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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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or see national security. this is a political im house here. the conflicts are we telling a good story? we're really interested in taking you in to a place that you might not visit otherwise. and to actually feel as if you were there. ah barbados, begin the new chapter in its history. as the island nation breaks ties with the british monarchy and becomes a republic. ah, who are watching out? is there a lie from a headquarters in south? i'm debbie navigator also aheads. australia's prime minister says he's appalled, but not surprised. after an inquiry finds a 3rd of federal parliament, employees suffered sexual harassment. president joe biden tells americans not to
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panic after the discovery of the new covered 90 variance, but rules out another lockdown. and a glimpse of what's to come catera kicks off a major football tournament a year out from the fif of worldcom. ah, hello, the caribbean island agent barbados has just become a republic after ending its ties with the british monarchy. sandra mason was sworn in as president, replacing queen elizabeth as head of states. barbados gained independence from britain in 1966, but kept its system of monarchy in place. the country will still be a member of the commonwealth group of nations. our latin america editor lucio norman was at the festivities in bridgetown. it is quite an extraordinary occasion to become a republic. doesn't ever really most public since so long ago.
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but in the case of islands, many of them considered 16 of them to be exact. wellness of great britain, between the queen is the head of state. barbados has had a long and complete history trying to become what it says is a dependent nation. back in the 1600s, when great britain turned into really the capital, crushed major calling to become a slave slave colony on the porch. since then, it's many people such that i was on to become a truly independent nation. and so wanted to become in support. it's 55 years ago to day money tried to push for the public staff is no longer to be a constitutional monarchy, as it was up until just about an hour ago. so there were
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a lot of mixed feelings. there is not that i would say compared to relationship with charles is received warmly by the public. but at the same time, there is a sense of pride and feeling that this time finally cooper basis to cut the physical chord with the monitor the queen and become a tree dependent on a white loch. as a rural historian from cambridge in the u. k. she says barbados is transition, might inspire other nations to break away from the british monarchy. walking in probably civil way said for a day since the time of the queen's rain and, and the process of the colonization and the end of the british empire. that they were very happy for countries to force their own parts and were relaxed in the was the prince philip about the idea that countries in the future want to break with the british crown. however, of course, i think they would be a little bit anxious and nervous about how this would play in the media. and of
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course, there's always the danger this would be seen as at the beginning of a domino effect where other of the u. k. realms would also break them on a key and that might be seen as, as a rejection of the monarchy which might have more profound implications. i think that they'll also be some relief actually that this was happening under the queen rather than the start of the new reign of prince charles. because at that point, it might be seen as a boat against him directly. and that would be, you know, potentially as a problematic endorsement or lack of it at the beginning of his brain, the priority, the queen and really bargaining policies that countries who may members of the commonwealth of nations, of which the queen is head. and although it's not hereditary position, it's been approved that charles would succeed her. but i think more the in the u. k . it might create a kind of questioning about the monarchy. a route to me,
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a report in australia has found one in 3 people working and federal parliament has experience sexual harassment. the independent inquiry into parliamentary workplace culture was ordered by prime minister scott morrison. more than half of those who responded to the investigation. se, date experienced at least one incident of sexual harassment attempted sexual assault and bullying that are presented like anyone who works in this building. i find the statistics that are presented there, of course, appalling and disturbing. i wish i found the more surprising but i find them just as a boy and that's why the actions i think that are recommended do cover all the territory that i'm unable to take us forward. and what i've seen in there has only reinforced my view about the actions that we've already taken. okay, let's bring in sarah clark. she's joining us from brisbin over in australia. sarah,
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tell us more about some of the key findings in this long awaited report. well firstly, a bit of background. this particular review was spot by some allegations of right made by a parliamentary staff member some time ago in the, the prime minister. as a result, a triggered this investigation or this review, which has been ongoing for about a month now, the report that interviewed around $490.00 people and spoke to $53.00 different organizations. and as you just heard, thought the findings are quite staggering. instantly painted a top big picture workplace misconduct. you raised those to key findings bang that one in 3 people working in federal parliament, had experienced some kind of sexual harassment and found more than half of all people in commonwealth parliament. she often so not just the ministerial and the politician doctors, but other commonwealth offices had also experienced at least one incident of bullying. sexual harassment, or i will fitly attempted sexual harassment,
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the discrimination of the type jenkins. she said she was shocked by what she heard and what she found. and she knows that the bullying targets more female members and not mile meant that she said women experience sexual harassment at a high right around 40 percent compared to $26.00. and a key one key response that she said that she found that people didn't feel confident about speaking out. and i often were targeted or certainly punished for she's concerned about the workplace culture. the report of them at a number of recommendations which she hopes the government and so the prime minister will act on. yes. so what is it that happens next? because we did hear from the prime minister. he was saying that he's appalled, but he's not surprised. how does this, what happened next? well, the pressure will be on the prime minister to respond. as i mentioned, it's been long. why should they said this report? and we hear from the woman brittney higgins. i was the parliamentary staffer who made right allegations some time ago,
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and i said he triggered this review. in the meantime, we have the last year we've had one minister, the attorney general. he was 4 to stand down due to allegations, sexual sexual misconduct might against him. so, tight jenkins won't cheat the discrimination of the she wants action on this. but we've also had some response from a lot of the i c t u, which is that was the biggest unions estrada and they said they declared that national parliament isn't on the site, workplace. and i, if the prime minister scott morrison must do more to protect women in this workplace. thank you so much. sarah clark for that update from brisbin, australia. will stocks in tokyo have fallen after concerns about the new covered 1900 variant japan, which has now borrowed all foreign travellers has recorded its 1st case a person who'd arrive from them may be it comes after us. president joe biden ruled out another lockdown while urging americans to get fully vaccinated and not to
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panic. our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more. good morning folks. following a briefing by his coven response team given us president joe biden addressed the american public, urging them not to be alarmed by the new varied army kron. this for it is a cause for concern, not a cause for pen. you assigned her sir, all ready evaluating on me con, but admit it could take weeks before it's known. if the current covered vaccines provide enough protection. still, biden, once again, urge the 10s of millions of americans not yet vaccinated to get fully vaccinated. and a booster, you have to get the shot, you have to get to get the booster if you're a sooner or later, we're going to see cases of this new varied here in the united states will have to face this new threat to so we face those that come before that you are announced restrictions last week for travelers from 7 countries. plus south africa were army
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crime was 1st attacked. it biden's also not ruling out new restrictions depending on the degree of army crowds spread. however, he insist for now there will be no new lock downs. cases of only crime have already been reported in canada. so the united states travel restrictions that took effect on monday may be too late. the travel bands are very much a knee jerk reaction. we're behind the curve, i mean, this variant has been out for probably several weeks when there's a cluster of cases. the bands come in and, and now we know that it's in more than a dozen countries. drug companies are already exploring adjusting boosters to combat the new variant. we believe disparity calling pictures. we need to get more data from these, but it seems to be emerged. more pictures and best buy was across is core to much drug manufacturers like madonna and pfizer,
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have made billions from the sale of coven vaccines vaccines. the u. s. says it's sharing with the world, even as criticism. a vaccine inequality persists. we ship for free, more vaccines, other countries than all other countries in the world combined. over 275000000 vaccines to 110 countries. now we need the rest of the world to step up as well. the full extent of the threat army compos is, is not yet know that's why president biden's covered response team is drawing up a longer term strategy. expected to be released later this week. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house, the united nations has criticized countries that imposed travel bands on certain southern african nations. you and chief spokesman says targeting specific citizens amounts to collect a punishment. the secretary general said he is now deeply concerned about the
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isolation of southern african countries due to new coven 19 travel restrictions. as he and others have long warned low vaccination rates or breeding ground for variance. the people of africa cannot be blamed for the immorally, low level of vaccinations available on the continent, and they should not be penalized for identifying and sharing crucial science and health information with the world. the secretary general appeals to all governments to consider repeated testing for travelers together with other appropriate and truly effective measures with the objective of avoiding the risk of transmission. so as to allow for travel and economic engagement. on a chron cases are being reported in several european countries. in the u. k, the government is rolling out its vaccine booster program to all adults and seen baba reports. britain was the 1st country to restrict travel from southern africa, off to the emergence of the new covey,
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19 variance. now the government here has admitted only krohn, could pose a greater threat than the dominant delta variance and it's tightening restrictions to limit community infection. close contacts of anyone who test positive with a suspected case of only con, must self isolate for 10 days, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. face coverings will also be made compulsory in shops and on public transfer in england. unless an individual has a medical exemption, this is not all doom and gloom at this stage, and i do not want people to panic. the stage if vaccine effectiveness is reduced, as seems pretty likely to some extent, the biggest effects are likely to be in preventing infections, and hopefully there will be smaller effects on preventing severe disease questions . at the same time, the government scientific advisors are recommending people are offered booster jobs
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just 3 months after their 2nd vaccinations. and the program has been extended to any one age 12 or over. over in portugal, they've identified 13 cases of omicron among team members of the lisbon based professional soccer club balances. only one had recently traveled to south africa as more and more countries place restrictions on people traveling from south africa and the region. the united nations is urged the world not to penalize countries for identifying and sharing crucial science and health information. that's a theme taken up by the world health organization or me crohn demonstrates just why the world needs a new, a court. on polemics, our current system, this said this incentivize countries from alerting others to threats that will inevitably land on their shores. many countries in europe are already worried about the winter. here in milan, people have to wear face coverings outdoors,
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as well as in doors between 10 in the morning and tenant night. but as nations consider how to protect their own populations, the coals get louder to ensure developing countries can access vaccines. the dean baba al jazeera, still heads on al jazeera, was she jeffrey epstein's pawn or accomplice gillan maxwell. sex trafficking trial begins in new york coming from the direction done yet. al jazeera gains access to the frontline and eastern ukraine as russian forces gather on the other side of the border. ah look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored by cattle airways. hello, good to see. we had some powerful winds blast through. it's them both seen
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a top wind gusts here of a 130 kilometers per hour, leaving a trail of destruction and killing at least 4 people. this is all part of the vigorous cold front punch across turkey and is stand ball not out of the woods yet on tuesday as a potential to see wind gusts of 85 kilometers per hour. okay, keep some of these numbers in mind. on garad tribes on through the levant, they route at 29. watch what is called front. does entre goes from 17 to 5 tribes on 25 to 14, in bay route from 30 to 19 for their toward the west right now. rain will clear from italy and we've still got our snow falling through the alpine regions piling up quickly. also a shield of snow cutting across bo guerria, so sophia could see about 5 to 10 centimeters of snow up to the area right now, things settle, but temperatures leave a bit to be desired. it's been just a high of 11 degrees, twice or in europe. we've got our next batch of what weather is fighting in to the republic of ireland and the united kingdom. so what's and windy conditions to be
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expected here. scattering of showers, northern areas of algeria into to nicea tunis high of 15 degrees, that's below average. and now you're up to date. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. when the news breaks, when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told, ah, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, the professors are saying, the president get out and we'll ask her that he's hurting their interests. and that's why they remain on the streets. al jazeera has teams on the ground. they are demanding an immediate restoration of distributed government to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. ah
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ah, hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, this hour, the caribbean island nation of barbados has just become a republic after cutting ties with the british monarchy. sandra mason has been sworn as president, replacing queen elizabeth as head of state. a report in australia has found one in 3 people working in the federal parliament who has experience sexual harassment. the independent inquiry into parliamentary workplace culture was ordered by prime minister scott morrison. ross president joe biden says the new code. 19 variance is a cause for concern, but not panic. he rolled out imposing locked downs and promised a new plan to combat the pandemic cease far monitor of say there has been a significant increase in fighting between russian backed separatists sunday ukrainian military since rushes true build up near their border. moscow denies it.
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has any plans to invade ukraine? charles stratford reports from the front line with the ukrainian military near the village of again pouring rain pitch black. this is a front line trench in easton, ukraine. we follow ukrainian army soldier who leads us along the path thick with mud. filming using night vision, there are trenches like these that snake hundreds of kilometers across a conflict zone, in which more than 14000 people been killed. you sound that machine gun bar echoes through the blackness. so the last 10 minutes sounds like a lot more smooth homes are coming from the direction of daniel called. the commander is taking us up to a ford homes lation post that is
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a lot closer to separatist positions. we reach the observation post with 3 soldiers stand in the cold. they are nervous until us to keep our voices down because of the enemy is close. in the per say, oak of a little music newsletter is sporadic shooting from both sides because we can't see anything even using the night vision. nathan, to loosen a loop of when we say shooting, we mean shooting is no man's land at no particular target. but it's important to prevent reconnaissance teams taken advantage of the fog and rain visibility 0 or chem vertical. i recommend you leave this place now. the canteen, a small, well stalked, 23 year old rome of joined the ukrainian army, 6 months ago, was trained by the u. kay's royal lancers, as part of nato's mission to defend ukraine against what it says is russian aggression, nondescript, you must admit, we have a lot of things to improve on. the trainers had great combat experience,
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so we learned a lot from them. i joined the army because of the injustice on woodson and our people are forgetting there's a war going on in our country. we alleged down into one of the girls sleeping quarters, warm and quiet soldiers, gravel sleep. they can before their shift starts again. the soldier who doesn't want to identify himself, he says he had friends who joined the russian back separatists fighting the government. the other than you're doing. i don't think about it. i don't feel anything. i'm a soldier and i have a task to do. regardless whether it's someone i know he's now the enemy. all relations are last reconciliation will take generations. these people have crossed red lines and so what kind of friendly relationship could there now be? early morning light reveals trees in the foggy gloom. the rain has stopped. soldiers discuss the night's events and plan,
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looking out across the conflict broken landscape for an enemy with no doubt equal convictions. you say they also have a right to fight charles rap with al jazeera war dinner. easton ukraine. fran says iran must engage constructively in discussions to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. representatives, russia, china, germany, france, on the u. k. met iranian officials in vienna. on monday. the us is there, but only holding talks and directly to her sanctions lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. in the u. s. opening statements have not begun in the trial or british, socialized gillan maxwell. she is accused of enabling the crimes of late sex offender jeffrey epstein, who took his own life 2 years ago while awaiting trial, maxwell has pleaded not guilty to the charges. gabriel liaisons are reports from new york. jeffrey epstein and glen maxwell met a young girl in a park bench,
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befriended her, and then later sexually abused her to protect her identity. prosecutors called her jane. she was 14 years old and the abuse went on for years and occurred and several of epstein homes in florida, new mexico and new york. that was just one of the accusations that prosecutor made an opening statement of maxwell's trial. they accused maxwell of their words, serving up young women for epstein abuse. she put them at ease and made them feel safe. also they could be sexually abused by a middle aged man, prosecutor said, and also called maxwell, a predator who prayed on vulnerable young girls and manipulated them. but epstein committed suicide. so he isn't on trial. maxwell is adel, is say, prosecutors over the next few weeks will need to show how she recruited, groomed, and participated in the abuse of the girls. we are not in the court room this week, determining whether or not the victims were victims of
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sex crimes at the hands of mr. epstein. that's not what this trial is about. this trial is about ms. maxwell, a legit activity to enable mister epstein to abuse these little kids for women are expected to testify that they were recruited and groomed by maxwell for abuse, including jane, that 14 year old, the prosecutors say was one of the victims. jane is now an adult, and she plans to tell the jury everything she says happened to her. in their opening statements, maxwell's defense lawyer told the 12 person jury she is being used as a scapegoat for epstein alleged crimes. she is filling the hole and filling an empty chair. she is a convenient stand in for the man who cannot be here. monday was a day for the lawyers on both sides to lay out their case. now it was 2 witnesses,
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a trial that likely won't conclude until at least january. gabriel is hondo which is either york, according to me and mar, has delayed the verdict and the trial of our leader answered she until next week. she is facing charges of incitement and violating current of virus restrictions. she was detained in february when the military ceased power. opposition supporters have rallied outside. curtis, stunned election commission, claiming irregularities and sundays parliamentary polled, and they're demanding a new vote. zane bas raphi has more from the capital bush kick. curtis stands parliamentary election report card international observer say the country has potential but needs improvement. assessment is that yesterday's parliamentary elections were competitive. fundamental freedoms were generally respected during the campaign and the thought to displace the political will to ensure the clean
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elections. however, strict enforcement of subsequent measures their 2 candidates campaigning with caution. most pulling stations were well organized in the day was peaceful, but voter engagement was low. the next parliament will be less diverse and have fewer women. the significance vote counting problems, opposition party said, or signs of government fraud. the country security council, secretary blame crashes on technical glitches possibly hackers if the government cannot secure server said one opposition leader. how can it hope to secure the country? do you intend on carrying out more rallies? will you bring more protesters to the street, or will you debate these results within the halls of government? the form of projects. so we don't have the forms of protesting. of course, he will appeal to our quotes, but we have no trust in them. that's why we and our citizens only have the option to conduct a rally. it is a constitutional right. we don't have any intentions to act radically because we
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are still demanding things that are written in the law. wouldn't let the probably, far from conceding, those who lost are planting the seeds of distrust and both automated and manual vote counting. the rally here today was peaceful, small and short, but it's only the 1st day after elections. and if these rallies continue, if they get bigger, if they spread, that could become a problem that could take her just on down a familiar path. political dialogue in this country can unravel quickly and spill out into the streets. but heated debate of vocal opposition protesters raising flags instead of fiscal are all still so far. hallmarks of democracy, zane basra toyota 0 bhaskar. ah bear cub kicks off and cats are later on tuesday. the tournament is a vital part of the gulf nations planning for next year as faith,
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our world cobb. and as paul reese reports, the tournament forms a bridge between the regions, football, heritage, and the potentially watershed moment of cats are 2022 a dress rehearsal for the world cup. yes. but the arab cup goes back decades before cathel 2022 was even a dream. the 1st told him it was in lebanon in 1963. those original hosts qualified for this edition with a woman there. when would you beauty in june? oh, most of the arab cup teams won't be here next year, but comparison with the world cup is inevitable and indispensable in the planning for counsel 2022. i think we've got 98 percent ready completed answers of stadiums by the 1st quarter of next year. all stadiums will be ready, functioning and operational as well. we have a very big test head of us, which is the arab cup and we will be testing our operational plans and models. the
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tournament will feature 6 of the 8 world cup stadiums. 2 of the big unveiled on the opening date that 7 new stadiums in the 11 years since catherine was awarded the world cup. the country has come a long way since our main arena was here, though. ha stadium. no. did your mom a penny beacon about leo would be a hello abby human where perhaps the most famous footballer in history, pelley scored as santos, of brazil beat club site. i'll awfully 3 know in 1973, but that stadium to broke new ground for the regents football, studded, doha, doha stadium was the 1st grasp pitch in the gulf, vis a huge difference between our humble beginnings. and now, these world cup stadium was a masterpieces. but it was the wish of every play in the world to play back then to play against santucci mozilla descent experiencing the new stadiums will be part of the drill for fans at the arrow cup. but cats,
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i will be in the spotlight on the pitch to ah, the players will hope to replicate that heroics of 2019 when they became asian champions. since then they've made guest appearances in the corporate america and european wilco qualifying. now potentially playing the likes of egypt and algeria can provide more valuable preparation as the smallest country ever to host the world. cup catholic plays will need all the big game experience they can get when the very best arrived in doha next year. pull rece aldi's era. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, the caribbean island nation of robeto's, has just become a republic after cutting ties with the british monarchy. sandra mason has been sworn in his presidential place in queen elizabeth as head of state. we now turn
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our vessels bow towards the new republic. redo this so that we may seize the full.


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