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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm AST

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is makers and talking about the stories that latter on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter where you call home will, but you can use in current affairs that matter to you for this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. fears of a winter spike in cove at 19 infections, austria goes into a nationwide lockdown while their increased restrictions in other parts of europe. france deploy special forces to its overseas territory of guadalupe backed a days of protests against locked downs and restrictions. also the sour sedans,
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reinstated prime minister speaks exclusively to al jazeera after his deal with the military and says, for me, i knew government is his top priority. and the president of bella rule says he doesn't want confrontation with poland or the migrant classes. we report from both sides of the board on polar east with the sports news as a setback for manchester united in the search for new manager and an explosive encounter in the end, the chaos on the court on le bron james's ejected for only the 2nd time in his 19 year career sector, ah, thank you for joining as much of europe appears to be back where it was at the beginning of the pandemic. they are record high infection numbers locked arms are in place and many governments are struggling to contain a resurgent virus. the world health organization says it's concerned. austria has
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imposed a fool nationwide locked down the 1st you country to do so. people are allowed to only leave their homes for groceries. doctors visits for exercise in germany. hospital is running out of intensive care unit beds. john langler medical says the restrictions in place now simply not enough. the health minister is urging more citizens to get vaccinated if you had them in the thesis been to us probably by the end of this winter, pretty much everyone in germany and sometimes being fed so much cynically, will have been vaccinated, recovered or died. but it's true with a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like the and the netherlands as seen as the 3rd night of violence against new restrictions. 5 police officers were injured, and 40 people arrested across the federal dutch city. in a short while, will be speaking to stephanie vandenberg in the hague, and the netherlands will also speak to dominic kane in berlin for the latest on the situation in germany. but 1st we go to andrew simmons,
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who's in austria's capital vienna. the 1st full day of a lockdown in austria. andrew, how are people reacting well, mixed reactions really. but most people feel that this is too little too late. look behind me and you'll see the main christmas market deserted. there was supposed to be thriving of this time of year. that was on sunday nights rammed full of people. and now we have a situation whereby this lockdown will stop anything but essential stores. opening people should stay at home. although office workers, people working are allowed to go to work or off the other measures as well. and on top of that, you'll see here an indicator of just how things stand people queuing vaccinations . it's seen as the only way out, and also
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a really low number of people being vaccinated. totally. there are 66 percent who have had vaccines, the remainder haven't. and that what it will mean in february that anyone who hasn't had a vaccination will be effectively forced to have warning will be compulsory with big fines. if people don't get vaccinated, that's cause trouble. amongst many people the people feel their rights are being affected. and there's a political row with the right wing extreme right wing engaged in protest action on saturday. they were a monster. those right wingers were amongst the crowds at a demonstration against the lockdown and also against vaccinations of being made compulsory. now the lock down is only meant to take place for a maximum of 20 days with a review after 10 days. but many people we spoken to today, fer, it could be over christmas. they fear that this is
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a repeat of this time last year. when the locked down went right, the way through with the frustration associated with it. thank you for that, andrew simmons life or is there in vienna? let's go over to dominic cane now in berlin. tell us about situation where we are. it's not just on sale, of course germany as well. infection rates are going up and the government trying to achieve will to get vaccinated. yeah, the real emphasis here is on vaccination, although the health minister, who we heard from just before andrew, i spoke to us from vienna, the health menissi enchant saying effectively that he believes that at the end of this winter, people will either of course cove it in and recovered from its been vaccinated or died from it pretty dire warnings there. we also know that angle immacule the can take a chancellor has been saying to people in her, in a circle of ministers and colleagues that she just doesn't. she believes that the
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measures in place right now aren't enough. the problem in a nutshell is that there are around 15000000 adults in germany who have not had the vaccine. now that number will include some who recovered from having cove it and have to wait to have the, the, the job. the vast majority of that number contains people who until now, despite having the really easy access to a vaccine for effectively, the last 6 months of chosen not to those of the people that ministers are beseeching almost to get vaccinated and yet they still weren't in several states around this country, the uptake of the vaccine is lagging behind the national average in one particular one in saxony. it's far below the average. the average here, 2 thirds of people have been vaccinated, but it's pretty clear that governments both the can't take a government and the parties who are negotiating each other to replace this
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government to replace angular, miracles, government, they're all deeply concerned now. and some people are saying the way austria has been going may be germany should follow that means potentially locked downs and potentially also, and perhaps much more controversially in this country, a mandatory vaccine. and so far, nothing like that has been proposed. dominic, thank you for that. dominic cane live in berlin. now let's get the picture in the netherlands. and stephanie vandenberg is a freelance journalist joining us from the hague. ah, it's, it's across europe really, that these numbers have been going up. what the situation in the netherlands have been protests and riots in recent days against the new restrictions that have been put in place. absolutely, when we have and then the lens is also a case of rising infection and possibly or nearing a new lockdown. but what we have at the moment is what the government calling a lockdown light, which means that bars rest bronson public then use those after him. and you can
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come in indoors with their, with a corona path one, a part of why the protest erupted words that the government is now looking at, possibly changing that corona past, which would mean that it is an eligible for people who are vaccinated. now they can go places that they get tested, but the government is looking at possibly excluding unvaccinated people from entering public spaces or just not giving them the grown of pass and taking the test out of the grown up pass. but that is something that the government still has to decide about. but the fact that it was even proposed already in fires, so much anger and i or that you thought kind of protest and riots the all weekend. thank you said, thank you for that. stephanie, joining us there from the netherlands in france. meanwhile, present demanded my call says why it's sponsored by cove at 19 restrictions in the overseas territory of god look, have created a very explosive situation. his words,
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his government has sent special forces to the caribbean island to end the unrest nadine baba has more buildings on fire in one up in the caribbean archipelago of guadalupe. this is french overseas territory and often nearly a week of civil unrest here. the government in paris is sending reinforcements on top of the $200.00 extra personnel already in place. 50 police special forces have just arrived. these pictures are from a local news channel. ah, a nighttime curfew is imposed on friday, but it hasn't brought com more than 30 people were arrested. that night alone. michigan has ever called a school course that we've ascertained not only that there was a solder, but that live ammunition was used against law enforcement officers. lou things now taking place of the island which has out by may say so nothing to do with the color protest. trade unions in guadalupe started an indefinite strike on monday. they're angry about the compulsory vaccination of health workers against covey. 19 and
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about the french health pause, which is required to access restaurants and cafes, cultural venues, sports arenas, and long distance travel was with them. all. they said that because of this criminal anti social law, which they set up, hundreds of workers being fine on to the strength. why and by extension, thousands of people because behind each salaried employee, there's a family. and now the french government says about 80 percent of health care workers in guadalupe have already been vaccinated. it also says road blockades of disrupted supplies to hospitals. local barbara local, both of them are military, governmental, blame, those who made vaccination, compulsory. you can't do that. and then suspend stuff without salary, the effects hit morally and physically and 50 percent of staff is suspended so vaccinated staff will be doing double the work. the local authority says some electrical facilities near dams have been damaged, causing power outages to some areas. french prime minister john castillo is set to
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meet guadalupe officials on monday to discuss the crisis. nadine barber al jazeera while for me on the situation in the french overseas territory of got lou, let's speak to stephanie mil, your re. net who's a socio ology said. she's joining us live from the goes you in quite a little. thank you very much, stephanie, for being with us as we've heard there. while most people in mainland france have now had at least 2 doses of the vaccine, the overseas territory, not just quite blue, but also martinique have lagged behind. why is that quite a loop and martinique part of france, why they're reluctant to get vaccinated? okay, good morning. thank you for your interest in what was happening. jean, glad to do. well, 1st of all, i think that what is to be understood is the fact that our is true is france is really problematic, is really contrasted. i would say the history of weather rule, which is a former french colony drinking livery period to business cause of disparity. not
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only on the social level with outs, if in typical social categories, but also i think clinic level with the man that the monopoly stick is it's your own situation. this is to say that a great part of the economy belongs to a small part of the population. so the $44.00 days trying the ellicott t the electron for peters shawl, which was a collective of unions in $2022009.00 already ra demands against the i cost of living in economic monopoly at the 2nd category of the population. right? but there is also a mistress of the population in relation to friends. not only given these fast founding violence, but even more in relation to the risk and scandal of the poisoning of soil. we have quality, kind of 50 sy leaving the population indian barren and contaminated for generations
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. so we've done it, vaccination to mandatory vaccination public policy. people see here, i would say we make of history. ok. so there's a mistress you say because of what's happened in the past with the pesticides candle, of course. ah, then i guess the answer from, from the central government in paris shouldn't really be to spend special forces to, to guadalupe right. not to quote the anger, should it be well, i think i the fact is each time there is a social issue more crisis. there is also always the anti colonial discourse that is and i can mated with the situation right now. i'm glad a lot of people, the whole population, especially dan, chuck, the nearest events ranchers and a lot of people that try that on a government workers like the strikers i,
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i've suffered from the situation that so it's, it's, it's interesting to know went emphasize the fact that this is not a unanimous movement at the time at the moment. right? oh, but it's a, a thing that what we don't, what distractors don't understand. and this is my own analysis. is that the french government, i mean, the prefect, the, the representative of the french government here as a main. and i was the main mission here, right? is to ensure that the national security breach briefly just coming back to the kobe situation. stephanie, how then do you convince the population in these overseas territories to get vaccinated? you know you, when you leave aside the issue of mistress and so on that cove, it is still an issue. are people aware of that? how do we convince them that they need to get vaccinated?
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well i think that it's really, really complicated because it's so i would say that it's a psychological wound. that is not that as not heal so far, the side that people feel that each time the government, the government makes a decision for them, it's against them. it's not for them. it's not for the benefits. so i think that it's gonna be mainly for an individual decision and review process. this is want to say thank you so much for talking to us about this stephanie 1000000. hey, ned sociologist joining us there for magazine in the french overseas territory of quite a loop. and there's lots more ahead on this use our, including as a pandemic rages in the united states. health workers are being forced from their jobs because of harassment. the latest on an incident in the us where a person drove his car into
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a christmas parade in wisconsin. and in sports with the welfare of chinese tele stopping, shall i still uncertain? international member committees warned about is handling of the situation. ah 1st to so dawn where prime minister abdullah, hum donkeys promising a path to democracy after being reinstated. under an agreement with the military ham doc was ousted nearly a month ago when the army chief seized power and dissolved his cabinet. in an exclusive interview with al jazeera, he said his new government will be made up of professionals, though it's not clear how much power it will have. but despite sunday's deal, crowds have continued protesting, chanting slogans against military general abdel fata albert hon. the u. s. has welcomed ham dogs, returned butts vans. largest opposition coalition is refusing to recognize any
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agreement that shares power with the military. while ham dog explained what the new government will eventually look like, as he spoke exclusively to archers here. and fickle associate. feel how common regiment in the cold concept of the upcoming government is that it will be a technocratic government made up of sudanese qualified professionals with about with one and a half years left out of the transitional period. whole, the upcoming government, according to me, should focus on very specific issues, chiefly the completion of transition into a democracy. and it's related obligations like the convenience of the constitutional conference. i'm holding the elections. you all know that the elections were required one full year at least, may drag on for one and a half years. i hope we can all agree on an independent, governmental with no crowds during the remaining time of the transitional period. where as government would lead the country until the scheduled election go in
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assessing and hasn't developed on the part in new cannady. this is a key part of the political agreement we saw. you said was that the prime minister should have the power and authority to form an independent technocratic government in absolute liberty and without any pressure. and this is what we signed the agreement fall and then a conflict has a model. and i would like to speak, frankly, i don't have any personal ambitions to remain a figurehead or to join a particular party or group or to gain higher popularity. i'm all driven by the responsibility placed on my shoulder. i am guided only by the ambitions and hopes of the nice people, therefore, i have made up my mind and sign the political agreement. although i know that many may disagree objective or rejected simply because the people's ambitions and
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aspirations were much higher than the moment. however, i signed it and i read to read that i do not have any personal game. otherwise i wouldn't have accepted the office and the 1st blaze with all my challenges over the past 2 years. the issue of personal gain does not worry me at all. i believe the decision i made is correct and to the best interest of the people. that's why i went forward and signed the political agreement and. and you can watch a fall interview with sedans, reinstated prime minister, abdullah. hi, dawn can talk to al jazeera at 1430 gmc right here on al jazeera. let's not speak to our correspondent in saddam's capital cartoon. him, morgan, and the phone out from this deal have is that several political prisoners and party leaders are being released as part of this agreement. who are they? while we have the secretary general of the arab socialist farsi, as well as the leading figure of the party and the head of the nice congress party,
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the party and the 3 nice congress party are too big opposition parties. and then you have the advisor to the prime minister, the political advisor to the prime minister. yes it out of mind now they have been released, but they were not the only ones who were detained on the day of the takeover on october 25th. and on the days that followed, there are several other senior political figures who remain in detention. you have the foremost books of the sovereignty counseling who was arrested on the day. and you also have the former minister of industry who was an outspoken critic of the military. now despite the fact that prime and isabella handbook said that every person who was arrested because of this military took over by the military and security forces will be released. there's still several other, not just politicians, but activists and leading political figures who are yet to be released. and the agreement has simply angered the people on the street, on the day of the signing, as the dealers being signed, thousands were protesting in front of the presidential palace. people say that they don't want the military on in control. it's not that they want prime minister lamb
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took release and the political presence release. they don't want the military to have any role in the governing of the country and it's day to day affairs. so they mobilizing for more mask with us in the coming days saying that it's not just general abil put the hand that they now regard as the person didn't want see in the power but in position of power. but the fact that prime minister has signed a deal to this, he shouldn't have after at least 40 people having killed more than 200 injured. they say they consider that a betrayal and will continue to mobilize for mass protest, calling for the outcome of the military and its complete removal from the politics in for them. have been morgan in cartoon. thank you for the updates. in other world news, the president available says, a confrontation with poland about the board of crisis could lead to war. alexander lucas shanker is waiting for an answer from the european union on whether the block will accept 2000 and trying to define and seek is from the bell russian side of the shank as one germany to either take in some of the migrants or he will deal with
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them himself. always got correspondence on both sides of the border. john hole is standing by for seen stock in poland. but for us we go live to step boston, who's in blue sky. that's in ballard. rules tell us more about the i didn't found to look a shank was remarks, i mean, what has he been saying? doesn't seem like he wants to diffuse is crisis. yes, because you know, it seems really like he's increasing his rhetoric against european union saying that he's going to deal with them himself not knowing what that's going to mean for all these people here in this camp around 2000 people here. and this is sort of seen as a loft. as for by look, i'm going to put pressure on you to accept the people here in this time because that would be seen as a victory for him in this what you have called an august race. it's michael crisis, that is the result of that you put sanctions on him offer. he is been accused of falsifying his re election. but what does that mean for these people that you have
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for the weapons in the hybrid war? but the people here i'm increasingly ins are your condition, so differentiation is really running out of fine here. and it seems that look, putting this fresh, one more time to make sure that you don't accept them, but also on the back door we can see that we have evidence that people are also being slowly been removed so many to go back to iraq soon. where they came from. thank you for that, that boss in, in, but i was less cost over to the polish ton of the list. talk now where jonah, how is standing by for joining you on the side of forswear some people who come from bella. rules have been able to get through how, how is the parent easing of the crisis being viewed there? what is very clear that the at least overtly the scale and urgency of the crisis has eased in reason days that is clear. although published for god's report continued nightly attempts to cross the border by much smaller groups,
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people wandering down the borderline, looking for vulnerable points, allegedly acting with the help of the belushi border guards, some repelled of course, some don't get through some push back. controversial lead by the polish border guards on the side. others do make it through small numbers perhaps and can find themselves wondering vast tracts for forest land for days on end hungry and in freezing, cold temperatures. 11 people we have died. well, the ponies prime minister mateusz more of the sky as you are pointing out there, has said that he doesn't believe this crisis is entirely over. in fact, he fears that all of this in the last few weeks may have been a prelude to something much worse, pointing, particularly at the russian military build up on the eastern border of ukraine and 55 percent of polls. indeed, believe that things could yet escalate out of control, all of which suggests that poland, heavy handed resistance of its borders pushing back and resisting unarmed migrants
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and refugees would have played very well with public opinion here. even as the prime minister warned that this could yet go on for months to come, joan, i thank you very much for that. john hall lived there in poland. in chile, far i candidate jose antonio cassie's, leading in sunday's presidential election. but is facing a run off in december, the sienna, him and re, for some santiago, chile is in a political tailspin 3 months ago. many couldn't have imagined the far right when candidate was sent on your cast would come close to reversing, which seemed like an unstoppable left wing wave in chile. spurred by 2 years of social unrest against deep rooted inequality. but the former congressman, message of conservative family values and law and order has convinced millions of chileans that he is the man for the future. even though he still defends the legacy of chills, former military dictatorship law. when he got to make no mistake,
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he only candidacy that offers an alternative to recover peace. do away with crime and stop terrorism is mine will recover the country that we've lost. 35 year old left us congressman gabrielle bought each came in a close 2nd, assuring he 2 will go into a 2nd round. he proposes deep structural reforms for more inclusive economic, social and political system that include scrapping chiles private pension funds and raising taxes for the super rich give you are no corner long live young people want to change the world and our elders who have so much to teach us hope will overcome fear. but each leads a left wing coalition that includes the communist party and many are afraid that means veering too far left. okay, not a bad idea. our life depends and selection. bang us if we're going straight towards venezuela, coven marxism! a female exit today we don't have a generic pin at tech to save us. our only hope,
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oh man is cassette we get name of going back. but there are many others, like 33 year old, one co sanity, who cast his ballad, remembering that he was forced to work at an early age, and that his parents can't survive on their tiny pensions without a shoe bug beyond the killer play. the selection will change the destiny of the country, which is why we took to the streets to go for social change to renew our political system once and for all little shirley guardian bully. cross antonio off the selection could be described as a battle between a revolution, a social revolution represented by body, and a counter revolution embodied by cast them. both candidates could not have more dramatically opposing visions until his future. and in the middle of all this r chillies, traditional political parties, which seem to have become irrelevant. both contenders need to appeal to those who voted for other candidates, but more importantly to the millions of chileans who didn't bother to vote at all
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in the 1st round. the only predictable thing now is that the next 4 weeks will harold in a fierce political battle for the heart and soul of this country. i see in human al jazeera santiago time, not for a check on the world whether his rom, the town of abbotsford, it still started. it was studied about 5 days ago in land for vancouver. it's a, it's a wide and shallow valley, a flood plain. you might call it, but the flood is not going at any time soon. and you might argue, if you look at this satellite pictures, another river, atmospheric river bringing more rain. but there's a package to it. that is the package, it's a cold front. so every been put pushed in this direction and rather than rain now it's cold enough for snow so it shouldn't be as bad flooding or topping up the study is going to be a significant issue. in fact, the flood of cold is more light. be significant. that's coming across the border from western canada. again is the western states of the u. s. it's already happened
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further east bit of lake effects. they're likely drink monday in early tuesday, but otherwise it ends up being fairly cold. have a look at the temperatures written. 90 in houston were about plus one when the pigs in are severely cold. just yes, as time for the push. and this is that other push snow showers throughout the mountain states, a cold breeze down to the plains. again, temperature haven't come down hugely just yet. and it's no more the little bit of style in british columbia. but there is that area of cold. if you watch temperature ahead of it, they will drop quite significantly by 11 or 12 degrees as we had up to. thanks giving day a cold one for many. feel a head on how do i massage bottler in brussels, where 5 by racial women who say they were dr from their families and a belgian colonial rule. 2 in the states and in school, the american will finish the susan as a battle ah,
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in the country with an abundance of results for the trade already won in easier. for me, we move to grow and fraud. we balance rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively insuring the policy reform to create quality jobs through invest. let be part when denise is pros and progress. invest indonesia. now can you hear it? anticipation these rising excitement is growing as cattle always brings your favorite team to.


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