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tv   [untitled]    November 28, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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i care about helping us engages with the rest of the world. we're really interested in taking you into a plane. you might not visit otherwise and feel that you were there. ah . and my insight into how he had helped stories on al serra there was growing global concern about the newly discovered only chrome cove and 19 vibrant governments around the world happen imposing new restrictions in response. israel is banning all foreigners from entering the country, but 2 weeks returning citizens will need to corn team. the cabinet has also improved a controversial phone monitoring technology to trace people infected with the new variant. australia which opened its borders into national travel earlier this month has also confirm new infections of the variance to fully vaccinated travelers
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coming from southern africa into sydney have tested positive. australia's prime minister scott morrison says an event is concerning. the government has imposed new restrictions on people arriving from 9 southern african countries. these very fast moving issue that we will continue as we always have sensible, balanced, guided by the best possible medical evidence and medical expert advice that he's what is enabled astride to be so successful through the course of cove it to open, safely and to remain safely open, sour, clark has more from breast, but in australia that was from southern africa and had by a been concerned to have tested positive. the flight number was q r 90. there were landing in sydney. now, there were 14 passages on this flight from, from an africa. the other 12 have now gone into mandatory to 2 week mandatory hotel quarantine. it was a full flight. there were 260 people on board,
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the other passengers and crew. they are now being told to go into the oscillation now. well that was the site to reopen it, borders internationally, it dropped quarantined. all those people who fully back tonight and of course over not that changed as a result, any international trouble at any striding returning home now must partake in 72 hours and still oscillation. and anyone from those 9 countries from southern africa and they must be compulsory hotel point name. let's try to had some of the topic border restrictions in the world borders international borders have been closed for around 600 days. on the early this month, the problem is that we would be reopening at one side, suggestions were around $40000.00, the spreading was stuck with stranded overseas. some states yet to lift those international restrictions in the lots of queens that were i am and witness rally, but certainly at the change of not this new private strain, there's a lot of cool to concern about international travel once again, and certainly ahead of just a few weeks ahead of christmas,
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australia joined the growing list of nations including the u. k. germany, it's lee belgium and the netherlands was reporting cases off. the new variance. several countries have blocked flights to and from southern africa. hundreds of health workers and 5 sizes processing in the caribbean island of guadalupe against compulsory inoculation island isn't overseas territory a from where the measures have already been implemented comes just ahead of a fed and final referendum on independence. well the ang against vaccinations has also led to violence in the nearby island of martinique, where at least 9 people were arrested on a petrol station with that's own fire and all the property vandalized protest. this happened blocking roads. and i think cause a light c dawn. so 6 of its soldiers have been killed during an attack by ethiopian forces happened at a sudanese army post near. it came to the contested border area. jerry piers army
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chief denies his forces had any involvement in the incident. european men assisted use amazing calla in the coming out to the staff, the cos channel migration crisis 27 people brown trying to get across the english channel between the you came from us in a thing day on wednesday, britain has been excluded from the talk and that's quakes dunc, the west coast of crew, a magnitude 7.5 quake has hit near the city of barranca as roughly 200 kilometers from the capitol, lima, it's unclear yet the extent of damage their reports of the quake being felt all the way to columbia and ecuador, people in kind of just on a bribing, snow and sleet of 8 and a parliament re election. president cited japanese has promised to make sure this selection is free and peaceful. i'll do there a well coming up next. me
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ah ah, the arab israeli conflict is rooted in 20th century history and goes back many decades. it's led to several wars since 1948. and the continuing tension today often turns to out and out conflict. attracting international media coverage but violence of a different kind has developed over time within the palestinian israeli community that has attracted much less attention,
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organized crime. and it's been responsible for hundreds of deaths and teller. i'll miss hell of al jazeera arabic has examined the world of palestinian criminal gangs, operating within israel. who are they? who are they affiliated to? where do they get their weapons and why a murder rights increasing? and what are the israeli police doing to protect the palestinian israeli community from this violence? walmart is a predominantly arab city in israel. it's in high for province about 30 kilometers south of nazareth. on the 7th of january 2021 on the identified armed men tried to assassinate the former mayor of omar solomon about the despite being shot several times he survived
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me. ah, since then was kept to low profile, turning down requests for interviews until now in the end of the month. do they now fill of be? well, i'm going to call this him. i know. i don't mean to me or been forgotten what your heart is and then we'll assume in for some a block. and laura, i did not to say well, the parking lot on a 2nd. connect somebody. so thought it was i just cody of you minute. kevin. what is us, what it sounds like, one of the sauce i just will end up in like in a last $100.00 come when i found on the halle and
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the hospital, i am a lot about a yeah. what happens a lot of the enemy and it and it was an unsure a little behind me in the math. alicia, what was the one i don't normally yet, cynthia. and i have one in the account. i'm going to pay as a federal government please. how they should be here. how did the dia we're back in the last dollar. come not sure how to come up with a i can on my head of him when he jim saw it was a meal. was all the actually from hello welcome. that inlaw me, fin was for companies the flesh out of south cobb is the bus out there. i mean, at the end of a few days after the attempt on asbury his life, one of nearby ye for his most prominent young palestinian leaders shake mohammed doubly now. jim was shot dead in broad daylight and built up neighbourhood in the f . a city i buena jim was 24 and had campaigned against the rise of criminal gangs
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in the area kana. so he mohammed wanted him useless fee. se yadda bill could have been a metal back to him. mash sauce akashi a field on sama at at a much more widely as hoss madeline. what local, where been mineral source better? as the euro. with t j. shaheen hammond wanted him was soft and let me can i address will be jenny, be he were had he also thought cannot feel do it on women a just had a word that he let his father, bella tam nicholas shahid, one more sob in an almost as fur will i, can he, annie, a lovely bird master thought and a useful show him how metabolism were bad and that south middle emily im them alan and it were 30 he
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oh good i i. ready really chased amendment home, how much abolition woman here and me yet. oh let in that yellow we had the authority. well, how much it would be jim lamar connor? is he or do your human in that yoga? forgot? because her man o'connor, jani maria, and the dorothea d. c, a dotted al philistine law. thought that brooklyn mohammed, albany, jim eliza, fuck up with the id. because irma and william can and your kona was zerang fi, fi, your home, it into the roller, our clea, a feather. lisa, could your vehicle been up there? sabina mohammad. i will get him in september 2021. 2 people were charged with mohammed other nations, murder, and currently awaiting trial. there was similarities between the gulf tank. so now
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berea and debbie now jim both took place within weeks of each other. and similar tactics were used. there were also similarities between the 2 victims who were known for their political activism on keep palestinian issues including jerusalem. both attacks also took place in areas largely populated by palestinians living in israel. these are often known as 1948 palestinians because there mainly descendants of people who were not to force from their homes and towns when palestine was occupied on israel was founded in 1948. at that time, there were around a $150948.00 palestinians to day. there are 10 times as many on palestinian israelis with israeli citizenship make up. almost 17 percent of the
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population. royal room with investigating organized crime in this community has its challenges. the organized criminal groups on the israeli police rarely comment on the subject. ah, but what is clear is the number of murder victims. so far in 2021. more than a 100 palestinians have been murdered, an increase on the 2020 figure of 96. ah, organized crime operates in brewer j the same way the world over. but the politics of them at least make it more complex here. this activity began after the 2nd intifada, all palestinian uprising in 2000 many 1948 palestinians
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protested at the way that people were being treated unoccupied. east jerusalem the occupied west bank and gaza in one week in october. 2000 is ready, police shall dead. 13 palestinian demonstrators and the killings had a major impact on palestinian israelis. the tension between them and the israeli authorities that had been simmering for decades, boiled over palestinian israelis. so the attacks on them as part of a deliberate policy to strip them of their identity and culture at that time, organized crime groups. so this is an opportunity and they've gradually become stronger since battle in the fall book. i'm elfin, but hosen ness a well was how marshal fellas idea. when mr. my thing is the how comes to mom,
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one of them become a stomach away, or cumbersome and doing the math. lack of iowa me. if i buy the car, the fee come up with the my baffle i hadn't at the westlake bothell who was so good . what the lawful man um was marked in. besides, stella well now on fidelity by him, i want to find him. want to be fine. deaf cover should it's small, it would lock your shuttle are normal, been subtly between the name that's gonna go down or by gender. sure. lamb shuttle while i've been sharla, there comes directly to lots of my should be yet, but should be at some issue we might have a nic will not let me start off here, then old gun, michigan bedrooms. you may want to shoot him while bill stella gum. shenise gill with nick, let me start. she told me that the nice guy vets. i thought he'd go la activists in my firm. say that since the year 2000 over 1700 palestinian israelis have been
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killed by organized crime. they claim that the israeli police encourage palestinian on palestinian crime. though they don't properly investigate these cases and treat them as an internal, so called tribal matter. nothing with the own a moot, the women to follow him may. monday will be the one with the blame memo de bell shortly my bucking been hemoglobin which behold the bit damage. hobby carnegie machine, there been been a no shame. yes. lindsey cullum official. she came with me for a common will feel you have much fidel with them. i'll follow the name who to call you bon madman. bait been a struggle. i'll be well had that your finance that if the coffee shop shop is finally yet, and the shuttle is like the very and the copy will be mr. austin,
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harmon, albany coffee. when the why in the to medical a feeling will have to show up why that he you also use the reports suggest that the murder rate and the palestinian community within israel is significantly higher than in the occupied west bank and gaza visit. also a disproportionately large number of killings in the palestinian israeli community compared with jewish areas of israel. arabs comprised around 17 percent of the population, but accounted for 71 percent of the $125.00 murders in israel in 2019 a shortly following up a fee and a fee, a sub sub off of the mr. michael of thing. well, that could be a non erica alaska, up the up or about them all of them
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a sub let he cannot believe them and philistine me to fill you the why let you off about one of them? i thought, holly, what has us about that one of them? i am one of them. i mean how you and then i have to follow him and of them i had done and have a talk um was from the more of a feel and most of the have lived in the community about what it had in both the father of stomach teeny demand and halley, look it local club where and to show you kept the zoe and have a 3rd. can me in a mean? one of them was stuck. emily let the family feed them in was to set them up. i have a sub one of them. i can him in mom the
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i and a some mater elite. i'll hold on one of them. if you follow what i can nominate me and i just leave my room subject more stock. what value me? i'm going one object more bash. it was here more bash. second more better of him. back here. now i saw button jerome and i submitted on the hub era. shin bet, also known as shabbat, is the israeli internal security agency. eric bobbing is a former head of shin bets. jerusalem and west bank sector on the social for coma mort, shall know that the legal basil and popish a mule gun shade on the ugly. kabir bin tamara will make for hen veronica on the
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law. she's up on the cook, you shall build no field locally, alt. they might be with them a highly yet. okay, cuz it salt the commute. she exclaimed, nashik of a deterministic, exclaimed chris. if he could not initiate ashley mangano in the showroom, could they last sig and say that hima the homo should huddle me vig? fall, been milt guzman? latosha shame love for having me. ah, on the sheen, but horse or mammy, star, filipino, nothing is gushing him. ali moved v melissa me they miss buddy a mean even an annual shift should be elegant. mash, i mean on or socially more val chia back of while the clinic was okay. and can be connie emmy crystal kenyana. may i get it to convey mill hold? a should alvin show him of him. como it was her babies got on the natalie. the appeal bond will sell the lucas we have the pony elk is williams, and she tul whistlebury. i have lafitte with a honey, he's not at the low bah,
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but took but to play all the p shalana, she likes to come be 20 the high follow up committee for arab citizens of israel or hfc is an organization that represents palestinian israelis. it's led by mohammed barocha, a former member of the israeli parliament that connects it the problem. when my father leslie of the socialist, i'm out i'm can, is it a lot of walker? i am not ronada from any i saw mother is room one out of one of the from the photo was where it was their own one of the, from the food on the muscle and have the lungs, the power. i'm actually had the month to come as a limp lamp, a saw the whole mobile home yard if one other a frog good. i saw a book where we had a full tub on mozilla ordinary lava, develop bolivia, but there are no there will have called one will have to either be coupler allowable fee is felicia childress had been fill me in moves, mail, coupler fi, definitely. when erica, however,
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the 13th and me mean out of the couple. hm. me hold was subbing for me. i'll up were lacking if i'm a valid not lamb initial thought, i should not bomb will feel if the mom in miss bet alcohol, i'm enjoy films them at yahoo! the puzzle in the house if you can me bang them out of cash if i'm elijah, im finished the man philosophy in the lip at that back. i'm so that a thing for me. where had he a saw? yup. the got a short enough. how was the cold ha malarkey bowl enough to alice thought eli falco? melissa. let up. will asia hood come after the left? we thought we had to examine one of them in which the marya who the latham good angel, hold the pos, feel thought if it was the man philistine a. so i know when a hell, how to let you know. i cannot model phone a denise. vickie showed up on memory, so bare to whom in what to in, forgot until july. but now you're out of men who are got the men who are in widget him. well, you've only yet as a will work and know who lisa what. what was that? it's really either cannon nestle id, him a dot, a woman. you're good lawyer,
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calhoun western said is really alert tight. if men were value show buck mucky bits, walk mitzy, any of them exam coffee, the mushy ish marrow shipped off my shish meek, the hot la shape of mockery them on the good margaret mchugh at the shame marquis, thought even the machining. very cautious. schumacher gum, sell it to me, conceal compare some of us about the skis, tennis bucking. sleeman as abriya, who remember was injured in an assassination attempt in january 2021. was questioned by shin back in april 2017. this is a record of that interrogation in alger lama detention center containing information about at various contacts and activities. the defendant was told by the investigators that they had materials related to his activism forth before and after his arrest. and out of our study. and sam, what are coming out of our history in there?
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i'm would all come and lead a slightly media to fish in the lobby. it would have football now to look at the article it and this model up well enough to look at. little will not ducky not to look at men or only minister of inherited blood and it did muddle off fear that the he caught your bully, me, you with him and they laugh him, get any me here with him. and to left him get a model model sold on modern mcfadden with dr. cut physician law here. look and in the yard it aim up. i'm guy did not mean jealous it fool oak. sure sure. i am unable to attend that too, but will at the see it when of a woman about mad chicken while they're suleiman albert ria was on the radar of israeli intelligence. but there is no hard evidence of israeli collusion with those who tried to kill him. i'll carry a, however, believes he was targeted because he belongs to a group called the islamic movement. this is led by shake riots self and his band
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by israel dana and will, how about all the central and fin with the left? the number wouldn't obsidian know shuttle it thought or either 9 total hard to handle. shirad animist id badge, a hole in the door to minutes. again, it shuttled well head, if you can, if it sort of danny picked up and who will not be you will you who the was shocked if that if animal doors put locks up that nasa run column ship, i just got him. no, no quote. surely in sunny michigan. yeah. not use nina molded, unquote. muslim one who can shake rides is currently in an israel detention center camera. miss ho asked him a set of questions through his lawyers to which he replied in writing. the interview and services have all was brought about with
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knowing every single detail about our lives in the blessed union. 1948 territories . it's my right to ask. did they know about the assassination attempt on slaymen? a barrier and destination of how much? why have the remains silent while this crimes took place? shake sela added the official institutions and as i did nothing to disclose the identity of those criminals, and that is not a mere case of negligence. much lies beneath this however, in the israeli police is defense. they did arrest 2 people for the murder of mohammed abernathy, him in september 2021 and then now awaiting trial organized crime. and israel is not confined to arab communities. several jewish
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crime gangs have also operated for the past 20 years. and the israeli authorities launched a crack down on them with a special unit co love, full $33.00. it's case 5. 12 resulted in dozens of arrest of suspected gang members. but critics of law have full 3. 3 say that although it's been effective against jewish crime gangs, it's turned a blind eye to those in the arab community. a similar mike, a z and the show dos m, haply little is element of them will have the hoa. and it doesn't matter because you have what the seal and assess the and the short assembly happy. there are some optimism and one of them the, the word for mr. mark a alpha loss. theni was the ha, had the he had that isn't one of them. baboon e m, where's your house? i offered me cabal and wants to sell it slowly. santana, asked the leader of the high follow up committee. mohammed barranca. if he told the
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israeli police that he doubted their effectiveness and the manners from her mouth for a home, you're how a lot harder for live mold in the cars you left of the may. i miss oriental completely hate the corners of lipman and hey, collier of nea mcclellan. lee, mother latha allagard was shot leave a auto body yard and also about that was around one to your new album. ha manuel selim at man, man, man, yahoo! local have however, when i, when i stomach month in magnification, unless sort of the sub ownership. welcome. oh. and that was your mac and were fully an eminent m. and a mission was for shaniqua. michelle was from an ottoman with lashonique la shawna lamgadey at the shop, had a solar coming up in talked to an underworld. gang member speaks out marilyn burton room at the store or her 2 edition missouri follows when, oh
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ah, can you hear anticipation? these rising excitement is growing. as cattle always brings your favorite team to cut off for the fee for arab called 2021. greatness is in the air, lead sore is won and will reach new heights. join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canada. i always dont tom . there was since i was a little boy in india. my dream was to make bollywood films. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was off my own village and good stones, permission going behind the lens as got him saying,
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brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood, talked to al jazeera, we ask, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies. one kid is not over. covered 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human soley that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera leave us drying out. grazing land is shrinking in some roots long. used by wildlife for migration have been blocked. by human settlements to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake. revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the outset national park and i knew all ceremony has been launched the hull pressure than individuals pay $5000.00 us dollars to name an elephant. the aim this
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year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. lu i molly, inside and out here, top stories on ounces era. dr. officials have just confirm 13 cases. that the new code 19 very and only kron have been found in the netherlands. a growing list of nations including the u. k. germany, italy and belgium have reported cases also. several countries have block flights to, from southern africa. israel is binding all foreigners from entering the country for 2 weeks. it is the toughest trouble about and so far, since only com variant was detected in south africa this week.


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