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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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i joined us in chatham from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at caraway's dot call. lou. oh wow. hello there, i'm stones. the attain dough with the headlines here on out. zara. uganda is deploying more troops to democratic republic of congo to fight the armed group. the allied democratic forces a d. r. c. government spokesman toll down to the our special forces from both countries are conducting that operation. iran has submitted it to draft proposals to european powers, negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal. this is now the 7th round of talks in vienna aimed at returning iran and the u. s. to the agreement, your secretary of state anthony blinkin is missing his russian count of hartzog
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allowed for us to discuss moscow's troop build up along the border with ukraine. lincoln says he is deeply concerned about what he called russia's aggressive policies. moscow has rejected claims that it's planning an attack. we have a strong, ah, arkwright commitment to the sovereignty and turtle integrity of ukraine. the best way to avert a crisis or is through diplomacy. and that's what i look forward to discussing with, with sergei, including by both parties, full implementation of the minsk agreements are with russia pulling back its forces . the united states is willing to facilitate that. but and again, in the spirit of being clear and candid, which is the best thing to do. if russia decided to pursue confrontation, there will be serious consequences. so i had no doubt that the only way out of today's crisis is actually to seek the balance of interests. and i would like to
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highlight that we are interested in taking step to settle the grading crisis. and american colleagues has said in numerous occasions that they are ready to help by establishing a dialog channel. i would also be interested in and to his explanation about remarks he has delivered by stating of the prohibition of to means agreement that rush asked to fulfill the united nation and says that needs a record of 40 $1000000000.00 to needs global humanitarian needs. next, an official say that's largely because of growing instability and ethiopian afghanistan and man long and our india has confirmed it's fast. 2 cases of the army conclave at 19 variance. it's also fueling an increase in the daily number of corona, virus infections in south africa. covered 19 cases that have doubled in a day. well those the headlines and now it's back to witness thought
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wouldn't allow me. one of those, you know, that i did have the model of atlanta, imo to anyone within a kilowatt laskey little element. told me linfield. okay, what i wasn't with well, no, i don't think it was on what i got it. i'm good. otherwise i would've been good to go down of my anything. ah
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i might have heard that today that you said a little bit ah
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he's off today goes out. yeah, it's so important has been done, but he's a shoot. he's not good. right. what is going on? yeah, really? yeah. okay. you don't have time off with it. so now that the world here full for the fright. moderate not coming. we're tired. but when you have to morrow. yeah. morrow fairly not good. you're really. i the overall the 8th. so we'd go 1st now and we made for the, for the problem. i mean the world with tomorrow's looking looking weather and then the
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work, you know, getting the point 0.01 to one to one way or the power to do what are given there. i don't know. i don't go monday with member in my name's i'm nobody's ever come home with them. i love with it more than a time. genuine teams are bad. nobody get on without leon building to deal with them and it does all end up under $151.00.
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ah ah. 6 6 yeah, but like go video and smartgate plain been stuff e g m with a listen to that but still it's more than we sure. as probably is a good up. what is him? he's after melick. yeah. or pork in the chill amberly's an interview. jail
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cassandra, your throw of jones mother, but a saga, not as boys. if peanuts are g shy of portraits, you may jump will. you will give away a 1000000 consolation. we're going to have parts about it yet. ah, ah ah. e, y for yellow bar. my dad is under a site. now, what is the, what her grandmother when i want to go to somebody i know, oh, i see when your molecule unimed alporter oberman, my little porter dulness, then i wonder when they get away. once i live on norfolk you, what that was added to that amazon was not that i know and might have been able to
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put a deadline mortar. when do you think this will but that he letter thought he letter to ridiculous? gimme any one on the history to one on what you are when glam bourbon is on the dividend of the cost of hydro done. diversity has grown. turn the animal. i'm damn about the old one glamour over then. you can tell her she'll let her tell her enough. i yellow it on top, not stop me. whenever i'll stop by or by the day when that will put her into nobody, none of them tiger. so we start here, then we go left and then there is very long ledge. okay. it seems like crack you still 0? i am. yes. if you to walk you sneeze directly m e it seems that it's quite difficult, but here it will be much easier. so it's a good plan with plan, but tomorrow i will see me
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feel me. julie had a new number to my mrs. young. i don't know how does your husband on the job number but it would work out a little bit. give me any way or ya, changing that to me. but if you have what i'm you to do in the
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the ah ah the the ah, the 3rd
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go he bunton filled the hot commented t and just lay combo. got my song, a bully, one to patty. java come back on monday. did change up on at us shall day. deal montane some push to change on it of money. come back on, i live honey. martin lane middle shock, the market to deal and did the some tush did didn't
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money only till man is my up most up to me. he saw him for hill potter hill t. so would he be do man is one good to sub dba. not i had a body our key man timberly life to deviate doctors. 10 model will contain the largest leverage of door. so he does the idea id on a little tiny designer, a dummy stick. one of the sign item one was on the, on the so, oh, the ordering already. genuinely sorry. not the stories, any down tomor today was to lie even these now i get one over totally not now or not unless i know was w whiten molecule. it is to feel i gave minimally will to what do i when i'm,
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when you know what more and more as when i was unaware got to when you while i know little this has been about that's how i know about that middle ah rita. some will not what i know. i'll double door the door, the not under with ho should you know them or some dinner, you know? and then we can complete where the new mother will you do new and i know i would damage all dinner. why don't we don't want our boys to dinner shall be not, you know, but he was helping love him. oliver no bought them. all of them are well moller keep on. although gallagher kennedy, it may not. even the boys are doable. mantell molina to login. no they don't like newton fatima normally not be good to lose you limits eager will much in albany. the only one with
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language got me it made it jelly some minutes or so low. melissa. don't any on the humid thing, rocky me are. let me glad you said my medina would have met him. i already i know what to with, what did you buy the land without any level you really doesn't. was he that not look at a loaner. she is the lead on enough here. my linda, linda garcia, tegan layla, grandmother. he ruled argument. miller, did she need not hidden him when keeping i don't normally not that bad. and
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i met him in fully not been of years on got on as her doctor to put muggle pull inside what it ah
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we don't we didn't have the slim to seek these and then to take another 6 ropes to the wall. those were all on the where the small things, more things just touching the ground that review over both. if good are you means and i me those let's go to letter quiz ago a little bit bishop, i can be a computer to my machine. may i of niamack enough little kid. luminous. then you but no with yet is it really is like siegel to sky. that is, john. you used them too much to let her go.
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the faithful sounds good. it becomes a bit certain nikki was get piercer. why don't boys? i know that. but the living expediency exception is there was a good way to let you know after the 2nd, but i thought a button living, there was no case clear anything else? no stance. tanya, if that could contrast either came up as of what sudak siegel skeena, but give us a call she near the study. now to me to that so nasty with the great a shift on shift 30 to nick toys. the deja. a treatise on i'm gloria, a, the finance that wasn't in it. the new to, we're not to go to more if you have to put one of our will yet live group
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meeting of fulton, kovalevsky, the supervisor to the hottest jojo. we have amc to put and cover some hoodie me out of her. listen, do i get them out of the media on it so so what can i say if you say that you are on player 25th of love, love hiking. yeah. lives or thrown a bit more to my grants of expertise for his discussion. he's russia. but i was deli, with the go much you can say now group. yeah. the funny tiffany should the signal watch will mr. pharaoh genia? 53 or dinner were younger, neutral? in
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things that you broke up, give me the appointment for your teeth with . mm
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with ah, with
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believe what he's saying database. all i'm dealing with up here about a go. i mean the cost of a new i already gone you body walk me. i never do massive me. oh, it was avenue obama. how little or do drive midway that will drive by you know more move on. mm hm. and i don't know within a ah
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ah dish romanies i it was shaken button. i like kind of pushing a chim diamond comma cardinality. i'm my uncle. she to fly.
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timmy, you're sucked the plaster, but not they are china. lee? my, let me lay my hunch. tammy, let me ask mercy me. thus she can check with me in the money. i want to keep shitty. now putting a torture fucking sucks. who wants full time. finally fled from and so silent and snowy line,
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the sisters were so scared of being sent back that they disappeared. we've been a little boy, had to do it mam. shit made square. how will the story witness wake up mam. ouch sir. me. ah ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by cut on airways. hey there, good to see you. here's her headlines for the americas finally reprieve for western canada and the pacific northwest from that relentless rain. and i'm sorry,
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wants to talk about is exceptional. warmth for the northern plains billions may touch 20 degrees on thursday, off toward the east. we've got some showers through the lower great lakes shield of snow in quebec and this disturbance it's going to swoop into mainland nova scotia, cape breton island, and newfoundland. so wet and windy conditions toward the south east, the u. s. gulf states were in the clear things looking good here. if i take you further toward the west, i think we, we just may do it. kansas city, a new record, 2002 on thursday. denver 23. that's while hope of where you should be, at the average 7 degrees, the record 26, so close, but no cigar op to central america right now. a run of rain through the yucatan peninsula plaguing can coon some heavy falls northeastern nicaragua, and our heavy rain is peter, and out the cross coast rica and panama bursts of rain to be expected toward the top end of south america. and now that stormy weather in the southeast to brazil. well that's pulling out toward the south atlantic. we've got some thunderstorms for
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baya blanca, so you go from 28 degrees on thursday, down to 19 that's it for me. so you against her? oh, the weather sponsored by casara always. what happens in new york has implications all around the world. it's the home of the united nations. it's a center of international finance, international culture. to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday people to normal people, not just power brokers, and that's where al jazeera is different. the mayor of the city announced that he was doing the way with the curfew. that was supposed to get everybody off. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in and then pulling back out again. a mass pro democracy movement, violent crackdowns assassinations and you imposed sanctions. all tactics in the struggle that ensued from the 2020 bella roost in presidential elections. that shook the country, self proclaimed dictators. seat of our and now new tactics,
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migrants, people empower, investigates. the humanitarian disaster under rivaling on europe's borders and asks what's next and the battle for bella. bruce or jesse eda ah this is al jazeera ah. hello there. i'm miss darcy at hand. this is the news. our line from our headquarters here in durham coming up in the next 60 minutes south africa is he is covered 19 infection surge has health experts investigate the dangers of the new army con variant signs. of course at the progress he had in vienna, zeron submits through draft proposal to the world follows negotiating the revival of the nuclear.


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