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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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that persisting here then is that went drifts in from an or so more snow ice a concern for a time. but it will gradually improve was to go on through the dice, got the same bits and pieces of snow for a while and the dress down across sir england's pushing dense parts of wowza dusting. but certainly i see. and you can see the temperature struggling to get to around 4 or 5 degrees celsius. what a mentoring mixed to across the central parts of europe, southern areas of france down towards switzerland, which you, whether they're still in poland as well. oh, which was at east side of here, but to the south of that it really is more in a way of rain. heavy downpours dusting of snow there over the mountains in the balkans and still some wintry weather there across parts of northern spain. it will turn to rain here, in fact, is going to start warming up process western parts as we go on through the next couple of days. 7 celsius there in glasgow sets the same as the wind slowly, but surely swing in from the atlantic. ah,
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the curly 19 pandemic has led to a spike in child trafficking across india, $1.00 to $1.00 east meets those fighting to save hon children on al jazeera in december. jesse tahoes, the fever, arab cut, a momentous event for the region and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022. welcome people in power investigates the use and abuse of power across the globe. a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace law. if recognize the safeguarding freedom of expression as a precondition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries to in depth explain his portal. showcase is the best voucher 0 digital content. i think it draws to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year, december on a j 0. 0,
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a welcome back. watching me out. there are wind top stories this our israel is banning old floridas from entering the country for 2 weeks. it's the toughest travel bound so far since the omi called varying was detective in south africa. this week. australia is the latest country to confirm infections from the new barrier to passengers coming from southern africa. sydney have tested positive parts of the country, have only just reopened for international travel. seed on says 6 of the soldiers have been killed during an attack by ethiopian forces. it happened that a sudanese army post near contested border area. army chief denies his forces had
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any involvement in the incident. russia says its recent build up of troops near the ukrainian border poses no threat for fighting between ukraine's military. i'm rushing back separatists have been getting was charles toronto reports from the village of nevada scare near the list in eastern ukraine. this is what heavy weapons do to people's lives in eastern ukraine. it was 1 am. when the shilling started, nearly and her husband were fast asleep, they woke, buried under the rubble of their home. and they were rescued by the neighbors that thought of a hard to be woke and our home had been completely destroyed around. i prayed that if we were to die, then please god, make it quick that a couple i hear you can hear her do. the rose. i have so much emotional pain. i
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wanted to die. we had ever seen. we need it in life. now it's gone. people try to comfort us, but it's so very hard to cope. around 400 people used to live in this village before the conflict between ukraine and russian back separatists started more than 7 and a half years ago. now fewer than 40 remain, and most a leaving because they're afraid of more shelling. places home was also hit. she's lived here for nearly 50 years. she's diabetic and spend most of her $100.00 a month pension on food and medicine. she can't afford to rent another home. so she's moving to her daughter's a few kilometers away. the ukranian soldiers are constantly here. they seem to do rotations every 6 months or so. they were living in different houses in the village when the recent shelling started. friends help her collect wood from the destroyed
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shed to use his fuel at her daughter's house. yesterday i was frightened in 2014 when the house was shelled, but i was with my sick husband around this time i was alone and overwhelmed via this village hadn't suffered any shilling for the last couple of years. but that all changed. on november, the 14th residents tell us that they don't know which side opened fire 1st, but they're all exchanges of fire across the more than 400 kilometers front line almost every day. and it's important to recognize that there are terrified civilians living in the villages like this one that have been destroyed by ukrainian army shells. just a few kilometers from here. there are what seemed to be disused ukrainian military posts in the village. the military says its base is away from where the few remaining civilians live. occasionally ukrainian soldier appears.
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every one seems to be leaving. this man asks us if we want to buy his horse. i can leave her here because i don't know when the shelling will start again . he says, russia says it's recent true build up on the border poses no threat to ukraine. the fighting has got worse, with no sign of any lasting agreement between ukraine, the separatists and their back as in moscow, nelly and her fellow villages joining them more than a 1000000 people who have already been forced to flee their homes. john stripe algae, 0 neville ski eastern ukraine. moreland, taylor, us, diplomats, intelligence operatives and military officials have now experienced unexplained neurological trauma. as for some of them to leave, korea is the body administration is investigating,
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but says it doesn't have answers to who is doing this. there is in the state department corresponding rosalyn jordan speak, see one of the earliest victims of what has become known as the have vanish syndrome. cia officer mark palmer, romulus, went to moscow in 2017 for meetings with russian intelligence officials. paula morales never thought he'd come back to the us with a career ending traumatic brain injury. it's been 4 years of age. 247 headache, which is you know, not only of painful physically, but just in from a medical office doctor, it's pretty, it's pretty debilitating. so while i've gotten better now, because the treatment i received at walter reeves, national, intrepid center of excellence, that's on the world's leading traumatic brain injury programs. i'm still not there yet. i'm still suffering. paula morales says he woke up in his hotel room, dizzy ears ringing, and suffering. a never ending migraine, a year earlier. diplomats at the u. s. embassy in havana report. it similar
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symptoms. at 1st, the u. s. government considered the cases anomalies, but 5 years later, at least 200 u. s. government officials and some of their relatives are struggling to recover from unexplained health incidence. also known as havana syndrome. the by didn't ministration says these cases have spurred it to find the cause. when you sit down with, with our people in here, ah, what's happened to them? how they been affected? ah, it's very, very power. and it only reinforces in me the absolute conviction that we need to do everything possible for our people to care for them to protect them, to get to the bottom of what happened. the assumption the officials are being attacked with weapons that use lasers or microwaves instead of bullets. similar to what's being demonstrated here. the injuries have turned up in vienna in bogota and
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guam, jo and in hanoi, just before vice president comalla harris's visit in august. some speculate russia is behind the attacks a charge the kremlin denies. still cia director bill burns recently warned moscow there would be pay back if true. the trumpet ministration also blamed cuba expelling some of their diplomats in 2017 mark paul morales and his lawyer. believe the government should tell the public all that knows, we don't know what the intelligence community knows truly about these incidents. and if revealing certain information, when caused our country greater problems. but i like to think that hopefully we are the victim and solely the victim in the situation. and that we have something that we can do in response,
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dr. say the cases resembled the traumatic brain injuries us forces suffered in i. e . d. attacks during the iraq war. congress recently passed the havana act to make sure the injured get the care they need. but it doesn't address the growing unease . some feel about serving abroad. mark, paula morales says, the cia has stood by him in the past 4 years, but he wants the us to send a message. these attacks won't be tolerated if it is an act of war. and so we're gonna respond appropriately. so i don't think this is just simple sanctions. we don't want to start when we're read over this, but there's going to be have to be some really tough measures taken against her avatar. you know, if it's russia, this is, this is, this is serious business. now, a call to action to protect those who thought they knew the risks that came with their jobs. rosalyn jordan al jazeera washington, people in congress, don all braving snow and sleet to vote in
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a parliamentary elections. president sought in shop at old house, promised to make sure this election is free and peaceful. last year's election was disputed and triggered. rives ousted the previous government, escaped. his aim is ravi join me now from the bush. and it doesn't look like the best weather conditions for trudging to be pulling base. but i believe we're halfway through the voting day. how is it going? yes, that's exactly right. a little more than halfway. actually the poles close in about 3 hours were out of pulling station, the closest one to the main minus square. that was the scene of violent protests last year. and it has to be said things have carried on throughout the day. election day has gone, gone forward with very little incident. there have been reports that opposition leaders have said that the government has put pressure on people to vote in different ways. that it's not a totally fair election. we've heard reports that journalists that have been critical of the president have not been allowed to cover the story at polling
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stations. now the president for his part cast his ballad and went on a diplomatic visit to neighboring turkmenistan. but before he went, he sat down with us to give us some of his thoughts on the eve of parliamentary elections. curtis jones, president, southern par uh said his government has done everything possible to crack down on the long standing problem of vote rigging. on his watch, he says, results will be legitimate and post election street and will remain protest pre island custom. gonna have all of that, not going to if every citizen wants to ensure his future. sure, a good future for you. regardless of the cold, regardless of rain, regardless of snow, regardless of rocks falling from the sky pass, they should come vote. the week leading up to election day saw police raids on a legit coup plotters homes and the rest of a parliamentary candidate supporter accused of trying to buy votes, small and in the president's words stupid actions that his people will no longer
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abide to us. what i'm going to draw us, and even if you dig for information about them, there is no one significant. we know who they are. drug take us convicts that people with links to organized crime. and we will take very strict action against them within the boundaries of the law. i mean, all the mutual in january, japan was elected president with 80 percent of the vote. recent poll numbers suggest he is still the most trusted political figure in the country. but in care guest on political popularity is easily lost and on the streets, people are critical of him for not delivering on his promises. asked if he sees a problem with cracking down on the sort of activism that brought him to power. he said circumstances were different, domestic controlled mom. i've been jo twice and both times i was jailed unjustly. after my 2nd imprisonment, people freed me during the last october of it. and there is a huge difference between me and the coup. lots of a difference as wide as the space between the grounds in the sky. i had no
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intention to carry out the non revolt. i don't call people to protest to people freed me and they placed me in this position. he has no party affiliation and says he is not backing any candidates, but experts say parties that support president power of government are the ones that are expected to take. the majority of seats and parliament a self proclaimed champion of democracy is about to consolidate. even more power the president's message to his people is that he is putting his best foot forward and his faith in god. and they should be confident putting their faith in him. then bas robbie ultra 0 at the presidential residence in biscuit. protest as in savvy as a new laws will make it easier for foreign mining companies to buy private property . hundreds of demonstrators blocked major roads and the capital to protest. they say the move will harm the environment and drain much needed resources. catchy lopez, hood a young has more traffic brought to
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a stand still on several roads. and serbia's capital demonstrators are protesting new laws if they say favor the interests of foreign mining companies and damage the environment. oh, the outrage comes as mining company real teen so plans to extract lithium and serbia, which is widely used in electric car batteries. critics say the project will lead to pollution and drain the countries natural resources. i'll take one thus said model, i hope people will wake up and join the movement. that's the only way that we'll have a chance of getting some reaction from the government was o. honor is also fueled by a recent referendum. it allows the property to be purchased by the state in about a week if the land is considered to be in the public interest. it's a move opponent say, is designed to take over land that benefits mining company. doesn't want to go
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through the goofy motion for this referendum implies that your father's land, your grandfather's landmark, can be taken from you within 8 days that that envelope president alexander virtud says a 2400000000 dollar mining project is crucial for the economy service among europe's most polluted countries, and it will need billions of dollars to meet the e use environmental standards if it wants to join the block. land has already been purchased by the rio tinto mining company. that final approval, the still needed for the project to begin. critics warned the protest will continue at their cost is ignored by their government. katya love this of a young al jazeera doctors in the democratic republic of congo, have noticed a high rate of birth defects, and babies, or near cobalt mines. demand for the metal is soaring, as wealthy countries promised to switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. out
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there, as mark web has moved from cal where the in the south of the country when blue awesome by was born with a cleft lip. her mother, henrietta was worried there, hoping that can get help at this hospital in the democratic republic of congo flaws, grandmother miss single willa has seen cleft lips before i, michelle, she, i don't know what causes this, but one of our neighbors also has it, and he struggles to speak other people in the community habit, but none of them have had surgery. they just lived with henry s. s l. food and drinks in one of the many informal coble mines here in lieu elaborate province. doctor william kong says he's seen far too many left lips and other malformations in newborn babies over the 5 years. he worked here and says they can be connected to mine pollution. when the we can be mining at the mouth of the pregnancy. these exposure we send to the mining dust off the mining to them met in the mining
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game after the baby and the baby can born with this month formation. the bill is given corrective surgeries to dozens of children funded by charities. he's also worked on research projects, but he says much more needs to be done. as a lack of data. scientists have found that children whose father's work in the mines a much more likely to have birth defects. most of the cobalt is mind, industrially by foreign companies. most of the world's supply comes from here, is used in batteries in mobile phones and electric vehicles. demand for it is soaring in china, europe, in the us. communities here live right next to the mountains of mine. tailings. most mine is working in formal, illegal mine sticking out cobalt by hand. scientists say mine is exposed to radiation for metals at work may then be exposing pregnant mothers at home. we went with dr. billy to meet another of his patients. helen panza, son and dollar, has
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a birth defect in his legs. talk to billy says it can be corrected with surgery, but it needs to be done soon. he's looking for funding. there's no way helen can afford the $1500.00 is needed. we stop going to hospital because we don't have money. we would go for the surgery if only god will help us dollar and helen live less than a 100 meters from a large industrial mine. it's just over there. helen's husband works in a mine the research his say, if it is indeed mining pollution that's causing the mouth, former teeth, they expect more mal foreman sees in future generations. and the worst of this is yet to come. dollar and children like him need public health services that don't exist here. we did much of the money made from cobalt mining goes abroad as hardly any help for the people who suffer its effect. malcolm web al jazeera,
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co wavy democratic republic of congo, a still had on al jazeera, the phoenix songs of the hall to seem in the n b a right now joe will be here to explain why a frank assessments this crisis or you continue to weaken luca shanker, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that they will spend informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most hopeful things that come out of this critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not choke it, right? it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swanson. inside story on al jazeera, in the light of the open sea, hides the dark secret. men forced to work without paying
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inflate for years. but a glimmer of hope remained for the forgotten fisherman as a group of activists stove deep into the legal fishing industry. demanding justice and freedom. ghosts fleet, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah ah. it's time for sport, he has j. molina. thank you very much. brazilian top pol made us have one this 2nd couple about the daughter's title and a roach, a beat flamingo and saturdays final on a special night for their portuguese coach. peter summit has the story. i mean, he's bored and all brazilian final in the uruguayan capital, montevideo,
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palmetto us the defending cup a limited or is champions took a 5th minute lead. thanks to rafael vega. ah, everything new attempts to doubleday lee with polluted by flamingo goalkeeper, diego alvarez, but in their own search for an equalizer flamingo found palmetto, keep up with a tongue in fine form gallagher, eventually they did little matters when gabrielle barbosa scored in the 2nd article . the match would go into extra time. a dreadful piece of defending was seized upon by davis on i'm wondering what that would prove to be the winning going ah permit us becoming the 1st club in 20 years to win back to back. couple of the door is titles and the coach bell ferrera, who was from portugal, becoming the 1st foreigner to win south america's top club competition
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consecutively. he's players were keen to show their appreciation. although ferrera himself trying to be philosophical afterwards, you'll put in somebody hymns, concern i could lose as well. we need to start having a different culture. we need to stop having heroes and villains, i'm not a hero. the same person who criticized before our adversary made our victory more honorable and because of the quality of their players and the quality of their coach, forced us to work harder to climb the mountain, go. the man who scored the winning goal, davis on, has never really established himself in the team, nor has endeared himself to the fans. but he hopes that that can now change with the help of beef coach was not so much. i'm really happy talking. you're looking at him, i'm really grateful for what he has done for me. thank you for trusting me. thank you for bringing me back to the club. i love a bell talk to me and told me that he was going to help me rebuild my name. i'm really happy, he gave me
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a push up. the fan would celebrate long into the night. a food copper limited on his title, is yet another trophy in the cabinet. for the club, that is one more trophy than anyone else in brazilian football history. peter stammered, al jazeera botswana picked up a 2nd straight li gwynn under new ball chevy. it was hard fault though. they went ahead against villareal and the 2nd author, frankie, the young, but victory out equalized. and vasa had to score lights to secure the 3 points. members to pi, put them back out in front, with a brilliant run in the 88 minute and moment side of police continue school to penalty to deliver a 31 victory. i said 7 nellikka by munich. it is that a new record in the book? does luca single go from your son? yes, her 3 points with the elephant. but it also took binds tally to a 100 to those this year. so from becoming the highest one to think of scores in a calendar year, if the bearings broke codes 44 year old and another record telling the buddhist
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league on saturday earning holland became were youngest player in history to school . 50 lea goes 20 manion from region school to final goal in briskly. dalton, 31 when porch is eat has been feca, had to abandon their game against berlin and says off to the cove it hit opponents went down to 6 players. lynette says, god only could only put an a team of 9 in 1st place because of an outbreak of the virus that effect to 17 plays and stop the last 2 pies to injuring the 1st house. they went 7 mill down when one of the to go keep his in the side, sat down 2 minutes into the 2nd half. unable to continue the periphery was forced to abandon the game figure. president genuine container continues to pitch for well come every 2 years. this time to asian football leaders, asia, as the world's largest football confederation. speaking to the asked congress in fronting. i said he wanted to level the playing field between established nations
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and smaller countries. and obviously often those who are not in favor of change are those who are at the top it and want to keep it the way it is because so they, when will remain at the top, we understand that that's clear. and we applaud them. of course, for their success and for how they developed and came to reach this success. but at the same time, it is our responsibility miss possibly to the global football community. for listen to everyone, to hear everyone to consult with everyone. it is important that you all the members of the far from all over the world have the opportunity to make your voice heard. the phoenix suns are proven to be the hottest team in the m. b a there. now on the 2nd longest winning street in team history, i got a 16th win on saturday against brooklyn. that's devin because got 30 points to play
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tonight and late come back, attend my the house to win a 113 to 107. having to run had 39.9 rebounds and 7 assistance, but ultimately the next uh, basketball game, winning streak snack, utah jazz, made a season high, 20 of that. 353 points. retents to dominate in new orleans, pelicans. done. mitchell schools 21 points that jazz came back from some disappointing performances recently at home. when a 107205, i bring the n h l is now 4 winds from 5 for the edmonton oilers. that software a 3 to win on saturday of the vegas cold nights, wind, nugent hopkins, zack hyman, and jesse, who, yogi, put the oil is 3 nothing up and that was enough to sure. ensure the victory 15th when the seasons, edmonton. currently, the top team in the western conference. all right, those lawyers spoke for now. it's back to melinda. thanks, jay. that's it from me, molly, inside for this nissan kimball. now i'll be here in
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a moment with more of the days news st. ah ah, along with the latest news, as it breaks it in the brazilian rainforest means these areas are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they're absorbed with detailed coverage country like chile because of its geographic conditions as an enormous advantage from around the world . what's happening here is local farming communities, using simple methods to solve a complex,
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environmental problem. african stories of resilience and carrying again the right one up in a way that tradition and dedication a short documentary, sty, african film, make it on the white 9. and the book make it africa direct on al jazeera ah mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish. with even supplied by conditions where beautiful possibilities are offered.
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oh, you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow for ah, cases of the new covered, 90 variant are found in more countries with wealth on alert foot strain 1st identifies in south africa. ah. other given al, this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. israel is closing its borders to all foreigners for 2 weeks, no response to you varied so don't say 6 of its soldiers have been killed during a board of skirmish with.


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