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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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you hi joint has been cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked the old package now at catholic always dot com. oh. hello there, mr. z a t a and i was an update for you here on out of there and you ganga. is deploying troops across the border and democratic republic of congo as a battles, an armed group. it follows as strikes on tuesday against the allied democratic forces as part of a joint operation with the colonies army. not the web has more now from nairobi. military operation began with sharks and off center. the fire, as you mentioned, coming from uganda, directed it adf, bases in eastern congo, then tuesday afternoon. you got it. so just cross the border on some video and
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pictures of those you've gotten into entering eastern comment of this part of east in congo is thick forest is we've been there before. so that when you take a step off the road can even be impossible to, to get through this vegetation we didn't need for the adf has, has its high down house hidden bases very difficult terrain to, to hunt down. an armed group, nigerian health officials have found the new on the con, variance of curve in 19 was present in the country as early as october. the center for disease control says retrospective sequencing of previously confirmed cases identified the variant amongst travelers, africa, the most populous country is also just got the 2 more cases this week. and the army con variant was also in europe before south africa lasted the world health organization. last week in the netherlands, health authorities say they detected the variance and 2 samples from november. caitlin's 1st minister also has 9 cases reported. there are linked to
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a single event on november 20th. ukrainian president telling me is landscape, says direct talks with moscow and needed to end the war, and it's eastern don bass region and comes as nature foreign ministers, meat for a 2nd day in lafayette capital the u. s on the taliban have ended 2 days of meetings here in cattle, where they discussed the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. the town about also us to release financial assets and to remove sanctions. washington meanwhile, as calling on the car been to ensure the rights of afghans and to form an inclusive government. the suit to his former prime minister, thomas bonnie has been charged with the murder of his estranged wife. police accused to bonnie of hiring several hickman to kill his spouse. me follow back in 2017. while those are the headlines, i'll have more news here after part 2 of alger 0 wild december on. i'm just either guitar, host the feet that i recall a momentous event for the region and
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a glimpse of what's in store for the 2022 world cup. people in power investigates the use and abuse of power across the globe. a well exclusive interview with joints, nobel peace, lori recognized the safeguarding freedom of expression as a precondition for democracy and lasting peace from shore. documentaries to in depth explaining portals. showcase is the best of al jazeera digital content. as the year draws to a close, we look back at the events that have shaped the news and look ahead soon, next year, december on a jesse europe. ah ah.
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he had all that and i ended in with, i'm is aim. i'm a real key. he get into how to thing love, how you have to shut off with us and i can go to she get it almost who said, i wanna go. i said, well let you know in la la rush dish or along with he had some event. teddy, some me have a some said that this event that eva eva idea murphy, below the share with committee magnet. ah
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ah ah, i had been looking for it as you know i'm looking to move to some some some so a lot of well i think it was a lesson and critical and the resort critical then the sun,
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i any cause though even those law lucky that shows a lot less authority wise in those if any of that even has to upon a journey of the solomon with mcclay, we still have quite a few would fall. darla isabella, have you been a few women? there's not much of blood in missouri, alana few quite a few time slot and that's after the lead, the librium of them, but that over misery. bottle aziz fuel for
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any of them i kind of can we check the flu shot on them? well, just mac and have them contact properly. daniel gotten next friday. some of them might be high enough that has been called down. it must be allowed with them. bob name, a level of level what they did, a lot of stuff was already hit with the wiley because you do a half, but i will beloved over hello. just a still a community come on, shayla had come on after she got a new job and possible costs with you have a long i'm good to show where you live on the head of the know by sure. just look at my job, the booth, natural mexican, but salvage my had schafer. and this one a letter. how 101 list. i'm a lot, love one. another one. when you go to a phase though,
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would you allow, hama ah, what, not the mill, but i mean, we're not doing, hey, how's the help of us? but then i will not be an issue to nanny bilateral. if you come on monday and be in lots of somebody, i'll be a melbourne. not a flood though it i let mom. good luck have the law. god is law bought on any a sophomore, honey. i need a bus gun high. it's up to up what she is a shall leap will accompany someplace martha, that min huh. alicia phil goodman. i'm would you please at all height law says de
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leon ali fitly, but i thought i'd live our less actual food. the fills i haven't had a lazy a fatal fall would on with. c with with no problem. c what's number one home with dad? you see her, you if even the fees on the reduction. lisa melissa and with the full my sure. sure . a when he in what i needed to look at. okay. the eyes of has, i was a kid i had,
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we've had told me that it was in the door and the in the movie has how in the amount of it. huh. i'll tell you how much for a hole in the metal album gives to plunder from the book a comma. now if a t t p has has aaliyah let in becky model, how does it have, how can i move this along? that at the publisher have been good with anybody that i'm with american muscle can oh to with close, yet. less water. yeah. yeah. so the other stuff, lennox, that i you know, the was the shower sewer, little of
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a buff. she'll be a demo. so off the little wi fi off monday off, i'll be able to cut off i, my mother will ignore who if i could, i will, i can put a block in wilma louise leave you her, they'll either be de thought of failure. now, buddy, a math in philosophy, lendozy, and so the guy does you, is that a hi steven mad you her as for the time that he'll either the j u middle of a. but believe the feel of let danny rabo her the little my heart out of the you had the a for b, like in boy career love gabby, her the o'clock you if he ignore you g. so i the nurse with all this, he saw the 5th alarm at the nurse last year were law. he lasher you, a hug my mother in law and the throttle body
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shop us will be here for a minute. while i was talking to a 100 last year, the can them the mfc. now i want to know who will come to head iep then in murphy. sure, the insurance, when it is an all in a mean should it has a medical. yeah, i will go ahead with jim. i have an agree with my head of south. it is man in the right it dana bradley, marianna, hellena. see if you want a for watkins man, a $30.00. i'm afraid that he moved into the class and i'm wrong. she wants to come fiscal year. we couldn't, we couldn't see it. i wish i'm not wednesday or friday that one of the more from the costume, sierra american kitchen for adolescent jewish within the field. one irish,
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everybody will know he has a credit, meaning there for you to can even increase. does she do? he not, even in the interview we barnabees of what am ally only was sitting here with linda, a was our ego and along with other can can had along with me in the and the name of becky had the heading. but what and hannibal as a man, is he a fitness? fitness lol. adam. yeah. fitness and death to facilities yet from her for her to like move it. we're have a machine with him with tea and the glimmer is at our facility. what are the little
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ditty the verified b t. a laughable letter. i'm attending, murray. the legend man. i philosophers, ready and am a bad enough lord am and pan our head missing. a sudden the phone dock. fur fur. i mean i legally for, for to 0. i've enough. i'm in the of the hummus wouldn't. camaro ashlyn. madam. so community out of short for saddle or my dad is a cover. were maneuver yet this had been a colleen, homely been doing lamina with the that eat. i missed marquez will head up there any electronic you don't want that away. that facility mean that i'm sick to me. if carly enough along what that mean mother after that he can, and even that meant that a savvy when this is mrs. lantham sawyer, an id number for
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you. i need the letter. my 1st wife needs a letter saying that she had sent a 1st need to let the 1st day that i think anyway, i missed it. if you see them and i was supposed to pick it up any still we're showing how to proceed with st from me and he now almost acted on me and had gone we had a short open at him by yeah, only. okay. really highly, some map. i sit in a city, lisa, my mechanic. the study said it had to do. i'm sitting visiting,
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believe me. i got a meeting. i didn't, i didn't, i didn't know that i was a solo. lucky to anna. let me see. oh dear. with a book i would have had them when somebody who's oh
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yes a linda. no a phenomenal in any of the. it's not a 100, it isn't easy either one of them out or a little stuff come out of an official, a, c, y a r a, b, e man e u b a r a y one of the a k with a dollar loan number,
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they're going to show you why here a was all that a yeah, a while to have an interview with linda with as long as he a math in of us in how you to and t e m. and so you can kind of 31 must allow you to sort out and should either a full b or a little. and i'm about members. leave, learn a better, and you've been amador, i'm going to start and maybe a 10 year old. it is a well, that would say how sad i've been to the it is and you live
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at the sat that menu lean and he does that matter. nothing and nothing can be she and could see her layman this as well. my desk yet as a way desolate in santa who found that again in sandy. by a bit, we'll see the old all sit that will kidnap it's of them as community. and i've been such an illusion. and an o. landominium athene as bella central to lose what they even had enrolled happening. i'm stuck with the damage of fools. you see? no, i'm in a nurse. no mouth door. him a consent he the nurse to his m v nurse. never stuckey on i'm suggestion and laid label. now my, my fish has, i'm the fishing my fish emma, the able m animal.
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with a few have a piece of you a lot of money. i mean, did i, he asked that amended that it's a yet just release it. see if quoted why does one wait?
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i'm not there. why did was a lot. so i think when i'm done, why did i haven't moved up and you know, need to come in, jazz and shut off was talk about yes, adam, i think that most eugene is any foolish to bassetti alicia and william g in the letter quote. and then what he did. yeah. yeah. and then right. equal to had that's eddie from but it became a o. m a a
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a nurse at the in miss elyssa uniform a year. but it, but i left them with sadly missed any what the hell for the new the me a
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ah, the somewhat a little because it has that almost some little what to be at what he said. he said, he said as he had a fellow america with the actual number ged, with a, if the soviet union that you ladies ah sheesh ah, along with
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blue look forward to brightest galleys. the winter sponsored my cattle at ways. it's the 1st of december. here's your headlines for the americas. hello everyone. the rain keeps coming for the west coast of canada, the pacific northwest rainfall warning for vancouver and the north shore mountains . looking to pick up about a 100 millimeters of rain along that seeded sky highway into squamish as wall. then there's this for tapping into a southerly flow look, it's ramping up temperatures billings, 18 degrees for central and western parts of the us. we could break more than 40 temperature records in the days to come swarthy east, a swath of snow, northwestern ontario, new york 8 degrees for now, but will bumpy up in the days to come. and for the southeast corner of the u. s. temperatures are coming up in atlanta, also, central southern parts of florida. miami, looking good with the hiv 26 degrees here, some that warmth. we're talking about. denver wall above average at $22.00. los
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angeles, a hive. 27 degrees. a run of rain for the yucatan peninsula. so can cool. we've got some periods of rain to come in the days ahead. 26 degrees will lock your temperature in their south end of south america. bursts of rain through the amazon basin. but some sunny spells for bogota and lima. lima has got a hive. 19 degrees in that stormy weather in that southeast of brazil pushing out toward the south atlantic. so an improvement in conditions to come see soon, hulu, with sponsored by cataract ways. there's a lot more into al jazeera than t v with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is a world award winning online content, and each week on portal will bring you the very best that they're trying to brighten the people to levy to go somewhere else. but the truth is that it got nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online,
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catch it here with me. thunder. got men on al jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here, douglas 0. we believe everyone has a story with hearing. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello there, i'm miss darcy. hey, this is the news. our line from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. ugandan forces crossed into democratic republic of congo and an operation against an armed group linked to iso ukraine's president calls for direct talks with moscow to end the war against russian back separatists in the east. the europe.


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