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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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mobile app, social media and podcast. i'll just, they're a digital is the world award winning online content. and each week on portal will bring you the very best of it. they're trying to brighten the people to be to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch it here with me. sound are gotten on al jazeera. ah, this for it is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. president bought an rules that locked down the united states bought. they are warnings the need covered variant could pose a risk to the economy. ah, hello, melinda, this is alj. their lie from dough also coming up with
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celebrations in barbados, and proposed to become the wells youngest republic, british socialite, delane maxwell, as the keys to prying on young girls for jeffrey epstein as had trial gets underway in new york. and it sounds like a direction on the report from the front line and east in ukraine, where the russian forces have been gathering out the border. ah, the world health organization is warning the newest coven 19 variant poses a significant global risk. it's allergic nations to prepare a rise in infections days after all. micron was identified in southern africa. the
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un chief as criticizing governments for isolating southern africa to more nations imposed travel balance. until you could tell it says the region cannot be blamed for its lack of vaccines. australia is the latest country to announce new measures 5 by spending border openings for at least 2 weeks. neighboring fiji says it will reopen its borders international travelers on wednesday despite the threat and in the us. president joe barton is urging vigilance, but it's asking people not to panic bod and says no additional measures all locked downs on needed to tackle the new variance. and whitehouse correspond kimmy. how can good morning folks following a briefing by his coven response team given you as president joe biden addressed the american public urging them not to be alarmed by the new varied army crime. this for it is a cause for concern, not a cause for pen. you assigned her sir,
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all ready evaluating on me con, but admit it could take weeks before it's known if the current covered vaccines provide enough protection. still biden, once again, urge the 10s of millions of americans not yet vaccinated to get fully vaccinated, and a booster, you have to get to shot to have to get to get the booster if you're a sooner or later, we're going to see cases of this new very here in the united states will have to face this new threat to so we faced those that come before us announced restrictions last week for travelers from 7 countries. plus south africa were army crime was 1st attacked. it biden's also not ruling out new restrictions depending on the degree of army crowds spread. however, he insist for now there will be no new lock downs. cases of ami cried have already been reported in canada. so the united states travel restrictions that took effect
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on monday may be too late. the travel bands are very much a knee jerk reaction. we're behind the curve. i mean, this variant has been out for probably several weeks when there's a cluster of cases. the bands come in and, and now we know that it's in more than a dozen countries drug companies are already exploring adjusting boosters to combat the new variant. we believe these various highly pictures. we need to get more data, him this, but he seems to be much more infectious and best buy was across is core to much drug manufacturers like madonna and pfizer, have made billions from the sale of coven vaccines, vaccines. the us says it's sharing with the world, even as criticism. a vaccine inequality persists. we ship for free war vaccines, other countries than all other countries in the world combined over 275000000 vaccines to 110 countries. now we need the rest of the world to step up as
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well. the full extent of the threat, ami crumb poses, is not yet know. that's why president bite it's covered. response team is drawing up a longer term strategy expected to be released later this week. kimberly held it al jazeera, the white house, the caribbean, on a nation of barbados will become a republic in under now, when it comes to ties with the british monarchy celebrations on the way in the capital bridge town. barbados gained independence from britain in 1966, but retained queen elizabeth as its head of state. the monarch will be replaced by the barbarian president elect confirmation as cross line to the capital bridgetown, or latin america edison. is he and you and is live for ross? what are we expecting in the next few hours?
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absolutely, there have been the celebrations, have been going on for hours and it's incredibly colorful dances music or caribbean music, which of course makes everybody just jump up and down. but now the actual ceremony, a rather odd protocol written a covered type of ceremony is just about to begin behind me are many of the dignitaries that have been invited here, including leaders of caricom that to the committee of rather the big group of caribbean nations. also, the president of garner is here and in just a few minutes, we're expecting the arrival of our matrices. prime minister sandra mason, whom that you just mentioned, the will do soon to be president of this island nation. and prince charles. they will be directly behind me. there's also to be a military parade. and after that, there will be speeches, both from the prime minister and from prince charles, who is expected to underscore the very, very close ties that marvellous and are,
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do you k have had more centuries in how they would presumably continue to entail those ties even after this becomes part of the world, the youngest, new republic. indeed, and how did the locals there feel about what's happening? well, you know, there are a lot of mixed feelings. this is a very emotional time for barbados. this is a country whose history ways very heavily on it. this is known as not in england, are the joel of the caribbean for the english monarchy, but by becoming a republic. now what that means is that they will, that the queen, queen elizabeth, will no longer be the head of governors here. and the reason is that this was once started as is laid colony, in fact, the largest slave colony in the caribbean. and most of the citizens of this country are actually to send of those lives. and that,
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i believe is what has prompted this decision and the early, i believe, the really the push that's been going on now for decades to finally are connected to the last vestiges. if you like on this 100 colonial passage, you need words. barbados, known as little england, is the most easterly caribbean island. it was a slave colony known for its vast sugar fields and gained independence only 55 years ago. that we barbados has been one of the cleans 16 realms countries where she is head of state. and there were demonstrations, but they were of enthusiasm and royalty. but for many, it was time to cut the umbilical cord with the monarchy by declaring barbados a republic. to wayne a bayesian as barbarians call themselves cells tiny, salty fruit that grows by the seaside, a specialty here. he agrees with the change. i feel to be a positive,
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but one of us is able to run the quote for, you know, if the mit from decisions did read any benefits out of your own jasa. so yeah, i guess, guess audio, but others like 19 year old kashana says that the decision to break with the monarchy was imposed on them by the prime minister without consultation. they wasn't even as the that one did. she say, is it probably now, was it, it is in fact more symbolic than anything else. a new president will have a largely ceremonial role. and barbados will remain a part of the british commonwealth under its current prime minister. prince charles's hears guest of honor. it's not his 1st trip to barbados, but as representative of the monarchy, it will be his last. this former quaker plantation has been the residence of the governor general, the queen's representative in barbados for the last 55 years. now it will be the residence of this country's new, isn't making barbados the was youngest republic,
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at least for now. in fact, other former caribbean colonies of the british monarchy such as grenada and jamaica may just decide that they want to be next come some say that actually it is maybe happening too soon. that barbados isn't ready to be completely independent. other say it's been too long having on either way. little old in this country has been referred to so many times in the past is now finally growing up. it is entering the 20 percent tree as a republic, 500 years. almost after the 1st british ship, set sail or set foot here in barbados. and he thinks that missy it newman, that for us. iran says it's optimistic on the 1st day of talks in vienna aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear dale representatives from russia, china, germany,
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france, and the u. k. met with iranian officials, the u. s. is that but only holding talks indirectly to her on one sanction lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program that i've got. so i think it's a great achievement, not all of them in the countries of the people plus one have accepted the islamic republic rightful demand and agreed that the issue concern the legal sanction of the united states against people must be 1st be put in focus and clarified yes, it's only then will there be discussion assessment and decision making held for the remaining masses fil, ahead on al jazeera said man monita and some sushi braces for the verdict in her incitement trial. in a catalogue of cases against we have a very big test, which is the our cup, and we will be testing our operational plans and models. 16 our nations for that to kick off and cuts out the address for
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a hostile ahead of next year as well. ah hello, thanks for joining in. here's our headlines for the americas. our next batch of what weather moves in to the west coast of canada, but the heaviest rain this time around will be reserved for the western side of van cooper island. but still for bc's lower mainland getting striped with some more rain where we have seen some flooding after these freight now still some snow hanging around the great lakes, whites and windy conditions for canada as newfoundland. in fact, we could see when gus here of about 90 kilometers per hour, u. s. southeast it settled in temperatures are bouncing back in atlanta up to 18 degrees and we'll continue to dial that up in the days to come. desert southwest also settled here in colorado. temperatures in denver have come down just
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a bit. central america right now saga conditions persist around circus rica, panama, but also brain for southern sections of nicaragua, on tuesday. storms come in and go in across the top and of south america. rain very likely for bo guitar hiv 20 degrees, but i think just overcast conditions and lima also coming in at 20 degrees on tuesday. i think we may power up some thunderstorms toward this area, brazil. so paulo in rio de janeiro real will get up to a high of 28 on tuesday. that's it. see you soon. ah. from the al jazeera london broker center to people in thoughtful conversation with no hope. and no limitation leads as a person of color. it was the struggle. yeah. it would be much easier for me. it feels that white people part to go into and sing
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a song right there in the other people's wait a minute, you get way. don't you thought what you're doing? and maybe one studio be unscripted on out there. ah. like, oh, the me. welcome back to watching out. as a reminder, the world health organization is warning for us coven 19 variant poses a very high risk of a surgeon infection on the chrome 1st detective in southern africa. last week in the caribbean island nation of beethoven will become a republic and under an hour when it comes to ties with the british monarchy, the mono will be replaced by the bar bady and president elect. sandra mason.
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iran says its optimistic health for the 1st day of talk in vienna aimed at toms in 2015 nuclear representatives from russia. china, germany from the u. k. with iranian officials. us is also that, but only holding talks in directly opening statements have begun in the trial of the british social it delaine maxwell. she's accused of enabling the crimes of the late sex offender jeffrey epstein, who took his own life 2 years ago while awaiting his trial. maxwell has pleaded not guilty to the charges. gabriel elizondo the latest from new york. jeffrey epstein and glen maxwell met a young girl in a park bench, befriended her, and then later sexually abused her to protect her identity. prosecutors called her jane. she was 14 years old and the abuse went on for years and occurred and several
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of epstein homes in florida, new mexico and new york. that was just one of the accusations that prosecutor made an opening statement of maxwell's trial. the accused maxwell of, in their words serving up young women for epstein abuse. she put them at ease and made them feel safe. also they could be sexually abused by a middle aged man, prosecutor said, and also called maxwell, a predator who prayed on vulnerable young girls and manipulated them. but epstein committed suicide. so he isn't on trial. maxwell is at adel, is say, prosecutors over the next few weeks will need to show how she recruited, groomed, and participated in the abuse of the girls. we are not in the court room this week, determining whether or not the victims were victims of sex crimes at the hands of mr. epstein. that's not what this trial is about. this
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trial is about ms. maxwell, a legit activity to enable mister epstein to abuse these little kids for women are expected to testify that they were recruited and groomed by maxwell for abuse, including jane, that 14 year old, the prosecutors say was one of the victims. jane is now an adult and she plans to tell the jury everything she says happened to her. in their opening statements, maxwell, the defense lawyer told the 12 person jury she is being used as a scapegoat for epstein alleged crimes. she is filling the hole and filling an empty chair. she is a convenient stand in for the man who cannot be here. monday was a day for the lawyers on both sides to lay out their case. now it was to witnesses a trial that likely won't conclude until at least january. gabriel is hondo which is either york the call that eggs will soon be handed to me on most opposed leader
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on some suit she. the trial over incitement is the 1st series of charges against her journalists have been borrowed from the courtroom in the ministry build capital, knock the door on her lead is hello, is banned from speaking to the media. so she was detained in february when the military sees power. so what are the other charges against her? while the latest verdict is for incitement against military and validating cove at $900.00 protocols off the food cheese arrest in february, she was hit also with charges for possessing on license walkie talkies and for to violations against corona virus restrictions during the 2020 elections as well, as the official secrets act, which prohibits sharing of state information, she's also accused of corruption and fraud. or the charge is combined. she faces more than a 100 years in prison. so she has been held in an on disclosed locations since june
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the us and the you and have been demanding release los gatos lawrence lily's law for us in qualon poor. what are we expecting from the trial today? i think we can possibly expect a verdict in the next hour or so. now political analysts and observe is spoken to say they won't be surprised if she is given a guilty verdict. now this is the 1st verdict we're expecting out of wrong, doesn't the latest charged the judge has hit her with is electro fraud. which if you remember the justification that june to use to seize power back in february. now hardly anyone believes authentic. she has been given a fair trial. there is no reporting of what's going on in court hearings because no one is allowed of the court hearings and sushi and her co defendants have been given very limited access to the lawyers. now analyst, phase military is still quite fearful of just how popular to g is. they've seen how
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she's been able to lead her party, the national lead for democracy to huge victories in the last 2 elections. so many of them say they won't be surprised, and i think it will be likely that she will give be given a prison sentence, but very possibly be allowed to serve this under house arrest. as previous military governments had done florence, what impact do you think this guilty verdict, assuming she is found guilty, will have on the very strong anti coo movement that's been taking place in mammal? well, also suji is immensely popular in myanmar a little less. so in the ethnic minority controlled areas, but still on the whole, very popular. and many believe that the charges against her are politically motivated, that this is all the trials again to just show drugs. so one of the key demands of the anti coo movement and also a foreign government and international institutions, is that suji and other people who have been detained for opposing the qu
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immediately released. now, if she is found guilty, i think it will give the antique who movement a renewed push, a greater resolve to push out the military rulers. but at the same time, the anti could movement is about so much more than on trying to cheat. the people in young are pretty united in the desired tooth, to oust the military rulers. and the spoken out in very many different ways by taking part in civil disobedience movement by holding street protests previously and now by launching attacks on security forces. so whether or not she found guilty, whether not she's given a prison term or allowed to be free. i think the anti coo protest movement is still going to go on anything. so the update florence leary, the 1st and column for united nations, is urging the philippine government to withdraw or travel restrictions on the nobel wedding journalists, so she can accept her ward in no way next month. but he is the 1st nobel laureate,
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from the philippines. she share the price with the russian investigator, journalist dmitri motor tolls move seen as an endorsement of free speech rights were well wide best support to say she's face setbacks and legal actions. her scrutiny of the philippines government with her website rather these farm on as her say, there's been significant increase in fighting between russian back separatists and the ukrainian military since russia's troop build up near the border. moscow has denied this and says it has no plan to invade ukraine, calling the allegations hysterical and malicious. chance stratford reports from near the village avoid the n on the front line with the ukrainian military pouring rain pitch black. this is a front line trench eastern ukraine. we follow ukrainian army soldier,
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leads us along the pav pick with mud. filming using night to vision, there are trenches like these that snake hundreds of kilometers across a conflict zone, in which more than 14000 people been killed. you sound machine guns for echoes through the blackness. so in the last 10 minutes, sounds like a lot more smooth homes are coming from the direction of don. it's called the commander is taking us up to a ford observation post that is a lot closer to separatist positions. we reached you, observation post with 3 soldiers stand in the cold. they are nervous until us to keep our voices down because of the enemy is close enough for sale. couple of them or you can use lateral sporadic shooting from both sides because we can't see anything even using the night vision. nathan bruce
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a little bit when we say shooting, we mean shooting is no man's land at no particular target, but it's important to prevent reconnaissance. teams taken advantage of the fog and rain visibility 0 critical. i recommend you leave this place now. the can see the small well stocked 23 year old rome of joined the ukrainian army 6 months ago, was trained by the u. kay's royal lancers, as part of nato's mission to defend ukraine against what it says is russian aggression. nondiscriminatory mystery means we have a lot of things to improve on. the trainers had great combat experience, so we learned a lot from them. i joined the army because of the injustice and our people are forgetting. there's a war going on our country. we are led down into one of the girls sleeping quarters, warm and quiet soldiers, gravel sleep, they can before their shift starts again. the soldier who doesn't want to identify
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himself. he says he had friends who joined the russian bank separatists, fighting the government, the other than you're doing. i don't think about it. i don't feel anything. i'm a soldier and i have a task to do. regardless whether it's someone i know he's now the enemy. all relations are lost, reconciliation will take generations. these people have crossed red lines and so what kind of friendly relationship could there now be? early morning the light reveals trees in the foggy gloom. the rain has stopped. soldiers discuss the night's events some plan. looking out across the conflict broken landscape for an enemy with no doubt equal convictions. you say they also have a right to fight charles rap with al jazeera wagner, eastern new grain. elevators, as president, has a case, lithuania of dumping, migrant bodies on the border. that the way he rejects alexander lucas sion goes claim and accuses by the rates of staging the deaths. the you says, look
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a shanker is tricking migrants into crossing into europe and that he is taking revenge for sanctions on ben bruce. at least 4 people been killed in the tucker city of his stumble after he was struck by a powerful storm with gale force winds. at least 19 others were injured in the storm, which knocked over a clock tower and threw vehicles onto the side. officials say the wind blew as fast as 129 kilometers an hour. the storm also impacted flights with turkish airlines, sending me 6 planes were unable to land in all the airports, several towns and all in spain of been flooded on to 2 rivers bus that banks were spilled over the following. heavy rain, snow brought by storm allan across the weekend, and the city of bo bound dozens of cars were submerged in flood water, abandoned by their owners. firefighters were called out to deal with operated trees and mud slides. towards the go found,
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the jack dorothy house stepped down as the dorsey his faced internal pressure to resign and survived an investor bed to oust him last year. he will be replaced by the chief technology officer and a statement on twitter doors. he said it was finally time to leave. ah, now the arab can't kicks off in cats are later on cheese day. the tournament is a vital part of the country's planning for next year's wealth comp and is poor waste reports the tournament forms a bridge between the regions, football heritage, and the potentially watershed moment of katara. 2022. a dress rehearsal for the world cup. yes. but the arab cup goes back decades before cathel 2022 was even a dream. ah,
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the 1st told him, it was in lebanon in 1963. those original hostess qualified for this edition with a one there. when would you beauty in june? oh, most of the art cup teams won't be here next year, but comparison with the world cup is inevitable. i'm indispensable. in the planning for counsel 2022. i think we've got 98 percent ready completed answers of stadiums where the 1st quarter of next year all stadiums will be ready, functioning and operational as well. we have a very big test head of us which is the arb cup and we will be testing our operational plans and models. the tournament will feature 6 of the 8 world cup stadiums. 2 of the big unveiled on the opening day that 7 new stadiums in the 11 years since castle was awarded the world cup. the country has come a long way since that main arena was here, though, while stadium, the boom up any are beating about leo will be a bit annoying human. where perhaps the most famous football are in history. pele
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scored as santos of brazil beat club site. i'll awfully 3 know in 1973, but that stadium to broke new ground for the regions football. so did do ha doha stadium was the 1st grasp pitch in the gulf. there's a huge difference between our humble beginnings and now these world cup stadiums are masterpieces. but it was the wish of every player in the world to play back then to play against santucci. miss elijah, sent to experiencing the new stadiums will be part of the drill for fans at the arrow cup. but cats i will be in the spotlight on the pitch to ah, the players will hope to replicate the heroics of 2019 when they became asian champions. since then, they've made guest appearances in the corporate america and european wilco qualifying, now potentially playing the likes of egypt and algeria can provide more valuable preparation as the smallest country ever to host the world cup cattle supplies will
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need all the big game experience they can get when the very best arrive in doha. next year. paul reese al jazeera unless he has won the balloon door. the award given to the best footballer, the if a reco extending 7th time the powers saint germain an argentine afford help this country when the copper america, his 1st international honor. he also scored 40 goes in 2021. spain's alexia patella's was name the women's football i have yet about selina. midfielder scored 26 goals in 40 ah! is out there are these you top stories? the world health organization is warning. the newest coven 19 very imposes
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a very high risk of visage and infections. army corps on was 1st detected in southern africa last week. president joe biden says the us won't need additional research.


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