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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah. ready ally has him seeka, endo ha. the top stories on al jazeera, south africa's daily corona virus cases have doubled to more than 8500 compared to slightly over 4000 a day before. most of the infections are thought to be from the army cranberry. and it's now been reported in at least 24 countries with the u. s. being one of the latest on fisher is in washington with more on the infected patient. that man arrived in the united states in california on the 22nd of november from south africa. that, of course, before the travel bands were put in place them feel terribly well tested on the
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29th of november. it was then he was positive, it was sent for further testing on the 30th by 3 pm, public health. the experts had the sample by 8 pm. the confirmed it was the new variant. you remember that when covered was found in the united states, it was also forced on the west coast. now this man is an isolation, has caused contacts have tested negative, but of course, track in trace is underway. and as i say he arrive before the travel bands were put in place and to be photo the presidential adviser on cobra was asked about those travel bands. at a briefing at the white house in the last few hours, he said the intention was never to stop it arriving in america. that was simply never going to happen. we knew that it was just a matter of time before the 1st case of armored crown would be detected in the united states. and as you know,
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we know i've been saying it and my colleagues on the medical team and other 7 saying that we know what we need to do to protect people get vaccinated if you're not already vaccinated, get boosted if you've been vaccinated for more than 6 months with a name or an 8 or 2 months with j and j. and all the other things we've been talking about, we're getting your children vaccinated. masking and indoor congregate settings. are the women's tennis association has suspended tournaments in china and hong kong. it says the decision was made due to concerns about the safety of former doubles world number one, punctuation. in a statement, the wi had said players and staff could face risks in china. yaki wang is a senior researcher at human rights. what she is applauding to w t decision. so much respect, because this is what standing up for human rights in china. looks like this is what integrity looks like. this is what leadership looks like. i mean, we saw the video clips and pictures of her mining,
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but we have not heard from her directly. she has not talked to her fans, not ok. press conference. she has not spoken directly. so i would say, you know, she's alive. she lives in beijing or whether she is safe, whether she's, you know, the way we can tell. i absolutely hope that a more international court organizations in the national business will follow suit follow w t lead and then every 4th, right in china and not be complicit if human rights violations in china, especially the i'll say, the international olympic committee who participated in this public in the video, which is really shame for 40 year from engagement with china. what had come out of it is cransberg to hong kong. serious crack goes in crimes against humanity. our peers correct out in hong kong now has been disappear. she's
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a huge star and she can be disappeared, so that it's definitely not working. so when you do something differently, uganda is deploying troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as a battles anom group. it follows as strikes on tuesday against the allied democratic forces, part of a joint operation with the congo lease army, nato's threatening russia with more economic sanctions. if the uses any force against ukraine, concerns about a russian military build up on the cranium border dominated to days of talks in latvia as cap to reagan pro and anti abortion rights activists have been protesting at the u. s. supreme court. it's deciding whether to uphold a mississippi law banning most terminations. after 15 weeks it could lead to abortions becoming illegal in many states. those the headlines as your world is next. ah
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ah a nurse intervening with who moves in so wouldn't be edge if you'd had em. let's see, emma, my su, oklahoma could only love it that it was still in class with us on the market when i was up. and i mean, if you look very still, he said media from in the how, you know, and we'll start with, hey, andrew,
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we did some american net e and making a home, but i've got it. it's marshall. i really was just one from wooster. let me say, i mean buddy that he sat with, what did he say fella, let me make
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one that minute believe. oh zip. right. so and just the a will a will the board and will so i'm with hired. we little, well my have some little saga, mecca net, e out and making. i thought it was sent him out. see, she was in on the header months here. when will half of the and the higher to, you know, higher can load. heading to san mutable willing, willing, ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah, ah, you allocate more, why not give us a call of mazar. i told him, is it who alcohol courts go to jewish with it? why that, that, that, that they should in those you take, which is a construction a little bit, get that i know if you get a back, could you send me to the, to the free to let and let them know with miss nunez? i did go ahead any,
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any like any and anyone that has the media with me is
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a layout that me a good one young a yeah. now look on the list. i look on them, but i was looking for some i'm little confused on kinda i'm here with me a and i not then is that fair enough? and several other had got a lumina, him to the leg. he didn't have the can. what, what i'm, what i'm fin, maria, and he has to be it a seed up friday. mm hm. and he said, no, it has any luck. i'm on the law and i'm in that and you shall not be here when he
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so well. but i had a know who, what i'm a by you have a good a, you know, he's the one beside me a feel you know what? he thinks you have it up. he's going, i believe a limited emily. it shouldn't be male. bishop bishop. of course, of course him in america looking a columnist, but little went over. what though we,
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why the assume that he said he had a had him. and he said, no. to me to call she isabella garcia. julianne dome, then marcellus moley. my mom said his did he and i am at 1st solicit under tennis, julio, all of the back mac, m, manage. what she needs is she may in which to me, i am your cost. what, what, it's a, can the marina's been any here and when it's going to, jamie alex was here. katie g aren't answered and he thought it was them a headache and skin. they didn't when you menu menu, the fair enough for now, mattel. com are free. nobody from here finish. missouri almost lost land names and act. no, not yet until tomorrow. you were living with cor. well rhodes at noon. not your case. not daughter in manila center from lily's minute for me. and you said could,
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who's fit on one meal for over for miner's easier? her oh, through source of us and i city from you need them. she was sort of a hustle. whether i didn't challenge to hold of a madman. how cabinet with daniel o'neil, my washer, and it's very rare that he other and no. and no, you know, kind of mischief. neither of them can except it's clear from zia and she and nick, i'm at point one and we never did anything because why the now group never did love, paula said, you know, key fields to, to, to alene. and yesterday lot we bought are we area he was say in the lead on israel, she'll do. when was it solemn autumn, solomon wet it working for her and she was killer wet. we're and her camida aren't able to. so call senior countless achieve apartment. when i put a possible, an a on again, my conception,
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i shall tony. it's ne odeon not good enough for them and, and in the course, any ins, only in the controllers got problems. will your quote them direction into it and you have rooms. will you be, you know, to what account passcode? let's cook, i just was, pharmacy was chimney, and the organ will faith a hassle. fertile death, we all maria mo, calendar my la, unfamiliar head. and then with the homes earlier, the club m as in yellow, civil and observe, observe, does have any com. i think more dick nick catalytic. can you see fit to tell him truly how i did that is out? son walked or got some telemundo and supers will come out from the radio luncheon to be out and read the book, an artist, indian mission, whiskey and fish we are going to present had an interest in the real think we will
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have panel polish questionnaire. do mama, you know it, did i had gotten 10 fish? i didn't, i didn't look, i did, and i didn't know. was you done? how did the hedge i didn't door push edge a shake in sugar because not as long as i've eaten. well, col color, no doubt until 10 o'clock because you millions min studio, colorado be an addict. defend nika. how sunday, cathy! hey, well, to the kid, her name is shan. ah shim sam,
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z z torn. zach. wow. sham to michel and it was in the, at the the we did it and many keith, he said must have a saudi up a month ago. what can symbol county and i say, i just want to lock it with a lot of a come night that that he bed see my cousin level. how did you know the supply fee? if you mess up mecca,
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the reed will be many key. hillman put them in the rock. com and many days in the new company, the carbon home i will be she had been up. she can walk out of him. i am still at home. i'm only going to quit cold at home this year. more and any money can add, i'm does it even if it's out he has any issues with us and we need to do his believe and i much with the vehicle. my son can get him in as many who have somebody in the double hammer or what i can do and other
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than that. and then that we had led him to them because he will not have given him. i can give them a lot more lid. we'll hand finance and you'll have the city. yeah. we would. i wish we should alice animals or we're going to michelle in the medical is aside from some of the in the world. yeah. you mean in the south? i'm subbing for low, so i thought i had a kind of she how does so so i can sarah. so i said, well it didn't allow south marsh. my didn't decide to sell by the b service. i hope you had a limited time and how much would that have to for folks can be read then can we have had you had the material on the x ahead of time because we had that and i'm gonna like, man limits. i'm gonna ask,
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we let this so much call within the cyber make when i'm the pump. but then the methodical and the food you eat, eat if it will lead to hold the what on. what in cards, any know what the, what they want to go on had to hold. you are the sub black when you call us could we do have a notes from the on to my mom. so like i, you fees, you would have to, you know, i'm fee local people, but i'm in a c shamar sonia and he can even go to the step. obviously, i didn't, i cool blendy at austin aide will not a shot the never know mighty monarchical. we'll talk about it at all. we'll see one article. yeah. see how much i doubt. we're not that my family side that will
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gemini and it is manda and medic is we know, oh, read a min id him machine has yet have team. can not messiah need be? yeah, well there's a few metals or a to lead. what should i have to say? ah ah, with a to know doesn't mean you can
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handle what guessing and how did you get them and then how did i them okay. and how they're and cool must not give in and then be a fun human when we're human. when someone in the mental thought, i mean he had the most. busy of the bad them so why, how often initially, how much luck
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i use ah. 2 ah ah, than this and i had nadine at the rock in that all the model with the model and everything for the model in san juan. sure. for norco have no fee umbrella issue has yet given which tunnel keep lincoln and i'm and that that even article had done side should i can be held in a little bit more. i should if i hear you said he when fall into the full
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name of the instead of them, i said it a leave my phone number the kid insure for social into don't have that. if i would have to deal with the law school. well, let me show you the credit for can usually don't want to over a 1005 and we can use them within me man. cool enough can it didn't show and how many how to it is shadley how and. 1 1 1 2
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i i me make it daddy, daddy the w
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members you'll be if you know what the fuck mitchell knows what fluid does work. any corn if mean a cause? the muffled water handler was in the feet of a new machine. mom actually had until the end of april. i mean yes. the
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no minute the minute the made me enough. ah. me. me i will move on now. hello it of course. ah
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. i just said that the car. i don't know how to pull up here, man, me too. one battle e. m to have, or is she by the she min and in any min minimum on that of a sob. lateesha had the subway. so i little up at a more she and for she and with suck head road you had the sharon yeti ah the had the summit of a whole month. but i'm the mom and hired to the summit. head bed, that hello,
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but anyway, just a little it gave me. oh my god will help you. uh huh. my name is michael mirage. idealism as city here? oh okay, mandy. honda took a look at what he bought the shoot me gave him a gun with me from the al jazeera london broke off fantastic to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitation. it leads as oppressive color. it was the struggle here. it would be much easier for me. it's might feel that white people, you have part to go into and sing a song, right?
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that again. so carry other people's way. is that in a minute you get way down. you got what you're doing and made one studio b unscripted on al jazeera from the world's most populated region in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera, people have come to expect a lot from al jazeera over the years. it's, they're reporting the commitment to under reported places, the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea often challenging dose and bower. if a politician comes on this channel, they will be challenged and that's what people expect,
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what they want. the questions answered, that is what we've always done does what we will continue to do. oh i had them seeka in the how would the headlines on al jazeera south africa's corona virus cases have doubled to more than 8500 in a day. most of the infections are thought to be from the army kron very, and it's now been reported in at least $24.00 countries. the u. s. has recorded its 1st case. alan fischer has that from washington. this man arrived in the united states in california on the 22nd of november from south africa. that, of course, before the travel bands were put in place,
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didn't feel terribly well tested on the 29th of november. it was then he was positive, it was sent for further testing on the 30th by 3 pm,


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