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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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participants waited in the nights, expecting thousands of visitors to come and watch them performed the final arrange . a organizers had hoped that this event winter trap large numbers, but it has been down by the, you know, many of the strain of the current viruses and, well, there are no, no cases here in senegal, fear the virus is reading browser to the bar. and so, ready to pandemic out valving infected setting all the quantity which relies heavily on for them and events like them. while there is no tradition of carnival in senegal, there is tradition of using music costumes and dance to tell a shared history and get people moving to the beat of their culture. no matter where they're from. nicholas hawk al jazeera de carr. ah, i'm molly inside with the headlines on al jazeera,
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south africa's president has criticized border pleasures following the discovery, if a new strain of corona virus describing it as completely unjustified several rub for the also says, there's been a rise in coven 19 cases since on the con was identified we are deeper, disappointed by the decision of several countries to prohibit travel from a member of sodom, african countries, including our own following the identification of the army corn variant. this is a clear and completely unjustified to departure from the commitment that many of these countries made at that meeting of the g 20 countries in rome last month. cases have now been found in more than 10 countries, and a number have added travel restrictions all foreigners and out bod from entering israel for 2 weeks. morocco has also halted on incoming flights. possible results
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from honduras, the giving the leftist opposition candidate lead off to sundays presidential election. it's the amada, castro wins. she'll become the country's fust female leader. minute report reports from the capital. and she's a bit of jovial environment. people very much happy celebrated and were val. we've already heard from us your motto, counselor herself female and spoke to her supporters stopping short of declaring victory would say that today, the people of honduras have one and promise. i've got a minute reconciliation saying that is early as tomorrow she wants to meet with the under other candidate to form a government of reconciliation. a government that's really serves all of the people of honduras. as your headlines, nice continues hand out a 0 to one, a one east. oh, there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app,
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social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is the world award winning online content. and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to frighten the people to levy to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me, sandra goldman on al jazeera that journey, get on the right, is this action or get out that it out of her that got there, that gable guys put a little adela ah, across india, the pandemic is not just taking lives, but also worsening the plight of some of the country's most vulnerable. it's children. we're looking at the field bill considered, and there's a massive jaya traffic those networks. ah no, nope. if i luckily, i don't know, you might be less welcome. as families struggle to fight the virus criminals
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a taking advantage with child trafficking abuse and exploitation on the rise. that yeah, yeah. but with $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigates how cove at 19 is endangering india's children and those trying to save them. oh wow. on the 29th of june, 2021 in a dramatic police ride 10 year old shampooed. it was one of 16 children rescued from a daily bound train. 12 traffickers were arrested for luring the children with money to work and a garment factory as cheap labor. ah oh,
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finally got off asagwa. dick salem for color. car sales. got com. see galani? i thought, but not betty. laura. barbara will be here tomorrow, but by go ahead. asagwa it said in my own following the rescue. sheboygan, along with the other children, has been housed in multi are from a boy's home in the capital. the home provides a temporary, secure shelter, away from the snares of traffickers and criminal gangs. a miguel gun gum, nico diego remembered dorothea glee based on the the did with i am on the command tank on cargyle kid falcon, a look, go killer willis, bottle of what our gram come,
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lock or unlock. okay. ah sheboygan is the oldest in the family and has 6 siblings. he lost his father just a few months ago, leaving his mother, distraught and struggling to feed the family. ah, old jenny, would it that the way i gave them lately? i am a. ah, the only 10 years old child was compelled to work to help the family survive an acquaintance from his village and b ha ha. he calls uncle louis him and his mother with the promise of a job that would pay well. he left home with this man only to have his dream of
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a better life, turned into a nightmare. ah, bought a laptop. 2 of these guns up jovial gun. got the korea on b r. d sunday, and then we'll talk a little bit. it's elena, i will bother to level by to guy on that guy on the line. i go gwinnett. mm. didn't read that. did you lose ortho gardline grad school of the day? i ma meet them. good they are. oh, really the day? villa, well, i learned i only live a love these up they did. they are gonna evil a not the of manzona. yeah.
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when a 2nd covert wave hit india, a crumbling health care system, struggle to fire, fight an unprecedented medical crisis. me as a disaster unfolded decimating lives. another threats with simmering beneath the surface and targeting india's most vulnerable children like shepard and according to uno rug couldn't do from the daily commission for protection of child . right. almost 35000000 children in india are in need of care and protection, and nearly 20000000 have no family or legal guardian support. not fundament has
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caused millions of job losses, has destroyed. families has caused bid on, you know, what this kind of one of them does is it makes them grown for woodside, for the traffic constrict. splendid will not be of the families and the children. and for the families were less than one choice to push that children to label, to begging, often to become victims of trafficking child rights activist re cash sangha says traffic has choose their targets carefully. that's got to have all of that of all golf spots a hotel. hey, it was cool but he had to holler about him. caught up at the assistance we shouldn't be war. if him legal, he pulled up all day supply chain of supply chain new one local or me said he will
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connect me has was quiet and if i got clear but he gave him leave and we'll give a chair here and you will take a local fast it is all what it wants me did. he has autopay. i will does have got it up and running out of it. do that. they hear it but it can excel. but tickle bonded when i depend. jim pushed millions in india to a station, utter destitution. creating a perfect hunting ground for traffickers can ensnare the poor with enticements of money. it's how shall boone's mother with doot and descending her son to deli. he's among some 9000 children rescued while being traffic for labor between april 2020 and june 2021 that
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has been taken to the area we have in there too much fun. but shall underline b. b, i is an organization campaign for the rights of indian children. a task force headed by donald j tingle is helping map out a plan to conduct a raid on an undercover investigation by the organization. has revealed that children have been traffic and illegally employed in a factory and a deli, a condo, it in the country. i don't know what's going on because the list was functioning, 10 districts very intensive program with the launch, which is said it had to get better serve. i was of trafficking and labor. good.
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good thing. and from michelle, the to lending test was that information comes from our teams when worn, industry operations become active. dogwood is once a year with double collision and both is a little dish. annabella said don't just go to him or to yoko. mm. with
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it on google. yeah, delete it. during the 1st wave of cove at 19 india's child, helpline, 1098, responded to more than 400000 coals in just 3 weeks about children in distress across the country. a year later, during the devastating 2nd wave, the service received a flood of coals about children losing their entire immediate family to the virus. one of the most heartbreaking moment was the she didn't know what of cause that we had received during 2nd stage of the cold wave in which we learned about children losing beds. in one instance, there were 2 children inside
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a home with the good news on the bed and next to them. and they were calling for commission help. and no child deserves to suffer through the crisis or the trauma of having to remain dependence noon. none of the instance, one of the name was mine, which the name was said, there are 2 children, one boy and one guard last the parents and now the young girl. and though the boy wants to come in with more than a 101000 children orphaned or abandoned due to covered between april 2020 and august 2021. according to the national commission for protection of child rights, prime minister and their end for modi, announced a slew of benefits that children often during pandemic. it includes free
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education and especially designed fund, more than $13000.00 us dollars for each child that they can receive and installments after they turn 18 or is a lump sum when they're 23 years old. me. but children mostly from marginalized communities, are in difficult circumstances, remain in danger, of falling into the hands of traffickers, looking to exploit them for profit. when to that of it on their teens and we divided and the point done on j tingle and his team, a seeking the permission and support at the district administration and the police to conduct a rescue operation. a
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reminder, somebody a their investigators have information that a criminal gang, his traffic, some children, and made them work illegally in a garment factory in salem, poor in east delhi. the other somewhat sportsman julia trying to fight before the other with work. and so we went, fred, all, most of all the detail in their full to separate locations of where we are going to deliver the operation with the help of those daemon to put your bill in position. the operation requires meticulous planning and safeguards. but every rescue mission
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carries the risk of going awry. they get a big linear thing. so when thing me little. mm hm. mm. in india, it's an offense to employ a child below the age of 14 years for work is also illegal to employ children under 18 in hazardous industries. but according to the 2011 census $10000000.00 of the countries, $260000000.00 children were found to be child labor. as experts say that this is increased with the rise and poverty during the pandemic. mm
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hm. and is also a bizarre, la de leon versus other milan gala look with me . 10 year old russia was duped by a trafficker to leave his home and be ha, and work in a bangle factory in delhi for a monthly wage of $30.00 to $40.00 us dollars. on his parents lost their jobs in the panoramic and were forced to borrow from money lenders. and a young son was burdened with repaying their dish. judy, as soon as you actually get up out of the gulf coast, i'm in, i'm going to get them to get caught
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up. well, isn't it? yeah. the look of on the gala rely up, but then the bottom are doing what i mean. i mean, it depends on the phone. what we've done. i'm looking at me going to go over here that i yeah, this shakuma runs the child helpline team at prior us in, in g o based and delhi. he led the team that rated the bangle factory and rescued. 45 children, including russian bots. us also want to go about than what's already went out
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a. they were not going to get put. i think i me go to coffee, honey. got to get out to go to go. those put a plan. it was a funny people like that the water going to pick, i'm going in. ah, the finance jury is gone by the fin gum vegan at the other. i've read together that can i get a carnegie continental that that data dick on them would have bad tech o at the admin building rather than angel gone down with the last year has seen a growing demand for child workers as factory owners hired cheap labor to cover their financial losses. the children work long hours and sometimes employers skimp on their wages. they're does it well that, that may not have been a that we haven't that there. the mileage up one got
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a good line again before that getting up as i up the well, that was out with this and diet issues off, but children being impacted by curwood. we're looking at a fee of broken children. mm hm. if they was able to time for us to come together to the community as humanity, as especially for our children who are most why liver. i think the dine is now. if you don't understand this, now me perhaps as vanity would never understand what our children need. oh, really with the raid is underway. done on jay and his team have to move swiftly but carefully for the safety of the children. they are fighting to rescue
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a ah, the team's arrival creates a buzz, and wood is getting round that the police are in the neighbourhood with each team set just their targeted locations. one child is trying to get away with the traffic is trying to move kids in small batches away from the police. his grasp with
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the gum and work shops are scattered along the congested lane. the rescue team is closing in on chill trade. inside one of the other buildings, well they will deduct say yeah, i checked with my little guy which i'm not able to get, don't know, i'm done with it,
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but i'm good at this and there bring this, you know, picking up from here. well, dylan had been home working with some of the police like this one in the building. also some saloon will be inform you like just to make sofa. 20 children had been found and rescued but there are no signs of the trafficker or the employer. the people rounded up, refusing to divulge the details, and the teams patience is wearing thin. the got got out of it to the left of the
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girl, but then i got a stern warning is all it takes for the factory workers to disclose the names of the employer and the owner of the building. ah, they got into the familiar with with the alleged defenders rounded out, the team prepared to send the children off the questioning about but doing that, i know that whatever
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you feel good, that was with the level of what so initially with a school today in the washing and the government daughter of 20 there 2 goeth levels of in this you and the is verbal dylan is. would you put in with good results? i thought it will go on factor. as the pandemic continues the work of child rights activists, such as done and j is as important as ever the, nobody more than i'm, but i'll probably want us any suffering to any expedition of what j is. the lowest point, a biggest tenant is the amount you were doing. go to all that didn't, wasn't jeffrey and was being exported.
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ah, ah. but are they gonna rob any and daniel molina. uh huh. yeah. we're hollowing his miraculous rescue. trafficking survivor shampooed and has been spending time at this shelter for boys, rakish singer says the home is a vital refuge from rescue the children a big but sub walked the water head for men quotable, old, but to call home live big. think the bought verizon hook me up. go about bullets. were the deal here, the jesse he'd counseling what you'll call
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a takata miller was cough. he asked about the doctor. ah, shaw is one of the lucky ones. his rescue means he can return home. the challenge is to make sure he's not traffic again. for now, he's looking forward to being reunited with his family. he either a t loading up on one knee. let them go. now or younger. my band familiar my brain carefully. wonderful. going to that to get the so i started with getting it dr. pick up old language kind of out of i will more about the younger
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ah ah, the philippines is fighting to restore the fight in duck saint. i kept it the night and the wrong one i went to investigate on out of the europe. this one's fear warlord during lay barriers. decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua has done with 3 children has attracted to public and as protected from public cross situation. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for
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this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country. ah, i'm malia site and oh, he top stories on al jazeera, south africa's president has demanded immediate and to travel bonds, but he's called unjustified and discriminatory against his country. its neighbors. pharaoh rum oppose the address the nation after a highly mutated variance of coven 19 was identified by scientists. that we are deeply disappointed by the decision of several countries to prohibit travel from a number of southern african countries, including our.


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