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are the ah, the un secretary general edges nations to reconsider the south africa travel bands as the country is prized for identifying menu on the chrome variance. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera, alive from joe, also coming up to get underway in vienna on reinstating the 2015 and nuclear agreement with iran. new york court. he's opening arguments in july maxwell's fixed trafficking trial. and after more than a year of protest in the parliament is voted to officially scrap controversial bombing loan.
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aah! hello and welcome to the program. the un secretary general is deeply concerned by the isolation of southern african countries caused by the recent clover at 19 travel restrictions. and tony, a good tear, it says the region can not be blamed for its lack of vaccines. gutierrez and g 7. health ministers have praised scientists in south africa who identified the new ami cronum variant and quickly alerted the world, the w h o e 's warning the heavily mutated vary and poses a significant global risk. although there have been no diff linked to it. experts say arising infections could lead to severe consequences. if there is one thing we have learned, it's that norwegian, no country, no community, and no individually save until we are all safe. the
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emergence of the highly mutated army kron body, and underlines just how perilous and freak out is. our situation is south africa. but why? and i should be time for detecting sequencing and reporting this one and not 10 lines. but that hasn't stopped in many nations while pushing on with their measures . japan is banning all new foreign travelers in an attempt to keep the new strain out of the country. governments, in se asia have also imposed restrictions in a b to contain the spread of only cron hong kong is the only territory in the region. that is detective and the very tiny chain begins out coverage from bangkok . no sooner had japan declared victory against coven 19 and relaxed its entry requirements, and the door is slammed, shut its prime minister announcing on monday that he would be taking no chances
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with the new baron. geico was in with regard to foreign visitors entering japan from midnight of november 30th. we will ban entry from all parts of the world. thailand and indonesia announced new although less stringent bands on arrivals from southern african nations lockdown have been devastating to the tourist industry here. and many southeast asian nations will be reluctant to impose blanket bands. the philippines started an ambitious vaccination drive on monday to inoculate more than 9000000 people in 3 days. it's travel ban of 14 nations include european countries with a new variant has been found. we are right now, but we can still are my more valued. we should delay these as much as we can really prepare the systems capacity. repaired, our design icily, ah, g, b, c o. my solution struck one chavel gateway that was opening up rather than shutting
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down is the land border between singapore and malaysia. 3000 people crossed this border daily until march 2020. when it was shut down, stranding thousands. so pretty much i'm excited to go back to my money here to my home country. i know a lot of families, i've been fucking young lease and singapore. ah, lisa has been a good opportunity for me to go back to was a militia. those visit my grandparents, my parents, my families in salvia. for now, a special bus service will limit visitors to $3000.00 a day. as other borders around the region shut down. these travelers will be hoping this journey isn't one way. tony chang al jazeera banker. how, why has corresponding kimberly? how kit is standing by president joe biden is true to speak to this hour about the new variance. but 1st, let's go to join a holly in london for more on the g 7 health ministers meeting hosted their join. how important are those discussions given what's unfolding across the world?
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well, it's an opportunity for the biggest economies in the world to get together and compare notes on what they know will think they know their scientists think about on the chrome and what sort of threat it realistically poses. and to try and come up with some of the coordinated response rather than the sort of frenzy individual responses going on at the moment. they would have noted, of course, looking at the numbers of confirmed cases being reported in countries all over the world that this in all likelihood it represents community transmission that this variant has gone global beyond the scope of sort of individual travel bands to be able to prevent it. they did release a statement, praising the exemplary work of the south african scientists who identified on the call and very, very promptly made that information available to the rest of the world. and they recognized in their statement the strategic importance of ensuring access to vaccines. i mean, this would seem to be a reference to the,
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to the sort of gaping inequality in vaccine distribution that exists between the rich world and the world. leaving many countries in the developing world, unvaccinated essentially conditions perfect for variance. like on the chrome to emerge, they said they would take forward. the pledge of the g 7 at the campus based summit in cornwall in june to donate a 1000000000 doses of vaccines to pull countries over the course of 12 months of plates. they are nowhere near being able to meet and they will have had in there is the ringing complaints, not just a companion. the campaign is over recent months, but have dr. tedra of the w. h. o. you heard him speaking a short while ago and also several ram oppose of the south african president who said this a short while ago on the chrome should be a wake up call to the world. the vaccine inequality cannot be allowed to continue until everyone is vaccinated. everyone will continue to be at risk. indeed, thank you very much for that update. jonah, home, live for us in london. okay,
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lets bringing now what has correspond? kimberly hallett. hello, they kimberly the u. s. is on highland. tell us about the new travel restrictions starting today, and that president jo vitamin speaking light of his alan is right. the u. s. president will be speaking following a meeting with his cove id response team that is underway at this hour at the united states has already put in place and taking effect today. our travel restrictions from 7 countries as well as south africa. this is an effort to try and prevent already cron from showing up in the united states. but the challenges are very apparent to the u. s. i infectious disease specialist given the fact that just north of the border in canada, there already has been a report of 2 individuals who traveled from western africa. we believe from nigeria, not one of the countries currently on the u. s. or even canada's travel restriction
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lists. and so this really underscores the challenge for public health officials is that even as they put some of these restrictions in place, the genie is already out of the bottle if you will, in terms of this variance spreading around the world. and so while the united states watches and waits very carefully, we expect the u. s. president will not announce further travel restrictions, but will once again encourage the 10s of millions of americans not yet vaccinated to get those vaccinations as well as a booster. we're hearing that the of pharmaceutical companies are already working on tweaking that booster and possibly putting in place another type of boost or to address this variant specifically. so watching very carefully, again, the president about to speak at this hour about the latest effort to combat this new variance. and what the united states is expecting to do. moving forward is going to be a crucial couple awake. thankfully update. kimberly how can live for us at the white house to some breaking news now and social media giant twitter has announced
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its co founder jack dorothy stepping down as see are the companies stock jumped more than 10 percent on monday after early reports of his resignation. dorsey has faced internal pressure to resign from the room. he will be replaced by chief technology officer perez as well. a ron says it's determined to salvage the 25th day nuclear deal, as talks resume in vienna, representatives from russia, china, germany, france, and the u. k. a sitting down with iranian officials, the us is there but only holding talks. busy indirectly talk stoled in june after the election of a runs president abraham rice, c k. ron one sanctions to be lifted in woodson for limits on if nuclear program dosa jabari has been covering the talks from vienna. this is seen as a very beginning of what could be really the newly appointed team from iran. and from the government of every right you see is headed by the rain and
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deputy foreign minister, alibaba re and his team of 38 men who are very well versed in the countries economy. they're all specialties at their specialists in iran's economy, from various different divisions of the government. they are here to find out what the other side will likely do in terms of moving forward. they're trying to gauge the mood from the europeans as well as the americans. i've spoken to sources into iran who are looking at the other parties involved to say that they are seeing some members in the negotiating teams from all sides. that are very well versed in terms of the security of the countries. meaning that they are expecting iran, other programs, not just a nuclear program, but also be brought up. that is of course something the renew of said they will not do. and they said they were only here to discuss how the americans will lift their sanctions that they've impose on or on the deputy foreign minister has said they
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are on nuclear program and other programs as well as iran regional involvement is not for negotiations. but to, of course, the parties involved, including europeans, have said that these talks are not going to go on forever, that there needs to be some kind of resolution as soon as possible to new york. now in british is socialized. glory maxwell is in court for her trial, which is getting underway. she's accused of enabling the crimes of life, sex offender, jeffrey epstein, who took his own life in prison. max file insists she's innocent and claimed she too was a victim. gabriel. alexander reports from new york on the background to the case a how much did you lane maxwell know about geoffrey epstein alleged sexual abuse of under age girls? that will be the central question in the trial of the 59 year old british socialite, facing charges of sex trafficking and other crimes. and he is going to be the invisible presence hanging over this. and that is why i think
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that she is going to have to explain something that everybody really wants to know . what was his hold over her? what was that relationship? a big unknown on the trial is how far the judge will allow the prosecutors to probe and epstein and maxwell's high profile social circles that included many household names from politics, industry, and entertainment. one being britain's prince andrew to keep his accuser. virginia roberts, who says she was trafficked by maxwell to the prince for sex. when she was a teenager is likely not going to be called as a witness. he denies any wrong doing, but prosecutors are expected to call at least 4 other women. all epstein accusers who are going to tell the jury, maxwell groomed them for sex with epstein, one when she was as young as 14 years old. it's a trial with all the trappings of
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a salacious, drama, sex power, money, and fame. but victims rights advocates hope that the jury does not get distracted by that and instead keeps their focus on the women who say they were abused by epstein. and that it could have only happened with the help of maxwell. this is an example of one of the most horrific and long enduring patterns of sex trafficking and child exploitation. there are so many victims and what's particularly disturbing about the case is how open they operated. and how many people knew, and how many people they involved in this exploitation scheme, maxwell has pleaded not guilty and denies all the charges. her legal team will try to cast doubt on the allegations and the testimony based on evidence that happened more than 20 years ago. the trial is expected the last 6 weeks if convicted maxwell faces up to 80 years in prison. gabriel's hondo al jazeera new york still
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ahead on al jazeera. george's former president speaks asking as he attends court on charges of corruption and abusive power. and schools in uganda is said to rio concern, but there are fees. some students may not go back to the classroom, will explain why i look forward to brighter skies the with sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we got some very heavy re making its way towards japan over the next couple days. here comes the cloud and re sweeping across northern china, easing across sea korean peninsula, high pressure and charge at the moment that was slide out of the way, allowing our rates swing across the korean peninsula. it will be heavy at times it will sweep into japan pretty quickly. i'm pleased to say dry,
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clear weather comes in behind for a time. and we got this backwash of cold air which will bring some see effect snow into western parts of japan for the 2nd half of the week. but bright skies coming back in behind. further south, heavy showers remain in place across northern parts of the philippines. some heavy downpours still there on the northeast, the monsoon with southern air is a vietnam. and also into thailand this system. grassy makes his way out into the adam and see that will cause him very heavy right across the region here over the next few days. but scattering a showers across southeast asia, some heavy rain is coming back into smarter and western parts of java sees a very heavy rain recently across southern areas of in the main area of disturbance now pushing out into the arabian sea. and that will spread our wet weather right up the western gas as we go on through the next couple of days. but look further east into the bourbon goal. here comes our system from the and m c. and that's making his way to was edition. and andrew pradesh oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways in the country with an abundance of results.
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right far and walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and froth. we balance rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me pause when the lease is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah, ah ah, hello, you're watching out his era. i'm emily angland, a reminder of our top stories this our, the un secretary general,
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is deeply concerned by the isolation of southern african countries caused by the re some coven, 19 travel restrictions. antonia good terrorist says the region cannot be blamed for it's lack of vaccines. iran says it's determined to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal, as talks resume in vienna. the u. s. is negotiating with iran indirectly to run one sanctions to be lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. and the trial is underway for british sociological line maxwell in new york. she's accused of enabling the crimes of light sex offender jeffrey epstein took his own life 2 years ago while awaiting his trial to india. now, where the parliament has a repealed agricultural laws that lead to a year of protests, farmers from across the country demonstrated against the 3 laws, which should i say, would ruin their incomes and favor big corporations. elizabeth corona has moved from new delhi. those houses of the indian parliament have passed the farm laws
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repeal burle, as it's called, as expected. on the 1st day of parliament's went to session. now the repeal of the laws, which farmers have been protesting against the 3 agriculture north for more than a year. now, and what have been some of the biggest protests in modern india's history that follows a surprise decision by prominence that in more detail days ago that the government would withdraw these laws bought. neither farmers nor the opposition happy about exactly how it happened. now the laws will repeal through a very quick voice forward. but without the discussion that prime minister, the day ended morty, promised when he opened the winter session of parliament to add which the opposition parties wanted. now to be clear, opposition party support the repeal of these agriculture laws. they support farmers, but they wanted to debate exactly what was in the bill and also,
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no doubt the government view turn. but the speaker of the lower house chairperson of the upper house ended both meetings just minutes after they began just after the bills were pa saying that the opposition was being too unruly lebanon. the president has discussed his country's deepening economic crisis with cotton's mia michel arns holding talks while on his visit to doha. for the opening of the fif arab cup, he's also discussed lebanon's diplomatic feud with golf nations. saudi arabia withdrew its ambassador from bay and band imports from the last month. still on lebanon, and crowds have been blocking roads in various cities in protest against worsening and living conditions. the governments being accused of failing to provide a social safety net for the poor after removing subsidies. then a honda explains from by roach these young men say they've run out of options and
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that's why they've returned to the streets. lebanon's economy has all but collapsed . now we are hungry and buying meat for our children and that is a dream. we are living a life of humiliation. i read in there is no end in sight for the financial meltdown. the country needs international financial assistance, but politicians are not reforming. a state riddled with corruption also no, we don't know, we don't the dishes are destroying us. they made the for this young man, don't have the crisis is not new, but it's got worse because the government lifted its subsidies on essential goods due to a lack of foreign reserves. the fall out of the economic collapse has left the 3 fourths of the population poor, and the united nations is warning of even worse conditions. if no solution are found. the local currency,
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the lira continues to lose its value against the dollar. it's affecting purchasing power, while a cash strapped state has so far failed to give the poor promised financial aid. although vile inflation is climbing off into the value of the dollars exchange rates fluctuates every hour. that's why we don't put the prices on good side. and since they are adjusted all the time, the crisis began in late, 2019 authorities use force to end a nation wide protest movement and thought about cabinet seats for more than a year. they form the government in september, but it hasn't met for 6 weeks now because of new political divisions in lebanon. we're not like any other country where people are going to the stated things would change because we're not only confronting a government we going from the government, which is backed up with a very powerful militia, been laying around and age in which it will last. but many worn growing poverty could change that mother, mom,
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we don't have money to buy bread and medicine for our sick family members. we can't cope with the situation. many have lost faith in a political class blamed for ruining the economy after decades of corruption. but for now, there is little hope for change. the road to recovery appears blocked than a hood there elisha zita, they loot. in honduras the left when canada sir marad, castro has claimed victory and sundays presidential election test says voters have reversed orthor. terry and ism, the governing national party also announced that its candidate had one been, while rapid reports from the capital i celebrations in the 100 capital agency golf. ah, preliminary results from the national electoral council placed opposition candidates humana castillo in the lead. ah, no,
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a final tally was far from completed. the news was enough to spark celebrations in the streets of the city. for the follow up with the federal government about it for the 100 people, this represents an awakening apiece. a hope the people are overwhelmed by so much wrong doing and misery over the past 12 years, the people needed to breathe. the people have woken up daniels o. earlier in the day, eager voters queued for their turn at the ballot box. and polling locations extended their closing hours to allow everyone a chance to cast a vote. many expressed a distrust of the electoral system signing a disputed general election 4 years ago when the governing national party claimed victory despite evidence of fraud. good service. oh, on the 30th, been going on with the right and always with howard.
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i'm actually just, i'm actually quite happy with going, even though i'm come later or my multiple is in the late hours on sunday, opposition leaders, humana castro spoke to supporters, claiming victory over national party candidate, nasty as food. by most we are going to form a government of reconciliation in our country, a government of pinks and a government of justice. the 2021 on your in general. what was under one of the most horrible environments in recent memory with 30 people worried, but by loose it's still on the streets. the mood out now. oh, you got to celebration on during election officials of also said voter turnout is the highs since the 1980 when the country returned to democratic rule.
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oh, man, winds up a little al jazeera, the google uncle induce the former president of georgia mchale at sac has she really has appeared in court on changes of abuse of office. she used the hearings in the capital tbilisi to denounce the georgian authorities packaged really has been held in jail since returning from exile last month is facing 6 years in prison for corruption. robin 40 a walker has more from tbilisi. it's quite chaotic here. the moment they managed to close both the lane, both roads in and out of the city. you could probably see behind the some of the support is on that road bridge and, and also right now somebody being stretch it away from the scene because really emotions of running high here. people are very angry. those of course you support the former president that he thing on sending trial at all. and those supposed to
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come out today in a crowd of several 1000 to show that support for him outside the court where he's due to make an appearance today where he's been charged with abuses of power and full use of excessive force back in 2007, a long time ago. now, of course, that was then, this is now because seconds, really, it's basically been in prison since the 1st of october. and, and we've been expecting to see him make an appearance in court the last few weeks . but he, on each occasion the authorities was saying, no, it's not safe for him to come out where we're worried about his health. all we're worried about the security situation. and i have voice concerns that, that this idea allegations that he supported might try to spring him,
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were really hit to get him out. schools in uganda are to reopen in january kneeling, 2 years. and they caused because the pandemic for the u. n is wanting many students and teachers may not want to return to class. catherine soy explains why, from the capital can pallor. timothy cyril go is a high school student, but he has not been in class for much of the last year and a half. uganda closed it's learning institutions in march 2020, because of covet 19. some classes were reopened earlier this year, but only for 3 mans. settle, go is now landing to fix computers. so he can start a business. he says he'll go to school in january, but many of his friends may not. and some friends of mine really though i'd be good some walk through some ones that are in your dean somewhere. and we, i knew mechanic in very cause and some of my friends totally
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new things and we are, we are, we're big alive there. e, g, government officials, talis, they're working with teachers and other partners to make sure that at least the basic facilities are in place. before january, but a little time left and not enough money to prepare, inserting safety, and they were being ordered to tires and dilemmas. we need them to be alive. we're talking about reopening, but to we have no t taken it into other factors from $0.40. we are looking at now. what is, what is it that has been prepared escalate the infrastructure level. in some neighborhoods, volunteers try to keep children busy. uganda has had one of the longest school closures in the world and it's the only nation in africa. the students are still at home, but this is a classroom of a privately own school in the city. other schools have been converted to business
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and leaving spaces for rents. many schools are in a bad state, and some teachers stelis that they may not be able to provide a safe environment for students to come back. some aid workers see you, kunda is facing a learning crisis that could take many years to fix. many children have been out of school for 2 years. they are lost in truth. they are engaged in some other new t, which is like tied label. some of them have sufferers, her title psychosocial effects. some of them have been abused, getting all that character to come to school, getting the schools ready to accept the children and help them learn. getting that piece us back and getting the system ready for all of it is a big challenge. some students have been starting online or with private tutors, but many like say rugle can't afford that. and once school starts, it may take
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a long time for them to catch up. catching saw all jazeera kampala, the caribbean island nation of barbados is becoming a republic by cutting ties to the british monarchy. prince charles arrived for a transition ceremony which will say queen elizabeth removed his head of state barbados, gainful independence from the u. k. 1961, it will remain a member of the commonwealth group of nations. ah, hello, are you watching al jazeera and these are the top stories. the sam, the un secretary general, is deeply concerned by the isolation of southern african countries caused by the recent covered 19 travel restrictions he's urging nations to.


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