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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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that is what we've always done. that's what we will continue to do. oh and have them seek and how would the headlines on al jazeera south africa's corona virus cases have doubled to more than $8500.00 in a day. most of the infections are thought to be from the army kron very, and it's now been reported in at least $24.00 countries. the u. s. has recorded its 1st case. alan fischer has that from washington. this man arrived in the united states in california on the 22nd of november from south africa. that, of course, before the travel bands were put in place, didn't feel terribly well tested on the 29th of november. it was then he was
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positive, it was sent for further testing on the 30th by 3 pm, public health experts had the sample by 8 pm. they confirmed it was the new variant . you remember that when corporate was found in the united states, it was also forced on the west coast. now this man is an isolation. his course contacts have tested negative, but of course, track in trace is underway. the women's tennis association has suspended tournaments in china and hong kong. it's other concerns about the safety of form, a doubles world, number one upon shrine. she is accused the former vice premier of coercing her into sex and has not been seen in public for more than 2 weeks. in a statement, the double ga had said players and staff could face risks in china. uganda is deploying troops across the border into democratic republic of congo as it baffles an alms group. it follows as strikes on tuesday against the allied democratic
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forces, part of a joint operation with the congo leaves army activists from both sides of the abortion debate have been protesting at the u. s. supreme court. it is deciding whether to uphold the mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks. nato is threatening russia with economic sanctions. if a uses force against ukraine, concerns about a military build up of the border dominated talks in latvia as capital riga, russia back separatists in east in ukraine. at least 3 taliban have been killed at iran border with afghan ashton, several iranian border guards were also injured. iranian medias reporting the violence escalated after itala. bon open fire on iranian farmers. those are the headlines now back to agitate world. ah
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with a half up to 40 a sequel now marshall i any cause though even though it's la loca, then i was left the upper left wiser. those, if any of the immune has a fall journey up. the solomon with mcclay, we still have quite a few. and i'll dial about the number i have given
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a few women. there's not much of blood in missouri, elliana almost quite a few time slot. and that's after fled the librium of them, but that over misery, bottle fuel for some air with them. i kind of the feeling can when i check the flu shot on them. well, just mac and have them contact softly. daniel individual and i tried to some of them i, we have a who has been caught down. it must be allowed with bob name, a level of the level. but what the, the bottom shot that must have with the why leave it got into a half will beloved over hello. just still a community come i shayla had come on us the should get a new job and possible costs with you
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a long. i'm good to show value i live here. so one of the of the head of the i know by sure just make it look like a job. the boost natural. good luck, sick. but salvage my head schafer. and this one a little how 101 list on multiple optimal level one. but another one when you got to a phase though, when you uh huh. ah, ah said that would that be a mil burnett, a melvin abilene high husband. we have war but then at that number, when i mean, is she doing nanny ballard? alma helene he come on us to she. mom been in being stoba. i will stay but lots of somebody out. i'll be
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a millionaire or flood though. i let mom good luck. have the law got this law bought on a on it? as i 40 on the bus gun i is up while she is a shall leave beula humphrey someplace. martha, that min huh. alicia feels good when i'm would you infeasible? high blood sentilia caliah? fiddling that i live i will, and samuel for that there was a hell, i'm not lazy a fatal hold on with. c with, with, with my mom, i'm home you know, you move in the message. i
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am with her you. if, even if he suddenly i mean duck and lisa melissa and with the full, i sure. be sure a william by the end of the will look at it. okay. the eyes of has i will. okay. i have with hello. hello for the new can you help in this in mind? body of mozilla. i'll tell you how much fall in the middle of give to plunder from the bulk of karma. give t t for keep his house. i li, i didn't. becky, mom i would have to go back on. i'm off. is that under the militia? how to sit there with me, but anyway, i'm with the hope a sofa, a
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blue gabby with tech la, sorta. yeah. yeah. the fun. we other stuff, lennox said i had a, you know, the enough was his chavez saudi leather. up above was she'll be a demo. so if you could little wi fi, i saw that one that i did off. i'll be able to cut off. i my mother mobile will in nor who are probably if i can put a block in wilma louise run with if you have the loaner be day thought of a car math in fil awesome. and nausea, low. so does you, is that a hi stephen? mad you her as for the time that he lathered the j u middle of a bar, believe the feel of god let danny rabo heard the he let my heart out of the you how
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the approval for b, but i can avoid gabby gabby, her the lock lock, but you have if he ignore you g saw the nurse with a nurse, he saw a 5th alarm at the last last year or law. he lasha you a hug my mother in law and the fact that will be here. charles will be here for me. with a hand with no who will come to had eve, damien murphy, sure. the insurance when it is an enemy and should have had a medical yeah. and hayes. i had him with jim. i have agree with my head of south it is man in the right it, dana bradley, marianna,
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hellena. she if you want for watkins man at $1230.00, i'm a funny and it will let him walk into the class. and i'm sure mister car fiscal year, we couldn't, we couldn't see it. i wish i'm not wednesday or friday. that was the most from the costume theater. american computer isn't jewish within the field. one irish, everybody will know. he has a careless meaning to be met. feed can even increase. does she do in that interview? we barnaby. so what am ally ally was saying? he had a little missouri eagle and along with her going on and hadn't long with
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it in the and the women becky had to hagi. but what and hannibal as a man, is he a fitness, fitness law out of ear? fitness death deficit is yet from her for her to like mother ma'am, have a machine with him with tea. and the queen. lemme is out of he, sophia, what, why did make a judy that, that if i had a b t a laughable letter van attended maddie, the little mother and philosophers ready and am a bad enough lord am and pan our head missing a sudden a phone dock fair for i mean al movie for, for to 0. 5 love famine for hummus wouldn't come. moderation. madam so community out of short for saddle or my dad is a cover, were maneuver yet this had been a colleen, homely been a do any lamina with the deep m as monica, ged it up the 20 kilman dunaway duct facility name that are sick to me it's coming
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up of what when mother i have to leave can only when i said we own if significant the talent on sawyer and it dr. m. m into for me. my wife needs a letter. if his wife needs the letter as soon sanity accent as hell, her 1st need to know if a student 13th anyway. i'm excited to see him who is a visually stop any still why? we shouldn't have been we'll see. we'll look and seen from me. m a r k. now in
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almost it almost me in hegan probably know. we had the short open and the yeah. looks only ok clearly. alyssa, mat kayla, city, a city police, a mechanic. unless done any had any. i'm sitting with visiting. believe me. i do you have a lot. i mean i didn't, i didn't either one another. i was a lackey to end up with these. yeah. yeah, we had a couple do i need a little complex and i ski lessons that i would have missed had them really wanna
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have them in i lay low mother to be a no a phenomenal. any of the v is not allowed. 100 it is the one of them out was on a, was that year 1 dollar 50 and we'll start officials off a c, y, a
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r a, b, e man e u b a r a y one of the a k with a loaner car loan number, they're going to show you why here a was all that a, yeah, a while to have an interview with linda with as long as he and that in of us in how you the and t m. and the you can kind of certainly one must allow you to sort out. and shahida is a full b, or cultural and adamant about manners. leave a mess and they give you
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a call again in lemme lemme and you've been hammond what i'm going to say that maybe a 10 year old teddy is away. and i would say how sad i've been to the it is and the lady at the sat and when you're leaning, he does stuff. not enough in san fran. no, nothing can envision you. she and kitty lay with mr. adam way dead. yeah, it as a way this with somebody in san g a, we'll see that i would all sit that we're getting out better than let's give it another session. it in, in an landominium and seen as the central to the silicon daemon had enrolled happening almost. and the daemon chauffeur was to give her she knew him and a nurse my home out the home door,
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montane the nurse who has m v nurse never stuckey on. i'm suggestion of leg label. now my my fish has, i'm the fishing, my fish hammer. damon, m animal a with
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a you to do a lot of money and then should i ask when i had that a minute that it's yes just for lease fee. it could be why dental wait a otherwise debt was a lucky. so if we can and, and what i did, i had a member and you know, said need to come in. she hasn't shot left. and then you and adam, i think that was regina. any influence to other bassetti and apple edition and william g and the letter quote, and then what he did yet. yeah. i'm right. equal to had that's anything but it became written am ah,
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a whole ah a nurse at the in miss lisa new food and i'm looking for a year. but it but i left them with me
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with a little what to be of what he said. he said, he said with tell america much actual number stella with a facility in the you ladies ah, wish
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a palestinian social and political campaigner in iceland. she became the 1st woman here to speak about human rights, or in the friend at american dutch business woman who's built a multi $1000000.00 business, but helps disadvantage young people in the netherlands. nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. all does it a world meets to are of women who become successful away from home arabs abroad, the activist on the alter buena, on all disease. ah . with
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hello good to be with you. here's our headlines for the americas. we've got a reprieve coming. finally, for canada as west coast and the pacific northwest dry conditions, vancouver hyatt, 7 degrees, and look at this warmth, we have 4 billions montana 90. we could break more than 40 records across central and western parts of the us. temperatures are also on the rise for the east coast is while new york 13 degrees. but this disturbing cindy atlantic, it's going to swoop into nova scotia, cape breton island, and newfoundland. so whites and wendy conditions and we got a swath of snow moving across quebec as well. con conditions for the u. s. se temperatures here really nice atlanta at 22 degrees, and some of that warmth. we are talking about dan for 23, while above average temperature in los angeles has come down just a bit. a run of rain to be expected for the yucatan peninsula, plaguing can coon or take our foot off the pedal for heavy rain. for coaster again, panama still going to be some range. it's not falling at the same intensity over
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the last few days. bursts of rain through the amazon base st bogota. it's got a high of 20 degrees. that stormy weather we saw for this southeast of brazil mostly pushes out toward that south atlantic, but still the risk of some showers for rio de janeiro on thursday. but what happens in new york. 1 has implications all around the world to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday people, the mayor of the city and now said you doing way with the curfew. that was supposed to get everybody. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in. and then pulling back out again, a mass pro democracy movement, violent crackdowns assassinations and you imposed sanctions. all talk takes in the struggle that ensued from the 2020 bella routine presidential elections. that shook the country, self proclaimed dictators seat of power. and now new tactics,
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migrants, people in power investigates the humanitarian disaster unraveling on europe's borders and asks what's next. and the button for bella. bruce on a jesse eda ah south africa daily corona virus cases double to more than 8500 in a day. the u. s. records, it's 1st case the new on the chrome very ah . on hasn't seek this is agitated, alive from the host. coming up. the women's tennis association suspends all tournaments in china, over consent for play upon shrine. therapy and union unveils the
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$340000000000.00 plan to rival china's belton road infrastructure project.


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