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we are with shot soldiers and on the 16th corruption and compassion al jazeera wound, a selection of the best films across our best to work of trouble. ah, so that frequency is covered 19 infection surge as health experts investigate the dangers of the new on the con very ah, hello there, i'm this tells you, hey, this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up signs of progress as iran submits to draw proposals to european powers and talks in vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear
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deal. the u. s. reaffirms and support for ukraine and discuss as possible sanctions against russia. while moscow denies it has any plans to invade its neighbor, democratic republic of congo, as government says its special forces all fighting alongside uganda and troops in an operation against an armed group in the east of the country. ah, now the new on yukon very and his feeling and increase and the daily number of corona virus cases in south africa. now your recalls of africa was the 1st countries identify, omicron, the number reported curb it 19 cases. there has now doubled in a day sign to say the strain was also in europe before flight bands were imposed on countries in southern africa, camida. mila has the latest from johannesburg. they has been a resurgence in numbers in about the last 3 weeks. and while they is concerned
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around the daily rate of infections increasing just a day ago, there are about $4000.00 new infections. and now they're $8000.00 new infections in the last 24 hours. while that is the case, the infections appear to be mild. and also when experts are pointing out, is a comparison between the 3rd and 4th wave, which south africa appears to be entering right now. during the 3rd wave, there was an average of about $400.00 deaths a week. and while south africa is in the early stages of the 4th wave, experts are saying they are seeing an average of perhaps 25 deaths a week. and that potentially the number of people who are seriously ill will become seriously ill or could potentially die from colbert. could potentially be harvey compared to the 3rd wave, primarily because of vaccines. south africa is in a unique position compared to many african countries who just don't have as much access or may not be able to afford those vaccines. there is a certain amount of vaccine hesitancy,
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and when that information trickles down to people, for example, the new variant with scientists are saying, well, we not quite sure we know it may be more transmissible. we're still investigating just how effective vaccines may be. this is the kind of information that adds 2 vaccine hesitancy and concerns of, from people around just what, how effective the vaccines are and where if they were taking while the biden administration has now announced its new cove. at 90 an action plan against the outbreak has new variance spreads rapidly across the wilds. the u. s. will tighten its travel restriction starting next week. all passengers traveling abroad will be required to get a p. c. r test within 24 hours before their flight. meanwhile, the administration will also provide booster shots for nearly a 100000000 eligible americans. our white house correspondent, kimberly how good is following developments in washington dc. the president will be heading to the national institutes of health,
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where he will be discussing what he believes could try and mitigate the spread of coven 19, particularly as we are now seeing in the united states. with that 1st case of the alma kron variant that has been detected in california. now the headlines of this were released by the administration early this morning. so we have a sense of what the president is going to talk about, the travel restrictions. now getting a little tighter previously, regardless of your nationality vaccination status, you did need to come into the united states. you had to test negative within 72 hours. now that window much more narrow, 24 hours. we also know that because many people are not getting tested due to cost it's cost prohibitive, now those at home test will be free of charge, private insurance will have to pay. we also know that the mandate for masking, in other words, the federal mandate applying to public transportation that's planes, trains buses,
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that is going to be extended where you have to, where the mass until at least march. and finally, we know that booster shots are going to be of major importance. we know that there's going to be a public education campaign trying to get the 100000000 people or more target in terms of those were already what we call fully backs in the united states having to shot, but also getting that booster. so this is all part of what the administration is doing. they're pretty worried because not only is there the concern that the holidays are coming, people are going to gather in doors, but also public support for biden's handling of this is waning. the trying to get ahead of that narrative on pakistan has now also announced it will provide kind of a 900 booster shots to health care workers and people that age. dr. a 50 come on high to reports from his on the been so far over 50000000 people in budget gone have been fully vaccinated and of course means that just over 22 percent of the population. the recognition dr. still on, and children over grad,
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up to the age of 18 will also now be getting fired their shock. but did their concern because of the new radian of go over 19. and that of thought had the alarm bell ringing hair and focused on a garden for the planning minister. now a question of week, if not a month before dish wide, if lounge on august on the story and the budget on medical association had warned that the government must a seriously in order to mitigate the fate of the new radian and of god means that they will be strictly controlled on the entry point on the airport. and also budgets on these have been a while to come forward if they have not yet received those vaccines. the age of culture, travel back, which didn't play for hong kong and figure out african countries. because of the great of the wider spreading from their budget on of golf. now going into action
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more judge week and it will be up to the performance of the government. how it gulps with this new trait of go read 19 radian now moving on. and iran has submitted to drop proposals, european powers negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear hill. this is now the 7th round of talks in vienna, aimed at bringing iran and the u. s. back into the agreement. it's meant to limit ron's new k program and exchange for sanctions relief. but on wednesday, the ones watch dog said iran is expanding its uranium enrichment capabilities. despite these negotiations. alley has some has more now on those drop proposals from the anna. there are 2 lines, one on the sanctions. relieve the 2nd is on iran, rolling back its measure as the post 2018 measures. and from there in years will now be waiting to hear from the world. whether this is acceptable or not. we had,
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as we understood from an iranian diplomatic source that these before are built up and what was agreed on during the past 6 rounds of talk. know some of the points that contradict with the g p a or the nuclear deal that was struck in 2015 omitted and additional elements and points that the radians see as crucial to go ahead with the talk. what i did today, the iranian top, negotiate sort of the bucket. he came back with the european with the russians. and the chinese is, is the lead to the meeting. also later today with mr. rossi, the head of the i, a, a, as for the, the talk this round of talk, there is no clear picture whether it's going to continue or it's going to be halted
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and be resumed later, maybe this month or next year. now, us secretary of state on the brink and says he's deeply concerned about what he's called russia's aggressive policy towards ukraine. he's met his russian count for 2nd lab rose to discuss moscow's troop build up along the border. moscow is rejecting haines that it's planning an attack on ukraine. earlier in the day of lincoln also spoke with ukraine's foreign minister. we have a strong iron clad commitment to the sovereignty and churchill integrity of ukraine . the best way to avert a crisis or is through diplomacy. and that's what i look forward to discussing with . with sergei, including by both parties, full implementation of the minsk agreements are with russia, pulling back its forces. the united states is willing to facilitate that. but and again, in the spirit of being clear and candid, which is the best thing to do. if russia decides to pursue confrontation,
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there will be serious consequences. so i have no doubt that the only way out of today's crisis is actually to seek the balance of interests. and i would like to highlight that we are interested in taking step to settle the greening crisis. in american colleagues have said in numerous occasions that they are ready to help by establishing a dialog channel. i would also be interested in and to his explanation about remarks he has delivered by stating of the provision of them in sigma. their rush as to fulfill or both russia and ukraine had been accused each other of ramping up tensions in recent weeks. new kinds has more than 90000 russian soldiers a near at sport in moscow dismissing claims it's preparing an attack. meanwhile, russia accuses ukraine plotting to recapture areas in the east held by pro russian rebels and says, ukraine has gathered about a 125000 soldiers near the conflict side. something that kid has denied. now ukraine is not part of ne sir,
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but russian president vladimir prison has warned that any expansion of the alliance as military infrastructure into ukraine would be a red line. abandoned smith has more from moscow now on blinkin sneezing with lab rav. it lasted about an hour, the meeting between sergey lava, anthony blink, and according to a statement from the us state department, and they said the meeting was serious, sober and business like it's the 1st time both diplomats have had to face to face meeting after russia started building up his troops again along the border with ukraine and again onto the blanket. and according to the state department, made clear that the u. s. and how the does off a conflict with russia and bring blink and said he told us, sees a key to ending the conflict is the implementation of the bins agreement. and the allegations here are that russia and ukraine are not engaging in prisoners swaps.
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ukraine is not allowing local elections to take place in the area controlled by russian separatist, russia, or isn't removing heavy armor. lots of things like this should have happened by now . so this is what an exchange in russia will have repeated its point about is red lines that it does not want to see nato expanding eastwards, taking in ukraine and georgia. i human rights groups say, authorities and barriers have rated the homes of dozens of journalists and activists. there more than 800 people that reported the already in prison for political reasons. since the government crackdown last year, step bass and reports from the bell russian capital minsk, collided. blogger and comedian thought mattie was arrested last august when he had a meeting with teenagers about the new skateboard track. he was sent in to $25.00 days for organizing a sports event. and i'll face his serious charges like insulting the president and promoting extremist activities that could keep him in prison for years when you
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will bill up, but he has 46000 subscribers, but he's not a politician. he's a person who loves and respects the truth. he's a lawyer by education and an honest kind person. i believe such people should be cherished. when i heard his sentence, i asked the investigator, if you are arresting these kinds of people, what kind of society are we going to live in? a question many and bella, who are asking as the country continues to face awake of arrests on wednesday homes of dozens of journalism after this. and at least 9 cities were rated. and what seems to be the biggest one day club down in month does all in response to mosse protests against the election for last year. luca shanker recently admitted that many were arrested, then have been tortured for month protest score for change with loud and clear here at this monument, it means that if it's been silenced, and many have flat bellows on living in fear, this is a country controlled by one man, and many say give him the credit down after the election. and the recent micro
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crisis is clear that he will do anything to stay in power. someone who has not been silenced is maria colette sneak over at the forefront of election protests. yes, and i'll be in jail for 11 years, for aiming to overthrow the state. the 3, the mr. most important thing is something my generation did not understand. now i know what my daughters are doing. what young people are doing is what we should have done from prism his daughter communicate through postcards, they took much, maria knows in our family. we love to beatles. she sent me regards from harrison from mccartney. leslie covert high spirit despite her prison sentence has inspired many, and bella was, she famously ripped up her passport to avoid deportation. i really wish that europe and the rest of the world give all or for political prisoners, high priority. i'm sure most of the people, maria friends, my whole family, we all long in for change and it will cover. but for now, the crack down on bella,
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russian society continues. recently this magazine for healthy living was banned one of 270 civil organizations that have been shut down. still 75 year old active is nina parkins guy he had during last years. demonstrations refuses to conceit, the protest movement as last to where you soon the regime has betrayed its people. 100 percent. i'm sad about what's happened, but i still believe at the end of the day, like all other empires. this one supported by moscow will collapse as well, pretty much blogger, fatty mattie, and hundreds of other prisoners. this moment can come soon enough. steadfast and al jazeera in minsk still had hail now era protecting the past campaign as fight to save the historic palestinian village from development. ah
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with hello good to see. here's your headlines for asia, we're starting in the bay of bengal where we've got this disturbance. it's going to slam into under per dash o dish and westbank all that's on friday, we press play. see where goes over the course of a weekend. still plugging all of these areas, amber alerts are out, so the potential see a $1200.00 millimeters of rain and flooding, very likely as wall or monsoon rains. active just south of indo china as through malaysia. and speaking of indo china, i'll take you there. right now, because central and southern portions of vietnam have seen some land size, but we are drying off across indo china on friday. next up, we're going to go to china and high pressure, carving out sunny conditions here. so not much to report grey lin, $21.00 degrees mix of sun in cloud in hong kong. and we're also coming in at a high of 21 degrees. no number of records broken across japan for
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a rain and winds monthly records. and you still have it coming at you for that western side of honshu and who, cato and that cool pool of air is still in play here. so sol, just a high for degrees. same goes for a cargo shima and on her condo in those showers, it looks like support. oh, it's got yen for a high 9 dry in tokyo, however, 17 to, to cookies the high for you on friday. that's it. c, as in ah, in the country with an abundance of resolve, laura's won a woman, we move to grow and fraud with balance, read, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensure the policy report to create quality jobs, invest park innovations,
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growth and progress. invest in been here now. ah ah ah, are they watching out there? and that's remind you about top stories here. this out. the number of reported coven, 19 cases in south africa, has doubled. health officials say the new on the kron variant is fueling that surge and the daily numbers. iran has submitted to draft proposals to european powers. negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear dale. this is now the 7th round of talks in vienna aimed at returning iran and the u. s. to the agreement, u. s. secretary of state, anthony lincoln has met with his russian counterpart sergey labrador, to discuss moscow's trip build up along the border. thinkin,
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says he is deeply concerned about what he calls russia's aggressive policy towards you credit. now, uganda is increasing its deployment of troops and neighboring democratic republic of congo in order to fight an armed group called the allied democratic forces. uganda blamed the adf for 3 suicide bombings and its capital. last month, the deity is government spokesman is told out of there. that special forces from both countries are conducting the joined military operation. for patrick maria also told me the d. r. c's government has been speaking to local communities, there in an attempt to gain their support for the operation. we are fighting terrorists, you know, fighting tories are very complex issues. that's why we decided to get our, our digital services. and now we bring together hospice or prostate walking the grounds to make sure we are rigid, seeing if we can, would you see reduce 100 percent of their procedure. we will do so by the 15 year. is that tyranny want for the destroy word?
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the look at it and we know that they will make some repression and they can getting will they can for genuine to actually conditions that i summarize for as a, as they do. but that's why we start talking with the national to the vision at those people when they've been running, running after the army, they can go after more position in the area where they can. i think that's why we are asking up with the nation support which is going on and to be very vision and to the nurse, to the police, to the army. when you see something, something that's not clear about the movement inside because you, me, as government speaking with different swimming to explain that, you know where she'd be free country in full, if in different years there was some issues and that today was presidents are,
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will close the and both prisoners are agree to make movements. it could meekly or it's kelly. and now strategically because we need to defend a common enemy. because if you are kidding in years, the more than they are bringing or malcolm web is following developments on this from kenya's capital nairobi, the nature of the abs attacks or certainly for about the last 7 years. they've targeted communities which are protected villages often around the city of benny, conducted brutal massacres. more recently in the last to they've been pushing vehicles on the road to making some of the key vote in and out of the city of benny and going north towards problems making those very unsafe people in that part of the country are very tied of the violence and people feel that the recent efforts of the congo leaves army in the last 6 months haven't succeeded. they declared it
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states of martial law in the eastern provinces. so definitely the sentiment among many people that if somebody can just put a stop to the terrible master kid and the bloody attack on civilian target, then that would be a good thing. the same time a lot of skepticism from some people about whether you're going to coming in 3 and once again will bring stability or just yet more instability. now the european union is ordering or non essential stuff out of each year appear as the contract that continues several european countries of also their citizens to leave. in recent weeks, rebel forces fighting federal troops have made gains near the capital out of saba, the long war has killed thousands under space more than 2000000 people. or the united nations as increasing violence and cameron's anglophone regions as impacting the safety and education of hundreds of thousands of children. the organization says 2 out of 3 schools is now closed on the northwest and southwest regions. due
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to recent attacks. children and teaching staff have been killed, dozens kidnapped, the angler phone separatists. say they face discrimination and the country dominated by french speakers. i spoke to young edgarland. he is the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council, and he says children should not be targeted by the warring science. it is a has a paralyzing effect on education. this horrific violence and the inability of grown men to agree on on, on the political grievances and their by taking it out on children. so the attacks are not far from here. where is the, is the capital of the south west region of cameron where i am now? i was today in one of the schools that is running. it was a school with 1100 students, half of them, with displaced from elsewhere. and there were $1819.00 up to $100.00 in each
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classroom. so imagine trying to good quality education with 100 kids in your class, half of them traumatized by having witness violence. i think it is, it is related to these underlying political, linguistic grievances, feeling on marginalization, there's a lack of decentralization and so on. but, but what we keep saying is, these are real grievances they need to be dealt with in talks, in political talks, not by closing down to schools that may have had the wrong curriculum earlier or. busy that is wrong, run by the wrong authorities, children of the right to education, irrespective or political problems. now, the international olympic committee has held
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a 2nd video call with chinese tennis player portray, amid concerns for her well being. they've confirmed upon safety and the statement released on thursday. the former double was number one accused about a politician of sexual assault and then wasn't seen in public for weeks. the w t a has suspended all of its tournaments and china as a result. beijing says that opposes what it calls the politicization of sports. while ali i spoke to michael casto, he's the human rights advocate. he says that the i o c has now been used by china. the fact that the women's tennis association has shown more credibility than the international olympic committee, or for that matter, more credibility than interpol. in resisting these types of, clearly scripted and coerced performances from china is really shocking. and it shows how far we really do need to go still. the fact that the i o c or interpol
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have been turned into tools for chinese propaganda. whereas the w t o has resisted it, is really a mark for the w t a. and really we should see more organizations behaving such as them resisting clear lives from the party being propagandizing efforts. we also need to see the real coordinated action between governments. china is a powerful state actor of course. and what we need to confront them is to hold, trying to accountable through the coordination of multiple countries. what this abuse against hong try is, is also very much part of a long trend. the widespread and systematic use of arbitrary and secret attention to remove from public any one thing as a counterpoint to the will of the party. it is part of a number of high profile disappearances over the years from the former interpol president mon home way or an actress on bang bang earlier this year,
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jack mall. but also just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the 10s of thousands of chinese citizens who have been disappeared into similar situations of arbitrary and secret detention whole mexico minimum wage will rise by more than 20 percent next year. president, under a manual love has a brother made the announcement at a rally mocking the midway point of his 60 attend. the minimum wage will rise to $12.00 and northern border regions and $8.00 for the rest of the country. for next thursday, it's not enough. a fight to preserve and abandon palestinian villages entering a potentially critical phase tendons to start work on a re development plan. argie to be issued in the coming weeks campaign is opposing the move. say it would destroy a rare historical and cultural monument. hurry for such reports now from lifter on the northern slopes of west harrison in every seasons in their lives. there is very view also my life
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english tele. so my childhood jacobo day was born on this jerusalem hill side in 1948 years later, he was one of 3000 palestinians who fled or were forced from homes here in the fighting that preceded the creation of the state of israel. it was a scenario repeated across historic palestine known to palestinians as the napa or catastrophe, both cal balance than it does not give me to come back to live. this is my dream, but at least thou lift i remain to remain left there. as i witness. for all on what happened in this area. but there has been some change earlier this year to is really brothers opened this guesthouse, built from 3 hubs. looming, larger is a redevelopment plan, sponsored by israel's land authority. in may,
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it promised to invite bids for work on more than 250 housing units, a commercial center at a hotel. it's a moment of glory for jerusalem to build a new neighbourhood aren't in that particular place. of course, i am aware that the palestinians are, are dreaming about the day that they will be able to return there. that means perpetuating the conflict. and i am not for that. go by says green spaces, terraces and ruins would be preserved. but for a broad coalition of campaigners, the project would destroy the soul of the unique space. what's rare about this campaign is that it seems to be getting some real traction. palestinian voices have been joined by jewish heritage and environmental campaigners. and that position is one, the backing a jury summons municipal government. the construction tendering process slated for the summer has already been delayed several times. the latest deadline is the end
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of the year. the campaigns lawyer. so as it's down to effective work in the courts and in the public sphere is riley land authority. since that the preservation of lift is preservation of stones preservation of architecture of buildings. while in our view, that reservation of lift is the preservation of the instant village that but athenian village of lift as testimony for the history of the place. in 2012 campaigners won a court case that put a freeze on the plans. the hoping that had bestowed in lifters, history can be repeated. hurry faucet, algeria lifter, west jerusalem. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the number of reported code 19 cases in south africa has doubled health official, so the new on the on variance is fueling the surge and the daily numbers. iran has
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submitted to draft proposal to european powers negotiating the revival of the 25th .


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