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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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is in the air, late saw was one and to reach new heights, join as in cat on from november the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at canada. anyways. dog tom ah ah, your job is either a reminder of our top stories. this our security forces of fire tear gas, it anti military protesters in sudan and outside the presidential palace in hot tomb. many won't last weeks deal with the military scrapped, which so abdullah hun duct reinstated as prime minister the u. s. secretary of states warned to russia, but any aggression in ukraine will trigger serious consequences at any blinking is
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attending a meeting of nato foreign ministers to discuss russia's build up of troops on ukraine's border. ugandan troops have crossed into democratic republic of congo as part of a coordinated operation to combat beyond group known as allied democratic forces. it comes weeks up to 3 suicide bomb attacks and kampala killed several people. the u. s. is officially removed, the former colombian rebel group, far from its list of terrorist organizations. the decision will allow us agencies to operate and parts of columbia or former falk fighters, live and work forks on to sue's far deal with the colombian governments in 2016 on us, on the rump, yet is studied by 8 kilometers capital bull guitar. first, let's go to our white house correspondent, kimberly hall could kimberly, a few years have passed since that deal with farm was signed. was the u. s. deciding to make this move know at will the u. s. made this announcement on the heels of a meeting between a national security council representative for latin america as well as officials
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in columbia and a part of the reason that this designation his being lifted now is the fact that the united states continues to conduct work in this area and is having difficulty doing so given the fact that the designation of terror against the, the fark organization was still in place despite that 2016 peace accord being signed. and the more than $10000.00 members laying down their arms and particularly, and some of those areas where those members are still living, that has made us peace efforts and aid efforts difficult. so that is one of the reasons that the other rationale behind the, by the ministrations lifting of this designation is the fact that it really is not a unified organization any more in the eyes of the bite in white house. and so they felt that it was no longer appropriate to leave it in place. i can tell you this is not sitting well with some conservatives in the united states, particularly in the u. s. state of florida were many,
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columbian americans have fled and now live. they say that this is rewarding a marks this organization with a more than 50 year history of oppression and terror. and so that's why they are opposed to the lifting of this designation, but the, by the ministration defending it saying look at it no longer was applicable. and this will allow the by administration, the us government more broadly to uses anti terror grew or tools to fight anti terrorism error rather, to fight terrorism. allow them to use those tools elsewhere and 2 groups that are still in operation. that's our white house correspondent, kimberly hawker in washington dc. let's bring an alessandro lafayette. as i mentioned, he's in columbia capital burger. tar company was talking about the fact that the u . s. has continued to work in the areas that have been controlled by a fog since that deal was signed. what does this gonna mean for the people on the ground in those areas?
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yes, rob, look, this is a something bad for people, especially in conflict. there is in columbia, we're waiting for because it does allow for a stronger implementation of a number of reforms that come with the piece deal that was signed back in 2016. i'll make you an example, a usa i d, the u. s. development program until today was not allowed to work with the mobilize fighters in many corner store pro cornerstone programs that have started the same thing that deal just to give you 2 example. one is a huge substitution program of coca crops with other legal crops usa idea could not work if the former fight members were involved that a and these programs this same with another major major program here of removing land mines in that conflict. various, this a is
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a plan that's being led by the mobilized fighters and the u. s. officials and also us and jose could not directly work with these for more fire rebels in these programs. i've been told of me things that have happened, for example, here in the capital book with that, where a u. s. officials, the embassy could not stay in the same room with the mobilize fighters when they arrive. they essentially left this complicated greatly the possibility to move forward in implementation of these programs that can help bring real peace in this country after many decades of civil conflicts. so definitely in this sense, this is a major step forward once that has just been recognized on twitter by the former commander of the father who's now the president of a legal party here called a communist. and he said that this is a recognition that the former fighters have indeed the moved forward that they,
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that the u. s. is recognized, they're compromised with this piece, the court, and the fact that they have indeed been complying with their demobilization. and the everything that in that accord was agreed with the columbia state center. thank you very much. indeed. that's alessandro variety in bulger. tom, on the car to be an island nation of barbados, is now a republic after ending its ties with the british monarchy. sandra mason has been sworn in as president, replacing queen elizabeth as head of state or latin america editors. here, newman reports from bridge tongue ah, the declaration of the world news trip public was marked by celebrations ah, with the music song and dance that barbados is so well known for ah, but above all, it was time for solemnity. prince charles arrived for the last time as the
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representative of the queen b this his head of state, marking the end of the british monarchies, ties with the island to once known as britons, caribbean, crown jewel, the creation of this republic of the new beginning. but it also marks a point on a continuum, a milestone on the long road. you have not only traveled, but which you have bills. then the british military flag was lowered, replaced by one that represents only barbados, which now has a new president, sandra mason. we now turn our vessels bow towards the new republic. redo this so that we may seize the full substance of our sovereignty. barbados was britain's 1st and most important slave colony, whose sugar feels produced vast wealth for the empire. it gained independence only 55 years ago, but retained the monarchy. barbados became one of the queens,
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16 realms. but for many, the time had come to cut the umbilical cord with the monarchy. to wayne a bayesian as barbarians call themselves cells tiny, salty fruit that grows by the seaside, a specialty here. he agrees with the change. i couldn't be a positive, but one of us is able to run the quote for, you know, it was a mix of decisions. but others like 19 year old could shawna says that the decision to break with the monarchy was imposed on them by the prime minister. without consultation, they wasn't even as this one is you see, is it probably now was the, the new president will have a largely ceremonial role behind the prime minister and barbados will remain a part of the british commonwealth, which queen elizabeth heads. this former quaker plantation has been the residence of the governor general, the queen's representative in barbados for the last 55 years. now. it will be the
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residence of this country's new president, making barbados the was youngest republic, at least for now. as a farewell president of sorts, the prime minister awarded prince charles the countries middle of freedom and then announced another surprise, the nations hero award to the country's most famous citizen singer rianna, who's also an ambassador for barbados. in practical terms, not that much will change, but for a great many here, no longer having to pay tribute to a monarchy that brought their ancestors here from africa in chains, is a change that was long overdue. our latin america editor in the same humans joining us live now a from bridge turn. a best may not change many things in practical sense. just as you were saying that alysia but clearly a very symbolic moment for the people above it. us work has
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been explained. the symbolic one very interesting is that while barbados has he cut its ties, its formal applies with the monarchy. it was not an anger and wears hearing the prime minister speak right now. she's right behind me addressing the name and only a mockery of saying that not only as of today, not bateman's must join furniture to and fro unity more than ever before. but she also had very kind words for prince charles who was here who attended the formal sharon money just past night. when barbados officially became the republic, she said that he is a full would thinker, that he is somebody who cares about the environment. and that, as she was very, very happy that we hadn't bothered to closing on to show his respect for a friend that apparently which also was very fond of need to live and ceremonies. it's after ceremony speeches at the speeches that underscore what momentous change
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. this is, but again, it was supposed to bollock it is emotional for the people of barbados and the much, the prime minister is speaking now about the challenges that lay ahead, but they have nothing to do with the fact that blood this is no longer running to have queen elizabeth as its head of state has its own friends. it is the problem that had been brewing out for some time, especially after your pandemic unemployment use extremely high. what poverty the bomb among the people? she says it's a generational conflict, not a racial home. one of the happier knows has been the formal presentation of rianna, the famous barbarian singer with the award as hero this policy. but surprised many of you, but just given this award, because they say that she has used for influencing her fame to promote in quality and to denounce racism. that's our latin america editor to see a newman talking to us from bridge to. well, let's take a look at close look now at which countries still recognize the british monarch.
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queen elizabeth is still head of state of 15 countries around the world being good canada, jamaica, the bahamas, pop on your guinea and stillia. she's also head of the commonwealth, such a grouping of $54.00 former colonies, including india, nigeria, and trinidad, and tobago. but there have been talks in jamaica and it's trivia about removing. queen elizabeth says they are head of state, i've gotten me and my delayed the verdicts in the trial of us daily the only fast food she until next week. so she was facing charges of incitement. and violating corona virus restrictions, she was detained in february when the military seized power phones. louis has more on the trial. a source is confirmed that the court in ne p door has deferred the verdict till next monday. but there wasn't a reason given as to why the verdict has been deferred. non political analysts and observers, i've spoken to say they wouldn't have been surprised if on san sushi had been found guilty. many say the military still fear how popular almost on suit she is. she had
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in the last who general elections led her party, the national league for democracy to huge victories. and they wouldn't have been surprised if she had been found guilty and also given a present sentence or the very likely she would have been allowed to serve that under house arrest as previous military governments had done. now, few people believe on santucci has been given a fair trial. she and her co defendants have had very limited access to their defense lawyers. there are no reports of ad, the proceedings or the hearings because no journalists, no members of the public, are loud at the hearings. and many people have described these trials against the g n, her co defendants as show trials as a way for the june to, to the gym to mize the coo. but the military government has denied this. and it spokesman says on santucci has been a for, has been accorded due process under the rule of law. in myanmar, javan has confirmed its 1st case of the alma chrome uncovered known teen variance
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officials of identified the patient as a diplomat from libya, comes just a day after a premise of formula, kisha reinstated the trouble been on foreigners stay with us all to 0 coming up, we're good. all yours board with gemini? ashley banks have yes. we're live from our special waterfront studio. here in day are on day one of the fever arab come ah ah.
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with mm whole lou. oh and there is a special coverage of the fee for our cop from our studio here on the water front in de ha ha. i'm devon ash on day one of the told event which will act as a major test event, the wild cop next year. the action is already underway and she nicea beat
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mauritania, $51.00 in the opening, match the tournament. and iraq celebrate office squeezing out a draw and they didn't stop is time against a mom to new venues opening for the 1st time it later on tuesday. first, our bait stadium and then it stadium 97 for which has been constructed using shipping containers and away from the our cop. we'll have from legal messages, one of the bomb dual, a record extending 2nd time. but 1st it to the, our cup which kicked off a little earlier on tuesday. it was janasia up against mauritania. at the op, i had been alley stadium and it was ms. yahoo, one that 15170. and it does every with the 1st goal of the tournaments, but it was mohammed ban avi, who scored at the pick of the bunch she miss yet go top of great. be with that and
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facet victory next up. but they faced, they were yeah. and the i thing matches group i am on and the rock through one all the favors i mom is sick believe in the 2nd half and thanks with penalty and late in stock, which time iraq goals. i gave it an opportunity from the spots them on. keep us save the shot, but he moved off his line. it's who early. so it was retaken. rock chains depend on to take is and this time and they found the back of the net, they seems, returns action on friday, full games altogether on tuesday. then still to come as the you a against syria and the house house ice a ball right in that opening game we can hand out from the castle cage of felix sanchez. this is of course, one that morning order preparation, an important one because we are approaching to the wilk up. shaw every game is getting more and more important than we're playing in. got that with the support of, of our funds showed these it give us an extra motivation with the st. dime and more
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responsibility. we are all ready to face the situation and we're gonna try to compete, well, go to finish that problem and with a good a, with a with feelings about how, how we are doing and how really well for the welcome sir, big night tathagata. and we've got it covered, andy richardson is at the game, alexia brian will be watching with the fans, and johnny goes, raska is out. another of the wildcat venues set to be involved later. let's go fast to and the at al bate stadium, andy an impressive stadium at the house up against bahrain. what can we expect from castle? there's a huge amount expected from the crowd gathering hey, this stadium about so rough when the game kicks off in less than an hour's time. now, i mean the capital tv, it's not just something that's been thrown together in the last few weeks and months heading into this will cover the products and long term planning. really that is symbolized by the coach. phil sanchez. he's been in cats off for many years
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now since 2006 when he came over from boss son, his youth academy, i was involved in the national academy here in cats are his coach, age group national teams initially here in this country with tremendous success unprecedented success taking the, the 1900 team to the asian championship in 2014. and he really graduated with the play is alongside him that he's known from when they were very young and took him to the asian championship winning the asian cup in 2019. so they will come into this well, come into this filament as the continental champions. they've also played in some of the major tournaments in order to prepare for the well coming fight in the gold cup, which is an open, central american same's as a guest team. similarly in the cult from our current south america, most recently playing as a guest team in a european group, a welcome qualifying. and i think really some of the recent results that hints of the challenges ahead they have suffered some heavy defeats recently against the likes of portugal, serbia and the republic of ireland. so we will find out in tonight's game and the
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games i had in this tournaments, if they really are ready to take on the world and in less than a year's time, we will invade us bank for now, andy, andy rich than that, our bait stadium, excitement is in the building ahead of kickoff. now it's one of our iconic locations. lucky to join lexia brian. and actually what's the atmosphere like where you all? hello jim. oh, of certainly seen an increase in numbers over the past hour or so. we've seen families come and try and get prime position in the coffee shop behind me for that highly anticipated match. vic often listen 45 minutes so. so between kata and bahrain fans here, really excited about the game. ahead and of course, this era papa helping heavily than a year out from the world cup is hugely important street to it's not just for those football venues but also places like this full tourism destinations for the traffic for the security and also for public transport. now,
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fans who are here for the games, they have to have a fan id that will get them into the matches, but it will also get them a free access to public transport. when they're hitting to those games, fans are being encouraged to use that public transport to get to the games, but also to visit, to places like this and some of the other events that are taking place around the city. now having this 1st world cup next year, that is going to be held in the middle east. it's all about showcasing some of the local history and culture you are seeing that in some of those events there is an international food festival. there is a festival for the traditional sailing boats, and it's all about showcasing this part of the world to the rest of the will. but also, hopefully some of the kids, some of the families who are behind me, really trying to foster more excitement about the game and encourage people to become future football styles. pretty. and thanks for now, alexey will at catch up with you again later alex here on that. see what keep watching with the funds. let's get back to talking about stadiums. another venue being about later stadium and 97 full. we can go that live now to join
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a joanna casa raska. joe, we had about that unique al bait said in from an day this isn't enough. a very unique stadium, isn't it? yeah, that's right. yeah. my yeah. stadium 974 is going to be the latest venue that they're going to open ahead of the welcome next year. and you might be wondering, it's like kind of a strange name. ready? 974. why is that? 0974 is the national dialing code for cat all, but it's also the number of shipping containers that they put into the stadium, which you can probably see behind me that pulse of the construction. and actually that's because this is the 1st fully de mountable stadium that they'll ever have a wild cup. and i was lucky enough to go behind the scenes to take a look at how this stadium was put together just before it opened. the 1st thing fans will notice when they arrive at stadium $97.00 full is that it looks a bit like it was constructed using children's building blocks. and that's one entirely too far from the truth. just on a much bigger scale,
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this stadium has been put together with 974 shipping containers, 40000 seats, and a metal structure. the shipping containers in this stadium, it not, which is sad to provide decoration and color. many of them have functions when now down on the ground floor of the stadium, right, nixon place tunnel. and as you can see, this one is the referees dressing room. so let's take a look inside. come on and, and we'll have a look at how it's been fitted out. as you can see, there was a sink over there, couple of toilets. and there are also some lockers just behind me where they can put away their kites. they cool is a modulus stadium. it has this advantages. it keeps costs slow in low as the number of building materials they need to use. and it can be put up relatively quickly since these container or fabricates it's fully office adult in china. a most of the elements replicated than vietnam and dedicate once we have them on. so it's a talk us from november to martin when we stopped in placing the content up on swan
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. i'm position on march 21, which is, well, for me, i am are 6 months off to the tournament. the roof, the think the shipping containers and all the metal frames will be taken apart and sent overseas to all the projects. it's all part of the idea of sustainability and legacy for the middle east. first world cup. does there one we thought of legacy, which is one of the most effective on commitments that we had during the bid in the back. and phil's anton, and even with the concept of how going to having a template stadium, i think this would enhance even the sports using shipping containers is also a nod to the stadiums. location. it's right next to though ha bay, thanks to the old. so how poor and it also has the best view that he's gone. i
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briefly, jo, what about the game at taking place there between the u. a and syria? well, yes, united arab emirates and syria will get to open this very unique stadium. the u. a's coach bennett van molig. well, he's no stranger to a world stage. he took the netherlands to the 2010 a well cut final. and he'll obviously be hoping to do that here with the u. e at the arab cup final, they'll also be boosted because they actually beat lebanon in a well cut, qualify not too long ago, which helps open up there. well, cut qualifying hopes, and they're definitely having to come back, have for the finals next year. but having said all of that, it's kind of like a re match and a print will really this one because the 2 teams faced each other in september in a while. koch qualifier and it finished 11. and they're gonna be playing the return like in january. so i think we're gonna see quite a close game and i think it's going to be very tight base for that day. now
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away from the our cup lino messy has one at the bottom door. the award given it to the best butler of the if a record extending 7th the time the parasite jameton argentina, ford helped his country. when the culprit marquez fust international ana, he will say good. he's also scored, i say, 40 goals so far. in 2021, including 28th of ah selina, in his final season that i would like to reasons woman to winning the copper america was my biggest achievement. it's something i'd hoped for ever since i started playing for argentina to win something wearing the josie with my country in my paperwork and i dedicate this award to them. cargo it says admitted they'll never get back to top level golf full time off to his car. crash in february. he spake exclusively to golf digest the 1st interview since that accident which left him with serious injuries to his right leg and foot. what's? who's come back from multiple back surgeries in the past is considered by many the greatest gulf of old time. but he believes his best days on toll are behind him.
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force calming them out, you know, way to tom i don't think realistic expectation of me. oh, but i think something that is realistic is find the tour one day. now a full time ever again. you can use a few events a year and you play around the practice from you and try yourself up for that and what said it. so we have an hour mind a of all tops full stories before we get is day one of the hour cut here in cats hall with 2 new wild companies. opening on tuesday, the albert stadium and staging the game between haste and fall rain. it was from his ear, he won the 1st match of the tournament, a thrashing mauritania, 5 goals to one, and the rock, a set of rides off to salvaging a late jewel against a man in the opening match. if greed a, we'll be back in a few hours time for another sports up, dice at $1845.00 at g. m t est 18 tale and al jazeera for
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a news update next. ah with
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in columbia drawn, forming a been waiting to build and long to use as to present their waste blasted war. we can finish day. i was in charge of the america, me just send you any single pole critical forms and living building anything you do on land, on the ground. it doesn't make sense to do that apply on a building. now can, we might have not just decorative that can we might get biologically productive. first rise describe as cutting edge solution for sustainable cities. on al jazeera the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think we're ditching a sound bites and we're digging into the issue from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. join me as i take on the large,
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dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradictions upfront with me, michael might help on out 0 ah, uganda's army launches air and artillery strikes in democratic republic of congo against the allied democratic forces on group. ah, robinson, this is all the 0 live from dough have also coming up. but he says to don, use tear gas against anti military protest is heading to the presidential palace, demanding of fully civilian government. united states warns russia against aggression in eastern ukraine. russia says nato expansion into the country with cross.


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