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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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in the united states is also becoming more of a problem is it's been raising so that all of that together. and we're not sure we're going to see the same amount of buying. and if you will, you would have seen in previous times before the pandemic. the american composer, steven sondheim, has died at the age of 91. the lyricist is widely credited with reinventing musical theater. he co wrote broadway classics like west side story gypsy and sweeney todd sondheim. 18 tony awards more than any other composer. ah, a headline 00. the world health organization has name the new cobit 19 variant ami chrome that says it's concerned about. it's many mutations, this suggests it may pose more of a risk than the delta variant, which is driving waves of infections around the world. but more countries are
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restricting travel to and from southern africa where i'm a con, was 1st identified cases. i've also been found in belgium, israel and hong kong or south africa's health minister says the travel bounds imposed on his country unjustified. the action also has some countries in terms of imposing travel bands and such measures are completely against the knobs and standards. as guided by the wealth organization at most beach, due to the dentist rule, allows the discovery of this body and say that this particular verbiage will be resistant to due to the vaccines which are being utilized. and the government in the netherlands has ordered bars, restaurants and shops to close at night to try to bring down coven 19 cases. the measures triggered protests in the hague, but there was no repeat of the rights and cities last weekend. at least 3 people
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have been killed in the solomon islands. capital honey, are where they have been days of rioting. gangs have been setting buildings on fire, trashing property, demanding the prime ministers resignation. they say they're part of the pacific nation has been long, neglected by the government. friend, president emmanuel macro has accused the british prime minister boris johnson of not being serious about migration in the english channel. on wednesday, at least 27 refugees and migrants drowned off northern france or trying to reach the u. k. rushes that i had allegations by ukraine's president. the kremlin, has been plotting to overthrow his government without getting details below them. as the lensky told journalists, but a crew was planned for next week. well, those were the headlines that he's continues here now to 0 up democracy, maybe stateroom, thanks for watching. bye. for now. in the light of the open sea heights at dark secret men forced to work without paying inflate for years.
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but a glimmer of hope remain for the forgotten fisherman. as a group of activists delve deep into the legal fishing industry, demanding justice and freedom goes fleet. a witness documentary on al jazeera, me ah, feels political look at the end. it may be only that i really be the most was god for. but if we can, i see i can do both and, you know,
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if you can see that, i'm almost out. i meant there are people but i'm also left. you'll see it out of the ratio of potatoes, american police more. can i see how your stuff? i'll come into my to the me with the law. and may, he was alex uni in regards to on the him to
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richard, not thomas, but it, but on the bata lemonade, the actor say like, you're not enough, but i waste that is seen all less seen if you just us giving elaine the countless form was most number, i'm in the future and not. and then was alex eunice, not, not the same with neil jeremy lex eunice parking. no, no. ah love him will cut us hipaa. mazacco says acela's cause us putting ourselves most seen can not be in the lame bung. ah, one of these with a mitchell with him is important that he's given the went on month to month with
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less. was he that is that out? the out the yeah. leave me like if he not lick with us? i love it. it's all lowercase hailey hailey. hill, no, at the in the last day monday, asking easy elementary for implant gospels locally here with a booking books on that i sent with keys on the medical respite medicine van dolah. this is eunice k settlement out in karen. so this eve, us bought most people, a lot of the china on thursday. we call toyota moses, deceased him, my legal viola, not even intersect. go to the la polish, and the children be,
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be on con mia con there more ah, possible. the goal was like, where all works towards the only, i mean mass us. ah oh ah ah ah ah, i'm which as many as im less guilty men are going he sales represent that. yes. mr . garzo this, i put another minute whether i was in this dilemma is no genta can be to deal book or pu, a known at gwinnett mass. go and their mother, you lance, yet come when the rest of my check and went race to the me. he got behavior this me luncheon acela's was because his 17 though they were status for him that,
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that like len, this d now all went up as could leader couldn't vivian have either they separate his he those, we have either young ladies that have been disco chaired i mean, those are sickly stress but i'm not certain sad and then you can even order. gandhi, so if you me smoke up inside, it will be a no b children and isn't that says ah ah, a gentleman from the dish. when i shook us up with the medical center matter mugs i madison drive, i mean voice message almost in your kitchen covers
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a scenario. ah, i'm not you. yeah, no sense at all? yeah, i'm also gonna send my son away. christian who's to diaz with any bhaskar? yeah. must. i guess i want to thank everyone i did or not, but another must have been to better jacob bands out, especially because so little watch to live and i would, i would like me ah, ah, with anybody that this data at one time in most,
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all this work if we must have been dealing are you that you cannot move up on it? okay. not gonna be definitely in ah no more near your move on me. hold a minute. campbell: but we live in a month. yeah. young. lucky. luckily he thought yeah. final, you know, scramble even though it's a lot a month. ah, he's on the list. hadn't myra fabulous american jim brown with was gonna fall moving i think you'll be going out of that is yeah, i think i see already. i mean that they use them in the other influences. yeah. see unit pushy. gonna seek with bay allen up with it. yeah. and i'm on the agenda. got
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you in sima. you understand your middle, general lucy, up with a ah . ah ah, looking to the every way in the a get it on this, you know the addy to my less go says is money ah, our just them was have landed another things i we love you day and then this year to as to rita san diego but as he knocked to us is day while in vs when they see the most internally those. hm.
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mm. yeah. my mom and you moved to vehicle are you are there? yeah, it does have an almost even with columbus corpse weighed with if she comes to say in the summertime, i did mail stella a month for us to pay that out. if you're not the only time you buy a new job either both for myself or not in the policy to lock in the oven. yeah. and you get beat out by law a couple to school. so i wanted to get lots of this. i've got i'm going to just get on the get going my am i will get on best just almost analyst
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a c. so like i know with me now most casual liskey models was come. your name, pasadena discusses a little better about being in the who i could get my role. so i k the moon up in front of the who i could call gabrielle this animal yard in pu. so it happens. i'm in till they lost my yoda special. no, my yoda, the same bus at then. can you get here on and get on? not almost as seamless and geron. no. my pamela hand 11th. i mean to leave it on. if we is in seattle mentor board, let her fafsa barrow in maybe up amanda ice. the process will be 9, a link. i got the key and this is starlen corners in pull that police coin recycle
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money. there are a lot of, i mean, the human since you don't easily society. all bill is our last part, the most part, our number i moister us and went to represent dentist and worth so told you that his he can gleam must not for that sheet and he wanted to know to me. there have been sadness that is heated window. just explore. some was the worst of it man. this intensive chit and the cd. but it won't, dallas, my job is gone with a gant. this was, you know, under the wireless. ah ah
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. with us going speak with him, but if once you're not fired out of any settles with us, yet, if he'd get thought i left this, you see on a scheme back then i like when you at the ymca said, don't my that board though must carry them with chair i, as i'm bless, have a lot of i know most important the case a login to the level got a glam, heard it in a 2nd. even less forgot. does get noise. so noise that i'm going to go to before you go see no, because heck, the wendy scuse on his get, didn't get rid, go go more like and when he does she go to any send those separate come vehicles as kinessa this graham was dna gazebo to come in,
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that's all that's all i will needs. did he get where we'll stop. i will neither dick in wiggle 40 so it generally almost if then we'll see. no it almost amelia. yet i'm, if i'm in a, i'm of the i'm of a from last week with jack while give him a few items. i mean, a few less live poly because normal game often is deplorable or game focused. this woman, i can say this with one of those a soon. ok that, that'd be oh speak with me one moment. mm hm.
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is he there mom? would he be quoted and he said it got my cell neither more grass yo yo yos anymore . could i see? okay, i can add add on or not, but it keeps you on the front end below. gazed lab bullied ticket burner laconia. better them in a accordion are nice. thus for tomas they will be at m o. k c and been salvo, he santa that he saddle the zeros ancestor event goes to who's i? susan danica, we can joke which means any more, they look at it and it's when a shampoo dameion they go say boy they a b,
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b, e. so would it be vive no, unless you have something christy's. yes, gallon man was introduced her to me to work on an audio there minute ago and spending their their own bosky the la bella was gay. i spoke to you last year and needed some general of my credit score and it be in my unit. you wanted to know then i'll be rudy up but i will portable. nick, i'm pretty sure a mighty good, but he injured up in me and i could get quite a most key in his emerald thought by ease getting in lundy stops, you'll not get, but if he didn't delay the paschal cream in on the road with them leaving him there he did say you can pull it a little mild. if you look at me,
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will not be as good yesterday for coral bed. but i don't know the more glass here, but i don't want to stay is fatal, but i didn't like the little boy who made no new settlement that they polish me too much as much as i know none of them. and that may be some other thing they did last year that they may not let me out. diana for my little chair. they now my most or a little by little not i son. i don't buy me when i
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see a mom nicea most halo sunken lovely, that his family may be indo niecy, our morals. neither hamilton, supportive, valuable, rare, get them emotion gala, but it's all not told. don't handle those that my most. yeah, no, but a mid was they had i'll pull it all, she has multiple then also with . * * i mean ah
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and i think well, we're not entered and a soon as we're in a camp lo golardo, they are valuable. e, they were not as he's been checking the letter a there one desperate about if nickel c, c dual in context of and on they are not that are we saw them, which i think was these yes. eager. okay. no one knows it that they sent it out on the web mobile. so you know they've been saturday. i hope they get my name as to whether good i don't know. i will more than one. well, for my busy but yeah, joanne, by means him medical didn't really know. know they'll be on the list that'll he, them in the one of the burial does for my the been and is it will be, i don't know this one gamino pain, sab, or you might, you know, one which is cornelius on which is okay. the bed. okay. good, our man to said that he, so he said you wanna put up with
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that info on gone, thanks so much. no. well, hulu and netflix agenda let him. okay. i see. okay. see the end is a, is a lot by lowering us in just a little while here. recently been in business, united case on noise locus that was 80. and then in dante la, la, the man back is his dad. was he done this badly? that a i main thing i was i blow, you know what i'm float, he know i last i los i love the finance you gain in the last well, we'll just go see a little less in indiana, indiana in north, you know, but they said they moved that i've seen it, he's in a particular policy in this, in the him as a seam, brands deals with them in the us in women. believe me trick on isn't point though. and he though, in both ways, you anthem's his eyes are listen,
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mom will represent the other medical picking it up in the, in the, on this as a pizza. get medical if that's and in the us. yours or british, those me to i got, i got a living do that. i guess i got blood. i got this. i got several other mulatto las boy las colinas brussel got by the day they thought, well, 7 was good getting this is than interested other, but it's in does your income of yet method that lists on property of that is that those is as good on the simplest us get that i welcome you, miss martin, does this is like, are you on his door then? must get other in your case with delancy, spear my politi clinical. no michael existing make equal. a field is as domain pecansgroup? nope. or labeled baldwin. allah,
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my miracle mom did not just on my most. are you local? go get any more rec, or whatever widget on those work with ah ladder. legendary luck. good route, jennifer. this is elgar casey tempered by the law. the nato asking if he got up, will they equal in $91.00 or less, but is it is gone. the comments on this blue lemma. ah, lat groups. young boy who he can is in i just come and got his he and he said that he sent them at dba laguna, but kissane's ahead of his customers. it asks me yes or no kidding you can get get . but again, a soon as an article money that you know by now, korea and john, it's, you know, la la format and gonna say, yoga i so is that them in deepening with
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deanna. good. the middle isn't really that good when the entered in the study, but it's intended riders that over and under control. no. so trust yours is elegant gamble knows that the gold them in which i can think it must be to be honest. community boardington that if it said one of them will get us. yeah. but okay, well if that element they let been upward again, but i know something in the feca boys viewed, i don't know, garcia would have voted where they started going. sienna, physic, where's transit data lowercase sandwich? $3030.00 another. to play a buzzard. did that as they asked us, a more did this is the most out. there was more just give them other than really they get stuck. i'm, you know, in a gallery they love was a game woody up was
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a better if i look as amos as soon, ah, with gary. so servicing video as you see those radio to gay. so see that is boris tickets. you'll see those lakers videos and kissing a book as you see most sociology requests in lucas. if he doesn't wound on my video, i will just a speedy toil, mentally, cousin, song, luskin, or exceed 10 was time ended, the europe in which the $1.00 0
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so he must be in san luke unless he love cathy. any must be nettle looking in my for quizzical mommy cause a lot of the the noise here i live in missouri say we're not in 30 audi so soon, but up already. right insult. i love recuperate. i soon the noise took leave you alone. oh, i'm going okay bother. yes'm. was they goes to lead as they did it and we'll good as you come jojo, nobody barnett load or nobody bought again. is on non break a yes. down the more he moves that hotel, but i left by myself here. ah ah
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ah, ah lu pays doesn't labels but i leave my they wanna a for money for and they will be in boise and him please eat the good he because me for it there is no he has good because a my number less common yet is in my number less persona. yep. you guessed army. the endo e g is value chandler. the idea is that i even gone your he no this will had those good waste. seems that i'm in disorders than did that. i say when no one is getting done you is i look at the incremental bochita, my son indeed get danika sara. this is beverly barden boy lloyd where look and don't say censured. i'm st. enter, construed there's their god dollars. so in this column we many more better. good
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amos gay is drill men, fit on the leper loretta. then look at us, your code or d, as in, oh, i hello the stories that we cover a highly complex. so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can. as al jazeera correspondence. that's what we strive to do. we tell the untold stories. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes us. obviously a fan of my eyes and power and passion. we tell your story.
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we are your voice, your news, your net to hack out his ear. ah, hello, i'm down jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the headlines here on the al jazeera, the world health organization has named the new cobit 19 variant. all micron am says, is concerned about it's many mutations. this suggests it may pose even more of a risk than the delta variant, more countries than our restricting travel to and from southern africa, where micron was 1st identified out here as the me, bob, i report it's the news. no one wanted to hear the discovery of a new covey variant called ami chronic 1st identified in south africa has hit world stop markets as concerns.


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