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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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somewhere else, the truth is that it goes nowhere else to go. so if you missed it online, catch it here with me. sound are gotten on al jazeera ah corn of iris cases double in a day in south africa as a new army con, very and sprites. ah, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha with me for the battle. also ahead. tanks and military vehicles crossing to democratic republic of congo as uganda repairs a ground offensive against an armed group. the women's tennis association, suspends old tournaments in china over concern for player peng, swipe,
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and warnings of a worsening humanitarian crisis. un says one in 29 people will need assistance in 2022. the new omi con variant is fueling an increase in the daily number of current virus cases in south africa. south africa was a 1st country to identify. omicron, the number of reported corbett 19 cases. there has doubled in a day. scientists say the news train was in europe before fright. bands were introduced again, southern african countries. let's get the latest from van metre. miller, who joins us from johannesburg, a wearing increase in, in the number of cases for media in south africa. it certainly is in terms of the daily infections recorded in south africa just the day before. the daily infection rate was at about $4000.00. and now that's gone to 8500 new cases recorded in 24 hours. and what is significant is that looking at the number
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of people who have tested, the positivity rate has gone up to 16 percent. and this is really a red flag for people watching just how the army caught very and spreads in south africa. previously, the delta variant was the dominant one here. and experts are saying that they expect that the army con, vibrant, very, and draw the may lead to a higher number of people being infected in what they are calling. now, the early stages of the 4th wave of coven 19 in south africa. there is some concern around who exactly or pu, specifically is being infected. one of the largest hospitals in johannesburg, and halting province, being the epicenter of the outbreak in south africa at the largest hospital. they say that people over 50 years old are being hospitalized. but most of them are unvaccinated,
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and there's also some worry around the age of the youngest people being infected. many of them being young children, and so far about $28.00 people have died in the last 24 hours. and 200-2500 50 have been admitted to hospitals. so authorities are saying early days, but there certainly is concerned around just how badly affected south africa will be by this particular variance. is there concern from media that the no rate of vaccination is contributing to the spike in, in a number of cases? they certainly has been some reluctance by many people to have a job so far. about 41 percent of adults have had at least one job and the government's a must to vaccinate at least $300000.00 people every day hoping for a 70 percent vaccination rate. by the end of the year, they have not reached that target. we have seen an increase in numbers of people
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getting vaccinated in the last day of to and those watching say that this could be because people now increasingly spooked by the american violence on the car via variant and what it might possibly mean. and they would want to protect themselves as far as possible, but because of the slow rate of vaccinations, the government has said it is proposing mandatory vaccinations, possibly from the new year. we know that they are universities in south africa who said this may be the policy going forward, but it's likely the government could see some resistance with various groups already voicing their concerns around vaccines being made compulsory. thank you very much for that update for me to mil ally for his say in johannesburg. now the only con variant has the head of the european commission urging e u. member states to consider making coven 19 vaccinations, mandatory or challenges in london with more on the surge across europe. or mac, ron is spooking europe with the delta variance,
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the continent is already the global epicenter of the covey pandemic. again, leaders are worried. what extra was the new variance may bring despite hastily enforce travel restrictions. so sama considering new policies like legally mandating citizens to get vaccinated. i think it is understandable and appropriate to lead this discussion now. and how we can encourage and potentially think about mandatory vaccination. and within the european union, this needs discussion. a 3rd of e, you citizens, a 150000000 people remain on vaccinated to many police found a land in order. what science tells us already is that full vaccination and boosters provide the strongest protection against cover that is available now. others are heading that way to austria is bringing in. mandatory vaccinations for
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over eighteens in february. and this is the man replacing anglo merkel is germany's chancellor russell, the server up because what we need is a legislative procedure where every member of parliament votes according to his or her conscience on a general mandatory vaccination, germans, it's horn about it. king in fish finished on as or i'm against. mandatory vaccination is i think ever on should be able to decide for themselves as i'm time . so i scepter. in the beginning i was skeptical because i believe everyone should be able to decide for their own body. but now, unfortunately, it appears there's no other way out of this pandemic, one country that is very unlikely to go down the route to mandatory vaccinations is the united kingdom. yes, the booster program is now being extended to anyone over the age of 18. but the government rejected the idea of vaccination passports, and even just making face mask mandatory again on public transport and in shops or the past 3 parliament with much grumbling and abstaining from conservative m. p. 's
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without crohn. there are 3 big questions without answers yet. how transmissible is it, how severe is it? and how well will the current vaccines work? there is still a lot of uncertainty around on the crohn, and this data will come in and there scientists around the world that are studying this. but there is no indication to suggest that the vaccines won't work, even if there is a reduction in efficacy. it's still better to have the vaccine because it will save your life. the w h says everything that is being done to combat delta, the dominant strain worldwide, should be applied, am strengthened for omicron, and in the days to come, we should know better what we're dealing with, rory helen's. how does era london pakistan meanwhile has announce it will provide covert 19 booster shots to health care workers and people aged over 50. come all hide every force from islamic bought so far over 50000000 people in
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budget don have been fully vaccinated and that of course means that just a little over 22 percent of the population. the recognition dr. tell on and children over grad, up to the age of 18 will also now be getting 5 their shock. but did it or concern regarding the new radius of go away to 19. and that of god has the alarm bell ringing here and focused on according to the planning minister. it is now a question of week, if not a month before dish wide is lounge on budget on the story. and the budget on medical association had warned that the government much take this year in order to mitigate the face of the new radio. and and of course means that there will be a stricter controls on the entry point on the airport. and also budget on these have been a while to come forward if they have not yet received those vaccines. that age of culture, travel ban,
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which didn't play for hong kong and figure out african countries because of the great of the wider spreading from their budget on of golf. now going into action more judge week and it will be up to the performance of the government. how it golf read this new trade of go written 19 radian in other world news. you are secretary of state antony blinking has warned russia to pull back its troops from the ukrainian border or face painful sanctions. concerns about a russian military build up on the border dominated 2 days of nato talks in light. yes, capital riga, the kremlin is demanding guarantees from nato that is to sworn to move closer to the border with russia. the warning comes as russian and u. s. officials are scheduled to meet in the coming hours. recent weeks, we've also observed a massive spike. more than 10 fold in social media activity, pushing anti ukranian propaganda, approaching levels last seen in the lead up to russians. invasion of ukraine in
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2014. now we don't know whether president putin has made the decision to invade. we do know that he is putting in place the capacity to do so. on short order. should he so decide? so despite uncertainty about intentions and timing, we must prepare for all contingencies while working to see to it that russia reverse is course human rights groups say, authorities in bella rules have rated the homes of dozens of journalists and activists. more than $800.00 people are reportedly already in prison for political reasons, since a government crackdown last year. set boss and report from bella. luce is capital minsk, collided blogger, and comedian fatty mattie was arrested last august when he had a meeting with teenagers about the new skateboard track, he was sent in to 25 days for organizing a sports event. and now faces serious charges like insulting the president and
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promoting extremist activities that could keep him in prison for years when you will bill up, but he has 46000 subscribers, but he's not a politician. he's a person who loves and respects the truth. he's a lawyer by education and an honest kind person. i believe such people should be cherished. when i heard his sentence, i asked the investigator, if you are arresting these kinds of people, what kind of society we're going to live in a question many and bella, who are asking as the country, continues to faith awake of arrests on wednesday homes of dozens of journalism after this and at least 9 cities were rated. and what seems to be the biggest one day club down in month does all in response to mass protest against the election fraud last year. lucas shanker recently admitted that many were arrested, then have been tortured for months, protests with goal for change with loud and clear here at this monument. it meant that if it's been silenced, and many have fled bellows on living in fear. this is a country controlled by one man,
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and many say give him the crackdown after the election. and the recent micro crisis is clear that people do anything to stay in power. some one was not been silenced. if maria can less sneak over at the forefront of election protests, yes, and i'll be in jail for 11 years for aiming to overthrow the state of death. 3 them is the most important thing is something my generation did not understand. now i know what my daughters are doing. what young people are doing is what we should have done here from prison. his daughter communicate through postcards. they took much. maria knows in our family. we love to beatles. she sent me regards from harrison from mccartney. colette sneak over high spirits despite her prison sentence has inspired many, and bella was, she famously ripped up her passport to avoid deportation. i really wish that europe and the rest of the world would give all or for political prisoners high priority. i'm sure most of the people, maria, friends, my whole family,
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we all along in for change and it will come. but for now the crack down on bell russian society continues. recently this magazine for healthy living was banned one of 270 civil organizations that have been shut down. still 75 year old active is nina parkins guy he had during last years. demonstration refuses to conceit the protest movement as last to where you soon the regime has betrayed its people. 100 percent. i'm sad about what's happened, but i still believe at the end of the day, like all other empires. this one supported by moscow will collapse as well, pretty much blogger, fatty mattie, and hundreds of other prisoners. this moment can come soon enough, steadfast and al jazeera in minsk. the women's tennis association has suspended all of his tournament in china. beijing says it opposes what it calls palletization of
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sports. the w t says it made the decision because of concerns about the safety of former w world. number one, peng shy, she is a politician of sexual assault and wasn't seen in public for nearly 3 weeks. the head of the w t. s. has prayers and staff could trace risks in china. yeah. q wong is a senior research at human rights watch. she's applauding the women's tennis association sufficient so much respect because. ringback this is what standing up for human rights in china. it looks like this is what integrity looks like. this is what leadership looks like. i mean, we saw the video clips and her picture from her mining, but we have not heard from her directly. she has not talked to her fans, not ok. press conference. she has not spoken directly. so i would say, you know, she's alive. she lives in beijing. but whether she's safe, whether she's, you know, free. we can't tell. i absolutely hope that more international courts organizations,
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international businesses will follow suit follow w t leaders than ever like in china and not be complicit in human rights violations in china, especially, i'll say the international olympic committee who participated in this public and the video was shot it's really shameful. we've seen that 40 year from engagement with china. what had come out of it is crime. so again, if you hong kong in serious crap, it goes in, credits against humanity. she crept out in hong kong, now has been disappear. she's a huge star and she can be disappeared so that it's definitely not working. so we do something differently. sheila, head on al jazeera, the debate that divided the us for years, the supreme courtiers arguments and abortion rights. and why thailand, national team has been sanctioned by fever and band from hosting any international for
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ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. the with the sponsored by capital airways, they're good to see. we've got some dangerous conditions across europe. so 1st things 1st, whether alerts in play for inc, lens, wales, and scotland icey roads, the potential to see some black ice here. same goes for lithuania as well. and then we got this weather maker swirling around the baltic at sea. it's going to bring a swath of snow heavy snow for northern areas of germany into northern denmark as well. and same goes for latvia in the zone we could see upwards of 20 centimeters of snow. then there's this wind gets 90 kilometers per hour. we're talking about copenhagen, berlin type of conditions you're driving, you look at the window wydone condition. so we got to be careful, folks from the snow to the brain. we're seeing a lot of it for central parts of italy impacting rome. also for that west coast of
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the adria arctic sea and things will be windy here. after turkey, temperatures have fall and it's low temperatures. we're talking about 8 degrees and encore, i will see those winds pick up through the boss versus while, but nothing like we fell just a few days ago. okay. well, and this weather reports in africa right now. northern areas of morocco into algeria getting dallas with some heavy rain. and so this is impacting robot, but it will also leak into mary cache with a high of 17 degrees on thursday. that's it for me. by for now, see you soon. for the weather, sponsored by katara, always a secret himalayan summit. law treacherous than everest. cumber connor has never been with and feared by local. yet an irresistible challenge to western climate. a sherpa family with choose between going against their religious beliefs and guiding a group of mountaineers,
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or rejecting much needed income. the rule of shadows on al jazeera. ah oh, welcome back. our top stories on al jazeera, elf experts in south africa see the only con variant is fueling and increased in daily cove. in 1000 cases, south africa was a 1st country to identify the very end, but scientists say was in europe before fright. bands were introduced again, southern african countries. u. s. secretary of state on to the blanket has warned russia to pull back its troops from the ukrainian border or face more sanctions. that warning comes as blinking and the russian foreign minister are due to meet in
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the coming hours and human rights group say authorities. embedded rules have rated the homes of dozens of journalists and activists. more than 800 people are reported to already in prison for political reasons since a government crackdown. last year. uganda is increasing his deployment of troops in neighboring democratic republic of congo to fight an armed group. it launched our joint campaign with the congolese army on tuesday against the allies democratic forces known as the adf began to blame. the idea for 3 suicide bombing is in this capital compiler. last month, malcolm web has more from my will be he had from eye witnesses and i saw some video from the border as it soldiers did cross on 1st. on tuesday and wednesday there was some tanks on the vehicles and trucks carrying more to the cross than what we've just had a short while ago from a right. great. just north of the city of benny. anything, congo?
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there's been an attack on a truck about sunset on wednesday, 3 people were killed according to this right group and others, abducted and taken to the bush and suspected by that right group that the adf was responsible for. the certainly what we do now is over the last month has been a whole series of attacks along this road on bypasses trucks, buses, other passengers and it's a key transport link connecting no key be probably wave, a tori problem, because this is all been going on while you got the military over the border, i've been preparing to enter in congo. they've been very weak. it's not month now to do this. and then just in the last couple of days because that tanks have been rolling across. let's take a look. it's our report, ugandan troops, tanks and armored vehicles as cross the border into democratic republic of congo. the 2 governments say they're going to hunt down an armed group called the allied
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democratic forces, or adf. he can the government blame the s a 3 suicide bombings, kansas capital can paula? 2 weeks ago, several people died. dozens were injured. it's not the 1st time you've gotten his army has been in congo. it invaded 25 years ago along with wonder. it's been accused of plundering minerals and meddling on and off ever since were seen in the past that you've gotten the has not always had the best interest of the common lease population in mind, nor did it be the one to stabilize the eastern d r. c. but what we see now is, but apparently president g security has given the green light to this operation, which gives it a bit of a different character than previous interventions by the you've gotten them in easton, d, or c. the adf originated in uganda, in the 1990s for 3 decades, is hayden, when the forest of eastern congos, profiting from timber and minerals wines 2 years ago, he pledged the legions to i so extensive. the connection isn't clear. in recent
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years, it's become notorious for massacring thousands of civilians in the villages around the city of benny. people of north keyvi province, a tired of the violence. congress army said it would stop the killings. it introduced martial law in the region 6 months ago. but i haven't worked, that's why some people are now welcoming the ugandan armies arrival. others, a skeptical, the 1st thing the relation is looking for his protection. they want them to, to end. and that can be only possible if the protection of 2000000000 is the 1st object to not clear how easily the adf can be flushed out of its forest high downs, or how long you've got the nami plans to stay. malcolm web out. his era the united nation says it needs a wreck at 41000000000 dollars next year to meet manny,
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terry needs official expect the demand will rise in 2022 partly due to growing instability in ethiopia of ganeth, son and neon, mar diplomatic editor. james phase reports the humanitarian situation around the world was already the worst. it's been at any time in recent years. but now the un says it's deteriorating even more. in 2022, it's estimated that 274000000 people be in need of humanitarian assistance. a 17 percent rise in the u. n. is appealing for a record amount for its annual appeal. $41000000000.00 us dollars. do you ends on the secretary general for humanitarian affairs? martin griffith struggled when asked to name the worst crisis. i think it is the most concerning. i mean it's a terrible thing to have to choose between. you know, places of such great need subsidized is at its worst and they barely get to mention. you will remember when haiti had that extraordinary earthquake. back in,
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in the middle of august, it didn't make the news for that week because of course taliban were walking into couple of so it feels somewhat improper somehow to choose among these places in some of the humanitarian emergencies. for example, somalia, or the democratic republic of congo, the situation has been bad for decades and it's not getting any better in some places though. in 2021. notably ethiopia, mamma and i've got stung things got much worse. a flash appeal for afghanistan in september was the success. it's now over 100 percent funded. but the collapse of the economy, coupled with the worst drought for 30 years, means much more funding is now needed. more and more afghans is struggling to survive here, selling their clothes on the street in the country where it's estimated. the price of bread has gone up 80 percent in just a few months. james bay's al jazeera,
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at the united nations. women across the us have had a constitutional right to abortion since 1973. but a case before the supreme court could lead to abortions becoming illegal again in many parts of the country. high diesel, castro reports from washington for nearly 5 decades. women have been able to get abortions in the united states, thanks to a decision made within these marble halls. now, a new panel of supreme court justices is revisiting that decision and could take it all back. it's heartbreaking to think that ro could get overturned and ro has always been the floor and never the ceiling. but i want to live in a country where every single person can have access to health care that would mean saving the life with so many russian children who are voiceless are unable to defend themselves. and they're relying on us with the abortion case before the court comes from mississippi, where the conservative state legislature wants to ban nearly all abortions after 15
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weeks. well before viability lower courts have ruled the ban unconstitutional. but now the supreme court with its new 63 conservative majority will have the final word. president trump appointed 3 justices, that he, that he promised would overrule ro versus way. but there is no reason there is no constitutional basis to overturn nearly 50 years of president during the hearing liberal justice to waste concern the court's legitimacy was at stake. will this institution survive the stench that this create in the public perception that the constitution and it's reading are just political acts. but many conservative states are viewing this moment as the most opportune in a generation to attack abortion access were about to make it law given after more
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than 100 state level restrictions this year alone, including a texas ban on abortions after just 6 weeks of pregnancy, but that's nothing compared to what may happen if the supreme court overturns ro, if the court were to do that, it would mean that states across the country that have that have enacted from so called trigger bands that would ban abortion. at the moment that gro was overturned, chosen a surety of america, asked the protesters organized by the women march, or in the supreme i have heard, while since her entire side tell me what it looks like. and 15 weeks on the trial to fully for me know that they have a central nervous system. we know that the heart is beating, so we know that this is not a combo. so like your life for so many years, the hearing lasted about 2 and
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a half hours. lawyers for mississippi argue the decision in roe vs wade was egregiously wrong and should be overturned. while the pro abortion side argued, a woman's liberty over her own body is at stake. the justices line of questioning offered few clue to how they will ultimately rule their decision is expected. in june. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington thailand football team has been sanctioned by football, governing body fee for failing to put proper drug testing. protocols in place. the team can't fly. the national flag in thailand is banned from hosting international matches. tony chain reports from bangkok under a fiery sunset in bangkok, it's kick off at the thunder dome stadium, whom team montague, united, one of the most successful in the time premier league. since the league was founded in 2009 local fans have returned to the domestic game proud of their home grown talent. so the fee for ben is
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a bitter pill to swallow. validate hamburger we love football so much. and when we, when we want to have pride, don't have the flag on the shirt and we can waive the flag around. i have it, helen, now i want to see the tile and effy to help to resolve the matter. so that dies can see the national anthem to the world again. ty football fans, a pretty brazilian and they don't have great expectations, but nothing would give them more pride that the see the national team perform on the world stage. the attitude of the tie essay is that this is just the legal complication, testing requirements from the anti doping agency water, contravene, ty, laws, dec, i had all her colleagues to call and got a water, wanted us to amend the regulations to be compliant with what they want in the laws in our country are our laws, they warned us, but we didn't improve an amended tying, but ty sport does have a doping problem. ty weightlifter, when notably absent from the tokyo olympics,
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and the amator weightlifting association, is currently banned for doping offenses. this trainer who wanted to remain anonymous, says, although there's a culture of secrecy performance enhancing drug use is very common all form and they're very easy to get and our internet, our website, anything else you can fired, so easy on the law. and for him, the benefits outweigh the health dangers? gall saunders got. some people want better performances, but it depends on the type of drugs. another thing is they help expand their muscle mass, but in fact, a substance is that i use or just stimulants. some a trying to lift the burden of that association. the tie, power, lifting, federation, markets itself as a drug free sports environment. when with the blood, sweat and tears that go into training, many don't want to compete with cheats. that's why you would seek out, you know, kind of, let's say an organization or a sport or a federation.


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