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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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at the fight for self determination. prince, i think that's what i'm thinking of. was the same as thinking of government by the people on al jazeera. oh, i had them c k, and i had a headlines on jayla. if you know, if he is foreign minister, says he'll travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces. fighters from the northern t gray region are pushing further south towards the capital, addis ababa. william laurence is a former us diplomat. he says, this is a stock is language abby, after it is used yet, he does have a military background. if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago, he used a lot of war imagery to talk about the lessons learned about the hell of war. but
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here we are, you know, almost full circle with the nobel peace prize winner. using the most bellicose language to try to ramp up the stakes ahead of the defense. not only of e p, o, p, a, but life and death. you know, he says basically he's willing to die for the cause, which is the type of stark language we haven't even seen from him until now. austria has become the 1st country in western europe to reimpose, a national corona virus lockdown infections, a surging there. and in neighboring countries, germany's health minister predicts people will either be vaccinated, recover or die by the end of winter. frances president, emmanuel macross, his rights and the french overseas region of what the loop have created. an explosive situation is government, a sense special forces to the car b and to end the unrest that was sponsored by coven, 1900 restrictions, the nightly protest there for nearly a week. now. the u. s. government says 90 percent of federal employees have had at
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least one dose of, of the, of the covered 1900 vaccine president joe biden announced the vaccine mandate in september. nearly all the 3500000 employees have met monday deadline. employees who remain on vaccinated could face a 2 weeks suspension. closing arguments have been made in the u. s. state of georgia in the armored aubrey murder trial. 3 white men are accused of killing the anom black man last year. 25. it was shot dead while jogging off to being chased by the men in pickup trucks, chillies headed for a presidential election run off in december. the fall, i can do. jose antonio cast up the 1st round with 28 percent. you go head to head with former student protests leading gabriel. forage. those are the headlines now it's back to witness on a geo. ah,
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me. 2 i, i've been talking to a lot people about pilots, like villages, sanitation manufacturers and local politicians. a everyone with room and media. and i'm still trying to find out a way that is effective. a one and only one child of bollywood. a started over 80 films has his own clothing line and fans stake out his time. 247. please welcome.
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ah, ah, we do the money for charity. i want to read that money for it was toilet organization and mr. toilet he likes. let's go back there. i live is yes. i do raise money. why? we're taking this chart outside of my sexy body. oh, how many go did you need one be the would you need from me ah
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yes. i would like to propose that i send you a story of a movie and you read it and you like it. perhaps this movie can change the whole attitude in india. get things to be that some 1000 lovelady. if you don't stop him, he just, she's got trained or just just on their own. when they get frisky and then kids ended up. awesome. what was thought, how do we then say, jack, i don't know. why do i just to do to do the project jack gets free invested into ideas and he ends up being very protective of it as well. most of the time when we say the boardroom is telling us all these different initiatives and one point you know, someone trying to say ok, are we talking about the b t o? now he says, no, no, no, it's not. it's related. what does that does
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a guy on the way that is supposed to be found proof and order proof so you can but so you had the light and wouldn't offend other people. i don't know if it was had the try on the board had beloved debates of what you can and cannot do and whether he has the expertise for it. india is the most important project. a blue chip has done a media has cover asked in this paper television, so we new results not just hot in today, i'm going to meet some government officials that bite that call called vina, seems so many months, and we're waiting for what is to contact the server that i should book it working with, keeps changing, and all the time we had waiting. and they have our other bureaucratic process who
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is now in charge of what and nobody knows so far. i mean that hotel lobby. okay. i wait. yes, sir. bye bye. hey, are you they need to know every day. who do i have dr. key? when he's here for oral, it's a mr. diesel. i wrote a book. it will take on another one, meet that goal with jackson america,
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while you're from single form and just a before we proceed, i should have got it. yeah, i need information. please give me the thought, the picture. what is already possible? what is still very difficult. so i can go and call her all of the different people to help in all aspect, because we're to finish this job, not no matter what we want to do with that. yeah. think the approval for with supposed to understand the strategic review. do in nice to what is the different definitely bill on that i have your information with
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you can say this is a book industrial. there's nothing to approve. they don't, we wouldn't know what we want. everything is just to slow down to hope for us to cover his ass. frank, i don't care who is on my side. i really don't just, i just want to get the job done. the prime minister says india is on its way to becoming an open definition fee society. the big question we are partnering is this watch thumb mission walking. despite the letters, photo ops in the many schemes that sound impressive on people, those who actually clean the streets on a daily basis, say a lot more needs to be done. done. most people believe that the availability of toilets has not changed in the country and opened application. it's still a major issue break. i break julius villages, a mock of protest of the government officials refused to be the promised $12000.00 police but toilet the district magistrate ortho villages that they do not have
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money to build a toilet at home. they should so thereby hm ah, you see. so yeah, to get him me at that time he was still running his business. he was relieved and i love stress. the economy is not so good . i think he was a little bit under depression one money, he will come. and he said, i have enough of business. is it okay if i quit,
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maybe hell be sweat banker up and we don't have money. i saw him. i said, jack, it's ok with me. if you quit the business or we just need is family to be together and you happy and always traveling alone. and those ones i brought a school by with me in america. and one night we were walking to deny and he said to me, if i am not here, you will be walking along and you're in walking alone all over the world. don't you feel lonely? on the road. so long of close. on the why hand, i feel much more useful outside my country and on the other hand,
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i miss my family. but i mostly miss her because the children have their own live. yeah, i miss julie very much and love her so much. a man always have to look so strong lawyer really one is to now go to life trash and get her to cow hollow you and be a like a child. and i think this hard thing said, mendelian say it's
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been a year since i was appointed co conveners, but they're still so much to do. i think that this soil is leaking. they are now them and then probably, you know, don't think that there's no funding or is just simply neglect that because from bureaucratic profess doesn't allow it to be address. i don't have enough money and it's quite stressful. who feel redundant to be useless. he's a very terrifying pain on
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dick sammy's, the beginning of the the books and listen to which accessible person but did great compare the dollar to and shallow. at this stage, i've read 20 years. 40th is going to come viet who've been to me in a role i'm blending community if she exists, but i am trying to approach many millersville nurse to choose one district in india and make a district freeform we opened the package every house bill high with it i assure you, it is not on this, they are this. oh is that me?
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ah bomb be your cation of world toilet day, dr. been be shred fata expressed that he would get a village in india named often the best known sonya of sanitation in the world. a tireless crew, sita in icon for progress development, antiquity, u. s. president donald trump. the $165.00 families of the putative trump vintage jumped to the idea. exhilaration and joy written on their faces. don't jump in that business. well, maybe because they didn't, i was america just on this going to. so i thought i put in there. and that to build a chick people while he was
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on the in his head you q 2 netcinity said yes, fight. and this has gone it out. mm . now the one plays gesture. what are the best hardness, differential destin? ah, so this is julia bertrand. yes, it's definitely because of me ah, but i feel happy because if you want to take out at us, then you can have great would you like yourself? you are gonna have to wait the the
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me he told me that he was trying to get the pension. but the image of donald trump, with the plan that i like a waste of time by life is like that. you don't always get in and you have to just log and move elsewhere me ah, the problem is he want to do too much and research too much.
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ready in fact, of which paul, i think, i think we have ideas the bought of the deal. they say is all your fault, jack. so we want to be in charge of the deal. and i see you can do that. and then they quit. we had a conference call where everybody had decided that, you know, i think they, they had enough. some of the older members said those huge mouth and focus energy going everywhere. we don't feel like we're doing anything. are we really being as impactful as we came to be? the board at that time was some of his best friends,
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and i don't know if he was angry, but i think the word that came to mind was sad for me. and there was a different site to jack, right. i mean, this sense of helplessness, that's a lot of things in his mind. if couldn't sleep. no, he says can you find me, you know, say i'm, he's minutes left, you know, can you hear me? ok. say i need to have you give me energy. and if you check in on is a big dream. yeah. and it's, it's killing you. but all you know is social work
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is liana thing up on or is it worth it or? i don't know. because anyway, i don't have, don't think so far when it comes to comes the let's just see what what life has spread for us. yeah. stay positive. then it's easier to solve the problem. i don't understand this railing design. yeah. yeah. i love oh. and then they put a band no, i cannot see dangerous for those people are just bullied, need to have a view both of you today. so here are you finding that you are yawning. why am i bothering you? i'm going to say go ask me that questions like, am i still a good of you? you are the best. yeah, you think so?
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i mean, if you have found the best ones that the last now i don't know if i continue to find maybe there would be a better with try to get everything done. i played by all the rooms, but i very rarely one by small them chombo law the last to know around like a
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today we're going to make our laptops leave. generally i like making like costing bits to learn how to be in something like that. wow. ok, my, well, you know, you know how i always tell mom. oh your cookie. you so good. why don't you become a chef? it's the same reason. you're not doing it because you love any more. you're doing it for another human being. that's all. i'm sure someone like to me, the pallets i don't like being like, you know, you understand, you know, someone with less kidney that they don't know. i mean i used to find a quite
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a few things just like, oh no. the blue water he seems to share, like kind of his ideas more just a little with his family. i wouldn't say you know where like hossa means sunshine. every boss dolphins flying across the sky. like but it's just, he's become more patient as a human for other things because he himself is trying to find his own answer. wooster. with an outward on. yeah. oh. thank you very much. noise is ok to be a therapy. it's ok to love others and assume that they love you to is ok. not the bother the file. if this is true, could you read that to me?
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i wrote it is a most got it done. so i'm her to be a freight one her to assume everybody loves her and on find out though and find out if they love you or not. just assume better like that. when i think about how i feel about my job, been mr pilot for the last 22 years. i was a, i cannot be complacent. and i cannot say this is just pretty good. i'm only at the tip of the iceberg. lou. mm
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mm. i like for me a dick. the purpose of this here to make and jeffrey open, if it is certainly will have to face some problem. but he can do it. he can get help from the people you. when would you teach it? he maybe sell it if you were to judge some things. but if he got ship, told them that he can't do shit. oh, don't think small. small is not sexy. small is not meaningful. think
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how to make india open definition free. the top agenda for delegates at the boys toilet summit and debbie good toilet organization's 1st toilet college. that's right. taught at college this college hope to fuck off renovation devolution being of things that scared the hell our view. and believe they can be done. not by yourself alone, but by everybody ah ah
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and compelling to journalism, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was light, how much money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made fab al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. it's time for another wave of cold. we've had one that miss lee. this is it you like on his way through significance on storms are going with it. there will be
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a repeat example and it's not this, it's, this went out in the eastern pacific an immediate future. it brings a bit of rain and snow to british columbia that brings it turns, imagine states of the us, the lake effects they would disappear from the eastern seaboard and the great lakes . and they have just left with cold as well as not significantly called silver. freezing in winnipeg is but 19 in houston that probably does feel cold. then we'll get progression from the west. these snow showers indicate dropping temperature quite cold. normally, through plane states heading down towards texas, that's the front edge of it, indicated by the blue. that's wednesday. this is thursday, thanksgiving day, big dropping temperature for most cities. so it's got to be a cold one for those, celebrating and the front edge of it, significant thunderstorms. this is thursday through texas, running out towards the ohio valley, the worst where they're most likely down in texas. and it's not cold. air floods are even ahead of it. you've got likely showers in cancun and elsewhere in mexico. they could be quite perky about how we get to wednesday east of that. but if you
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shout in the bahamas in cuba, they tend to be drawing up. so it's a dryer looking picture. ah, from the al jazeera london, bro cost center to people in compensation, we were 1st generation of leverage people and we had to really find a way with no high and no limitation. well, there's a much more the place we'd better to get away with these regional boundaries, film direct, thank you. in to tell me things like that in you think about racism making certainly have is making visible due to be affected on out there. there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v with our website, mobile app, social media, and podcast. all was there. a digital is a world award winning online content. and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to frighten the people to be,
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to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch it here with me. thunder gartman on al jazeera. ah, ethiopia prime minister abbey at mad says he will lead the military from the front lines. his rebel advances threatened his hold on the capitol. ah, hello, i'm has him sega, this is ally from the how also coming up. get vaccinated all risk dying from coven, germany's warning as cases surge in europe next door and austria, it's locked down. once again. foremost, south korean president shouldn't do one has died.


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