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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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imagine l just 0 wooten a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ah, a new covered 90 varian shakes global markets as governments ban or restrict flights out of southern africa. ah, hello again on come out santa maria, here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera. the us is going for urgent negotiations to end the conflict in ethiopia. our prime minister abbey ahmed, is out on the front lines. also these 3 people dead in the solomon islands after days of rioting against government policies. and electric vehicles and maybe the
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future, but in democratic republic of congo, mining for materials used to make their batteries devastating lively ah, current of ours pandemic to get us going the south and the discovery of that new variance which has been cold, omicron, and have seen countries around the world restricting travel to and from southern africa, that means south africa botswana, zimbabwe, namibia la suit through s were teeny mozambique all affected by these rules. news which has shaken the world economy. it has to be said just as it was showing signs of recovery. stocks on wall street took a hit and friday before they closed for the weekend. and in south africa itself, the number of confirmed cases of our micron are still relatively low. but the speed with which young people are getting sick is causing alarm. so let's check in with family to miller reporting from johannesburg this hour in south africa. you might
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say fair enough, not happy about the fact that they are just being shut off from the world after informing the world, doing the right thing. and that's exactly the complaint from the government and scientists in south africa. they said, we've done the work, we've been transparent and instead we've been punished when this is also a variant that's been detected in other countries. not just in that southern african countries in south africa. in particular, the minister of health has said that south africa has been punished and that this kind of approach has also led to a certain amount of panic and uncertainty. and the government is looking to have this decision being put to on the read list. once again, with the struggling economy, having that decision reversed and they're talking about talks with the e. u as well as the united kingdom in the days to come to try and have this decision reviewed along with the world health organization and that kind of
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sentiment as also trickle down to the general public in south africa will agree that this really is a punishment talk about panic and uncertainty about on. so for me to tell us a little bit more about that, the scenes, we've seen it at the airports and i wonder as well people rushing, trying to get their vaccines done now as well. well, that's an interesting point because south africa has had an issue around vaccines and the amount of people wanting to be vaccinated at the moment, around 40 percent of adults have at least one job. and that goes down to 55 percent for people who have had 2 jobs. and because that has been that sort of a hesitancy news like this, we sciences are saying, well, withdrawal, we're still trying to figure out just how effective the vaccine will be. and keeping you safe certainly won't translate into confidence in terms of people who really aren't keen to be vaccinated. the government wants to 70 percent of the
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population vaccinated by the end of the year. that certainly unlikely to happen, but cases in south africa a couple of weeks ago, perhaps 400 cases through an entire week. it has gone up to about 2000 cases a day. but that's also part of the frustration is that africa has 2000 cases. they're constantly monitoring what's happening while they are, you are appealing countries was sitting with averages of between 20 and 40000 today . and so it's a complex situation for south africa where they say, again, there's the, i'm really treated and they're really doing the best they can in terms of handling the countries position within the cobra. 1900 pandemic. thank you. saw me to mila reporting from johannesburg. this saturday, this latest cove at variance may well disrupt the global economy just as it was starting to show some signs of recovery. news of the recon variant had an immediate impact on wall street stock treasury hills. they all fell on friday,
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which led to the biggest oil price drops in. the pandemic began. europe's biggest economy, germany was already struggling to recover before a 4th wave. hit edgar just 1.7 percent in july. in the glove the supply chain could also face shoot setbacks and several countries impose restrictions and locked down further disrupting manufacturing and shipping. and there are indications, interest rates could rise as well in the coming months. it looks a bit gloomy, doesn't it? let's talk to charlie robertson about it in london, global chief economist at renaissance capital. let's deal with yesterday. first of all, the way the market's fell dramatically. the way the oil price fell dramatically. that's not uncommon. is it? it will happen not quite knee jerk reaction, but on the news it will fall and then possibly start to correct. we do need to price in the uncertainty so the market fairly clear playbook. 1 to what to worry about and he was globally place sure it was china, recession risk,
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a new variance because breakthrough vaccines and spread incredibly quickly. that was anyone's major base case until yesterday morning. the markets about the price i'm seeing not 2 percent full. i think the bigger drops but the $10.00 forward in the price a little bit more of a shock and i guess is related to. ready concerns and interest might be doing about v s p r release that we saw few days ago from the u. s. and others. yes, the problem we've got more broadly is that the w h o itself has been saying, look, we need a couple of weeks to really know what the effect of this is going to be. and in the meantime, they will be all this uncertainty and governments will make their own reaction. they're already making their own reactions and shutting down. yeah, for the, for the economy and for the kind of gdc number is the spelling of the fashion story . i don't think the next 2 weeks masses very much. we get to week of blocked friday
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to south africa. that's not such a big deal. but it does mean that the mock is probably don't recover on monday in a straight rebound, unless you've got something start pulling out like the new very it doesn't. kennedy well, it's possible it's much more contagious, but doesn't get anyone unlikely. and the kids are down because that's not the most likely, but we, we just that there isn't a lot. we do know yet. what else should we be keeping an eye on? i mentioned a few things there, interest rights, inflation supply chain, which was already a huge issue. ah, is that the type of thing which can be compounded further? i know we're still in a bit of speculative territory, but yeah, but i guess it's more that the supply chain issues we can that we potentially see potentially see locked down scan in europe or states because it's gonna take pfizer a 100 days to come up with a new vaccine if they needs to and then that needs to be rolled out about people,
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ideally, the whole population. this is a 6 month story and we know tourism gets white. going to pick a holiday to turkey next year. i was looking for $20000000000.00 worth of more money for turkey from terrorism next year. who's going to be looking out of that now? so we know that that's a problem on us. i'm. yes, there's no for up to 170. so at the moment i think people will be rolling for the next few days. ready trying to say a house is going to potentially pound interest right. used for the supply china to come to you question. yeah, i would guess actually eases risks, but people won't be buying quite so much stuff. the fear of the overriding fear, i think, which people would have is that we go back to quote unquote, lockdown. now if we rewinds what, 16 months or so when they were hard locked downs and economies really suffered and businesses suffered really quickly. i think the lesson must have been learned from them that that may be won't work again,
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that it would help with the higher is obviously, but that it could absolutely destroy economies and businesses. if we went that hot again, it sounds. yeah, and we've also got this example of china, which people are saying radio is trying to keep things so restrictive are going to travel international, the country, and now it looks tightly justified. what's fine to start with overall seems to be working for them today. i think it's going to be more political arguments about it . we already saw protests in holland and austria when they re impose lockdown just in the last week or 2. i think it's going to be politically more difficult. and also i think governments will be a little more cautious about what they would spend in lockdown because they've seen this inflation such come out of the current situation. so they will be a little bit more wary about doing that again. next, charlie robinson is from renee, sounds capital in london. great talking to you and getting your views. thank you. thanks very much. on 2 other news in the us says that is greatly concerned about
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the escalating conflict in ethiopia. and it's called for agent negotiation. the statement from the state department follows the phone call between the secretary state and tenure presidents, ethiopia prime minister abbey, made me mallos, joined the army on the front lines as he said he would against the 2 drawn rebels from the north. and he says his forces making games, the government declared a state of emergency earlier this month. samuel get to chose an independent journalist to keeps across developments in addis ababa for samuel relations between the u. s. and ethiopia. strange, shall we say? well, it hasn't been this low and the last money, many years between the bite and administration in washington, dc, and administration, and not the sub adviser difference and perspective in this conflict is day and night. the government and the job in general population accuses the united
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states government taking a side with the p p. i left that explains why jeffrey felt my really had difficulty in terms of trying to and or make a contribution in terms of america, leadership in ethiopia. and the united states was being forced to play a secondary role, a supporting role to the african union invoice that has been saying there is a small window of opportunity to solve this conflict begun a year ago. and as millions of people the united nations just came out in that 9000000 more than 9000000 people i need of emergency aid. 3 and kenyon, presidents that you've done done this last week and i've been saying this conflict has to end. but between both sides, the field and governments and the c p. there doesn't seem to be any compromise they feel i minister was in that battle ground had said he's there to help bury the
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enemy, which he has declared with government. and so the parliament that this is a terrorist organization and to the perspective of the united states, if competitive to forcing them to negotiate to something like, you know, a terrorist organization like the taliban. and that's where we are with their relationship. any clarity, samuel over the actual fight itself. the frontline itself, you know, we heard about the tpl, it's getting as close as 300 kilometers north of addis ababa. what are they saying? what is the army thing? well, the children cited, assisting the only recognize the fox up their fight and a bullet shot the pricing. as far there was rumors that there was nearby the left, but that was proven to be wrong. but according to the prime minister, once again in the bustle gone, he had said that he is there to help. and they'll keep patient of some of the pounds. he said are now once again in the hands of the government,
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including those afar. and he's saying they're going to proceed and capture other towns that have been taken over by the left. and the 2 prime minister is saying, the dissemination is to show the independence of ethiopia. and to end this conflict for once and for all, samuel got a chair with the latest from out of south of a thank you. car is got to look at your world where the next and then nigeria offering free vocational training for young people. let's stop them from turn into on groups dr. ah, ah, look forward to skies with sponsored point cutoff at ways. hello. then let's look to east asia and it's an improving situation for japan. over the next few days. we've had some really wet and wintry weather sweep in across the
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west on northern areas, but it is going to ease. we are going to see some find a dryer conditions come back in and they'll be sunshine in tokyo until at least wednesday. now we had high pressure in charge for much of the korean peninsula and mainland china sunshine for beijing, but that is gonna change by the time we get into monday. you can see a wintry mix pulling in from the west. we are going to see some snow flurries across beijing, but they will still be some sunshine to the temperature. will dip down quite a bit below average, but the sunshine returns on chew. se for shanghai, we're seeing showers on monday. a lot of heavier rain pulling into those coastal areas and it remains rather wet for taiwan over the next few days. as it does for southern parts of india, an sri lanka. as we move to south asia, we got warnings out for tom will not do over the past 24 hours. we've seen more than 200 millimeters of rainfall here, and that's caused further flooding. as we go into monday, we're going to see that rain pick up in caroline, edging up as well in so go,
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but it's fine and julia, up in the north with new delhi, sitting at 27 degrees celsius. oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always indonesia, the country with an abundance of results for trade. already won indonesia whose turns forming, we moved full to growth and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest in indonesia. now, lou, the me
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on out as they were, these are the top stories. our concerns over the new corona virus very shaken. the world economy global markets, and the price of oil fil is that news emerged on friday. the travel industry likely to suffer as well as for to start to close around the world. growing number of countries are banding or restricting travel, particularly from southern africa. as restrictions came, as the world health organization declared the new variance on the chrome to be of concern and the u. s. as it's greatly concerned about the escalating conflict in ethiopia, and it's called the urgent negotiations state department. and follow the phone call between the secretary state and tenuous bodies of 3 people have been found in a burned out building in the solomon islands capital where there's been days of rising more than 100 people have now been arrested. as sarah clark reports, bodies were found in this bird house building in the chinatown district. this area
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was the flash point for the last 3 days of writing. like a report suggests that the remainder of looters who trapped inside the store. that was the question where the gun on wednesday police have enclosed an indefinite nighttime p. c. that will show race that more than $100.00 people on right related charges. the prime minister isn't hiding places surrounded his residence after was targeted by as he government group led by the people of the later province populous district in solomon islands. mulligan, people, the lack of muleta once a prime minister to stand down because of the things he isn't addressing with the prime minister didn't address issues that were affecting the province of living has been widespread across the capital. people are now queuing for fuel and food. marcus, either bird to the ground or close sterling troops and military personnel from pop
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and you're getting around the ground to help restore order in the capital. is obviously pens we've seen the last couple of days. there has been some destruction, some losing its volatile situation. the streets may become for now, but there's been simmering discontent, predict heights. the people of them a light, a province dissatisfied with the prime minister, accusing him of neglecting their province. that's compounded by anger over the central government's decision to dump their allegiance with taiwan. recognizing china instead with the prime minister, refusing to budge on the protest demands that tension is unlikely to ease sarah clark al jazeera, the french president emanuel micron is accused british prime minister bars johnson of not being serious about migration in the english channel. the french and also disinvited the u. k. for the european crisis meeting. the latest deterioration relations between the naval days. after at least $27.00 refugees and migrants
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drowned off the coast of northern from how dispute between sri lanka and china is on the escalating. and it's all about organic, both eliza, the shilling can government. so the $20000.00 tons, shipment contains harmful bacteria and pathogens which could harm their crops. the chinese manufacturer has rejected the complaint and is demanding payment. fernandez with more from power than yeah, the city of candy members of agriculture, trade unions took to the streets to protest a shipment of organic fertilizer ordered by sher lanka, from a chinese company shall anchors national plan, quarantine service or in peak us. refuse to allow the ship carrying $20000.00 tons of organic fertilizer to enter columbus port and unload its cargo. after it said it found harmful disease causing bacteria in both samples provided for testing. the some grandpa stew bacteria for po. and did the we may as well so steadily did they
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store done at the it bigger. so the, this test was fail. therefore, we haven't had to show about permit the chinese manufacturer ching down in biotech, and the chinese embassy in colombo, rejected the findings. some hi may a director of the company senior arriving at the agriculture ministry told al jazeera caught our products do not contain alina. she added that china customs technical testing center and should a group tested the same batch of samples using internationally recognized testing standards and methods, and also confirm that our products do not contain harmful bacteria. the company claim that the unscientific detection method and conclusion of shall anchors national plan quarantine service regarding fertilizer samples obviously do not comply with international animal and plant quarantine conventions. that's the judge
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dismissed by a number of sealant and scientists. the danger is that these microorganisms once applied to 3 lankin, so you feel cannot pig them back so that if they become palm full, then there is no way that we could reverse the process. as a scientist, i wouldn't not recommend under any circumstance to ah, pick in this consignment of fertilizer. as the stand of continues with the ship anchored of the southern coast, the buys obtained a court order, preventing a state bank from paying for the goods. china's embassy and colombo responded by blacklisting the bank. the shilling could minister of agriculture, who said the government would pay for a large part of the $9000000.00 shipment toward of me debriefing on wednesday, that there was a breakthrough behavior to understanding that they will beg bishop back and send the samples again. and then re, kendall, the re pasting,
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and we can get the shipment of the union's a warning, the government against any settlement there. now are you the money we're telling the government don't pay compensation under any circumstances using money collected by taxing the people on the agriculture. director general says the detected pathogens cause disease and wrought and can result in yield loss, while the chinese manufacturer and the government are fighting to have the shipment cleared. scientist in shall anchor opposing that saying it's a biodiversity hot spot, and it's ecosystem must be protected. minute fernandez, audio 0 para dania central shall anchor for testers in between a far so. according to the resignation of president ross cavalry, there is anger against a worsening by violence by armed groups, 3 bikini faso soldiers were killed during an attack on wednesday. nicholas huck is in dagger in near by synagogue explaining the source of the protest,
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his anger. they're furious at the security situation that's been deteriorating. 1.3000000 people are displaced. 60 percent of those are children. 2 3rd of the country are no longer in the control, or at least are areas where arm groups insecurity, forces are fighting to gain control. and out to that the, the government has started arming civilians, villagers to try to protect their villages. but that has deteriorated the situation even further with armed groups attacking villages indiscriminately. we've seen brutal attacks this summer, where, where over a 100 people were killed, a killed the attackers were fighters as a link to a, the isolate affiliate that these were fighters that were age between 12 and 14 because of this deteriorating situation. and because of what is perceived as the lack of reaction from the government,
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young people in walker do are currently taking to the streets. the protest is officially band, according to the mayor of walker do group. now the security forces had been firing tear gas to disperse the crowd for the last 96 hours. so many people in burkina faso are frustrated with the current security situation or, and specifically with the president himself, for his lack of reaction to the deteriorating security situation. to nigeria is northeast and bona state which is offering free vocational training that tries to reduce youth unemployment. born has been the epicenter of nigeria. more than a decade long conflict with both a her arm fighters interest reports now from the state capitol. my degree isaac peter, has landed. his 1st job was still in the middle of training program to be a metal fabricate. the 25 year old has already started dreaming big.
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i want to be among death begonia in the wall so that my name will be counting among those successful people in the world. isaac, along with 10000 other young men and women will soon graduate from 15 of the st centers in bottle of state hoping to start their own businesses. for those in cutting trees and generic will match them. we turn, plumbed in and pathetic welding. fabrication are building construction and solar solar and electric hello. do go to get, i don't venture into building casa housing construction is was, if you give them account, i would him a contact letter like 10 houses. you will commack liberty. 14 skills are taught in the centers and as soon as a set graduate, another is brought in by i'm good like borum, which is conducting a large recruitment drive. at the moment, the i'm group has lost many fighters in confrontations with nigerian and regional
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armies. experts say illiteracy like of skills and poverty. are some of the reasons that pushed most fighters into joining the group. bodenal's state, which is hit hardest by the conflict, says it's stepping up efforts to avoid rolling bank recent gains against spoke laura. we are trying to create jobs a time to create well thought at, ah, the youth in but no stead will be on that on. this is the only without my vision is to see that 1st of all, but enough to it is well scott, that's the number wantin. but in dynette visit into security on the bottom and many residents say they want to see more centers established as poverty. and unemployment remain high. after 12 years of book, what are banners that they say could speed up recovery and stop young people from turning to crime? i'm a degrees algebra, my degree nigeria,
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human rights groups in democratic republic of congo, say chemical spills from coble mines are ruining local livelihoods. the world's demand for cobalt is soaring, is rich countries switch to electric vehicles that use batteries that contain copel's, web reports. now, from german bender, in lieu of a province that wiki, small loan of certain kasan goes fish dead. he says he form them in this pool until after leaked from a nearby mine here in democratic republic of congo, i guess in one says it killed the plans and that he found the fish floating. it was a month ago. he said he can't afford to clean the pools and replace them. thou a moon too. i feel pain, because this is how we pay school fees for our children. this is how we always lived. now they've done this. we have nothing to do. next to the poof therapy grows cabbages, but they're stunted and inedible. we says the acid spoiled the soil. his neighbors
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say the same community live near an industrial cobalt and copper mine called k c. c . most of the world cobalt comes from congo extracted mind like this. they use large quantities of acid to separate cobalt from rock rights groups say, spills are common and environmental regulation is almost nonexistent. this pipe is one of the places that the acid spilled out of the mind. the minds just on the other side as this embankment surf in farm is about 2 kilometers down this stream. and all of the people that we've spoken to in the communities here whose fish pool farmed and livelihood with spoiled they. they still haven't been compensated. the mind belongs to swiss trading and mining giant glen core, which supplies cobalt to us. electric comic, a tesla for its batteries. glen cool, said it accidently spilled, electrolytes here a month after the acid. its work has scattered lime to neutralize some streams and
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rivers. but activists say it was too little too late. there was a manual and pool has been researching the impacts of the spills. he says dozens of people's livelihoods have been destroyed, and he's documented cases of cough, headaches, and skin burns caused by the acid, which glen cool denies, connected. what we accordingly got to do is to identify our victim and to fund how truly been how to make compositions. glencoe told al jazeera in a statement that it tested waterways after the spills and found their p hates level to be neutral. that fish likely died for an unrelated reason, and the conditions in vegetable gardens had not been impacted. emanuel doesn't buy it. the good way to save the image to, to recognize, did the problem and to fix it is not to hide millions of dollars worth of cobalt a truck out of congo every day. clinical minds, about a 5th of it. he recorded trading profits of more than 3000000000 dollars last year
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. sarah fin says he and his family have lost most of their income. there's a handful of big winners in congos, rapidly growing cobalt industry. sarah fins, not one of them. malcolm web al jazeera chairman than the democratic republic of congo. ah, pop up the are on algebra. these are the headlines concerns over a new corona virus. barry and shaking the world economy got the stock markets and the price of oil fil is news emerged on friday. the travel industry is likely to suffer as well as borders close around the world. on that note, a growing number of countries are the banding or restricting travel from southern africa.


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