flights out of the country and were providing assistance to them. to do so. with regard to sudan, we deplore the violence to be seen from the security forces in recent days. that has to end the right of the sudanese people, protest peacefully must be protected and we join the people who sedan and urging
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the restoration a prime minister hancock and his civilian transitional government and the release of everyone who's been arrested for expressing their opposition to military takeover. nicholas, you mentioned lincoln's visit to the pastor institute to talk about covet efforts, can expand on that a bit more. yes, i mean, the pastor institute will be manufacturing a covert vaccines, but also doing crucial research to ensure that there is more research being done on infectious diseases. there's been an a bull outbreak here. there's fear of more is who nordic diseases outbreak. so disease or that come viruses coming out of from animals jumping to humans. so the best. so institute is seen for the americans as a key center for both research and the manufacturing of vaccines, so that these vaccines can be given to areas where people don't have access to vaccine. only 2 percent of the population of africa have been vaccinated walls in rich countries. there is talks from governments of giving
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a 3rd dose. so the disparity here is something that blinking is calling out. and really what's interesting in this tour in this is the change of tone that we're seeing from the sex the previous admitted whitehouse administration. trying to both reassure african partners that the united states is back for a diplomatic relationship that they're backing actors here. but also calling out certain actors when it, when it's needed. he mentioned this situation and molly and said that it would be unfortunate if there were outside actors this referring to, to the russian, a security company wagner. that's in talks with the maryan military, june to their a, to possibly sent some the, some, some security forces there. he's concerned about the situation of the south. so really a different tone, and much of the continuation of this relationship that the united states has with african countries. kamala nicholas huck reporting from duncan in senegal. thank you
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. i want to expand on the issues of vaccines. with mocha mariani who is a senior policy advisor for the peoples vaccine alliance and a consult, isn't global, an access to medicine on scott from oxford to day. thank you so much for your time . those numbers are still quite something on they, you know, nearly 2 years into this pandemic, a year's worth of vaccinating. and in senegal alone, a saying nicholas is saying only 2 percent of people have got their shots and it's, you know, it's still in single digits of a much of, of africa. it is a single digits. if you take all the subs the higher africans, collectively it's still who 6 percent of the nation are fully vaccinated, which is very, very, very small percentage versus the rest of the world. and if you think about it exist, talk about manufacturing in africa or in all of developing countries. if that don't happened, seriously, say last, january or february. and so 3 things happen. sharing the technology and the know
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how waving intellectual property rights and the investing and manufacturing where would of had millions and billions of doses by now to vaccinate african the other little made committed, low income countries that don't have the ard in similar situation. but of course, the u. s. and the other rich go, they put the, put the commercial profit or pharmaceutical companies of law, public health, and they are happy to support funds. the companies have been opening on supply allocation and bryce. you know, what's worse, all those things you mentioned, they talking about manufacturing, talking about the know how and the intellectual property. these were mentioned all the time. i don't know how many times i heard dr. tedra from the world health organization talking about this type of thing. why did it just get ignored? i know you've just hit profits there, but it's, it's got to be more than that. well, it's the same one that one is nobody's doctor's intellectual property.
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it's almost sacred and also sharing them. how is all sacred for a company? but also the, the search government somehow got on the phone with company saying, you know, if you don't, you know, if you break them or not on the, on these things. basically you break like, you know, you damage innovation. it wouldn't have the answer, which is totally utterly wrong because this, the developed main, used by public money and for some companies like astrazeneca and they decided for a while to do to sell the vaccine developing countries at cost increase the price. they're making a profit. pfizer,
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so that is 3000000000 income one that never happened before that company launch a product and the 1st year to launch they get all these bill that never happened. what about a new surgeon, georgia? what about kovacs come back. so supposed to be the scheme, which would mean there was distribution, maybe not equal distribution, but it wouldn't be as on even as this. what went wrong? well, to be honest, that beginning go lux was sent off without the involvement of developing countries . was out there with all civil society, so it's governance was really bizarre and it has no transparency at the beginning. and then finally, the mentally they relied on one company astrazeneca and then it got a live in the one production which was the sentiment situation. and yeah, so i mean how, how kovacs suppose that they can that one company was it or say them, or anybody,
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how can they for why, you know they produce in on those is for all know, on middle income countries, it was just not possible. it was not, you know, somebody and they did it that way. so if those were to happen and, you know, find them with saying that, you know, that hardly sold anything get low. i mean, in the middle income countries, and in that they are all the same size or just be not that they have been given. and then you may, you know, concerned about making profit in this market. i can't believe we're still having this conversation a year later, mac, mariani, but it's important to us without breaking the monopoly or know how we wouldn't have the same compensation. i was saying last year. we will have the this year. well, it has it next year, and i think if we do, i'll come back to you and talk to you about it. okay. then. okay, well yeah,
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i mean i hope not, but if we do have to talk to you again. thank you. we are coming up 60 minutes past this news hour. here's what's coming out. trading accusations in yemen to solving the coalition and rebels claim to science of hits against each other. i with the cost of living in pockets on up 35 percent in just 4 years. the opposition stages, a rally against the governments in the world's top mail tennis plan, like a joke, as inch is told, get vaccine or you can't defend your strategy and open title. ah, let's move on to sudan where a police station has caught fire during the latest round of demonstrations here to pull his accused. demonstrate is of attacking the building which they deny. people are demanding justice for those killed and the
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cracked on that is followed. the military take over last month. i also want to return to civilian rule. all of these 40 people have been killed since, i mean a treat ceased power. hip morgan in khartoum as ever keeping an eye on developments . i mean, it sounds like what the police were saying the other day when they denied or were accused of using live fire and denied it. now we've got people accused of setting a police station on fire and they deny it. yes indeed. now police have been saying that despite most of the pros has been peaceful some, some of the processes have been attacking police properties and public property. then it looks like this is one of the scenarios. however, some of the protesters in hotel north where this police station was burned, those professors who we speak to, we have spoken to, to that they were not involved in the burning of the station. and but it was the police themselves who said the station on foot on fire to lay the blame on protesters. now this is the 3rd day that hostile north is witnessing confrontation between the police and professors. they have been sitting up barricades on main
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road and many roads within their residential neighborhoods. and police has been responding using tear gas and live amunition up to late hours over the past 3 days . not processed as they're angry. following the death of a fellow demonstrators on november 17th, the cotton north let's at least let's not forget how to mark is the area that for the most amount of that on november, on november 17th with at least 10 people being killed with the others being killed . here and 1450 and under, under man. now people are mobilizing for more process they're saying that they're going to continue to voice their anger. not just at the military takeover, but at the fact that security forces have been using excessive, brutal force to respond to the processes who are largely unarmed and have been very peaceful. hebert morgan with that update from shaw tomb. thank you, hipaa timothy up here with a construction of a hydro electric dam on the blue nile is now more than 80 percent complete. it will be africa's largest hydro electric damn when it is finished. however, the $5000000000.00 mega project has caused
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a lot of attention with egypt and sudan for the down stream. it's been under construction for 10 years now. now does, there is ethiopia bureau chief mohammad tot, the walker has been given rare access to the site. and he has this update there been now was elena, our buddy there to the north, is the boy, the line with sudan about 25 kilometers from here. construction and all the walks are underway, as we speak, according to the project manager, the 1st filling of the damn has yielded 18000000000 cubic meters as planned. this represents one quarter of the scheduled filling capacity. we also visited the 2 turbans that were installed within the facility. the are expected to be launched next december. this by the tensions in a few p. walk on the project has not been interrupted. as you see behind me, there is the main dam and behind it there exists the waters held in its league. this reservoir is expected to hold 74000000 cubic meters. within the next 5 to 70 years. it's known that the negotiations have come to
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a standstill and the filling of the damn was completed without the consent of the 2 downstream countries. egypt and sudan. the project manager also told us that 83 percent of the construction of the dams has been completed. now the president of uganda is addressing the nation after tuesdays the suicide bombings in cam. paula left for dead and $33.00 injured president. jo. any must have any is vowing to defeat those responsible authorities shot and killed 5 suspects and arrested $21.00 in connection with the attacks catherine sawyer and compiler with more eval. well, the fast explosion on tuesday happened here at columbus avenue. they close to parliament building and other government offices as well, but the big impact with cells and buildings along this route, life slowly coming back to normal. and all none of the properties here are beginning to repair their damage to a property. another attack happened near the central police station. so police
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ellison's was incident, or they have been carrying out increasingly patrols in different neighborhoods in the city center as well. they say they have arrested several people in the city miners and have shot down 5 people who are trying to resist the arrest. they accuse a local terra gung who are working or affiliated with the i like democratic forces . this is a rebel who, based in the democratic republic of kwan with thousands of people, have been killed. 5 is a group. so police say that now they are recruiting, actively young ugandans here. the president has also been talking about this incidentally phase that his government has increased the beaman, this attack comes off the back of who either last month, one at a restaurant, and another one about 30 kilometers away. all have been claimed by i fill on behalf of its administrative division calls are the central african province. we could also say to have linked with adf. this also comes at
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a time when the military is planning to deploy its soldiers to the democratic republic of congo to help the college courses and the u. n. fight adf. in pakistan, members of an opposition alliance or staging an anti government rally in the north western city of the shower, but demonstrating against the economic policies of prime minister around khan. and his government. cost of living is gone up 35 percent since he took office in 2018. his more from osama bon jovi was out in that rally. one issue with marcusson's elliptical policies in the opposition have gathered in the northern city of shower . they are continuing their nation wide protests against inflation rise in slices. obviously, commodities and the government. they say that it is the american government, which is responsible for what is happening in pakistan. they say it has failed the people to focus on according to these leaders, the government is following the agenda and the policies of the international monetary fund and international organization. rather than the interest of the
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pakistani people. although it is a coalition of a number of political bodies, but they have not been able to gather more than a few 100 people here. and this is what the government hasn't said that these people have tried their hands and power before they fail to focus on the people as well. and it is the wrong on government, which is going to bring about change. the government has launched the $700000000.00 program will provide relief to the people, but it shows that because of various international refreshes, it is hard to increase prices. and as this back and forth between politicians continues that people continue to suffer. microsoft has not seen inflation like this for the last 70 years. and the prices of basic commodities have been rising. people have been telling us that they are having to choose whether to send their children to school or put food on the table. who t rebels and the saudi led coalition. fighting in yemen, say they have launched major military operations. but who these are claiming to have hit spaces, oil installations, and an airport, and
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a number of cities. while the saudi led coalition says it's launched attacks on more than a dozen targets in yemen. some thoughts on grey men, al hm. danny now who's a researcher at the yemen policy center and ark group and says the conflict is not necessary escalating, but these attacks and retaliations show how both sides undermine each other's image of power. we've been seeing a lot of escalation on the ground and a lot of frontline changing in yemen. that basically has led to an intensification of airstrikes on to the capital city of santa and as well. and if occasion of fighting along areas where there shouldn't have been recently, there has been basically violations of a, in the united nations, an agreement to basically allow the city for city of the data which days in the western coast. we haven't to centrally leave that port, city alone, and allow it to be an access for all foods and goods into yemen. however, recently there have been shifts over those positions and the who these are now fighting western coast,
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the west coast forces that are supported by the united arab emirates. as such, this has basically allowed the kingdom sarabia to help us aspire forces to back these battles over there. but nothing that's so significant. it's going to change the who the position in the north. and i think the so significant that's going to change the concrete. i think, i think there are very, very many requests that are coming out now. that's how the baby does not want to continue its investment in the conflict in yemen, but rather move its investment to were just protecting its borders. and so the more the who is, should drones or actually even claim, even though they may not have been attacking all these drones. it sounds good for them because it makes it look a little weaker and it makes them look like they're in charge of the battle. a such a salary radiance cannot be quiet when all these drug tests continue to hit, the civilian and non civilian infrastructure at ravia. and so these are strokes have done very little in the past to curtail the healthy spread. and i don't think they're going to do much to do so today much more have you in this news, i will find out why opposition parties have returned to elections in venezuela
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after boycotting infinitely 4 years. also had a report from our latin american is a state of emergency is in place here in the rest of south central region of chile, where the army has been deployed. whether they will remain here well depend on the results of sundays presidential elections. and in sports, chelsea's, world cup winners, schools a special going put some fear the top of the printer. ah hello, welcome to look at the international forecast, sick, awesome weather and some windy weather in the forecast for parts of the middle east . northern parts, it has to be said, we are going to see some rather wet weather, just spilling off the mediterranean, pushing into levant, syria, lebanon jordan,
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all with a chance of seeing some wet weather at rain, making its way to the far north of saudi arabia. could see a spot or 2 of right into our iran, maybe even teen to q weight as well here in doe harvard is going to set their temperatures here at around 31 degrees celsius. but let the shower was not too far away. that will push away across northern parts of the gulf. brightest guys to come back into the levant, find it right across much of the raven peninsula. so a man and yemen sat fair along with the somalia. we have got a chance to some showers just filtering in from the, in the notions we go into next week that something to watch out or. but for the time being, it is fine and try to catch a chair or 2 in kenya, ga, the showers across them, republic of congo, pushing over towards the gulf of guinea. we got some rather wet weather, also sliding out of the r c that will make its way across says ambia bob white could see some localized flooding over the next day or so chances while the heavy
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rain but needed for south africa. ah ah, now jim, what a storm today air. it's crazy. yes. and the heavy rangers knocked out the communications. these n g o to connecting a temporary satellite network. hold on guys, help is coming. connection is established. now they can talk to each other over radio or even i p. luckily we're ready for this. yeah, and that jim, i was programmed. ready? ash hale sat space to deliver your vision. ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish with tv even supplied by tradition and where
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beautiful possibilities are offered. lou ah, there on the news on here at al jazeera, these are routes hop stories. anger is building across europe of a new code. 19 restrictions, demonstrations of taking place in austria, the netherlands and germany, governments re imposing measures in response to rising infections. u, a secretary state is promoting promising to increase investment in africa as naep. lincoln is in senegal, certain final leg of his trip to the continent. and security forces in sudan or
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accusing protesters of setting fire to a police station though they deny it. demonstrations continue against the military takeover and the deadly crackdown that has fallen more in our top story, those protests in europe against the corona virus restrictions. earlier, we spoke to michael bon fellow who is an independent journalist and author. he studies the far right, he was in amongst the protests in vienna and says the turn violent in times. he himself has been threatened. behind me, you can see the march right now. there are several 1000 people marching organized by day. right, right. we've got some freedom party and the situation is pretty aggressive. so there were several attacks on me already with a spray and with cans and so on. so it's a very tough situation and i think as it will go dark for this school,
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it will be probably becoming more aggressive. but i think there will be some lawyers today and the thing in vienna, what the far right, great it is. they look on the.


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