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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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police, and from so saying at least a 30 migrants have drowned off to their boat, sank off kelley. they were trying to reach britain across the english channel. meanwhile, europe struggling with a new wave of the corona virus. germany is set to mark a 100000 deaths swell france and the netherlands are among those reporting record numbers of infections. ethiopians prime minister, mad is said to now have left the capital heading to the frontline to lead in trips in battle. not comes just ours. united nations ordered the immediate evacuation of its international staff. now, unemployment levels and thailand have topped a 16 year high. the countries hoping that the situation will improve with the return of foreign tourists, but alongside the pandemic, the crisis is not one that will be resolved quickly. as tony chain recalls and abandoned building in the suburbs of bang cook, but look closely, and there are signs of recent life since covered struck, homelessness has been
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a growing problem in bangkok with unemployment rising and the economy and turing prolong, downturn, room sack has been living here for some time scraping and living, selling empty bottles and other rubbish, even his narrow margins have now been cut in half. amanda, this is a very difficult time for me. i'm collecting less scrapped to sell, and a price of recycling material has gone down. i used to make around $12.00 a day, but now i'm lucky to make half of that. and this is an increasingly common site in thailand. people queuing for daily handouts of food. the government promised that economic recovery was on its way. but since the end of thailand cove, it isolation, things only seem to be getting worse. i think the end of the high, the whole coven situation is not really improving. but the government isn't facing the truth. more people lost their jobs, more people are ending up on the street and becoming homeless. people who have no
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choice when they don't have money to pay for their essentials and have no safety net and no welfare. despite the thank the vaccinated visitors, can there return few are actually doing so that's bad news because tourism is such an important employer and income generator. here on bank are celebrated cow, san road. there are still relatively few backpackers, and despite lifting quarantine conditions, it's expected that visit to levels next year will still be well below those. before coven, the government already facing criticism for it's slow vaccine rollout, is putting on a brave face. it's predicted moder, a growth, and a swift recovery to pre coven economic levels. but the indicators seem to be pointing in the other direction. household debt is rising, oil price is rising, inflation is getting more of a concern, and interest rates are about to rise. the lots of uncertainties in 2020 to
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bangkok, famous night life will remain shuttered for the rest of the year. even when the bars and clubs are allowed to reopen. in january 2022, many will remain closed for good. right now. there isn't much to celebrate. tony chang, al jazeera, bangkok, now land walk pace trees have between the state and fog rebels assigned and columbia 5 years ago. but the promised peace is yet to be achieved on the window for doing so may be closing summer. and yet he travelled down to the calico region and the country southwest to speak with former fighters, struggling to integrate into society as new armed groups. now fight for control of the territory. fuller fight grabel william marielle is rightly proud of is speak farm. it's one of 3 projects. he started with hundreds of other demobilized fighters investing the roughly $2000.00 each. they received this part of their agreement to design. we're selling an average of $160.00 pigs a month,
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40 per week of around 100105 kilos. we hope that with the 2 new sites will reach 10420 a week. william says, reaching this point has been very difficult approval for the project arrived only a year ago, after long fights with bureaucracy says was set up to fail them in logo. you know, katie. oh, i see. that is, this government has done everything possible to make the deal fail if it wasn't for the united nations and the international cooperation that are guarantors of the process got on. i wonder if i would be here the government saying that the story piece deal with the fact 5 years ago, bringing to an end, the conflict that killed more than $200000.00 people over more than 5 decades. that many of the hopes of that day or fulfilled, even though most combatants of laid down their arms by addressing poverty and inequality, promising road schools and jobs in many neglected rural areas of the country. the
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peace deal was supposed to end the root causes dep fuel the war, but 5 years later, little had changed him. although eastern he, on his many accused the conservative government of the van to cab slow walking the deals. implementation studies show that just 4 percent of the promised rule reform measures are complete. while cocaine production is at an all time high and new arm groups and fight dissidence are perpetuating new cycles of violence. many reintegration camps are mostly empty after former fighters moved their way under threat by armed groups. like claudia crews with former comrades has been trying to start a fish fun. oh, well, let's take you live now to the us state of georgia, where we are expecting a verdict amount to be read out on the armored aubrey matter trial. you're watching
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live pictures now from the court house in brunswick, and that is judge timothy walmsley, inviting the jury and lets us manage word forms to the sheriff. will go ahead and address each one of these voted forms separately. first verdict form i have is the state of georgia versus traverse, like michael,
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which mc michael, which they verdict is as follows. in sphere recorded glenn county state of georgia, the state of georgia versus travis mc michael. case number c r 000433. jury verdict for count. wall malice, murder, we the jury find the defendant, travis mc michael guilty. oh, glass that whoever just made it offers you removed from the court. oh, oh. ms
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. cortez indicated, i asked that there be no outbursts in the court, and i expect as much from the gallery. please respect the courts. desire for this as we move forward. if you feel like you need to make a comment or otherwise demonstrate with respect to the verdict of do ask that you step out of the courtroom now count to felony murder. we the jury find the defendant travis make michael guilty. count 3 felony murder. we the jury find the defendant, travis mc, michael, guilty. count for felony murder. we the jury find the defendant travis make michael guilty. count 5 felony murder. we the jury find the de fell it, travis thick. michael guilty count 6, aggravated assault. we the jury find the defendant, travis, like michael,
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give the count 7 aggravated assault. we the jury find the defendant, travis make michael guilty. count 8 false imprisonment. we the jury find the defendant, travis mcmichael guilty count non criminal attempt to commit a felony. we the jury find the defendant traffic michael guilty. dated this 24th dave november 2021, signed by the 4th person. as to gregory and michael in the sphere, ford of glenn county, the state of georgia versus greg. this michael case number c r 0. i'm sorry, 2000433, charity verdict for count one. malice, florida. we the jury find the defendant greg michael not guilty. can to felony
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murder. we the jury found the defendant. gregory michael guilty. count 3 felony murder. we did your find the defendant, greg nick, michael guilty. count for fairly murder. we the jury find the defendant, greg rake, michael. guilty. count 5, felony murder. we the jury find the defendant. greg rick. michael guilty. count 6, aggravated assault. we the jury find the defendant. greg michael guilty. count 7 aggravated assault. we the jury find the defendant, greg the michael guilty. count 8 false imprisonment. we the jury find the defendant greg mcmichael guilty count non criminal attempts to commit a felony. we the jury find the defendant, greg mc michael guilty. this 24th day of november 2021 signed on
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as to william marbra. in the spirit court of glenn county state of georgia state of georgia versus william r brian. case number c, r 2000433. jerry verdict for count. one. malice, murder, we the jury find the defendant william r brian not guilty count to felony murder. we the jury find the defendant, william barbara and not guilty count 3 felony murder. we the jury find the defendant, william r brian guilty. count ford. so the merck, we the jury find the defendant, william our brian guilty. cow, 570 murder. we the jury find the defendant, william our brian guilty. cow 6, aggravated assault. we the jury find the defendant william our brian knock,
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don't count. 7 aggravated assault we the jury find the defendant, william our brian guilty, count 8 false imprisonment. we the jury find the defendant, william our brian guilty, count 9, criminal attempt to commit a felony. we the jury find the defendant, william our brian guilty, signed this 24th day of november for person. good of c. ford having read the verdicts and accepted the verdicts. anything from the state? nothing from the state. anything from such a jersey call it will all depend, derby bull. finally, gentlemen, i'm going to ask each of you individually, a set of 2 questions with respect to the verdicts that i have just read. if you can please respond. when you hear your juror number, your number one,
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you had heard the verdict read were these your verdicts then and it is and are these your verdicts? now? jury number 2, you have heard the verdicts read. were these your verdicts then and are these your verdicts now? i think i keep okay to your number 3. you have heard the verdicts read, were these your verdicts then in these your verdicts now all jerk number 4. you have heard the verdicts read. were these your verdicts then? are these your verdicts now? jury number 5. you have heard the verdicts read. were these your verdicts then are the is your verdicts now? juror number 7, you have heard the verdicts read. were these your verdicts then?
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and are these your verdict now? jerk number 8. you have heard the verdict read. were these your verdicts then? are these your verdicts now? jerk number 9. you have heard the verdicts read. were these your verdicts then in? are these your verdicts now? juror number 10, you have heard the verdict read. were these your verdicts then and are these your verdicts now? yes, you're ger. number 11, you have heard the verdicts ready? were these your verdict then? and are these your verdict now? when you're a number 12, you have heard the verdicts read. were these your verdict then? are these your verdict now? yes. and jurors 6 full. you have heard the verdicts read were these your verdicts then? and are these your verdicts now?
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the jury has been pulled anything further from the defense. greg, if michael area from missouri, missouri are ladies and gentle. what that means with the court having accepted your verdict is that your role. busy in this case is now at an end. what we're going to do today is i'm gonna have all of you the panel and the 3 alternate. go ahead, retire in the jury room. i'm going to address a couple matters logistically with you in the jury room. ah, once we get done here, but before we do that and before i excuse you, i do want to thank you publicly for your service here in glenn county. it has been a long trial and i appreciate the fact that you have been attentive. you've listened to the evidence and that is what we ask in this court. it's a very simple ask in a very complex way. ah, so it's appreciated. when we all got together, i say we all got together. when we got together at different times, i said that i was going to thank you a number of times and how i was gonna tell you,
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i do truly appreciate your time here. hopefully you understand why i said that when we started, i do also hope that you got a little bit of an insight into what goes on in a, in a trial. ah, and maybe understand a little bit more of how important it is for members of our community to come down and be part of this process and serve as jurors in this community. so and thank you for that service. now come address y'all in just a moment. you're excused. all right. while as you are just joining us now, a verdict has just been read in the armored aubrey murder trial in georgia. timothy it won't leave the judge as just excuse the jurors. and thanks them for their service. 3 white men were charged with chasing and killing a 25 year old black man. last year, travis mc michael and gregory mcmichael have been found guilty of multiple charge of the felony, murder, aggravated assault,
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and false imprisonment. a 3rd man william bryan, who actually shot some of the cell phone video that you may have seen the sound guilty of a less, a charge, a felony mata and a lesser charge of aggravated assault. also false imprisonment. well, let's bring in our correspondence. she habit tansy, he joins us live now from outside that court house in brunswick, georgia. she we were just speaking minutes ago about how speedy this integration could be less than 2 days, but still very definitive. it really suggest serial change. i think come much less cell phone video, we have to remember that the be the police and the prosecutor. quite happy with the alibi given to them by the 3 men who just been convicted of murder for 2 months. they were free. they weren't charged anything because they weren't, they told the police, look, we saw a black man running through a neighborhood. we thought he was up to no good. we confronted him. and in self
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defense we shot him dead. and the police and the prosecutor said, sure, all right, then that's, that's not good enough for us. and then nothing happened to that 2 months until that so certain videos appears taken by one of the defendants. and then interestingly, actually it was leaked by a defense lawyer who thought he was doing them a favor because he wanted to demonstrate that they were just red next to the confederate flags in the back of a pickup trucks. he thought this is going to do them some good, but it didn't do them anything. because now apparently things have changed somewhat . and you know, actually this is the 2nd verdict i've seen like this in one. yeah. i was in minneapolis when derrick truman was convicted of murder for nearly on the neck of george floyd. and if you have a similar sense, if everyone around you could see this is an open shot, but it's really no real faith in the justice system. but what seems obvious to so many, especially when you have video evidence, especially when you have the law on your side, you can't just up to someone and it's and said, you're making a citizen's arrest, confront them with a gun, and then complain when they try and defend themselves,
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but that may not be seen the same way, bio, especially a jury of 11 white people and one black person in the deep sounds. it is quite astonishing. actually. it's a very small group of demonstrations here. that's to be said, we are a small town, completely out numbered by but by the media. but as you can hear them shouting, we, we have just, if we have justice she, we also hudson shouting in the courthouse just before just as that verdict was actually being read out. and then several people were, i believe that generated from the court house during the verdict. obviously a huge amount of a reaction that as we can here with, she had bra tansy she had. but i'm curious, you've been speaking to some of the people that as this value was being read out. did this come as a surprise? yes, i mean that's, that's the point. i mean, it always seems. so the, in the past,
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i'd rather this is a high profile case, you know, how many of the cases which are quite so high profile, which i don't think there is any video evidence, but yes, there's always other, so there's meant when things go that way. you know, i mean we, we know that whether it's the police or just white people in general actually don't have a statistic. that's the urban institute of the study. that's when a white person kills a black person. it's 218 percent more likely though, that we really deemed justified by the courts that have a white person goes a white person over there. these are systemic issues. and again, as i go back to the assumptions that were made by the police and the prosecutors on this case, 1st came to light by 3 white men confronted a black man in the neighborhood. they said he was, but you know, he was a burglar and he shot him dead. well that's, that's good enough for us. so yes, as always, that surprised when it does show. i mean, there is an enormous disappointment that you remember. it was just, you know, in 2020 where we saw the largest out poor of protests
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in the u. s. history, but black lives matter. and then it sort of fizzled out with a panoramic and it's just simply by the local and state level and at the federal level in some ways, latest local and states that actually have power over that police. but then you have this, then you have derek over in minneapolis area this year. and so there is that change certainly in the way that juries apparently are seeing, seeing the crimes that are being committed against black people in this country. but how many up being, you know, how many are being reported or how many times the prosecutor or the police just not bothered to follow? one of the case up? she had, we saw the jury selection and that was and uncontroversial as you say, 11 white people, one black test and, and then the defense officer, the verdict was read out, asked if the jury is to be told, can you talk us through that process? is that unusual in a case like this?
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could you repeat that allows them to be was to be polled. so each individual juror had to say whether or what their verdict was and confirm the verdict. is that something that's unusual for the defense to request? and in a case like this, i couldn't tell you, to be honest on each state, has its own little little niceties. georgia has a lot of ext. what seemed like a slightly eccentric things actually were going on. so yeah, each state has its own as its own, like traditions and legalities. and so i wouldn't be able to, to tell you about that. about sure you have some amazing legal expert who understand the, the, the granularity of the georgia and the legal system. but i'm, i might not be the person for that particular question i thought she had. but let me ask you though about sentencing because i me say these are very, very serious charges. and we have an idea about what these men could be facing. surprise on know what sam processed from here. now actually that does lead on from your last question because that is about
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a particular a particular trade off the legal system in georgia, this idea of accomplices. and so, i mean, they may be some surprised because in the end it was only one of them traverse mc michael, who pulled the trigger. and yet all 3 i've been convicted of murder. that's. that's because in georgia, there's that there is this idea of if you're an accomplice to a murder, if you're all 3 of you committing a felony at which the end result is someone is murdered or is dead. and all 3 of you are responsible. so that's why that's why will 3 all know, facing the potential life in prison. and so the judge as to whether that's with or without a row. but that's why you saw that the, that one of the defendants suppose, that the man who was, was slightly behind the killing, who was taking the video. and his lawyers were saying, look, i mean, he was just there. he was the wrong person, the wrong time. he's a simple man, he didn't really know what was going on. he gave chase cuz he just thought it was something to do. but clearly the jury felt though,
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and this was the argument from the prosecution, each one of these people had a role to play an ahmed aubrey's death. so the case was saying, look at this man, what you know, wasn't her aubrey aubrey, you know, wouldn't have been, you know, would have died anyway. no, the jury, the prosecutors made the case, the juices accepted. but each of these 3 people, whether they were actually the ones we pull the trigger or not, we went a little behind each one of them had a role to play in the death of ahmed. and we'll see how this progresses towards sentencing. she returns the outside that courthouse force and georgia. thank you so much. she have well, let's move on now. it's time to sports, so he is, andy, thank you so much mr. wednesdays. european champions league action is annoy, in some alarm, could be in the knockout rounds. after today's games, victory for inter against shack felt on it because ukraine will all but see them secure a place in the last 16. that spot will be guaranteed a sure if don't be around madrid in the groups of the game. take place a little later on. shack must win some inside and outside chance of reaching the
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next round. it's just coming into the 2nd half of the sound. see without school, it's still new. friendship to national cream. benjamin has been hit with a one year suspended jail term. benjamin has been found guilty of conspiring to blackmail a fellow footballer. the $33.00 old rounded star, also find $84000.00 benz and i have been accused of helping to blackmail a form of friendship to national much you boy over explicit images taken from pub wine as fun, benjamin is planning to appeal the verdict short you know x your we are actually angry with this verdict, which is totally contradictory. it's been acknowledged by the tribunal itself, that carrying bends mer didn't know anything about what was going on. and in the end were told that he couldn't not know. but without any proof of, he's been condemned to a severe unfair sentence without any proof at all. we're pretty astonished by this verdict. while ben's man and his realm entertain will be in action in
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a few minutes time in the champions league, the 13th time. when is taking on my diving champ, insure a syrup. so a winfrey out, we'll put them into the last 60 paris on your mind, so they won't allow their case. my sharepoint, you've seen it. so join manchester united before the end of the season, what you've seen is in manchester as his p. s. g team faced man city in the champions league and the lives of the messy name all and carrying them back at his disposal for this fixture. the origin science says he has no need to be thinking about a move. see a night. i was clear, i said to you that i said to you all my country, you said 2023. you know, is this is one on 1. 1 is more i don't say nothing different. and then i am i am, i am really happy in parties embody centureman that this is a fact the teams who contested the inaugural test championship finals are getting ready to resume their rivalry india host news in the and see much series. it starts
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on 1st income for the black camps did beat india in last championship final earlier on the ship, but new zealand last test or india. well, that ended in a 3 l series defeats name be a the next piece. and i like aside that we're missing their suspended style approach. james, ivan fornia for the next, as they held off for like as $16.00 to $100.00. james was banned one game for striking detroit pistons. since i've stood in the face during blood and beijing, his mouth, 100 days to go until the start of the winter paralympics, they'll take place in march after the end of the pick games. beijing is the 1st city to host both the winter and summer. paralympics more than $600.00 fleet set to compete during that 10 day. ok, that is how you sports is looking for. now. let's talk. thanks so much, andy. well, that's it for me and associates. hey here in durham, but i'll hand you over to bob or sarah and london brooke health center. we'll have
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more news for you in just a moment. do stay with us here. ah aah! along with a award winning documentary from around the world on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks it, in the brazilian rainforest means these areas are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they're absorbed with detailed coverage country like chile because of its geographic conditions as an enormous advantage from around the world. what's
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happening here is local farming communities, using simple methods to solve a complex, environmental problem. african stories of resilience and carrying again younger vienna, right, with one of them for a little boy, them tradition and dedication. but it was, i was like a short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9 and the book make it africa direct on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results rate. byron walk indonesia whose firms for me, we move to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let be part when denise is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah . so she, 3 migrants have drowned in the english channel after their boats sank while they were trying to reach britain. ah, hello barbara. how are you? watching al jazeera life from london also coming up. the men charged over the death of a black man shot dead when joking through their neighbourhood in georgia, are convicted of his murder and you current a virus, waves sweeps across europe. the world health organization warns that more than half a 1000000 p.


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