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[000:00:00;00] ah, the u. s. identifies its 1st case of all may crohn in a traveler from south africa. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera live from. so how also coming up the women's tennis association suspends all tournaments in china? i have a concern for player punch. why? the european union? i'm barrels at $340000000000.00 plan to rival china's belton road infrastructure project. and the debate that's divided the u. s. for years the supreme court, he's arguments on
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a portion right. ah . hello and welcome to the program almost a week, after all, alerting the world of a new coven 19 variant. south africa's daily corona virus cases have doubled in a single day. about 3 quarters of the 8 and a half 1000 cases. a thought to be the only cron variant, the un secretary general has called the travel bands. many countries have imposed on southern african countries. deeply, unfair and ineffective. these is a very strong good people that are launch a pupil common sense. we have the instruments to have safe travel. let's use those instruments to avoid this kind over allow me to say travel upper part of which i think is an acceptable european commission. president ursula, of underlying his calling on the
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a year to consider mandatory vaccinations to help fight the rise in cases. several . a you nations have announced a booster shots and plans to vaccinate children. the only con variant has now been reported in at least 24 countries. the u. s. has reported its 1st case rob reynolds reports from los angeles. a traveler from san francisco is the 1st known person in the us to contract the omicron variant of coven. 19. the individual was a traveler who returned from south africa on november the 22nd, and tested positive. on november the 29th. the individual is self quarantining and all close contacts have been contacted. the person was fully vaccinated and experienced mild symptoms and is said to be getting better. this individual has not been hospitalized the individuals that, that this individuals come into contact with. i have not tested positive yet to our knowledge. ah, and
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a we are hopeful of for recovery and expect nothing less. according to the world health organization, the variant has spread through at least 24 countries. since the 1st cases were found in botswana, it should not surprise us. this is what viruses do. and it's what despite has been continued to do as long as we allow it to continue spreading, but remains unknown about omicron. we don't know how infectious it is, although there is a strong likelihood that it is more infectious than delta. we don't know how sick it will make people with that has been studied furiously right now across the world . pharmaceutical companies are working to tweak the existing vaccines to give people protection from oma kron. in the meantime, the biden administration has ramped up testing capability nationwide,
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and is even more strongly urging on vaccinated people to get the sharp season. the best protection against army kron is getting a booster shot right now. about a 135000000 americans are eligible for booster. but only about 40000000 have gotten one thus far. countries including the u. s. japan e u members and the u. k. have all imposed travel restrictions in an effort to slow the spread of omicron, but as the world knows all too well, the virus recognizes no borders. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, the women's tennis is, i see, and she has suspended all of its tournaments in china. it says the decision was made due to concerns about the safety of former devils world at number one punch. why? she is. she accused a politician of sexual assault that me to a head said plays and staff could face risks in china. yeah, cha wong is
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a senior research at human rights watch. she's applauding the decision. so much respect because this is what standing up for human rights in china. looks like this is what integrity looks like. this is what leadership looks like. i mean, we saw the video clips and pictures of her mining, but we have not heard from her directly. she has not talked to her friends, not ok. press conference. she has not spoken directly. so i would say, you know, she's alive. she lives in beijing or whether she's safe, whether she's, you know, the way we can't tell. i absolutely hope that a more international course organizations, international businesses will follow suit follow w t lead than ever like in china and not be complicit if human rights violations in china, especially i'll say the international olympic committee who participated in this
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public and the video was shot, it's really shameful. we've seen that 40 year from engagement with china. what had come out of it is crime, spoke to hong kong in serious crocodiles, in credit against humanity. she appears correct out in hong kong. now i've been disappear. she's a huge star and she can be disappeared, so that it's definitely not working. so we do something differently. the south crane and us defense, james, have met and sold to strengthen their decades long military alliance. the aims to count in china's growing assertiveness in the region and north korea nuclear threats. earlier this week, the u. s. announced it will permanently deploy an attack helicopter squadron and artillery units in south korea. the european union has launched a $340000000000.00 scale to rival china's vast and influential belt and road initiative. the venture will say, investment in digital technology transport and energy projects. european commission
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president is live on the line, says the project will provide a true alternative for major investment in infrastructure development around the world. we want to take a different approach. we want to show that a democratic value driven approach can deliver on the most pressing challenges we want to show that it can on one hand, meet not local needs. but also on the other hand, to tackle the global challenges we have. and thus, in a way also of course benefit the european union. because global gateway is also about our strategic interests around the world. it's a new strategic approach to investment scott morris. he's a senior fellow at the center for global development. he says it has the potential to improve overall standards of projects in developing countries. i think it holds
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the promise and at least in the rhetoric of our we hear about higher quality projects. i think the devil will be in the details for that. i think there is an important challenge and kind of the frankly, also with other countries in the united states, even japan, that it may be that there's a lot of new money shaping, relatively few projects. it can be very hard to do the very large multimillion dollar instructor projects in developing countries, particularly in an environment as we see today where, where the deb risks are quite high and a large number of countries. i think there will be a challenge in part of just catching up with china, been chasing after the same project with, with multiple countries and the sponsors. we know very well. now the
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chinese approaches play was with key problems and the lack of transparency is one of them. there is every day we. ready learn about particularly dep problems and countries where there wasn't even an awareness of an underlying load and the chinese eventually came to like. so i think it is right to go after the weaknesses of chinese financing and pointing to a better approach, particularly as a way potentially to bring chinese standards up. women across the us have had a constitutional rights to abortions since $973.00. but a new case before the supreme court could lead to abortions becoming a legal once again in many states. odyssey was hydra castro reports. for nearly 5 decades, women have been able to get abortions in the united states, thanks to a decision made within these marveled halls. now, a new panel, a supreme court justices,
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is revisiting that decision and could take it all back. it's heartbreaking to think that ro could get overturned and ro has always been the floor and never the feeling that i want to live in a country where every single person can have access to health care. that would mean saving the lives of so many question and sheltering, who are voiceless, are unable to defend themselves, and they're relying on us with the abortion case before the court comes from mississippi, where the conservative state legislature wants to ban nearly all abortions after 15 weeks well, before viability lower courts have ruled the ban unconstitutional. but now the supreme court with its new 63 conservative majority will have the final word. president trump appointed 3 justices that he, that he promised would overrule roe vs wade. but there is no reason there is no constitutional basis to overturn nearly 50 years of president during the hearing.
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liberal justice is voice concerned. the court's legitimacy was at stake. will this institution survive the stench that this create in the public perception that the constitution and it's reading or just political acts. but many conservative states are viewing this moment as the most opportune in a generation to attack abortion access for about to make it law live in. after more than $100.00 state level restrictions this year alone, including a texas ban on abortions after just 6 weeks of pregnancy that way. but that's nothing compared to what may happen if the supreme court overturns ro, if the court were to do that, it would mean that states across the country that have that of enacted so called trigger bands that would ban abortion at the moment that row was overturned, whole show,
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the majority of america support as fast to abortion. these protesters organized by the women's minds are in circling the supreme. i had a voice a 3rd, while testers on the anti above, inside of their own rally, this one and it looks like 15 weeks old, the child is fully born. we know that they have a central nervous system. we know that the heart is beating, so we know that this is not a convo sounds like we are lied to for so many years. the hearing lasted about 2 and a half hours. lawyers for mississippi argue the decision in roe vs wade was egregiously wrong and should be overturned. while the pro abortion side argued, a woman's liberty over her own body is at stake. the justice is line of questioning, offered few clues to how they will ultimately rule their decision is expected. in june. heidi jo castro al jazeera washington still ahead on al jazeera mass raves in bella, rues rights groups accused the government of cracking down on descent. plus i'm
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joined again raska in doha, looking at the technology, they'll keep stadiums code for the wild card. ah, ah, look forward to brighter sky's the with sponsored play cutaways. hello, there. your world's weather report begins in the middle east and right off the bat, a few things i wanted to point out. this cooler air across the la van bay root just high of 19 degrees on thursday, unsettled conditions, western areas, if you draw this includes them, showers and tedder on back to that cool air. it's going to infiltrate further toward the east kicked down temperatures in riyadh and q. wait, so let me show the next 3 days in riyadh. you go from 27 down to 21. thanks in part to a northerly wind. as while it is dr. cross pakistan, but there is the risk we may see some showers in the hall look at that was for sure . see more cloud cover,
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likely overcast day. could stay dry check back with us. we'll keep on top of that after turkey and myoma, temperatures have come down here. thanks to that vigorous, cool french. it's a high of 8 degrees and on kara and seeing some showers pop in around the g. and so is near showers for you with the highest 19 central africa right now. bursts of heavy rain through the democratic republic of congo rate into gab on libra vill. i've $28.00 degrees in a band of rain, stretch from southern and go into the northeast of namibia, southern central areas of botswana and rate along the east coast of south africa, including 4, johannesburg, some brain for you. that's it. see you soon. oh, the weather sponsored by katara ways. there was since i was a little boy in india, my dream was to make bollywood fence. so finally i was going to do it one man's quest to realize
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a lifelong ambition. this story i chose was of my own village and good stones, permission going behind the lands as gotten sing brings his personal story to life . al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood. oh ah. and are you watching out his ear? i'm emily anguish, reminder of our top stories this hour. south africa's daily corona virus cases have dabbled to more than 8500 in a day. most of the infections of thought to be the new quote at 19 variance. the u . s. has reported its 1st on the chronic pain. the women's tennis association has
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suspended all its tournaments in china. the decision was made over concerns for the welfare of formidable world number one punch. why should accused a form of ice premier of sexual assaults and was not seen in public for more than 2 weeks. and the european union has launched a $340000000000.00 game to rival china's belton road initiative. european commission president as love underlined, described as a true alternative. it involves investments in digital technology, transport, and energy. nato is threatening russia with economic sanctions if it uses any force against ukraine. concerns about a russian military build up on the ukrainian border dominated to days of talks in lapierre. capital riga, russia, meanwhile, is demand and guarantees from nato that it won't expand its troop deployment to any closer to the russian border. the conflict in east in ukraine has killed almost
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14000 people in the past seventies. in the future, russian aggression would come at the high price, up serious political and economic consequences for russia. georgia on ukraine, our longstanding and close natal partners contributing o 2 emissions on operations on the sparring for a membership ministers made clear that we stand by our decisions. our support for the 70 to total integrity remains on the way bring and we remain committed to enhance our support to both countries. embedded smith has the latest reaction out of moscow rushes activity and build up along the border with ukraine continues with the 2nd time they've done that this year. and russia now says some $10000.00
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troops are going to be involved in winter maneuvers coming soon. those maneuvers at 30 different locations in russia building that includes a long eastern part of ukraine. russia's border with ukraine and bella, russia's southern border with ukraine as well. so russia is keeping up the pressure on ukraine and on, nate. so as it goes, as particularly as a lot of goes for a meeting with antony blink and install come on thursday. human rights group say, all sorry, he's in bella rhodes. have righty the homes of dozens of journalists and activists will the 800 people are reportedly already in prison for political reasons. since the government crackdown last year. step bass and reports from valerie says capital means not collided. blogger and comedian fatty mattie was arrested last august when he had a meeting with teenagers about the new skateboard track,
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he was sentenced to 25 days for organizing a sports event. and i'll face his serious charges like insulting the president and promoting extremist activities that could keep him in prison for years when you will bill up, but he has 46000 subscribers, but he's not a politician. he's a person who loves and respects the truth. he's a lawyer by education and an honest kind person. i believe such people should be cherished. when i heard his sentence, i asked the investigator, if you are arresting these kinds of people, what kind of society we're going to live in a question many and bella, who are asking as the country, continues to faith awake of arrests on wednesday homes of dozens of journalism after this and at least 9 cities were rated. and what seems to be the biggest one day club down in month does all in response to mass protests against the election fraud last year. lucas shanker recently admitted that many were arrested, then have been tortured per month protests. a school for change was loud and clear here at this monument. it meant that if it's been silenced,
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and many have fled bellows on living in fear. this is a country controlled by one man, and many say given the crackdown after the election and the recent michael and crisis, it's clear that people do anything to stay in power. someone who has not been silenced is maria colette sneak over at the forefront of election protests. yes. and i'll be in jail for 11 years for aiming to overthrow the state. that freedom is the most important thing is something my generation did not understand. now i know what my daughters are doing, what young people are doing is what we should have done from prison. his daughter communicate through postcards they took, maria knows in our family. we love to beatles. she sent me regard from harrison from mccartney last week over. hi spirit. despite her prison sentence has inspired many and bellows, she famously rip up her passport to avoid deportation. i really wish that europe
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and the rest of the world would give all or for political prisoners, high priority. i'm sure most of the people, maria friends, my whole family, we all long in for change and it will come. but for now, the crackdown on bella, russian society continues. recently this magazine for healthy living was banned one of 270 civil organizations that have been shut down. still 75 year old activists, nina parkins guy, he had during last years demonstrations refuses to concede. the protest movement has lost to where you soon the regime has betrayed its people. 100 percent. i'm sad about what's happened, but i still believe at the end of the day, like all other empires. this one supported by moscow will collapse, as well, pretty much blogger, fatty mattie, and hundreds of other prisoners. this moment can come soon enough. steadfast and al
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jazeera in minsk tanks and other heavy machinery have been seen crossing into democratic republic of congo. as uganda steps up attacks against an armed group, it launched a joint campaign against the allied democratic forces with the con glaze army on tuesday. malcolm webb explain the ugandan troops tanks and armored vehicles as cross the border into democratic republic of congo. the 2 governments say they're going to hunt down an armed group called the allied democratic forces or atf. he can the government blame the a t. s a 3 suicide bombings, kansas capital can paula. 2 weeks ago, several people died. dozens were injured is not the 1st time you've gotten his army has been in congo. it invaded 25 years ago, along with wonder. it's been accused of plundering minerals and meddling on and off ever since. we've seen in the past that you've gotten the, has not always had the best interest of the common least population in mind,
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nor that it really one to stabilize the eastern d r c. but what we see now is, but apparently president katie has given the green light to this operation, which gives it a bit of a different character than previous intervention by the ugandans in easton d r. c. the adf originated in uganda. in the 1990s for 3 decades is hayden, when the forest of ethan congos, profiting from timber and minerals, why 2 years ago he pledged the legions to i so extensive. the connection isn't clear. in recent years, it's become notorious for massacring thousands of civilians in the villages around the city of benny. people of north keyvi province, a tired of the violence. congress army said it would stop the killings. it introduced martial law in the region 6 months ago. but i haven't worked, that's why some people and now welcoming the ugandan armies arrival of those a skeptical, the 1st thing the relation is looking for his protection. they want them to,
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to end. and that can be only possible if the protection of civilian is the 1st objective are not clear how easily the adf can be flushed out of its forest high downs, or how long you've gone to nami plans to stay. malcolm web al jazeera, the african champions, algeria thrashed sudan by 4 goals, and the 2nd day of the fif arab cup one of the other tournament favorites. egypt had a much tough, a time against lebanon, as andy richardson, to set suspends, hoping that seems, will be making a return journey to cancel this time. next year. egypt face a playoff for a wilk of sport in march, while lebanon still when the chance of reaching the finals for the 1st time in
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history. the one percent of hope for the people, something to enjoy. because everything goes is bad at the moment. open, you will have something to enjoy in the country and the open. yeah, it's going to be great events. everyone's waiting for it since like ages ago in the i feel it's going to do like a big sound in the world's going to really have a great, great impression for their people. it's wonderful what, what they did is a marvelous job is amazing. you know, we could expect, but this is, this is i think is going to be, i'm sure i'm, i don't think i am sure it's going to be one of the best word cups and ever done. egypt to rules and inexperience seem to catch up the european base stars, including liverpool mohammed feller weren't released to play in this tournament. that sinusoid hole in the gyptian attack looked all to evidence during
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a goal. this 1st half turned away the line. the breakthrough came from the penalties book with the goal that we decided the game one know the final school. and this event only gets tough lebanon, with african champions, algeria next in line for them. both these countries are using this arab cup, his preparation for biggest things to come. egypt will start 2020 through the africa cup of nations, and the hope to finish it back here in capital at the world cup. as for lebanon, well, they'll kick off the new year with full welcome, qualifies, decide if they're staying with a chance of reaching their 1st ever welcome and the richardson al jazeera. so how morocco are the writing arab kept champions? they opened with a formula victory over palestine. let's have a look at some of the go that sheree has gone so oh, the special god is very special from hollywood, haiti made she b,
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delivers and unlocked in the center. no mistake with the finish. cd has go hand found the bottom corner, brilliantly and to morocco captain makes no mistake. a cool penalty to put morocco o goes up against palestine. when cause i was awarded the 2022 world camp. it promised a condition stadiums to cape players and fans, coal. joanna gas raska went to mate a man behind the gram breaking technology at dough house out bank stadium. before the bid we have, you have a air air conditioner, stadiums in kata said the stadium is one of them. so it was mark one for us and we learned a lot of a lot of things. we've done computer simulation. so this,
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before we went in there, we finalized the design, we, we, we put the stadium in a, in a, in a virtual environments which the computer. and we're simulated every 2nd for the last 30 years, the weather, weather file for door. and we, we saw the amount of cooling, where that, which areas with the stadium would be affected. and after that, we printed the stadium 3 dimensional, using 3 dimensional printers. and we'll put it in a wind tunnel. and again, we looked at how the plan form of the stadium externally will affect the inside of the stages than we just walked into this area here, where it's very cold and windy. tell me about the technology that you're using. so these, these, so those there with that design channel, the distance between the end of the nozzles and the start of the, of the field. so the field to say that is one of the most important pieces or elements within, within the stadium. and you have to have a very healthy grass for the safety of the players and at the same time,
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grass legs a dry, dry, a little bit of a dryer. otherwise you lynn has diseases like most some things. so how do you balance it when you've got a stadium like this? you've got half of the stadium in the sun here, and then half in the shade. how do you balance the temperature? i mean, we have a lot of sense is dotted around around the stadium. to give me the temperature, air temperature, radiation and the amount of images do we have. and then we have a, yeah, big computer room that will look into balancing all these elements in order to gain around 20 to 20 degrees c as one of the messages of say, well, copies to be sustainable. some of you might be concerned about air conditioning, such a massive stadium. how do you balance the sustainability with a valid concern when not cooling the whole stadium where i'm only cooling, a small boundary layer at the top of the grass and at the top of spectators. and this air is all the time recycle is not like i'm pulling air from 40 degrees c or
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42 degrees c and push it back in the stadium. we're using the same air and call it and re quote it again. and at the same time, what was done is we looked at having the best computers, her control algorithms, and control as using sensory as well in order to make sure that we're doing it as a sustainable as possible. aah! and are you watching out here? and these are the stories were following the sour south africa's daily corona virus cases have dabbled to more than 8500. most of the infections are thought to be from the only con variant. it's now been reported in at least 24 countries. the u. s is


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