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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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sing a song, right? when you think about racism, making certainly have is making us invisible. you'd be unscripted on out there. ah, the want you to there with me? so rahman and devon, reminder of our top news stories of his prime minister says that he'll travel to the front line on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces. fighters from the northern to dry region are pushing further south towards the capital, addis ababa. william laurence is a former us diplomat. he says, this is the stock is language of amit has used yet. he does have a military background. if you look at his nobel prize speech from some years ago, he used a lot of war imagery to talk about the lessons learned about the hell of war. but here we are, you know,
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almost full circle with the nobel peace prize winner. using the most bellicose language to try to ramp up the stakes ahead of the defense. not only of e t o p life and death, you know, he's basically, he's willing to die for the cause, which is the type of stark language we haven't even seen from him until now. agrees breaking. he's going to bulgaria. charlie's $45.00 people, including children, have been killed after a bus caught fire in the west of the country. the bus had been traveling from turkey to north macedonia. the accident happened about 40 kilometers south of the bulgarian capital. sophia 7 passengers had been taken to hospital with burns. a trial isn't away for 25 men accused of carrying out the 2019 easter bombings in israel anchor, collectively charged with more than 23000 defenses, including murder, 267 people were killed in the attacks. austria has become the 1st country and western europe to reimpose, a national current virus. lockdown infections surging there and in neighboring
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countries to germany's health minister predicts, people will either be vaccinated, recover or die by the end of winter. former south korean president chin though one has died at the age of 90 chin, was an army commander who sees power through a military coup in 1979. the his role spock nationwide protest that eventually led to the country's transition to democracy. heavy rain as calls lakes to flood in the indian city of angler, roo disaster management authority. officials say 24 people have been killed. i've got a song banking system is at risk of collapse if urgent and decisive action is not taken. that's the warning from the un deposits to keep bank operating is shrinking due to a cash liquidity current and a spike, an unpaid loans. those with headlines, more news in half an hour. we return to their world to stay with us. oh oh.
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oh tim is this social media consultant living in working in turkey largest city. it's stumbled. he's married with a young daughter. and as a family they decided to look at ways of adopting unless consumers life influenced by what's called the simple living minimalist movement. the family decided to declutter their lives and live with less, even before the global pandemic struck. ah, 24 to jive you. he has for doing the demo of all of them. okay. daddy's, i show my xena within the other 2 films. hi lynette. aluminum. it did dea number, little way by sure, which,
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which kitchen little cooler chocolate chick only take little misty adams on the video. do that. alicia is stanley and i go to mc, isn't misty adams, older shimmed it, it can be a language and make the if they keep a fossil uncle from them on the application. ah as yet it is our met visit officials. i love it. be a go to the guy is a new table, but i love it. i'm trying to learn russia. hey, she pamela, you love the,
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you know they, i think you think i'm to change the love them come with along with the head and updated them chimney. ah ah, ah, someone could get hold of a boat boot saw diet, say to run it by step mother and give a shimmy. get it in a box and the honey good of a mitchell cache. good old look to us. honda behalf is sure she'll daughter yes. here tom b i boy noah lined up on me. i mean he's on that. i am doing job busted to jeremy like bacardi shall i mix demos, high education. it pays orlando, we ship our camp, shown the browser room and me, anthony outreach arms are kind of either jang,
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all doctors or london said i totally got loud. i'm still di, bozza. how she it. scott, look that i started as i could oh to that counselor. tried to stick it, dont i learned carlos in the extent that called them, they're shallow that the share down that it outside burning and i mentioned hers. my mother, the clones accurate in his i tunnel, not direct him, are such a faint, say. the simple living movement is now a global phenomenon. fuel by social media, documentaries, and blogs. the idea is that reducing household consumption should lead to less individual debt. by spending means less time earning. busy and so your quality of life should improve parkinson's yoke. so sons
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miss wood even so they could sit in the sins massett teams with these w good inside. they like an amazon incense. how they like tons of clutch my im, charla in deacon bullet. as you hit for him as his higher, they be higher to can because getting that is he the touchy derek. where you go, lemme say young high up there with her. she helped mercer the other daughter target either higher. think gets fixing in the clear, didn't it? yes, sure. maria, as nicholas, dear, dear good michelle. or as the ojo families journey progressed, play embraced both the practical and spiritual side of the new minimalism. so there's an early snow on the learn. i'm happy sadness. many kids in the denmark of the church of richardson and on the i'm in store to lock those. if in this book i'm a saw this is cheryl and oxide in this make it knock on that on the, on the beam. you and me, i will, and this is all to personal, busy all to person,
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minute me. maybe i live a good on the nolan or less allows you all try to be it and that she to that i just took a hold of it, which i did a lot call id. actually had decided to show that she think in the sit me that deny me. lydia. it's hard to hire hardy. she the civil side to be a like a look which i did. i think you're the packet good of you out and engage and handled stuff. i really didn't know that it is only child and because i just found that she had the coldly john to watch and also done, but then i also take it which he still has feared. wish for town. maloney which fittest ah said fy. osa describes himself as a me, the painter, a writer, and a flute playing the lives in turkey's anatolia mountains. was our youths to be an
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architect? that is now a shepherd. ah look, sunroof the boy in catch them kiss me, arrested. his umbrella. this madame bushnell, decanted it is. shimmy insult coolage mushrooms skirts of can he then skirt? we removed from judge m. as in judging gauge, dutch gotten was dedicated the roach of a ship which on his cell. but i come here direct mutter sholonda. she little black me says that miserable a jack more circular at mazda, good michigan, not to share him. his mid downward distress gave me, can't let the eaves touch massage them on which i'm alone. nobody of jumble on that . in melton, the whole bar lessons rolling chalmers yo yonder sovereigns, arthur jackson's. ah, but none of them out there, mamma, members, weldon thomas mcnelson out there, i'll call you and we could remote control removal your condition. we sure to call id his food. she steamer me,
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stared him tundra m. he had been your son is the yellow nash. i want the tumbler me since these were every year when i when did my relief. she'd date murder. emma, who commission still if there were a, can me yet mildred, contributing years. the solemn as of the history. you burslur the can they be even you make him bernice. so as soon as the purchasing attorney kitchen kid gets it in there or tell me the amount from the i mentioned, the amana jackson deep that i gave you just reaching out to her associate cabins and jack me, they were presented at the source room offensive to all on yes i will be partisan admonished o. 6 sit
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outside the night at the home of the architect turned shepherd. the next morning they discussed minimalism and the pros and cons of modern city life. and it is hate. yes, she is her. can mine jack will day a shark? yes, your business yoke, the heck is singular, the sheer must, the pool on a clue. cubby, cule on the back and she knew was one of the many others. jenny, as will oh, tubby no. den trick you minute. little more. lucian, american. no. yeah. region that archie yourself or no, no, no this it? yes, she any a santa wish debited? elaine did. did deborah sandra junior, make your yet your make the check mune a indian summer. yeah. usually queue who are to their cousin unit in particular. yeah. we should i know, learning so yeah. using the ash that word can had the high the q and then become
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willing to go through the door. drew inhibition, chop blaine. jacqueline bottles mar sucked when she banassi yet not a soul. not a cook pentagon, a 6 anti cabbage restarted madness, all like it. electric, i settled between me. get you back. i was watching. do they last to choose names were stu cushion there lasted she's making years, but she mit, all of them, all they not can have chicago because chicago function i b relinquished to get that . we'll under mused on give me try. yeah. okay. just our cultural tradition. yeah. so should i be cheap to begin? usually could i own merchant nicholas? good, mitchell? i could be kim, now you are not going to skip picky. she is there pal. available. and he had the up under the i knew i should old room, which i'm going to go check. listed him him, cascade, volkswagen shinagle checklist. lived in impala, columbia. kendra and, and get that call. you left candy. i talked to wanted you a bit more that he she gave me accomplish is shamore good been im door room hockey
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cut so will not be rendered all that will ms. ro or young the solution because she she stay mix, i'm a sort of at all and he, she did it, candid or land was out and she's in my god, quebec will order less up. right. and let me just see now that my thunder touching, noticed heavy stuff i don't know, think has been out to school until the optimal mark has to meet the need it. i had to plan to do this at us and let it be so tough to say that electrical, begin liberal like hold of niggers. and, whoop, look, he said to me at it and eulogy cabbage in b, dr. ad gag,
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mitchell. my student will is sharla, doesn't reggie santa, especially as well. nick, i tried this and bbq the 2 began dental fight a little too. any agenda that had to do with the neo hodgen to get us. it's a bus to be named d. miss nick had out of minutes late deems his behavior. niggers outdated. emma sienna kiana, she had out had, i'm wooten all doing a good she organ, you know, been with her in because i saw little duel and looking to move to masochism was on the questionnaires. you didn't say it, it may be easier thursday because it doubled. i'm off to the beginning. thank you. my chelsea, me question. could you said it's in harrison harrison. he's gone. yeah. ah
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. 2 2 after d closer in his family, hook it up. oh joel. turned his focus to food. he was also concerned about the use of cleaning materials in the home to find out more. he made an appointment to meet thought ok. good. in date, a practitioner of alternative met ah. 2 2 hike his cush icon to do no sir. a cushion lay on the abuses. he made sure miss elissa in something between the pushed through my extended beyond little muslims held you was among the heck is a nickel dash cautious children. if i can give you some st. oil and build them, get us none. it. mccovie lewis was amanda m. i shave it, azako light, isha thought it good and day runs the institute of natural health. in his stumble,
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he believes that the simple life philosophy and natural food are inextricably linked. brazil, it challenged him. yes. and issued him us and that is high up 1000 the sir bit us the high gastric jarling to mitchell. we shall. so let the jamal mitchell wish them be. ash i'm as i'm on the side i r t a, shamir, they or chill chung target that in so little does all manage a lot valuation or casual mark is it chilly? malaria optima bear with me. it's been a full little joy, at least it could glee the ged you'd have to do it. you should own. d. crash said been him would fall behind it. mobil. alexa, daniel sheranda, mars in santa equally would have been added to minute, almost 5 additional dollars. mitchell tobac arsenault taco, she'll give you
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a sneeze, mcclendon tuesday, cheese them. it must have feature but good in their families. shops locally for naturally produced foods from their local market. she taken them on the dish, new them, and yet attack it, somebody getting it. if she had hired neg additional did she didn't think about mid . any gang she had lean, put a hold on good abuto able to care 1000. mm hm. it, yeah. border kistin dawn model. sure moment. but if she, you, colson, stimulus with the height, you also issued a boat, all momma level on the highway, all of our dealership air opening that get me on the crappy nettles. fifteenish catch up in on e r i t shakia almost sylvia from the care management to get me in is pocket amish . amal referrals or to them should be written columbia. who quoted you my dear cut,
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come odyssey ish. lamb shoot a nash. genetic dish, clear water tongue should in that hot done not take by the sheila packet then and fit, then you dial it and do not belong to them. they had hung, he was tempted to cool cool. where dish petro kimmy are sol, timothy, to lyrical on europe. kimmy also likes to the kissing pick along with them. i shall ash all modem mish marvin columbia pa, from ruined it, or they out. what community shampoo one step is it such crimean will know the columbia missouri miss march and not getting it a miss far boot took his oc loaners on to proud campbell new air tradition took dialed wilma mom, the coach to know that she needs done it, but it keep cutting, sir. hi, good. the marginal due to treatment was another. the child you know, which was another of them, no chestnut luggage, a missile out, which would you oh no rush. what would you all that again added his condition. how
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cold it was? i should cushion canyon's bed, came apart from the angelica stall, assistance corckalone on yoletta urged a 20 color gucia columbia. we'll tell her need you ask them to drop us before and put them in, but the renovation and he get older or not because i'm so you can figure it was off . i'm going to do with me on the line for the only issue with oh, this is margie the bobby zone beginning of jail because a yeah, you me to do it all in my them with another if they about killer co muck to music my them in and either with shiki deborah joke, so let me jump to the district, you know, for the 3rd this is a middle welcome to his in wash through alt, i'm the media. i've talked to noon tanya tech. this is my stu, autumn,
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that ed dick now. this he actually of the dance. hasha muttered. good emmy. didn't couldn't tell much of that. i shall neil. bob. john bullshit. patasha the much. you know that each and wellness is italian than the up button. yes, hubble not a dish margin and yet can music. and miser melinda. it took me to that level. we run more than a little earlier that no longer that we juggle the seller on the color boilers. stay chopped. i recite all the set up and talk sandy up to she mclaughlin. yeah, nick m following. jack took them and on behalf was that was on the hoses. should it made him be a makeup? like alex, you said you're not, you're not good shit. i initiated the with to music my them and the utmost solution to that him for us, for a cutaway to show it is done through this. i don't know began with yup, we did it down. we shook saved in jupiter to get in there with mickey mouse, alcohol mcdonner, and i have several notices. j seemed to notice is that i am and things it will not
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be accurate. numbers. lucretia, i said, because this both the requisite, we to make it to machine bentley for satisfy the buying the kicking us out loud and fluffy, blasted out on the cotton, wasting he on its side, the high atom mommy, it all to mission in his on that you from so in a mc natural, so to make a lot of the edits better shape than truck ma, thomas? chokers lamb do use he i know kish kill normally be your shape is sick them. you still loved it. alma he truly need the us unless in the gen, the check yuma stilson camden, it keeping shady yankee, surely the gauzy tragic color which mimic been imaging. they kiss inactive modernity, shinkel or she had to la mural tongue. im just here to sit noodle gentlemen to check me. yeah. to be in some good bar. yes. tool. i am us
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a college merchant petroleum us and the whole ma'am shit kit mess. dooley sealer told him you suck. color. beach mutes saw the leash mailed under vacated, but us kaleya catch me at, at to hit the callup. she has had the images that i did it and took that model stokes. and it would have been amenable to, ah, with an experiment. now a lifestyle. how successfully have your child family adapted to simple living? ah, that's good to meet him. he's available to get me. this will be dr. deep. i can be the last that the sagal lawyer by. she'll the athletic biddable tonight. they say that yeah, them is not other than the island in issue literature lability. air telephone is, enters her kid, got columbus. her he latch man couldn't lack of a kilometers. eating the cut, cook quoted, you
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a draft and then it was up to g. l. my them let alone he spoke that to get moore's organic. all man, he, she, on malaria, it was like that was i you did a moment to get a dish. a timothy did as a category and there is, there he speak him, you are solid entity, cooper, lou, they side a she in order to get to us or nicole lewis her there. so to normal, this conduct that it was it, they said imaging air is jackson is take mazata from a got it and i think it salish did him as i act on was our thought he left him. is it dish new movie or is it every day? did the arnold us are that is to lik for shawnee j to me another day said which, which is tis nyja hodge acacia even mid day bloom, livable to lacey lane, charlotte, and coolness. it owners, as you manipulate a key, but i was a hema cousin, the can him hijacker. there locked him? is it hijack can moon, can martha control in be the old cut out?
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i shall listen. and that city you knocked at the be didn't all do it. i additional h. osha's i ought to, missouri dounia, on the shop. there was a dish in the ship late. thank you so much for that. because on the what color, what the cost of fi up to killable? barely be sure your can. why. so the one on patient dish medic bullet is fitted up to the end of march to good lawfully up mush all modern get to the each rules of each cut me took darnell had those in jericho. le michelle, the guy thing is, over the years i made, i mean, the visitors chinky bank took which the oma door, the tissue, the dead sided shaking. there should have been janie in a new role of today's. yeah. and the thing to do those allocate the huddled shocked lava, yet is to make the only just look at the 9 am to mark that. whichever chiefly did he did began museums, english indeed. and all a common de la midday dalton. and we'll probably i niggers to make him no seal
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balloonist and that the name orland dallas friendship and orlando, the son couldn't be study up may till shows. and the autumn food has ended us. ah, still understandable, i shall. there was additional shoes to set up at london at some future isabella's man. yeah. i. ne, i had to lose the keys on that initiative. optimally she the humidity. yeah. little town miss cooler than and dish it it sold. will la maya on let us hard delays to the may, the old must get a can hardly get to me again to sit on the line with . busy the ojo families enthusiasm for simple living has continued since this program was made. saddam has not gone back to his former consumer's lifestyle,
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but says that making the necessary life changes in a huge city light is sand. bell is hot for a whole family. it sounds as though the quest for a simpler life might just make things more complicated. and every one in his stumble has had to simplify their lives in many ways during the coven 19 pandemic. that's another story, ah, ah, ah, ah. busy ah, assassinations in broad daylight and increasing moderates, towns and cities,
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living in fair al jazeera well examines the rise and criminal gangs, and the palestinian israeli community. how are these violent crime syndicates operating and are these ready authorities doing enough to combat them at palestinian israeli crime? waived on al jazeera, november march, the 5th anniversary of these treaty between the columbian state and fark rebels. but the security situation and conflict regents like hearing coca is far from resolved. can the government feel, deliver on the promise piece, special coverage on all 0 i think was a few showers running up the coast of our mall and maybe yemen the next day or so. and it's a culture that gets to wet is weather. what was it tropical?
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depression that about 2 weeks ago was in the bay of bang, golding crossed india. otherwise, the weather's nice and settled a bit of a shamal blank for a couple of days tuesday, wednesday, maybe thursday, affecting cutter as well, but it's not particularly dusty one, otherwise it's quite looking whether the showers have gone through have gone through, might repeat themselves. i think in iraq in a day or so, but in iran and places to the north eve to it's becky started looks relatively warm the times a year. the winter's waiting to come back again. and it will start that process during wednesday, across the caspian, with snow in the northern caucasus, and significant weather coming to turkeys. well, it'll be rain mostly, but snow at least start. and it covers turkey comes down to a cypress, and he'll keep going down towards lebanon. i think about time we get to the, the thursday or friday. there's the progress of a few shafts. just hinted ahead of it in iraq or iran. in tropical africa, you'd like to see some rain, certainly would in kenya, after 2 failed years of harvest. this is the picture in the middle of kenya. i'd
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like to the ball right on the way. but you know, i'm going to say there isn't ah, serious delicacy days with one man leading the come to through us present. i was out as lost legitimacy. he needs to step out as he retained control through over a decade of war. we examined the global power games or president bush, alyssa, we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? when you reason that could effect in human, aside master of chaos on all the 0. there was since i was a little boy in india, my dream was to make bollywood fence. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was of my own village and good stones,
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permission going behind the lens as got him saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. ah, ethiopians prime minister vows to lead troops as they fight against to grind rebels advancing towards the capital. ah! though i'm em language, this is al jazeera alive from joe ha. also coming up to you is on from the deadly east to bombings, inter lanka, victims are a step closer to justice. despite a heavy loss in regional elections, venezuela's opposition lay to one wife, jo calls the unity.


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