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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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personalized discovery, cutting edge solutions for sustainable cities. on al jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit faces, mistake. there are really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist, ah highly mutated new coven 19 variant is given the name alma crohn as alarm spreads around the world. the european commission has today proposed to member states, to activate the emergency brake on travel. ah, on has them think of this is ally from the also coming up on the front lines. ethiopia as prime minister visits troops fighting rebels in the northeast and
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france accuses the u. k. of not being serious about stopping refugee and migrant deaths. this inviting the british from a crisis meeting with the discovery of a new corona, virus variance has sent a chill through much of the world and set off an anxious wait for more data in keeping with naming major variance off the letters of the greek alphabet. the world health organization has designated this one on the chrome. it has many mutations suggesting it could pose more risks than the delta variant and may evade vaccines and immunity. many jittery governments fear the worst. nearly 2 years after cobra 19 emerged and triggered a pandemic that's known to have killed more than 5 people. 5000000 people that in barbara begin saw coverage. it's the news. no one wanted to hear the discovery of a new covey variant called ami krohn. first identified in south africa,
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has hit world stock markets as concerns grow about a new global threat. the world health organization has labeled it a variance of concern based upon the information that we have, particularly from south africa. and they have advised w h o that this variance should be classified as a variant of concern. so today we are now seeing b 11529 is the variance of concern named on the crime, the w h o cautioned against hasty counter measures for now, but many governments chose instead to act fast. early indications show this varied may be more transmissible than the doubt and current vaccines may be less effective against it. it may also impact the effectiveness of one of our major treatments. one of the u. k. his lead by restricting travel from 6 southern african countries with the emerging all member states to follow suit. cases of a new variant have been confirmed in a growing list of countries including hong kong, israel and belgium. it is now important that all of us in europe act very swiftly.
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the european commission has today proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on travel from countries in southern african and other countries affected. of course travel restrictions of designs not to hold the spread of the variance. it's too late for that. but instead to buy time, this new variance is how much mutations that we've ever seen on crowd of ours. so 30 more compared to the original strain and about twice many delta, it will take weeks to know all of that information. and we know that from previous studies on alpha delta that it takes time to understand the transmission infectiousness. it takes time to understand the severity in the weeks ahead, the world will hold its breath, waiting to find out whether the new variant is a dark turn in the pandemic, or a false alarm. nadine baba al jazeera of these are the 8 southern african
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countries. now, subject to travel restrictions by several governments around the world, the united states and canada are among the latest to announce slight suspensions. mike, hannah is life was in a washington. so mike was the been the u. s. response to his latest very well has the white house cost team hell talk to thought african scientists in the course of the morning then came the w h o announcement about this virus being a significant and it's variation being significant. and shortly afterwards the u. s . instituted a travel ban on a number of countries in southern africa, south africa, and its neighbors together with malawi, that travel band will come into effect on monday. so people have until monday to be able to travel here, the us citizens. and those who have right to permanent residents are exempt from the ban. however, they like all others coming to the united states, have to show proof of
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a cobra test before entry. so that band will come into effect on monday. president bite and making very clear that this is a call for everyone to get vaccinated. those who are vaccinated to get booster shots. this is what president biden had to say. we don't know a lot about a spent or was born my but with i got to talk to you know, so my was the degree of cooperation then between south africa in the us in combating this new strain right now. well, so that's going scientists were quick to send up international distress singles immediately. they identify this very and we heard that they were talks with the u. s. cobra group in the course of the morning. obviously,
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that cooperation is going to continue among the details that the scientists are feeding the experts in the u. s. as the rate at which this variant is spreading, which is how to reach and south africa is quadrupling every day. so this is certainly a very significant speed of spread. the scientists in the u. s. together with the scientists in south africa. other parts of the world are beginning to study this variance if only a few days into it. it could take weeks before the full details of what it means to the battle against corona virus will emerge how the president biden to make it clear that this emphasizes the need for a global vaccination program to this. and he said that the u. s. is going to continue at the world trade organization meeting and the coming week to press for a waiver of intellectual rights to the vaccines to allow for them to be manufactured globally. this will allow greater spread off the vaccine to
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a greater amount of people, particularly on the african continent, which is at the epicenter or the south of the continent, which is at the epicenter of this new variant. but bearing in mind the experts already saying they simply do not know at the stage what help the vaccine is against this new variant. to what degree this new variant is going to test the existing vaccines. in the for the moment my can life 1st there in washington. well, as mike said, there was so much is unknown about the, on the chronic very. and here's what we do know at this point. as we heard, it was 1st identified in south africa from a sample that came from neighboring botswana since then, more than 100 confirmed cases have been detected in those 2 countries as well as hong kong israel and belgium. variance has $32.00 mutations on what's called a spike protein, which is what the virus uses to invade ourselves. this means it's spike protein is dramatically different than the original than the one in the original corona virus
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. the coded. 19 vaccines are based on a dr alley for, to me as a vaccine ologist, an adjunct professor at the university of michigan in the us. he told us, there is reason to be hopeful, even if existing vaccines are not as effective against the new values. my optimism is really based on the experience with the different mutations that we have in the body and the the beta, the gamma, and they built up that the vaccines were able to protect and were able to cover these money. and so i'm optimistic with regards to this one, do that the vaccines will, to, will be, will prove to be cation of effective against this one. if in the worst case scenario got this thing is not really recognized by the immunity that we gain from vaccination with the existing vaccine. we are talking about 2
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weeks and we will have that in place. however, the issue is still the same. we have a big issue which is, who is going to get that back. the 1st is, these are these going to reach those countries that until now have less than 10 percent vaccination with a existing vaccines available? so therefore, i think the issue continues to be vaccine at these countries and you cannot just sit back and get to see the 2 and 3 and 4 vaccinations. while some countries did not receive and not even one vaccination, this is not going to be sustainable. and mutations will continue to evolve, and that's the risk that we all talked about for a long time. least the 3 people have been killed in the solomon islands. capital honey, are where they have been days of rioting. gangs have been setting buildings on fire
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and trashing property. they're demanding prime minister manasseh. so got what a resign. and they say that part of the pacific nation has no been neglected by the government, is also anger over the decision to switch diplomatic allegiances from taiwan to china. sarah clark is covering the story force from the australian city of brisbin . sarah, what more do we know about the death luckily to confirm these fatalities on the saturday morning, the 3 on identified bodies were found in the the area of chinatown that there were charge remains, which means that they were in some of the doors which were targeted of the last few days of those quite bonnet purchase which targeted that area being china. chinatown, as well as the chinese funded stores and chinese government funded operations as well as government buildings. so they are and i didn't buy this consent to tell us that we have seen out of these protests of the last few days. we've also had just
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confirmed that the police have arrested around $100.00 people for various protested right, related, incidents that have been charged yet, but that's a big development. so the police are moving and trying to, to target those people who were instrumental certainly leading these protests a wednesday, thursday, and friday it wasn't as a bonnet, but we still had one of the prime ministers residence. it was targeted lucian did breaking and try and room one of those. but the police managed to contain the fire . we all the pull, the prime minister we believe is in hiding. he's played some of these demonstrations, but we don't know where he is. i'm confirmed reports, he's left the country. but the accusations, as you mentioned, from the people money from the malaysia province. this is one of the most populous island in the solomon islands. and the concern is all the accusation is the prime minister has neglected some of these provinces, and they want him to stand down,
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which of course, he has refused. and we know that straightly as, as, as now, since in soldiers and police, what impact is that having what the strain defense force as well as the striding federal police, but as well as poverty, guinea, and troops. i have come in over not to also assist and trying to order, but of course, while we might have seen some of the projects die down the next iteration, we're dealing with these a lack of food supplies. we're seeing big cues at some of the items that the money or the bank to people try to get money. people lot out to try and get pictures. of course chinatown is an area where, basically it's a big food provider in honey our. it's along the stools have been bent down at the not the down that close to because people are trying to avoid the bottom and being targeted. so the red cross is also on the ground. they trying to bury people to some of the stools on the outskirts of the city. so this weekend everyone will be
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watching to see if the trying to fit the peacekeepers as well as the new guinea and trips. if i can restore some sort of pace with this indefinite curfew, of course not, tom cliff, you all are in place in holding our sarah clog lifers. they're in prison. thanks. there are still ahead on i just, you know, why india's farmers are still rallying against unpopular agriculture. the government has promised to scram, ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored play cut on airways. hello, we got some quiet weather in the forecast for japan as we go on through the weekend, but for the here and now western areas, still seeing some wintry flowers, high pressure across so much of china. so keeping things quiet here. but around our high, we are picking in quite
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a keen normally or north westley when that see effect, snow quite expensive then across western parts of honshu, northern and western parts of canada. also seeing that when fi makes, which could cause some disruption it quietly down though for the 2nd half of the weekend. sunny doesn't look too bad at all. more of a wesley feed coming in, much lighter on those winds as well as she drive. so across the korean peninsula, while you try to for good part of china, we are picking up at ne, when the ne monsoon coming around their area of high pressure and drive their showers down towards taiwan. and beyond receipts from heavy showers recently. same ne leeway and driving heavy showers into northern parts of the philippines and some very heavy showers too into central and southern parts of vietnam elsewhere. cor southeast asia. is he usual showers in the heat of the day when he a shower still in place across sir southern parts of india and also into sl anchor as a similar pitcher says the going on? it's sunday with flood warnings in force for the southeast of india. oh,
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the weather sponsored by katara always. there was since i was a little boy in india, my dream was to make body wood fence. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition to studio chose was off my own village and good stones permission going behind the lens as got him saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. oh oh.
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hello again, you're watching as a reminder of our top stories this out of the world health organization has named the new coven 19 variant, alma crohn, and says is concerned about its many mutations. this suggested may pose more of a risk than the delta variance, which is driving waves of infections around the world. several countries are restricting travel to and from southern africa. well, micron was 1st identified places have also been detected in belgium, israel, and hong kong. at least 3 people have been killed in the solomon islands, capital hon yara, where they've been days a variety gangs have been setting buildings on fire and trashing property, demanding prime minister manasseh. so gov, what a resign a more in our top story. as the world grapples with a potentially dangerous new covered 1900 variance, brazil's president says his country can't take another lockdown. j a boss soneta, who's had coven 19? but it's denounced containment measures says new restrictions would only bring
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misery. but brazil shot his border to travelers arriving from 6 southern african nations. the new variant has not yet been detected in brazil. but anything can happen. there can be a new variant like this one or a new virus. people need to be prepared. the world and brazil cannot take, can you look down? it would condemn every one to misery and misery killed. europe is once again, the epicenter, the pandemic, and the netherlands is among the countries trying to bring down infection rates. the government ordered bars, restaurants and shops to close at night, triggering protests in the hey, but there was no repeat to the riots in cities last weekend. hospital say they're getting overwhelmed and cancelling surgeries free of beds for cove in 1900 patients . the u. s. is taking the disbanded colombian rebel group, far off its list of foreign terrorist organizations. the decision will allow us
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agencies to operate in parts of columbia, where demobilize fighters live and work fox find a ceasefire. deal with the colombian government. in 2016 ukraine's president was deemed, as the landscape says he, his security services have uncovered a rushing back plot to over fro the government. the lensky toll journalist of the crew was planned for next week, and that one of ukraine's wealthiest men was involved. criminal has flatly denied the allegations. is yogi, as prime minister has been meeting soldiers fighting against cig, ryan rebels in the north abbey had said his forces are making gains. the government declared a state of emergency this month as the rebels moved closer to the capitol. the u. s . and others have told their citizens to leave immediately, bianca, go to reports. the front line is not an unfamiliar terrain for if he appears prime minister. by this time, i'll be amad who also holds the rank of lieutenant colonel,
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has returned to the battlefield to rally his troops for what he calls. an existential war. video released by the government shows are be with soldiers who are fighting against the ground rebels in the off our region for the the way without to. what you see behind me is a mountain area that was a strong hold for the enemy until yesterday. now we've managed to clear the area fully. the morale of the defense forces is really great. the war is being undertaken with great feet. now we've taken cast the gator to day we will take over schiffer and burka. we will continue until a theory appears. freedom is insured to pay more in the way. since july, the rebels have been expanding the battle from inside t gray into neighboring m herrera and our far regions. they have ceased towns that are a few 100 kilometers from the capital, addis ababa. they say, the prime minister has lost his chance at peace, much using war. and the measures taken by our b of men,
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a desperate it would have been better for him to suggest solutions for peace and negotiations. yet he chose war. he should have up held the opportunity for peace. canada has now joined a coin list of countries who are asking the citizens to leave, and with fears that the battle could move towards the capital and that the fighting could get a lot worse. prime minister abbey, at modes a decision to move to a front line, a pair currently in the region where fighting is not actually so serious at the moment, is apparently intended to galvanize his support base and mobilized new recruits for beyond forces. and that's not likely to be effective. i think many people may respond to the call, but this war is being fought with heavy weapons and and in some cases, well trained battle hardened troops. so volunteers at this late stage,
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little training and few weapons and i'm going to make a difference. the civilians are already paying the price of a few appeals here alone conflict. more than 9000000 people are facing hunger. hundreds of thousands on the brink of famine. but so far, both sides had refused to buy down. why what the un colds? the textbook definition of a humanitarian crisis, continues to unfold. brianca hooked up to 0. a french president, emanuel macro has accused the british prime minister boys johnson of not being serious about migration in the english channel. the french have also disinvited the u. k. from a european crisis meeting. it is the latest deterioration in relations between the 2 neighbours, days after at least $27.00 refugees and migraines drowns of northern france for brennan is in dover, where many refugees and migrants arrive after crossing the channel. seeing these migrant boats up close here endeavor, honda?
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it is easy to see just how inevitable wednesday's loss of life was. the $6.00 to $8.00 meet the inflatable simply on designs to cross the treacherous waters of the english channel. but what was left foreseeable was how the initial political consensus that there needs to be closer cooperation between france and england to prevent these crossings happening has fallen apart in the space of just 3 days. britain's proposals included, for example, putting british police and potentially army on french beaches to help the french patrol that stretch of coastline. but the french had been resisting that for the previous 2 days. so when bonus johnson formerly requested joint patrols, the reaction from the french was exasperation just critique to do as it could. i spoke 2 days ago with prime minister bars johnson in a serious manner, but on my end, i seek to continue doing as i do with any country in any headed states. i am surprised by matters when they are not serious ones. you don't communicate from
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a leader to another on these matters via tweets and letters. you are making public . we are not whistleblowers come on. boots on breeches appears to be one of the biggest barons of contention between the british. the french, specifically britons ongoing prussia for the french to allow joint patrols along the french beaches in order to prevent the boats putting to see in the 1st place. but the french long resisted that idea, saying that the length of the coastline means that that's simply not practical, as well as the issue of sovereignty. so embarrassed, johnson included the beach patrol idea and a formal letter to president micron. and then similar tenuously tweeted, the less it's a social media. it had the impression of trying to bounce the french president into agreeing with the british perspective. what you did was sent out of 5 very good, clear if you take on to read, unless you'll see this idea is makes it very, very clear that we want to work in cooperation handed glove with the french. i can't think of another way of resolving this other than to talk about it and to put
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additional measures in place. so close and yet so far. i think stan britain will be excluded from sundays meeting over there in kelly with the rest of the channel nations. there will be no new cooperation despite the appeals earlier in the week from president micron, a prime minister johnson, and nothing new to stop refugees and migrants attempting to make the treacherous crossing. these 2 countries, so close geographically, remained so very far apart on this thorny issue pull brennan al jazeera dover. all migration is the only issue between the u. k and france. french fishermen have blocked ports and ferry traffic across the english channel. andrew simmons reports from the french ports of cali, the day of proteins started after boat supplied stormy seas to reach french ports. just before they arrived. some fairies made sure they left port ahead of time. the trawlers maneuvered to set up blockades. the main one here in cali,
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each protest lasted only one and a half hours, half a dozen boats here, but enough to stop ferries from entering or leaving the harbor. one french police patrol boat was there throughout. the dispute is about post bricks. it rules on licenses for the french to fish in u. k. waters on that other boys. what we're waiting for from parish johnson is the him to unblock the deal that he himself signed nothing more, at least then the fisherman will be able to continue working together. right now it's blocked. some of the fishing protested, say the u. k. is destroying livelihoods, or didn't want to go. and 35 years old. i have 20 to 25 years ahead of means his business. tomorrow's a could take away my license. i know my job and i want to make a living from fishing. i don't want to be paid to stay at home. you are. the fishing protests weren't confined to the sea. they also blocked road freight from entering the channel tunnel, causing long tail backs. their action on land sends out the same signal as
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blockading seaports that unless britain eases its rules on fishing licenses than they'll be more destruction. to trade. fishing in france may represent only a small part of the economy, but the government is steadfast in backing resistance to action. it seizes a breach of the breakfast deal on trade, talks between governments on both sides. the channel are still deadlocked, and there are threats from the french government to stop british fishermen from using its ports to unload their catches and cross border freight could be held up by intensified customs checks. andrew simmons al jazeera kelly indian farmers on the market a year since organizing record breaking protests. they were triggered by new agriculture laws, which the government now says it will drop, but anger remains. elizabeth ferrara. forts from single on the outskirts of delhi.
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yeah, thousands of farmers gather on a highway near the village of single. it was here a year ago that they launched their protests against plans to bring in new doors on farming. many travelled from the states of punjab and had yanna to celebrate what they see as they victory over the government on race course has been at single since day one leaving behind her children and punjab me and they have mamma. we are going through all these trouble for all right, and for a better future for our children. we don't mind leaving here because we are fighting for the next generation. the biggest protests and independent india's history began after the government pushed through laws to deregulate agriculture. the government said they would benefit farmers by giving them access to big markets . farmers said the laws would remove minimum prices for they produce and leave them at the mercy of large corporations. all spoke on the good thing about this protest
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is that the farmers across the country who were fighting different battles have now come together. it's because of this that the indian government and the corporate world, which moti represent, that's about down and repeal the laws. farmers like paid when they're sing, took turns, traveling from their hollins to protest sides, to keep up the pressure on the government to repeal the laws should talk. a good thing about this protest is that the farmers across the country who are fighting different battles have now come together. it is because of this that the indian government and the corporate world, which more the represent, had to bow down and repeal the laws. you how many in the pressure resulted in an unprecedented you turn from prime minister miranda morty. he announced last week the law would be scrapped pharmacy, emboldened by the victory against the most popular leader, india has had decades and they have more demands fall. so they are going to end these protests until the government gives them guarantee. they want
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a minimum price for they produce charges against protesting. farmers dropped penalties on farmers burning crop residue removed. and the junior high minister sect, one of his sons is accused of running over i'm killing, protesting farmers last month. that incident, along with the laws has caused prime minister motor support ahead of important elections in the states of the predation and punjab next year. it's widely believed muddy decided to repeal the laws in a bid to hold onto a pallet and author punish. farmers, make up a large part of the states population and say the government must meet all their demands. if modi's bought at the agenda party once they vote again elizabeth per on al jazeera single law. a peruvian archaeologists have dug up the remains of a mummy whose thought to been buried before the inca empire, which was founded in the 1400s. they believe the remains were that of
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a man. they were discovered in an underground structure, east of the capital. lima were now and us compose a stephen sondheim has died at the age of 90. 1 never says is widely credited with reinventing musical theater. he co wrote broadway classics like west side story gypsy and sweeney todd sondheim. 18 tony awards more than any other composer. ah, it says al jazeera, it's going to round up of the top stories. the world health organization has named the new coven 19 variants omicron, and says it's concerned about it's many mutations. the suggestion may pose more of a risk than the delta variant, which is driving waves of infections around the world. w h o also says urgent work is being done to assess how effective our current vaccines are against the new
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variance on the crown is vastly different from the original karone of ours, which started the pandemic right now there are many studies that.


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