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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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young people just have a full point and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity the you know, just bear with me. so rahman, in doha, reminder of our top news stories ethiopians prime minister, says that he'll travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces. tens of thousands of people and believed have been killed in battle between the unami onto guy and forces that began last year, retorted gayton be has the latest ethiopians. prime minister says it's time to lead by personal example. it's a dramatic new step in the conflict. it's devastated the northern te gray region in a statement released on social media. abby had said, this is a time when leading
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a country with martyrdom is needed. i will go to the front line and lead the military from the ground myself. those of you with your opinions, he want to be remembered by history, for the sake of your country, join me in the fight to day. unless say it's an unusual move by the prime minister . i think it is assigned a hope for that deductible. also mobilize all the with your beans, to join the military forces and though to join the war against that again, defense forces. but certainly it is also a sign of desperation. in response to the prime minister's statement, the spokesman for the tea gray people's liberation front tweeted, obese mimicry of ethiopia. as will time empress is taken on an altar, palpable skits of frantic overtone. i would have dismissed this as yet another sick joke. abby wooded, a military offensive against the t p. a left last november saying it was in response to attacks on army bases. the t p left says it was unfairly targeted,
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but in june this year to graham fight is recaptured, the regional capital mckelly. and they're now advancing on the capital at is have a, despite a flurry of recent diplomatic activity as these far has not been reached. and analysts say the language used by abby monday statement is worrying. he does have a military background. if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago, he used a lot of war imagery to talk about the latitude learned about the hell of war. but here we are in almost full circle, the nobel peace prize winner are using the mult, bellicose language. i'm to try to, you know, ramp up, the stakes ahead of the defense, not only of ethiopia, butner in life and death. you know, you basically you going to die for the cause they sides of the conflict, continue to maintain hotline positions and have set preconditions ahead of any negotiations, victoria gate and be al jazeera, the breaking news, at least 45 people,
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including children have been killed out russ caught fire in western bulgaria, but the bus had been traveling from turkey to north macedonia. the accident happened about 40 kilometers south of the bulgarian capital. sophia 7 passengers had been take the hospital with burns. a trial is underway for $25.00 banner keys of carrying out the 2019 east to bombings in sri lanka. collectively they charged with more than $23000.00 defenses, including murder amongst them is the alleged mastermind to said, traveling to isolate $267.00 people were killed in the attacks. now, austria has become the 1st the country to re enter a full nationwide locked down as infection surge. the average daily deaths have tripled in recent weeks. meanwhile, hospitals in germany are running out of intensive care beds, the health ministers urging more citizens to get vaccinated. if you had them in the thesis, been to us probably by the end of this winter, pretty much everyone in germany at us sometimes being fed so much cynically, will have been vaccinated, recovered or died. but it's true with
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a highly contagious delta variance. this is very, very like the i'm stick france as president of manuel my call says ryan spoke by cove at 19 restrictions and the french overseas region of guadalupe have created an explosive situation. his government to send special forces to the caribbean to end the unrest. there be nightly protest that for nearly a week closing arguments will be made in the us state of georgia in the m as aubrey murder trial. 3 white men are accused of killing the unarmed black man last year. the 25 year old was shot dead while choking. i've been chased by the men in pickup trucks. one of them testified that he saw aubrey as a threat and that he acted in self defense. caution. follow those stories on the website that on their dot com is updated throughout the day. more news in half an hour next on out there. is there a world to stay with us? ah,
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ah ah ah, beginning on the skip to miss them tasking to me, he said maler, civil demons, all the momentum. okay, that's good. melamine mute, michigan, misty and jean? sure. i don't know, dixon, wondering alana luma. globalism was hacked in the handsome hensley, tyler, golden chair, several political have suddenly dizzy to my that the home of the door. ah,
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many people living and working in the world's biggest cities today are generally better off than their parents and grandparents generations. but what does better off me to some it's just a matter of having more money than people had 50 years ago. but for others it's about his sessions. what we earn the cars, we drive the clothes we wear, the technology we use. this film is about stuff how much we have and how much we actually need. acquiring stuff is a true pleasure for many people, whether it's picking up a bargain at the shopping mall or upgrading an old ice him with the latest model. we'll simply receiving a gift from a friend with each transaction. our acquisition of material things increases. but how much is enough?
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the question is as old as consumerism itself. but especially in the global pandemic, is now being raised again across the world on t v, in movies on streaming services and on social media. both little little a little bit and dr. mitchell radio as a him could jojo viola fit in. mm hm. near la fair, somebody middle dead, kitten miss. initially he lou book electrocuted. really miss pushing the limits, get me lose shapeless. we had made l m. s. movies. but i'm going to finish pollen. lexical abilities. air will nourishes he controls alumni. said at a john lives in turkey's largest city, it's dan bold. he's a social media consultant in his thirty's, married with a young daughter. their apartment has all the regular middle class modern conveniences, including a home office for said that before working from home was forced on us. while on the
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surface his life might have seemed ideal. so that decided he needed to reassess his lifestyle. his spending and overall work life balance kingdom alden, waka, would understand my son, kazama saw that all is to the d. h. judge all motherhood alden and be treated. she stared colutus and shift their cover for murder, color. fair livid at i'm sickle day, hollis fisher chuckled. under tasha deposited the market day on the shoulder, there will be shake. discipled po box was on his chair jim only i shaded such lum short little packet. many of the family purchases were at the local shopping mall. it's convenient and catered for most shop is nate at the mall is about more than just shopping. it's a day out, an entertainment filled center for all the family. on the back door on its own homes, are the military let the elevator schuchman mutiny?
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give them the if it makes the demons administer they keep mix to the me. i am elder . last look of your closer meaning to get them understand the thurman muscular telephone than she kinda cool, low ne sister bicycle little tele, from that she kill ended and minimal misconduct. animal matter not really landed on them. like, you know, such a showing is civic toward liberal ms should be, should be more than char the ticket, him in the any be a din all doing the far they do, it will didn't in that he to a letter worth more better either margaret larry or the swedish merck is little bit return. never tallish with a shift to kid to me. what doesn't chon demon and to kid him, dean and and all muscle must shudder to kit make. it would be, it wou, dean, him get the can for the kid, i'm over the bushes. as in century, the on the dementia controlled the shells with a yet out of them active, she shaken the bouquet to me, allison's army jackson's. yet,
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mazda jackson's the how york, with these vixen's with should i could shake this is a and it was, sheila pas are leads reckless name patient. this is not much as a need easterly still cindy, a so don't, or my can to met. awesome. that or beach, if that could be the hallmark the truth or hallmark that is steep down lower wash, bush liberty, miss ella. alma grims, alma mater, adams alone. she allows them all me and she only is to me, i'm at now on york soon. he said, mike tubby bull, i didn't miss it in alton. they gotta gotta take angela plan was to talk on meeting assures. so the sooner lauderdale up there got on michael is our pilot golden chair . several clinical assign, mitigated by linda hamilton, said that decided to look for people who turned that back on consumerism in favor of a simpler life, or what people are now polling minimalism. the philosophy of simple living is about
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being satisfied with what you have rather than what you want. it's a movement that's existed for centuries in different forms, as now once again gaining traction. as with any major life change, the hardest part is often the 1st step. behind it in the on the skipping would be fantastic. it didn't, he said maybe i shouldn't, but then also the acid unhindered suspicious image or mcgrath. i sit on a child's journey of self discovery began with examining the family finances he earns, he spends, he earns more, he spends more, it's a never ending cycle in which wealth is gained only to be lost. again, sudak wanted to explore the alternatives to see if it was possible to break this cycle. but in a family friendly way. yes,
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of the latin politic linen, michigan. the melinda tilden, he said you have a good all model and you be a did it that it was with all of them you tube loop jakarta and wouldn't know so they still have it in the additional room. debt collect agent one day, still a customer critical to set up on my billing. okay, so that's not adopted. and that is the 8th dinny day that lunch. hail 9, latasha mac get to go into those in into an nasa bush. alice, i go to make changes. oh, look over cautious. little didn't to make a month with disability with the dish i show. his 1st stop was a major house, meaning a co operative house. it's in the aegean region of western turkey. it calls itself an environmental village and as a community of like minded people all, practicing an alternative lifestyle. it was set up in 2005 with the aim of its members deciding on their exact needs and then providing for them themselves. in
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major houses, founder ismael unicorn created the community in response to his own disillusionment with modern city life. he believed he was devoting too much time to work simply to secure his basic needs. housing, water, and electricity. jenny gordon and his young family moved to a 3 heck tear plot of land guessing to live at one with nature ventures go i never occasion jani village a para yet. evie she was right. we either should get to his y e cause or nose e. i learned that you should clear shows yet total standoff than is should it yet miss. what if i should register one? would act much sooner, so and lose or bash tribute, do ye i you, jani, son, and but a sure to cinder democratic me, she can it were doin william lew, issue on american or lou. she then gosh english to get him more tripped imo motors . such an a good attribute,
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sir. they aren't chicken attention that will be citric. that should be in sort of either solo do. if you wanna check them. whenever i scanned it, other than how man, man glue, or what would you say sunday night over your yeah, that this header image, a house is a year round project for ismael his wife for a han and daughter soraya. it's also an open house for like minded people. visitors are expected to help out with farming and daily domestic chose nicky. you liana, she put us in the truck, our spot owner, who bought an eye up. mike newton, it donna yale. my demila is too tall. no luck with it, mich chalk call. i will not american and will know you son, nevada. so shred, also yeah, shakin marie up well look though. but she told little talk cool old yet
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a saudi, a show i get meaning surgical films, the in yellow, little old luna with your shark. i am scholarship can really kinda near shot again . yeah. tall, good at similar teachers in arjun who should services and the number of visitors is, can range from a handful of guests to dozens of people from all over the world. during said at or jobs visit. he was accompanied by a family who like him, was also questioning their big city lifestyle. the visit to image your house, raised profound questions for said that, could he really quit the rat race and up brute his family to live in a community like this? what about his daughter's education? how would his wife react? because he does psychiatry all you can even with reading only
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a gazelle clear helen bed doubled when the goodness her and that anger thank with utmost furniture cylinder music. carrying that in english, 7 miles, her leather shouldered nearby to decide nicholas and young kang at him retook zelacofsky un only a village. x had to take my son worth. if he had a child the to do, said nick. yet in between did and she little anavia chick be the a priscilla doing a gun, didn't mr. live his we we are pullin never. they say tom harmond at columbus. them mush kasheila impatient and acidic, would meatica on them as itsyana. dip to do as a shem. zing and nick, now this is shirley. talk counseling. shondae. yup. them they would about he housing. he took his load and them should get a smile. been mine is a wonderful young guy minister and in, in it's in colorado, missouri lady, she saw yellow kennicott, missouri down. what state, michigan, you're making up mac,
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michelle or kiss mc tall. make meet. took way up mac. marsha slow mac. yeah. i mean, we took, i knew will. nathan secondly, appeal one syrian how to live there will get em control. you could lay out a little doll or requisite how much was done, wilder calais, young o'clock on the resume to reach elma or cold, obediently eating each nobody. let tessa janet one sided, your little jewelry. as i watched, gets her cindy on the door. yeah, and he did. it did tardy. dar cindy, a hungry so i shall cut you in there. punch. fallen little choked hood henson stimulates just unloading vicki project. shield your of your, your video dancing student that image of into it can called oh, i did. it did, it got little maternity and how she did you bet me today because i do my at near bins. you hungry? oh, look, there's been a lot of our did you is i need to do it as a not a talk. me
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a bazooka. that's what you get you them her. yes, thank you lady liana. and so i can none of muck hazy a mcneish merger. latisha one or don't popular? no physics as all plato or shonda, auckland, campbell to the detroit michigan. yeah. did that, did you do that? i told you, i think, i mean it was an issue with each other. they gave us her name was to go to live in given it back in their apartment in it's stumble, sedans, wife delivered her opinion on the idea of living in a rural commune, imaging. oh, that's a lot of i don't exactly like to little color like was in love with the stay sam yazzy lisa. it kabbalistic shady, social and physical that from from a class she imagine life jani bannon,
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olivia yet, and bottom, dodge organic. be these more dynamic sort of build was good in brooklyn, u b. and he did the designated. yeah. missy be javin cooper. she took on linda dixon. i tend to find out the time that i did he development on me just a little bit extra. ah. sedan continued with his works, but at the same time learned more about this simple living movement. it had become clear to him that they were different degrees of simple. at one end of the spectrum was a lie for rural isolation. while at the elbow with a bright lights of the busy city, saddam was looking for a compromise. a middle puff and next spoke to a retired businessman who had turned his back on consumers m khatri patio retired at 53 from his senior management role in
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a successful business. he managed several 100 people, was paid a large salary and had all the trappings of so called success. but he turned his back on his lifestyle in favor of a simpler life with his 7 children and 3 grandchildren. mud the lottery thoughtful himself. so shall see. i'll see these said he lost told me to call the lava. woo saw there stood him. oh, put us julie up which be in summer, but company dilemma. nadine thought it dilemma all should be good to follow that dilemma will not headset to dr. if you must, although i get it as, as we said, it was a little bitty ed beside the funds. obama. bella, it is that there. isn't that on a summit. boyar boy a show, a mother made a miss abbey. stupid admission. oh there it may tell you. a little bit and then the staff was looked locally, staff your video or they can have, we hadn't love them. all of that will look much that they did on on the should all mules. casala. did it aluminum good of shape than it did. it was on while they're
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below could se finally get to the counselor either the automatic men, that little blue, that visually the other economic be to supple, alma yup. but the meaning that do you deal old a little the canoes. bizarre, good addiction after retirement cadre petite. built a house in a small village near its stumble. it was an escape from all the precious and stresses of city life. we a letter could never code them highly char legacy christian was your only. you felt much of lush, a stumble, the auction, k out of negative give you 2 or to dirt to look me over to the curb to mush it till you put them under the old and mish billy childish you, it is so clear. the ha ha latorsha credible saw there shall passivity, size and day. you'd be children without his cream sir mythology mother. he should
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have washed on mother. his better home figured him that should have been made by shell them. the luckily toby or to their children belong to the problem, be to be chaff. mark millicat, her busher book, written heartless, has up picked up. is that a little lucy? dated to your letter by you? they bureau tours and we'll talk soon at their own and be dicky said at him, we apologize. how jamal? i look good and then goes and gets harris. bella lucia was your live channels instead of the retired businessman introduce adapt to a simple life support group. it's an opportunity for people from all walks of life
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to compare their experience of changing lifestyles and living with less obama much. she says it wouldn't put another 100. what look it says is that them hugs in full volition is we just come up. that could be the car dealer, the higher the cousin jones put a note to the heart of the law. it all, they say it is going to be in a very well no, i think they understood it was also what we told them will appear to look on. mccormick, vicky learned that the route along with how much the woodside there shambler was the head a mr. victor had in our son in solid wash. believe me, i will talk to tom saw the in some soft in some overshoot, just saw that lucian will go to kit mac the dean's under all sunny between dead let's hear. give you it. had she to get your shoes? do a ticket to source brush,
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come lock your car to richard negative the us had live to get your channels. so i can cite there live the to get me a washcloth shows what come them to kid. you thought you nancy almost now so and would be able to kick when kitchen get admitted and be the day she get hired to was out. update dick and critic, article long moves ionic book salvage of modern columbia. she continued critical forms, a copy of the credit card to new york, lactic bicycle after a salon done in aims and buttresses, and called them shoulder, chosen to stop there, daughter, and am seeing the little book in issuing the retailers fish possess. and the didn't him to come a book of them because of be sure to stay on to minute and it kind of it is still the such plumber cast. maybe they need this cream to
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make it faster certain sadly. yep. thought i saw them other than sonya they didn't . if you love me, bizarre coke till mamma bob kid there guys mom could learn to deliver lou jojo in and just to go back her sna called little touch mill, doesn't i get to miss it. it was an older nature. punitive is penny. john talked to father, i don't want that was also gonna be leading to fight. ah, having made some changes to his lifestyle. so that made contact with members of the simple life support group distinctly yes. last in the example, you see the on the mark, richie, she hearkened either. normally we alma series, new tissue arms or under the sun is getting there. candice. each you?
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yes. and we have ashlyn. who's the navy? i got along with him. physically busy with yuke sal by dar had been a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry. he made a lot and spent a lot enjoying luxury holidays and buying expensive clothes. but he discovered that for him, money did not buy happiness. it cut lullaby, tip top lamb on dot, and it kinda caught them, although normally they had to little tardy issue ma'am, bye. sure. the 1000 up the bill, chuck, who did she click here, show them we took them is charlotte and san coloma. 30 gallon maiden name. still missing and moved up to look all don't forget them. they're more ignorant kurt under your shaking the eagle neuron. columbus highland yelena cannot kalama them harangue gimme a sham yoke. ishamley mac wanted her woom lu aldermore national. a
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head of nic, other i knew not to the need, the 2nd day, a mirror image that unleashed her cautioned and zeus park in you middle. i believe though it still says on tomlin dylan me, and they are there. but nathan, given him, my little stay song for sat 2nd kitchen. mad. shaking dickie you $5.00 a candle. denzel. net bill. if i this is when a good news is among a billing g. us the look on there is all my little. this is a subtle mozilla. you know she did, liberty steer shrugged. it will make ritz is an engine deemed come. i mean kasha tell off, lady that alma is says in michigan. did caution accomplish capital. my little almost garrick methods us and on my day your lesson schmiel energy form of lunacy. be she d true?
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so the g, the mainly built energy form the all this hype, all meckler on my disciple, norma got a cinder. is she just to fuck look. and jeanette, did you hear now far? could you be? she'd div bussey lives hitch him. ah, oh. london is one of the most unfortunate cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know that all audience is interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported
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a, a with a, from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in full conversation. we were 1st generation of black people and we have to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries. films are rec, think you're into a songwriter in
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a separately have is making an invisible studio be unscripted on out there. ah . you want to go to 0 with mr. hill rahman and doha, reminder of our top news stories ethiopians prime minister, says that he'll travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces fighters from the northern to dry region, nor pushing further south towards the capital, addis ababa, william laurence is a former us diplomat, he says this is the stock is language of ahmed has used yet. he does have a military background. if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago, he used a lot of war imagery to talk about the lessons learned about the hell of war. but here we are.


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