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i miss brightest. ah, ah, ah, lo, i'm fully betsy boy in doha with a look at our main stories on al jazeera. if he appears prime minister abbey made has left the capital and is heading to the front line to lead his troops in battle to graham rebels are edging closer to the capital, addis ababa. the united nations has ordered the immediate evacuation of its international staff and kenya and south africa have called for a ceasefire. if european journalist samuel get a chew has more from out his hubbub, he said that on monday night, by tuesday, according to the your band communication head, mr. la garza to lu,
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he'd the prime minister is, has it indeed left the capital has transfer transfer to his power to his deputy demeka mcclendon. and he is in the battle ground again. he has been saying if your bends are willing to go a distance, he said we're going to fight and be here said with our bones and blood he i said, and in the meantime the president of ethiopia are lower. zonati has tweeted earlier today saying she was heart broken by what's happening in ethiopia, and that it should be resolved. this problem should be resolved by your gunshots said, again following the theo britain side, they took on government's argument, that this conflict is something that should be sold by the organs with no western nations getting involved. but the prime minister, indeed, is indeed the battle ground. and many people are joining him in the meantime, there was a movement, a gathering of if your parents and money, many sit,
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he's in fact, 27 major cities in northern america and in europe voicing their support of this prime minister to the children government. and their willingness to fight the t p a left head on i see perhaps approached to the capital. but there has been many young people that are being assign or signing up to go and fight that t p and left that according to many sources or indeed advancing to the capital. and many people are again, fleeing the capital, feeling that they're coming to our d'silva. this fight will be fought in the and i d. 's have about in avenues. europe is struggling with a new outbreak of corona virus. germany said to mark a 100000 deaths while france and the netherlands are among those reporting record numbers of infections in south korea, cove in 19 infections have reach a record high with more than 4000 cases. the number of critically ill patients is
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also at record levels raising fears. hospitals could become overwhelmed. many of those affected are the elderly prompting. a push for booster shots. human rights watch has accused bellows and poland are violating the rice of migrants and asylum seekers. the watched on says, is documented abuses on both sides of the border. at least 13 people have died during the standoff european commission president or sullivan to lay and says, the situation is not a migrant crisis, but an attempt by bela rules to destabilize, poland. a particularly cruel form of hybrid threat has emerged with a state sponsored instrumentality, zation of people for political ends. this is not a bi lateral issue of poland, lud friendly swanner with bellows. it is the european union as a whole that is being challenged. this has been initiated and organized by
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the luke osh ankle regime and its supporters uring people to the border with a corporation of migrants smugglers and criminal networks. turkeys lira has hit a record low again, c u. s. dollar a day after president russia typo on defender, his policy of sharp interest rate cuts. the lee rose currently trading at $12.00 against the dollar as inflation source to nearly 20 percent. the currency has lost almost half of its value this year. and nasa has launch a spacecraft that's going to deliberately smash into a small space. walk. signed is hope they can alters horse. it's a test run in case an asteroid needs to be stamps from crashing into earth. and those are the headlines. i'll have more news for you here right after alger sierra world. i hope you to stay with us. thanks. watch. ah
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ah . ah, the arab israeli conflict is rooted in 20th century history and goes back many decades. it's led to several wars since 1948. and the continuing tension today often turns to out and out conflict, attracting international media coverage but violence of a different kind has developed over time within the palestinian israeli community that has attracted much less attention, organized crime,
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and it's been responsible for hundreds of deaths. tamara al miss hell of al jazeera arabic has examined the world of palestinian criminal gangs operating within israel. who are they? who are they affiliated to? where do they get their weapons and why a murder rights increasing? and what are the israeli police doing to protect the palestinian israeli community from this violence? walmart is a predominantly arab city in israel. it's in high for province about 30 kilometers south of nazareth. on the 7th of january 2021 on the identified armed men tried to assassinate the former mayor of omar solomon about the despite being shot several times he survived
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me. ah, since then he has kept a low profile turning down requests for interviews until now in the end of the month. do they now fill of be? well, i'm going to call this him. i know, i mean not a bit further than what i mean is then we'll assume in some block in laurel, i love to say well, but i that the parking lot on a 2nd connect somebody. so thought resource i just caught you minute. kevin. what results? what it sounds like, one of the results i just really ended up with that can last 100 dollar one on the halle and help you around the hospital. i am a lot about
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a yeah. what happened? a lot of the enemy and it and it was an unsure little bit enemy and at the mouth, alicia was it was either normally at $151.00 isn't he kind of, i'm going to send this to shalicia fleet. how they should be here. how did the dia were lack of loss of how dial out? come? not sure how that was done on my head of him. and when he jim saw it was a meal, was all the actually pamela look up? the insomnia fin was defer companies of flesh marcel club is the bus out of that minute. he had a few days after the attempt on asbury his life, one of nearby yes. as most prominent young palestinian leaders shake mohammed dublin . now jim was shot dead in broad daylight and built up neighbourhood in the f, a city i buena jim was 24 and had campaigned against the rise of criminal gangs in
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the area kana. so he mohammed wanted him useless. he say, yara bill could have been a metal back to him, mass os odyssey a field on sama at at a much more. a wide with us was much helene. we're at local where been mineral source be teacher as the euro. with the j. shaheen hammond wanted him was soft and lovely. can i address? will be jenny, be he were had he also thought cannot feel do only mean a just had a word that he let his father bella tam nicholas shaheed, one more sob. ellen, almost as fur. where can he any lovely bird master thought and a useful assure him hammered ebony them were bad and that south middle emily, him tim allen and it were 30 he
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oh no, i really chased amendment home. how much a bonus you one here and me yet. oh, leah martinez, we had the authority. well, how much it would be, jim, lemme your corner it he or do you have imagine that yoga? forgot because of him. i know gonna jani. well, you're only dorothea, do you see a doctor helplessly? any? lot of the book old mohammed, albany, jim eliza, fuck up with the idea because i'm a new you can and your corner was 0 on sci fi, your home, into the, to dollar our clea. a for lisa, could your vehicle been up there? sabina mohammad. i will get him in september 2021. 2 people were charged with mohammed abbey nations. murder. and currently awaiting trial. there were similarities between the gulf tank. so no berea. and there were
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no ship. both took place within weeks of each other. and similar tactics were used . there were also similarities between the 2 victims who were known for their political activism on keep palestinian issues including jerusalem. both attacks also took place in areas largely populated by palestinians living in israel. these are often known as 1948 palestinians because there mainly descendants of people who were not to fullest from their homes and towns when palestine was occupied on israel was founded in 1948. at that time, there were around 85001948 palestinians to day. there are 10 times as many on palestinian israelis with israeli citizenship make up. almost 17 percent of
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the population room with investigating organized crime in this community has its challenges. the organized criminal groups on the israeli police rarely comment on the subject. but what is clear is the number of murder victims so far in 2021 more than a 100 palestinians have been murdered. an increase on the 2020 figure of 96 to organized crime operates in broadly the same way the world over. but the politics of them at least make it more complex . here. this activity began after the 2nd intifada, all palestinian uprising in 2000 many 1948 palestinians
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protested at the way that people were being treated unoccupied. east jerusalem the occupied west bank and gaza in one week in october. 2000 is ready. police shot dead, 13 palestinian demonstrators, and the killings had a major impact on palestinian israelis. the tension between them and the israeli authorities that had been simmering for decades, boiled over palestinian israelis. so the attacks on them as part of a deliberate policy to strip them of their identity and culture at that time, organized crime groups. so this is an opportunity and they've gradually become stronger since bible in the fall book. i'm al finn, but hosen ness a while and was how national palace idea when mr. my 1st thing is the how come to
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mom, one of them come or stomach away will come. mr. martin dunphy, matt, lack of iowa me. if i buy the car, the fi covered with them on my baffle. i hadn't at the westlake bow who, who a foot, what the lawful magazine was marked, and besides the la, well man on fidelity by him. what took tobin i find him with a fine deaf cover should it's small, it would bark. yours shall our normal bon amick is seldom stella. suddenly between name does god go down on the bed by gender, she lame shallow. i've been shallow. there comes directly to lex and i should be yet, but should be at some i should be more of a nic will not let me start. i feel it then old. gummy. she'll be bed doing. she'll let me get lunch even while i'm going to shop. please give me a holler. nick will let me start. she told me that the nice guy vets. i thought he'd go la activists in my firm. say that since the 2000 over
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1700 palestinian israelis have been killed by organized crime. they claim that the israeli police encourage palestinian on palestinian crime that they don't properly investigate these cases and treat them as an internal, so called tribal matter. so not only the, the own a moot home, the women to follow him may monday, the multi, no home with the blame memo de shortly my booking been humbled. the whole, the bit damaged. hobby carnegie machine. there been been a no shame. yes. lindsey cullum, official of it came on, but usually for a common will feel you have much fidel, in which the mindful of the name, who the chloe. bon map mean baby been a struggle. why had that you felt that if the coffee shop shopping for the yet and the shuttle, it's like the very and the company will draw pictures tomorrow for the north albany,
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a coffee when the why in the medical assuming will have to show up why that he you also use the news reports suggest that the murder rate and the palestinian community within israel is significantly higher than in the occupied west bank and gaza. visit also a disproportionately large number of killings in the palestinian israeli community compared with jewish areas of israel. arabs comprised around 17 percent of the population, but accounted for 71 percent of the 125 murders in israel in 2019 a shortly following up the fio and the america, the sub off of the mr. monticello thinking, well that could be a non eric a fee, allow up the awful of about them. all of them let he cannot and
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wisdom and philistine me that in that the feel you know, why let use as a football, one of them are only what has come up and one of them i am one of them. i mean have, and then i have to follow him and of the motion done and to have a talk um was from that more of a feel and we'll have a lead in their community about what it had in buffalo to be mindful of the demand and halley, look, it will local club where and to show you kept the zoe. it was and have a 30 gammy mean him in. one of them was suck. emily let the family feed them in was the 3rd death in which the math sub up of the math, making them in the
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i meta elite. i'll hold on one of them. if you follow what i can nominate them and i just leave my room subject more stock. what value me? i'm in one object more bash. it was here more basher 2nd will battle him back here . not i saw button jerome unless the mid comes around mohammed shin bet, also known as shabbat, is the israeli internal security agency. eric bobbing is a former head of shin bets jerusalem and west bank sector. on the social for coma mort shall know that the legal basil and popish a mule gun shade on the be kabir bin. tamara will make fun hen. veronica unlocked
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her. she's up on the cook. you shovel all built in the field, little curly aut. they might be a little more highly yet. okay, quit salt lake commis ot. she exclaimed nashik of a deterministic exclaimed kiss if he could not initiate slim again on the shoreline, could the last sig, it say about him? are the homo should the huddle me vig, fall been melt guzman? latosha, shame, love for having me are on the sheen, but it hoff or mammy star. the la cannot live gushing him. ali moved v melissa me they me, spotty amine. internationally push, it should be elegant, don't masha name on or specially more val, she are back of well all week long for so cain young. be connie and me, crystal canyon on the i get it to convey mill hold. a should have a windshield game of im, comalla, washer of abuse. go on with the natalie. the pill. bon, will sell the lucas we have the 20th elk is from. gosh. and she taught with a b, i have left it with honeys, not at the low bah,
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but the buyer to play all weepy shalana. she likes to come, be corny. the high follow up committee for arab citizens of israel or hfc is an organization that represents palestinian israelis. it's led by mohammed baraka, a former member of the israeli parliament, the connecticut, the whole album, when my father leslie, of the simplest i'm out i'm can, is it a lot of walker, i am not ronada from any i. somebody is wrong. one out of one of the different for though we was, it was their own one of the, from the food on the muscle. and have you looked up our, i'm actually had them want to come as a lamp lamp. i saw the mobile home yard if one other a frog good. i saw buck will be out a full time on mazda cilla horner. saba develop bolivia, but there are no there will have got one will have to either be coupler allowable fee. so elijah luda, sabrina will meet him in much my cup left. definitely. when elk effie, however,
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the 13th and me mean other than a couple. hm. me hold was subbing for me. yeah. i love were lacking in them a valid not alarm initial thought. i should not bomb with you if the mom in miss bucked alcohol, i'm enjoy films them at yahoo! the puzzle in the how is that? the a can me bang them out because if i'm elijah, i am finished the mindful of seni lip. at that back. um, so the only thing for me, where had he, i saw a yup. that got a short plan of how was the color ha, milwaukee bowl enough. so only slightly for coco, melissa. they let up. will asia hold commit to the left? because theater islam, in one of them in which the marya who the let up but asia hold the pos, feel thought if it was to man philistine a. so i know when a hell how to let you attend model phone and in this looking to show up on memory. so bear to whom in what the in for caught until july, but now you're out of men who are allowed to men who are in widget him. well, usually yet as a will work and know who lisa what, what was that? it's really either cannon nestle id him, but not
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a woman. you're good lawyer. calhoun wasn't successfully alert tight. if men were value show buck mckee, bits walk mitzy, any of them exam coffee, the mushy ish mag shipped off. my shish me, the hot, the shape of margaret the money, good, margaret mckee, that the shame mckee thought is going emotionally very cautious. hm. okay, gum silicon, the seal top, there's some of us about the ski sooner. so, bucking sleeman, albania, who remember, was injured in an assassination attempt in january 2021. was questioned by shin back in april 2017. this is a record of that interrogation in algae alarm, a detention center containing information about i'd bury as contacts and activities . the defendant was told by the investigators that they had materials related to his activism, both before and after his arrest and out of our city. and sam, what are coming out of our city in there?
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i'm what are coming and lead a slightly media to fish in the i'll be it will funnel nasty look at the article it and this model up well enough to look at little we're not talking now to look at men are only minutes of on had is in blood and it did not a lot fear that the god, you're bully me, you with him and they laugh him getting me here with him and to left him get a model model. so don't model mcfadden with dr. cock decision law. here. look and in the yard it aim upon guy did not mean jealous it sure sure sure i am unable to attend that to the whole at the see one of a woman about mad chicken while they're suleiman, as berea was on the radar of his railey intelligence but there is no hard evidence of his railey collusion with those who tried to kill him. i'll carry a, however, believes he was targeted because he belongs to a group called the islamic movement. this is led by shake raw itself and his band
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by his rail. dana and we'll harbor up the center and fin with the left, the num wouldn't a message or no shuffle it thought or i then i thought how to handle shirad animal stadium badge a hole in the door to minister jen. it shall. why did it come to the can if it sort of this any dictum and who ought to be you? will you who the we shot if that if animal during what's all on that nasa run columbus. yes, i just got him. no, no surely. in sunny michigan. yeah, not her land use me and molded, unquote. muslim one under can shake right. is currently in an israel detention center camera. miss ho asked him a set of questions for his lawyers to which he replied in writing.
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the intrusion services have all was brought about with knowing every single detail about our lives in the blessed union. 948 territories. it's my right to us. did they know about the assassination attempt on layman a barrier and destination of mohammad? why have the men silent while this crimes took place? shake cellar added the official institutions, and as it did nothing to disclose the identity of those criminals, and that is not a mere case of negligence. much lies beneath this. however, in the israeli police's defense, they did arrest 2 people for the murder of mohammed abernathy, him in september 2021 and then now awaiting trial organized crime. and israel is not confined to arab communities,
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several jewish crime gangs have also operated for the past 20 years. and the israeli authorities launched a crack down on them with a special unit co love, full $33.00. it's case 512, resulted in dozens of arrest of suspected gang members. but critics of law have full $33.00, say that although it's been effective against jewish crime gangs, it's turned a blind eye to those in the arab community. a similar, most of the national apartment happily is all one of them had the it guy because he will have all of the feel and the, and the short some you have the bottom is i'm and one of them for the way to finish the mac. last the me was the had that he had is i'm one of them, but do, and i was offered me cabal. and most of the time, the leader of the high follow up committee mohammed barranca. if he told the
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israeli police that he doubted their effectiveness and manage them out of the home, you know how and how to learn more. and then the cash enough of the it may need to have a corner doesn't mean that hey kelly, and i'm the mother and the mother said will, shall leave you a lot of money. yeah, i'm sorry about that. 1200 solomon. when many of them have that one, that was one of the mcmurry magnet publishing unless sort of the ownership work or so. and that was, you know, until a fairly and when a man on a mission masonic, when a michelle was somehow i missed a shot. so i'm going to yet to show you how to use coming up in talk to an underworld. gang member speaks out on this issue here. most all of us were you the
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ah, can you hear anticipation these lazy excitement is growing. as cats are a ways brings your favorite teen to cattle for the fee for arab called 2021. greatness is in the air, late sore is won and will reach new heights. join us in, cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canton, airways dot com, stepped beyond the comfort zone. were assumptions are challenged, traveled to the ends of the earth, and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it. this is probably the most extreme situation, the, our fame involved in how quickly things contract award winning documentaries that
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alter perception. witness on i'll just the euro, compelling journalism we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous . ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was. light, how much money did you make for your bro? in deliverance? i made that weird. al jazeera english crowd recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. the coded 19 pandemic has led to a spike in child trafficking across india, $1.00 to $1.00 east meets those fighting to save hon children on al jazeera. ah, you want to help save the world?
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sneeze into your elbow. ah lou flanagan, i'm fully battle in doha. with the headlines on al jazeera, ethiopia is prime minister, has left the capital and is heading to the front line to lead his troops in battle . to grand rebels are edging closer to add is harbor the united nations has ordered the immediate evacuation of its international staff, kenya, and south africa have called for a ceasefire. if european journalists, i'm, we'll get a chew has more from addis ababa. he said doctor, on monday night by tuesday, according to the your ben convocation head, mr. la garza to.


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