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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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terrible demonstration of the failure of human soul. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on, sir, ah, with global alarm over a new cove at variant in southern africa, the u. s. restrict travel. europe has its 1st case and prepared to do the same. the european commission has to de proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on travel. ah, hello, i'm mariam to mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. just days after dozens of migrants perished in the waters between them,
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france and britain stumble over politics in the search for solution. ethiopia as prime minister vows to bury the enemy as pitchers appear to show him on the front line against rebels and grief. in russia, after dozens of people die in the worse mining accident in more than a decade, ah, becomes a program on top story the well health organization is declared. a corona virus variant of concern wanting of a new mutation which could spread more quickly. just 2 days after it was 1st reported, the u. s. has now joined several other nations to restrict travel to southern africa, where the 1st cases were identified. with the unease sprite, a north american and european stop markets have suffered their worst days of a year. variant is currently known as b 11529, but has been assigned the greek latter omicron 1st case was detected in botswana,
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but it was south african scientists who 1st identified it over a 100 confirmed cases have been found in south africa, hong kong and botswana, the changes in the 32 mutations on what is called the spike protein. this is what the virus uses to access humans cells and cause infection in the body. it's also what most vaccines are designed to target, but it could take weeks of work to uncover what impact these changes could have on how effective the vaccines are. algae, there is the d baba has our report now. it's the news. no one wanted to hear the discovery of a new covey variant called army kron 1st identified in south africa, has hit world stock markets as concerns grow about a new global threat. the world health organization has labeled it a variance of concern based upon the information that we have, particularly from south africa. and they have advised w h o that this variance should be classified as
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a variant of concern. so today we are now seeing b 11529 is the variance of concern named on the crime, the w h o cautioned against hasty counter measures for now, but many governments chose instead to act fast. early indications show this varied may be more transmissible than the doubt and current vaccines may be less effective against it. it may also impact the effectiveness of one of our major treatments. one of the u. k has led by restricting travel from 6 southern african countries with the emerging all member states to follow suit. cases of a new variance have been confirmed in a growing list of countries, including hong kong, israel and belgium. it is now important that all of us in europe act very swiftly. the european commission has today proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on travel from countries in southern african and other countries
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affected. of course travel restrictions of designs not to hold the spread of the variance. it's too late for that. but instead to buy time, this new variance is has got the most mutations that we've ever seen on crowd of ours. so 30 more compared to the original strain and about twice as many delta, it will take weeks to know all of that information. and we know that from previous studies on alpha delta that it takes time to understand the transmission infectiousness. it takes time to understand the severity in the weeks ahead, the world will hold its breath, waiting to find out whether the new variant is a dark turn in the pandemic, or a false alarm. nadine baba al jazeera and in south africa that's been the focus of this story is where the new value was 1st identified. also now one of the nations to which travel has been restricted by the united states and other countries from me to minner reports from janice buck, frustration at janice birds international airport. as dozens of people try to
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return to the united kingdom, it comes all was out of date was announced. a new variant of cove at 19 had been identified in south africa that led to the united kingdom announcing a new travel ban on people coming from southern african countries, including south africa. but swan and some bob which is a big inconvenience. we had our flights book for a week time, but we got the news from our daughter in about 12 31 o'clock last night saying that you were going to introduce the red wrist. it's on justified. it's abrupt and it's not good for tourism, for south africa was seen these regulations laid off last night. people up front to trying to get back into the south african sciences say they're worried, existing vaccines may not be effective. and the new variance may spread easily.
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genomics and south africa has been outstanding throughout this whole pandemic period. and that's why we've been able to identify when changes occur. the fact that we are able to identify changes quickly is good news is good news for the world. but we must be careful that we don't then jumped the conclusion of, well, that equals, it came from here. it came from there. and it means it's this, or that we need to understand much more about this. so far, dozens of infections have been identified in south africa. while in botswana, the government says the new virus was found in several foreign nationals on a diplomatic visit. while this african government says it respects the decision taken by the u. k. and other countries to limit travel to and from the region. and that precautionary measures may be necessary. it says the decision is rushed. so we know that promise interventions were brought to soon we did to
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touch on dos in terms of restrictions in terms of the regulations, whether they're with the review of that a possible 4th wave compounded by the new variance may further strain and already overwhelmed health system in south africa, the meta mona, i'll, j 0, johannesburg. all these a countries are under the west restrictions, including south africa, which announced the varied am botswana where the 1st identified sample came from. and that the same as ever same countries, restricted by switzerland and include the 6 band by the u. k. and others might count joins us live now from washington. so the u. s. has joined other countries in restricting travel from southern africa. can you tell us what more can you tell us more about the details of these new measures?
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indeed, yes, louis has acted to fairly quickly. the white house covert t met this morning and was brief. i saw the african researches on the nature of this new variant. it was then announced following the w h chose announcement that it's a variant of concern. the u. s. of non said it was banning travel from south africa and a number of its neighbors as well as malawi, which is further to the north. now this band will come into effect on monday. so the is a grace period. us authority says, well that us citizens and those were the right to residents in the us will be allowed in. but the same thing still applies and that is they will need a cobit test to get in. so it will be a block on travel from south africa and a number of other southern african countries with effect from monday at this decision being reached very quickly after the cobra team at the white house was
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briefed by south african researches. and we seeing a quite a reaction in financial markets with stocks as airline suffering. it also had stocked more generally in europe and the last dispos that indicates that a level of concern about the economic impacts this very could have. what more of we heard from you as president? well, once again, as the uncertainty that surrounding all of this said is impacting on these financial markets, a president biden was part of the team that was briefed by the south africans in the course of the morning. he served renting the holiday weekend in nantucket, and he's expressed deep concern about this new variant. i reminding americans that they should get vaccinated if they are not vaccinated, they must get vaccinated, and if they are vaccinated, they should be getting a booster shot. this is what the president at to say. i don't know a lot of other things to live
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with one with now it's notable as well that president biden, in some remarks a bit later. i said that this stresses how important it is to get a global vaccination process underway to this. and he says at the world trade organization, ministerial conference in the coming week, he is going to push the u. s. stance at that. the intellectual properties for these vaccines should be waived to allow the vaccines to be manufactured globally. that being said, research is still attempting to find out and it could take a long time. exactly what impact this new omnicom variant would have on the existing vaccines. all right, thank you very much. the latest from washington, mike, hannah, the me
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well in the hours of to 27 people died trying to cross to see between france and the u. k. the leaders of both nations promised a new resolve to prevent more death. but barely a day later, a political route over a letter sent by the british prime minister has led franz to freeze its neighbour out of an emergency summit. this weekend. the number of refugees and migrants entering europe is, for instance, the height of the war in syria, with a sharp decline during the corona virus pandemic. so far this year there is a slight trend upwards compared to the past 2 years. most of those people have applied for asylum in germany, france, spain, and greece leaving the u. k. only 5th on the list. you have to be on u. k. soil in order to claim asylum. and in the year to september, around $45000.00 people made the journey that's about 11 percent on the previous year. but the big changes in the way people try to get that. most people used to
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hide on the back of laurie's, but from 2018 to 20. 20 number of people crossing on small boats and dingey went up 30 fold to more than 8000. and this year the increases grown to more than $25.00 and a half 1000 people. events this week have shown ill prepared to put their lives at risk. 194 people of died crossing a straight since 2014. before this. the rate was $166.00 pull. brian reports from dover on england, south coast. seeing these migrant boats close here endeavor, hava. it is easy to see just how inevitable wednesday's loss of life was. the $6.00 to $8.00 meet the inflatable simply on designs to cross the treacherous waters of the english channel. but what was left foreseeable was how the initial political consensus that there needs to be closer cooperation between france and england to
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prevent these crossings happening has fallen apart in the space of just 3 days. britain's proposals included, for example, putting british police and potentially army on french beaches to help the french patrol that stretch of coastline. but the french had been resisting beth for the previous 2 days. so when bonus johnson formerly requested joint patrols, the reaction from the french was exasperation. gdcp was good. i spoke 2 days ago with prime minister barak johnson in a serious manner. but on my end, i seek to continue doing as i do with any country in any head of states. i am surprised by methods and they are not serious ones. if you don't communicate from a leader to another, and these matters via tweets and letters, you are making public. we are not whistleblowers kamani. and some boots on breeches appears to be one of the biggest bands of contention between the british and the french. specifically, britain's ongoing pressure for the french to allow joint patrols along the french beaches in order to prevent the boats putting to see in the 1st place. but the
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french of long resisted that idea, saying that the length of the coastline means that that's simply not practical, as well as the issue of sovereignty. so embarrassed, johnson included the beach for charl idea and a formal letter to president micron. and then similar tennis li tweeted, the less it's a social media. it had the impression of trying to bounce the french president's into agreeing with the british perspective. what he did was sent out of 5 very good, clear. if you take time to read the less you'll see this idea is makes it very, very clear that we want to work and cooperation hand and glove with the friends. i can't think of another way lower than to talk about it and to put additional measures in place. so close and yet, so far as things stand breton will be excluded from sundays meeting over the in kelly with the rest of the channel nations. there will be no new cooperation despite the appeals earlier in the week from president micron, a prime minister johnson, and nothing new to stop refugees and micro attempting to make the treacherous
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crossing. these 2 countries, so close geographically, remained so very far apart on this thorny issue pull brennan al jazeera dover. much more. so to bring you on the program, ukraine's president sang russians were involved in a plot. and als, tin is his name, is troops mass in a border and ancient egypt for stored after 3000 years me thinks is, is anal in luck, song. ah, hello. we have still got somewhere, whether it's eastern parts of australia, things drawing up behind over central and west and past. we've got this weather system just around the top and it was at east side of the country, not a little area of low pressure. they're just pulling away slowly but surely across
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a new south wales. there we go. with a legacy of showers for saturday, northeast and parts of new south wales, southern parts. the queensland still seeing the heavier showers with a shout ran right up into the gulf a commentary. some tropical damp was just around the top paint and this is similar picture. as we go on into sunday, hope be the showers becoming fewer and farther between should be somewhat dry there for victoria, where to weather across the ditch, through tasman, see into museum for time, sunshine and showers coming through here we have got some showers, making the way into japan, over winfrey nature, we've got a driving ne, the wind making his way through so rain sleet in the snow course at western side. northern parts of japan could see some significant snowfall on saturday things quite and down. as we go on into sunday, the winds become a little lighter, and the shells become fewer and further between fight and troy across sir the korean peninsula. dry for a lot of china, but showers to the se. ah,
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on counting the coals to count japan's new prime minister, tackle income inequality loss, will the world trade organization, health boot countries to secure po with 90 vaccines will be speaking to the w t. o, new director general counting the cost on al jazeera ah, shoot a set of the best documentary films across the network on al jazeera blue. ah, ah, i'll come back
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a great look at the headlines this hour now in the u. s. is joined the number of countries and bonding travel from southern africa, where a new very into the corona virus has been detected. world health organization is designated a variant of concern. and then the french president, emanuel micron is canceled invitation for the british. i'm secretary to a meeting on the micro prices. is raleigh you case? it gets serious. so remain locked out of discussions. well now to ethiopia, the prime minister there is visited troops battling fighters of the tag ry people's liberation fronting the countries north. he told reports, as the armies morale is high, the rebels and their allies have been pushed back. their advance is spot fear the group could potentially reach c capital addis ababa? the u. s. embassy is tweeted, durgin, us citizens, to leave the country. now, brianca go to reports. the front line is not an unfamiliar terrain for it. he appears prime minister. by this time, i'll be amad who also holds the rank of lieutenant colonel,
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has returned to the battle field to rally his troops for what he calls. an existential war. video released by the government shows abi, with soldiers, who are fighting against tiguan rebels in the, off our region. where the, the way without to what you see behind me is a mountain area that was a strong hold for the enemy until yesterday. now we've managed to clear the area fully. the morale of the defense forces is really great. the war is being undertaken with great fate. now we've taken cast the gator. today we will take over schieffer and burkle. we will continue until a theory appears. freedom is insured to pay more noise. since july, the rebels have been expanding the battle from inside t cry into neighboring amera and off our regions. they have ceased towns that are a few 100 kilometers from the capital, addis ababa. they say, the prime minister has lost his chance at peace,
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much using war. the measures taken by our b of med desperate. it would have been better for him to suggest solutions for peace and negotiations. yet he chose war. he should have upheld the opportunity for peace. canada has now joined a growing list of countries who are asking the citizens to leave. and with the fears that the battle could move towards the capital and that the fighting could get a lot worse. prime minister abbey asked meds, decision to move to a front line, apparently in the region where fighting is not actually so serious at the moment. is apparently intended to galvanize his support base and mobilized new recruits for the armed forces. and that's not likely to be effective. i think many people may respond to the call, but this war is being fought with heavy weapons and and in some cases, well trained battle hardened troops. so volunteers at this late stage,
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little training and few weapons and i'm going to make a difference. the civilians are already paying the price of a few appeals here alone conflict. more than 9000000 people are facing hunger. hundreds of thousands on the brink of famine. but so far, both sides have refused to buy down. why what the un colds? the textbook definition of a humanitarian crisis, continues to unfold. brianca, to 0 or the flow of migrants in refugees is causing concern on another of the eas borders. this time between poland and beller roost, whose president, alexander lucas shank, has visited a crowded border camp. he met some of the thousands of people at a makeshift shelter and told them they were free to head west or to go home. the european union is accused bearers of engineering this crisis by distributing visas in the middle east and then flying people in to push them towards the board out with poland. a go. shank, as, as bowers will help people to return to their home countries,
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though they won't be forced to do this. just what they're all done. yes, i'm looking ahead and if the margaret crisis and bill ruth is not sold, no, you will grow much bigger. what not only in spring, but next winter, we understand that a large flow of people will be arriving and bill ruse, and it will be hard to hold them on the border. it was, the problem must be solved now before it grows much bigger like your on all the stories of falling security services in care gustavo, that a fall than attempted coup just out of sundays, parliamentary elections, at least 15 people have been detained, including politicians and former officials are accused of trying to stage a violent protest against the result present side their jumper off is expected to maintain his grip on power. critics accuse him of suppressing descent by arresting potential rivals. 52 people have died in a mining accident in russia's siberia region. this is the worst incident in the
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countries mining industry. in more than a decade, 3 people have been arrested, suspected of negligence and a breach of safety procedures. bernard smith, reporters from moscow for russia's poorly regulated mining industry. the news was as inevitable and as bleak as a siberian winter. dozens of people killed, including 6 rescue as probably by methane poisoning in the shafts of the list. we actually are mine. here i have no words. i've already said that me thing was over the limit. my husband came home from work every day and said it wouldn't and well, it was so with a limit that all the senses were beeping. and on the night of november, 14th to 15th of fire, broke out of the unit to no measures were taken. he is the result. just 10 days have gone by and they're all lying in there. there were 285 people in the mine when it began to fill with smoke. on thursday, rescue team scrambled,
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but the situation on the ground was so unstable. they had a little time. after a few hours, the rescue attempt was called off because of the risk of another explosion. 50 people are in hospital according to local authorities. the miners who made it out alive, described a frantic scramble to evacuate full truth. i was crawling and then they filled them grabbing me. i reached my arms out to them. they couldn't see me. the visibility was bad. they grabbed me and pulled me out. if not for them would be dead. the director of the mine and his deputy had been detained, police in siberia say to state security inspectors have been arrested on suspicion of criminal negligence. investigator save inspectors, had issued a safety certificate for the mine in november, but had not actually checked the facility 3 days of morning of begun in the siberian region of kamer over this is the worst mining accident here in 10 years. it's a very dangerous industry in russia and across the former soviet union safety standards,
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a poor lack of oversight of working conditions, an aging soviet air equipment. bernard smith, i'll just sarah. moscow was a news from ukraine where the president is saying they've uncovered a plot involving russians attempting to unseat him. told him as lensky told a news conference that the alleged takeover was planned to happen for next wednesday. and thursday. russian troops have been building up the border with ukraine, although it's dismiss claims that it's planning and invasion. ukraine says it would pay dearly if it did so well. lodge tracks of eastern ukraine and the landscape done yet, squeegee, and remain on the russian control. since the incursion, 7 years ago, as algeria charles stratford found, it's not just the russians, but their own leader that's worrying ukrainians near the front line. this is the time that you have come about 3 kilometers from the front line. it's seen some very heavy shilling and fighting in the morn, 7 and
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a half years since this conflict started, many of the residents have flayed and many of them say the situation has got even worse in recent weeks since the reported build up of tens of thousands of russian troops on the russian side of the border. we have heard what sounds like shelling in the distance. many of the residents here are increasingly angry with the president. they say that he is not doing enough to protect them and he's not making as much of an effort as he promised to end this war leafy wouldn't estrella cut against the relay? a dollar was shell and to day as there is every day, the situation has definitely got worse and there is shooting was heavy weapons are not just small arms on nearly 8 years and no one can solve their section. the former president, he promised to end the war in 2 weeks. and at the same rabbit from president lansky wise, him, he said, come to the election in 29th, you vote for me and i will finish ever since in a year. mamma,
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but did hatred. of course not. russia is staunchly denying that it has any plans whatsoever for an invasion of ukraine. indeed it is. describing reports in the international media is such as being nothing short of hysterical, but meanwhile, there seems to be no real prospect for a lasting political solution to this conflict. miserable colossal news. shouldn't. lensky didn't start the war, but he promised to finish it. and people believed him all things that got even worse now, all of your children and the elderly tie from mothers and fathers are forced to shelter in their basement. sir cru, zalinski meets to negotiate with putin and the separatist. kneel mister, sit down and talk. otherwise, how can there be peace? all wars and through negotiations. so start russia accuses ukraine, had not sticking to it's part of the mince to agreement and agree signed in 2015. that stipulates that ukraine gives special political status to the air is controlled by the pro russian separatists. many of the ukrainian government say
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that that would potentially give russia to greater hand in ukrainian affairs. meanwhile, the ukrainian presents determination to eventually get nato membership for ukraine continues. and that is something that the russian president seems determined to stop cha, strap it on his era of the black friday shopping bananas. there is underway in the united states with retailers expecting big crowds the last year. a massive shift to online shopping during the pandemic means that many shops are not seeing a frenzy of past years. it's a worldwide trend now though not just in the us and britain looks to be on track for record sales over the weekend as well. but this is a global supply chain quite. this is giving retailers a headache, eating them to reroute goods to less congested ports, and even chartering are in vessels. egypt, as an unveiled and ancient walkway that dates back thousands of years spent
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restored to its former glory after decades of work by archaeologists. the path is located near the city of luxor and lay buried until its discovery in the late 19 forties. katya lopez, her dionne has more, ah, a glamour of ceremony to unveil egypt latest archaeological treasure. it's an ancient pathway call the avenue sphinxes and dates back more than 3000 years. pilgrims, it's believed walked along the 3 kilometer promenade, marking a procession from the famous corner of temple to the nearby looks or temple lost only to set up totally good luck. so deserves this, and mo, the city has the most important antiquity in the world. for centuries, this ancient track was buried under sant, but that changed in 1949 when an egyptian archaeologist discovered one of several statutes. for decades, morris with ations and renovations followed. ah,
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president of dell font, i'll cc who attended the ceremony is eager to revamp egypt, struggling tourism industry. it was hit hard by years of political turmoil. and the corona virus pandemic has made things worse. ah, it's been described as a largest open air museum in the world. now egypt, pope's, the countries rich archaeological past will also play a role in the countries economic future. katya lucas civilian al jazeera ah quit look at the headlines this allen now. the world health organization has declared a new karone of ours varying of concern warning of a new mutation which could spread much more quickly. it's been assigned the greek letter, omicron. a 1st case was detected in botswana, but it was south african scientist who 1st.


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