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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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story of america, what's working and what now a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line, when i was just there m, ah, if you use prime minister, the ahmed says that he'll leave the military from the front lines as rebel advances, threatening his hold on the capitol. ah, 11. so robin watching out there alive, my headquarters hearing also coming up a warning to germans on cove at 19 the health minister says that they'll either get vaccinated, recover or die from the virus. the us jury is asked to weigh a matter of self defense closing arguments in the trial of 3 weitzman of the
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killing of a black man in georgia. and that is what it was all position need hung. why days seeks the unity and calls for rebuilding after a heavy defeat in regional election. ah, welcome to the program. if you have your prime minister says hilde traveled to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces. tens of thousands of people are believed, have been killed and battles between the 50 and army, and to grind forces that began last year between gate and b has the latest. e t p as prime minister says it's time to lead by personal example. it's a dramatic new step in the conflict. it's devastated the northern te gray region in a statement released on social media. abby had said, this is a time when leading a country with martyrdom is needed. i will go to the front line and leave the
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military from the ground myself. those of you with your pins, he won't to be remembered by history. for the sake of your country, join me in the fight to day. unless say it's an unusual moved by the prime minister . i think it is assigned a hope for that. daniel also mobilize all the with your beans, to join the military forces. and though to join the war against the deacon defense forces. but certainly, it is also a sign of desperation. in response to the prime minister's statement, the spokesman for the tea gray people's liberation front tweeted, obese mimicry of ethiopia will time, empress is taken on an all to palpable skits of frantic overtone. i would have dismiss this as yet another sick joke, abby, would it a military offensive against the t p. a left last november saying it was in response to attacks on army bases. the t p left says it was unfairly targeted. but in june this year to graham fight is re captured the regional capital mckelly. and
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they're now advancing on the capital, addis ababa. despite a flurry of recent diplomatic activity, a ceasefire has not been reached and only say the language used by abby and monday statement is worrying. he does have a military background if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago. they used a lot of war imagery to talk about the latitude learned about the hell of war. but here we are in almost full circle the nobel peace prize winner. using the mult, bellicose language on to try to, you know, ramp up to stakes. ahead of the defense, not only of ethiopia, goodness in life and death, you know, you basically, you are willing to die for the cause. they sides of the conflict continue to maintain hard line positions and upset pre conditions ahead of any negotiations. victoria gates and be out there about hodgen. namo is a professor of political science at the university of toronto. now he says about his comments make it much harder to find
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a peaceful solution to the conflict. i don't know if this is the right moment. i think he calls out for these people to mobilize a larger scale. apparently the, to this message is very aggressive. how many people who are expecting some sort of apartment are in terms of making peace and says fire. so he was more or less mystifying the war and asking if it would be an alive and he is ready to be marked here and to die in the body of the so he use imagery or otherwise we'll talk to defeat is italians and not all is out, but also he want to more or less african ice. the problem as if the war is not only again, is the 2 clients, or if it's as if the world is weighed against imperialism, or europe peons are western nurse if you like. so he called upon africans to say, express sorted out, he really took the as, as a, b to b, i was
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a sort of victim of western consideration. so i, it is very, very aggressive. and many people are hoping that some kind of solution would be found. but i think this, in addition to the emergency loss where you called, or only to be asked to simply use all weapons to fight and the body of the, in me, i simply very aggressive ones. no, austria has become the 1st e e country to rent a full nationwide lockdown as infection surge. the average daily deaths there of tripled in recent weeks. under the restrictions people cannot leave their homes to buy groceries to visit their doctor or to exercise. andrew simmons has more from the capital vienna. the lockdown is back in austria or as europe shivers at the onset of a 4th wave of cobra 90. this is salzburg, one of the worst hit places where intensive care units are filling up. last month, the national daily infection rates were around $3000.00 cases per day. they're now
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hovering between 14 and 16000. in the capital vienna christmas lights may be on, but like everywhere else, shopping has stopped for all but essential items. stores are closed, people are allowed out for an occasional stroll in this lock down. there's plenty to see but not to buy. the manager of this restaurant has closed down and is giving his fresh produce away to locals. he's pessimistic. i think everybody has enough of it and question as oh, why again, wasn't there enough time to prepare? we have the looked on now because obviously it's needed. not far away. the christmas market usually brightened, busy at this time of year is a sullen place. locked out a shuttle to last up to 20 days with a review after 10, although many people fear it could last a lot longer. and with the restrictions come on,
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even bigger emphasis on the vaccination program. only 66 percent of the population have been vaccinated, leaving one of the biggest proportions of unvaccinated people in europe. so the government will introduce compulsory vaccinations in february. it's led to resistance and protest. this woman has just had her 3rd vaccination, a booster jap. yet she says people shouldn't be forced to have vaccinations. we had a to angela who made only marketing for his career and, but he didn't explain and they didn't make a good preparation for, for to, to ensure that everyone will be vaccinated. capitals across europe are watching austria closely as they consider their own restrictions here. the daily number of deaths caused by the corona virus has tripled in recent weeks. this locked down is
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a last resort. andrew simmons al jazeera vienna. no hospitals in germany are running out of intensive care unit beds. chance the anglo merkel says the current restrictions don't go far enough. the health ministers urging more citizens to get vaccinated. if you had an endo thesis been to us probably by the end of this winter, pretty much every one in germany at a sometimes been said somewhat cynically will have been vaccinated, recovered or have died. but it's true with a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very likely the, i'm stick. well, china has maintained a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic since last year, defending its severe and sudden locked downs. but experts are warning the approach is unsustainable. economic growth is slowing and several banks have cut that growth forecast. the next year between the u has more from beijing, chinese authorities appear to have the countries latest corona, virus outbreak under control. daily reported, cases have talked to single digits after the delta variance spread to at least
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$1300.00 people since mid october. but reducing infections has come at a cost, severe locked downs and trouble restrictions are weighing on the country's economic growth. at a time when inflation is also increasing, chinese officials say the impact will be short term, but some analysts believe it's likely to continue next year. oh i. oh. all right, richard. oh, yes. in people's lives, he's morale. air, easy to she, a shot all to joe and jackson insecurity. last week, ratings agency. fitch cut it's forecast for china's quarter in 2021 to a point one percent and lowered. it's 2022 forecast to 5.2 percent. several banks have also followed suit. china is one of the few countries still following a 0 tolerance approach to the virus. its borders have been closed since march 2020,
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and strict quarantine remains in place. shelters had become more cautious in their spending. e commerce chide ali baba recorded its lowest sales growth during its annual single state online shopping festival. earlier this month, ahead of the beijing winter olympics in february authority, se they will further tightened. pandemic controls in the coming weeks job owner or mount. we will summarize the experience and lessons learned so for the taking pains to promote the implementation of abdominal prevention and continue to look for pearl vaccination for the public. chinese economy is already under pressure from a crackdown in the property sector and power shortages which have hampered manufacturing. the economy grew by just 4.9 percent in the 3rd quarter. falling short of expectations. katrina, you are the 0 paging. former south korean president tinder one
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has died at the age of 19. now chin was an army commander who sees tar through a military curate. 979 protest against his old chronic rule lead to elections. and the countries transition to democracy in 1987 should also spearheaded south credit successful bed for the 1988 solar lympics, which brought the country international prestige. closing arguments had been made in the us state of georgia in the m as aubrey murder trial. 3 whites man are accused of killing aubrey, an unarmed black ma'am. last year, the 25 year old was shot dead while jogging had been chased by the men in a pickup truck. one of them, travis mac. michael testified that he saw aubrey as a threat and that he acted in self defense. she returns, he has more from washington d. c. i think about georgia law there. it does have a very specific emphasis on, on what's called accomplish liability. so even if you're, you just part of a crime,
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if you seem to be contributing to the crime, you can be held liable and that's where the prosecution is going for. the, the, the, the prosecutor also say, look, 1st of all, aubrey was unarmed. he was running away. you can't claim self defense. if you are the one who actually instigated the altercation, you never mentioned anything about us. it was the rest to to the police and so on and on. it goes and the sort of the prosecution really rely on, on the law, on the admissibility of the law, not on on race, which maybe maybe wise, given us a jury of 11 white people and one black person. if these men are acquitted, clearly it will seem like, well, there are 22 types of justice in america, which i think most people, certainly who are looking for a successful prosecution already. already believe the argument is always with written the house with these 2 men, just reverse the races, right? magine, if it was, if written houses black, imagined of these men were black. and it was, we should remember, even in this case, in a reason, this is a trial right now is, i mean, the police didn't even follow up on the killing of all. but i'll break until some
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footage appeared on facebook 2 months later. and then they were pushed into, into, into, into investigation because 3, what me, 3 whiteman, being involved with killing of a black band. they said that he was a robot. well, now your guy must, must be the case. so, i mean, clearly this will just be confirmation. that justice isn't fair, but the prosecution, as themes are made a very good legal case against these men. well, stella had hail and sarah knew as president j by not for continuity. it is picked to head the federal reserve and why security? that's why we that you can just cut down last week, suicide bombings could lead to more attacks, less stories after the break. ah,
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it's time for another wave of cold. we've had one that miss lee, this is it you like on his way through significance on storms are going with it. there will be a repeat example and it's not this, it's, this went out in the eastern pacific an immediate future. it brings a bit of rain and snow to british columbia, and then that brings it turns imagine states of the us, the lake effects and i would disappear from the eastern seaboard and the great lakes and the just left with cold ish. well, it's not significantly called about freezing in winnipeg. is that line in houston that probably does feel cold. then we get progression from the west. the snow showers indicate dropping temperature quite cold. normally, through plane states heading down towards texas, there's the front edge of it indicated by the blue. that's wednesday, this is thursday, thanksgiving day, big drop in temperature, most cities. so it's going to be a cold one for those, celebrating and the front edge of a significant thunderstorms. this is thursday through texas, running out towards the ohio valley, the worst where the most likely down in texas. and it's not cold air floods are
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even ahead of it. you've got likely showers in cancun and elsewhere in mexico. they could be quite perky about how we get to wednesday east of that. but if you shout in bahamas in cuba, they tend to be drawing up. so it's a dryer looking picture. ah, from the al jazeera london broke off and past 2 people in thoughtful conversation, we went fresh to ratio black versus people and we had to really find our way, with no hope and no indication the world is a much smaller place. we please better to get away with these regional boundaries, film direct, thank you. in to tell me things home right back in the think about racism making separately have if make he often visible. you hear b, i'm sweat on out there at. ah
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ah ah, welcome back. you're watching all just over with me. so robert, remind to of all the top stories, ethiopians, prime minister, says hill, traveled to the front line on choose day to lead the military against rebel forces fighters from the northern to grow. i regional cushing further south towards the capital, addis ababa austria has become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a national crow virus locked down infections and surging that they bring countries . germany's health minister products people will either be vaccinated, recover or die by the end of winter, and foam at south korean president shouldn't do. hon has died at the age of 90. 2 was an army commander who seized power through a military q in 1979. israel spot nationwide,
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protest that eventually led to the country's transition to democracy. venezuela's ruling socialist party has claimed victory in regional elections. president nicholas maderos party when 20 of the $23.00 states governorships, opposition figures say the result is a blow to their 1st campaign after a full year boy called trees a bow house, more from the capital, caracas. gina marijuana was surprised by the results of sunday's region elections. she lives in the neighbourhood of bye daughter and was hoping for the post to expose the situation venezuelans are facing to day. she's a teacher. oh, her 4 year old daughter has a kidney condition and she can't afford the treatment. no fuss him. it's not easy if you have the expenses we have with a child who has kidney disease and you have to spend a $150.00 every 3 months. i have a family, we can barely safe $10.00. yeah, i've gone everywhere to ask for help, but nobody cares. i'm disappointed because i wanted something to change. oh,
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but in bless, heavily, wedding the center of kodak. us, nikolai, my little supporters, celebrated venice will as ruling socialist party $120.00 governorships in spite of the huge economic crises that's left more than 80 percent of the population in poverty. louder leave us came here because she wanted to congratulate nikolai, my lord on his birthday, but a breath ended up 1000000 then with the lender, the president takes care of us. we have vaccines face muff. and if we have a problem with our salary, his soul said he gives us food for we can survive on sundays results. where i said back for the opposition, around 60 percent of the population didn't vote. and more than 5000000 people have left the country, even though the ruling party wanting most of the governorships, the national results show the opposition at least 9 points ahead. the problem is that candidates were divided in crucial states. after several voice caught c up
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officially decided to participate in the selection. frustrated with the failure of you sanctions. so we moved my little from off. they were also in both by the servers from the european union, but there we thought were not what they expected. opposition leader, one way they said deal proficient needs to work towards unity, the government, but it, um, how do we connect? what happened on sunday with a solution to the crisis and people's problems and recover the country? that's the challenge we have. and clearly there needs to be a new phase in this process. in venezuela, millions of venezuelans are caught in economic crises and an endless political battle that had a huge impact on people's lives. venezuelans are desperate for solutions that never seem to arrive very so i will. i'll just cedar carrack, us, bella, russian president, alexander, look a shank. he says that he wants to avoid confrontation with poland, as thousands of refugees and migrants are stuck in limbo at the border. and he's
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calling on the you to take a to take him to 1000 people warning, the crisis could lead to was that vast report from the validation side of the board, with toland, after another night, in the cold, on an empty stomach hope is slowly fading. many managed to get through this crisis, believing that germany would accept them, like what happened in 2015 when the country to get nearly 1000000 syrian refugees. but germany feels increasingly far away in the special russian camp. just hundreds of meters away from europe. 70 are not going to take to you. are going to wait. wait, wait, wait. dozens of people in the camp, i've left a home country to find medical treatment in europe. some are physically disabled like 5 year old mom was born without lax, some struggles with mental issues. i didn't help, but it looks like germany is saying, no,
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i don't care. i have to get there. not the in germany, maybe in a country to deal was me to get my health or my psychology did better fragile people used by bell russian leaders look at shanker, in a cynical power play with europe, was so speranza, busy with them myself. jimmy doesn't take them, what can we do? there's no way out. i couldn't do it now. do lots of good images of the camp. a widely broadcast by band lucian and russian stay tv, commenting that europe lads down people in need. a visit of the world health organization ames to counter this. i'm in touch with many, many countries, and many countries already to support. there's a lot of pressure on europe to take these 2000 to migrant and asylum seekers. will this happen? well, as i was mentioning, just know w to was part of a larger united nation is family. we're going to meet with you and country team.
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each of them has it mandate you and h, u i o m. my mission is the reason that of the ritual is hell for all is really ensuring that health as a human right, is respected at health conditions are rapidly deteriorating and increasingly people are asking to be returned home by the russian security personnel are escorting them through the back door, something we are not allowed to film with more people returning, hey, here's result of the crisis of this rated by look at shanker, thousands of data lucian, people have sold everything to go in this hopeless journey based on false promises . b, e u has shown if and immigration phase lucas shanker, we didn't manage to force europe to open its border for many, it will be back to where they started. after spending weeks been pushed back and forth between one country to try to send them across the border and the other firmly, refusing them step, fasten al jazeera at the bela russian border. years. president joe,
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by miss nominated join powers chair of the federal reserve for a 2nd term bite and stake positively of pals actions during the table pandemic. but some disagree with his use on monetary policy or white house correspondent, kimberly how get has more ending months. speculation, us president joe biden and now just pick for federal reserve chair. i'm nominating jerome paul for 2nd term. his chair, the federal reserve power served the 1st term during one of the worst economic downturns in recent us history. that's why biden believes he's the right choice. again, our country was hammer jeans, jobs last year, and i was panic and our financial marcus. j steady and decisive leadership helped to stabilize markets and put our economy on track to a robust recovery. powell faces a storm of challenges,
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rapid us inflation with price spikes for every day, goods like gasoline and food, and supply chain shortages that have left retailers struggling to keep shelves stocked. the central bank must decide how to keep prices stable. it will use our tools both to support the economy and strong labor market and to prevent higher inflation from becoming entrenched. analysts say raising interest rates is one possibility. what is not clear, he should do that. because yes, the supply bottlenecks on open up soon. and there's some evidence that they're starting to then you don't want to slam on the brakes just when the road is straightening. our financial markets responded favorably to the nomination, but the reaction wasn't always favourable from within the democratic party. sen, elizabeth warren has repeatedly criticized powell for not doing more to protect americans from financial institutions. miss deeds. she says she will vote against
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his re nomination. over and over. you have acted to make our banking system less safe. and that makes you a dangerous man. despite that disapproval by some members of the president's own democratic party, jerome powell is expected to be confirmed by democrats and republicans in the u. s . senate. kimberly help get al jazeera, the white house. kristen slim, he has moved from new york on how the market's wreck to tony's markets initially responded quite favorably to the news of jerome power nomination. the dow jones industrial average did close higher and bank stocks in particular did quite well closing up more than 2 percent. and that's because investors know jerome powell, he served under democratic and republican administrations, he seen as a steady hand and shaky economic times. it was under powell that the fed decided to
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cut interest rates to nearly 0 in march of 2020 and start an aggressive bond buying program to stabilize the economy during the pandemic. and under how we watch the markets have done quite well. 2018, rising nearly 70 percent. but now of course, inflation is a big concern with supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic and prices soaring. the feds last meeting indicated their plans for moving forward to ease up on that bond buying and gradually begin interest raising interest rates . now, some in the democratic party would have liked to have seen a more aggressive fed share, someone who would take on climate change in more regulations and so on. but for investors, they don't like surprises. and jerome powell with jerome, how they know what they're getting, going to sounds,
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banking system is at risk of collapse if urgent, i'm decisive. action is not taken at the warning from the un deposits to keep bands operating or shrinking due to a cash liquidity crunch. and the spike and unpaid loans. the interim government once its assets abroad to be frozen, the economy plunged into deeper crisis after the taliban took over. in august the security forces the new gun to have increased patrols after recent suicide attacks are killed for people in the capital compiler. at least 100 people have been arrested since tuesday and 6 people have been killed. please say the allied democratic forces in neighboring democratic republic of congo carried out the attacks. catherine sawyer has more from the capitol, police and soldiers in kampala prepared to go out on night patrols. there's a coffee in place because of coffee 19, but by trolls are now more frequent and thorough. falling attacks by 3 men who
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detonated explosive devices killing themselves and other people, mia police station and parliament last tuesday. george katana, who had a shop on parliament avenue, was one of 4 civilians were killed. he was the bread winner of a big family. he sent says your stuff, but loving good will ship something like school. we have gone to good schools. mercury's norman, has been there 1st. the attack comes off the back of 2 others in october, 1 at a restaurant in the city, and another on a bass that was traveling to western uganda. the government has blamed allied democratic forces with routine uganda. but now based in the eastern democratic republic of congress, not keep a province. this is not a military culture. it's more of an internal use lead
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her campaign just need to find out who and where, hey, dea fighters have carried out a series of attacks and killings increase at yes, including an assassination attempt in june on general cartoon by our marla, the roads minister. he stoughton and driver died in that attack. i seal has claimed the most recent incidents in the name of its central african administrative branch, adf is said to have links to it. about a 100 people have been arrested and 12 others killed by security forces in the last 5 months. police say they're all linked to adf, and some have been actively recruiting young ugandans to join the ranks with some security expert, say, killing suspects could be harmful to the fight against what the government calls terrorism. if we don't get very, very careful. as upper issued ellen, they're, they day, then we are turning them into matters. we're mcgee, or louis,
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turning their lives into matters because they're now have risen to join what they believe, what, what they've not possibly believe in life is coming back to normal in compiler, following the explosions. some ugandans are worried about the possibility of more attacks, but they also see they're determined not to leave in fear. kathleen saw al jazeera kampala, uganda. ah, you're watching over there with me so wrong. a reminder of our top stories. it appears prime minister says that he'll travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces fighters from the northern to gray regional pushing further south towards the capital and isabella william laurence is a former us diplomat. he says, this is the starkest language i belmont has yet used he does have a military background if you look at it, no bell.


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