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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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the problem and to fix it is not to hide millions of dollars worth of cobalt a trunk out of congo every day. clinical minds about a 5th of it. he recorded trading profits of more than 3000000000 dollars last year . sarah fin says he and his family have lost most of their income is a handful of big winners in congos, rapidly growing cobalt industry. sarah fins, not one of them. malcolm web al jazeera chairman than the democratic republic of congo. ah, pop up the ron algebra. these are the headlines concerns over a new corona virus variant. shaking the world economy got the stock markets and the price of oil fil is news emerged on friday. the travel industry is likely to suffer as well as the board is closed around the world. on that note, a growing number of countries are the banding or restricting travel from southern africa. the restrictions came as the world health organization declared the new
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cobit 19 variance. they called it on the chrome and said it was a variant of concern. we understand that people are concerned. the good thing is that we have monitoring systems around the world to detect these variance very quickly. this variant was detected a few weeks ago, and already scientists are sharing research with us information with us so that we can take action. what's really important as an individual is to lawyer exposure. the measures these proven public health measures have never been more important distancing wearing of a mask, making sure that it's over your nose and mouth with clean hands. making sure you avoid crowded spaces, have be in rooms where there's good ventilation and when it's your turn get vaccinated. in australia, thousands of again protested against corona. virus rules crowds much to through melbourne's city center for 3rd weekend, protesting against a bill that would give the victorian state government more powers. in the case of a new pandemic coven. 19 vaccinations have been made compulsory from 81250000 of
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the states workers. the bodies of 3 people have been found in a burned out building in the solomon islands. capital would have been days of rising. the streets of honey are a quieter, but tension is still hides, protest to set fire and damaged property. over the past 3 days. they want prime minister, manassas, so guevara to resign in the u. s. as it is greatly concerned about the escalating conflict in ethiopia. and is called for urgent negotiations. that word from the state department follows a phone call between the states a sorry, the sector of state and kenya's president. if europe is prime minister abbey meanwhile, has joined the army on the front lines against the to ground rebels from the north and says, his forces are making day. that's man, thanks v company. moline will take you to the next few hours. i will see you at 1500 hours, jim t. tomorrow's sunday and it's inside story next. ah,
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you might italian disaster turned into a political span, france and the u. k. criticize each other for the deaths of dozens trying to cross english channel. but beyond this blame gained, what would it take to stop such a tragedy happening again? this is inside story. ah, hello, welcome to the program hashem abala, britain and france are blaming each other for the deaths of at least 27 people in the english channel. 70 man, 7 women, and 3 teenagers,
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died on wednesday when that dingey deflated is the west disaster in the water since the u. m. began collecting data into 1014, the das have worsened relations between the account. france are ready at odds over brags at france, cancelled a we can meeting with british officials in protest against a letter made public by promise. abolish johnson. the u. k. government had called on friends to start taking back all migrants trying to make the crossing and accused it of rejecting an offer to conduct joint marine patrols. but france authorities say france is only a transit country for many migrants, and they blame british employers for encouraging illegal migration by hiring undocumented people. andrew simmons report from the friends port city of calais, rescue boats are on patrol less than 24 hours after the tragedy there. surveillance from above please. so using beach buggies and what passes for normality in cali,
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migrants and refugees being escorted to buses, bound for some sort of shelter. no, for our police immobilized day and night. not only yesterday or the day before, but they have been from the very start. they are on our external borders. never has france had as many police officers and it timed soldiers involved in a fight against illegal immigration. this is about addressing long time her factors smashing can dance at sheet human beings as cargo and tack in supply chains all along this part of the french coastline. more than 50 kilometers of it. there are spots where in secrecy, people, smugglers arrange the sudden, boating of small inflatable boats. it's happened before, and it's still happening. these images were filmed on the same days, the migrants died. people intent on getting to the u. k. no matter what the risk.
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it's hard to imagine the level of desperation for these people in braving the seas to cross the english channel. but that doing so in there, thousands of numbers are growing this year alone. 25000 have made the crossing. that's triple the number of 2020. for many of the people arriving in cali, this is where they are given help, carrots as a charity tries. it's best to persuade people not to make channel crossings warning of the hazards. most of the time they fail. they don't just blame the people smugglers, they blame governments on both sides of the channel. even after what happened yesterday. people will try again. so it's really tang to change the politics here. it's really, it's really tend to change the situation and to and into open safe and the guy routes to let people and in to cover basic needs when people are here and to lead them settling friends as well. the british and french governments often blame each other for the problem, getting worse. what's the rhetoric dies down though?
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there is some hope that wednesdays deaths could bring a new level of cooperation. what was intended to be a new beginning? was a tragic end for the men, women and children who died in the english channel. how many more may have to die before there's an increase of humanitarian moves to help these people, instead of politically motivated actions on both sides of the english channel. andrew simmons al jazeera kelly, a trance across the english channel have increased since last year. nearly 26000 people arrived in the u. k. this year. thus, 3 times more the last year. earlier this month, a record $1185.00 migrants and ravages beach, the southern shores of the okay. in a single day before the disaster on wednesday, 14 people drowned this year trying to make the journey. last year, 7 people died and 2 were never found. 4 debts reported in 2019
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ah, let's bring in our gas from some a lot of friends, jack, real all senior research fellow of the world policy institute from calais, france maya can 40. that was the general the college charity, la bash, dimming all from london, sarah overton, researcher of the u. k. in a changing europe. think tang? thank you all for joining us. jack. why has the tragedy of the english channel turned into a blame game between france and the u. k. is just a continuation of the brain game when prompted the, okay. it's been going on for quite a while. i started with different issues about fishing rights for french books. it's probably good to know and i don't, i don't need to pick this week with the terrible drama in the shadow where
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the dish decided to accuse the financial being responsible for that tragedy. and it's part of growing i will on the board johnson the game against the french always the id scape goat where there is problem destruction destruct. public opinion from programs is such as these issues made. they are the issues, sequences of breaks in. so it's are used for destruction. there's nothing better when you have to progress at $12.00 to $5.00 an enemy outside of the ideal. i did. as always is the fridge, which the british and the british press log to criticize it's. we know we are used to it and it's not the french thing that's not the right approach to
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that issue because it's really serious issue of a drama with lives at stake. why should actually try to focus all drives together to try to find a solution and not throw attacks at each other. like to add yesterday what to said, the french, terribly led to return by boys jones, which was actually published on twitter, which is contrary georgia tech use. maya the way the tragedy was characterize and the statements between the 2 key nations now of the sun, tell the tragedy of france and the u. k. to basically agree on what i to, which is the, put the blame on migrants smugglers and human trafficking. there's absolutely no mention of the story of the migrants themselves or the issue of migration itself. how do you see these current characterization? yes, that's definitely the only thing that the british and french governments have in
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common is that they like to blame it all on the smugglers. you know, of course, the smugglers are not exactly a friendly people, but, and you know, they tried to make as much money as possible, but they actually respond to a need. and why is there? is there such a need to cry, too for smugglers? it's because the borders are closed, you know, in gala there's miles upon miles or bad barber of farm wise walls, a seal to machines and cameras, and so forth. and now a lot of police, but the, the smugglers respond to the need that people in kelly have to cross to the u. k. and they want to go to the u. k for the simple reason that they cannot keep an ass for asylum in france. because most of the time they have the fingerprints taken in other countries,
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and therefore they're not allowed to ask for asylum in france. and really, frankly, we have people on the ground and with the refugees on the ground, and they tell us undying little by little, every day i spent in cat a. so i meant as well, take a big risk and maybe die, but at least i will die fast. and hopefully i will make it to the u. k. sarah, the british government is frustrated over what a describes as a lack of cooperation from the french government to basically trying to say that the french intentionally, i was just allowing people to cross into the okay inc. and it's very interesting that certainly this is an a, an issue that is facing the u. k. and france, i think therapy reports that the individuals migrants who are coming to the u. k. are not only coming from france that they're coming from other countries such as belgium and the netherlands. and so i think it's very difficult to draw immediate
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conclusions and on here is responsible. i think it's true that this is an issue which is as historical, has been around for many years. and the u. k. and france have had close corporation since 2003 with the le tiki agreement and an series of bilateral agreements since then. and there has also been as, as you will be aware, an increased corporation this year already. and in july, if you can, france agreed to incorporate more so i think. and what's, what's needed at the moment is not so much a blame game, but rather looking at the thought, seeing what the situation is and working on a practical solutions. a good outcome. jack, you spoke about the o, it's work of the french anger, basically about the a letter which ballast johnson, the british prime minister, posted on twitter, which talks about he outlines key major areas where he says the french have to be
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active, the joint patrols, the more advanced technology to sir, or surveillance of the coast lines, and also the corporation and the bi lateral returns agreement. which means that if the british government catches people trying to cross into or the british shore, they have to be returned back to france. is this the reason why the french government is pretty much frustrated? yes, that is a big thinking part is the id or 3. but are you thing the seekers or arrived back to frogs? you know the different shot for many ways. what to do with our ups? he goes, which arrived on the shores. i think it's about 20000 this year. maybe something either what to do with that this falls about sending them to a baby to to wanda. look at none of these countries wanted to, to focus on this suggested which is absolutely ridiculous. i think cocked,
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send them back to profitable research is no longer part of the you as get for it w remote, which means that i don't see go should be sent back to the country. they got, 1st in the you doesn't start with the region at any way. we know that was in that case, you would send them back to bonum, because most of them are property, especially in the last few weeks of true on from bit ours. so that's not the possibility as these people don't want to play as many of the opposed to be just to do. but those want to go to the u. k. 4, then you get is the doraville. and it's what amazing that you can try to find the golden legal with that issue because it's a very small amount of people do you get is really,
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it's all steady from the spreadsheet. think taking back control and we allow backing to borders that we know that was a big issue. but the, you refugees, you case study about 31000 last year in france. we were at $83000.00 degrees as does more than that. even so is sort of these people want to go to menu, just links with britain, and therefore, what should be, what is the procedure to said to custody day? just people asked maybe to process the as i don't demand in france, but it started. it was a social because it wps, which was meant to facilitate the entry of mine. those with parents in the you can
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only about 500. this is but this is exactly the start of the solution. the friendship doug, the efforts, the forty's, the 6, there's a full g mice. of course loud to to police dev border $600.00 officers patrol re debit increase the group. i mean stuff. that's all that they want. let's go. let's go to maya. maya the, the friends themselves are not coming under mounting international pressure because for what many describe as ambiguous sense when it comes to the migrant on one hand to dismantle the refugee camp. in 2016 in carly, now these things that we're going to provide shelter. what do you think should fronts do in the near future to try to prevent any future tragedy? well, you know, there's the agreement of the 2 k that need to be revised. is the europe that needs to change a dis dublin regulation. i must point out to jack that when i like the time of the
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big jungle in 2016, the french government offered the refugees were when kelly to be able to ask for asylum in france and to have the doubling regulation or a, an old for then, you know, that was a part of proposition 13 article 13 in the dublin regulation that it can be given like this and several 1000 people. busy were when cali at that time said, well if i'm not going to be dublin, then i'm willing to ask for asylum in france. so many people and kelly some want to really go to u k. like you say because of a they have family and so forth. but for many, it's the last chance it's not the el dorado, it's their last chance because they cannot ask for asylum in rancho in germany and
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so on. so if we change the dublin regulation and of course it has to be change everywhere the european level. otherwise, it won't be fair that will change just definitely things. i think that's very, very important. and there's also, you know, what the french government does is done on this obsession with no point of fixation in kelly. we don't want another jungle. and so the way the refugees are treated and kelly's absolutely horrendous. i mean it's a evictions every other day. they even at back in the sense the association does like ours in the fact that every month they add one of the new places, way with a bidding to distribute and they make life so miserable that people just want to go . okay? so that's, you know, treating them like that does not work either. sarah or the french government is saying that prime minister both johnson has to take responsibility is when it comes
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to this particular issue. what do you think? should the okay, you can do in the near future because you know, the debate now is centered on the need for the u. k. to bring about more of a generous approach when it comes to the asylum seekers through the u. k. and yeah, i mean, certainly it's been an issue, it's just been in the u. k. news for some time now in terms of the series. so the introduction of nationality and board as well, which is proven to be a very controversial piece of legislation with various people raising concerns about how it's 2 pronged approach and opens up much more possibilities or asylum seekers to be deemed inadmissible. and so there's actually a very lively discussion on going in the u. k. about how that bill should look around specific causes of it. and so it's very much of an issue which is being worked on across all all parties in the u. k. has also been interesting
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research that came out recently from the refugee council saying that about 98 percent of migrant c cross, the english channel do apply for asylum. so i think in this discussion we also have to be aware of the fact that this is not just a question of migrant crossings. it's also a question of the wider asylum system in the u. k. as you also mentioned, and one of the, one of the things that which really should be looked into is the processing time specifications. so in the kid is currently a large backlog of applications. so i think there is, there is a need for and at yeah, for the review of the, the case own internal asylum 1st process processing. and i think the government would argue that they are already doing that with the release of the strategy earlier this year in march. and then this bill which is awesome to parliament, but it's streaming to be a very polarizing topic in the u. k. as,
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as it has been historically, so i think it's really a case now. all parties across the political spectrum coming together, realizing this is really an issue of concern not just of managing migrant crossings, but also an issue the monetary and, and really should. yeah, it should be a situation where joint solutions are being a being built up. jack as long as the crisis continues between france and the u. k . you know that the past, the dublin 3 regulation with the legal framework within which the, you and the u. k. were going to discuss issues of migration asylum. that is no longer the case with briggs. it what could bring the e u friends in particular, the u. k. to agree on how to move forward when it comes to migrant. what could bring the british government to de, leno's sensible matter with your,
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your opinion on that issue? it wouldn't even be a challenge for you can move in britain. know that people are very concerned about my grounds. made headlines in the paper or the last few weeks. i've got the old jewelry m, p, 's on stop by the constituents. what are you doing that if the playing to is right, but that's not with everyone knows of your british knows it's not the solution. so why should discuss ways to see this application? i think the price will be ready less positive women to even up for this. so she says, all movies she says to process the septic is shown in britain and in britain because a lot of these people are going to make my groans. they're really asylum school general sort of speakers coming from iraq. soon there were 3
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people are actually fred, to especially iraq. and as a result of the iraqi will bridge such a key about so there should have been the shelf responsible dad. it's a really big human issue because it's cancer. so she'll be born because of the rest of duration at the time when brittany showed those kids, the people out there, these refugees of these backgrounds, $45.00 skill board. when speaking page would it would be good for the economy. the all part is that it is a political stuff based iraq brice, at the fact that the british wants to show that taken back control. as was the famous maya, don't you think that europe itself has changed?
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in the past, we would portray those migrant people braving the see the mountains dangerous places looking for a better life or fleeing political culture and persecution. that's not the case. that's not the way to the portray these days in europe. their widely seen as people who are likely a source of threat danger, instability, and fanaticism to the european come to the vibe to him. and as a sure itself of the issue of migrants is one of the reasons why we're seeing people dying. i. i think that the, you know, the responsible people for that is the government, you know, put the politicians, know, you know, it's not, it's not the good sellable argument to say we should welcome the refugees. it sells better in terms of the political vote. to say, you know, we must get rid of the ugly migrant and what so crazy is that in fact,
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europe is, it is a continent that's aging. you know, most countries are aging. there is nothing of babies being born and the economy that the right, the right economy that would bring those refugees that they worked it, they were allowed to, to stay and work with actually help nearly all of you, all of the european countries. i mean, the economist talk about that the associations talk about that and the government turn a blind eye because all they want is a, you know, they, they are afraid that they're not going to be re elected if they, if they actually talk about that. but that is actually a fact. fortunately, we're running out of time. chuck roll my uncle, 40 sarah overton. i really appreciate your insight. thank you very much. thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page that facebook dot
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com forward slash a jane size for you can also join the conversation on twitter. i would 100 is a inside story for me, hash brown and the entire team here in doha. ah ah ah, there's a lot more al jazeera than tv with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is the world award winning online content. and you tweak on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to leave it to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else
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to go. so if you missed it online, catch it here with me sound her gotten on al jazeera is not a guest with graves of the on main evidence that schools designed to strip indigenous people in the u. s. of their culture also claimed the lives of their children abuse. corporal
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punishment forced to child labor loss of identity, loss of language in loneliness. the discipline was horrific. kids were killed. there isn't any native personal life today that hasn't had someone that went to boy's school in their family. very truth on a jesse you. the listening post cuts through the noise was so key about computing that, the seeing more than they can use to perpetuate with the listening post your guide to the media on jesse, you know, this city of cobble, his experience so much of evil for decades. and this is another change to get used to, and one that's boss from easy about a situation to know. it's not clear. all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic price in particular for women and girls. despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to clean punishments for certain crimes,
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everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again from rats. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into the new reality. ah . i money inside into all here, top stories on al jazeera concerns. i've a new crown of ours variance have shaken the world economy global stock market sound. the price of oil fell as the news emerged on friday. the travel industry is likely to suffer as borders close around the world. we understand that people are concerned. the good thing is that we have monitoring systems around the world to detect these variance very quickly. this variant was detected a few weeks ago and already scientists are sharing research with us information with us so that we can take action. what's really important as an interview.


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