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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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the cars are no longer simply about moving around. autonomy vehicles have shifted the paradigm leading to disruptive innovation. autonomous vehicles prevent careless driving by humans minimizing social costs. early next year the city says it will add 10 driverless taxes to the gang them district as part of the pilot project. second faith. and if everything goes off without a hitch, the city government wants to grow itself driving fleet to more than 50 vehicles. in the next 5 years. alexander lurch, al jazeera. ah, it says al jazeera, let's get a round up now of our top stores, the world health organization is warning. the newest coven, 1900 variance on a cron is likely to spread globally and poses a very high risk of a search in infections on the con was 1st detected in southern africa last week. us president joe biden once placed any additional restrictions to contain the new
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variance. this period is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. who have the best vaccine in the world, the best medicines, the best scientists. and we're learning more every single day. if needed, my team is already working with officials at pfizer and durn and johnson and johnson develop contingent plans for vaccines or boosters if needed. iran says it's optimistic after the 1st day of talks in vienna aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal. representatives from russia, china, germany, france, and the u. k. met with iranian officials. the u. s. is there, but only holding talks indirectly. iran one sanctions lifted in return for limits on his nuclear program. the trial of the british socialize elaine maxwell has begun in new york. the 59 year old is accused of enabling the crimes of convicted peter far. jeffrey epstein. she denies any wrongdoing on doris could be getting his 1st
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female president after left in candidates. jamara castro claimed victory in sundays election. castro says voters have reversed authoritarianism. in her words, she has a commanding lead over a governing party. rival, as vote counting continues a powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake in northwest peru is destroyed, homes are left large holes in the earth. a man has rescued was rescued from a pile of collapse concrete. he is among at least 10 injured in sundays quake. georgia's former president has appeared in court on charges of abuse of office. me, house has really used the hearings in tbilisi to a denounced the trial as politically motivated is been in jail since returning from exile almost 2 months ago. those are the headlines, fault lines is next, african stories of resilience and parish. i gave him the right warner
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a tradition and dedication to live without a little more robust, full of good, short documentary, sty africans, filmmakers on the white 9. and the bookmaking africa direct on al jazeera a move, one of one day. someone just came here to the house and just took it away. and you never saw your parents. and i never told you why. oh,
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she was only 9, and my granddaughters will be hate soon. so thinking back who pug as our mind, that this happened. and what had to go through a different group of canada says cisco is 751 unlocked dreams of the site of a former presidential school indigenous leaders according to the crime against humanity. a 2nd such discovery in less than a month. indigenous people from canada, they always knew it was there. they said you need to look to our neighbors to the south of us in the u. s. who things like that happened here. got a modern brussel decide. oh fleet state barry, hopefully not brought out open. that we've had those kinds of atrocity separate us here in the united states. i've talked to elders who tell me that
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all the children in the village had to leave. and there was an ear required in the village. there was no sound of children. the headmaster wept my bear back with the rubber hose. i couldn't breathe, couldn't catch my breath. i passed out a little boy said they had to hold me up for one more whip. i stood it to be heard. this finance knew united history has to be told me or oh. ringback ringback ringback a very capable student.
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ringback who speaks raised her mother's friendly manner? wondering parents, a little jimmy and blocking the rain. when we 1st heard about the children, married kamloops, canada, that brought back a flood of memories for myself and many. and my generation of our own experiences in morning was just kind of writing under the surface of our consciousness. here's my dad, my mom and me when i was a baby. when my dad passed away, we became of interest to the bureau of indian affairs. and it wasn't very long before the social workers, and for my 1st my mom to make a decision, give your children up for adoption or send them to boarding school.
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she chose to send us to body shop with the idea that at least we will be together in the summer time when school was out on our way to the airport. our mother made this big apology saying that she, sorry, we're gonna have to have you go to boarding school. this was in the fall of 1955. we were taken to the town of wrangell into this huge kind of government and closed on claim that china rose out of the mountains and trees. as wrangell institute. we were not quite sure what was going to be in our future. oh
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ah ah ah, the government said that it must be coming too expensive to continue killing indians. let's educate them. let's assimilate them. he was a rabbit assimilationist. so it was, let's kill the indian them. man said the man. the whole basis for his boy schools was to get them as far away from the culture as he could forced assimilation and force christianity the work ethic. now complete military style format. ah, no one had ever asked the federal government to me,
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boys will say rang no one ever asked the churches, how many bodies will they ran? so i decided to dedicate as much time as i could to research how many boys schools, when the united states, just recently i've come up with 406 at the school. the 1st place we went to in the moist arm reside a large open area. i concrete floor and there we were ordered to get completely undressed. many of us did not know each other. and here we are standing in the receiving room and some children who did not understand the command to get undressed. ringback some matrons were frustrated
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enough that ran over to that little guy and just literally took his shirt off his body and partially pulled up his pants. curse the child was in tears was frightened. there was a lot of eerie silence among the other kids who were watching this the little things that we had brought with this spirit were basically confiscated and we never seen them again. and we were ordered to get in line. each kid was assigned a 2 digit number and that 2 digit number was written with indelible ink on our clothing. here's run from 960. my number was 68. he was very d humanizing to the, to the extent that some matrons were found them only referring to aspire number. we
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were handed government mission clothing. and then we were marcia to our rooms, which is basically a military style barracks. we got settled in for the night. that's one family. i'm sorry to cry. it started off with little whimpers. a little simple. but it caught on. all it took was for one little child to start crying, and then another one and then another. and another to a point where the entire dorm room of little kids are just railing into the night. and we all cried ourselves to sleep. waking up the next day, our eyes are swollen, shut in, the process was repeated over and over and over until the middle of the school year . i don't think any child cried any more because no one's gonna come and get me or
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hold me. tell them. but they're loved, the buildings were cold, they were under heated. the kids were hungry and they were half what to death. the discipline was, was horrific. a kids were killed. they got killed working in the barn. i would count the fields. they were overcrowded. so they died if t b missiles, they died of typhoid pneumonia and the flu had a reporter asked me, i say, well, the history of boy's school was written on the books and i said it was never written in. it's not in any history books
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for more than a century, the interior department was responsible for operating the indian boarding schools across the united states and its territories. at no time in history, have the records or documentation of this policy been compiled or analyzed to determine the full scope of its reaches and effects. we must uncover the truth about the loss of human life and the lasting consequences of the schools. when they started reporting on the missing children in canada, it brought back memories of carlisle, pennsylvania, the school there. this
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is my grandmother. my grandmother's oldest sister was mary kenneth sometime in the sixty's. grandma said to mom, sister mary went to school and she's buried there. when you hear words like that, you don't know to ask other questions because you're shocked by the words that you just heard. we all grew up with. click it, me, mom always wonder what that mean. so in the late sixty's she started doing some searching for what happened to mary. she had this photo captioned william, karen, oak and daughter taker on 19 o. 3. and we both discussed. could this be barry? it's hard to know. does she look like a 9 year old girl? she looks like a little girl. but they took marian 30 others children from southeast alaska. and in 19
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o 3 they went from a temperate rain forest where there's lots of trees to a country that's flat and has trees been on like home. so it had to been so much i had to adjust to to huff lot ask a little children, hit to last as for adults, songs 8 days to figure out what's going on. once they got to carlo, pennsylvania, it was an immediate transformation into becoming westernized out ingles to govern carlo indian students and our patrons. pupils are placed in families to learn english and the customs of civilized life outings were under the
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guise of teaching people how to do housework, how to learn how western culture works in the household. but it was kind of like free labor. here was the 1st evidence that mary had gone to a nodding. mom was trying to find any information because she knew she died at carlyle stable. asked the department of health and welfare of 1967. 1985. it took a long time. this was over several years that she was writing back and forth trying to figure out who has what information. 1993. june 2008. 0, very cute. she finally found those 2 pieces of paper that said she had been there and she got sick and died. confined to bed in hospital for the past 2 weeks.
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irregular temperature with disinformation, my cousins of family medicine, doctor. when he read that, he said she must have had t b just by that little bit of the scripts. and when i 1st went to carlo and went through all the names on the stones, i was overwhelmed with so many children. there was no marry 14 graves had markers unknown in the school cemetery. we figured she must be one of the unknowns. they moved to the cemetery to where it is to day in the records were not good. they can't keep track of children. that's when i got my 1st anger about
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the people not knowing what we've gone through. jordan and gordon school time. they did start that cemetery over there. there's a lot of old graves that are lot of kids died from disease. i was going to born school here, meningitis pneumonia, flu. this used to be dormitory at one time when it was more than school. little boy and a half years. my dad eugene senior, he went to school here as a more school student. he had bad experiences. it was
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catholic school in there were suppressed, he was suppressed in speaking his language. he said there was times that he was punished for being caught speaking language and they get this important. he was traumatized by that may impact on from born schools with language laughs. even cultural off, i'd even hear elders one time my kids want to carlisle or one off to a different born school. they come back in years like they were incense, they were changed like they didn't want to speak their language. like they didn't want to do their cultural ways, overwhelming. being the matrons like down as far as to make sure that no child spoke to their language. they had
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a thing called the gotten it. and child can rack up some merits. i sometimes those mirrors were for speaking your language and during that, got my children who had these demerits were 1st to become completely undressed and walk and ran naked down a line of children who were on both sides of them using their belts against their fellow student and sometimes i have some kids use the, the buckle, and some of these kids i hit pretty hard because they didn't, they would have to go through the got met besides the physical punishment. there was psychological abuse and of course, sexual abuse ah wrangle seemed to attract peter files and out loud boys and the boys on were sexually molested.
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here when i was about 10 years old, i had written home and i was writing about some of the abuses, ice, a saw and experience. and my mom didn't do anything with when i wrote her bow side, he thought she didn't care. but what i learned when i was much older and he happened to remember was she said when i got your letter, there is large parts of your letter that was blacked out. i, yesterday, we call that being redacted. so a lot of the things i talked about my mom could never have known about because i was just blacked out it's when i was at rank of i think i was 13
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at the end of the 10 years than i was in mourning for i knew everything about the world, but i didn't know who i was. what happened in boarding schools as a cultural genocide and after finding my dad's records, i just broke down and just sobbed and sobbed. to think of this 9 year old boy whipped away from everything he knew, a decided as the professor that i wanted to do a qualitative interview, any of financial survivors. how they were themes that came out. number one of course was the loss of identity. loss of language, loss of culture, loss of ceremony as traditions self esteem. there was extreme loneliness. there was loss of their parents and the sense of abandonment. then there was abuse.
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there was corporal punishment forced to child labor. they were hungry, malnourished, and there was sexual and mental abuse. there was so and resolved grief that inter generational trauma has some has been handed down to to even those that didn't go to boarding school. ah, ah, ah, just go for exercise over introducing yourself. but don't say no knowing a lot among without the language, she won't have
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a culture. my dad and mother talked about how we were raised and award school, especially language. they said we're gonna teach our children english. we're not going to speak our language to them. because we don't want our kids to go through the same team. we did this intergenerational trauma. oh, it does something to you appear. it seems like carries on into the next generation at all. say our florence speakers are really low and, and not i've been working in earnest, trying to find ways and tried to work ways to get the language out to her kids. and i don't know. ah no. but who taught me was my mother and my grandma, my dad's mother that she talked us in or apple on my dad wasn't there
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what we're saying there. and i saw this, oh my people, look at your flag. it has been raised. it is raised and fly in the wind. oh, this flag song. i used always sing that song when i was a little kid. and my mother was in the kitchen. she heard me. then she said, i'm gonna teach you the proper words. so she did a i always kept that song in my head. she told me the meanest of the words la. hey, near dawn the why, jane? that was arapahoe nation flag song. well hey, the up go. they how long sometimes i tell.
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okay. you guys are gonna grow up, are you going to start families to keep us language unless culture life is being wrapped long after me by he in a song obey him prior to not forget, try to remember me. the sar language that keeps from the rep, whole blood coin keeping the light hatchet, not at all with ah, i asked now what are we being shield from? what has been the problems? it just curious on from generation to generation, from the traders that disruption, in our language, in our culture. i don't speak either way english because my parents both believed that we would never progress in the western culture unless we spoke english
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march now for a family life. so that's why she would go out and try to put the picture together to say, who are we? why are we scattered? why do i not know this part of my family? we're helping her. ah ah. so paul williams and martha never returned. no, it's a big hole in your family, but that was the goal of the school and the churches was to cut family ties. and as of all worked hard to have was a close knit family. i think for mom,
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at the beginning of our, the healing of our family was to find out where our relatives are, who's very important to her. it's important for me to finish mom's journey to have mary so far away. as i know, we need to bring the family home. mom was trying to find all the gods, put it all together, make the story complete is to bring her home. this is part of our hurt that we need to figure out how to start healing got hurt.
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ah, along with a mass pro democracy movement, violent crackdowns assassinations and you imposed sanctions. old tactics in the struggle that ensued from the 2020 bella roost in presidential elections. that shook the country's self proclaimed dictators seat of power. and now new tactics, migrants people empower, investigates,
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the humanitarian disaster on to rivaling on europe's borders and asks what's next. in the battle for bella. bruce on a jazz eda ah the world health organization is warning of a very high global risk from the amr kron variance of coven 19, and severe consequences. there's a surgeon cases. this period is a cause for concern, not a cause for pan. president biden rules are locked down in the us, but there are warnings. the new covet variant could pose a risk to the economy ah, alive has him secret. this is.


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