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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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this announcement from brussels. a record number of earthquakes have been recorded on the spanish island of la palmer. wearable canyon has been erupting for more than 2 months. drone fatigue video released by spain's national police shows swathes of land covered in ash. officials say about 2700 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. ah, another top stories on al jazeera, the you chief says it's time for the block to consider making co with 19 vaccinations. mandatory cases are on the rise across the continent, which is currently the epicenter of the pandemic. he comes as concerns rise about the electron variant. you in safety general antonia the terrace condemned travel bands on southern africa, introduced a slow it spread as a party. what is in acceptable use to have one part of the world?
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that is one of the most vulnerable parts of the world economy condemned to a lockout when they were the ones that revealed the existence of a new variant. that by the way already existed. in other parts of the world, including in europe, as we know. so this is a very strong appeal that i launch a pupil common sense. we have the instruments to have safe travel. let's use those instruments to avoid this kind of or allow me to say travel appetite. the u. s. is confirmed, it's 1st case the omicron variant, top infectious disease expert and he found, she said the person in question returned from south africa on november 22nd. and tested positive 7 days later, he said the person had mild symptoms. women's tennis association has suspended
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tournaments in china and hong kong. it over concerns about the safety of former doubles world number one punch way. she accused a politician of caressing her, intersects, and was not seen in public afterwards. china has since attempted to show that she is safe by releasing video clips and an e mail. the u. s. supreme court has been hearing arguments on whether to uphold a mississippi law, which bands most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy pro and anti abortion rights campaigners have been protesting. outside the court. nature is war in russia of serious consequences, including sanctions. if the country uses any force against ukraine, concerns about a military build up at the border dominated discussions in latvia, capital riga was dropped stories to stay with us for people in power. the battle for belarus likes watching buffalo war in afghanistan. now, world non polar bond figures make up
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a port that american oil within the inside story park. a frank assessment of these headlines subscribe. now, however, you listen to podcasts, the thousands of micro stranded in no man's land between felonies and the european union. a human catastrophe many believe that's been deliberately engineered by better research. authoritarian leader, alexander lucas shinkel, but to his breath weary opponents. many now in exile. the president's latest departure from international norms is in line with what's gone before. as the crisis was listening, we went to find out why the the
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on the eastern fringe of the european union, a worsening crisis, is threatening the regional stability. for the 1st time, every hame is bringing in people from the middle eastern countries from far away land. receiving them easy passage through european union, bella, reese's. socratic government has been pushing tens of thousands of desperate migrants into neighboring lithuania and poland, making them cross the borders illegally. that's a completely new thing. they are really using people as bullets in this hybrid war . 9 as winter approaches,
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as humanitarian disaster looks ever more likely. people already say that they are walking through the woods and they see bodies dead bodies. it's the latest can bit of bell root is hard line dictator, alexander lucas shanker. shankar now taking vengeance against us. we are dealing with it is being roles against the will of its people by a dictator. the crisis comes in the wake of the key you sanctions imposed on bella reese after 2020 rigged presidential election. it left a desperate in place. human rights in tatters, and opponents at home and abroad in fear of their lives. on lucas shank, his official website that bela bruce and president is often portrayed as a jovial man of the people. one minute he's handing out gifts to sick children.
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the next he's limbering up on the ice rink alongside vladimir putin. he can be seen handing out medals. or giving pep talks to his lucas. it's a fantasy that couldn't be farther from the truth. for the last 27 years, lucas shanker has ruled bella roost with an iron fist system of aidid c h just on deal it at the absolute. no, sir, it's good to stem names and he put some way of for exclusive group bustle. political shouting was like, you shall kill, let us love him. for years, any attempt to foster democracy, bella roost has been brutally crushed with a deal of luck. nichol, daniel whitfield on post op ingle the keels sitting in there. so when lucas shanker imprisoned his main defendants in the run up to last year's election,
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few was surprised. but one of the candidates wives spect loaner taken off sky, then stood in her husband's place to take on the president. ah li miss b m i s must gatherings before the po, millions lined up under the opposition's, red and white colors. i think their names to list and taken off skies support a necessary precaution in a country thrown to fraudulent elections. huge line way in means in other features to this lines showed that people there against it was a mass movement. such things have never happened in bill of people united for the
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idea that maybe of this time the, the manage to prove that most however in a dictatorship 2nd, any other be one winner. and when lucas shanker was declared president for the 6th time, the hopes of millions of bell ruffians turned to anger. lucas shank, his response to the protests was characteristically uncompromising, plunging the country into crisis for much of 2020 of civil vaughn. sure. this is cynthia ethridge global for shortly of the brand new audio flu va. you will michelle, up to his else could combine sanctions on individuals, businesses and economic entities deemed to be financing the regime were imposed by the e. u to stop the dictators cash flow. the people of been iris are asking for free
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and fear election. this is what we want to support. lucas shank is cracked down, also sparked a mass exodus with more than one in 30 by the russians fleeing the regime. since august 2020 we have issued over 170000 recess. both remain silent. these as a full asylum seekers. the domestic conflict has become an international crisis with poland and lithuania, becoming the new centers of resistance to the regime. now we're understand that people are much better understand their plight for democracy, for liberty, and the address under which they are currently being placed by the regime. now these bella russians living in exile, many based in the lithuanian and polish capitals and felonies and warsaw, opposing a serious threat to the dictator. i am completely overwhelmed by that
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respect for the young activists wire exile. they're very, very active and very brave while you're oh, go ski. i thought about what i can do for people. for lucian. i don't have, i don't know ultimate collage. you can. yeah. i don't have. i don't have pistol, ed. i don't, i don't have a poison. so i have my voice tickets. you want them to show me but you, but that was why and then and then mark risa left check as enraged lucas shanker with her comic songs, lampooning the dictator and his henchmen. why wouldn't the opera star was performing in vilnius when she got word that the authorities were
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after her and cancer self? very lucky. i think about people who are now in prison. so for them it's not good. yes, i think and for me it's good because i'm free. so not depression please. margarita . not done. cry place because you are free. you can breathe. you can see the sky and they cannot. margarita has been demonized on better ration state tv. this program, entitled order of judith features a different opposition figure every week. the implicit threat is all the more chilling given lucas shank is a long suspected habit of assassinating dissidence to which the regime has never been held to account for me. and you will go to it
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and you have to learn. andre, else to povich, was once a senior investigator at the bell, the russian ministry of interior keys to night, exile and just behind the opposition's bible data project. collecting information on former colleagues, suspected of crimes against humanity. which you know that because what you initially some with secret nick of a getting to that he's going to skip a voice vital his master dozens of this audio recordings. in this one secret police officer's broke about the use of torture along the book of obliging mean law. busy suits is at the very heart of the security services leak
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information, which can lead to be used to prosecute wrongdoers. this includes an alleged audio recording deputy interior minister mickle, a cup of coffee tank, his officers to shoot to kill protesters. in ringo. ready we talked about the possibility of eventual trial of their current regime. you know, they are becoming more of a more louder because we understand that the red lines have been caught one of the many shocking images from the crackdown is that of protest gainey the each and limp body dragged along the ground by the dictators feared omen to lease
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me lower than they are. the furniture is merely a living in the lage, and was looking to survive. no lithuania, he, along with many others, is planning to take the regime to court in the last to quote, it will help load it so preloaded some schoolboy in western countries, half instruments that were used before in these sorts of cases in the countries of former yugoslavia and in other cases were the responsible people from the regime go to trial. i'm certain that eventually the swell i reach does conclusion that those responsible will have to pay just good. my good. oh
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yeah, he does. okay. oh, of those now in exile it is fred loaner taken off sky. he poses the biggest threat to lucas shanker. not least, as she is widely recognized as the rightful winner of the presidential election. now, based in vilnius, her ability to draw thousands to her rallies makes her a potent symbol for the pro democracy movement hero press. to understand that there is no way back in this situation. benito keep trash up on the machine ticket now sky a scene here in walsall, with a polish prime minister, is pressing hard for more sanctions and has gone its support from most european leaders. we will discuss different options of sanctions. and there is a 3000000000 investment and economic package ready to go under hilton union that is on hold and frozen till bella was churns democratic, nevertheless,
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looters. shanker, felt it necessary to double police salaries and give free apartments to combat offices. the cost of keeping his security forces happy is becoming a huge drain on a rapidly dwindling state budget and in regimes a situation is for joe, at the moment, business is understand that they can lose everything, supporting him because of function, people in security and they can't walk normally because they be inside on all the time and you know the question i got for sure. i feel this on stability or people around indeed some officials now up, so have their face is blurred when meetings for the president on better reason, tv choice. sure. to look over the immigration from 6 world new which and
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put it in the valley. it's called dominion which, which i was just like. lucas shanker is left with no one to turn to accept a flatter me a tutor and he's offered to send police reinforcements back in 20. 20 was a pivotal moment, thanks to the support during the crisis in 2021 question was able to keep but that support came at a price. d to integration with moscow. something lucas shanker usually tried hard to avoid song and believe that goes on his country and he is not going to share his power with anyone. as a result, the increasingly isolated president is resorting to ever more dangerous tactics to
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neutralize his opponents abroad with the force lending of a ryan a jet in june to catch for him in protest. savage is a case in point process. savage had been editor in chief of the telegram channel. next are now being run by colleagues in warsaw. yes. michelle, anybody had talked to doug before the there are some of the most by the fruit guys and i'm not going to show them that kim for them shall come and live with 3000000 followers and better. rece next has long been an end to date to state propaganda from lam westoff care. most about stay with carla, but it's like proud both on the police have you know which you leave the shopkeeper sheesh file of 4th video. i was,
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you are the command of suggest is to show level sonya midwest date the platform continues to show chilling footage of life over the border. and there's nothing lucas shanker can do about it here. can you bless georgia by listeners any, any money? the book, you know, what's going on, my side of what you're looking for, which i say the next, the office has a permanent police guard. obviously we are aware that there might be attempts out the lives even because this to the nature of these regimes. it wouldn't be the 1st time that opponents of the regime were assassinated on foreign soil. most recently, lucas shanker stands accused of ordering the murder of italy, chauffeur, whose hanging body was discovered in august in a forest neither ukrainian capital kiev. he'd been badly beaten before death.
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not watching. yeah. those not going with voice, but i'm watching with just him a pass i think is to get my stuff was going on with math ways. shish off was head of the beller ation has opposition center in kiev, which helps people to flee the regime work his girlfriend now continues. but providing this sort of health is not that risk as she shelf knew only too well. doesn't he? hello, bush me out to the new from a rolling garage door to choose to be the business of several of advocate. shisha fears proved to tragically prophetic. when he disappeared while jogging the police mounted a search in a nearby forest. but when jane and her friend, you're a joins and only your was allowed to enter when he returned. but jane, you could tell something was wrong. what's to be hooked on me at dusky with ashley,
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i brought my body of the house to your store mosley store. unless you more near the washington bowl to the quick del oh yes, i was a little brought up to you bailing you? yes. is roy on here on multi deputy. you will enjoy your trial. and if you want to, the me at the hold it and you on lucas shanker, denies responsibility for the hanging. but by the reason stay t z makes it quite clear her the regime would like to deal with activists abroad. and activists at home may soon find themselves equally silenced room as a rice that lucca shanker has ordered the construction of concentration camps. consul again for matt upson and not be away from us to
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call. once again, deputy interior minister can think of, explains what lucas shanker has in mind, that she will need those dest in for the new camps of people like antonia connor alova, antonio, his mother, anna, escaped to poland, to prevent the authorities from seizing her grand children. last year and vanya mad which putting him our chest here for the overly combined you on now several, a put disuse of atlanta trunel school. for this, her daughter and son in law were arrested and sentenced to 5 years. you want to run,
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you know, without a man what of all know the lacrosse mongolia, a problem, the store, mom here, but no less than what it went. it was not the number to the right. you know? because alice thought, want show, moreland, mulch equipment and training for them. i personally you but don't worry at all the much get the most are with the standard deposit, the owner and many of the exile guys in muso, every sunday, to demonstrate against lucas shanker while they wait for their loved ones release, especially at the school. the dog or at the morgan. good. when should the watch
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long, especially of course, to me in the, during your torch and all the under the know that sheer and his daughter is just one of countless thousands of victims of the crisis. but as the legions of his political detainees can attest, lucas shanker is clearly willing to keep breaching international norms. they can employ all means and measures that they can think of and, and mr. lucre shanker, we know he was promising quite a lot of these actions where, you know, he would smuggle radioactive materials to european union. he promised to smuggle more drugs and what, all sorts of things. so basically, you know, he's limited just by his nefarious imagination. all the same when lucas shank, his regime began inviting migrants to better reese and then started forcing them over the border into neighboring proven nitty lane. yet it took everyone by
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surprise. it's a completely new thing, this kind of a humanitarian black male that the little authorities are now trying to exert on poland and generally speaking on the european union. so they're really using people as bullets in this hybrid war. because pollens lithuania, have the whole thing. but she nation in order to ensure that they can actually democrat christ. will shankar if inducing migration waves the for the 1st time at country at every heem, is bringing in people from the middle east and countries from far away land deceiving them of easy passage through european union lithuania and poland. have constructed fences along the border to stop the migrants, but they are also being prevented from returning to bella reese,
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teams of activists like this, one of bringing supplies to the migrants here, we're caught in name and land and say they've been beach and by beller rouge and border guards on lucy, and i'm unable to return to the reese full enterprises and the situation is desperate. the restrictions has been established along the border to keep the press and n g o z. and you already have people who died because of the cold. and now it's going to get worse. some people already say that they are walking through the woods and they see bodies dead bodies. and i think there will be so much more that they don't care about those people who are they bringing in. they don't care
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about the whole situation that they're creating. they just want one thing. they just want the sanctions to be removed with tensions rising and reports of bell ration. border guards threatening to fire at the polish counterparts. how serious is the risk of a wider conflict? the risk is unfortunately very big and i am upset to certain that he is capable of escalating is towards much more dangerous conflict using not just hybrid towards hybrid warfare, but also the conventional one short dresser fibral used to probably motor. she's probably in the locker room, but about her actual use. you need to ship the show room for brutal because the bowling girl action that the person that
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i the philippines aspiring to restore faith in vaccine. i got the quote equally denied and the wrong one. i went aisd investigates on out europe. the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades, and they says another change to get used to and one that's boss from easy umbrella situation. for now, it's not clear. all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls,
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despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishment for certain crimes. everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together, they're feeling thy way forward into their new reality fully. okay. she says he will bring a new form of capitalism. what does this mean? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera when the news breaks, when people need to be hot? and the story needs to be told, ah, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, the processors are saying that president adam will last week, but he's hurting their interests and that's why they remain on the streets. al jazeera had teens on the ground,
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they are demanding an immediate restoration off this to be the government to when you move ward, when document trees and live nice. ah south africa's corona virus cases double to 8500 in a day. most of them from the army kron variant. the u. s. identifies its 1st case of army kron in a traveler from south africa health. the experts are pushing for vaccinations over a travel band. ah, well i'm have them think of this is al jazeera life from dog also coming up the women's tennis association suspends.


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