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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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what does this mean? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is that? counting the cost on al jazeera ah more countries report cases that the new cobit $19.00 variants all micron, while it's still not clear how effective current vaccines are against it's. you findings show the army kron existed in parts of europe, days before south africa, sounded the alarm. ah, i'm hasn't think of this is as, is it a lie from the also coming up?
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uganda and the democratic republic of congo carry out joint attacks against the congolese rebel group. nato warns russia will have a high price to pay if there's any aggression against ukraine. after the recent troops build up and the fee for arab copy is underway here and caught up with another 2 stadiums for next year's woke up being open with hello, we begin with a warning from the world health organization urging unvaccinated and vulnerable people to delay the travel plans. it comes with more countries continue to report new cases of the army kron variant drug maker mcdonough, ceo has warned existing shots would be less effective against on the con 5. the says it's vaccines will work and can produce almost 4000000000 doses of new jobs if needed. scotland and the netherlands have confirmed the army kron variant was in
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europe before south africa alerted the world health organization last week. more than 20 countries have now reported cases of the new variance, no cases reported in the us so far, but health officials urging people to get boost the vaccines to protect against the new mutation. alan fisher is live for us in washington d. c. so alan, what more we hearing from the u. s. government on on the chrome? well, no creases here, but it's getting closer just in the last couple of hours. brazil has confirmed that it know has cases of armor croton. this might be a new variant, but the advice from the public health officials here in the united states is the same old thing that we're been hearing for more than a year. we're a mask particularly, and doors keep your distance, wash your hands if you've been vaccinated, that's great. get the booster if you haven't, then get the vaccination as soon as possible. that is a concern that it will be here very soon. you remember in the early days of covered
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there was just one reported case in seattle. people thought, well it won't come here and it came and came quite significantly in the weeks following that. those of course, a travel band for south africa and 7 other countries in the southern part of the continent. but the world health organization has said as not gonna help, you're not going to be able to stop it spreading that way and simply won't be able to block it from coming to your country. so they're asking for countries to review those travel bands and saying that anything that they do should be based on evidence. and also after a risk assessment, some of the united states may come under pressure to start lifting the been on southern africa sooner rather than later at dr. anthony folk, he says it could be between 2 and 4 weeks before they get a full idea of just how different this omicron very it is. and whether or not the vaccines will work that, of course, will bang as right up close to the christmas holiday here in the united states,
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which means thousands and thousands of people will be traveling by plane, by train and meeting in big family gatherings. that is a big concern for public health officials who still don't know the extent of this valiant. all right, our fish ally for us in washington. thanks up. are jeremy's incoming chancellor says, mandatory vaccines are necessary to contain a 4th wave. all our shots, once parliament to vote on the matter before the end of the year, dominic cane has more from burling, the seriousness of the cove. its situation here in germany is focused many minds, both medics and ministers on what they can do to try to dampen down this wave of covert that has been washing across the states of germany for many weeks. now. in one sense, the politicians have decided to decide later many of the ministers who took part in the digital conference on tuesday afternoon here in germany,
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we're trying to get some form of decision that might help them in their individual states. but in the event, what's been decided is to wait, we know what's going to be on the table. we know that the incoming chance and all of shots wants to see what's called in germany and inflate a mandatory vaccine requirement for everyone who has not had one will have to have what he wants, the new parliament to vote on that. he is also in favor of reducing the length of time that a person's vaccine status actually will apply. so the moment in germany, it's a 12 month period. he wants the vaccine status of a person only to last 6 months, which is far shorter than what the e u has proposed recently of 9 months. or uganda is deploying troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as a battles and armed glue. it follows asked rice against the allied democratic forces, part of a joint operation with the congolese army young group is based in eastern congo and
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is place allegiance the eyes of gander, blames if a 3 bomb attacks in kampala earlier this month. malcolm web with this update from nairobi, you got an army person announced to the military operation, began with strikes and artillery fire while you got them forces erected against the bases of the allied democratic forces in eastern congress since then, the congolese army spoke person has told us that ground troops, ugandan infantry, have crossed on foot into east and congo. now you've gotten this government blame the adf for 3 suicide bombings that took place in uganda capital 2 weeks ago. the adf originates from uganda and the 990. you got an army pushed them into eastern congo where ever since they had substantial business interest in cocoa the another not to was also found in the areas that they control. but for the last 7 years,
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they've been responsible for a series of math because again, civilians in and around the town of benny and more recently, further to the north in a, to re proven the congolese army i brought in what it called a state of siege 6 months ago supposedly to stabilize north tv province and to re province. but there's been criticism that the state of siege hasn't worked. linked documents showed that there was corruption. some of the military budget for the operation was being stolen. recently, con condos. parliamentarians have been calling for another kind of solution and uganda military entering east in congo with what they hope will bring an end to this conflict. but certainly others are very skeptical about the following. you've gotten the invasion of congo in $996.00 and accusations of repeated meddling and funding rebel groups ever since then. a definitely let some people to worry that this will cause instability rather than bringing stability to 8th. and kang k. a u
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. s. secretary of state says any russian aggression in ukraine will trigger what he calls serious consequences. anthony, blinking his meeting nato foreign ministers to talk about the build up of russian troops on ukraine's border. bernard smith reports from moscow, nato. foreign ministers say there will be a high price to pay for any new military aggression against ukraine. and moscow was reminded the west has already used economic, financial and political sanctions. we have seen the rushes playbook many times over . an part of their playbook is to attempt to create ah, and manufacturer, a so called provocation as justification for something that rushes planning to do all along. i and so whether or what's been reported fits into that playbook. oh, i dont know. ukrainian forces are facing off against russian back separatists in the east of the country. there's been fighting on and off there since russia annex
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crimea, from ukraine in 2014. now for the 2nd time this year, russian troops are building up along ukraine's border. moscow dismisses as inflammatory. any suggestions? it's preparing for an attack. and present, vladimir putin says he has his own red lines. if nato countries involve themselves further in ukraine, it is some kind of strike systems appear on the territory of ukraine. the flight time to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes and 5 minutes in the case of a hypersonic weapon being deployed. creating such threats in ukraine poses red lines for us, but hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that a sense of common sense responsibility for both our countries and the world community will prevail. russia says nato has deployed a significant amount of military hardware near its borders. in june, joe biden and vladimir putin held their 1st summit. it came just a couple of months after
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a russian troop of build up along the border with ukraine. now here's another build up, and the kremlin says it's holding behind the scenes talks with the white house about another possible summit. the biden administration says it doesn't know of any plans, but it does say it's been holding talks with russian officials about you. cray, bernard smith, al jazeera moscow last spring, and marcus macowski. now to talk more about this, he is a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council joint council joining us via skype now from washington. thank you for being with us. let me ask you, 1st of all, what are the chances of this point based on what we know so far that russia is, will in fact invade ukraine? no, i think that the risk of crisis is real and it's growing. i think the scale of the russian escalation and mobile invasion of forces to the tune of over
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a 100000 with artillery intelligence enablers. logistics has surprise us officials and also has raised the concern that this is much more serious than the russian mobilizations in march. and april, so i still believe that present improvement seeking political concessions from ukraine and is frustrated with ukraine. but his willingness to use force and of course, mobilized and such a significant manner. and from what i have seen, may be a re invasion of the scale, much larger than what occurred in 2014, in terms of ukranian territory that he could seize, to obtain his concessions. makes this fundamentally different risk for the west and for ukraine, and i absolutely believe it's a very serious issue that could escalate in their coming weeks. when you mentioned 2014 year, you're talking, of course about when russia seized the crimea peninsula from ukraine. given that given what was seen as kind of a need to response from, from,
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from the western europe. and the united states on that is president putin banking on the same type of reaction if he were to, to take more aggressive moves against ukraine. you know, i think a lot of people are asking, you know, why would president couldn't do this? and, and one question responses, why not? and i think why not, as is his view, that the western response will likely be limited to economic sanctions. economic sanctions at present improvement believes he has weathered since brushes invasion of ukraine in 2014. he sees a favorable international environment, which is marked by european lack of unity on russia, a german chancellor, that his departed, that was willing to stand up and be strong on russian b, a voice of leadership to engage and deter moscow. i think he sees an us administration that is distracted by
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a range of domestic and international issues to include co good to include china and obviously a whole other range of international security issues. and i also think he believes that the ukrainians are relatively weak and i saw it. so i don't necessarily believe that is correct. but in his assessment now is a good opportunity to put additional pressure on ukraine extract and sessions. and at best use force of those potential concessions are not graded, of course. and is counting on is that he is going to get our attention here in washington and in brussels. and that there would be pressure placed on ukraine to fulfill the immense to obligation that it committed to in 2015 under force of arms by russia. what assistance then can, can nato offer to the ukraine the, the longer this goes on and more aggressive, russia becomes in this area. so that's clearly what's up for discussion. i think there's been serious talks with european allies, with nato,
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to include secretary blinking discussions in the baltic this week at the nato, for ministerial. what would the u. s. and they to do in response of course, ukraine is not a nato ally, so i believe that whatever military assistance would be limited in terms of nato engagement would be limited to nato allied territory. i don't see the nato alliance providing any significant equipment to ukraine or providing stationing of any forces in ukrainian responses. i do see potentially bilaterally, the united states and other allies potentially providing more defense assistance, due grain in terms of what it need to defend against russian aggression. unfortunately, that's probably going to be too little too late. whatever capabilities are provided are going to be very difficult to match with the with what russia is put on the border. i think mostly what you're going to see is economic sanctions and restrictions to include potentially sec torrell sanctions on the russian economy. on the banking system, obviously, potentially on the kremlin,
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and president putin himself, in response to a potential escalation in the grain could to get your thoughts on this marker. macowski, thanks to me was thanks around the door. i'd still ahead on edge 0. ah, a cry for change rings out around cartoon. protest is angered by she danced military takeover march on the presidential palace. iran ceased to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. we'll have more on what's going on in vienna. ah hey there, here's your headlines for the americas on wednesday, december, the 1st we've had our 3rd atmospheric river slammed into the west coast of canada,
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the pacific northwest. and i think this one could be the most intense but heaviest, rain reserved for that western side of vancouver island course, still rainfall warnings in play. for b, c's lower, mainland, at vancouver 70 millimeters. the brain and north of the city could see much more than that. off to these, that vigorous system pulled through newfoundland, that's knocked down temperatures in st. john's of 5 degrees, but much calmer conditions here toward the u. s. se temperatures looking pretty good here. we've got a lot of salvage at some showers for that western side of tennessee, but nothing major. also pleasant conditions for the desert. southwest stuff. you know, los angeles temperature is well above average shaft for this of the year december. the 1st. here we go. on wednesday heavy falls, costa rica into panama, and now tickets for the top and of south america. we're think we'll see a mix of sun in cloud into a lima, but still the potential to see showers in bogota. and it's been a stormy pitcher for the southern portion of brazil that se for so polo in rio de
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janeiro. but the bulk of that activity will clear out a thing by thursday. you'll get back into the sunshine. ok, i'm out of time. see again soon. ah, the listening post cuts the noise was talking about competing. but seeing monday, seeing you calculate those completely separate things, spin from fac, all 3 versions of the story. and from the minutes of the truth. but the full flurry remained and unpacking the stories you're being told. it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics, the listening post, your guide to the media on a jazz ah ah
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ah. again, you're watching as a reminder of our top stories, the sound, the world health organization is urging unvaccinated and vulnerable people to delay that travel plans. scotland and the netherlands say the micron very was in europe before south africa led to the world last week. uganda is deploying troops into democratic republic of congo as it baffles in our group south as strikes against the allied democratic forces as part of a joint operation with the con, the lease army b, u. s. sex. your state has wanted russia that any aggression in ukraine will trigger what he call serious consequences. anthony lincoln is attending a meeting of nato foreign ministers to talk about. russia's filled up with troops on ukraine's boarding sudanese security forces have use tear gas against pro
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democracy protest. those rallying in the capital, thousands came out to reject a deal between the military and the prime minister. we saw on the la handbook reinstated to his position last week. it morgan reports from cartoon plotting from the heart of the dance capital to protest his gather. once again. this come to demonstrate against last month military take over, which saw the 2 year transitional power sharing government dissolved the chance at various logan. but the demand was the thing. they don't want the military to remain in politics. we hear and certain needs everywhere have come out for the same reason . today we want freedom, peace and justice. we want to complete civilian government without the military. the military should stay in the barracks and focus on the country security at the borders and not getting governance, nor military will rule this country. this country is the country of the people. the government is for the people and the military should be in the barracks to use this
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protests were held near the presidential palace. protesters are also angry at the dance prime minister of the lamb door for signing a deal with the army on november 21st. the deal saw him released from house arrest and reinstated to his position. it also included the release of all political prisoners, arrested by the military. and on the day of the protest, the last of those known to be arrested were set free. some who were released earlier joined to this process. not coming out if we were treated with profession, isn't it? while we were detained, but detention is detention and a violation of rise. we've got news of what's happening outside and that people have been continuing to protest. seeing people out on the streets, disease the pain we've been failing, even though we have lost some other states also witness stimulate the modifications . police use tier guys. i'm stunned grenades to disperse crowds in front of the presidential palace. several people were injured. and according to my dex, some hospitals that provided medical care were rated with protesters who were
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seeking treatment. arrested. prime minister ham joke has said processes have the rights of freedom of expression and peaceful protests. at least $41.00 protests have been killed since the military took over last month. and more than 200 have been injured. despite the violence that they've been met with protests, if they will continue to voice their demand for complete the 1000000000 government to ensure sedan, transition to democracy, continue for many here and around the country. the reason for continuing to protest is the main slogan they repeat. after living under a military dominated government for 30 years and overthrowing its in 2019, they said they will not return to the same rule that before so hard again. he but morgan august 0. to me. a thing in sudan video has immersed showing police rating a hospital in har tomb and arresting and activists seeking medical attention. red cross responded to the right thing. hospitals should be protected. european
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diplomats have urged iran to show it is serious about salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal. on tuesday, representatives from russia, china, germany, france and the u. k. met with iranian officials in vienna. iran wants sanctions lifted in return for limits honest nuclear program, dos a job body has been monitoring the talks from the austrian capital. nothing is agreed upon until everything is great. those are the words from new england deputy foreign minister, alibaba. he who is leading therein in delegation here in vienna. he said that they will continue these talks. and on tuesday, there was a working group between the iranians and the europeans about how the united states will remove the sanctions that is imposed on her on since leaving the nuclear deal in 2018 they, we needs a very specific list of demands. and on that tuesday evening, the arena deputy foreign minister met with use. enrique morrow to discuss what will take place in the coming days on wednesday,
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there are due to meet with the europeans about iran's nuclear program. and of course, the europeans have said that if iran doesn't show their serious, there could be a problem here before the week's end. the thorny issue is, of course, iran's use of advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium and the international atomic energy agency who is supposed to monitor iran's nuclear activity, says they're no longer able to fully see what her on is doing since they started to reduce their cooperation with the agency in the coming days it will become much more clear whether or not there will be another round of talks in the near future. a wednesdays meeting at the united nations hopes to tackle who should represent me and mar and f canister on the organisation. both countries, democratically elected governments were toppled earlier this year. now their seats at the world's biggest diplomatic table is in limbo and diplomatic. it's a james based report less than a month after the military took over his country in
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a coup in february, man mars ambassador to the un spoke out in the general assembly in our fight against the military routine. ever since the generals have wanted to follow him and replace him with their own ambassador gould, him is ex, i was appointed afghanistan's ambassador to the un at the end of july, but less than 4 weeks later, the man who appointed him president asher. af ghani had fled and the government he represented had been replaced. the taliban want about that is x i to be replaced by one of their spokesmen. so hale shaheen. the un general assembly has a 9 member credentials committee, which must decide who should have the un seat in both cases. one of those members is russia. does it believe there should be a change in representation? it's very philosophic question. i would say sort of difficult to answer yes or no in this regard. russia of course, prefers to interact with those who represent their countries for the present,
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their governments. kelly curry was one of the u. s. as bassett is at the un during the trumpet administration, she's also a strident advocate for human rights in mamma. she told me her experience suggest the u. n. will try to delay any decision as well for moral buying was prevail. institution, at the point you have a very weak secretary general is not a strong leader who's not going to push parties to make difficult decisions and who won't, won't take the necessary leadership to push the system out of its current. right. so i think that a continued stay says status quo that that pleases no one is the most likely outcome. yes. whatever the committee decides, this is not the end of the matter. the committee will come up with a report then goes to the entire un general assembly james bayes al jazeera of the united nations. in france,
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josephine baker has made history as the 1st black woman to be honored at the pantheon in powers. 36 years after her death, the u. s. born singer, actress and civil rights activists has been symbolically laid to rest there in the countries monument to its historical heroes president emanuel macross as baker is someone who fought for the liberty of all ah, now this time next year kata will be hosting the free foot well cup and in preparation, the golf nation is staging a major test form and the fee for arab cup, which kicked off today to new venues for 2022 had been inaugurated on tuesday, including a spectacular opening ceremony at in bate stadium. and richardson was there and he's gotten more on this unique arena. it's unlike really anything i've ever seen.
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and well, football is designed to reflect the nomadic culture of cattle in the region. so it appears to be as it append like structure on the outside. but inside, you've got to sink, promote, and 60000 seat to say to you. l by translates from arabic into english is home, and this will be where katha opens it to the world. next year will company will be whether the very 1st game is played on november the 21st of 2022. now, when the bid for this will copy in 2010, they promised the most compact will come in history in terms of where the stadiums would be delivered on the 8 stadiums that the costs are all within a metro ride or a short drive of each other and it throws up the idea of fans being able to go to more than one match per day. that also carries up the complexity of tens of thousands of fans, criss crossing. a relatively small area in a short period of time and, and all the problems are, may or may not cause. so will though this are a cup, will not have the same number of friends that we'll see in the will come during the
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best, the shadow that will come tournaments so full matches today just before matches on many days during the world cup to test out stadium logistics to really stress test, the metro system and the organization of the roads and everything around the stadium, just to make sure that everything that was promised in 2010 can be delivered next to the crowd that the bait stadium were treated to a 1st up wind by host nation cut up, they defeated behind one new alexia bryan joined some of the fans watching the game in the capital dar one year out from the world cap. and this arab cap is an important stray space, not just of at all important football infrastructure, but also places like this. i'm and souk walker, which was built around a traditional trading market. and it is one of the cities biggest tourist destinations. you have to remember that copper is home to people from 19 different countries and the people who don't have their country writ presented in the arab
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cop or even next year's world cup have taken on katha as their home team. and that's why many who couldn't head down to the stadium for the opening match between cutter and bahrain. hated here to the instate lug work, who is in the village, the atmosphere was great. the opening ceremony was something to be proud of and to celebrate. the performances were good and honestly something extraordinary land. if the hey, on the opening ceremony was a success she, it was exceptional organizations, the celebrations, everything was put together perfectly. in the 1st game, we saw golds and strong performances. i hope the rest of the arab teams have a successful competition, especially the commission team. and one of the arab cup will attract just a fraction of the 1200000 visit is expected. the next gsp for the world cup, it's still an important test of the traffic is security of public transport. fans are being encouraged to take metro shuttles to the stadiums, and they have to have a fan id which gives access to the stadium and also free travel on public transport
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. on the days they going to a match. but really, both competitions are about putting this region on show its assets history, its culture about inspiring more love for the beautiful game, and perhaps inspiring a future football sta. ah, it is 0. let's get around the top stories. the world health organization is urging unvaccinated and vulnerable people to delay that travel plans. scotland in the netherlands, say the on the cron variance was in europe before south africa allotted the world last week. and fisher has more from washington in the last couple of hours, brazil has confirmed that it now has cases of armor cronan. this might be a new variant. but the advice from the public health officials here in the united states is the same old thing that we've been hearing for more than a year. we're a mask, particularly, and doors.


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