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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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never before in human history as the ones for steven barn, 2 the students such peril. ah, ah. the birth of a new republic, barbados was in its 1st have a president as it cuts, ties with the british monarchy. ah, i'm money in sight. this is al jazeera la from dave, also coming up. this very is cause for concern, not a cause for pen, for that embody rule that locked down in the us, but they are warnings you covered very could pose a risk to the economy. for to socialize delay in maxwell as the keys,
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praying on young girls for jeffrey epstein as her trial gets on the way new york channels with directions on its way report from the front line nice and ukraine, where the russian forces have been gathering up the border ah, the caribbean island nation of barbados has just become a republic. also cutting ties with the british monarchy. celebrations on the way in the capitol bridge town. barbados gained independence from burson, in 966, but retained queen elizabeth as its head of state. the monarch has been replaced by the bob ady and president sandra mason, who has been sworn in the last hour. the country will remain a member of the commonwealth group of nations. we now turn our vessels bow
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towards the new republic. redo this so that we may seize the full substance of our sovereignty. for decades, we have had discourse and debate about the transition of bobby and us to a republic. to day debate and discourse have become action. madam president, as your constitutional status changes, it was important to me that i should join you to reaffirm those things which do not change. for example, the close and trusted partnership between barbados and the united kingdom as vital members of the commonwealth cross line to the council bridge town where latin american editor, monsieur newman joined us on the line. let's see
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a talk to us about the significance of this moment. the moment i'm going to be streaming because the ceremony is still under way. it is quite an extraordinary occasion in the country to become a republic almost ever, really? most public since so long ago. but since how many of them you consider 16 of them to be jacked? wellness of great britain, the queen, queen is the head of state. barbados has had a long and complete history trying to become what the says is independent nation. in fact, back in the 1600s when great britain turned to be just into really the, the capital crushed leisure, calling to become a snake slave colony court. since then it's many people have
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said, fights was on to become the truly independent nation. wanted to become in 55 years ago today. money tried to push for public staff is no longer to be a constitutional monarchy, as it was up to just about an hour ago. so there were a lot of mixed feelings. there is not, i would say compared to relationship between charles is received warmly by the public. but at the same time, there is the sense of pride and the feeling that this time finally cooper basis to cut the physical cord with the monitor was the queen and become a true independent well, the country is now going to be led by the barbarian president sandra mason, how ready would you say barbados is to go it alone? well, you know, a lot of people i spoke to this question whether it is really not for the actual fact or the president is going to be mostly
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a will have us milsey ceremonial low. the real power will still be in the hands of the prime minister. and in practice, great person has had very little to do with the day to day running of this island nation. even though there was a governor general who is now the president, the queen being the representative of the queen, she did not interfere. she did not have more than the ceremonial, even then did not contribute to the economy in this country either. in fact, i'm pointed out, but not even doing the height of the pandemic by pages and vaccines, for example, for the 1900. so this really will not be in practice to mean differences at all. it's really more all the changes whether people want to move forward or whether they believe that there should be a part. okay. clearly the celebrations will continue through the night editor latin
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america. salisia newman efforts live in bridgetown, the wells. 1 health organization is warning that the new is coded 19 very, and poses a significant global risk on the chrome was 1st detected in southern africa last week in cases have now been found in a number of countries. in the us, president joe biden is urging vigilance, but it's asking people not to panic. kimmy, how could report? good morning, folks. following a briefing by his coven response team given us president joe biden addressed the american public, urging them not to be alarmed by the new varied army kron. this for it is a cause for concern, not a cause for pen. you assigned her sir, all ready evaluating on me con, but admit it could take weeks before it's known. if the current covered vaccines provide enough protection. still, biden, once again,
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urge the 10s of millions of americans not yet vaccinated to get fully vaccinated. and a booster, you have to get to shot to have to get to get the booster if you're a sooner or later. we're going to see cases of this new very here in the united states will have to face this new threat just so we faced those that come before us announced restrictions last week for travelers from 7 countries. plus south africa were army crime was 1st attacked, it biden's also not ruling out new restrictions depending on the degree of army cross spread. however, he insist for now there will be no new locked outs. cases of ami cried have already been reported in canada. so the united states travel restrictions that took effect on monday may be too late. the travel bands are very much a knee jerk reaction. we're behind the curve. i mean, this variant has been out for probably several weeks when there's
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a cluster of cases. the bands come in and, and now we know that it's in more than a dozen countries drug companies are already exploring adjusting boosters to combat the new variant. we believe does not receive any pictures. we need to get more data from these, but it seems to be much more pictures and best buy was across is core to much drug manufacturers like madonna and pfizer, have made billions from the sale of coven vaccines vaccines. the us says it's sharing with the world, even as criticism of vaccine inequality persists. we ship for free war vaccines, other countries than all other countries in the world combined. over 275000000 vaccines to 110 countries. now we need the rest of the world a step up as well. the full extent of the threat, ami crumb poses,
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is not yet known. that's why president biden's coven response team is drawing up a longer term strategy. expected to be released later this week. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house, the trial of british social, i glean maxwell? how's the gun in new york? she's accused of enabling the crimes of the late sex offender jeffrey epstein, who took his own life 2 years ago while awaiting trial. maxwell is pleaded not guilty to the charges. gabriel, i was on the reports from york. jeffrey epstein and glean maxwell met a young girl in a park bench, befriended her, and then later sexually abused her to protect her identity. prosecutors called her jane. she was 14 years old and the abuse went on for years and occurred and several of epstein homes in florida, new mexico and new york. that was just one of the accusations that prosecutor made an opening statement of maxwell's trial. they accused maxwell love, in their words,
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serving up young women for epstein abuse. she put them at ease and made them feel safe. also they could be sexually abused by a middle aged man, prosecutor said, and also called maxwell, a predator who prayed on vulnerable young girls and manipulated them. but epstein committed suicide. so he isn't on trial. maxwell is an adult, say prosecutors over the next few weeks, will need to show how she recruited, groomed, and participated in the abuse of the girls. we are not in the war room this week, determining whether or not the victims were victims of sex crimes at the hands of mr. epstein. that's not what this trial is about. this trial is about mid maxwell, a legit activity to enable mister epstein to abuse these little kids. for women are expected to testify that they were recruited and groomed by maxwell for abuse,
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including jane. that 14 year old, the prosecutors say was one of the victims. jane is now an adult, and she plans to tell the jury everything she says happened to her. in their opening statements, maxwell's defense lawyer told the 12 person jury she is being used as a scapegoat for epstein alleged crimes. she is filling the hole and filling an empty chair. she is a convenient stand in for the man who cannot be here. monday was a day for the lawyers on both sides to lay out their case. now it was to witnesses a trial that likely won't conclude until at least january gabriel sancho, which is either york verdict in the incitement trial of me on mos deposed later on on c t husband deferred until early december. the trial is the 1st in the series of charges against suit she. she was detained in february when the ministry seized
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power. let's go straight to florence. louis is law for us in kuala poor. so why has this trial been deferred? while a source is confirmed that the court in navy door has deferred the verdicts till next monday, but there wasn't a reason given as to why the voted has been deferred. non political analysts and observers outspoken to say they wouldn't have been surprised if santucci had been found guilty. many say the military still fear how popular almost on suit she is. she had in the last 2 general elections led her party, the national lead for democracy to huge victories. and they wouldn't be surprised if she had been found guilty and also given a prison sentence or the very likely she would have been allowed to serve that under house arrest. as previous military governments had done. and few people believe on santucci has been given a fair trial. she and her co defendants have had very limited access to the defense
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lawyers. there are no reports of ad, the proceedings or the hearings because no journalists, no members of the public, are loud at the hearings. and many people have described these trials against suji and her co defendants as show charles as a way for the june tied to the just to mize the cooper. but the military government has denied this, and it spokesman says, all time future has been the for has been accorded due process under the rule of law in law. money, thanks. fab florence louis that for us in kuala lumpur. still ahead on al jazeera, ga, the former president, faith, of course, all the years. and so it's hundreds of processes show the support. on the right, paul, south korea is driving us cars take to the roads all 3 years in development. ah
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hey there. welcome to your world's weather update. we're going to begin in the middle east, where the numbers are way out of black across the la vance paid route. 30 guys 29. that's the story on tuesday. march. what happens on wednesday? cold front slices across a route down to 1900 degrees and gas 20 and we've got some showers there in the forecasts may also see some showers develop across areas of oman. this includes must got the potential to power ups and thunderstorms here as well. things are settled across pockets. stan, we're into the sunshine both in the north and the south carolina getting up to a high of 32 degrees. get back to that cold front right now. it's sliding across turkey as well. so keep these numbers in mind on cra and tribes on tuesday on cra 13 degrees, but by fine stay just the high of 5. tribes on temperature comes down by half. you were 24. and now it's, it's a high 12 degrees on wednesday. equitorial countries in africa,
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we've got our storms come in and go in particularly heavy for democratic republic of congo, gab on and camera root. further toward the south right now, we can expect the scattering of showers in cape town on to stay with the high of 21 degrees. and also seen that weather in the forecast for johannesburg. the high for you 29 degrees. that's it. see again soon, the country, the cold, can japan, this new prime minister, tackle income inequality, floss school, the world trade organization, health continues to secure corporate 90 vaccines will be speaking to the w t. o, you director general, contract the coast on al jazeera ah, holding the powerful to account as we examined the us this role in the world own al jazeera
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lu. ah, ah. you're watching out, is there a reminder for top stories this hour, the caribbean, allan nation of barbados has just become a republic of the cussing. ties with the british monarchy. queen elizabeth has been replaced as the head of state by the bob ady. and president sandra mason has just been sworn the world health organization is warning the newest cove in 19 variant poses a very high risk of judge in infections. omicron was 1st detected in southern africa and trial of british social. and elaine maxwell has begun the new
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york, the 59 year old was accused of enabling the crimes of convicted pay to fall jeffrey epstein. she denies the charges iran says it's up to mistake after the 1st day of talks in vienna aimed at salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal. representatives from russia, china, germany, france on the u. k. met with iranian officials. the u. s. is also that, but only holding talks indirectly to her on one the sanctions lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. but of that amount sheet i think it's a great achievement. the, all of the amendment, countries of the people plus one have accepted the islamic republic rightful demand and agreed that the issue concern the legal sanction of the united states against people must be 1st be put in focus and clarified yet only then will there be discussion assessment and decision making held for the remaining masses. sci fi
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monitors say there's been a significant increase in fighting between russian bang separatists and the ukranian ministry. since russia troop build up near the border. moscow denies it has any plan to invade ukraine, calling the allegations hysterical and malicious. child stratford reports from near the village of johnnie on the front line with the cranium military pouring rain picture black. this is a front line trench eastern ukraine. we follow ukrainian army soldier leads us along the path with mud, filming using night vision, trenches like these that snake hundreds of kilometers across a conflict zone in which more than 14000 people been killed. you sound that machine gun bar echoes through the blackness. so in the last 10
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minutes, sounds like a lot more smooth homes are coming from the direction done yet. can't hold the commanders taking us up to a fordable vacation post that is a lot closer to separatist positions. we reach you observation, post with 3 soldiers stand in the cold. they are nervous until us to keep our voices down because of the enemy is close to the for sale, cumberland music newsletter. it's sporadic shooting from both sides because we can't see anything even using the night vision. little of the room use a little bit when we say shooting. we mean, shooting is no man's land at no particular target, but it's important to prevent reconnaissance. teams taken advantage of the fog and rain visibility 0 camp medical. i recommend you leave this place now. the canteen is small but well stocked. 23 year old roma joined the ukrainian army 6 months ago,
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was trained by the u. kay's royal lancers, as part of nato's mission to defend ukraine against what it says is russian aggression, numbness, group chemistry, meets. we have a lot of things to improve on. the trainers had great combat experience, so we learned a lot from them. i joined the army because of the injustice on watson and our people are forgetting. there's a war going on in our country. the designer we are led down into one of the dog else, sleeping quarters, warm and quiet soldiers, gravel sleep they can before their shift starts again. the soldier who doesn't want to identify himself. he says he had friends who joined the russian bank separatists, fighting the government, the other than you're doing. i don't think about it. i don't feel anything. i'm a soldier and i have a task to do. regardless whether it's someone i know he's now the enemy. all relations are lost, reconciliation will take generations. these people have crossed red lines and so
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what kind of friendly relationship could there now be? early morning the light reveals trees in the foggy gloom. the rain has stopped. soldiers discuss the night's events some plan. looking out across the conflict, broken landscape for an enemy with no doubt equal convictions. you say they also have a right to fight charles rap with al jazeera wagner, eastern ukraine. the races president has a keys, lithuania of dumping migrant bodies on the border. lithuania rejects alexander lucas case. claim on a keys is valerie of staging the death. the says lucas shanker is tricking migrants into crossing into europe and that he is taking revenge for sanctions on ballot. bruce george's former president has appeared in court's own charges of abuse of office. mikhail stock has really has been held in jail since returning from exile
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last month. he faces 6. he is in prison. the says the charges are politically motivated. robin for she woke her reports from the capsule tbilisi. this was because 2nd release 1st public appearance in georgia since his return from exile and the rest. the former president is accused of violently dispersing anti government protesters and rating and opposition tv channel, while in office. weakened by a 50 day, hunger strike successfully addressed the international community in english about his prison treatment is was cracked. ok again. we are forger. he human and degrading behavior, inflicted on personal and don't let me outside the court suck, has been his supporters listened to the proceedings on social media. they believe
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it's a show true. this is a disgrace or in the country for the invitation of the president and hamilton and for our ability to go forward as a society and pursue our year atlanta goals prospects of georgia joining the european union. look rather glad, graham. ah, when presidents are being prosecuted on political grounds, there was scuffles as police dispersed protesters who had blocked traffic 15 people were arrested. the drama of the proceedings going on inside the court have been somewhat overshadowed by the chaos in suing outside. when police did their best to try to stop because really supporters from blocking both roads into and out of the city. because such villi came back to georgia from ukraine after 8 years in exile but was arrested on the 1st of october. he has returned to
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a divided country between those who believe george's now controlled by pro russian oligarch and those who want suckers really to serve time for crimes. they say he's committed, the government insists circus. billy will get a fair trial of his right to be fully protected by the legislation of georgia. as it happens to day, he has had the opportunity to appear in court before the georgia judiciary. his supporters don't expect justice and notice sacrifice really. his best defense with this confession, you know, it was a mistake that in government we failed to create an independent justice system. it affected many of my compatriots, and now it affects me. the former president used this opportunity to address the georgia public directly. his hope is that somehow they and not the court will
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decide his fate. robbie the 1st year walker al jazeera tbilisi. at least 4 people have been killed in the tucker city of s damn bowl after it was struck by a powerful storm with gale force winds. least 19 of us were injured in the storm, which knocked over a clock tower and threw vehicles onto their sides. officials say the wind blew as fast as a 129 kilometers, and our store also impacts flights with turkish airlines, sending the 6 plains unable to land, to other airports. to go found a jack. there was, he has stepped down as c e o doors he has faced internal pressure to resign and survived and invested, bid to oust him last year. he will be replaced by the chief technology officer. in a statement on twitter, dorsey said it was finally time to leave. custin kristen slew me has moved from new york. jack dorsey has been at the helm in some form or another from
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2006 when the company started. he stepped down for a while he was put back on. he's been under pressure though since last year to go after some major shareholders raised questions about whether or not he should still be the ceo of twitter, while at the same time serving as the ceo of another digital payment company square . so the pressure was mounting on him. dorsey also faced criticism from politicians, particularly on the right after donald trump. president donald trump was kicked off of the platform that was in response to the january 6 capital riot. and the company said that he was a risk to security by staying on the platform. he's also dorsey been criticized by politicians on the left for not doing enough to remove hate speech from the platform. so lots of pressure all around. but the fact is, and the bottom line is the stock has been seen as under performing as far as tech
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stocks go in recent years, and not too long ago the company announced a plan to double its revenues by 2023 to grow its user base but it has a lot of work ahead of it to reach those goals. and so dorsey announcing it was time to step down in a long time employee, the company, part of aga wall, who was serving as the chief technology officer's now going to take over a c o as long been a dream of city planning the driverless cargo. finally, becoming a reality in south africa, south korea's capital sol. the 1st pon route is using cutting edge technology and fix fully autonomous taxi's the stones of the 5 year plan. legs on the latch reports on the latest leave food on the road. that's not always been smooth. these driverless robo taxi's in so sang a dog district aren't a publicity stunt. their part of the city is
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a $125000000.00 scheme for self driving cars. from tuesday they'll ferry passengers between the digital media city rail station, a nearby apartment and office buildings. charging passengers about $3.00 a trip. by the end of december, they'll be joined by several more driverless cars, as well as a bus to ease safety concerns. the mayor stepped in as the 1st official passenger holder and was talking to her role at the beginning. i felt a bit awkward and a little bit nervous. but soon the coupled of and started and change lane. i made a left turn and a right turn. very soon, as i experienced this, i believed it would be a good start to the commercial surface. it's a small step, but a large lead considering the difficulty of the research involved. the technology behind driverless cars is being sought after by many major technological companies. us based, tesla, the market leader and electric cars is still several years away from completely removing drivers from the equation. its full self driving system is still being
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tested and requires operators to keep their hands on the wheel at all times. earlier in november, 1 of its cars crashed in california after a malfunction. but and so the outlook is more optimistic. tell you how soon the cars are no longer simply about moving around autonomy vehicles have shifted the paradigm leading to disruptive innovation. autonomous vehicles prevent careless driving by humans minimizing social costs. early next year the city says it will add 10 driverless taxes to the gang them district as part of the pilot project. second faith. and if everything goes off without a hitch, the city government wants to grow itself driving fleet to more than 50 vehicles. in the next 5 years, alexander lurch al jazeera sano massey has won the balloon door the award given to the pass football of the year. for record extending 7 time
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the powers, saint germain argentina forward held this country when the corporate america, his us international owner. he also schooled 40 goals in 2021. spain's alexia potatoes was named the women's ball of the year. the barcelona midfielder scored 26 goals in 42 games. 2070 old guided barcelona to a historic trouble at the side one, the spanish league and cup, and the champions league. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories. the caribbean island nation of barbados has just become a republic of the cussing. ties with the british monarchy. queen elizabeth has been replaced as head of states by the barbarian president, sandra mason, who's been sworn in in the last hour.


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