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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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the founder of the label off white had been suffering from an aggressive form of cancer. despite his illness, he kept active. earlier this month, he travelled, took a tours capital for his 1st museum exhibit in the middle east titled figures of speech . he leaves a legacy that influence fashion and manage to inspire the world of art and culture . virgil ablow was 41. 0, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. japan is banning foreign visitors from entering the country after the discovery. often you omicron variance, foreign minister for milk. she though says other measures are also being considered representative from russia, china, germany, france, and the you. k, a set to hold talks with iranian officials in vienna. it's in the hope of salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal to han's new governments as colon for all sanctions against
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it to be lifted. dorsey jabari has the latest form vienna. at the moment, we are waiting for the iranian delegation, her who arrived in the austrian capital on saturday to meet with the european and members of the signatories of the j. c. p. o has got nuclear deal is known. their indians have held meetings with the chinese and their russians on sunday. and in the next few hours, they were meeting with the europeans. they have a very specific list of demands for the americans. the americans, of course, are also here, but they are not meeting directly with the arena there at another a venue and the europeans will go back back and forth between the 2 sides. in honduras, celeste, who in candidates jamara castro as claimed victory in sunday's presidential election. castro says that voters have reversed authoritarianism. her supporters took to the streets to help celebrate her historic when a governing national party,
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however, also announced that its candidate had won the trial of george's former precedence me cows. okesha really has resumed in the capital tbilisi. he says, corruption charges against him are politically motivates. india's parliaments has repealed agricultural laws that sparked a year of protest from foreigners. they argued the laws would ruin their incomes and favor big corporations protested in germany or calling on the governments to welcome migrants who stuck at the border between poland and bella. rous 6, thousands green lights were placed in front of the parliament building, symbolizing the people who are trying to reach germany. and those are the headlines to stay with us here on al jazeera inside story is up next. ah,
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tensions a high once again, between russia and ukraine, moscow's deploying troops along the border. and kid is warning of a possible invasion. what's triggered this crisis, and can it be contained? this isn't so sort. ah, ah hello, welcome to the program on iran con, ukraine is accusing russia of mobilizing tens of thousands of soldiers near the shed border. the movement of russia's 41st army units is raised phase a military offensive might be on the way. it's the 2nd time this year. moscow is
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a mass combat ready forces in the region on friday. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski, had russia, was planning a coo to overthrow his government. moscow rejected those allegations. i'm blamed, kia and the us for the escalating tensions present. joe biden says he's likely to speak to both leaders to ease the dispute. russia seized ukraine's at crimea region in 2014 and back separatists territories in the east. nato has warned moscow that any attempt to invade ukraine would have serious consequences. we'll get together shortly, but 1st this update from charl stratford in easton ukraine ross's intentions of course, remain unclear, but one thing is certain, and that's moscow. continuously denying that it has any intention of invading ukraine. and that's the kind of language, the kind of accusations that are being made by certain western leaders and the international media language that the kremlin is described as being both malicious
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and hysterical. we also know though, that president putin is very unhappy with the ukrainian leadership here, describing it as foot dragging in implementing its side of a peace agreement signed in 2015. an agreement that so many analysts say is very much weighted in russia's favor and could potentially give russia a too much control of ukrainian internal affairs. and meanwhile, the international community, ukraine's allies in nato, the us, france, and germany, for example, warning, russia of serious consequences. if indeed there was to be a further escalation, but it remains to be seen just how far they would go to protect ukraine. if indeed such a disaster was to happen. just wrap it for inside story and abdi of cur, easton ukraine. the annexation of crimea in 2014 worse and ties between the west and russia. moscow sees the region from ukraine in march,
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2014 prompting international condemnation and sanctions. and the following month war broke out in east, in ukraine between russian backed separatists and the ukrainian army. more than 13000 people been killed in the fighting. and at one point about a 1500000 people were displaced. now in 2015, france and germany broke it, a peace agreement per efforts to reach a political settlement have failed. ah, that's brilliant. guess. joining us live from here. alexey her an a professor at the kia malia academy and the director of research at democratic initiatives foundation from fairfax, virginia. john herbst. he's the senior director of the atlantic councils, erosion center, and a former us ambassador to the ukraine and from moscow, pavel falcon. how he is a defense of military analyst and a column is fur nevuk, is that a warm welcome to you all? let's begin in care of 1st with a lexi harangue. there's no way vladimir putin is actually going to invade. is he?
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well, we don't know. we don't know what other calculations. busy of which is we need to know. busy that actually a invade the ukraine in 2014. he and that crimea in violation of all the international agreements including gradually, graham. and then he moved, he's a regular groups in the bus, in the east all your grades. so i put him, invaded the ukraine, russian troops there. and despite all the agreements that were assigned to regarding squire and the 1st 5 also signed in 2014, and that's been 2015. you have, you met us, use fire. now you also use fire, but i've just checked the poor, the daily report of special when you are in mission or se,
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organization for security done corporation in europe. and just yesterday there were a 100 violations, all cease fire one the. so basically there is on going grass and ukrainian was ups and downs. we don't see a large military offensive right now. but at any time, that could be a possibility. but so alexi, what you're saying is, effectively the war never ended from 2014, the continued violations. yeah, yeah, i hear that you are sincerely surprised, but this is a fact because ok, as i have said, grania is all you buy and even don't boss. one 3rd of them boss which is around 2 percent of ukrainian, that is what you're buying by russia and eat spotted resumes and 0. there are
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well. busy ations every day and ukrainian soldiers and civilians are being killed. well, that's bringing power fell. going to how i hear from moscow. what do you make of those comments of the war never ended. the civilians are dying every day. oh yes, it didn't really, and there is no political solution and skirmishes have continued in the done boss for many years already though the line of control has not changed. so it's a kind of standing, it's a crime for it. it can cause fully frozen because skirmishes continue, but that's a very low level. and since there is no political solution and right now, there seems to be no meaningful negotiations, even an and an arm and the so called format has be now so frozen. that means there
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is a possibility of a escalation of the fight thing. and the rhetoric on both sides is becoming increasingly toxic. i mean, on all sides. and that's a very dangerous situation. it's not an imminent conflict, maybe escalation, but it's potentially very serious and could come and months, or maybe even a number of weeks a pub. we'll just talk to me about vladimir putin and thinking why now and why this level of escalation? well, the level of escalation has been building up ah, during the years and especially in the year 21, we're lucky. it break out into a big region alone. but the threat is there a mosque of has said many times that they are red lines. the integration of ukraine
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into nato and the ear and so they go american military assets on gradient territory is totally unacceptable for russia and meaning that most likely rushes in the last resort is ready to go to war to prevent that. but there is a possibility of still resolving the thing without a confrontation, but with each passing month, the possibility of a regional war is growing. well, one of the players in the conflict will be, or is in fact a joseph biden. the u. s. president, we have the former us ambassador to the ukraine, a john hub, still sat with us in fairfax. john, i mean is it, he's in a rock and a hard place. he like, how does biden deal with this? if he doesn't act on you crying, he's going to be seen as being weak. but if he does act, there's a, there's a threat to russia there. look,
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i think by understands will. ready the dangers of the current situation um mosque l last and aggressive war against ukraine in 2014, which continues to this day. they ceased crimea, and they began as cover military operation done boss. the current military operation done boss was designed to crush a key if to pursue the end is pursuit of a western leaning for foreign policy. hooton's operation done boss itself is limited. limited, military aggression in done boss has not moved ukraine direction. he was that's what he's threatening escalation by unrecognised escalation would be a very bad thing for american interest. that's why he stated very clearly and his secretary of state and secretary of st offense have stated. ready very clearly that there will be punishing additional sanctions on russia. if guten escalate
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substantial. we are also sending more military supplies to ukraine, so the ukraine will better be able to defend itself. now it's true, the russian military is much stronger than ukrainian motor. and russian probably sees any point in ukraine. it wants to use its full conventional military forces including its air force includes navy. but it's also true that many russian soldiers will die. this. and the russian public has said multiple times, and polls conduct bundle of oddison to they don't want russian troops fighting in ukraine. they don't want russia to be fighting against ukraine. so guten, to escalate substantially. is a very serious gamble. and by and i think is speaking in clear and strong terms about what would happen if bruton doesn't and care a likes he just had will august in virginia has a had to say, now ukraine gets a lot of military aid from the u. s. government already has been getting it since 2014, it's got a partner effectively. in the u. s. is the u. s. going to be able to be
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a broke half a p. say old, you think their role is it's, it's well too complicated for them for something as simple as that. so 1st of all, oh we, we here since 2015 we hear us from again does ration needs in vain ukraine cause of stress from naples. and this is thought ally, ally, because before to actually 2014 ukraine said no block status, support as of nato in the ukraine. we're all we're seeing minority because we ukrainians believes that we could have good pragmatic relations was the rush. we had the treaty with rush, we had the budapest memorandum where russia wrong has to be a guarantee that all ukrainian territorial integrity. so there was no talk about
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later in 2040. and then in 2014 ration aggression stuff. and it completely changed the views of you great, that we saw that in any case, even if your brain is outside of, even if you grain is in utica, it doesn't prevent from russian aggression. that's why i definitely will need the support from service. and we understand that nobody will fight for ukraine because we are not in the go. so what we are asking since 2014 is military hill. unfortunately, this military help was believed. president obama did provides was his help. ah, the javelins and they've done a balance of ukrainian started to receive only on the comp administration.
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so i would say that the military support is quite limited. a motor. i see scenes that, oh, we had the red line because of nato because of american build up in ukraine. totally ally because the russian troops, i live inside in russia, if you're buying you career. so what is important? definitely at z spoil. he's an increase of military support, 1st of all, and then 2nd boy, to warn russia about extension economic sense. now sir, i economic sanctions against russia. what is important is to one culture that in case that it will have dramatic consequences for russia in economics fair. let's bring in pablo. forget how a her in moscow, where's the root wiggle room, where's the negotiation room here, if president biden does follow up on his common,
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that he will speak to both the leaders of here and moscow in order to try and de escalate the situation. what's he going to go in and negotiate? well, yes, this is some with being prepared right now, both washington and moscow white house and the crime when they're working on the agenda. it should happen before you year. it's going to be for sure it's going to be kind of a, be a screen and telephone conversation, but your grade is going to be very high on the agenda. but i do in moscow hubs that brinkman ship, that being right now use a possible regional war with the threat of an escalation into all european are, i don't know, global conflict. the dad we'll move the united states to change somewhat. this position to put pressure on here to become more flexible and fall,
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give russia was once on the so called names agreements. so that's most likely right now. going to be the thing because there's a lot of talk of russian forces on the wonder if they are there for some i'm already, but the time of year right now is wrong for any kind of major military escalation. a winter campaign can begin. second half of january, but not earlier than that. so now is the time for negotiations, and apparently there will be happening. but how intense and how effective they're going to be. it's not clear. well, let's bring in a journal herbst her. i mean, i guess moscow says the negotiations are not clear, but they do need to happen. what can the americans offer, and what would the russians take in order to de escalate? can i don't think i don't think negotiations necessary at all. i think what's needed is a strong wanting to put in,
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but the nasty things of what happens is roneesh itself and russia. if in fact proven escalators is our aggression against you crate. and again, talking about major sanctions, talking about military assistance to ukraine, is the way to go on the war and done boston when put in decides that it's no longer his of then negotiation. the employee for the oceans are important right now. what's important right now is a strong stamp that becomes the basis for the actual negotiations. ready but they also needs to meet with brian in order not to escalate. that's fine. but what again, most important thing to prevent this from becoming a wider war, is a very strong warning to putin about dangerous things that will happen. tim to russia, if he again escalates crush yet, but i only works if biden actually follows through. i mean, you're giving the javelin anti tank defense systems already. you've got billions of dollars worth of military aid going to the ukraine. all of those things. russia
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says actually have escalated the situation, those need to be withdrawn, and then we might be able to talk. i mean, you got to follow the 3rd, right? right. but the spacing, what would you just outline is i think puzzles, logic. logic is correct. that putin as trying vibration shipped to gain concession . why in the world should we accept this? no, the, the, the, the situation around your pain is certainly dangerous and it become more dangerous . but it's not as dangerous as the berlin crisis in 1961. if you missile crisis 962, when, when kremlin brinkman ship, ah, brought the world to thermonuclear war, the threshold with them on the war. we are much stronger than russia today. oh, there's no reason why we need to panic. so again we, we produce a strong reaction, i think by just doing that. and then the russians want to talk, that's fine. but the most important thing is that strong reactions to put knows the consequences, the nasty consequences for his team. if in fact he escalates alex,
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i am going to bring you in here in just a moment by do and a half from puzzle and moscow. what do you make of that? john hobbs cummins most we hear from russia moscow different opinions coming out of washington and in the present situation, even from the bio ministration. but those of course there have been warnings. there have been contacts, they'll be more likely more in moscow. they also have different opinions there. those are the diplomatic, the foreign ministry defense ministry, kind of party of war guys who believe that now is a good time to make the have a final solution of the gradient problem. and there are those in with the president, booking surrounding to believe that that's a bad idea that russia will very b c come under very serious economic financial sanctions. and that's not good.
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that's bad for internally and externally and put in as a time balance in these different opinions. and he has the final solution. last spring, a really big russian contingent. i mean, hundreds of thousands of were mobilized and the concentration of forces in the black sea and the on the ukrainian border was much higher than today. but we didn't give the go ahead and we don't have a war in 21. we won't have. so it's possible that when you come to the brink and retreat from it, but more consolidating message coming from washington would be better than it is hearing. different kinds of voices, like say, america, if it was up to john hubs, would definitely have your back. do you believe that president joe biden is go,
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has the ukraine's best interest at heart? do you think he's your guy? look, every kind of day is that? well, what they see by the nose, you can very well when he was vice president in abominable ministration. he was actually responsible for relations with was ukraine and he knows ukraine very well in those reforms pro process in the ukraine. so he understands the great, i would say. so what we need also to understand is that basically we look, this is politics, you know, and we don't know what exactly putting a little do as bottle said. so put in may be only just, you know, increasing stakes in a gamble. but what he would like to receive, he is then he will decrease the space and he would like to receive something in exchange. that's the whole idea. that's what happened in spring 2002 springs this
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year. because i believe why to, to increase tension is to push through not stream to. so basically he paid a large amendment to build up on the own ukraine than he was drawn. he said, ok, you see, i'm not going to war less push for north street. instead, so that's what to tim, would like to have, i guess i hope the president biden and his administration would z do understand, will put in one's and they will bet you great low points and we'll be pointing. wouldn't announce piece with cream if you grant could be too late. if you train accepts, put in terms of piece of book and said ok, i'm fine with. so the program is a united states and you to please do not sacrifice ukrainian national in that
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simple john hooves. wed is nato in all of this. oh nato i think is playing a, an important role in the current crisis on when you see an increase and of nato ships in the black sea. ah, was a way of similar single to moscow. oh, so it clearly has role. ready but i think you see an even greater role played by individual nato countries. started with united states, but also canada, the u. k. and poland and bolt who all understand very clear fashion, the threat what mr. booth was up to. one of the cranes borders. one final comment then from pavel fog and how you've heard what john has to say about nato's role? surely that's the one thing that really does anger. vladimir putin, him behind a lot of what is going on right now? actually,
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all the extension of maintenance is the ultimate right for quite some years already . and that's the backbone. now, put in foreign policy to resist the nato extension. and, but it's not only, of course, thank your face weakness, not a member of nato, but it's right now providing help and training a help to your the gradient. so it's not even more than later. it's kind of a list i to try and balance the russian pressure on your grade. this is what i'm really afraid. i would say if the troops begin to move somewhere january go, begin to do with you. moving. actually, troops from european countries from america, actually do romania and poland. russia begins moving troops. if we go on to that stage or a confrontation, it would be very hard. i want to thank all, i guess,
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alexey her and john herbs, the and apollo fall going to help and i want to thank you guys as well for watching . now you can see the program again any time by visiting our website out there, dot com. and for further discussion goes, will facebook page, that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter or handle his at ha inside story. for me, i'm wrong on the whole team head, bye for now. ah. a december,
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i just need to tell host the fee for our upcoming amendment event for the region and a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 world cup people in power investigates the use and abuse of power across the globe. a world exclusive interview with joint nobel peace, lori if recognize the safeguarding freedom of expression as a pre condition for democracy, and lasting peace from shore. documentaries, too, in depth explain it. portal showcase is the best voucher 0 digital content. i think it draws to a close. we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead to next year, december on a jesse europe. with,
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[000:00:00;00] with on counting the coast count japan's new prime minister taco income inequality boss, will the world trade organization health countries to secure coven? 19 vaccines will be speaking to the w. t. o is new director general counting the cost on al jazeera oh is and less than a year. how will host the middle east 1st? well come in preparation. the country is stage in
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a major settlement with 16 nations going head to head in thick purple stadiums for 2022 will keep you across the action as council prepares for the region's biggest ever sourcing events. the fee for our cup on al jazeera ah hello there, i'm the associate in dough with the headlines for you here are now to sierra japan is banning foreign visitors from entering the country after the discovery of the new micron variant prime minister premier because she does as other measures are also being considered. you know, i'm gonna go in schema still. we are responding to the only con variant with a strong sense of urgency in my country. we've suspended the entry of foreigners from south africa and 9 other countries from yesterday at midnight. as the new variance spreads further around the world,


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