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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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award winning online content and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to broaden the people to be to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch up here with me. sandra, got men on al jazeera. ah, japan becomes the latest country to band foreign visitors in response to the new code 19 very ah, hello again, i'm installed today. this is algebra live from doha. also coming up, i'm gabriel's onto a new york where british socialite delaine maxwell will face a jury for the 1st time in a trial. that's sure to be filled with drama. after more than a year of protests, india's parliament has voted to officially scrap controversial farming loads
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and separations and honduras. as leftist opposition candidates, jamara custard came to victory in the presidential election. now japan is banning foreign visitors from entering the country in an attempt to control the spread of the new army, kron variant prime minister from yoshida says it will take effect on tuesday, and other measures are also being considered. meanwhile, the south african president has demanded an immediate end of the travel bands that he is describing as unjustified and discriminatory against both his country and its neighbors. used to resist unjustified as well as an unscientific covered restriction that only served to further disadvantage developing according we have seen how some countries
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have started. the 16 travel to other countries, thus damaging the economies and particularly sectors of the economies that rely on the travel people around the world. well, the white house organization has worn to the ami con variant is likely to spread globally and poses a very high risk in surging countries to speed up the vaccination rollouts right now, more than 10 countries have confirmed cases of the new varian, including this trillion, which is now delaying the reopening to foreign students and workers for 2 weeks. g 7, health ministers are due to hold emergency talk very shortly. all governments, in se asia have also imposed restrictions to try to control the spread of army kron . hong kong is the only territory in that region though that's detected. the new very engine attorney chang reports now from bangkok. no sooner had japan declared
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victory against cove at 19 and relaxed its entry requirements, and the door is slammed, shut its prime minister announcing on monday that he would be taking no chances with the new varian. geiger was in with regard to foreign visitors entering japan for midnight of november 30th. we will ban entry for all parts of the world. thailand and indonesia announced new will. the less stringent benz on arrivals from southern african nations locked down to have been devastating to the tourist industry here. and many southeast asian nations will be reluctant to impose blanket bands. the philippines started and ambitious banks, a nation drive on monday to inoculate more than 9000000 people in 3 days. it's travel ban of 14 nations include european countries, where the new variant has been found. we are ready, but we can steal our my more fire. we should delete these as much as we can,
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can really prepare. he had systems capacity repaired, our design icily. ah, did read the great martini. ah, i certainly constructed one travel gateway that was opening up rather than shutting down is the land boat between singapore and malaysia. 3000 people crossed this border daily until march 2020, when it was shut down, stranding thousands. so pretty much i'm excited to go back to my money here to my home country. i know a lot of families i've been thought normally syncing up all. ah, visa has been a good opportunity for me to go back to was a militia. those visit my grandparents, my parents, my families in salvia. for now, a special bus service will limit visitors to $3000.00 a day as other borders around the region shut down. these travelers will be hoping this journey isn't one way. tony chang al jazeera banker went to hell has one hour from london. the cases that are popping up now everywhere from scotland here in the
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u. k. 2 countries all over the europe in union are not just a people stepping or fly from south africa, but that the variant is actually spreading within communities beyond, beyond simply the scope of travel and the scope of travel bands to be able to prevent it. so that we've seen 6 new cases, as i said in scotland, 3 here in the u. k. 13 in portugal, 13 in the netherlands and cases popping up in france, germany, the czech republic, denmark, and so on. and all of that would suggest, as i said, that the travel bands implemented are not the answer to stopping the spread, or even substantially slowing it once the virus is out there. and countries of course, reacting accordingly, if not in everyone's view appropriately by slapping on new restrictions here in the u. k. for instance, in addition to the travel bands, we've got introduced from tuesday, much more strenuous checks at borders for people arriving back from old
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destinations. we've got an expansion of the booster program, making it eligible to people over the age of 18. from this week a re introduce reintroduction of mandatory mosque wearing and certain indoor settings. the sort of thing is happening all over the place. meanwhile, really all that anybody could do is wait for the week weeks, however long it may take for scientists to tell us what the properties of our micron really can say about how threatening it is. well, us president joe biden is used to give an update on his administration's response to the on the on very interest in the next couple of hours. let's see. 12 white house correspondent can be how good in washington, dc. kimberly, i believe the new travel restrictions also begin today in the us. can you talk us through those as we await the u. s. president update on the situation in the united states with respect to that on recon variant. we do know that the united states is as planned and as announced a few days ago,
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putting in place travel measures to try and at least stop this variance from coming to the united states. and if it's here to limit it, what the united states doesn't know at this point is whether or not this has already made its way to the united states. in the interim, it is taking what it says are precautionary measures. 7 countries, including sa, as well as south africa, now prevented in terms of the travelers coming to the united states as the united states use as this period in order to try and figure out the severity of the strain and how they will deal with it. now again, the u. s. president expect to update the american public on exactly what that will look like right now. what we expect is that the president will be urging the $80000000.00 americans still not vaccinated to get vaccinated to get a booster. but what we think is that the president will stop short of putting in place further travel restrictions with respect to international travel,
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as well as domestic travel. now in terms of how the united states is handling this, we know already the pharmaceutical companies are tweaking the current booster to address some of the properties. what little they know so far about this variant. and they're also not ruling out that there may be a targeted booster to address on the crime in the future. and kimberly einstein is now also a case just to know if they're in canada. what might that mean for the u. s? well, what this means is that the genie is out of the bottle, according to the top infectious disease specialist. out that he found she because what they're feeling is that our already this is spread and it's just a matter of time before it's detected in the united states. and so that's why the united states is proceeding cautiously. they admit that this may already have entered the u. s. borders, and so they're trying to deal with it as best they can. well,
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knowing very little about it. how whitehouse correspond, kimberly, how could they will obviously have more details once joe biden speaks. thanks so much. kimberly. now, staying in the us and the british socialite, glen maxwell is about to go on trial in new york. she's accused of enabling the crimes of sex offender jeffrey epstein. you took his own life 2 years ago while awaiting his trial. maxwell insist that she's innocent and denies any wrong doing. let's speak to gabriel. as under he's following that trial for us in new york. gabriel, after epstein's death, can you talk us through the significance of maxwell's trial now? yeah, it's very significant for multiple reasons. and just to give you an idea of how much interest there is in this trial, it's a little after 9 am. were expecting opening statements momentarily. but people started lining up to get a seat in the court room more than 3 hours ago. about 5 am. well,
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before sunrise here, journalist observers just interested people in the case, there won't be enough seats in the court room, so there's an overflow room for any extra people that want to want to try to monitor the trial as it goes on. it's significant because prosecutors had hoped to put jeffrey epstein on trial for his alleged crimes. but since he committed suicide 2 years ago in new york jail, they had to go to plan b. and that's why these charges of sex trafficking are now being levied by prosecutors against maxwell, prosecutors say, and will claim during this trial, that it was her that helped procure women for epstein to take part in his alleged crimes. this is certainly a trial that we'll see, lots of drama create a. so how much did you lane maxwell know about geoffrey epstein to alleged sexual abuse of under age girls?
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that will be the central question in the trial of the 59 year old british socialite, facing charges of sex trafficking and other crimes. and he is going to be the invisible presence hanging over this. and that is why i think that she is going to have to explain something that everybody really wants to know . what was his hold over her? what was that relationship? a big unknown on the trial is how far the judge will allow the prosecutors to probe and epstein and maxwell's high profile social circles that included many household names from politics, industry, and entertainment. one being britain's prince. andrew, keep his accuser. virginia roberts, who says she was trafficked by maxwell to the prince for sex. when she was, a teenager is likely not going to be called as a witness. he denies any wrongdoing, but prosecutors are expected to call at least 4 other women. all epstein accusers
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who are going to tell the jury, maxwell groom them for sex with epstein, one when she was as young as 14 years old. it's a trial with all the trappings of a salacious, drama, sex power, money, and fame. but victims rights advocates hope that the jury does not get distracted by that and instead keeps their focus on the women who say they were abused by epstein. and that it could have only happened with the help of maxwell. this is an example of one of the most horrific and long enduring patterns of sex trafficking and child exploitation. there are so many victims and what's particularly disturbing about the case is how open they operated. and how many people knew, and how many people they involved in this exploitation scheme, maxwell has pleaded not guilty and denies all the charges. her legal team will try
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to cast doubt on the allegations and the testimony based on evidence that happened more than 20 years ago. the trial is expected the last 6 weeks, if convicted maxwell faces up to 80 years in prison. now it's important to remember that this trial is about the alleged crimes committed by gay lane maxwell and nobody else. but it will be interesting to see, quite frankly, if prosecutors try to probe into the social life of epstein and maxwell, and bring up other names of rich and powerful people. if the judge will allow that or not, that is going to be a key part of this trial came out of under their watching that trial for us in new york. thanks so much game. well, still, as you hear on al jazeera talks aimed at reviving the iran euclidean take place in vienna and as of options and out of luck,
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we talked to people in lebanon sizing to stay afloat during economic crisis. ah hello, we got some very heavy re making its way towards to pan over the next couple of days. here comes the cloud and re sweeping across northern china, easing across the korean peninsula, high pressure in charge of the moment that was slide out of the way, allowing our right to swing across the korean peninsula. it will be heavy at times it will sweep into japan pretty quickly. i'm pleased to say dry, clear weather comes in behind for a time. then we got this backwash of cold air which will bring some see effect snow into western parts of japan for the 2nd half of the week. but bright skies coming back in behind. further south, heavy showers remain in place across northern parts of the philippines. im heavy, damp horse still there on the northeast,
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the monsoon will southern areas of vietnam and also into tide. and in this system, grassy makes his way out into the abdomen c that will cause some very heavy right across the region here, over the next few days, the scattering of showers across southeast asia. some heavy rain is coming back into smarter and western parts of java sees a very heavy rain recently across southern areas of india. main area of disturbance now pushing out into the arabian sea. and that will spread our wet weather right up the western gas as we go on through the next couple of days. but look further east into the back ben goal. here comes our system from the and m s. c. and that's making his way towards a disha and under pradesh, ah, talk to al jazeera, we ask, how would you describe valuable relationship with the us? we listen copies, one tedious, not hopeful, copied 19th. nesbitt, terrible demonstration of the failure to view much solely that we meet with global
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news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so now mental handley take, it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. oh, the hello there, i'm this all the pain dot home that's remind you about top stories here. the found japan is banning foreigners from entering the country after the discovery of the new on the chrome varian prime minister for me. okay. she says, all the measures are also being considered socialized. maxwell is set to go on trial in new york. she is accused of enabling the crimes of sex offender jeffrey
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epstein, who took his own life while awaiting trial maxwell insist she's innocent. now, international talks on iran's nuclear program are getting underway in vienna, representatives from russia, china, germany, france. i'm the u. k. will all sit down with the rainy and officials and hope of salvaging that 2015 agreement. the us will be taking part in those talks indirectly . and all comes days after the un watchdog release to report detailing concerns about the lack of access to surveillance footage from around nuclear sites. hiram's new government is warning that these talks will fail unless all sanction lifted. well, you will call that iran signed that nuclear agreement back in 2015 and was designed to limit terror on nuclear ambitions and exchange for sanctions relief. but then in may 2018 then president donald trump withdrew the u. s. and began reimbursing sanctions in november last year the i a, a reported around stockpile of enriched uranium had reached 12 times the permitted
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levels. the organization says terran is also limited access to its nucleus sites since february, when our correspondent dorothy jabari has let us now from vienna. they, when you said they want the americans to pay for damages, since they left the deal in 2018 and the they want some guarantees from the americans that this kind of thing will not happen in the future. they are not true directly talking to the americans, of course, and the europeans will go back and forth between the iranians and the americans until they figure out how to move forward. the renew of said that they are here only to talk about how to lift the sanctions and what, how that will take place and what kind of a format that will be because they want to start implementing the sale of their oil . and as well as being able to use their banking system for such an under us sanctions. one of the main points for this delegation, there's $38.00 iranians in the offering capitol, most of which are from an economic background from various parts of the rain and
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government. and it shows how serious the ratings are. and of course, what they're looking for. the expertise that i've been brought here from the side are not about the nuclear program, but rather about the economic part of the country. and that is of course, what the deputy foreign minister has said that the news will talk about how the sanctions the to be lifted and not typically about the countries nuclear program. india is parliament has repealed agricultural laws that lead to a year of protests. farmers from across the country demonstrated against those 3 laws, which they said would roonan incomes and say that the corporations elizabeth problem has now from new delhi. both houses of the indian parliament have passed the farm law's repealed earl, as it's called, as expected. on the 1st day of parliament went to session. now the repeal of the laws, which farmers have been protesting against the 3 agriculture north for more than
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a year now. and what have been some of the biggest protests in modern india's history that follows a surprise decision by prime minister that in more than 10 days ago that the government would withdraw these laws bought. neither farmers nor the opposition, happy about exactly how it happened. now the laws will repeal through a very quick voice forward. but without the discussion that prime minister, the day ended morty, promised when he opened the window sectional parliament to add which the opposition parties wanted. now to be clear, opposition party support the repeal of these agriculture laws. they support farmers, but they wanted to debate exactly what was in the bill and also, no doubt the government you turn. but the speaker of the lower house chairperson of the upper house ended both meetings just minutes after they began just after the bills were pa saying that the opposition was being too unruly. ah.
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in honduras, the left wing candidate shimara caster has claimed victory in sunday's presidential election. their customer says that vs have reversed authoritarianism. but the governing national policy also announced that its candidates had one manu ruffled reports from the capital to goosey gaffa. i celebrations in the honduran capital agency, golf. ah, preliminary results from the national electoral council placed opposition candidates, humana castro in the lead. ah, no. a final tally was far from completed. the news was enough to spark celebrations in the streets of the city. for the follow up with the federal government about it for the 100 people. this represents an awakening apiece. a hope the people are overwhelmed by so much wrong doing and misery over the past 12 years the people
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needed to breathe. the people have woken up. daniels o, earlier in the day, eager voters queued for their turn at the ballot box. and polling locations extended their closing hours to allow everyone a chance to cast a vote. many expressed a distrust of the electoral system signing a disputed general election 4 years ago when the governing national party claimed victory despite evidence of fraud. good service. oh, only certain has been going on with the right and always by for the power. so i'm actually just, i'm actually quite happy with going even though i'm familiar with my boner poll is in the late hours on sunday opposition leaders humana. gastro spoke to supporters, claiming victory over national party candidate, nasty as food. by most,
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we are going to form a government of reconciliation in our country. a government of peaks and a government of justice. the 2021 on your general ledger took wise under one of the most horrible environments in recent memory with many people worried bit violence. it's still on the streets. the moved out now you gotta celebration on to run election. officials have also said voter turnout is the highs since the 1980s when the country returned to democratic rule. oh man, winds up a little algae 0. the google both wonders all the former president of georgia, mikhail suckers really has appeared in court on charges of abuse of office. he is the hearings in the capital tbilisi to denounce the georgian authorities. secretary has been held in jail since returning from exile last month. he faces at 6 years in
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prison for corruption. robin foster walker has worn out from tbilisi. it's quite chaotic here the moment they managed to close both the lane, both roads in and out of the city. you could probably see behind the some of the support is on that road bridge and, and also right now somebody being stretch it away from the scene because really emotions of running high here. people are very angry. those of course, he support the former president that he's been on standing trial at all. and those supposed to come out today in a crowd of several 1000 to show that support for him outside the court where he's due to make an appearance today where he's been charged with abuses of power and will use of excessive force back in 2007,
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a long time ago. now, of course that was then this is now because that guys really is basically been in prison since the 1st of october. and, and we've been expecting to see him make an appearance in court the last few weeks . but he, on each occasion the authorities were saying, no, it's not safe for him to come out. we're worried about his health. all we're worried about the security situation. and i have voice concerns that, that this idea allegations that he supported might try to spring him, were really hit to get him out all in lebanon crowds, there have been blocking roads and various cities in protest against western and living conditions. the country is facing a severe economic crisis, and there are also widespread accusations that the government has failed to provide a social safety net for the poor. after removing subsidies,
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then reports from the capital berries. these young men say they've run out of options and that's why they've returned to the streets. lebanon's economy has all but collapsed. now, we are hungry and buying meat for our children and that is a dream. we are living a life of humiliation. i read in there is no end in sight for the financial meltdown. the country needs international financial assistance, but politicians are not reforming. a state riddled with corruption also never the moon on the bottom of the politicians are destroying us. they made us for this young man's don't have the crisis is not new, but it's got worse because the government lifted its subsidies on essential goods due to a lack of foreign reserves. the fall out of the economic collapse has left to the 3 fourths of the population poor, and the united nations is warning of even worse conditions. if no solution are
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found. the local currency, the lira continues to lose its value against the dollar. it's affecting purchasing power, while a cash strapped state has so far failed to give the poor promised financial aid. all the while inflation is climbing things and the dollars exchange rates fluctuates every hour. that's why we don't put the prices on good side. and since they are adjusted all the time, the crisis began in late, 2019 authorities use force to end a nationwide protest movement and thought about cabinet seats for more than a year. they form the government in september, but it hasn't met for 6 weeks now, because of new political divisions in lebanon. we're not like any other country where people are going to the stated things would change because we're not on the confronting a government. we going from the government, which is backed up with a very power militia, been laying around and age images will last,
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but many worn growing poverty could change that mother, mom, we don't have money to buy bread and medicine for our sick family members. we can't cope with the situation. many have lost faith in a political class blamed for ruining the economy after decades of corruption. but for now there is little hope for change. the road to recovery appears blocked. then there elisha zita, they root well employees at the you and relief and wax agency for palestine. refugees and gaza have gone on strike for a day. they say their actions are against the agencies, refusal to meet their demands. humid outside has more from gaza. a comprehensive strike has affected all over institution's in the 5 areas of operation. during the agency, management refused to respond to the employee's demand, where it has talked to numerous schools, help center and all right, facilities and institutions in god. so the west bank, lebanon, syria, and jordan,
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the president of the own ro, workers union and got confirmed that this strike decision is the last wording to the agency is management before starting an open strike next thursday. noting that the strike will be with all employees in their homes, in addition to the closure of all the institutions. president of the workers union also noted that strong efforts and understandings are being made. in the recent time, by the head of the refugee affairs department of the policy and liberation organization and the agencies management and that it varies positive indicators, but requires amendments. he'll to note that that the employment process recently done by when writing godsa is a strong positive progress, but he needs to specify a time not needing 3 months in order for it to approve the be rude conference.
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now, the caribbean island nation of barbados is becoming a republic by cutting ties to the british monarchy. prince charles arrive for a transition ceremony that which will see queen elizabeth removed of the head of state barbados gained full independence from the u. k. back in 1961 and will though, remain a member of the commonwealth group of nations. ah, ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. japan is banning foreign visitors from entering the country after the discovery of the new on the con variant prime minister for me because she, this is other measures also being considered. you know, i'm going to going schemas. we are responding to the army con variance with a strong sense of urgency in my country. we suspended the entry of foreigners from south africa and 9 other countries from yesterday as midnight. as the new.


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