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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 7:30am-8:01am AST

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said just a little bit out of its orbit, but this technology can actually be scaled up. so they could use it for different things in the future. maybe for moving objects in deeper space or moving on. different types of satellites. that type of thing. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. this our, the u. s. government is releasing 50000000 barrels of oil from its strategic reserves. it's a coordinated effort with several other nations to tackle soaring the fuel prices. our white house correspondent kimberly hallett has more i well, has a lot to do with the timing of the american thanksgiving holiday. this is a holiday that americans typically get into their cars and they drive great distances. and the problem is right now, some people can't do it because the gas prices are just too expensive,
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it's cost prohibitive for them. so that, that's one reason. another reason is, in addition to the rising gas prices, what we're seeing are empty shelves in the united states supply chain issues. and that's led to some low approval ratings for joe biden. the world health organization is wanting. they could be another 700000 deaths from carbon 19 in europe by march. cases have been rising as the weather gets colder, with the daily rank doubling since the late september authorities in the french overseas region of martinique say, protest has opened fire during a demonstration against harvard 19 restrictions. the rally against strict vaccination requirements imposed by the french government have caused civil unrest in both martinique and what aloof he zealand will rain, shut off to foreign visitors for another 5 months. the government announced on wednesday for the vaccinated travelers will be allowed to enter from april. it's part of a cautious aging of border restrictions. zealand is who are in australia and have
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had both jobs. can travel home without having to quarantine from mid january, nor macedonia, and bulgaria have begun the an official morning period following europe's deadliest road accident in a decade. at least 46 people died when a bus crashed and caught fire in bulgaria. busy on tuesday, on route to north macedonia. the president's, if kenya and south africa have called for a sci fi in a c, p. m. it comes as footage, has emerged of thousands of federal troops being held as prisoners of war by 2 brian fighters. and apple has filed a lawsuit against him. his rally cyber firm for its controversial hacking to protect giants, is anissa groups, pegasus software tracked and targeted its uses in the us. those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera, after the string stage, and almost a year of violent protests and a former prisoner became president the herd. these people had to the polls once
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again on november 28th. they will vote for a new orleans. will this election bring long away the change to the country? heard your son boats special coverage on all deal with high up for me. ok to day on the screen. we focus on security. any gander a week after a deadly attack in cam paula his alger series, catherine, soy, police and soldiers in compile are prepared to go out on night patrols. there's a coffee in place because of coffee 19. but the patrols are now more frequent and thorough. falling attacks by 3 men who detonated explosive devices killing themselves and other people, me are a police station and parliament. last tuesday. we are going to take a look at the arm groups who were responsible for those attacks. and then also,
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what can you can to do to prevent more tasks from happening on youtube? you can be in the comment section right here, your comments or questions i will put to the guess. let's meet your guess. hello andrew. hello, general marie, how are you for me? and hello dino jello for me. hello, everybody. so good to have you here. i'm going to get each one of you to introduce yourself to our stream audience, so they know when you are and what you do, starting with andrew with a welcome back to the stream. andrew, remind our audience, who you are, what you do. it a quote on from linda. i'm a general if you come follow you grandeur get to have you genuine wessy. please introduce yourself to the stream audience. yes, i'm major general the way the minister say trinity, uganda government to hassle and hello teen. i welcome to the conversation, please tell us what you see. you are what you do. my review. i'm the director of the after program. we research and evaluation international. thank
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you and i thank you, daniel. thank you andrew. all right, so let's start general who sean the attack attacks last week in cam? paula, what do you know? where on the 16th of november to did it. i did a tax in the city of compiler and then another one which never took place. the 3rd one and 2 kiddos blew themselves up, carrying 3 people on the spot and the 4th one dying in the hospital where he had been rushed for treatment. the sod, one in this above the compiler,
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was rested after being shot. unfortunately, he died late though he had given us information. so that's the walk that's not the who's our general is it? do you know? yes. these are d if ally democratic forces best in the d. c, congo. ok. where the come from, you should create into the country and to cut out a tags from those bases. ok. the connect could do with the i cease since 92019 i will just bring in andrew here. andrew, often the motivation of our groups on the general public is to create fear. are you seeing that feel you feeling that feeling uganda right now?
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yes, of course 6, good. less buildings in november 16th. there has been have been security. of course, the country have many friends who are not afraid to crowded area, suspected that there could be a 3rd. remember, that is the whole idea of television that terrorism is only psychological. you must make people be afraid. and you must foster government to act out of it and perhaps become better to perceive in order to attract support. that's the strategy over terrorism. and if you should happen the government, the public is anxious about the mix up. i can come from that. can you help us understand? we had 2 groups mentioned that i liked them the credit for since we had i saw mention. can you explain to us where they fit into an around you can to why they
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seem to be operating there right now i this is, this is for dina. you know, go ahead well the ela a a on route that originally was born in uganda. and then since ninety's and the 2 thousands was repelled out of the country, moving into easton, democratic congo, way settled in a mountainous region where in story and then further towards the towns and cities or even pros, at particular around the bay area. and over the period of mid to thousands onwards, the on really went torments for quite some time and only really started researching 2013 in the congo itself. where it's activities were marked by rhetoric a killing all over that section of north human products and
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a citizen. you know, it has developed contacts and relationships on other. i'm going to easton from lou . there's also been in contact with members of the democratic republic of congo security services, search created, aware of, of interest in our extremely difficult, the un mission there to get a 2019 the main faction, which is the overwhelming, the last section of the arm under the leader with as has associated with zach state, entering a new chapter here apparently where foreign fighters from outside of the r c. from uganda and also from other parts of these africa, tanzania, bruin have moved into those accounts. and over the last year seems to be developing the technology, technological skills to,
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to do this kind of attack and also train from a distance. those individuals in uganda who may be responsible and the advantage of doing it that way. that is a andrew, candice easton, come far away from the authorities where you can actually control them. they're able to disseminate technology by communications, by phone, ass, telegram and so forth. sure. and then set up these kinds of jackson baseline again . all right, general, i'm going to talk about some of these tactics of the arm clip, said county, focusing on uganda. and this is theresa mexico who is a security analyst talking about the change in the way the attacks are being made. general, please have a listen to grace and then react immediately of the back. of his comment to me. what i had seen before was that they will pick bombs and place them to places like
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in restaurants or bars or throw them at moving vehicles. but the actors will not stay there or throw them and i will run away. but now for the 1st time now we're going we seeing a pattern of homegrown suicide bombers who are known by the local communities. wow, good families. we've been carrying out these acts and these are in the age group. it's almost like running our own to that they use your short we, it's a because on that actually now for the 1st thing learned as what it might be got through it than ever before. where it is true that they are ugandans and the young. but we know that this is kara, is it d of has been a recruiting younger ugandans minute period, t them the ac threaded,
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take them i. now we are all what they are going to do. when they gave him time to call and go, they force them into the kid. i just activate teeth. those who resist all attempt to escape in front of the other recruits m t to the call foam and then the indoctrinated the radical i use it and it they can, they are sent into the country. they are told how to use improvise. the exit explain a explosive devices which they use and we believe those who die in the bomb blast suicide
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bomb us. however, there is a stronger likelihood that some of them may be sent to cut a items they don't know and they did. they did by remote control and the kia soul. i don't think that is it. since the end of this society, you say the, the, the program over the d. f to recruit young people to create some service within the community. and they said that the people to cut out the kid and start tags, but they, instead of hiding you standing comb, it's the fact describing times of strategy gentle. i'm going to go to youtube because there's some questions coming from our audience. you're watching right now
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. andrew, i want you to tackle this one and bounce off the back of it with your you will take what you want to start. the journalists being based in uganda, mich corner, says, you gander will be the terrorist. what evidence is there of uganda beating as, as mich says, the terrorist andrew, remember that is not a new search. and it has been active. but i've been for government of uganda for the last 25. yes. now to the government of uganda has incredible experience in go back the counter jesse's and also conducting reason over different ships, including adf and a kind of experience. the government of uganda, attributed over the as the ability to clinic for those. and to be able to understand where those being where they are planning the facts.
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remember these little stuck? i think one of the window was a buddy of the just look for general police guy in uganda. there was a tell us who are supposed to look at the body. he was sitting at the ball even when you observe the videos carefully, you will notice that it is very likely the people who are the political booms. busy you put on the cutting them, they did them in the hops, hearing that the services were on the heels about them because each one of them delivered the bomb window. busy emotional one was walking, another one was driving, but it is also possible possible concerning the letter was a distance from the possum coming in which case the bus and also realize that the services were closing on them and they needed to be immediately. so we have sufficient grown to believe that the. ringback services have you gotten the given
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the along expedia to come back to reason have, can accept the adf, sell in the cumberland. so effectively, that's difficult for the terrorists to exercise, or to do the walk with lot of freedom. and that is why the cars were there. it in the last 2 bombings, i spent a lot on the 3 civilians actually died. yeah, the 4 people who died themselves and it's rare to see it. there is the back of the phase, the skill of uganda. how only because like, and i think that could explain why there was acting in aware that the state was in the hills. dana, let me put this to change because there's some disbelief from ivy was watching the iso is operating or impacting groups who are coming in to you. gander thoughts. i would not say that this is just a specific problem,
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the regional problem. and this is the news about the region over the last decade. as on the go on number of terrorist attacks that we're all aware of, the uganda actually 201020152028 . or the, the out kinda chilly out about the room which had sent across the reach. now what we see is a the arrival of a nicer snap. and there are a number of other conflicts in region where isis been sort of trying to associate itself where there's a conflict of northern mozambique. there's also an ice faction, very north of somalia. and better we start seeing the association da da. now research that we've done shows that there's actually inter linkages between
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verse 3 knows the great lakes loads around d, r c and uganda. those in somalia and, and using for example, that we cases of mozambique viruses coming in getting training that we're aware of . and we, and we got was to, my lease is in the camps both spoken to on the down side handled, will so on the mozambique inside where they went most reconsider training. there were also aware of communication between i suspected him with a plan and those who may be responsible for this. and so we're talking about a regional issue here to the comment that was made about, you know, there was only a small amount of casualties. yes. this is true and my goodness for that that the count account was, was, was only 4, or should it be much bigger. but what we're starting to see is networks that are able to start. i mean, prices should be noted that there was
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a string of bon bombing attempts or sole bombs, several going off in camp on for several weeks. there were 3 notable at that one behind the police station, one restaurant one on the bus. that role is associated with another, according to official investigations, and it appears that this new isis network that is, that is making itself is more visual now is learning has its doing, spreading the technology and it's not just in uganda itself. there was another problem uncovered in next wonder is also highlighted by says, who will be in fighting with the f b coming back home spreading. so i'm hearing the thing. there is a network that's collaboration happening as far as on group to consent. gen movie. are you collaborating with your,
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with your cohort in these different countries as well? do you have an intelligence network? are you just doing in a silo and uganda? yes, we that is fairly and go into yes, especially with the d. c. because that's where we have the interest that create the fund. i bist, so that is correct, but isn't the discussion? and it is true that this program meets with our regional and international role. and there should be quite a bit ition in shedding intelligence about the same group. by the way, suddenly i should tell you what, i am suspicious that the abs that'd be 30 bucks in uganda. because the government will call the government of uganda to send the cooks into
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combat and they think it's local use this time the government, you've gone to people's defense forces or they've got an easy being done because they just end up back. and i think that the struggle will be of service attacks if they become used to draw the security and move that attention of the government of the ground. i will from back to your mind and they felt i am suspicious. the strategies to actually stop the government of uganda as well. just disrupt the government if you're going to deploy a call, that is right after that, if you want. but also remember that the isis is standing on low electrical extremist islamic program, but it is not the program because it could be run to a large part because once you've gone to the, on the question, most of them. so the question, the country. but other than,
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but even the muslim community in uganda will not i, i not excluded from the political process such a degree that they can support the kind of actions or method that the abs. and i so wants to employ the struggle. so i think that the, the ducks are not the evidence of an organization that is up to kicking, but i think it's a despite the organization that could be a laser. if you're glenda and yet it's like, let's go by them badly. and then they will have no place for next week because you've gotten very difficult for organize the data because they seem to stay in the eastern regional the. com. i want to go ahead and go 2nd. go ahead via yeah. you know,
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look the point that he was making about, you know, you can as possible intervention the aussie, it's worth, also noting that amongst the suspects were arrested next door, romana a while, these are florence, is connected to a, one of the, one of those has been arrested that a said that cell was brought in to bomb public spaces because of wonders, intervention in mozambique. so this is classic, a book, you know, sit away as a class. if you had a space where you provoke the authorities to come in and to, you had to either punish self military actually to promote them. it is undertaking more military action and the jury slot, whether those that kind of intervention, military intervention or at the d r c or mozambique is really works or,
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or is going to eradicate the problem, got to the other solution brought to the table. most of the week a, so 11, i could not do that just to give you a table that i want to ask the general one more thing. it's not often that we get the gentleman lazy on the screen. i really want to ask him one more thing, andrew, be quick. go ahead there. one thing to note about terrorism is an effective one or role political struggle when they make it go to see that you currently have power order for the launch buying force. terrorism loses its appeal when it's, i think it in the midst because this is, i think he's for, i think it is the government effectively benefit society. and i sort of look at why,
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because these are difficult, whatever isn't succeed outside of the context of that current colonial rule for low tradition medical, new racquel. i mean, let me make that we make enough specific point about what is happening. uganda today i want to bring in the police spokesman who was at a press conference just this week in cam, paula. and he was also in criticism about how. 7 the authorities were looking for people who involved in these attacks, not with enough care, and too many people were being killed as they were being looked for. this is how the police spokesperson responded. one to return to the said persons are not targeted for their ability. ideology, religion, opinions, city, and any other attachment because that would make us to the security
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agencies appear biased. the public should know that we are only targeting those individuals and groups that are having good, what are going to engage or of facilitated van goodman. so violence including tourism and other violent crimes are again as to guidance to generalize he what is your strategy for making sure there are no more attacks in uganda or fewer attacks in uganda? here's the before i answer that question, i wanted to supplement on what day and room where they said that the the muslims in uganda do not support kiddies. and in fact they have been the victims of a deer though as if pit of killings over shakes. ah,
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because they had rejected saturdays and supporting adf. now the strategies are we are using, of course, include our mobilization of the population to deny them recruitment ah, i area to talk to our people to the young people, not to be manipulated into being to take him into these activities. all right, we are gentlemen always leave right at the very end of the show. thank you so much for being with us today, andrew dino, thank you also for the comments and questions on you chip. we really appreciate you . this is where we're going to wrap our look at security in uganda, and what outside of groups may well be doing. in uganda. this story is not over yet, but it is for today shall thanks for watching. i see next time.
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ah 815 he job 3 hurry away, the pilot read. somebody's got to do it. where do you go to that by let's go there . boy here. promoting clean. save sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities, can his unique style really help clean up the mess? sunny culture to pop culture is the fastest way those soft, the sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera, knew the story of a small community. in one of mexico's most dangerous states, standing up to criminal cartels and corrupt politicians you, we don't want to politicians anymore. they just dis, united the people in the last episode of democracy. maybe we explore how sharon's
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elders led the fight for self determination. reflecting that time, thinking of the knockers was the same as thinking of to run the government by the people on al jazeera. this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of the new era in television. you know, if you had known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still going to go to miss all landed about a 100 miles away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on a very, really coming our way. i was just over here god, by the police on purpose. a port to 0 is offices in gaza are housed in that building. i'm the cover has come
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down little before in human history has the once per se, team environment of the arctic. we didn't touch peril. ah, the u. s. and 5 other countries will tap in today. oil was a and a bit to bring down. so in fuel prices, ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up, europe's covered 19 emergency. well, health organization says 700000 more people could die by much coals for safe fire in ethiopia. video shows thousands of government troops being held as
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prisoners of war by to brian rebels.


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