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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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at the top of the agenda as america can handle multiple challenges on multiple frauds, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera ah . ready get vaccinated, recover or risks dying from cove it. germany's warning as cases surge in europe. next door in austria. it's locked down once again. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera, alive from london. also coming up. war and europe's border could become unavoidable ones. the president, batteries, if the you weren't accept the migrants on poland frontier, if you're, if his prime minister says he'll lead from the front line promising to join his
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army in its battle against to ground forces. and a jury is asked to way up, murder or self defense. closing arguments are made in the latest trial that centers on racism in america. ah. hello people in austria, can't go shopping, eat at restaurants, or get their hair cut for the next 10 days. as the country becomes the 1st in western europe to re impose a national lockdown, a korean of ours wave is surging through the continent. overwhelming hospitals as governments plead for more people to get vaccinated. for these nations, with the highest average daily infection rates, not just in europe, but across the globe. so vacuum tops the list followed by slovenia, austria, and the czech republic. a decimal, kevin 19 or climbing the most in the east. take a look at bulgaria with the highest death rate in the entire world relative to its population, followed by georgia, ukraine,
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and croatia. several european countries like belgium and the netherlands have imposed new restrictions. and that's brought thousands of protests as to the st. anger at new measures has spread as far as the french caribbean region of guadalupe o thirties of partner named the sarah john, the unvaccinated, including in germany, where infections a soaring health minister and this morning for those who still hadn't had the job. if you had them in the thesis, been to us probably by the end of this winter, pretty much every one in germany at a sometimes been said somewhat cynically, will have been vaccinated, recovered or have died, or it's true with a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like take the, i'm sticking under. simmons reports now from vienna as aust chair goes back into tough restrictions. the mocked on his back in austria or as europe shivers of the onset of a 4th wave of cobra 90. this is salzburg, one of the worst places where intensive care units are filling up. last month, the national daily infection rates were around $3000.00 cases per day. there now
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hovering between 14 and 16000 in the capital vienna christmas lights may be on, but like everywhere else, shopping has stopped for whole but essential items. stools are closed, people are allowed out for an occasional stroll in this lock down. there's plenty to see, but not to buy. the manager of this restaurant has closed down and is giving his fresh produce away to locals. he's pessimistic. i think everybody has enough of it and question as oh, why again, wasn't there enough time to prepare? i am happy that we have the looked on now because obviously it's needed not far away. the christmas market usually brightened, busy at this time of year is a sullen place. the lot on a shuttle to last up to 20 days with a review after 10 fuller, many people fear it could last
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a lot longer and with the restrictions come on, even bigger emphasis on the vaccination program. only 66 percent of the population have been vaccinated. leaving one of the biggest proportions of unvaccinated people in europe. so the government will introduce compulsory vaccinations in february. it's led to resistance and protest. this woman has just had her 3rd vaccination, a booster jap. yet she says people shouldn't be forced to have vaccinations. we had it on zillow, it made only marketing for his career and, but he didn't explain and they didn't make a good preparation for thought to, to ensure that everyone will be vaccinated. capitals across europe are watching austria closely as they consider their own restrictions here. the daily number of deaths caused by the corona virus has tripled in recent weeks. this locked down is
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a last resort. andrew simmons, al jazeera piano, and russian president, alexander lucas shanker, says he wants to avoid confrontation with poland. as thousands of refugees and migrants remain stuck in limbo on the border, is calling on the ear to take in 2000 people. or one of the crisis could even lead to war. germany and austria so far rejected the request, said ross and reports from the battery spelling border after another night and the cold on an empty stomach hope is slowly fading. many managed to get through this crisis, believing that germany would accept them. like what happened in 2015 when the country to get nearly 1000000 syrian refugees. but germany feels increasingly far away in the special russian camp. just hundreds of meters away from europe. revenue are not going to take you are going to wait. wait, wait,
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wait. dozens of people in the camp have left home country to find medical treatment in europe. some are physically disabled like 5 to come. i was born without last month troubleshoot mental issue. i didn't tell termini. it saying, no, i don't care. i have to give the not the, in germany maybe in another country to deal with me to give him a health. why it's, i call a g, get fragile. people used by bell russian leaders look at shanker, in a cynical power play with europe, with sons. believe them, i saw jimmy doesn't take them. what can we do? there's no way out. could i do? not in the images of the can, a widely broadcast by band lucian and russian stay tv, commenting that europe lapse down people in need a visit of the world health organization ames to counter this i'm in
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touch with many, many countries, and many countries already to support there's a lot of pressure on europe to take these 2002 migrants and asylum seekers. will this happen? well, as i was mentioning, just know, the village was part of a larger united nations family. we're going to meet with you and country team. each of them has it meant that you and h i o m. my mission as there isn't really cool, is helpful. all is really ensuring that health as a human right. but house conditions are rapidly deteriorating and increasingly people are asking to be returned home by the russian security personnel or escorting them through the back door. something we are not allowed to film more people return and here's the result of the slides is august rated by lucas shanker, thousands of deaths, and lucian, people told everything to go on this hopeless journey phase on from the e. u has shown it's an immigration face and lucas shank or was it
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a manager before the euro? the open is border for money. it will be back to where they started, after spending weeks being pushed back and forth between one country to try to send them across the border and the other firmly, refusing them step, fasten al jazeera at the bela bush and border situation. and batteries comes along with concerns about russian actions in ukraine where troops have conducted military drills as fears of a possible attack. grow the defense ministry release this video of the drills showing almond personnel carriers and airborne troops. the head of military intelligence says more than 92000 russian troops of mast near to ukraine's borders preparing for an attack. but russia has dismissed the suggestion and says it's alarmed that ukraine is building up its own forces. ah,
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europe, your prime minister says he lead his country's army from the battlefront on tuesday . a dramatic new step in the conflict that devastated the northern to dry region. tens of thousands of people who believe to be killed in battles between the army and to grind forces that began last year in a statement released on social media. prime minister had said this is a time when leading a country with martyrdom is needed. i will go to the front line and lead the military from the ground myself. those of you, if you open, you want to be remembered by history for the sake of your country, join me in the fight today. kitty eve, travel is a professor of peace and conflict studies. it was low new university college. he says it's an unusual move by the prime minister. it's quite to them surprising and unprecedented that the sitting head of government claimed to go to the front line himself to lead the war from the, from the front. and i think it is assign hope for that doc will also mobilize under
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it your bins to join the military forces and to join the war against the decree and defense forces. but certainly it is also a sign of desperation. we know that the ticket and forces are advancing on the capital. they are about 200 kilometers north of this up as we speak. and so far over the last 4 months, their advancement has been steady. improving day by day. we have seen an interactive occasion on the diplomatic shuttle diplomacy over the last couple of weeks. the former president of nigeria or bahama, is heading the african union efforts. and also coordinating somehow with all the international see, has been going both to macula. but so far, there are no tangible results in clear, you know, hope for a succession of hostility. so cease fire agreement. and the parties are too far
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apart to agree on that. but there are still intense burk to try to negotiate some kind of settlement all of the conflict. a jury is hearing the closing argument in another court case, which has drawn attention to racial inequality, is in the u. s. the family of ahmad aubrey are in court in the state of georgia, with a jury said to be sent out to consider murder charges against 3 white men. aubrey was shot dead while he was out jogging through their neighbourhood last year. the suspects of chased the unarmed 25 year old with their trucks. one of them says that he saw aubrey as a threat and acted in self defense. for under attack. they committed for me against him. and those were for felonies in the indictment. they shot in and now he's a threat to that, but because he wouldn't stop talk to them and they were gonna meet him. absolutely
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. made him stop. one question, can you hear me? yes sir. let me stop right here in your traps as we want to talk to you. recently, you are state of wisconsin of arrested a man who drove a car into a christmas parade on sunday, killing at least 5 people. 39 year old daryl brooks will be charged with intentional homicide. when 40 people were injured in the instant, many of them seriously. but he said was not a terror attack, and the suspect was playing the scene of another incident. with personal, with all the girls least prior in a scene for all right. of the misery of somebody who calls you want to see them view your oh, there are lawyers of this is the person. jay gray has more from the scene. what's
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lisa saying at this point and their investigation is ongoing, or saying that this suspect left to what was a stabbing, a domestic abuse situation before running his s. u. v is through the crowd that had gathered here injuring dozens and at least 5 perishing as a result of what happened. you can see it marked out on the streets here and, and the sidewalks paint from investigators the downtown area opened. but these marked areas are where there were incidents or injuries and, and that's going to be a reminder for quite some time for a lot of people in this area. a small town that's very tight knit and now struggling with what happened here. still to come when i was in the pen office, it's battling to become chinese next president. and this week we could survive until the conduct plumbing is cut off by the water in south sea. down flooding is a blessing. and a cas in the days sasha food ah
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spring's been wet and sometimes violent weather wise in australia carries on the same vein. this is more significant weather inside the storms and queens. and that's what has happened that to the west, to me briefly flashing up a named tropical storm stays in the water, but it influences what happens in these frontal systems that go through west australia to the red center. there be more probably waterfall home larue and significance under storm flying through south australia, northern territory, and all the way to the east. it was a flood risk from this. again, due south wales might be the focus as it was before it's not cold, but it is certainly potentially very wet again. and the same is true in some parts of southeast asia, but it is more seasonally durable. and this is in the coast to vietnam and the northeast mon cigna. that's strengthening. so the rain will be heavier. it's also
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concentrating further west in central and southern time, which is not where it should be really. that's true for the next 2 days. whereas china stays dry and hong kong has lost its significant humidity, where there's also more or less return to normal in the southern half of india. this circulation very weak there. it is represents typical example of ne monsoon, whether significant re for towel now do may be carola, an sri lanka, as it should be ah, step beyond the comfort zone. where assumptions are challenged, traveled to the ends of the earth, and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live. it is a probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract
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award winning documentary that alter perception witness on al jazeera lou. ah, one of the top stories you'll notice 0, austria has become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a national current of ours locked down. since vaccines were rolled out, infections or surging across the continent with germany's health minister predicting it will either be vaccinated, recovered or dead from the virus. by the end of winter, the banner russian president says he wants to avoid confrontation, as thousands of migrants remain stuck at the border with poland. alexander lucas shanker has called on the you to taken 2000 people. a warned,
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the crisis could lead to war. ethiopia as prime minister avia that says he'll lead his troops on the battlefield from tuesday as they fight rebel forces in the northern tig or i region. tens of thousands of people who believe have been killed since the conflict began last year. just a day after and one election people in chile now. no, they have to go back to the polls in less than a month. the 1st round of the presidential election left a choice of 2 polar opposite candidates from the hard right. former congressman jose antonio cast took nearly 28 percent after promising a hard line on crime and immigration. a face left is gabrielle burridge. a former student purchased a the took just under 26 percent of the vote, with his promise to reform at chili's free market economy, or latin america added to lucy newman reports from santiago. the results of sunday's 1st round presidential elections will force chileans to choose between 2
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radically different reasons. the future in less than a month. one that promises a new economic, political, and social model and another that valves a return to stability, family values, and law and order. both candidates are practically tied conservative. cassandra new cast was the 1st one out of the gate on monday, confirming he's willing to modify, would many c as an extreme right wing program. in order to seduce moderate conservatives. the name of walter mussman pulling quinn, we have a lot more in common than differences. we've always said the, our program isn't written in stone. we can modify and improve many things. a key factor and cast success has been the growing sensation that chile is out of control . fed by an explosive rising violence, drug trafficking, and in uprising by indigenous my poacher groups terminal. that's why mattie voted for cast them. i'll refer the local. there's no more respect for authority any more
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for the police. it is not safe to walk on the streets that lies any more from provider. oh, it is gabrielle bondage. the left wing congressman and former student leader also needs to modify his message to appeal more to the center and attempt to assure chileans that he can provide order as well as address income inequality. if dyslexia mussing see the equal any saga, this is the most uncertain and polarized election, and julius is 197. thank you. we don't know who the next president will be, and that alone is a novelty here lawyer in chiller. the one who got most votes, the 1st round of us always wanted the 2nd you. but we can't say douglas on either e as in audio center left candidates, michael and lucas on me, nanny who did not make it to the run off. it says the names are to you to march to the course of justice. 2 years ago, had not signed up for the violence. this often accompanied protests no longer from van, only became a debate between distribution of income and order. and so far it seems that order
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is willing because a large part of the country understands that order is more important for social justice than social justice is for order. as is usually the case, the markets have reacted positively to the throng, showing of the conservative, candid tilly's currency as rebounded, and the stock exchange is up 80 percent. but given the total uncertainty about the final results of the selection, that enthusiasm may not last long were 22 percent of chilion, still uncommitted to either candidate and certainty will be the only given until they return to the poles. see in human al jazeera, cynthia venezuela's ruling socialist party, has cain victory in regional elections. resident nicholas murderers party, 120 of 23 state governorships, turn out was just over 40 percent. one of the lowest in the country's history opposition figures say the result is a blow to their 1st campaign in 4 years there boycotted to major elections accusing
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maderos party of fraud and intimidation. 12 cabinet ministers resigned in sudan in protest against prime minister abdullah ham docs deal with the ruling military council, his back in power as a result of sunday's agreement nearly a month thought being ousted. i sedans army chief, general abdel fatter bohannon. but his critics say it legitimizes october's met through takeover, and they won't return to full civilian rule. several political prisoners also been released as a part of a deal hammer, morgan has mo, from the capital cotton. when the military took over, happened in october, in late october, several political figures including senior government officials, were arrested after the agreement signed between prime minister himself and general hon. all these political figures will be released, but only for so far haven't released including a leading figure in the party. and the head of the niece congress party 2 major opposition. parties that are part of the forces of freedom and change coalition.
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then there's also the secretary general of the bass party, as well as the advisor, the political advisor to prime minister. and there are other senior official figures. however, who have not been released, including the former spokesperson of the sovereignty council, who's also a member of the democratic unionist party. he is yet to be released, while for many protest seems to take over their demand was very, very clear. they said that they don't want any negotiations with the military. they also don't want any compromise and they don't want any agreement that would give the military any sorts of legitimacy for many of them, especially those who we spoke to yesterday. and this morning, they say that the idea that prime minister has signed an agreement with the military agreed to return. that's the big betrayal, especially because at least 40 people have been killed. and more than 200 people have been injured in the near month period of that take over from many people. the fact that the military is still part of the picture that is angering them. they're already calling for more protest in the coming days. thing that now it's like $200.00, they're coming up against, but also prime minister, hum,
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doke it. and the security forces have increased their patrol's falling loss. waste your time to tacks which left for people, dead. 7 suspects have been killed and more than 100 detained since 3 blast rock the capital on tuesday. the government has blamed a grip known as the allied democratic forces based in neighboring democratic republic of congo, and believed to be linked to i. so catherine sawyer reports from can paula police and soldiers in kampala prepared to go out on night patrols. there's a coffee in place because of coffee 19, but by trolls are now more frequent and thorough. falling attacks by 3 men who detonator explosive devices killing themselves and other people, me are a police station and parliament last tuesday. george katana, who had a shop on parliament avenue, was one of 4 civilians were killed. he was the bread winner of a big family. he sent says your stuff,
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but loving. good will ship something like school. we are going to good schools. mattress norman has been there 1st. there ta comes off the back of 2 others in october, 1 at a restaurant in the city and another on a bass that was travelling to weston uganda. the government has blamed the allied democratic forces with routine uganda, but now based in the eastern democratic republic of congress, not cable province. this is not a military culture. is more or one intelligence lead for campaign, just needed to find out who and where, hey, dea fighters have carried out a series of attacks and killings in recent years, including an assassination attempt in june on general cartoon by our marla, the roads minister. he stoughton and driver died in that attack. i seal has claimed
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the most recent incidents in the name of its central african administrative branch, adf is said to have links to it. about a 100 people have been arrested and 12 others killed by security forces. in the last 5 months. police say they're all linked to adf, and some have been actively recruiting young ugandans to join the ranks. some security expert say killing suspects could be harmful to the fight against what the government calls terrorism. if we don't get very, very careful as to what it shouldn't be a day the day, then we are turning them into matters. we're middleware turning their little jobs into matters because they'll now have reason to join what they believe. what would they not possibly believe in life is coming back to normal in compiler, following the explosions. some ugandans are worried about the possibility of more attacks, but they also see they're determined not to leave in fear. kathleen saw al jazeera
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compare. la uganda. the women's tennis association says it's still concerned about the welfare of chinese tennis star. punish why the international olympic committee has raised this photo of pung on a video cool with its president. but the w t. s, as it still concerned about her ability to communicate without censorship or coercion. china's foreign ministry says she's attended recent public activities which have been posted on social media and hadn't been seen in public for weeks. after accusing a former top official of sexual assault. the head of the you ends nuclear watchdog is in iran for talks about the nation's nuclear program just days before meeting aiming to save the 2015 deal. it's been unraveling since when we yes. president trump pull his country out under the deal. iran is supposed to limit its program in exchange for relief from sanctions at the international atomic energy agency says it's not been able to access footage of nuclear sites since february you as
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president is nominated the head of the federal reserve, the nation central bank for a 2nd term, jerome power was 1st pointed by donald trump, but biden says continuity is needed at this moment, both of a, both enormous potential and enormous uncertainty for our economy. we leave stability and independence at the federal reserve. jazz proven the independence that i value in the federal chair in the fed chair. in the last administration, he stood up to unprecedented political interference in doing so successfully maintain the integrity and credibility of this is institution. flooding in south sudan is destroyed access to food supplies for many people, but not access to fish. in fact, since water levels rose, it's become more widely available. and farmers, you have been hit hard by the devastation or adapting to the change. how are we to us airports from fan gack in john glenn state? paul yaks is. he hasn't seen floods this bad since the 19 sixty's when he was
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a boy flood waters have destroyed crops, blocked access to field and reduced grazing land. the $56.00 or else is at least there is an upside to the devastation. more water than usual means plenty more. fish is available, only govern little food for atlanta. sometimes united mission takes long to bring us food. this way we can survive until they can reach families cut off by the water . now getting much of this agricultural land is now under water for the 3rd consecutive year, flood waters of risen as excess water flows down the now from neighboring countries . but found these con, survive, unjust fish, malnutrition rates are increasing as flooding a fit, food supplies all animal. then we depend on that quote, a little paula powers, is that under the weather natal i'm isn't available until we get to the dc there. the flawed community is used to grow sorghum as serial. that is easy to cultivate,
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but there has been no farming here for more than 2 years. he monetary an aide has also been effected. this used to be offered distribution point where we were distributing for the tool over 27000 people here in ord from duck with this upward from the world food program. but now because of the flooding, we are now unable to utilize this location. some disparate families collect to water lilies to supplement their diet. the dried flowers from the lilies are grounded to small amounts of cereal. it's not nutritious, but there aren't many options out here. ah, fish is an essential source of protein when there isn't much else available. south to done is no stranger to floods, but then are becoming more frequent too much water cove at 19 poverty and conflict . make the situation here. dia, people say they'll have to find ways to preserving their catch is one way to keep
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food longer. in fact, to smaller scale industries of sun drying, the fish have boomed because of the floods, but everywhere they look, people are reminded. the situation here could get worse. water labels are not receiving fast enough. barriers can only do so much to keep the rising water at bay harbor matessa al jazeera jungle estate seltzer done. ah, one of the top stories on the 0, austria has become the 1st country in western europe to reimpose, a national grid of ours locked down. since vaccines were rolled out, our students can only leave their home for central shopping or exercise over the next 10 days. infections or surging all across the continent with new restrictions for the unvaccinated and asked in both slovakia and the czech republic. hospitals in germany are running out of intensive care beds and the health ministers issued the.


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