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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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conflicting politics ah, $11.00 east on out there. ah and haven't see can know how the headlines on are just in the world health organization is warning. the new is covered, 1900 variant is likely to spread globally and poses a very high risk of a surgeon. infections on the con was 1st detected in southern africa last week. u. s. president joe biden won't place any new restrictions to contain the variance. this period is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. who have the best vaccine in the world, the best medicines, the best scientists, and we're learning more every single day,
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if needed. my team is already working with officials at pfizer and darn and johnson and johnson terms develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters if needed. a button is also held talks with ceos of several major retailers to talk about how best to tackle the nation's supply chain problems. the federal reserve chair has worn the crone very and could slow the recovery of the u. s. economy and add to inflation worries. iran says it is optimistic after the 1st day of talks in vienna aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal. representatives from russia, china, germany, france, and the u. k. met with iranian officials, the u. s. is there, but only holding talks indirectly. iran one sanctions lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. the trial of british socialize elaine maxwell has begun in new york. the 59 year old is accused of enabling the crimes of convicted p to foul jeffrey epstein. she denies any wrong doing. the caribbean aisle nation of barbados
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will become a republic in a matter of hours when its cuts ties with the british monarchy. barbados gained independence from britain in 1966, but retained queen elizabeth as its head of state. a monarch will be replaced by barbados and president elect sondra mason. the country will remain a member of the commonwealth group of nations. several towns in northern spain have been flooded after 2 rivers burst their banks. they spilled over following heavy rain and snow brought by storm allan across the weekend. at least 4 people have been killed in the turkish city of east amble. author, i was struck by a powerful storm with gale force winds. at least 19 others were injured in the storm. those are the headlines right now. it's back to witness. ah,
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[000:00:00;00] me . hi. my name is
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hi nicole. hi, there. any, any, any image i call into a home queen on a new home. hi of hon. i, newman, purelife, co, co appeared up. hi, wendy, marcelo, my loan and how can, why the, the care, the link i t i n t o n e y. i live here at high tide to long alumni? no. will. i mean, leave, will armina, wilma, you would call william, will me out. you all went well, mark wagner, i came up p. all right, hold on a new mac. i mean home, wilma, blue by you cob. i'm willing and do you mind cut me a quote by dana tyler and he might have been bon bon pack on, on the line with me on later a little fight. let, let them you had a for apple,
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my flabby. yeah. or a from us. oh, boy, linley filiette, he hall ah, my with amber bowden. with a colored only senior or an palomina. i have been dellinger under murphy and i was in an accident. i never met with an m last new senior, brutal but those are indonesia got both i and highland and god bless them. a little incredible. hop on, oh man of love will give us the bottom of it and they love if we love it, if i look up
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a day vandella to other gotten called a couple other they back door of law my mainly ah, i will be home on. yeah, i mean maybe how you will help a lot of them to me. hello. this'll chicklow timmy burnett. hello. yes. hi. pop on humans a while, but on with me in a bit too. i went to iowa. when i'm wondering if i,
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if i lose my voice, i've got voice me, who's got it up. i've been denied long evening lockers who how to solve it here in our me call some brought in a low python. yet how about that? my son quantum by how long a while no my long nathan in the place that he called me la la la la by lieu dropped on how
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he got mad at me. honda knew in my c as she read, which ne, me the fella my how home i'm with any plan that is that double the lumber, little grandma deductible and i want to get a mile like tomorrow. i need to below a dozen different and i'm a gym with me dot com with a maybe
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a bit more blank that hello de at the bye heck, up one. i'm sure which one they called say well my can eat my whole cocoa piece. i swear to god, i don't know what i'm a human that but a fact peacock with william, i gotta do it and he's gonna i will go to my bank to settle this year. yeah. what sale going into daddy been going up? i gave me your name. yep. when you have a good day and should i bring up a can be sure you need to. yeah. yeah, that was it. i let me did. you should have my eyes . i'm thinking i'm beginning yeti. i don't let me did he did. he said they do a pick out on that. but it was answered, leveled up a neat window window. hold on,
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i should any i pulled and go shahan. when i put on a gotta i am anita. don't be dandy manatee deacon. hello thailand. newman nga color need bitter shot at the month is going to dalim d. a good a neuron. come from when gina? yeah. i'm mima or taylor, we are the color. i don't want somebody's unit. why would that be affordable by not by nora. like if you did it, did it at them into total? yeah, i am ala dear lady can what i need to hook them up a lot more. said the lad dba doing again, my demon that it was done with the needle and got on my normal to with those i get that building. okay. campbell mm
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mm. some billing and hearty me of my that corpus in ty t to make up at hit hi there you go. how could he 140 my low you're teeny tucker the whole family. something quintillion. what high? yeah. like a oh, i mean, i'm a long time i went out oh, all i need. i mean i don't about i buy
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a valuable fucker me down for then i've got my bag back up or 2 that i had and i never own logo. i would so tom hop on line or blow up in piano from canada. carnita loom the finance hiring a co hi me to diamond like i do not know by there monday. so you know, when you go home and i'll go who am i don't want to warn you by my
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will. don't you want me to do his work hawk? oh no new to me so many you can meet the co. you got a bill, i don't bunker thing. i mean, i mean i got a bang me to and i go meet i to tom la, long die for die. you you buy the height. i mean you
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love mahala toy. hey. couldn't hear me long low, low to mila woke up. no more. lou. no, madeline caught mon kahneman, but pun. so i couldn't let me look this up to you, but comin luman good fancy please. it be low. no. couldn't buy you. so me couldn't tonya tonya when? well, let me play or no. the girl glee caitlin
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could be non milan. my sire. cooper and corral put on got my to me for. come stop my summer. ah bin back me to clung. and i don't know thing then we didn't need them. you gotta do monday, monday some what i mean when i couldn't yeah. the how me 90 level. how many die? what me today? combine it. i don't oh mom. with
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that all the night from the back door it will make a in the plane room. i know you get with that he was sick with a balance, but you got a really bad. yeah. somebody a mom. i feel my good up. yes. you see? yeah, yeah, i live about that. i a good time. no. i mean yeah. where
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a miss with oh no ma'am. mm hm. ah we, we'll wipe on button. mm
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hm. i got a dog. they were going to like a level them and go home and you'll have my dog. there was a guy didn't go out with me. i told me, i think so now why? well no one thing i needed my time. are you there? oh, wait
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a day at that mentor me on facebook, go, should it been said well known? hi isaac site up on it. oh, god to a did damn ha, paul, troy, little chai. you'll teeth got been she? no, thank. thank huh b as if sam. okay, i got some fist back. hang on, let me die normality, the whole admiral, my little here and pull me, look at the man. fool not how and i'm scorn call natalie carr. 10 a little will die without me too soon to be in any only lieutenant me. oh yes. and you him are you it is lance
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a pike. once i'm long local i'm me called all hi we i come now. i will not who. yeah, and, and you know what, i mean in any able yeah. and i do, i do you long bye. we're not a lot about form owner. okay. ah. okay. have you got it? i go home alone. the guy you listen . oh hello. oh wow. you know man, oh boy, oh oh. oh oh. oh
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oh boy. oh, i know we got well i b a l
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a in the ah ah ah, cope in for me. yeah. i knew he got to be for me, tyler room to be up to, to,
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to come back to i, which is a minute. and when the when you all the guy wouldn't come as well i'm. i didn't my middle of those my, i have a lot of really good at what my law number all but i think last me,
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when i got i think i'm gavin will be what my i like i know last time i have, i'm going to leave me all of my when you're neither both on my that hi ah ah club on no by now let me try what i can can ne me kyle was like couldn't a la wasn't than me one a live up in a ah
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ah, ah, ah, ah m
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o a sacred himalayan summit more treacherous than everest. combat karna has never been tamed, reviewed and feared by local, yet an irresistible challenge to west and climate. a shop, a family must choose between going against their religious beliefs and guiding a group of mountaineers, or rejecting much needed income. the wall of shadows on al jazeera. ah hello, thanks for joining in. here's our headlines for the americas. our next batch of what weather moves in to the west coast of canada,
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but the heaviest rain this time around will be reserved for the western side of vancouver island. but still for b. c's. lower mainland getting straight with some more rain where we have seen some flooding of to these right now. still some snow hanging around the great lake, sweats and windy conditions for canada as newfoundland. in fact, we could see when gus here of about 90 kilometers per hour, us se it settled in temperatures are bouncing back in atlanta up to 18 degrees. and we'll continue to dial that up in the days to come. desert southwest also settled here in colorado. temperatures in denver have come down just a bit. central america right now saga conditions persist around circus rica, panama, but also brain for southern sections of nicaragua, on tuesday. storms coming and going across the top and of south america. rain very likely for bo guitar hiv 20 degrees, but i think just overcast conditions and lima also coming in at 20 degrees on
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tuesday. i think we may power up some thunder storms towards our this area, brazil. so paulo in rio de janeiro real will get up to a high of 28 on tuesday. that's it too soon. ah. somebody else is there a london broker center to people in thoughtful conversation with no hope. and no limitation leads as a person of color. it was the struggle. yeah, that would be much easier for me. i felt that white people heart to go into and sing a song right there in the other people's wait a minute, you get way, don't you don't what you're doing. and maybe one studio b unscripted on al jazeera. the latest news, as it breaks it in the brazilian rainforest, means these areas and now missing more carbon dioxide than they're absorbed with
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detailed coverage kind of free like chilly because of its geographic conditions has an enormous advantage from around the world. what's happening here is local farming communities using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. ah, the world health organization warns of very high global risk from the omni cron variance of co, 19 and severe consequences if there is a search in cases. this period is of cause for concern, not a cause for panic. president biden rules out locked down in the us, but there are warnings. it could pose a risk to the economy. ah,
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a lot of them think of this is edge, is it alive from the also coming up? british socialite. elaine maxwell is accused of praying on young girls with jeffrey


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