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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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the thief arab come on al jazeera ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah. ready an agreement between sedans, military of civilian groups could see deposed, prime minister, abdullah, hum dock back in power. ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is al 0 alive from doha. also coming up at least one person's been killed and for others injured it a shooting it occupied east jerusalem violence in the netherlands for a 2nd night with protests elsewhere in europe against view coded 19 measures on floods in south saddam force. hundreds of thousands of people from their homes,
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destroying crops and food stores. ah, we begin without developing news out of saddam, that agreement has reportedly been reached to reinstate deposed liter abdullah. hum dock. as prime minister, he was ousted nearly a month ago when the military seized power. there were also reports that have dogs, house arrest has now been lifted. lisco live to call to match is 0. hey, but morgan is there for us here, but will, can you tell us well, the national initiative committee that has been mediating between the army and prime minister haven't been told out there that his house arrest indeed has been lifted. and that he has arrived at the presidential palace where he's expected to sign a political agreement with the military. now, with regard to that agreement, it includes the release of all political prisoners who are arrested on october 25th
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. the day of the take over the following days, it also includes a revisit revision of the constitutional declaration. that's the power sharing agreement that was signed between the military and civilian coalition, known as the forces of freedom and change coalition. and that is very important because under that revision, the prime minister role would be defined and would be much more clear. and let's not forget that under the previous constitute constitutionality ration. prime minister. hum doke once he to the his ministers that has to be approved by the sovereignty counsel that's hovering to counsel at the moment is headed by general. i didn't put the album on the same man who dissolve prime minister, him ducks cabinets just about a month ago. so the roles of those 2 cabinet, those 2 councils, the sovereign c council and the council of ministers, which is to be headed by prime minister him once his reinstated needs to be redefined. and that constitutional declaration, which has some key articles suspended by general elbow, hunt on the deal to take over, also needs to be clarified. so it looks like that deal that brought together that brought to power the transitional government, which was,
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which was dissolved just about a month ago, will be revised. and we'll be looking at a new picture and a new transmission and government that would have different members. and a different mode of working, but how people reacting to this? is it going to be enough to stop the protest? well, even before the announcement that there will be a political compromise for the political agreement between ham dog and the army, people have been mobilizing for protest and even before the signing of the agreement, which is yet to happen, people have been protesting right now in content there's several districts, when would process have started? people say that they don't want any compromise negotiation or legitimacy given to the military that our states before my governments. they also say that they do not trust the military and they wanted to have a lesser role in the politics and the governing of the country. so many people have rejected the fact that there is going to be an agreement between ham doke and the, and the army. there's also the forces of freedom in change coalition. that's the coalition best find the initial power sharing agreement with the military. that
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coalition also released a statement saying that they do not recognize any deal with the military. so many associations, many bodies that have been mobilizing for protests that have been calling for the military to be sidelined and to have a pure civilian government have come out and said that they have, they are rejecting any chance of an agreement with the military. so it looks like, even if a political agreement is reached in a political set, them a settlement is find the momento on the streets and the process may not. and very soon, al jazeera hebert morgan reporting live shall call to have a very thanks dude. but occupied east jerusalem, where is really police say that one person's been killed and 3 others have been injured in a shooting? it happened beer entrance to alex, almost compound to israeli police officers have been injured. israel says the attacker has been killed and that more police have been deployed to the area more now from our zeros harry forces. who's following the incident in occupy the sure islam. the incident took place just after 9 am local times about 3 hours
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ago. the ready police giving out a statement saying that they were approached or there was a checkpoint of security forces outside the lock. so most compounds also known as the temple mount one of those entrances, known as the chain gate. and that a man opened fire is ready, police a security forces returning fire. during this incident, we know that the attack himself was shot and killed. 2 is ready. security forces relatively lightly wounded, to is ready civilians, more seriously wounded. and one of those later been confirmed who have died in hospital where he was evacuated to. now these ready security minister has been at the scene. he said that this, the attacker was a member of hamas who lived in occupied east jerusalem. that seemed to be a planned attack because he said that the wife of this man, fuddy bush kayden,
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was known to have left the country 3 days before this attack took place. and that the weapon involved was not an improvised carlo style. machine gun as was reported earlier by police, but actually a beretta machine gun. so an uncommonly available gun to palestinians, more generally. so the indications being as this was a planned attack and the is ready, police having killed a man now confirming that one of the 4 people wounded was killed in this incident. rebels in ethiopia to grind regions, say that government forces have carried out a grown attack in the kelly, a spokesman for the dry people's liberation front, said that residential buildings and the regional capital were targeted. meanwhile, the rebels continue moving towards addis ababa. they took control of the city of sure water bit. it's 230 kilometers away from the capital.
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tens of thousands of people have been protesting in austria's capital vienna against the nation wide locked out of plans for compulsory vaccinations. while the evelyn saw a 2nd vice of rioting, against the restrictions triggered by high record high cove, at 19 cases, are desirous nadine baba reports gathering in vienna to say things have gone too far as governments around europe try to limit rising covey 19 infection rates. austria's bringing in a 3 week national lockdown for monday and is making vaccinations compulsory for every one from next february, with fines for people who don't comply. 2 thirds of austrians are fully vaccinated . that's one of the lowest rates in western europe. vaccine skepticism has been encouraged by the far right freedom party, the 3rd biggest in parliament, which organized saturday's protest. you can see absolutely clear that where a right to get to miss are strong. ah, less people are which made it to and more people get the ill. so you see that they
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have some direct influence on the other, the level of the banner mitchell taishan. the netherlands is also now in partial locked down with bars and restaurants, closing at a to the evening on saturday, they've been demonstrating against the measures in amsterdam on friday night. there was rioting in rotterdam where hundreds of protest as gather to show their anger at the cove. at 19 restrictions, one commentator told al jazeera he's not surprised at the protests, citing general skepticism after the previous government fell. following a child benefit scandal, people simply don't trust the government and, and that is a cause, a huge, huge challenge for the dutch government to overcome. it seeks to convince people to have vaccinations when it seeks to convince people. well, the need for a long down in bavaria in southern germany. it's the last weekend before a local locked down for the on vaccinated. the countries health minister says a 4th wave of infection is so serious that
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a national lockdown can't be rolled out. bend us police just at 1st click the alice think it had the politicians organize this more strictly, we would have avoided this worsening situation with intensive care units being isolated. i think it's absolutely right in high time to react either mental. okay, with being put under pressure now and ultimately we no longer free honesty. if you ask me i'm convinced mandatory vaccinations will be introduced while in northern italy. 3 ski slopes have opened up for the 1st time since march 2020. everyone has to show a so called green pass a digital certificate showing some one's been vaccinated, tested negative will recover from covered 19 saturday. i also saw a protest against the pass in rome. a reminder of the tensions existing around attempts to fight the pandemic. nadine baba al jazeera footage has emerged tennis style pangs way and a junior tournament and bay jane bought the world tennis association says the new material doesn't address it's concerns. hasn't been seen in public for weeks. she's
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accused a high ranking government official of sexual assault. laura burton manley report. oh good. china has been under pressure to prove the whereabouts. tennis scar, pine schwein. yeah. yeah. now these videos have been released, which appear to show pang, having dinner with a coach and friends. the editor in chief of chinese newspaper, the global times, posted the video on his twitter account, hugh, she jane says they were filmed on saturday. oh, and on sunday, this video is posted on the popular chinese social media site repo by the organizers of a tennis tournament. the former tennis doubles war champion hasn't been seen since november. the 2nd. that's when she accused a former chinese government official of sexual abuse. the authorities probably would like to give the impression that panel sri is still active because she
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lives normally in china are. but i think the general speculation is that she probably has been picked on away by the authorities for holiday somewhere in of the role prays to people and her from are talking to the media. all are continue to continue to tell her stories. to women's tennis association says the videos are not enough and don't show proof of pangs. well being the wolf top tennis body who threatened to pull tournaments out of china and the international olympic committee says it's working with women's tennis association to help establish pine safety. the united nations is called for a fully transparent investigation, while the white house is also added its voice, we are deeply concerned by reports that pang shy appears to be missing. after accusing a former p r c, senior official of sexual assault, we are joining the calls for peer c authorities to provide independent verifiable proof of her whereabouts and that she is safe. tennis stars including 3 in the
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williams and lou that joke that have also voice concern for safety. and the chinese government spokesman says it's not a diplomatic issue. yeah, but it's already become one. 0 lord about a man. the outer theorem. so come here on al jazeera political shake up on the horizon as chalet elect. a new president will be right back. ah, ah, look forward to brighter sky's the weather. so supply cutter airways. hello, the rain clouds, a gathering for japan. we got some very heavy rain coming through over the next 24 to 36 hours laura cloud. just making his way through here. links right back actually into central and southern parts of china and that same band of cloud and right, we'll gather to bring some very heavy down,
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pause into hon. she said it was more than passive honshu, pushing up into a condo to the north of that. some very cold air here as well. and we are looking at very wintry mix of weather sliding out of the northeast of china. the far east of russia pushing down across north korea. and that cold air makes his way across the sea of japan, be getting some sea effect snow with cassie, some of that wintery weather, also affecting that western side of japan. as we go on through tuesday, by this date, it is generally dry across a good part of china. dry across or far north of in the air pollution problems continue here as well, extending across into a good part of pakistan. the central and southern parts of india, though, the showers continue, they're not as heavy as they have been recently, but they are still there nevertheless. and we could see some heavy pockets of rain, particularly into the southwest corner towards carola. by the time we come to choose the afternoon, could even see some heavy downpours returning to sri lanka. ah,
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the weather sponsored by katara, always indonesia, the country with an abundance of results. re lauren wan, indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be part when the lease is broke and programs in indonesia now. ah, really ah. hello again. this is al 0. the main news this our insert on the agreement is
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reportedly been reached to reinstate abdullah hum dog as prime minister. he was ousted by the military nearly a month ago, leading to protests. there are also reports that ham blocks house arrest has been lifted. is ready, police say that one person has been killed him, 3 of us injured in a shooting and occupied east jerusalem. it happened near an entrance to alex almost compound, to the injured is ready. police. israel says the attacker has been killed and rebels in ethiopia. is nolan to grind regions say that government forces have carried out a drone attack in the regional capital mckelly, a spokesman for the t gripe people's liberation front said the residential buildings were targeted holes of opened and chiles presidential election. but the nation rarely so divided billions are choosing a successor to sebastian penny at up. the leading candidates include leftist, gabrielle borage, and right wing out jose antonio cast. i'll latin america editor lucy newman report style from santiago to send loser connected when 35 year old former student leader
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gabrielle body stops to ask for this man. support his told that all politicians are liars, ruefully williamson, to which he answers. not all politicians are alike, but each a congressman is undoubtedly non traditional. he doesn't look like a presidential candidate and is the youngest one in chile in history. and he represents with some called the new left part of the wave of politicians who aim to transform chillies, political and economic structure. a tree is his campaign symbol. what did they will, you know, i can give you a cd that, that represents an idea. but for each to grow, you have to water it for a new chile to wattage we must work collected. foremost, although he has support from many progresses, but it is achilles heel is not only his youth, but the fact that he's running in a coalition with the communist party. and that frightens many jillions. it's given
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an impressive boost to his main rival for san antonio cash. he represents the most socially and politically conservative wing of chilean society, a defender, a former dictator. i will still pin o'shea, he promises to restore law and order by building a 3 metre, deep ditch to keep out undocumented migrants and stopped mounting crime, drug trafficking and an indigenous rebellion in south central chile. there was an unhappy with alex. so this is an election in which 2 models of society confront each other, the model of freedom and justice, and another model that is led by the communist party and represented by gabriel burridge. according to the latest opinion polls, as many as 25 percent of jillions are still undecided about a vote for the selection. and ultimately they're expected to be the ones that the side the outcome. but there is a caveat. opinion polls in this country have been systematically wrong about gauging public opinion. and that's what 2 more moderate presidential hopefuls are
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counting on for education minister. yes, an approval state. the only woman candidate gained claim as president of the senate while she represents chiles discredited center, left many see her as the only option for social change without extremes. it better . gov. yeah, in augusta order. i'm confident in change that it's secure. that is achieved with consensus. yeah, i'm confident that she does not want more instability in our banner is social justice with pierce and in their center right wing sebastian teacher, an independent and former social development minister who also promises law and order. but without setting the clock back on abortion and l g b t, right, among others, i asked him how he differed from the traditional right wing america. come, you're probably kidding ma'am. yep. we have to make changes to protect the environment for a more just society and perhaps most important of all the full social change at all . so that's finally the middle class is the protagonist of the government. my input,
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benson ah, 2 years ago a social uprising shook the foundations of chilion society so much so that no one is sure which way the country will leave, or whether whoever wins will be able to restore govern ability in what has been latin america's most stable democracy, she and human al jazeera santiago. let's go live to daniel schwabl who's in santiago right now. so what, why are these election stereo so important? well, as lucy mentioned in that report, this is a country that prides itself on its stability. and we've seen a great deal of instability in chile, certainly in the last couple of years with these massive protest people calling for fundamental change to the way the country is govern. and in this voting station, i, matt in the center of santiago has been open now for about 20 minutes or so as a trickle of people coming in to vote. that the trouble is people are looking for
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stability. these elections, as lucia mentioned in that report don't, aren't necessarily going to bring that about. i in today's voting, unless one of the candidates gets 50 percent plus one vote extra. this will go to a 2nd round where the leading 2 candidates will stand off on again, on november 19th. even then the president, the new president, won't take office until until the middle of march. and then at the same time, the chile is negotiating as a congress constitutional convention, negotiating a new constitution to replace the one that was imposed during the military rule of august. i've been o'shea in 1980, and that might even cutler a call for new elections. and cut short the presidency to the country, desperately looking for stability of a certainty is, is not certainly is, is, is not necessarily going to find it in these elections. people who have a great deal of faith in their democracy. they are coming out to the vote,
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but against lucy mentioned about a quarter of the population. disillusioned with their politicians, disillusion with politics and may well not turn out at all. so there's been a great move to try to get people to turn out to re establish the fundamentals of chile and democracy. but as a great uncertainty, and people really not sure which way these elections are likely to go out. 0 is daniel schriner that live in santiago. daniel mary, thanks. floods in south susanna forced hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes. crops have been destroyed, and grazing land for herding communities has been reduced half of south sedans. 11000000 people depend upon food assistance, out of serious harbor, tougher reports from john ley state. this used to be a road until it disappeared under water mid last year. now the only way to get around in this part of south to dawn is my boats, and canoes is the worst flight this region is seen in 60 years. in this area,
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every home is abandoned. families had no choice but to leave people like no well mcquaid who arrived here in july, her children and extended family now sleeping, this makeshift house. not sure if and when they'll be able to go back home. film on carla. my house is still under water. no, there are a lot of his next on reptiles. one on the place is a steel river. it's no longer home. so how can i go back and been caught audio? the landscape has changed. there is now more water and less dry land. the united nations says close to 800000 people have been affected. many of them can only be reached by boat. the urgently need shelter, clean water, and have to rely on food rations from humanity and agencies even before the effects of the climate change prices. even before that because of the ongoing conflict in south sudan, people were already food insecure. before climate change there was about 50 to 60
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percent of the population in need of food assistance. now with this extreme weather patterns are there's about 70 to 75. so we're seeing a decline in people's ability to put food on the table and to feed their children. and it is unfortunately, a ticking bomb. flood waters have destroyed crops, blocked access to fields, and reduced grazing land. last year, this area was dry. there were a few homes and animals here, then it started to rain and it began to flood people both the site to try and keep the water back. and some of them had to move over this side. to start over. this country is no stranger to floods, but they're now becoming more frequent when you get this place. people like know we have in mandela 0. so having a lot of issues with day host communities, those people are coming with their livestock, and these people are recruited a good country, so they have lack of conflict. so this impact climate change is now going to make
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us happy into that it displays before even refugees are not from from conflict quinn from the inputs of flame. it is the 3rd straight year of severe flooding of the white now insults a dime off to unusually high rainfall in upstream countries, health officials see an increase in waterborne diseases including malaria. people out here are saying they need help and they need it. fust, how to matessa al jazeera jungle, a state south saddam poland has once again called on pay. the rooster stop sending migrants towards the bought up. thousands of people have been trapped along the frontier after travelling from the middle east to baylor, bruce hoping to reach the european union. let's go live now to one step, boston who's in the bay, the russian town of bruce, key near the border step. what's going on there? ah, well, i'm actually right here at the border then we can basically nearly touch the border
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here. and this is where thousands of people now are trapped. there are basically now sort of locked up in a cam can near this logistical sam turned out at the border. and it's really crowded. there's lots of people inside. so many people spend most of the time also outside in the cold, in the rain that now queuing up for food. there's a lot of pushing and also a shouting going on, because they only got very small portions of food twice a day. and women and children, many of them here, some children have german flax painted on their faces. when i arrived here just like an hour or so ago, they all came up to me, many of them asking me, what's the situation? it's german gonna take us that's. that's the main question on their mind right now . they are really still hoping that the european union will open its borders, which are right here, and that they can go travel to germany. it's also interesting to know that what
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they are telling me on camera is very different than what they're telling me off camera. they say that the beller ocean officials are treating them very well on camera. but they have been telling me that some have been really badly beaten. nose is broken, really been abused when they try to cross the border and came back because to polish, a force is bored, a forces, send them right back to about a rule. is that something that the battle russian officials didn't like? the board of troops were now being accused here by some people offer a physical law of violence against them. at the moment we see that have been handing out food, but everyone is really waiting to leave this place. border crossings are still happening secretly at night, but many here say they don't really want to spend weeks in the forest. they really just want to go to germany and be accepted there officially. they really calling on the european union to show their human heart. that's what they've been stressing me
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to me. the whole al jazeera, step boston reporting live that from the bay lucian side. excuse me, of the border with poland now a year from now, the world cup. the 1st world come to be held in the middle east. will kick off and cut off at one the bid to host the event more than a decade ago. and since then, the gulf nation has been transformed. and he richardson reports from our corps, which is norfolk doha, where at little begin, a stadium designed to reflect the nomadic culture of the region will soon be providing a home for footballs. most prized events, cattle is alvin stadium will stage the 1st game of the 2022 world cup. the money's overseen every stage of its construction hopes it will make a lasting 1st impression. the design of the stadium resemble the bed when can shop, which is the welcome sign back in the days. this is where not discovery region
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people used to live in beta shot. and this is how you welcome your guest with a fine of guitar is up in full door to everybody around the world to welcome them inside guitar. by welcoming them in a bit stadium in 2020 to 60000 fans will be inside this stadium for that opening match. and one thing we know they'll be watching is casso the whole nation, not just picking off the middle east 1st world cup. it will be the 1st ever time castle as national team has kicked the bull at the school. the biggest tournaments more teams are getting ready to join cats at the world cup each time a country qualifies. the national flag is raised at a ceremony held on the sea front of the capital, doha. i know that the origins, ions are thrilled to come here. they are planning their trip. they are now in social media posting about it. they are very happy that messy will be here. all our good players will be here. i think this is going to be a very great,
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extremely important role. moving a 1000000 supporters are expected to make the trip to cancel. what will be the most compact world cup in history, all 8 stadiums within a metro ride or short drive of each other, meaning fans could go and watch more than one match today. what i looking forward to is that you feel that it will keep going on everybody's basic, the indo. so the mexican, with the dots and the germans are with teenagers and or whatever with the swedish for that is that connection that will make it so special. some finishing touches and a few more qualified teams. and now all that's needed before the middle east's biggest sporting events can begin. andy richardson al jazeera, though ha, and breaking news in football. manchester united have sacked their manager early gun us all shot it fullers, saturdays, premier league defeat away at what foot. they were already behind when captain
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harry mcguire was sent off in the 2nd half. what would went on the score 2 more goals to complete, a $41.00 victory. that means the united of now last 5 said passed 7 premier league games clubs. bosses met after the games discuss social's future. they said he'll always be a legend at manchester, united and that it's with regret that they part company. ah, it is good to have you with us. hello, adrian. forget hear it though. how the headlines on al jazeera people are gathering in sedans. capital as an agreement is reportedly reached, reinstate deposed, leda abdullah, hum dock. as prime minister am dot was ousted nearly a month ago when the military seized power. ham docs, house arrest is now reported to have been lifted him. morgan reports were cartoon while some of that our coalition, some parted in that coalition have.


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