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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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molasses curse that is hurting their interests and that's why they remain on the streets. al jazeera has teens on the ground. there have been man being an immediate restoration off the civilian government to when you move award winning documentaries and live news. ah, corona virus case is double in a day in south africa as a new only con, variance spreads. ah, her, you're watching al jazeera alive from day. how would me fully betty ball also coming up tanks and military vehicles crossing to democratic republic of congo as uganda repairs a ground offensive against an arm school? the women's tennis association suspends old tournaments in china over concerned for player peng, shy and warnings of
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a worsening humanitarian crisis. the un says one in 29 people will need assistance in 2022. thank you for joining us. the new or me con variant is fueling an increase in the daily number of crone of ours cases in south africa. south africa was the 1st country to identify omicron, the number of reported 19 code 19 cases. there has doubled in a day. scientists say the new strain was in europe before it was detected in south africa. let's get the latest from famine miller, who joins us from johannesburg family to a worry increase seat in covered 19 cases in south africa. it certainly is worrying for, for the government here that 80000 people tested positive for the corona virus in the last 24 hours. and as you mentioned that has doubled from the previous day. and
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whereas the doubt of variance had been the dominant one in the months before this. this concern that that would now be on the army con variant. the concern from doctors in south africa is that amongst the 500 people who have been admitted to hospitals, and that number is still relatively low. is that 10 percent of those admissions are of young children and at one of the largest hospitals in johannesburg, in coating which has the highest number of coven 19 infections, the people coming into that hospital, the majority of them all over the age of 50. and i'm not vaccinated, so the issue around the lack of vaccine uptake will pull up. take is one that continues to worry, the south african government. but also they say that they are ready for what they say is the early stages of the 4th wave in south africa. and what about vaccination rates? founder is there concern that the low rate of vaccination is contributing to this
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spike? that is certainly a concern given that scientists have said that, as long as people aren't vaccinated, we're more likely to see mutations of the coven, 19 of virus, and till africa. the moment has about a 41 percent rate of vaccination of adults. people who've received at least one job that goes down to about 35 percent of people who received 2 doses of a vaccine. the government had aimed for to vaccinate around $300000.00 people a day hoping that 70 percent of the population will be vaccinated by the end of the year. it hasn't reached that target on tuesday about a 175000 people who are vaccinated. there has been a slight increase in the number of people coming in for that job. the government authorities and people observing it said that yes, they have been spooked by this new variant and are concerned about not being protected. and that might see a rise in the number of people wanting to get vaccinated, but for now it's
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a wait and see approach. but the government said to me, urging people to go out and also contemplating a mandatory vaccination policy, especially in the new year with regard to places like universities and public spaces is what is public transport such a new one that the government might find they could face resistance on but one that they are considering quite seriously. coming to thank you for the update family to miller live for us there in johannesburg. now the only crohn very and has the head of the european commission urging you members states to consider making over 1900 vaccination is mandatory where we challenges in london with more on the search across europe. farm occur on his speaking europe, with the delta variance, the continent is already the global epicenter of the kobe pandemic. again, lead is worried. what extra was the new variance may bring despite hastily enforce travel restrictions. so sama considering new policies like legally mandating
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citizens to get vaccinated. i think it is understandable and appropriate to lead this discussion. now how we can encourage and potentially think about mandatory vaccination and within the european union, this needs discussion. a 3rd of e, you citizens, a 150000000 people remained on vaccinated to many police found a land in order. what science tells us already is that full vaccination and boosters provide the strongest protection against comment that is available now. others are heading that way to austria is bringing a mandatory vaccinations for over eighteens in february. and this is the man replacing anglo merkel as germany's chancellor basil if they were up. cuz what we need is a legislative procedure where every member of parliament votes according to his or her conscience on a general mandatory vaccination, germans,
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it's horn about it. king the infant finished on as or i'm against mandatory vaccination is i think everyone should be able to decide for themselves as i'm from . so i skipped in the beginning, i was skeptical because i believe everyone should be able to decide for their own body. but now, unfortunately, it appears there's no other way out of this pandemic, one country that is very unlikely to go down the route to mandatory vaccinations is the united kingdom. yes, the priest, a program is now being extended to anyone over the age of 18. but the government rejected the idea of vaccination passports, and even just making face masks mandatory again on public transport and in shops are the past 3 parliament with much grumbling and abstaining from conservative m. p . 's without crohn. there are 3 big questions without answers yet. how transmissible is it, how severe is it? and how well will the current vaccines work?
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there is still a lot of uncertainty around on the crown, and this data will come in and there are scientists around the world that are studying this. but there's no indication to suggest that the vaccines won't work, even if there is a reduction in efficacy. it's still better to have the vaccine because it will save your life. the w h. i says everything that is being done to combat delta, the dominant strain worldwide should be applied, am strengthen for omicron, and in the days to come, we should know better. what we're dealing with, rory collins, how does era london pakistan has announced it will provide covert 19 booster shots to health care workers. and people aged over 50. come on, hire has more in this from islamic bonds, so far over 50000000 people in budget. don have been fully vaccinated and that of course means that just a little over 22 percent of the population. the recognition dr. rich del, on, and children over grad, after the age of 18 will also now be getting fired their shock by day or concern
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regarding the new radio and of go over 19. and that of god has the alarm bell ringing here and focused on according to the planning minister. it is now a question of week if not a month before dish wide is lounge on august on the story. and focused on radical association had worn that the government much de usually in order to mitigate the threat of the new radiance. and i've got means that there will be strict are controlled on the entry points on the airport. and also your needs have been a while to come forward if they have not yet received those vaccines. of culture travel ban which are in place for hong kong. and take out the african countries because of the great of the wider spreading from their budget on of golf. now going into action more judge week and it will be up to the performance of the government
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. how it gulps with this new trait of covered 90, radian in the world news u. s. secretary of state antony blank in has warned russia to pull back, had strokes from the ukrainian border or face painful sanctions. concerns about a russian military build up on the border dominated to days of nature talks in that yes, capital riga, the kremlin, is demanding guarantees from nato that his troops won't get closer to the border with russia. the morning comes as russian and u. s. officials as scheduled to meet in the coming hours in recent weeks, we've also observed a massive spike more than tenfold in social media activity, pushing anti ukranian propaganda, approaching levels last seen in the lead up to russians invasion of ukraine in 2014 . now we don't know whether president putin has made the decision to invade, we do know that he is putting in place the capacity to do so. on short order.
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should he so decide? so despite uncertainty about intentions and timing, we must prepare for all contingencies. while working to see to it that russia reverses course, uganda is increasing is deployment of truth in neighboring democratic republic of congo to fight an armed group. at launch a joint campaign with the congress army on tuesday against the allied democratic forces known as the adf began to blames the group for 3 suicide bombings in its capital compiler. last month, let's bring in markham wipers monitoring the situation for us from neighboring kenya. his live in will be mark and what's the latest you're hearing about this offensive against the adf? for what we heard from eye witnesses in the suicide video from the board? or is it soldiers did cross on 1st? on tuesday and wednesday there was some tanks on the vehicles and trucks carrying more tubes that also crossed. and what we've just said to show how to go from
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a right great, just north of the city of benny, anything, congo? there's been an attack on a truck about sunset. on wednesday, 3 people were killed according to this rights group and others abducted and taken to the bush. he suspected by rights that the adf was responsible for this. certainly what we do now is over the last month we've been a whole series of attacks along this road on bypass is trucks, buses, other passengers, and it's a key transport link connecting north tv province waited. so we probably, of course, this is moving going on while you've gotten the military over the border. i've been preparing to enter the congo. they've been very weak. it's not month now to do this . and then just in the last couple of day, the course that tanks have been rolling across. let's take a look. it's our report. ugandan troops, tanks and armored vehicles have crossed the border into democratic republic of
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congo. the 2 government se going to hunt down an armed group called the allied democratic forces, or atf. he can the government blame the adf for 3 suicide bombings in kansas capital come parlour. 2 weeks ago, several people died. dozens were injured. it's not the 1st time you've gotten his army has been in congo. it invaded 25 years ago along with wonder. it's been accused of plundering minerals and meddling on and off ever since. we've seen in the past that you've gotten the has not always had the best interest of the kimberly's population in mind, nor that it really one to stabilize the eastern d or c. but what we see now is, but apparently president g security has given the green light to this operation, which gives it a bit of a different character than previous intervention by the ugandans in easton d r. c. the adf originated in uganda. in the 1990s for 3 decades is hayden, when the forest of eastern congos,
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profiting from timber and minerals wines 2 years ago, he pledged the legions to i so well that the extent of the connection isn't clear. in recent years, it's become notorious for massacring thousands of civilians in the villages around the city of any people of north keyvi province. a tired of the violence congress army said it would stop the killings. it introduced martial law in the region 6 months ago. but i haven't worked, that's why some people are now welcoming the ugandan armies arrival. others, a skeptical, the 1st thing that the relation is looking for is protection. they won't the mother to, to end. and that can be only possible if the prediction of civilian is the 1st object to not clear how easily the adf can be flushed out of its forest high doubts, or how long you've gone to nami plans to stay. you've
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got those invaded eastern congress twice before in 1996 again in 1998. and they've been there several times in the to see the lord's resistance. army also few the, the allied democratic forces and they've been accused of supporting rebel groups in east in congo ever since the international court of justice actually ruled during the $98.00 to 2003 war that you got there was responsible for plundering billions of dollars worth of mineral congress still trying to perceive $14000000000.00 worth of reparations from uganda for its role in the conflict. not just one of the reasons that many people are skeptical about you got into coming back into the congo. once again malcolm, thank you very much for that. malcolm web live for a say in nairobi and still ahead on al jazeera, mass raids in bellville slice groups, accused the government of packing down on distance and the debate that divided the us with his arguments. when abortion
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ah with more rain on the way for flood stricken areas of northern spain. hello everyone. let me show you this picture. we've also got snow through the parent ease as well, and a lot of this what weather is driving down into northern africa. we'll talk more about that in a 2nd unsettled conditions across the valley. eric's as well, but i do want to take you to italy, weather alerts out because we're going to see the rain pile up for central parts of the country. this includes for rome, also unsettled for the other side of the adria exceeds some bursts of rain to be expected. here, we'll call it most star right through into dubrovnik. that western side of greece is also going to get some of this driving rain filter in over the aegean. same goes for turkey is scattering of showers for is marin bio. my temperature is across
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turkey have dropped with that cold front on korea 8 degrees c that when pick up through the boss 1st, but nothing like we saw just a few days ago. take it to north western europe right now, that cold ra northwind really driving down temperatures. and we've got snow swirling around the baltic states weather alerts out here too for a lot via just looking at some icey conditions and snow really plaguing some of these parts over to north africa. right now, some heavy rain northern morocco into northern algeria. alger is the high of 14, that's it, see soon, ah, in the country with an abundance of results. trade, foreign walk, indonesia whose turns forming we moved full to growth and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let it be pot linda. this is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now, lou ah, they're watching al jazeera live from doha. a reminder of our top stories. health experts in south africa says the only con variant is fueling an increase in daily cove. $9000.00 cases, south africa was a 1st country to identify. the variant for scientists say was in europe before flight bands were introduced against southern african countries. u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin has warned russia to pull back his tubes from the ukrainian
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border or free sanctions. the warning comes as us secretary of state and the russian foreign minister are due to me to him a coming hours. and uganda is increasing its deployment of troops in neighboring democratic republic of congo to fight the armed who lives democratic forces. uganda blames the adf for 3 suicide bombings in its capital come pallor last month. and the women's tennis association has suspended all of his tournaments in china. it says it made the decision because of concerns about the safety of former doubles world. number one, peng shy, she accused a politician of sexual assault and wasn't seen in public for nearly 3 weeks. there concerns for how free she is. the head of the w t. a said players and staff could face risks in china. beijing has just responded saying it opposes palletization of sports. yeah. q wong is a senior researcher at human rights watch. she's a building b, w t a's decision. so much respect because this is what standing
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up for human rights in china looks like this is what integrity looks like. this is what leadership looks like. i mean, we saw the video clips and her picture from her mining, but we have not heard from her directly. she has not talked to her friends, not ok. press conference. she has not spoken directly. so i would say, you know, she's alive. she lives in beijing or whether she's safe, whether she's, you know, the way we can't tell. i absolutely hope that a more international organizations, international businesses will follow suit follow w t leaders than ever like in china and not be complicit in human rights violations in china, especially, i'll say the international olympic committee who participated in this public and the video was shot it's really shameful. we've seen that 40 year from engagement
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with china. what had come out of it is crime, spoke to you, hong kong in serious crack goes in crimes against humanity. she appears correct out in hong kong. now i've been disappear. she's a huge star and she can be disappeared so that it's definitely not working. so we do something differently. the united nation says it needs a record 41000000000 dollars next year to meet your monetary needs. officials expect for demand will rise in 2022, partly due to growing instability in ethiopia, ganeth son and man, mar diplomatic editor, james, phase 3. course the humanitarian situation around the world was already the worst. it's been at any time in recent years, but now the un says it's deteriorating even more. in 2022, it's estimated that 274000000 people be in need of humanitarian assistance. a 17 percent rise in the u. n. is appealing for record amount for its annual appeal.
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$41000000000.00 us dollars. do you ends on the secretary general for humanitarian affairs? martin griffith struggled when asked to name the worst crisis. i think it is the most concerning. i mean, it's a terrible thing to have to choose between. you know, places of such great need subsidized is at its worst, and they barely get to mention. you will remember when haiti had that extraordinary earthquake back in in the middle of august, it didn't make the news for that week because of course the taliban were walking into couple of that time. so it feels somewhat improper, somehow to choose among these places. in some of the humanitarian emergencies, for example, somalia, or the democratic republic of congo, the situation has been bad for decades and it's not getting any better in some places though. in 2021. notably ethiopia, mamma,
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and i've got stung. things got much worse. a flash appeal for i'm going to start in september was the success. it's now over 100 percent funded. but the collapse of the economy, coupled with the worst drought for 30 years, means much more funding is now needed. more and more afghans is struggling to survive here, selling their clothes on the street in the country where it's estimated. the price of bread has gone up 80 percent, and just a few months, james base al jazeera at the united nations. the south korean and us defense sheets have met in soul on thursday to strengthen their decades long military lines. very mean to update their contingency war plans and review their combined military command. they also plan to bring north korea back to diplomatic talks. the u. s. promise to maintain its level of truths in south korea and up on you all the secretary and i reaffirm the u. s. commitment to continue maintaining the current 4th of all of the us forces korea. furthermore, the rock in the u. s. agreed to continue cooperating in order to achieve the shared
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objective of completing the position of and establishing a permanent piece on the korean peninsula. based on the rock us alliance, there's been a peace and stability of the korean peninsula and northeast asia bundle. this elias contribute to stability throughout the endo pacific. we also reaffirmed our shared assessment that the dpr k is continuing to advance dismissal and weapons programs, which is increasingly the stabilizing for regional security. united states and the r, okay, remain committed to a diplomatic approach to the dpr k. and we continue to call upon the dpr k to engage in dialogue. human, why schools fail? saudis, in bella rules have rated the homes of dozens of journalists and activists. more than 800 people are reportedly already in prison for political reasons. since guffman crackdown last year said boston reports from bella roofs, as capital minsk collided blogger,
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and comedian faddie mattie was arrested. last august, when he had a meeting with teenagers about the new skateboard track, he was sentenced to 25 days for organizing a sports event. and i'll face his serious charges like insulting the president and promoting extremist activities that could keep him in prison for years. when you will bill up, but he has 46000 subscribers, but he's not a politician. he's a person who loves and respects the truth. he's a lawyer by education and an honest kind person. i believe such people should be cherished when i heard his sentence, i asked the investigator, if you are arresting these kinds of people, what kind of society are we going to live in a question many and bella, who are asking as the country continues to face awake of arrests on wednesday, holmes of dozens of journalism after this and at least 9 cities were rated. and what seems to be the biggest one day club down in month is all in response to mass protest against the election for last year. luca shanker recently admitted that
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many were arrested, then have been tortured for month protests with the goal for change with loud and clear here at this monument. it meant that if it's been silenced, and many have flat bellows on living in fear, this is a country controlled by one man, and many say give him the credit down after the election. and the recent micro crisis is clear that he will do anything to stay in power. some one who has not been silenced. if maria can less sneak over at the forefront of election protests, yes. and i'll be in jail for 11 years for aiming to overthrow the state. the 3, the mr. most important thing is something my generation did not understand. now i know what my daughters are doing, what young people are doing is what we should have done here from prison. his daughter communicate through postcards they took, maria knows in our family. we love to beatles. she sent me regards from harrison from mccartney. last week, over high spirits,
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despite or prison sentence has inspired many in bella, luce, she famously rip up her passport to avoid deportation. i really wish that europe and the rest of the world would give all or for political prisoners, high priority. i'm sure most of the people, maria friends, my whole family, we all long in for change and it will come. but for now, the crackdown on bella, russian society continues. recently this magazine for healthy living was banned one of 270 civil organizations that have been shut down. still 75 year old active is nina buckets guy he had during last years. demonstration refuses to concede the protest movement as last to where you soon the regime has betrayed its people. 100 percent. i'm sad about what's happened, but i still believe at the end of the day, like all other empires. this one supported by moscow will collapse as well, pretty much blogger, faddie, mattie,
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and hundreds of other prisoners. this moment can come soon enough. steadfast and al jazeera in minsk. now women across the u. s. have had a constitutional ride to abortion since 1973. but a case before the supreme court could lead to abortions becoming illegal again, in many parts of the country id, shall castro reports from washington or nearly 5 decades. women have been able to get abortions in the united states, thanks to a decision made within these marbled halls. now, a new panel, a supreme court justices, is revisiting that decision and could take it all back. it's heartbreaking to think that ro could get overturns, and ro has always been the floor and never the ceiling. but i want to live in a country where every single person can have access to health care. that would mean saving the lives of so many russian unworn children who are voiceless are un unable to defend themselves. and they're relying on us with the abortion case before the
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court comes from mississippi, where the conservative state legislature wants to ban nearly all abortions after 15 weeks. well before viability lower courts have ruled the band unconstitutional. but now the supreme court with its new 63 conservative majority will have the final word. president trump appointed 3 justices, that he's, that he promised would overrule roe vs wade. ah, but there is no reason there is no constitutional basis to overturn nearly 50 years of precedent. during the hearing, liberal justices voiced concern the courts, legitimacy was at stake. will this institution survive? this thing that this create in the public perception that the constitution and it's reading or just political acts. but many conservative states are viewing this moment as the most opportune in
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a generation to attack abortion access were about to make it law live enacted more than 100 state level restrictions this year alone, including a texas ban on abortions after just 6 weeks of pregnancy. that way, but that's nothing compared to what may happen if the supreme court overturns ro, if the court were to do that, it would mean that states across the country that have that have enacted so called trigger bands that would ban abortion. at the moment that gro was overturned, whole show, the majority of america support aspect to abortion. these protestors organized by the women's minds are in circling the supreme. i had a voice a heard while testers on the anti of inside of their own rally, one and it looks like 15 weeks old, the child is fully form. we know that they have a central nervous system. we know that the heart is beating, so we know that this is not a combo sounds like we were lied to for so many years. the hearing lasted about 2
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and a half hours. lawyers from mississippi argue the decision in roe vs wade was egregiously wrong and should be overturned. while the pro abortion side argued, a woman's liberty over her own body is at stake. the justice is line of questioning, offered few clues to how they will ultimately rule their decision is expected. in june. heidi jo, castro al jazeera washington. ah no. again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera health experts in south africa says say the only con, vibrant is shooting an increase in daily cove. at 19 cases, south africa was a 1st country to identify the very and finally demila has more from johannesburg. issue around the lack of vaccine uptake will pool uptake is one that continues to worry or the south african govern.


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