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ah, uganda and forces crossed into democratic republic of congo in an operation against an arm group linked to i so ah, hello and welcome on pete, adobe. you're watching out his ear alive from the are also coming up. the world health organization wants people unvaccinated, unbelievable to cubic 19, not to travel to areas where the new variant is spreading. left his leaders, jamara castro, is set to become the 1st female president of honduras. after the ruling party concedes defeats in elections. we report from frontier and afghanistan where
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thousands of people continue to leave after the taliban takeover. i am robert bride in western afghanistan at the border crossing with iran. that's been a barometer of the volatility on both sides of this frontier. ah, he deanda is deploying soldiers across the border into democratic republic of congo as it battles an armed group there. now this follows air strikes against the allied democratic forces on tuesday as part of a joint operation with the congolese army. the on group is based in eastern congo. it said to have links with iso. uganda blames it for 3 bomb attacks in the capital cam. paula. earlier this month. you camden troops into d. r. c. at the nobility crossing in north keepers state. it is a forested area, which makes it difficult to get through. it's here, the adf has it's high doubts and hidden bases. let's talk to malcolm whereabout
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correspondent tracking the story for us out of nairobi. malcolm, as far as we can tell, is this still an ongoing situation that very much we don't know how long this you've gotten, the military operations going to go on, but certainly not going to be something that short and quick, very thick terrain that you've mentioned. we've been there before, if you take even a few steps away from the road, it can be almost impenetrable, this forest, and that the bases that you've gotten to military directed those strike the historically inclined to set up ambushes in an attack. communities, civilian communities, commit. massacres and then disappear again into the forest. and so this is what made it difficult for very many, for mensray operations to succeed against them. the most recent was called the state of seeds on the part of congo. all me for the last 6 months, it declared
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a kind of martial law in more tv province in any to re province. the north is being criticized for not being effectively document showed that the budget for the military budget for this operation had been stolen. not what led to some people in congress, some m p 's calling for another solution to this recent acute violence been perpetrated by the abs. i'm by other groups. but on the other hand, some people do have great reservations about gun to military entering congo not for the 1st time. how unusual is the cross border aspect of this when it comes to the relationship between the 2 countries? malcolm, when it's not so unusual in so far as the 1990, but you got into a neighboring rwanda. that ministry to be active on and off in the congo, they invaded conger in $996.00. they've. they've made it again in 98,
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and they've been accused of both have been accused of backing on groups in eastern congress ever since to speak to a lot of congress. they say that the, the conflicts and the instability, anything congo is actually a lot of the time. it's about rolanda and you gotten there either collaborate single fighting each other to control resources in east in congo gold, mine timber and other other not to mozilla, which are abundant. they're calling the only government actually still trying to chase $14000000000.00 from reparations of reparations from uganda for its role in the conflict of run from $9098.00 to 2003. the international court of justice had a rule that gun, that was guilty of looting congress still trying to seek money for that. and these are some of the reasons that you got an opposition and please in parliament on tuesday, raise questions about this operation. they said,
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why hasn't this been discussed with us, especially given you gotten the past in eastern for malcolm. thank you very much. malcolm went into his life from nairobi in the new cove at 19 variant army. kron has been detected in more than 20 countries. south korea has reported a daily record of more than 5000 infections of corona virus. the 1st time since the start of the pandemic, the will health organization is wanting against temporary travel band thing. they will not prevent the spread the disease and could discourage countries from sharing data about evolving variance. no cases have yet been detected in the us, but the centers for disease control says it is working to impose strict are covered 1900 testing rules for air travelers entering the country. alan fishing from washington guided by science as a new syrian but familiar advice when the united states, if you're not vaccinated,
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get vaccinated, get boasted if you are vaccinated, continue to use the mitigation methods, namely, mask avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces. choose out doors rather than indoors. keep your distance, wash your hands. test in isolate if appropriate. there are no signs of the variance in the us, but other countries are stepping up measures to stop at spreading. in japan, for example, all 4 nationals have been banned from entry that last month and traveling japanese citizens and residents will have to quantity for 14 days on returning to the country. many nations have already been travelers from south africa, that when stop the spread, says the world health organization, we are trying to warn the other country of the emergency that might be meant that be coming through. and those countries don't go on that now try also to try their level best to get prepared or if she,
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this particular pathogen enter into their territory the supposed to do but closing the borders or bring into certain countries for entering. i don't think then we'll, we'll stop markets have taken a have since the new video was announced. but unless see short term shock. we do look for the economy to pick up again, especially spending on services in the 1st quarter and going into the spring, the northern hemisphere spring in the 2nd quarter. and beyond that we look for above average growth next year. public health experts in the u. s. say it will take $2.00 to $4.00 weeks to discover how strong the army come period is. and if the vaccines can stop it, our fisher, i'll do is either washington on, it does now appear the army kron variant was in europe before south africa alerted the world health organization last week in the netherlands. the health authorities there see they detected the bearing in 2 samples from the 19th and the 23rd of november. scotland 1st minister also says 9 cases reported. there are linked to
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a single event. on november. the 20th nigeria has detected its 1st cases of the army cron berry in the country center for disease control says 2 cases were found among travelers who arrived from south africa last week. the nigerian health officials say they will put measures in place to slow the spread of the new variant africa most populous country has registered 214000 cubic 19 cases. since the start of the pandemic, south korea is struggling to contain a sharp rise in infections and deaths. there, a strained health care system has prompt the government to shelf plans to further relax. corona virus restrictions. it's also imposed travel bands from several countries to stop the spread of the army. kron variant. alice tan insole is a doctor at the miss medi women's hospital. she says the government is speeding up the booster campaign to contain the spread. on october 31st, our had achieved population full immunity of 74 per cent. and on november, 1st,
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we embarked on r a stepwise return to normal program. basically many social restrictions were lifted. the problem was we didn't do anything substantive to address the issue of increasing breakthrough infections, especially among the elderly, each 60 and over. and so what we've seen is not only an increase in daily cover cases, which is what we expected with decrease restrictions. but we've also seen a very substantial increase in cases age, 60 and above force that has led to a surge in icy you cases, hospital admissions, at the current situation that we're in right now. where hospital i see you are occupancy in the sol capital region is greater than 90 percent. we're making every
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effort to protect the vulnerable to a expanded booster campaign. ah, but unfortunately this is not accelerating at the rate that we would like. oh, they're about 14000000 people who are now eligible to receive a booster. only 2800000 have received the booster so far. we're also trying to secure or hospital beds recover patients. in addition to shunting the majority of covet positive people to home care rather than hospital care or monitored isolation facilities, jamera castro will become the 1st female president of honduras after the ruling party considered defeat in elections were still being counted. however, mastery asked for as congratulated his opponent, ending his national party's 12 year, hold on power. zeniah beretta is a central america analyst at the international crisis. group outlines now some of
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the challenges, castro, face in government. it's actually surprising, the turnouts into selection, which was menu of outcomes, were concerned that he could repeat the 2017 events where a similar opposition lyons almost defeated the ruling national party in a very disputed election which triggered a wave of mass preowned and which from wirelessly refreshed by discreet forces is new to the country because it will be the 1st time that a snail president will leave the country, but also a party that is known the from the liberal party or the national party. so our 3rd force will, will run the country and will bring supposedly the country more to the left. i mean, the government plan is definitely more leaning towards social democracy and social is democracy. but i think the challenges will rely upon the issue that discount
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government will face will have to juggle multiple demands coming from different sectors and the private one political sectors, international actors, end the social movement, the social basis. of course, the most important is this movement. and will lead to ensure to seek sustainability and of an ability in a congress where if firms are confirmed this opposition collision won the presidency, is unlikely to gain the majority. so it will have to necessarily negotiate interactive consensus with other sectors at economic and political european. diplomat savage, iran to show it serious about salvaging the 2015 nuclear deal. on tuesday, representatives from russia, china, germany, france and the u. k. met iranian officials in vienna. iran want sanctions lifted in return for limits on its nuclear program. still to come here on al jazeera nate,
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so warns russia will have a high price to pay if there's any aggression against ukraine following the recent to build up. and the fee for our of camp is on the way here in cattle. asked another to stadiums open ahead of next year's world cup. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hey there, good to see. here's her weather forecast for the 1st of december and northern areas of spain are buried under water. this comes after days of rain. you know what? we've got another round of intense rain to come for this northern area, also talkin about snow in to the pair and knees. and speaking of snow, we've got some to come for that southeast corner of france straight into switzerland. now they're batch of rain dances into central parts of italy. this
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will plague rome at the height of 14 degrees and cross the balkans temperatures are coming up. that includes for sophia, with a high of 5, after seeing some snow blanket that city their temperatures are crashing across turkey. after that potent cold front roared across just a high 5 degrees in ankara. most of the energy now off toward the east and also slamming into georgia on wednesday, off to north western europe. right now breezy conditions for the low countries got this weather maker swirling around denmark. so that's going to whip up the winds is wal, today's rain will be to morrow snow. we got that cold rod north wind just a high of 4 degrees in london. and speaking of temperatures got low temperatures across the top end of africa from morocco right through to egypt, cairo just a high of 22 degrees. thanks to that breeze off the mediterranean. that's it too soon. for the weather, sponsored by casara, always killing the debate. 90 percent of the world rickie geez had come from of
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common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8 now. not a lot. countries can simply be cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to get this to you on al jazeera . ah, the me welcome back you want to 0, like from the top story so far today? uganda is deploying troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as it battles. and on group it follows and strikes on tuesday against the allied
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democratic forces as part of a joint operation with the congolese army will tell us organizations as blanket travel bands would prevent the spread of the army crumb variance. south korea reported 5200 coronado virus cases on wednesday. that's a new record. highs is to start the pandemic. and the left is leaders. i'm out of castro is set to become 100 as his 1st female president, ending 12 years of rule by the national party book. counting is still underway, but the warning party has conceded defeats in elections. the secretary of state says any russian aggression in ukraine will trigger quote, serious consequences. anthony blinkin is meeting nature foreign ministers to discuss the build up of russian forces on the border with ukraine. president vladimir putin has said native forces mobilizing in ukraine would cross a red line for russia. bernard smith, now from moscow, nato foreign ministers say there will be a high price to play for any new military aggression against ukraine. and moscow
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was reminded the west has already used economic, financial, and political sanctions. we have seen the brushes, playbook many times over. an part of their playbook is to attempt to create ah, and manufacturer, a so called provocation as justification for something that rushes planning to do all along. i and so whether or what's been reported fits into that playbook. oh, i dont know. ukrainian forces are facing off against russian back separatists in the east of the country. there's been fighting on and off there since russia amex crimea, from ukraine in 2014. now for the 2nd time this year, russian troops a building up along ukraine's border. moscow dismisses as inflammatory. any suggestions? it's preparing for an attack. and present. vladimir putin says he has his own red lines. if nato countries involve themselves further in ukraine, is it not?
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it is some kind of strike systems appear on the territory of ukraine. the flight time to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes and 5 minutes in the case of a hypersonic weapon being deployed. creating such threats in ukraine poses red lines for us. but i hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that a sense of common sense responsibility for both our countries and the world community will prevail. russia says nato has deployed a significant amount of military hardware near its borders. in june, joe biden, and by the may put in held their 1st summit. it came just a couple of months after a russian troop of build up along the border with ukraine. now here's another build up, and the kremlin says it's holding behind the scenes talks with the white house about another possible summit. the biden administration says it doesn't know of any plans, but it does say it's been holding talks with russian officials about you. cray,
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bernard smith, al jazeera, moscow, the u. s. and the taliban have ended 2 days of meetings in castle where they discussed the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. the taliban asked the us to release financial assets and to remove sanctions. washington is calling on the taliban to ensure the rights of afghans and form and inclusive government. the u. n says more than half of the people in afghanistan are suffering from acute food shortages. this winter. agencies are wanting of a potential crisis in neighboring countries that comes as thousands of people continue to leave afghanistan. rob mcbride, travel to the country's border, turn of islam collar. the scene. a recent search in people crossing in both directions with its cross border traffic and people and goods. islam hello provides a good indicator of the problems facing both afghanistan and iran. the surge of people trying to leave afghanistan as the taliban took over, has eased in recent weeks,
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assign according to those guarding this crossing. the conditions have improved. oh, come, governor, come find whatever problems the migrants had ordered. they've been solved for vehicles, including trucks are moving freely again with sort of more considering this is such a sensitive crossing things on the border itself are pretty relaxed before now. we as visitors, would have been held way back several 100 meters in several fences inside afghanistan. now we are allowed to approach up to the borderline itself. the last taliban checkpoint is right here. this is where it's done. and beyond here is iran . and taliban officials were eager to show us how they are also tackling smuggling and illegal migration across this 1000 kilometer border. but in the nearby major city of had at, there's a constant line of people that side the iranian consulate, hoping to get visas to leave. and here and throughout the country,
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make shift camps of internally displaced. people have sprung up as the new government struggles to cope. the bussey kids of a sudden winter is now sitting in. if there's any kind of humanitarian assistance from whatever countries we would appreciate and accepting. back at the border, coming in the opposite direction is a steady stream of afghan deportees from iran. many of the victims of iran's long standing program, a forced repack creation because of its own worsening economic crisis. article doing but again, it's my 1st time back and again, it's 10 after 20 years with me and all these people around me have the experience, lots of problems in iran, but then now joined by more recent arrivals who fled after the taliban takeover? actually, i was obligated to leave my country, my house, leave people like nasa ahmed, but have
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a who refuses iranian soldiers of mistreating him. and actually i was trying to get to europe. but at the time when i was getting to iran, i got so difficult. the soldiers off for the border of iran have trying to kill you or just arrest you when they are rescued, they will punish moved. they will give you as punishment as a animal. 2 months after leaving, he's back where he started, but says he won't be long before he's on the move once more. rob mcbride, al jazeera islam halla afghanistan un committee meeting on wednesday to tackle who should represent afghanistan and me, and ma, at the organization. both countries, democratically elected governments were toppled earlier this year. now the seats, the world's biggest diplomatic table, is in limbo, alto here is diplomatic editor, james bay's not reports. less than a month after the military took over his country in a qu,
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in february manned mas ambassador to the un spoke out in the general assembly in our fight against the military regime. ever since the generals have wanted to follow him and replace him with their own, ambassador gwilym is ex, i was appointed afghanistan's ambassador to the un at the end of july, but less than 4 weeks later, the man who appointed him president asher, af connie had fled and the government he represented had been replaced. the taliban want ambassador is excited to be replaced by one of their spokesmen sir hale shaheen. the un general assembly has a 9 member credentials committee, which must decide who should have the un seat in both cases. one of those members is russia, does it believe there should be a change in representation? it's very philosophic question, i would say sort of difficult to answer yes or no. in this regard. russia, of course, prefers to interact with those who represent their countries for the present,
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their governments. kelly curry was one of the u. s. is baset. is that the un during the trumpet administration? she's also a strident advocate for human rights in mamma. she told me her experience suggests the un will try to delay any decision. willful moral buying was prevail. institution at that point, you have a very weak secretary general, is not a strong leader who's not going to push parties to make difficult decisions. and who won't, won't take the necessary leadership to push the system out of its current. right. so i think that a continued stay says status quo that that pleases. no one is the most likely outcome. yes. whatever the committee decides, this is not the end of the matter. the committee will come up with a report then goes to the entire un general assembly. james bays al jazeera at the united nations. or israel is advancing at system of surveillance in the occupied
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west bank by including face scanning cameras and smartphone apps. former israeli soldiers say they've been ordered to photograph palestinians to build a digital database of the population, palestinian c as yet another invasion of their privacy. the abraham has mourn out from hebron even before. yes, edible man he presents his identification card at this is really checkpoint. the soldiers already knew who he is. he has to cross this checkpoint to get to his house in hebron, in the south of the occupied west bank. many cameras monitor his journey home. they're a part of an advanced israeli surveillance system that includes face scanning cameras and like tracking the cameras are so close to asters house. he says his family has lost any sense of privacy and did. but all the stuff that we had, she threw curtains before. all the choir changed him after i heard an israel soldier say i can zoom in train house. i want a little and see what happens inside. in addition to these cameras that have been
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put up by the israeli army, just the meter down, residents tell us that is really settlers have put up another surveillance system here in hebron, in 2019 the israeli military acknowledged this non official system exists. no, children here don't feel safe in their own homes. a few months ago was really soldiers rated this house, walk the children up here to take the pictures of palestinians. osceola just says the surveillance system shows how much these radio occupation controls palestinians ought fi. lini melanie, we are looking at a generation of palestinians who is anxious, angry, and filled with fear. they feel their lives are useless. and on top of their asked to smile to their occupiers. he is really army has installed visible and hidden cameras across the west bank and told edges. eda, it's for security reasons. the army doesn't comment on its capabilities. but palestinians believe there are thousands of cameras monitoring them. recently. some
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israeli soldiers revealed be photographed palestinians. these photos are then used for a smartphone app called blue woof. the app matches the photos to the person's details in the system and alerts. soldiers, if the person is wanted for arrest is really organization breaking. the silence collected the soldiers testimonies the most. a shocking thing for me, for us was to hear that we are sending now are soldiers to competes military units to compete against each other for who takes more, a 4th of off ballast any and in the streets, even in their homes. palestinians like yasser say, they feel violated when he fears israel might use the private data to evict his family out of their house. he that rahim elijah's eda have brunner in the occupied west bank this time next year. cancer is due to host the fee for world cup and in preparation
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the gulf nation is testing its infrastructure. was the fee for arab cop being held right now. team cattle kicked off their campaign with a one no win over bach. rain in a brand new stadium and the richardson was there for us. ah, in just under a year's time, catherine al bate stadium will house the opening match of the 2022 world cup a game that will also see the home team. and on footballs biggest stage for the 1st time. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff next november. i some a scene is teneo. i'm excited today. got that is going to win 90 cause got car. see you come back. 2022.
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the whole countries excited. you can see everyone's coming. we're all ready to celebrate. i've seen more because that is today than any of our events before. which is a encouraging a lot. we expect to see a lot. it's very proud of all of their families and their parents, and everyone dental is proud about being hosting camp counselor was taking on verena in the opening group game in this tournament to the excitement of the opening ceremony. the 1st off was somewhat lacking in spectacle elma was allie with the top score at the age when castle became continental champion 2 years ago, and he went close midway through the 2nd half. but it was absolutely these had him . he claimed the honor of scoring the 1st school at the stadium
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will need to cancel the school and the host go top of that group, which also includes man and iraq as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role, but organize is getting ready to host the middle east, biggest ever sporting event next year. and for the castle national team, it's like it used to playing in front of expectant home crowds. they'll be hoping to convince both the fans and themselves that they really are ready to take on the world. and richardson, algy sera, cuts off elevate, stadium. ah, this is al jazeera, these are your top stories. uganda is deploying troops across the border in democratic republic of congo as it battles. and.


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