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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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for the massacre indicating that he firmly believed there were certain necessary steps to be taken to hold the country together in his own belief at the time of crisis. following those destination of talk to the demise of back to me and. and he did what he thought was necessary. that was his conviction, and he can never fully apologize. and that left the big scar in the people's heart and remain as a, as an important point to where it was decreasing. number of people still remember their kept their anger and their heart. ah, hello, what challenges there. and these are the top stories, this l m a b o, p as prime minister says he'll travel to the frontline on tuesday to lead the military against rebel forces. the long war with the t v l f has intensified in recent months as the group advances towards the capital. the u. s. is warning its citizens of a height and risk of what it describes as terrorist attacks. if you're in
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journalists and you'll get it, show is in i just our bomb and has more. this comes us been jeffrey felt monday us invoice is was in december by last night trying to end this conflict outbreak on union employee. mr. o'bar angel is still in the suburb are looking at solving this issue, but the both sites are saying there's no. busy end in sight, they're going to fight until the end. the prime minister has been saying he is willing to pay and see your pants pay with our blood. and he had said, and this is what led him to make a decision to join the battle. ground 12 ministers have resigned in sudan in protest against the deal between prime minister della hum dog and the ruling military council. hum dogs, critic say he's legitimizing the military takeover. last october by signing an agreement with the army chief in sri lanka accord has been adjourned. on the 1st
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day of the trial of $25.00 men charged with carrying out the 20198th bombings. collectively, they facing more than 23000 offences, including murder, 267 people were killed in the attacks. at least 6 people have been killed after a ferry cap sized off the eastern coast of felucca. 12 people have been rescued and searches and away for others. it's not knowing how many people were on board. valerie says send another 10900 refugees and migraines back to their countries. this is the 2nd re patch reaction flight in the past week. more are expected to leave later on tuesday and then as well as ruling united socialist party has one regional election finding 20 of 23 state governorships. opposition figures say the result is a blow to their 1st campaign after a 4 year boy con. those are the headlines. i'm emily anglin, states you now for witness. oh, the could. the 19 pandemic has led to a spike in child trafficking across india. one don't want to expose fighting to say
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one or both children on al jazeera. oh, i come in vinegar blue for oh, what else can already it will cause your why don't you definitely can you just cannot uniform as will be worth or yes
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guess was a done as well or whatever you know, anything going on with one of them got this how was it was only did you read our discuss, gary, or be from a little over nascar, but i just got your school experience the one bedroom opened, but these are the many years mostly maria, the board for some larger one for general medical, a home made her move all on the in her medium sized mattress a little bit at the same night getting the same
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the same note john, her last name was john. i live of yada memorial market. i think it's called me. mm hm. and i just, i was or yeah, well, it was only down to more than a we're not, but he will want to live by sort of lever. now we're going to be doing with the be done,
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really going to not be want to go the pocket on the going over here that are so what are you going on it all. you have to log on to design a software journals spot opening to your doctor or was it will we me? yes i said they were going to call and talk to in order to money like a little bit of ours because i wouldn't have been a robot calibrated, but you've been a moisture because it was because i've got johnny afternoon . mean it was good. there are a lot that it's already funded me thought saw you,
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but he's an uncle, john deacon bought copies, going to be on video me, but was in cassandra with the car just like the media to go the bomb is and if you wanted make a hockey police report get bothered, you would be $4000.00 here or tories california. dr. baki coverage. i'm going to be ok. is it all paid a lot? there was a big but tickets a scott, don't take it to me. i mean it's to me because we stop much room but you because the i pick it back up, you gotta do
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. ready, go go to leave it on the got a doctor's or got him. it's can be other jewish program. i all the needed to give the start menu after 15 days is a decline on mega d, d 11 and images. indeed,
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to be made the muslim but you name modern snake which is equal can be due to me, but you will always get these to you then you leave them on the way they can be like ah, then we do show how does that will put you on the will you how to manage? i don't know if we got them
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all over dinner buddies. short term furnished dog in the bottle because he's got to get it reduce others. i know you're not going to go with them and wrong and they always close on the near the pool. i am satisfied a yeah, i'll be back with the with with will it is. and if somebody are, but she'll get got them gone, book or left legitimate, play dog, i love god. god, vollings helped me. policy ability get father. go up in the august,
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dominate the dog with ms. n. okay, kind of give, i had the mind, anyone who was army said i'm up more down some of the john here, gm, it shoes, a roof. you're going to, marty donna was with a city then upset with marlene a. it was helpful very from already with want in a good may yet the man to
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modify that with her who a a young man. so while i remodel. well, yes. excellent. black eyebrows. oscars have but i'd like you to hold on like a while with us on the 11 total. just say you wanna, well it was you can't, you put them in even these are the yeah. but it was good one more luckily
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so i will don't go that nobody does or not. and our model once a little bit of money. i wonder how did family vehicle it
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was, how was the order? well the i would have ready to go over those. i know groups father will be talking to women. what would be the most was all going to get the the what open out with a couple of hold on. they're going to so you all would have to order. i me like that. i hope their logic. but i think i will let them in the report. it will not have been on my way out on the sucking.
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sit out. no, no, no, no, no, no one. no, i don't know if someone on the, on the one more com, vivian job one going to watermark earlier than me. i me i
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aah. innovatively. i hope to be here. and i told her that i thought it was gonna look in his credit. good. why? i see the gear i used to with one in one or 2000000000 as one of the well i yeah. about what the other with avi a while but
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a bit of work with women. i will seriously think of gallagher's then. anyway, other poll manage, hold rober, log up in it, but don't really believe that i get a hold of them because they offered to buy a bit of a will bit of organize over kilowatt boss called me. but shelby her. that the group that the bad that yeah yeah. what are what was about think about of dorval's or tv july. most was total with was summer but totally wonderful. okay. but you come to join you. i got a jelly will roll over there, down go. i got there. failures already. yeah, yeah. it. but yeah, but it's we doggy, his either had the idea. bother, there'll be
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a bother. wouldn't go through that to you by until got to get caught the augusta. any mondo mandate on me about. com. though dean the jack, is it how he got to have one of the alex or other mega tardy? the other nomic? mulberry. yeah. yeah. we now gamma. yeah. but gil news was janitor. but when see this hollow daughter? a order for your guy now, but you are my guy named brian here we're generally modeling them then number 2 separate vehicle values for to. but if i'm lucky and then i'll guess
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i'll be out the door with the school or negative probably there was the golden infomatica brown. yeah. they're gonna go milly. but if you something out alina got it. oh will make no like a talk but a big deal folder, the de or plus or to be so much of being blossom isn't there for additionally
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always get those papers in one year that said he doesn't move the sky. salisbury kiddo get the pilgrim heard. i mean, i mean, it would be we even need to give you the doctor number, but you go up to my, i know well the government money but it be you know, you know, the main shared cut for everybody to be no more than i continue to believe on the medical medical we're going to be don't have
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a 1000 people get mad, but every year came on you can join me. she gave way. but you could give me a project on god they need money, but it's not all. well, i get what you're, why do you because like job a job will be invited by number when they get your money the knowledge is out of a party can we will work along and i will say your 1st is buddy is ana with an ad gundy here was, it was one of the job, but you don't get a i would, but i got a daughter but you know, but those get to see it. it was about hourly total mortality identity. 40 the dog.
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i'm not but i'm going to go. but of course, because it's not the box that you set up for you gentlemen, nausea, but then boswell, no mirage to somebody said i got room will go further without her where she got behind a door. we own key of course. okay. oh, life of the other is so if you do have people do that, i will do this. her vote here for my renewal. my molar today would be a day or 2 here or somewhere. yeah. i think we know we think we walked over there. i'm talking yeah. dot m novel but you know people are one 0131
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a year ago. we've been in one more family, minnesota that he may been talking to you, but it might put on with my temporary mica martel, most of the british $100.00 putting on here. what is your new america? want to be what you play? bama god. what else does he but it magically binding with the lamp? we say you don't tell me to get any more than a bite, a debit of it. and again as he met the mob down. okay. i guess you could send us
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yet if he martinez did about amaya get the mental math ma'am. get a bit chill again. but the jacobite again, is he doesn't do those then that can build on in and out of the case. a good by then. and these are, these, are you only monday, even by the most, get appointee in ballasa bought them you know, gate on the leg. well did, but didn't beyond it been where he gets a gallon use when he could. but as a guardian, it would again, i'm going to like good evening, i was wanting me a, a mighty or when he's come here, my guess i don't care who i for your gardener, for yada. not cutting
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a book. i didn't get to school, but i don't know you're not going to use them, but you don't have to let them know you need me. oh, good luck. i want to get on it for sure to got in the going to walk up the order we will be talking about english saw position been here of shows, but i
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will family image are going to leave or do i will give them the news that don't give you almost me ah yes or no, what happened? and i was just gonna tell you, i'm going to be ready when i would have got the delivery in. ah ah no, i always get another name of the love you had over on the valuable damage.
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pretty good. now dr. delay the, how does that was on board in order to do that, i will send you gomez can shoulder double. who's the only 11 of the because you guys have like i know who's yesterday and
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i a little higher. the middle east. well, in preparation the country is stage in a major settlement with 16 nations going head to head in thick purpose built stadiums for 2022 will keep you across the action as council prepares for the regions biggest ever sporting events. that the, for our come on out there with
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a serious dorcas days with one month leading the country through our president. i was out as last legitimacy. he needs to step out as he retained control through over a decade of war. we examined the global power games of president basha, alyssa, we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human thought master of chaos on all jazeera ah
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al jazeera. when ever you. oh. ready this is al jazeera ah ho, this is in use our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to bowling for my headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. if you'll be as prime minister pledges to leads, troops against the grey and rebels advancing towards the capital. 2 years on from the east of bombings in sri lanka campaign is ours. that closer to justice. oh, so this our thousands of my grins remained stranded along the poland.


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