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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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some one that went to boy's school near family, very truth on a j 0. a lot of the stories that we cover a highly complex. so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can. as our 0 correspondence, that's what we strive to do with . ready get vaccinated, recover or risk dying from cove it. germany's warning as cases surgeon, europe next door in austria is locked down. once again. i'm with the restrictions come on even bigger emphasis on the vaccination program. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london was coming up. war and europe's border could become unavoidable, warned the president of various, if the you won't accept the migrates on colin's frontier. a jury is asked to way of
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murder or self defense closing argument to made the latest child in racism in america. and this week we can survive until we can reach families cut off by the water. it's actually down and flooding is a blessing and a curse in the day search for food. ah hello people in austria can't go shopping, eat at restaurants, or get the hair cut for the next 10 days. as the country becomes the 1st in western europe to re impose a national lockdown, a current of ours wave is surging through the continent. overwhelming hospitals as government plead for more people to get vaccinated in these nations for the highest average daily infection rates. so back here, tops the list, followed by slovenia, austria, and the czech republic. a desk from kevin 19 climbing the most in the east. take
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a look at bulgaria with the highest death rate in the entire world relative to its population, followed by georgia, ukraine, and croatia. several european countries like belgium and the netherlands have imposed new restrictions, and that's brought thousands of protested streets, angered new measures to spread as far as the french caribbean region of guadalupe. authorities have partly blamed the search on the unvaccinated, including in germany, where affections of soaring health minister had this warning for those who still haven't got the job. if you had them in the thesis, been to us probably by the end of this winter, pretty much everyone in germany at us sometimes being said so much cynically, will have been vaccinated, recovered or died. it's true with a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like the statement. anderson reports more from vienna as australia goes back into tough restrictions. the locked down is back in austria, europe shivers at the onset of a 4th wave of cobra. 19. this is salzburg, one of the worst hit places where the intensive care units of filling up last month,
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the national daily infection rates were around $3000.00 cases per day. then now hovering between 14 and 16000 in the capital vienna christmas lights may be on, but like everywhere else, shopping has stopped for all but essential items stores closed. people are allowed out for an occasional stroll in this locked down. there's plenty to see, but not to buy. the manager of this restaurant has closed down and is giving his fresh produce a way to locals. he's pessimistic. i think everybody has enough of it and the question is, why again, wasn't there enough time to prepare? we have the looked on now because obviously it's needed not far away. the christmas market usually brightened, busy at this time of year is a sullen place, but not only scheduled to last up to 20 days with the review after turn. although
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many people fear it could last a lot longer and with the restrictions come, an even bigger emphasis on the vaccination program. only 66 percent of the population have been vaccinated, leaving one of the biggest proportions of unvaccinated people in europe. so the government will introduce compulsory vaccinations in february it's led to resistance and protest. this woman has just had her 3rd vaccination, the booster jap. yet she says people shouldn't be forced to have vaccinations. we had a chancellor who made only marketing for his career and, but he didn't explain and they didn't make a good preparation for thought to, to ensure that everyone will be vaccinated. capitals across europe are watching austria closely as they consider their own restrictions here. the daily number of
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deaths caused by the corona virus has tripled in recent weeks. this locked down is a last resort. andrew simmons al jazeera vienna, thousands of migrants is still stuck in freezing conditions on europe's frontier, and the president of boundaries. as up the rhetoric again, alexander lucas shanker, says he wants to avoid confrontation with poland. it says a conflict could still happen is calling on the you to take in 2000 migrants, and germany and austria so far rejected the request. the european union accuses boundaries flying in thousands of people and pushing them to cross into the e. u. in retaliation for sanctions, state media reports the better russian president said, we need to get through to the polls to every pole and show them that we are not barbarians. we don't want confrontation. we don't need it. because we understand that if we go too far, war is unavoidable, and that will be a catastrophe. we understand this perfectly well,
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we don't want any kind of flare up. most trails. neither has urged the european union not to respond to the fence. you must not given to blackmail from lucas anchor. we have to respond. united and very clearly to this state park, spawns a hybrid attack against soup in union. and we will continue to stand with our friends in poland, lithuanian laconia, and react promptly. and clearly if needed, and that's why i welcome that the opinion that the foreign ministers have decided to impose new sanctions against those responsible for this misuse of migration. stevenson is individual burskey on the bellows, poland border and has more lucas franklin comments. he's increasing his rustling against the european union, saying that he's going to deal with them himself. not knowing what that's going to
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mean for all these people here in this camp around 2000 people here. and this is sort of seen as a last effort. vi luca shackleton put pressure on to you to accept the people here in this town, because that would be seen as a victory for him in this what you have called an august race. it's michael crisis . that is the result of that. you put the sanctions on him offer, he is been accused of falsifying his re election. but what does that mean for these people? you have called them weapons in the hybrid war, but these people here i'm increasingly ins are your condition. so differentiation is really running out of time here, and it seems that lucas is putting this brush up one more time to make sure that the youth is going to accept them. but also on the back door, we can see that we have evidence of that. people are also being slowly been removed to 2 minutes to go back to iraq soon to come to where they came from. on the other side of the board agenda, how has more on the situation for the migrant themselves from the punish town of
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stroke. what is very clear that the at least overtly the scale and urgency of the crisis has eased in reason days that is clear. although putty for god's report continued nightly attempts to cross the border by much smaller groups, people wandering up and down the borderline, looking for vulnerable points, allegedly acting with the help of the belushi border guards, some repelled of course some don't get through some of pushed back controversial lead by the polish border guards on the side. others do make it through small numbers perhaps, and confined themselves, wondering vast tracts of far forest land for days on end hungry and in freezing, cold temperatures. 11 people we have died. well, the ponies prime minister, mateusz more of the sky has said that he doesn't believe this crisis is entirely over. in fact, he fears that all of this in the last few weeks may have been a prelude to something much worse, pointing, particularly at the russian military build up on the eastern border of ukraine and 55 percent of polls. indeed, believe that things could yet escalate out of control,
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all of which suggests that poland, heavy handed resistance of its borders pushing back and resisting unarmed migrants and refugees would have played very well with public opinion here. even as the prime minister warned that this could yet go on for months to come after and i mentioned this situation in batteries, comes along with concerns about russian actions in ukraine where troops have conducted military drills as phase of a possible attack. grow the defense ministry release this video. the drills showing ahmed personnel carriers and airborne troops ahead of military intelligence as well . 92000 russian troops of mast near to ukraine's borders preparing for an attack that russia has dismissed the suggestion and says it's alarmed that ukraine is building up its own forces. ah,
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you're is hearing the closing arguments in another court case which has drawn attention to racial inequalities in the u. s. the family of ahmad aubrey are in court in the state of georgia. before the jury is sent out to consider the murder charges against 3 white men. ahmad was shot dead while he was out jogging through their neighbourhood last year at the suspects, chased down on 25 year olds with their trucks. one of them say that the that he saw aubrey as a threat and acted in self defense. robbery under attack. they committed 4 against him and those 4 phones in the environment. they shot him. not because he's a threat to that, but because he wouldn't stop talk to him. they were gonna make him absolutely may answer one question. can you hear me? yes. saw that maybe, right. you're in your gratitude. we want to talk to you. she ever tons of choices
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live from washington dc. she but she had talk us through the, the closing arguments. well currently in the 2nd of 3 closing defense argument, 3 suspects, 3 lawyers, 33, closing arguments. what will they have in common is a theme that the actions of these matters perfectly reasonable. they are acting as an ad hoc neighborhood watch committee. they saw already running through the neighborhood. aubrey has trespassed on, on an area that was under construction. that had been thefts in the area to have the burglaries in the area. so they were supposed to be, it was supposed to be reasonable for them to give chase in the pickup trucks, with back guns, in order to make inquiries. and then the course of inquiries, one of them decided that he would make a citizens arrest. and that's when aubrey grew agitated and the man felt that his life was in danger. so he shot aubrey dead. that's the general gist of the defense argument. the prosecution has made several points to that festival.
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aubrey was running away from, from, from these 3 men he was on arms. it was the other main point is that you can't make a self defense argument. if you're the one who actually instigated the altercation as for making a citizen's arrest, well, the men did anything to the police about that under georgia law. it's true. you are allowed to make a citizen's arrest, but you have to have some evidence of a crime having been committed. these men had no evidence of any crime hasn't been to. it hasn't. even if you are making a since and arrest you can't use excessive force. so that the prosecution really relying on the admissibility of the law in this case, not on on race which is probably advisable, given us a jury of 11 white people in georgia and one black person. but it only takes one member of the jury to be convinced by the defense. she has time to thank you very much. police near the state of wisconsin say they will charge a man with homicide. after car was driven into a christmas parade on sunday,
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killing 5 people. the questioning session on year old daryl brooks, a local man with a long criminal history. official said, incident was not a terror attack and their investigation, the possibility he was fleeing the scene of a knife fight over 40 people were injured in the incident. many of them seriously. the president has nominated the head of a federal reserve for nations central bank for a 2nd term. jerome powell was 1st appointed by donald trump, but biden says continuity is needed at this moment, both of a, both enormous potential and enormous uncertainty for our economy. we need to build the independence at the federal reserve. jazz proven the independence that i value in the federal chair in the fed share. in the last administration, he stood up to unprecedented political offence. and doing so successfully maintain the integrity and credibility of this institution. on this alpha polar opposites
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thing to become chillies next. president. why uganda as tough security respond sometime last week. attacks could back ah, it's about to get colder again, sooner than europe. this is the 1st bit of code the came in that so we can encode from the drop tensions little bit. this is the next one coming in, round this eastern side of what's already settled. winter high pressure areas has been cold, but not wind. in fact, in foggy, for many reasons, by the change. the immediate future on tuesdays just rain and stove in norway and this is still settled, but not warm london. 8. prox, 6. not cold either except in the mornings of course. but then this thing really winds up that's really cold as brought in the arctic chill. that snow heading down
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towards scotland high ground. then later i think england by the end of the week on the high ground at least. and that will eventually move into the rest of europe, but the mean time needs just quarter, whether we've had that cold or pushed before. that effect is spain. so max of 70 madrid, warnings us. so this no, potentially in the northeast, the spain and our old friend the bore that when that comes out of croatia down the coast, gusting up to $120.00 calories of price exceeds potentially dangerous. that is significant. rain continues and focuses. i think in the northeast of spain or southern france and at some point because it will go across into knows after once again on tuesday, morocco, wednesday, probably out syria. ah. can you hear it? anticipation these lazy excitement is growing. as castaways brings your favorite seem to cut off for the fever. i had called 2021. greatness is in the air
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. let sorres' warner and reach new heights. join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at cadillac airways dot com ah ah, from under the top stories around to 0, austria has become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a national current of ours lockdown infections as surging across the continent of germany's health minister predicting people will either be vaccinated, recovered or dead by the end of winter. a better russian president says he wants to
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avoid confrontation as thousands of migrants remain stuck at the border with potent acts on. deluca shanker is called on the e. you to take in 2000 people warned the crisis could lead to war. in your state of georgia, closing arguments are underway in the amount aubrey murder trial. 3 white men stand accused of chasing down and killing the 25 year old, unarmed black man. while he was act jogging, last year, friends, where does routing socialist party, his claim victory and regional elections? president nicholas madura party, $120.00 of $23.00 state governorships. turn out was just over 40 percent. one of the lowest in the country's history opposition figures say the result is a blow to their 1st campaign in 4 years at boycotted to major elections accusing maderos party of fraud and intimidation. just to day after one election, people in chile now no, they have to go back to the polls in less than a month. the 1st round of the presidential election after choice of 2 polar
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opposite candidates. and the hard right to former congressman jose antonio cast took nearly 28 percent after promising a harder line on crime and immigration in face. leftist gabriel burrage, the former student protest needed took just under 26 percent of the vote. with his promise to reform chinese free market economy failure, shondra joined his life from santiago. what rests on this election? daniel? what many? lauren would say absolutely everything. as you mentioned, these are 2 polar extremes, ideologically in their style. in that how they, how they see the future of chile actually is in the process at the moment of a big constitutional revamp, getting rid of the constitution that was agreed in 1980 during her, of the military dictatorship of august, still been oshea. that is being negotiated to be presented to the chili and people next year. and that will bring about a massive overhaul over
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a chiles infrastructure and laws bought it, or the left wing candidate supports that overhaul, but many trillions are probably feel a little worried about it. about this is potential changes and they tend to support or cause young daniel cast very conservative, a big fan of the pro free market economy. finally, hoops about family values and improving security to really die. i'm actually applaud. busy opposed politically, the, to moderate can moderate, left to moderate, right? candidates have not been eliminated from of the votes. to leave this, these 2 are a candidate to fight it out in the 2nd round on december, the 19th. so what, how does that play on what happens in the next month? well, the 2 candidates will be out, so we know the cast is already been out and about talking to a potential voters for december, the 19th. so it's now a case really of getting the people who voted for the 5, eliminated candidates to vote for them or so a little under half the population, all the eligible voters turned out on sunday. something like 8000000 people didn't
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vote. so those 2 candidates now need to get out and try and convince them to vote and obviously to vote for them. but i think the fact that so many people didn't vote possibly tells us that a many children voted disillusioned with their politicians or with their countries politics or simply don't know which way to go when they have 2 such extreme candidates to choose from. to really is now a battle in the next few days, less than a month, as you say, to get out there and convince people that they are the right candidate to take chile forward. but it's a difficult one to gauge difficult once it gets which way it's going to go. i think many terean's are certainly very confused about who they're going to vote for. and who sean? thank you very much. indeed. 12 cabinet ministers resigned in sudan in protest against prime minister abdullah hun docs deal with the ruling military council. he's back in power as a result of sunday's agreement. nearly a month are to be ousted by see dogs, army chief,
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general abdel fat out behind. it is critic satan and yet mises october's military takeover and want to return to full civilian rule. several political prisoners have also been released as a, as part of the deal. him, a morgan has more from the capital, cut him when the military took over, happened in october. in late october, several political figures including senior government officials, were arrested after the agreement signed between prime minister himself and general hon. all these political figures will be released, but only for so far haven't released including a leading figure in the party. and the head of the niece congress party 2 major opposition. parties that are part of the forces of freedom and change coalition. then there's also the secretary general of the bass party, as well as the advisor, the political advisor to prime minister. and there are other senior official figures. however, who have not been released, including the former spokesperson of the sovereignty council, who's also a member of the democratic unionist party. he is yet to be released, while for many protest seems to take over their demand was very,
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very clear. they said that they don't want any negotiations with the military. they also don't want any compromise and they don't want any agreement that would give the military any sorts of legitimacy for many of them, especially those who we spoke to yesterday. and this morning, they say that the idea that prime minister has signed an agreement with the military agreed to return. that's the big betrayal, especially because at least 40 people have been killed. and more than 200 people have been injured in the near month period of that take over from many people. the fact that the military is still part of the picture that is angering them. they're already calling for more protest in the coming days. thing that now it's like $200.00, they're coming up against but also prime minister. hum, doke again. and security forces have increased their patrols falling. last week's suicide attacks, which left for people dead. 7 suspects have been killed and more than a 100 detained since 3 blast rock the capital on tuesday. the government has blamed a group known as the allied democratic forces. catherine saw reports from kampala,
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police and soldiers in kampala prepared to go out on night patrols. there's a coffee in place because of coffee 19, but by trolls are now more frequent and thorough. falling attacks by 3 men who detonate an explosive devices killing themselves and other people, we are a police station and parliament last tuesday. george katana, who had a shop on parliament avenue, was one of 4 civilians were killed. he was the bread winner of a big family. he sances whose stuff but loving good will ship something like school. we are going to good schools. mattress norman has been there for the attack, comes off the back of 2 others in october, 1 at a restaurant in the city and another on a bass that was traveling to western uganda. the government has blamed allied democratic forces with routine uganda. but now,
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based in the eastern democratic republic of congo, not cable province. this is not a military culture. is more or one intelligence lead. her campaign just needed to find out who and where ada fighters have carried out a series of attacks and killings in recent years, including an assassination attempt in june on general cartoon by our marla, the roads minister, he stoughton and driver died in that attack. i seal has claimed the most recent incidents in the name of its central african administrative branch, adf is said to have links to it. about a 100 people have been arrested and 12 others killed by security forces in the last 5 months. police say they're all links to adf, and some have been actively recruiting young ugandans to join the ranks. some security expert say,
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killing suspects could be harmful to the fight against what the government calls terrorism. if we don't get very, very careful as to what it shouldn't be a day the day, then we are turning them into matters. we're middleware turning their lives into matters because they're now have reason to join what they believe, what, what they look possibly believe in life. is coming back to normal in compiler, following the explosions. some ugandans are worried about the possibility of more attacks, but they also see they're determined not to leave in fear. kathleen saw al jazeera kampala, uganda. the indian government is building the last 4 major tunnels in indian administered kashmir. official st will be the countries longest pass for vehicles connecting areas that are usually cut off during winter. it is probably meet our reports. the project has proven to be controversial, highly himalayas. these men are building a tunnel in freezing temperatures, and in some of the world's toughest terrain is very, very challenging. no,
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the temperature is going out into degree. i'm good expert thing. the temperature goes minus to under for degree also within the span of $15.00 to $20.00 days. i'm replying to continue over. what does o g latan and an indian administered kush? me will be one of the longest in asia and run between the la. hey jan. and the cush me valley. it's an area that is both politically sensitive and strategically important, the valleys and push me to my control is divided between india and pakistan. the booklet serenity over the entire area. china also came some areas and the dock is along the de facto china india border. during the winter, heavy snow blocks the only road leading to le doc, the tunnel will connect the 2 districts and eas movement for indian soldiers deployed. there isn't only is our troops right now in peacetime, in east they're gone. i good. all right, rations, food, a kill plant because they are there are inducting a lot of heavy equipment there. so on this can go via road now and it can go
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through the window. the dispatcher can not be killed. this huge infrastructure project comes off to new tele promised more and faster development. construction is expected to be completed in 2023 and it will reduce travel time between the 2 regents from 3 hours to just 15 minutes. many people are pleased. all of us bear upon the road to shauna mark remains closed for 4 months, beginning november and we have to stay home with no work. these tunnels will benefit business. all the tunnels and bridges are also in the works. all part of india us push for faster growth near its border with china. partner little al jazeera, new delhi flooding in south sudan is destroyed access to food supplies for many people, but not access to fish. in fact, it was levels rose is become more widely available, and farmers who had been hit hard by the devastation or adapting to the change higher matessa reports from find out in jungle estate. hey paul,
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next is he hasn't seen floods this bad since the 19 sixty's when he was a boy flood waters have destroyed crops, blocked access to field and reduced grazing land. the $56.00 or else is at least there is an upside to the devastation. more water than usual means plenty more. fish is available, only govern little food for atlanta. sometimes united mission takes long to bring us food on this we, we can survive until they can reach families cut off by the water. now getting much of this agricultural land is now under water for the 3rd consecutive year, flood waters of risen as excess water flows down the now from neighboring countries, but found these con, survive unjust fish. malnutrition rates are increasing as flooding a fit, food supplies, all animal. then we depend on that quote, a little paula powers, is that under the weather? natal i'm good. also we get to the dc. the flawed
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community is used to grow sorghum, a serial. that is easy to cultivate, but there has been no farming here for more than 2 years. he monetary an aide has also been effected. this used to be offered distribution point where we were distributing for the tool over 10 to 7000 people here in oregon duck with the support from the world food program. but now because of the flooding, we are now unable to utilize this location. some disparate families collect to water lilies to supplement their diet. the dried flowers from the lilies are ground into small amounts of cereal. it's not nutritious, but there aren't many options out here. fish is an essential source of protein when there isn't much else available south to done is no stranger to floods, but they are becoming more frequent too much water cove at 19 poverty and conflict . make the situation here. dia, people say they'll have to find ways to preserving their catch is one way to keep
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food longer. in fact, small scale industries of sun drying the fish have boomed because of the floods, but everywhere they look, people are reminded the situation here could get worse. water labels are not receiving fast enough. barriers can only do so much to keep the rising water at bay harbor matessa al jazeera jungle estate south done. ah, are one of the top stories on how to 0. austria has become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a national karone of ours lockdown since vaccines were rolled out. assurance can only leave the home for central shopping or exercise over the next 10 days.


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