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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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he's inspired by tradition and we're beautiful possibly with are offered ah, i'm not inside in the home. with the headlines on al jazeera, south africa's president has demanded an immediate end to travel bands that he's co, unjustified, and discriminatory against his country on its neighbors. several rum opposed to address the nation knobs. a highly mutated variance of co 19 was identified by scientists that we are deeply disappointed by the decision of several countries to prohibit travel from a member of sodom, african countries including our own following the identification of the army corn
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variant. this is a clear and completely unjustified to departure from the commitment about many of these countries made at that meeting of the g 20 countries in rome. last month, cases of now been found in more than 10 countries on a number have added travel restrictions, all foreigners the now bought from entering israel for 2 weeks. morocco has also altered all incoming flights. amongst vaccination drive is on the way in the philippines, where only 40 percent of the population has been fully inoculated start fall. the government has also recently tightened its border controls in an effort to limit the spread of the new variant. also results from honduras on giving left his opposition candidates a lead on sundays presidential election. if 0 mod castro wins as she will become the country's fast female leader,
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a main rival is the current may of the capitol. electoral officials say vote at turn out once high, manual police reports. it's a bit of jovial environment. people very much happy, celebrated and were val. we've already heard from us your motto, counselor herself, who came in and spoke to her supporters stopping short of declaring victory would say that today, the people of honduras have one and promise. i've got a minute reconciliation saying that it's early as tomorrow she wants to meet with the under other candidate to form a government of reconciliation. a government that's truly serves all of the people of honduras. i'd say it was a being counted in congress down on to parliamentary election. that last year's election was disputed on chicken rights results expected in 2 weeks. okay, those are you headlines. portal is next. ah
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hi, i'm sandra goldman, welcome to portal. i usually work on the digital side of our desert. that's our website, social media and podcast. we've got loads of great content and i'm here to show you some of our best stuff this week. it's all about the middle east. we've got a powerful short film out of palestine where we meet for people finding their own way to push back against illegal israeli settlements. and remember, last year's terrible explosion in beirut. well, they're still waiting for answers there. we've got a personal take on it all from our correspondent. a mother told me, i don't know how i wake up every morning and how i go on. why did my son die? there's still a lot of trauma. but before we get to that, we're going to give you the back story on lebanon. that's what my team and i do
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every week on the online show. start here. we take a big story and break it down. so in this episode, we explain what's going wrong and lebanon, and why things are so hard to fix. ah, let's talk about later. you might have heard that things are bad, but you probably don't realize how bad or out of 5 people are living in poverty. there are shortages of pretty much everything. people are fighting over fueled, and anyone who can leave is what the a lot of stop. if i have only been out of dozen resulted fucking who's wrong. i know i've never learned lebanon, basically explained that's crashing, but hasn't crushed yet. there's finally a new government after more than a year. but the thing is, in lebanon, the government is often part of the problem. it's the same political parties blamed for years, corruption, and mismanagement at the end of the day. it's not really about the government formation. is that it is really about what this government gun to do. lebanon is
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unraveling on so many fronts, and all the different crises are compounding each other. so what's happening, and why is it so hard to fix things were to give you an idea just how quickly lebanon has collapsing. you have to realize that it's even worse than venezuela, a poster child of devastated economies. it took lebanon less than 3 years ago, where, but as rela, was over 6 years after years of corruption, mismanagement, and dysfunctional politics, lebanon's dealing with a huge currency crisis. and that's at the root of so many other problems right now . well, a lamp and i haven't even had that yet. in the late in the good bit, mcvee them comes in as with he looked at monday. everything is much more expensive . inflation is very hard because his won't pick them, thought it. so here's what's going on. in the late 19 ninety's,
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the lebanese pound was pegged to the us dollar. exchange rate was fixed at $1500.00 pounds for $1.00. now the problem with that is lebanon's economy wasn't strong enough to really justify that value. it was sort of artificial. for a long time, the government and banks managed to prop up to currency to maintain that peg. but now they're at a point where they just can't do that anymore. and so the currency has crashed, losing up to 90 percent of its value in the last 2 years. and that means people savings and salaries have tanked, whatever you make, you make well, just 90 percent. less of what you made before. unfortunately. yeah, everything revolves around a currency. your currency is worth less and makes importing things much more expensive for lebanon. that's a massive deal because it imports nearly everything including all its fuel. so now on top of the currency crisis, there is a fuel crisis key. the government simply can't afford to buy enough and it's
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abandoned some of the fuel subsidies that helped make fuel affordable for ordinary people. so now you've got both shortages. i'm super high prices of issue, but i'm still eligible. bear with me why she didn't of the long set off and on the plumber, your mom, i'm just to live on amazon. i've been trying to get to work well. well go about that. i've been running out some friends with sharing. so the fuel prices is creating a domino effect. drinking water now costs 4 times what it used to. and the lights are literally going out because there's no fuel for generators, causal obstructions from. this is an example of the chrissy going off. you're talking about some places not getting more than a couple of hours of a pacific dates summer and when it comes to hospitals, when it comes to people where you have young children eldern, this is miss the health risk. so it only gets worse, because now you've got a health crisis to hospitals are struggling. the you when is got involved,
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even supplying fuel to help keep generators running. and like other imports, medicine is become too expensive or hard to find. even ordinary drugs like paracetamol, let alone life saving ones for diabetics or cancer patients. so people like marina are stepping in, she set up a charity to coordinate donations of medicine from abroad. we crossed the red lines and now we're really facing hard and harsh times. a dan, this is not our job, isn't the job of the state. but since we don't have a state, we are doing this. so that idea that the state is missing in action. well, that's why things have become so desperate. lebanon is definitely a rare case of a country with virtually no bible state services, or social services, or social institutions for government, cuz it pulled it as an institution that had video, basic services up completely stopped. and this isn't exactly new,
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it's almost as if lebanon is in a permanent state of political crisis. and critics, a part of the problem is the system itself. now the way it works is that the 3 biggest sacks are guaranteed representation. that was the deal to keep the peace after the civil war. so for example, the president is always a marinate. christian. the prime minister is always sunny and the speaker of parliament she em. but in reality, it's lead to political gridlock in fighting and nothing really gets done. it's really about you know, who gets which government sponsored contracts. what kind of company affiliated with who are, when you're forming a government, for example, you know, is not just about who is the best person to handle the ministry of economy. it's whether the president was a man i christian should pick that minister, whether it's the prime minister sunnyville to pick and it becomes a horse trading situation. you end up with a lot of corruption and accusations that politicians are only serving their own
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interests not working for the good of the country. oh, wow. oh. so a couple of years ago, hundreds of thousands of people protested to say as much ah and after the horrific explosion in beirut last year, there was outraged, directed at politicians. and so far, no one's been held to account. a long label for the delay. me a loan number again, field handler with what's happened recently is that the political parties have finally agreed on a new government. after 13 months, lebanon's feuding politicians have now agreed how to distribute to power in a new
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a cabinets. but most of the faces are familiar. like billionaire prime minister now, she's mccarty, who's had the job twice already lost the mondell philosophy. one of the i'm a luxury man. i us, when we hardly saw we had done going out feet. he's trying to manage expectations. but they're all ready, rock bottom, i'm very pessimistic about the government. i think this as this is just, you know, like a morphine. those that was given to the people in order to calm them down. people just feel that because this is a returning prime minister is the 3rd time was prime minister. they say, well, you know, what does it matter if they're calling the shots, then we can't expect that people have put us in this crisis to get us out of it. and there's a lot that needs doing priority number one is to get cash into the country. and the government's best bet is to secure a baylock from the i m f. it's now planning to reopen talks with them after the
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last one stalled in 2020. but if the government wants money, it will also need to present a recovery plan that includes a bunch of reforms. we just get dollars from brazil to work best. but in order to pump bod, be need loss issue or to population. but not only stops or problems, this country has been very bodily managed or venue, or we need to political password merch. if there's any chance of that happening, it could start with parliamentary elections coming up in may. but that's a big if, just like fuel and madison hope that politicians will actually change things as an seriously short supply. now if there is a single event that helps explain why so many people in lebanon have given up on their politicians. it's that explosion that ripped through beirut support last year, killing almost 200 people. it was caused by warehouse full of ammonium nitrate that hadn't been stored properly,
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and lebanon is still feeling the effects out as air corresponded. zayna halter opens up about that in this episode. of between us, it's an online series where reporters reflect on the big stories they cover. ah, it's been a very difficult year for those who survived the blast as well as the families who lost loved ones and families of the victims have repeatedly taken to the streets, demanding to know the answers, demanding accountability, but another high on, on. there's still no answers on who was responsible for bringing this ammonium nitrate to lebanon. many feel that justice will never will be served more questions than answers a year after that blast. i'm center for their senior correspondent for al shahida. i've been reporting from lebanon for some time now and between us since the bay report the explosion, the situation has only gotten worse. it was one
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of the largest non nuclear blasts in history. you talk to anybody in the city and a lot of people still talk about that day. people are still in shock. still picking up the pieces. hundreds of thousands lost their homes. ah, families are desperate. they want those who they believe are responsible to be held to account. they lost their children, they lost their husbands, they lost their wives. people feel that they haven't been given the answers. a mother told me, i don't know how i wake up every morning and how i go on. why did my son die? there's still a lot of trauma. there have been emotional scars of physical scars even myself. when all is quiet, i can still hear that blast, even my son, he was 3 years old at the time. he still will not walk down the street where we
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were when the blast happened. when there's a strong wind, he starts to panic because he too felt that pressure wave, that shock wave that pushed him to the ground. when the blast happened, lebanon was in the midst of an economic crisis. people were losing their jobs, businesses were closing, and the lebanese pound was already devaluing. on top of that, there was corona virus and they were locked downs, which also made worse the economic collapse. when the explosion happened, the authorities promised a transparent and swift investigation. the investigation has been slow, the lead judge and the case product guitar, as trying to initiate the process of process shooting. those he believes are responsible for the blast, but he faced a fierce political backlash from those in power. he has a list of suspects and they are members of the political and security establishment . some of them are m p, 's. politicians are refusing to lift immunity. they're not allowing him to question
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these suspects. international and local journalists have done more digging than the authorities. they believe that in one way or another, this shipment was linked to 3 syrian businessmen who were linked or who are linked to the syrian president bashar assad. one of them has been sanctioned for procuring ammonium nitrate in the same here and 2013. when that ship docked at bay root port, was it really intended for lebanon because that ship was destined for mozambique? at least this is what shipping records show, but it made an unintended stop in bay route. so justice has not been served, nor has there been any accountability ah, as the lebanese, it is hard to watch. this country collapse is falling apart and you're watching and falling apart. and yet it doesn't have to be this way. these politicians are playing on to power so many people are asking, what are they fighting over? they're fighting over a corpse. there's nothing left of the state. the state has all but collapse without
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a new government that is ready and willing to carry out reforms. it's hard to see how this country will be able to stand on its feet once again. okay, up next is a film out of palestine. it's from the all my documentary series fly on the wall. it's about 4 people and how they found different ways to fight back against illegal israeli settlements. take a look. ah. they feel they are fighting alone. oh, because i thought the i cited garcia's mom a high school nurse, men have a year where you believe lincoln, is this about the shadow of on shot dead duck ribbon fiercely inman, duly. they're trying to install ethnic cleansing, trying to get rid of all the palestinians that have lived here for tenants or even hundreds of years
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for doing demos from namo, alicia. but yes. hello. could you tell ma'am buffer around buffer my equity by the hotel, modern mother? listen, aletha is muscle to me. map jani murphy felt venue the been that big room, some numbers to let them get thought of it enough to get it done yet. i think in the future on maybe in the i did you wrong month took the on from fair enough so, but i would like to add but a lot to john and i me and then if adam al, it is about a balance of the had them kind of problems so to me or water, the us senate in half and the less than a lot about is it i was the last
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day on unmet dresser. i had engine duplicate him, a lot of them based on the sat and to let elijah slash fish muscular anthem inter anakin danny concealment and night. i shot a note hole full web store has a red book from i am coming up loan im can clooney and fail month. alexandra has it out with ally. ally dealership that's in the new fi, hoff asked mother lamar maloney kenneth, i've been out about the semester and just say shift in sultan adventure. i've it done for annette. but there they found been tommy avenue, a mustache and um, we can get a little mileage. um, i believe a i say that has from messman have
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a police like in a shed, and then in a day, i love leslie's not a big jump. i'm about to about a thought it should be in my young god, martha america returning america tonight. a boy neither come to sleep. honestly in this moment the fail out autonomous mistake. feel ocean muscle. lynn . a lot of on he a bad miles away. on a highly event that debate is simone. if you haven't given that iowa, hey,
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deaf shondae, and if at the hand us a mess bank i, it's unique in its experience because of the fight without leadership, the youth they have what we call it, a political awareness that they don't want to be divided and that's why the israeli authority, they are confused. how to deal with these kind of activities or to control it. oh like oh heck. oh, of on before the movie channel called little issue. none available at the valley yet . and with a bit of an ali, yet from anything else at all? no. the time and bill were done. thanielle i'mma put i'mma. jo, what i'll end up getting with hit on was hopefully it'll just open up the chicken
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broth and we'll see if on again just either this unity. 7 on the top of the mountain, been among the palestinians come from the frustrations, frustrated for a month, for straight from good option for straight from the vision. you see them taking the lead on the ground, but to participate every one. there's a kind of debate within there, but it's tina and within the top, do we continue? they feel they are they are fighting and own where's people, where is the european union? where is that international organizations that support and promote human rights leafy? keep silent. that's mean they accepted that cubic. i think they use the, the resistance and different way all they will use that to be a terrorist. it is 90 percent of them. they want peace, but the real bees build on justice. not beast with set them and not beast with occupation. they want life. they want political rights. they want jobs, though,
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and live. they want to enjoy their life. they let like laser is ladies. that kind of little of, of on the muscle. tony in barrack fe, subtle at all, they fit a live buffalo got to be a wealth of a book collected a thought on millennium oil for i was sort of get billed out. all the gum national, bianca st ran lackey this run month instead of having the spelling delayed. i must ha, loose a how much that he has a moment, a moment while i love, you know,
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maybe though i see i see by imagine i am with adults irrelevant. that means that it will be with in a couple to put it up, man a nocera his hand. no, not a not the persistent with a bully realty notion, i'm scheduling. so we, she called with a . 2 miami, well, let me lay this wearily. we've been
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a whole week going on in. are they even a f a? no. had them kind of been, we've had a, a, how to get, did you been sultani and a lot of money headed to iraq with hoping to helical. i'm to put in 9. can i get the names that i've sharing? mm. mm mm. with them is a one of the month ago, a guy going to see, he's the guy i called you the last check. because in this area where we're going to
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use the la shepherd, the rest of the shepherds in this area they, they will all they just told, gave us would be a little know what i'm no, but they're persecuted so much by the settlers. i mean, we can a half ago and had one of his cheaper and over by 4, by 4 running into the field. i don't do audio, bruno telegraph resume, and that's what they're trying to do. they're trying to frighten the people to leave it to go somewhere else. but the truth is that they've got nowhere else to go . and the soonest the settlers see us, they are far more reticent to coming to contact their own. amongst the settlers, extreme factions which see us and we are even more of an enemy for them than the actual palestinians on they'll come with us with sticks and with violence. and we'll hold our ground does, and we will start doing one. busy with adrian,
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alina von, northern america, the connection with the problem is that somebody at the moment somebody says, god told me to do something, you can't have a rational discussion with them. and they're trying to install, ethnically cleansing, trying to get rid of all the palestinians that have lived here for tenants or for you even hundreds of years. a missouri top level, not scanning. we do get a lot of support, you know, from the people who like to sit on the couches and writing facebook all. well don, thank you so much. but defacto, you can count us in, in the tense, the civil cynita of our los altos lady and i just didn't have a sure i get in touch with him. no hold on. that's at some portal this week. i hope you liked what you saw. remember there's
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lots more great video and audio content on our website and social media channels. i'll be back next week until then. see you online. ah, here's your world weather up, say hello as to see you are going to start in the middle east where we've got plenty of sunshine to go around. but we may get clear was some showers for the united arab emirates and also oman. this includes for muscat. if it's not going to happen monday, i think the better shot will be on tuesday. we could even power up. some thunderstorms there with a hive $26.00 and keeping that temperature steady on wednesday with a hive $26.00. also the 1st day of december, it is dry cross, so pakistan temperatures will range from $22.00 in the north islam of bod to $32.00 in the south for croce. what of what weather? brown turkey sola band of rain from the black sea right through to the
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mediterranean, and we're going to be blasted with some powerful winds through the boss for assist stumble could see wind gusts here of about 90 kilometers per hour. central africa right now we do have rain sauntering around here. our usual storms, especially around a late victoria and southern sections of somalia on monday. bit further towards the south. things are looking fairly calm. we looked toward madagascar, those central and northern portions of the island. we'll see some rain here. things are looking nice and sunny in cape town with the high of 21 degrees on monday and port elizabeth, you've got a height of 21. that's it. that's all. see you soon. ah . we know what's happening. you know. we know how to play that others hang on. i with
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you tell the story isn't what can make a difference. the stage is set and it's time for a different approach to one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. up front with me, mark lamb on hill on al jazeera. ah, japan becomes the latest country to band foreign visitors in response to the yukon with 19 variance. ah, hello the i'm, how am i here, dean. this is al jazeera mind from dough home. also coming up. it's mild, very, very mild symptoms that don't tell me who 1st detects it's the only con varian says patients have suffered only mild illness. so far. the left when opposition candidates in honduras is.


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