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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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how are these violent crime syndicates operating and dub is ready authorities doing enough to combat them? a palestinian israeli crime waived on al jazeera oh, this is al jazeera ah. hello, melinda. this is the news. i lie from dive hall coming up in the next 60 minutes cases of the new coven 19 variants of found in more countries with the weld on a lead for the strain 1st identified in south africa. israel is closing its borders to all foreigners for 2 weeks in response to the new variance. to dawn says, 6 of his soldiers happened, killed during a board,
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a skirmish with ethiopia and were in east in ukraine where people have lost their homes and on having to flee is long for plates. i'm joanna roscoe, with the legal sports news pol made us beat fellow presenting club flamingo to lift the kopel about the boat as for the 2nd year in the right. hello and welcome to the program is just off to 10 g m t. we begin with the karone of ours pandemic. the global concern about the newly discovered on the chrome variance governance around the world have been imposing new restrictions in response. israel is banning all foreigners from entering the country for 2 weeks. returning citizens will need to quarantine australia which opened its borders for international travel. earlier this month has confirmed new infections off the on the chrome variance to fully vaccinated travelers coming from southern african to
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sidney. have tested positive on australia, joins a growing list of nations, including the u. k. germany, italy, belgium, and the netherlands, which all reporting cases of the new variant. several countries have blocked flights to and from southern africa. well, we've got this developing story. covet across the globe. harry force had standing by 1st and west jerusalem as it's sarah clock in brisbin, australia. but 1st let's take you straight to london, and neve baka list. so the picture in europe made up a number of cases. the new variant emerging across the continent bring us up to date. yet when other governments across europe are looking for it, cases of popping up, left fries, and center. probably one of the most concerning examples is of the 2 flights that arrived into the netherlands. where 61 people a tested positive coven. 19 those flights from south africa authorities there. believe now that amongst that number,
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some will indeed test positive for the on the con variant. we don't know exactly how many there are at least 2 cases in germany as well. linked to bavaria and munich add port. those arrivals at the end of november before anybody was greatly concerned about people arriving from south africa. a case to in the west of austria and the to roll. they're all sort of chat republic, a hospital reporting, a case of the very end to and in italy, a in the milan region, a person has tested positive for the, on the chrome, very, as having arrived from mozambique. and as we've been reporting for the couple of days now at least 2 cases here in the united kingdom linked to nottingham, in the midlands, in essex, north east of london. so the cases this are appear to be growing steadily, but we are of course, seen governments or heightened state of alert when it comes to identifying these cases. what are the latest measures being taken by governance the day with the ap rank when it comes to the e. u. the 1st and 1st and foremost,
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it's all about restricting flights for multiple areas. so not just south africa, but countries neighboring south africa. multiple countries are on as lists of restricted nations, but many countries appear to be falling short of doing what as we're about to hear, israel is doing, for instance, closing his borders entirely. frank walter stein meyer, the german of presidents has insisted that people stick to current rules of mosque in social distance thing to avoid the need for full restrictions on people going to school, closing down the hospitality sector, will banning travel within the country or within the european union, there are deep concerns, of course, going into christmas about the possible knock on effect on various economies across europe as well. here in the u. k. we've seen that people arriving here from abroad . we'll have to have a p c r test within 48 hours if they test positive, a full the very into of come into contact with people testing positive that will have to isolate for 10 days. but saying that criticism is the british government
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for, for pops, not going far enough and insisting on people having vaccine passports insisting on people work from home. it does appear as we are in this limbo land where we don't quite know the full impact of on the court, or indeed how existing vaccines will be effected by that. this strain of the virus . some reticence, we're seeing across various governments to go hard and fast as perhaps all the countries in the world are intending to do. okay, nate, back in london. thank he. hi for was it is in line for us in west series. lin, harry, people in israel taken us very seriously. yes, the government certainly is. the government is having its major sort of cabinet meeting weekly cabinet meeting as we speak. and it is at that meeting that were expected to see the final approval which will enact the decision which was made late on saturday night. which was that if an acted from midnight sunday into monday,
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all foreigners trying to come into israel will be banned from. so doing, unless they have a special dispensation from a committee for special circumstances. so that reverses what was a very recent reopening up of tourism also is into israel, which was only restarted at the beginning of the month as well as that. israelis coming back into the country will have much more stringent measures against, than to 3 days minimum quarantine for those vaccinated 7 days for unvaccinated and government hotel quarantine for those coming back from any of the 50 read listed african countries. and on top of that, there will be a return, at least partially to security, service monitoring, spying somewhat, have it on phones only though in this case, unlike in the earlier phase of the panoramic for those confirmed already to have the amine tron very hurry, israel's been relatively gone back to normal, the last few months or so. so how is this nice gone down with the public?
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well, yes, i mean there is a, there are 2 ways of looking at it. the way that the prime minister natalie bennett is trying to sell this is that this is a way of preserving that very normality that, that has been returning to israel pretty steadily over several months. and it be the booster campaign that is largely fended off. the delta various way without having to enact more strict internal restrictions. however, of course, this doesn't pack those with family overseas who they were hoping to see potentially for the 100 holidays, which coming up this week also for a tourism sector which is very badly being hit during the course of the time demick, they just seen some light at the end of the tunnel, that is at least for now, for 2 weeks minimum being closed off, pending exactly how seriously the government decides to take this new varian in the long term. and so there is some disagreement, the justice minister for, for instance, he voted against this measure in the emergency meeting of the code and cabinet on
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saturday night saying that it was too early to take such stringent measures. but israel does have a reputation for acting pretty tough on corona virus, as does the prime minister natalie bennett, who's made some of his political brand about handling the time demick. so i think with all of that taken into account, it's not entirely surprising that these pretty strong measures have been taken hurry forth for us in jerusalem. thank he. australia is prime minister scott morrison says the new version is concerning. the government has imposed new restrictions on people arriving from 9 southern african countries. these very fast moving issue that we will continue as we always have sensible, balanced, guided by the best possible medical evidence and medical expert advice that he's what is enabled astride to be so successful through the course of covert to open, safely, and to remain safely open let's get the picture from sarah clark who's been covering
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the story from brisbin in australia. sarah, good to see you. so what authority saying about the cases of this new variant that i've discovered would be to positive cases. they came on flies, a content i could talk a white light on saturday that was from southern africa and they both have been confirmed who have tested positive the flight. that was q 90. there were landing in sydney. no, there were 14 passages on this flight from, from an africa. the other 12 have now gone into mandatory to a mandatory hotel quarantine. it was a full flush. there were 260 people on board. the other passengers and crew. they've not been told to go into soap oscillation now. well that was the site to reopen it, borders internationally, it dropped quarantined. all those people who are fully back tonight and of course over. not that so changed as a result. any international trouble, any striding returning home now must partake in 72 out of oscillation at anyone
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from those 9 countries that we've mentioned from southern africa, a di, monthly compulsory hotel contain. so this is a situation, not just in yourself. well, it's a big toria as well as the struggling capital territory. so the current team restrictions back up again. thanks to the strain. yeah. as you say, australia has just started opening up. what exactly is this going to mean for the lifting restrictions? australia had some of the toughest border restrictions in the world. the borders international borders have been closed for around $600.00 days. on the early this month, the prime minister announced that we would be reopening the quantity of the dr. it's very can national plot. lot of other airlines flying with drugs. as a result, we had capsule, the number of seats, all know slots as well, which between 30 and 50 passengers, which might have very difficult for people to get home. but since i bought it were reopened, we've had an influx of a striding business coming home. one side suggestions were around 40000, the spreading was that were stranded either these,
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some yet to lift those international restrictions in the lock, the queens that were i am a witness ready, but certainly at the change of not you private stride, there's a lot of cool to concern about international travel a once again, and certainly i had a just a few weeks ahead of christmas. sarah clark patterson brisbin while much is unknown about the only chrome variance, here's what we do know. it was fast reported to the world health organizations from south africa. on wednesday, the variance has $32.00 mutations on what's called the spike protein, which is what the virus uses to invade ourselves. this means a spike protein is dramatically different from the original corona virus. what that means for the effectiveness of current vaccines is unclear or south africa as a government is condemning the international travel restrictions, the foreign ministry says the country is being punished despite its rapid detection
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of the new variance. and as for me, the miller reports from johannesburg, there was growing concerned that the band will impact on already struggling economy . while the south african governments urged people not to panic, many or worried, especially as some continue to rush to leave south africa. my family generally as a whole, is just ready to ha, deflated by the entire situation. disappointed not feeling as though wishing catch a break. we haven't seen each other. the 3 is many have struggled through a slump in the economy because of previous travel bands and lock downs. and the now uncertain about how the new army cron variant will affect them. some been civil leveling and, and then let's go and get vaccinated. especially people my age, so we can protect ourselves. that's all i can say. i know we all have our opinions about the vaccines, but on my side, i want to get vaccinated. but there's been
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a slower than expected vaccination rate in south africa. slightly more than 40 percent of adults have had at least one job in terms of um, vaccinations. oh to oh it's it's almost choice with little bricks. needle nod would lead to to too much or 2 people to get in did he did make sneezing. if his point, cuz the living in luke avila excuse, do full drug look right now, his administrative beginners, and as soon as possible as the holiday season approaches, the tourism industry had expected an increase in visitors, many of them from the u. k. and europe to bring in millions of dollars worth of revenue. the south african currency, the rounds already lost its value. after the announcement of the new variant, the government says south africa has been at the forefront of testing and tracking changes in coven, 19, and sciences. have stressed,
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it's important to see what the data on the new variant will show before making any decisions. and that sentiment trickle down to the general public way. many believe south africa's been treated unfairly. the government is worried, the global reaction has caused unnecessary panic. it says it's begun talks with the european union and the united kingdom on the latest round of travel bands saying other countries didn't receive the same treatment. when you variance were detected elsewhere. for me to mila i'll to 0, johannesburg. joining us from dallas bag is to be my, the director of the vaccines and infectious disease analytics research unit. he's also professor facts and ology at the university of witt. what's wrong? thank you for joining the program. first thing, what is your reaction to how some countries have reacted the needs of this strain biting, travel to and from the southern africa? i'm pretty much over night to get in trouble. and i think it's
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a dream to believe that they're going to be able to prevent importation dividers. the government decided to embark on the point of action seem to be completely oblivious to the expedient to pass to yes. and that gives you a complete such a new zealand in australia that you mentioned, the structure board of travelers from warner well or nationality. you are not going to prevent the importation of to believe that by thinking from a handful of countries in africa that does create into not going to fit your daughter. and i think that's another piece of love to travel between the 3 countries in your own country. it's completely met you 3, imagine that you're going to be able to prevent the discretion of the actions on the case. if an example in belgium, we added to the traveling belgium, ended up with a gate and should contact with anyone from southern africa in defense of the governments who have impose these travel bugs. though it is a case of down to few do and down to to don't, isn't it?
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if, if it does, if it does turn out to be serious, governance will be slack not taking action sooner. that actually did the decision because like i said, you're going to do it is going to end up wanting to take out the root of file for each of mr. to, to shut it the board a student as well. i got them and prepared to do that. dante, it's not because it's too much going on with consequences for their own countries. if there was to shut the water to the rest of the world, it's much more convenient to single out. a few southern african countries that dr. political economic club closed, boarded, provide the impression that you're actually doing something for your pocket when it's going to have nominal back to have that a provincially around your country. the big question right now is we have to create and you're going to compute the delta p again in the, in that out. but you have to get into the computer. doctor gayden repeated the next few weeks. we want you to see again the temperature in any country that haven't
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shopped from the rest of the world. the concern many countries have with this on the chrome very. and as i understand it is the large number of mutations in the spine protein. so the location of where these mutations are, am i correct and understanding that are going to go concerned? it might be fun to mr. but it's a delta region, and that's a sceptical concern that might be able 3 days and that seems over off infection. but what do you see in the united kingdom right now? we did close to 40 to 50000 case. we get something to point to a delta regions, not because people are not vaccinated, but the contracts, the nation basically, it's all in raining of antibody and over time there's really no protection against instruction. but if i'm coupling off the infection that are cutting in the united kingdom as opposed to the plantation protection against severe disease, it's me again to buy another arm of immune system which is to keep it in relation
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to invitations. if they can sort of spike protein and that's the, the charge that you're going to see. and we steam this before would be just an example. read danica big team failed to protect against infection due to, to be for the 8 in the 5 the team performed extreme to run again and going from our disease. but both of the sixteen's tormenting, high levels of protection against severe disease to be what we've been hearing from some doctors in south africa that have experienced patients with this new variance is that they have experience miles symptoms. is that also what you're hearing? and what does that tell us? corrected i lose, you know, to get into the new be you should expect to be able to, to, to read, to watch expediency and ticket currently there. what condition that the other. but i could try to investigate that, which is the reason why does the agent define predominantly in university amongst university students and
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a medium and vitamin those individual risk of developing high disease to start off with surprising that it's been mainly a mild infection. we haven't seen a sudden spike, and that's because they didn't get into the country, including the problems we had to be and we make enterprise threat over the next 2 to 3 weeks. you're probably become between the 2, the cleaning code rather than just mutation and particularly against infection. but when it comes to relevant teen infection for protection against which i'm gonna have to think that it will. we've already had a number of companies including pfizer who have already started tweaking, working on tweaking that car and vaccines to deal with this very. and how easy is it to tweak a vaccine? take your pencil, respect molly, do you, can you get a message on a scenes with non duplicating surveys, johnson and johnson exchange. they could get you out to the team of space today.
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remember, the same company was working on the 16 for subsequently wasn't required because the delta v place to be to get in and to happen to text you performed quite again. original team performed quite right in protecting against severe use to, to repeat decimal. and it could be up to 2 to 3 months target specific. but in 3 months from now we might end up with another. we're going to not eisen. so we need to be clear about what the objective market to nation is. it's not about preventing friction, not about eliminating the by the 5th is not going to happen in our lifetime. sort of cutting generation or big themes exceeds about protecting are going to be implementing death and all of the vaccine time, again, different rate in terms of our relative perform in protecting against met with most . and that's renting station in south africa. like much of the rest of africa has
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low vaccination rates. who would you say is to blame for that? and how critical is it that vaccine inequality is addressed to prevent variance, new variance like omnicom from keeping on popping up? so you're going to be playing or going to be playing it's, he quoted you on the part of government, an african continental being delayed in tennis, or in gauging with tracking bilateral, and been highly dependent on the cobra. any thoughts about pine can conclude over subscribing to the amount of excuse that they would have required, and he went to those legs not being willing to trade in these that that was sort of exceeding that they're not using the child. they gave it to them through the bio to the program for the d and colonial income country. so i think that multiple parties at the responsible for a human equity in terms of the distribution and that can access the same time for experience in south africa. it's not about job sexy and access is also bought from
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visiting population to be vaccinated. so it's struggling, it's more than enough teams to play, but it's programming with the coverage with uptake. and the thing is going to be done to many of the african countries. so the shipment in what it's essentially called failure on the part of african government and about the time from come to government. really interesting to get you will take on things direct to vaccines. infectious disease should be muddy. speaking to us, back from johannesburg, plenty more. i had only news how, including why doctors in the democratic republic of congo are concerned about the health of mothers to be who live close to cobalt mines. will hear from people coming on to fi and east and ukraine while the year is no conflict that intensifies and a 2nd strike me. when for barcelona,
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new coach joe will have all the details in ah see don says 6 of its soldiers have been killed during an attack by ethiopian forces. it happened at an army post near a contested border area in gather reef states. the military says this forces repelled the offensive and inflicted heavy losses only alms group. meanwhile, more large protests were expected in su, dawn against last week's deal with the military, restoring prime minister, dela hm, doctor power. but those have been counsel less go straight to whistles sada, who is in khartoum for us. so what's going on? those protests were expected to begin now, but they've just been called off. why wells did the protests. some of the civilian groups have called for their protests for to day,
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but their main civilian coalitions are namely forced or fully demand change. and resistance committees just said that they are not going to be the part of the protest at today. so in that sense, at the pruitt of today's pro, as are not good supposed to be, are expected to be happening on a large scale. and the people that have talked about the issue, they said that the negotiations between civilians and the army are still going on. and this is a sign, a signal off a goodwill from both sides. so at the hub ever did their, their political crisis in the country still going on. prime minister of de la ham look has been reinstated as prime minister as a part of an agreement with their military to bring the country back to esther. part of the transition of, of it, of protest, of civilian groups here, and some of them are still opposing the deal. and seeing that the army should be completely out of the power and also held accountable for the lives lost over the past mount. and also they ask in the politically prisoners,
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all of the political prisoners to be, to be of release soon as a part of the agreement. they were supposed to be released by this time. so for several of them have been released. but there are tons of them that are still in prison and still the government is not formed and did that the demands of the protesters are not met yet. so in that sense, the situation remains quite fragile and anytime could escalate again. and it's been fighting gang on, on the board and between sudan an ethiopia, one more. can you tell us about this? well, there are no reports from the european aside yet. however, this year and his army says that there had been an attack on their forces at the border and 6, with any soldiers had been killed. and they said that the attackers, the where the, where the champion forces and diminishes loyal to the central government in
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ethiopia. and to say that the attackers aimed at intimidating farmers with asian, the harvest season, and incursions into this for danny's sudanese lance. they say that they have really ted ye to it and they in italy that said the. busy heavy losses on you tube insight even though they didn't provide any number of for sugar to the attack happened at alpha sugar region, as well as for sugar area is a very fertile an agricultural area and historically salsa disprove, with area over which country it belongs. so 2 decades that have been several conflicts between the 2 companies over this region. and the last one was last year, several to lives. terms of the lives including the civilians were lost. however, the expert says that this time both companies are going to restrain from escalating the escalating passion because they are already both countries already having their own crisis going on for so sada. thank you. the
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conflict in ethiopia has spread to the northeast in region of afar, an area where most of the imports comes through and is there as the 1st international news channel to gain access to the region. since the fighting began a year ago, mohammed ta tellico reports from the town of many national and human at the middle of the month. we are at the heart of its job yes, mentally. area which has been recently making headline. this strategic area has been a prime target for the degree people liberation front that the grand fighters have been trying to advance to this area behind me, the road leading to area. and it's one of the main arteries for separating. if you'll be out from the sea under more than 90 percent of the need, having port to my left is the road leading to addis ababa. and like i said, all of these above us imports run through this particular road that the sticks have . is that more than a 1000 trucks across this road every single day,
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but in the countries economic lifeline in front of me lies. but we're the fighting is currently arranged. whoever wins that battle might have the upper hand in the war. european ministers are due to me in kelly in the coming out to discuss the cross channel migration crisis. 27 people drown trying to get across the english channel between the you came from and, and thinking on wednesday, person has been excluded from the talk. more than $400.00 refugees and migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea half disembarked in the sicilian port of augusta. the group was found by the german humanitarian group. see, watch, many half those picked up or children traveling alone. they had to undergo kevin 19 tests and all the hell checks before they were able to disembark. still ahead on al jazeera. why a referendum on mining projects has led to protest and on several roads,
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instead of capital we speak to one of the victims of what's known as the havana syndrome. a mystery illness that's targeted. hundreds of us officials in sports and football, referee in portugal, is forced to abandon a lean batch optic coven nines and outbreak details. coming up with j. ah hello. we will gradually see an improvement to the weather across north western parts. if europe has storm our wind continues to weaken as it drifts down across germany, through the low countries into that east side of process the position of the storm at present. but we're still dragging in that cold normally wind across a highland. so the british isles, we are looking at some very a wintry weather persisting here,
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then is that wind drifts in from an or so more snow ice a concern for a time. but it will gradually improve was to go on through the dice, got the same pace, pitch the snow for a while and the drill down across england. pushing dense parts of wowza dusting. but certainly i see. and you can see the temperature struggling to get to around 4 or 5 degrees celsius. what a mentoring mixed to across the central parts of europe, southern areas of france down to wall switzerland, which whether they're still in poland as well. if it was at east side of here, but to the south of that, it really is more in the way of in heavy downpours, little dusting of snow over the mountains in the balkans and still some wintry weather there across parts of northern spain. it will turn to rain hair and in fact, he's going to start warming up cross those western passes. we go on through the next couple of days. 7 celsius there in glasgow says the same as the wind slowly, but surely swing in from the atlantic. ah.


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