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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in how quickly the contract award winning documentaries, but also perception witness on just the you know, the. ready new finding show me kron existed in europe and jay's before south africa, sounded the alarm. ah, hello, i'm emily angland. this is al jazeera, alive from jo. how also coming up, left as late as tomorrow, castro is said to become hon. doris's 1st female president. 12 years sounds to her husband was overthrown in occurred. we report from the afghan border is thousands of people continue to flee after the telephone takeover 3 months ago. i am rob
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mcbride in west and i've got a son at the border crossing with iran. that's been up a rama to the volatility on both sides of the frontier. and french american artist josephine bank has become the 1st black woman to be honored with a place in the pansy and empower ah we begin with the latest on the new cove at 19 variance, scotland m and the lens have confirmed on the crown was in europe before south africa alerted. busy the world health organization last week, the dutch household thought he said they have to take the variant and true samples from november 19th. will the 20 countries have so far reported cases? the u. s. isn't one of them bond health experts testing samples to save it with
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protected their alan fisher reports from washington d. c. v. guided by science as a new zillion, but familiar advice from the united states. if you're not vaccinated, get vaccinated. get boasted if you are vaccinated, continue to use the mitigation methods, namely masks, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, shoes out doors rather than indoors. keep your distance, wash your hands, test and isolate if appropriate. there are no signs of the variance in the us, but other countries are stepping up measures to stop at spreading. in japan, for example, all 4 nationals have been banned from entering that last month. and traveling japanese citizens and residents will have to quantity for 14 days on returning to the country. many nations have already been travelers from south africa, that when stop the spread, says the world health organization, we are trying to warn the country of the emergency that might be bid that be coming through. and those countries don't go on that now try also to try their level best
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to get prepared or if she, this particular pathogen enter into their territories the supposed to do but closing the borders or bringing to certain countries for entering. i don't think the global stop markets have taken a have since the new video was announced. but analysts see a short term shock. we do look for the economy to pick up again, especially spending on services in the 1st quarter and going into to the spring. the northern hemisphere spring in the 2nd quarter, and beyond that we look for above average growth next year. public health experts say that it will be 2 to 4 weeks before the know it just to severe the on the con, very is. and whether or not the come back scenes can stop it. i would, fisher, i'll just see it a washington south career is reporting a new daily record of nearly 5200 corona virus cases. it strained health care
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system has prompted the government to shelf plans to further relax restrictions. it's also imposed travel bands from several countries to stop the spread of the only con variant. let's bring in doctor alice tan who's in so she's an internist at ms. many women's hospital doctor, thank you so much for joining us. what's driven this latest search. busy in infections, especially south korea and seemingly had the virus under control. well, thank you, emily for having me on your show, basically, on october 31st or can had achieved population full immunity of 74 per cent. and on november 1st, we embarked on r a stepwise return to normal program. basically, many social restrictions were lifted, including align visitations to nursing homes and conquest and hospitals and alike. the problem was, i would say the fatal mistake
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a mean this figuratively and literally was that we didn't do anything substantive to address the issue of increasing breakthrough actions, especially among the elderly, each 60 and over. and so what we've seen is not only an increase in daily covered cases, which is what we expected with decrease restrictions. but we've also seen a very substantial increase in cases age 60 and above force that has led to a surge in ice. you cases, hospital admissions, and the current situation that we're in right now where hospital ice, you occupancy in the sol capital region is greater than 90 percent. it's a very serious situation right now. can those hospitals cope with this search? i. so that's a very good question, that's the reason why the government decided to put on hold for their eating of
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restriction. and we're making every effort to protect the vulnerable do a expanded booster campaign i. but unfortunately, this is not accelerating at the rate that we would like. oh, there are about 14000000 people who are now eligible to receive a booster. only 2800000 have received the booster so far. we're also trying to secure or hospital beds recovery patient. in addition to shunting the majority of covet positive people to home care rather than hospital care or monitored isolation facilities in the countries yet to confirm a case of only conduct to how much of a concern is it this new variant on, on the current situation in south korea i to overnight we had news of. 5 the 1st
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suspected cases of the i'm a cranberry, and of course this is a huge concern for south korea because unfortunately we put our skulls perhaps in the worst possible position right now. the reproductive number is 1.19, that coverage mission is on the ice in our country and our hospital capacity is at its lowest level. and so the, the concern level is very, very high. we do know that it's only a matter of time before we die diagnose or 1st chase and so we are scrambling to get ready. it's las concerning. thank you very much for your analysis. they talk to alice tan at from them is mitty, womens hospital. and so moving on now, a nursery, as for presidential candidate for the ruling national party of honduras has conceded to faith in sundays elections and mains, his leftist opposition rival, c,
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m, r. a. castro will become the country's 1st female. later, the national party has been claimed by scandals and corruption, accusations, castro says voted, have reversed authoritarianism. for more on this story, let's bring into the bright. he's a central american analyst at international crisis group and joins us from guatemala city. thank you so much for being here to the anna. first of all, talk us through the significance of castro's when well, thanks. thanks very much for having me, emily. it's actually surprising. the turnouts can do selection, and which was menu boston's, are concerned that you can repeat the 2017 vans with a similar opposition alliance, almost defeated the ruling national party in a very disputed election which triggered a wave of moscow and which were wirelessly repressed by the security forces being
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this case, the turnout was extremely, i also due to an adjustment of the new water registry. and but it, particularly what's striking is the lead with which gastro one which if turns confirmed, is like 20 point lead. we read express is not only the charging all base call ition, which she led, but also the business chunk men, the rejection, all, most of the new people. and you're willing national party that after 2012 years in government and was unable to solve to address many of the countries predicaments. and actually, as you said, was involved in many corruptions, candles, particularly even mentions. all of going presidents of man this in a much linked with drug trafficking activities. his younger castro, victory. as he mentioned, we'll see the left returned power after 12 years. what kind of later do you think
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she'll be and what challenges a white her? well, this is actually a shift, it's new to the country because it will be the 1st time the 4th a female president will leave the country, but also a party that is not the from the liberal party or the national party. so our 3rd force will, will run the country and will bring supposedly the country more to the left. i mean, the government plan is definitely more leaning towards social democracy and social is democracy. but i think the challenges will rely upon the issue that this government will face will have to juggle multiple demands coming from different sectors and the private one, the political sectors, international actors and the social movement of social ages, of course, supported this movement and will lead to ensure to seek sustainability and good
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ability in a congress where firms are confirmed based opposition, collision one, the present day is unlikely to gain the majority. so it will lead to necessarily negotiate interactive consensus with other sectors at economic and political level . can you remind us a little bit about just how turbulent the past 12 years have a nice dimension in your 1st answer. but can you elaborate a little bit about what it's been like under the national party? well, and then the national body came out after a coup the time basically, i'm a former president of the law. yeah. which is actually the bent of mar, castro. and since then, the country had been experiencing a normal perpetual political crisis with these tensions a breakup in the liberal,
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ours, which for the 3rd party leave it to be disputed elections in 20132017 leading to these violent consequences of this district of elections. and eventually, these all political instability contributed to wars and the countries and you want to tarry and they can amik pretty commands and also did not address or not sold this very green security situation, which ultimately fueled mass migration towards the u. s. while it will be interesting to see how the coming months unfold. thank you very much for your analysis there. to the anno breda a central american analyst at the international crisis group. thank you. thanks very much to you have a good night. still, a head down al jazeera ah, a crime and change rings out around cartoon. protest is angered by sedans and
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military take over much on the presidential palace. and iran seeks to salvage the 2015 a nuclear deal. we'll have more on what's going on in vienna. ah hey there, here's your headlines for the americas on wednesday, december, the 1st we've had our 3rd atmospheric river slammed into the west coast of canada, the pacific northwest. and i think this one could be the most intense but heaviest, rain reserved for that western side of van cooper, island course, still rainfall warnings in play. for b, c's, lower, mainland, at vancouver 70 millimeters. the brain and north of the city could see much more than that. off to these that vigorous system pulled through newfoundland. that's knocked down temperatures and st. john's of 5 degrees, but much calmer conditions here toward the u. s. se temperatures looking pretty
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good here. we've got a lot of salvage at some shower, swore that western side of tennessee, but nothing major. also pleasant conditions for the desert. southwest stuff. you know, los angeles temperature is well above average shop for this of the year, december, the 1st. here we go. on wednesday heavy falls, costa rica into panama, and now tickets for the top end of south america. we're think we'll see a mix of sun in cloud into a lima, but still the potential to see showers in bogota. and it's been a stormy pitcher for the southern portion of brazil, the se for so paulo in rio de janeiro. but the bulk of that activity will clear out a thing by thursday. you'll get back into the sunshine. ok. i'm out of time. see again soon. ah, a one of the fastest growing nations in the country due to oakland and development,
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international shipping to become a middle eastern power trade warranty, skillfully enough free is up to about filling a problem, conducting the work future while the car, so cartoons, gateway to whoa trade lou. oh, hello, are you watching out here? i'm emily, angling a reminder of our top stories. this our, the world health organization is urging unvaccinated and vulnerable people to delay their travel plans as fees grow about the new coven 19 variant. brazil has become
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the 1st latin american country to report on the con cases and in honduras, leftist opposition candidates. here myra castro is said to become the country's 1st female president. arrival from the ruling and national party conceded defeat on tuesday. 2 days after voters went to the post the u. s. and the taliban had concluded 2 days of meetings here and kata, where they discussed the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. the taliban has asked us to unfreeze assets and remove sanctions while washington is calling on the taliban. to ensure the rights of afghans and to form an inclusive government, the un says more than half of all afghans are suffering from acute food shortages this winter. meanwhile, agency is a warning of a potential crisis in neighboring countries. that's is thousands of people continue to flee. afghanistan. rob mcbride,
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travel to the afghan border. town of islam color. it's seen as a recent, it's seen rather a recent surgeon, people crossing from both directions with it's cross border traffic and people in goods. islam hello provides a good indicator of the problems facing both afghanistan and iran. the surge of people trying to leave afghanistan as the taliban took over, has eased in recent weeks, assign according to those guarding this crossing. the conditions have improved, overcome governor confront whatever problems the migrants had ordered. they have been solved for vehicles, including trucks are moving freely again with that sort of a look i'm considering this is such a sensitive crossing things on the border itself, off pretty relaxed before now we as visitors, would have been held way back several 100 meters and several fences inside afghanistan. now we are allowed to approach up to the borderline itself. the last
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hell about and checkpoints is right here. this is where it's done and beyond. here is iran until a band officials were eager to show us how they are also tackling smuggling and illegal migration across this 1000 kilometer border. but in the nearby major city of had at, there's a constant line of people that side the iranian consulate, hoping to get visas to leave. and here and throughout the country makes shift camps of internally displaced. people have sprung up as the new government struggles to cope bussey kids of a sudden moped winter is now sitting in. if there is any kind of humanitarian assistance from whatever country we would appreciate and accepting. back at the border, coming in the opposite direction as a steady stream of afghan deportees from iran. many of the victims of iran's long
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standing program, a forced repack creation because of its own worsening economic crisis. article don't but job again. it's my 1st time back and again, it's 10 after 20 years with me and all these people around me have experience, lots of problems in iran. but then now joined by more recent arrivals who fled after the taliban takeover? actually i was able to get to, to leave my country, my house, leave people like nasa on behalf of a who refuses iranian soldiers of mistreating him. and actually i was trying to get to europe. but at the time when i was getting to iran, i got so difficult. the soldiers off for the border of iran have trying to kill you or just a rescue when they are rescued, they will punishment. they will give you as punishment as a animal. 2 months after leaving, he's back where he started, but says he won't be long before he's on the move. once more. rob mcbride al
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jazeera is lamb harlow afghanistan. uganda is deploying troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as it battles and armed group. and followed a strike against the allied democratic forces, part of a joint operation with the con glaze army. the group is based in eastern congo and has pledged allegiance to eiffel. uganda blamed for 3 bone attacks in cam pilot. early of this month, sudanese security forces have used to tear gas against pro democracy, protest is rallying in the capital. thousands came out to reject the deal between the military and the prime minister, which so della handoff rein, stated to his position last week. he'd been morgan reports from cartoon starting from the heart of damn capital to protest his gather once again. this come to demonstrate against last month military take over, which saw the 2 year transitional power sharing government dissolve. the chance at
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various logan but the demand was the thing. they don't want the military to remain in politics. we hear answered, needs everywhere, have come out for the same reason. today, we want freedom, peace and justice. we want to complete civilian government without the military. the military should stay in the barracks and focus on the country security at the borders and not getting governance, nor military will rule this country. this country is the country of the people. the government is for the people and the military should be in the barracks to use this protests were held near the presidential palace. protesters are also angry at saddam's prime minister of the lamb duke for signing a deal with the army on november 21st. the deal saw him released from house arrest and reinstated to his position. it also included the release of all political prisoners, arrested by the military. and on the day of the protest, the last of those known to be arrested were set free. some who were released earlier joined twos, this protest coming out of the idea that we were treated with professionalism while
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we were detained, but detention is detention and a violation of rives. we got news of what's happening outside and that people have been continuing to protest. seeing people out on the streets as ease the pine, we've been feeling, even though we have lost some. ha, ha ha. other states also witness? stimulate demonstrations, police use dear guys and stung grenades. the dispersed crowds in front of the presidential palace. several people were injured. and according to my dex, some hospitals that provided medical care were rated with protesters who were seeking treatment, arrested. prime minister ham doke has that professor have the right to freedom of expression and peaceful protest. at least $41.00 protested, have been killed since the military took over last month. and more than 200 have been injured. despite the violence that they have been met with protest, the said they will continue to voice their demand for a complete civilian government to ensure so dance transition to democracy continue for many here and around the country. the reason for continuing to protest is in
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the main slogan, therapy. after living under a military dominated government for 30 years and overthrowing it in 2019, they said they will not return to the same rule that they fought so hard against he but morgan august era houghton european diplomats have urged to run to show it serious about salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal on tuesday, representatives from russia, china and germany, france and the u. k. met with iranian officials in vienna, around one sanctions lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. it also jabari has been monitoring the talks from the all strained capital. nothing is agreed upon until everything is agreed. those are the words from uranian deputy foreign minister, alibaba who was leading the reigning delegation here in vienna. you said that so they will continue. these talks and on tuesday there was a working group between the iranians and the europeans about how the united states
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will remove the sanctions that is imposed on her on since leaving the nuclear deal in 2018. the readings have a very specific list of demands. and on tuesday evening, the reading deputy foreign minister met with use and re camera to discuss what will take place in the coming days. on wednesday, there are due to meet with the europeans about iran's nuclear program. and of course, the europeans have said that if iran doesn't show their serious, there could be a problem here before the week's end. the thorny issue is, of course, iran use of advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium and the international atomic energy agency who is supposed to monitor iran's nuclear activity, says they're no longer able to fully see what her on is doing since they started to reduce their cooperation with the agency, in the coming days, it will become much more clear whether or not there will be another round of talks in the near future. the 2nd dane day rather of glen maxwell's trial has heard from
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one of jeffrey, abstains alleged victims into the 1st time the close associate of the late financier has faced and accused in court. the 59 year old is charged with grooming young girls for sexual abuse by abstain. gabriel alexander reports from you. in the courtroom, she is known simply by her pseudonym jane and for the prosecution. she is one of the star witnesses of their case against les maxwell, the woman now an adult, testified on day 2 of the trial that maxwell was often in the room when she was sexually abused by jeffrey epstein. with maxwell listening on, she gave explicit details of the abuse which began when she was just 14 years old. she said maxwell instructed her how to give sexual massages to epstein and even joined in the molestation. on occasion, jane testified that it was gay lane maxwell,
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herself that 1st approached her as she was sitting on a park bench, eating ice cream with friends who is only 14 years old. what started a simple conversation, jane said, turned in to years of sexual abuse by epstein, and it's sometimes even by maxwell herself. when prosecutors asked jane if it was so bad, she ever consider taking her own life. jane responded yes. in cross examination, one of maxwell's defense lawyers seen here in train court earlier questioned why jane waited 20 years to report her abuse to law enforcement. the defense will continue cross examination on wednesday earlier in the day, a former pilot of epstein se testified about some of the famous names that he saw on epstein's private plane, including former presidents bill clinton and donald trump. no crimes are charged against them in this case. but the pilot testimony highlights the elite circles,
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epstein and maxwell moved in maxwell. his charge was 6, trafficking and other crimes. she's pleaded not guilty. gabriel is on auto al jazeera new york. us police say a teenager has opened fire at a michigan high school killing at least 3 students. the jack had been north of detroit just after mid day on tuesday. those killed ice between 14 and 17 years old . at least the ice, others were injured including a teacher. a 15 year old male student is in custody. french american artist and josephine banker has become the 1st black woman to enter frances pantheon, mother lamb as a special ceremony in paris. president manuel mon chrome described her as someone who fought for the liberty of old movie. and baba as a hugely symbolic moment. josephine baker become the 1st black woman and only the
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sick woman ever to be admitted to the pump tale in paris. take up, the french president, paid tribute to a woman who defied huge challenges. if in big min more nor, don't the combat. josephine baker fought so many battles with freedom, lightness, and laughter. lisha, dazzlingly beautiful and clear sighted and essentially full of distractions. she made the white choice at every stage. she could always separate life from darkness, and yet nothing was pre ordained josephine baker was born in missouri in 19 o 6. but by the age of 14, she was in new york, dancing in all black musicals. in 1925, the pig moved to paris, where she'd star at the shawn's alizae theatre. she seen made headlines for her risque routines, appearing topless, and also wearing a banana belts in the dull salvage. something that attracted criticism from anti colonial activists in france at the time. like our little clunky josephine baker
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would represent all the fantasies of that era. it was a very colonialist attitude towards her. a very condescending view, but not as racist is what she'd known in the united states. and that's why she tolerated his attitude and played with it because, you know, she was part of the whole generation of people who moved to france. they were black, but they were also american, so they were in a higher position than the africans or the west indians, who also lived by the thousands in france. baker went on to tour europe and appear in movies. but world war 2 changed everything. now, a french citizen baker worked for the resistance using her performance as a cover to spy on the nazis and even italian dictate m. a. saline. she'd eventually become a left tenant in a female group of pilots. under general de gaulle. she remained loyal to the goal even during the upheaval of the 1968 protests. after the war, baker got involved in anti racist politics. she was the only woman to speak at the
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$963.00 march on washington d. c. where martin luther king delivered his i have a dream speech, but she was also devoted to her family, adopting 12 children and living at a shadow in southwest france. she died in 1975 days after a final show in paris, celebrating her half century on the stage. at the request of her family, josephine baker's body will remain in monaco where she was buried. this coffin contained soil from 3 places close to her heart. the us monaco and france. nadine baba 0 ah hello, you're watching out here and these at the top stories this our scotland and the netherlands have confirmed on me. chrome was in europe before south africa alerted . the world health organization last week is that helpful? authorities say they have to take to the new carbon 19 variant.


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