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ah, it with germany bar as unvaccinated people from shops and leisure events in a bit to contain a dramatic rise in corona virus cases. ah, you're watching al jazeera light from headquarters and del hi. i'm debbie and obligated also ahead. the u. s. 3 affirm support for ukraine on discuss as possible sanctions against russia. moscow denies it has plans to invade its neighbor. signs of progress as iran submits to draft proposals to european powers during talks in
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vienna to arrive the 2015 nuclear deal. warnings of a worst sitting humanitarian crisis. the un says one in 29 people will need help in 2022. hello, the new army corn variance is fueling an increase in the daily number of current of virus cases in south africa. south africa was the 1st country to identify. only chron the number of reported coven. 19 cases. there has doubled in a day. scientist say the strain was in europe before flight bands were imposed on countries in southern africa. finally, dom miller has in latest from johannesburg. they has been a resurgence in numbers in about the last 3 weeks. and while they is concerned around the daily rate of infections increasing just a day ago, they are about $4000.00 new infection. and now they're $8000.00 new in fix. in the
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last 24 hours, while that is the case, the infections appear to be mild and also what experts pointing out is a comparison between the 3rd and 4th way, which south africa appears to be answering right now during the 3rd way, there was an average of about $400.00 deaths a week and wild africa is in the early stages of the 4th wave. exploits are saying they are seeing an average of perhaps 25 days a week. and that potentially the number of people who are seriously ill become seriously ill. all could potentially die from cold, but could potentially be hard compared to the 3rd wave, primarily because of vaccines. so the africa is in a unique position compared to many african countries. we just don't have as much access may not be able to afford those vaccines. there is a certain amount of vaccine hesitancy, and when this information trickles down to people, for example, the new variant with scientists are saying, well, we're not quite sure. we know it may be more transmissible. we're still
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investigating just how effective vaccines may be. this is the kind of information that adds to vaccine hesitancy and concerns from people around just what, how effective the vaccines are and what if they were taking several countries or stepping up measures to fight a surgeon infections and the coming hours the president joe biden will unveil his winter plan to keep the virus in check and particularly the new on the con variance, germany has become the latest to impose restrictions on unvaccinated people. boring access to all, but the most essential businesses. dominic can, is joining us from berlin. domini, talk us through this decision and how is it being re eved what this decision that has been announced here in berlin in the course of the last few hours represent is a calculated targeted measure against the millions of people,
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millions of adults at least, who are unvaccinated and have chosen not to take the vaccine despite its ready availability and free availability for the lion's share of this calendar year. so very soon, all those people who cannot prove that they have either been vaccinated or of recovered from the virus recently will be denied access to very many public places, public events right across the country. there will be particular measures in parts of the country where the incidence of cov, it is above a particular level. so in places where the incidence is $350.00 cases per 100000 residents. well there will that particular stringent measures will be in place. the reason for this is clear, because in the course of less than the last 3 weeks, 1000000 new cases of covert have been announced. that matters because in the
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course of this calendar, yes, more than 4000000 cases of covert have happened. and in terms of the death rates here, it has more than tripled in the course of this calendar year. that is why in the course of the last few hours, the german government has decided to impose these measures specifically targeting the on vaccinations. and what do we know about the rest of europe and particularly norway, dominate because the countries reporting a large outbreak off the new variant there. yes, army kron is making its presence felt right across the european continent right now . and one of the latest developments is in the norwegian capital of slope, where it is suspected that as many as 50 people may have contracted the omicron variance after attending a christmas office party in the norwegian capital. it's the season for such off is
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parties to be held and that is what has happened in this instance. the fear is that as many as 50 people make may come down on the chrome. and the problem of course, is this is not happening in a vacuum. delta, delta variance is ravaging much of europe right now. so on top of that, you now have this new variance there as well. and it's not just in norway that these appearances of micron are being reported upon. we know that in france, another instance of a person who had traveled back to france from africa from an african country in this case, nigeria happened recently that person has tested positive, omicron also, soul is not happening in a vacuum. it's happening in a continent which is already been ravaged by delta in the course of this calendar year. thank you so much. thomas kane, reporting from berlin. well, india has identified its 1st cases of the new army kron variant to men in the southern state of canada. com tested positive for the new variance after returning
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from abroad. india's new travel restrictions for international passengers arriving from at risk countries came into force on wednesday. it includes the u. k. south africa, new zealand, bangladesh, hong kong, and israel. meanwhile, pakistan has announced that will provide booster shots to health care workers and people aged over 50. come hide a report from his mom about so far over 50000000 people in budget don have been fully vaccinated. and that of course, means that just a little over 22 percent of the population, the recognition drive a scale on. and children over grad, up to the age of 18 will also now be getting fired their shock. but did it or concern regarding the new radius of go away to 19 and that of god has the alarm bell ringing here and focused on according to the planning minister. it is now a question of week if not a month before dish wide is lounge on budget on the story and focused on medical
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association had warned that the government must take usually in order to mitigate the fate of the new radian and of god, means that they will be stricter controls on the entry point on the airport. and also by just on these have been a while to come forward if they have not yet received those vaccines. the age of culture travel ban which are in place for hong kong and figure out african countries because of the great of the wider spreading from their budget on of golf . now going into action more judge week, and it will be up to the performance of the government out golf. read this new trade of go written 19, radian us secretary state anthony blank and says he's deeply concerned about what he called russia as aggressive policy towards ukraine. after earlier a meeting, ukraine's for a minister, a blinking met his russian counterpart surg,
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live rove to discuss moscow's true filled up along the border of moscow. rejected allegation, but it's planning an attack on ukraine despite the massive russian disinformation campaign. ukraine is in no way posing a threat to russia or seeking a confrontation that would justify a russian military intervention. the only threat is that of renewed russian aggression towards ukraine. in my meeting with for mister oliver off, i'm a very clear our deep concerns and are resolved to hold russia responsible for its actions, including our commitment to work with european allies to impose severe costs and consequences on russia. if it takes further aggressive action against ukraine, rosalind jordan has this faith from washington d. c. essentially, this is a reiteration of the bind administration's view that russia is making a plans to do something nefarious to ukraine. the fear here in washington is that
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russia's planning, another invasion of ukrainian territory to try to capture what it considers historically russian territory, particularly in the eastern part of ukraine. the message that we heard from actually blinking is that the u. s. is simply not going to stand for it, but he would not to answer ob, reporters questions about whether this would include some sort of military response . that certainly would be a grave escalation because both the us and russia are nuclear power states. and so this is a something that ta, perhaps, has not been envisioned in decades. but certainly the idea that the u. s. would of even entertain any such thing, such as a, providing military support in defense of ukraine, which is not a member of nato. is something that has certainly needed to be communicated for both russia and ukraine. i've accused each other of ramping up tensions in recent
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weeks. ukraine has more than 1900000 russian soldiers are near its border. moscow has dismiss claims as preparing an attack. russia accuses ukraine applauding to recapture areas in the east held by pro russia rebels. it says ukraine has gathered about 125000 soldiers near the conflict zone. something key of denied ukraine is not part of nato, but the russian president, vladimir putin has warned that any expansion of the alliances military infrastructure into ukraine would cross a red line. i have no doubt that the only way out of today's crisis is actually to seek the balance of interests. and i would like to highlight that we are interested in taking steps to settle the green crisis in american colleagues has said in numerous occasions that they are ready to help by showing a dialog channel. i would also be interested in antony's explanation about the remarks he has delivered by stating of the provision of the mince agreement,
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the russia has to fulfill bernice smith has more from moscow. unblinking meeting with lover of it lasted about an hour, the meeting between gay lava, anthony blink, and according to a statement from the u. s. state department and they said the meeting was serious, sober and business like it's the 1st time both diplomats have had to face to face meeting after russia started building up his troops again along the border with ukraine and again onto the lincoln. according to the state department, made clear that the u. s. and how the design of conflict with russia and bring blinking said he told us, sees a key to ending the conflict. is the implementation of the mens agreement. and the allegations here are that russia and ukraine are not engaging in prison, a swaps ukraine is not allowing local elections to take place in the area control by russian separatists. russia isn't removing heavy armor. lots of things like this
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should have happened by now. so this is what an exchange in russia will repeated its point about his red lines that he does not want to see nato expanding eastwards, taking in ukraine and ga iran has submitted to draft proposals to european powers, negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal this is the 7th round of talks in vienna aimed at bringing iran on the us back into the deal. it's meant to limit iran's nuclear program and exchange for sanctions relief. on wednesday, the us nuclear watchdog said iran is expanding its uranium enrichment capabilities . despite the negotiations or the hash them has more on iran draft proposals from vienna. there are 2 lines one on the sanctions. really, the 2nd is on iran, rolling back, it's measures the post 2018 measures. and from the radius will now be waiting to
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hear from the world whether this is acceptable or not, as we had, as we understood from an iranian diplomatic sauce that these before are built up. and what was agreed on during the past 6 rounds of talk. know some of the points that contradict with the g. p a or the nuclear deal that was struck in 2015 omitted, and additional elements and points that the radians to see as crucial to go ahead with the talk. where did today, the iranian top negotiate sort of bucket a county back with the european with the russians on the chinese. and it is believed to be meeting also later today with mr. glossy, the head of the i a, a. as for the, the talk this round of talk, there is no clear picture whether it's going to continue, or it's going to be halted and be resumed later. maybe this month or next year
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still has on al jazeera, the democratic republic of congo governance as its special forces are fighting alongside you gunned and troops in an operation against an armed group. ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. the with the sponsored by capital airways. hello, good to see you. here's her headlines for asia. we're starting in the bay had been gone. where we've got this disturbance. it's going to slam into entrepreneur dash o dish and westbank. all that's on friday. we're press play, see where it goes, the course of a weekend, still plugging all of these areas. amber alerts are out for the potential c, $1200.00 millimeters of rain and flooding. very likely as watts or monsoon range. active just south of indo china through malaysia and speaking of indo china ticket
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there. right now, because central and southern portions of vietnam have seen some land sides, but we are drying off across indo china on friday. next stop. we're going to go to china and high pressure, carving out sunny conditions here is not much to report grey lind 21 degrees except sunny cloud in hong kong. and you're also coming in at a high of 21 degrees. no number of records broken across japan for a rain and winds monthly records, and we still have it coming at you for that western side of horseshoe and who, cato and that cool pool of air is still in play here. so sol, just a high for degrees, same goes for a cargo she not an on hoko in those showers. it looks like support. got you in for a high of 9 dry and tokyo, however, 17 to, to clear the high for you on friday. that's it. see as soon as the weather, sponsored by katara always cut off one of the fastest growing nation. i won
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a contest needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and for trade and money skill filling that out. 3 key areas up to about filling up from it, connecting the connect in the future. got so got to gateway to whoa trade. ah. the color again, the top stores on al jazeera, the salad. several countries are stepping up measures to fight a surgeon krona virus infections. germany has become the latest to impose restrictions on unvaccinated people. us president joe biden will soon unveil his
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winter plan to tackle the virus. us secretary said anthony lincoln says he's warned russia of serious consequences if ma so invade ukraine, his russian counterparts are again, lab ross says moscow, once a guaranteed ukraine won't be allowed to join the nato military alliance. iran has submitted to draft proposal to european powers, negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal. this is the 7th round of talks in vienna aimed at returning iran on the us to the deal. the united nation says it fears if you could descend into secretarial violence that could fracture the country. the organizations had of humanitarian affairs is warning, the growing instability there could see a repeat of the chaos exit is from. i've got to stop in august, and this comes as the united nation says it needs a record 41000000000 dollars next year to meet global humanitarian needs. were
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drawn out from geneva by martin griffin to be un under secretary general for humanitarian affairs. and also the emergency relief coordinator. mr. griffith. welcome to al jazeera. thanks for speaking to us. you are particularly concerned about 8 p o p r. what is your biggest concern when it comes to the humanitarian needs and how dire is situation right now? but i think what is so important about the peer to all of us? certainly across that i think across the world, yo as my conic country, the highest and it's in territorial integrity. the very survival of the state is of the highest and to the continent. it is after also the capital hosting the african union. that's why for many of us see the conflicts and to see the needs grow. and we're worried because like with any other conflict, the effect on,
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on the people of the country. but i think my main messages we needed to appear to be the year for the has so many decades. and you've warned about the repercussions that a battle in the capital i d, 's, abba would in fact have on the situation. what's your concern? well, december augusta tech city and a large one large population in conflict of this kind around the world. it is always the priority to try to avoid battles in the areas the reason the met. and he is, is a political project by the prime minister, which seeks to unite ethiopians around their identity as which of which is obviously something i think we can all support. we don't want russia from the war
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from which continues to rage and alternate, but pressures between different ethnic groups in that it, because identity as an ethiopian, as a guarantee of survival and endure. and then any battle for adults which let's all hope will never happen. is no good news in that regard. so what sort of contingency plans are being put in place just in case the humanitarian needs continue to grow and if you well, recently the results of the action of the government, we've been able to stop moving trucks into nolan, ethiopian into to gray from the region to gray at about a couple of 100 trucks. overall i getting through with urgent medical supplies and food, which we will distribute the people in need. and of course we're very worried,
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as i've said elsewhere about the light. so that was the 1st thing to get the supplies that are in the market as it were to the secondly, we have been also by close your mouth and agencies always do worrying about the laundry cross country. if your good is plagued by droughts doesn't locus. there's going to be a major drought in the region in somalia. so we want to find out your monitors, to pub country only in northern america, which is obviously the area of the greatest, the most urgently to the hub around the country. so we respond to the larger needs . if you could have a very, very proud record, a response by its authorities to natural disasters. we build on that as we tried to respond to the needs of this, this recent estimate of just the conflict. it's not only if you appear,
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in fact the un launched that's your monetary and appeals for 2020 to earlier on thursday and the are you in predicting that a record 274000000 people will be requiring humanitarian aid next year in countries of course like a few, but as well as of going to stop me and mar, syria and yemen, as you outlined. but going, judging by 2021, when there was a funding gap in humanitarian needs and pledges were not met. what's at stake if this happens this time around when needs have increased? i think that's the absolutely central question and it's one, the monitored agencies are quite familiar with in 2021. as you say, we had a funding gap. we managed to reach 70 percent of the 153000000 people entrenched wrong that we needed to reach where the systems but it was only on the
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way to the half the money off the money that was asked for. so it's possible. busy that we may be what happens in those is something which i think is quite familiar to many of us, which is that we prioritize from among the range of humanitarian needs. you prioritize the early in life saving red red. crude rations are cut but continued to be sent to all those nice people eat less. people prioritize their children. when i was in t gray in july where the food was absolutely those that how you managed to survive. they said we survived by each in the fruits kept us local communities also are the 1st responders to those in need and many of the world, it's the local communities who seller own asset to help those displays displace
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from their own. by the way, the 2022, we estimate one percent wells ration will be displayed, which is absolutely horrifying statistics. so the 1st responders are the local but the solidarity of the world that we are paying to today is to provide the essential financing, the trying to reach most of those in need. that program next year has object to be assessed to be the priority. and what can be done, mr. griffith to support government in those vulnerable countries that you've outlined in this humanitarian report to have access to investments and additional financing. this is becoming increasingly a high priority. you monitor it's effort not to
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stabilize the can see that a baby lives in a country. we see this very and it's it's something to do with the best it's just do with but do with like it, what's an employment to protect those investments? and those assets largely define, develop efforts as well as stabilisation of heartless military. but it would be quite wrong to think that monitor can do their job for them. what that means is that the international community has to address the need to provide stabilizing money, both on the support for governments and societies in places where the ideal circumstances don't exist. as they don't perhaps yet to that kind of stuff, we need to engage with the different dusta humanitarians always engage with a difficult thank you so much mr. martin griffith. the un under secretary general
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for humanitarian affairs and the emergency relief coordinator. we thank you for speaking to us on 0. thank you so much for having it. now, uganda is increasing its deployment of troops in the neighboring democratic republic of congo to fight an armed group called the allied democratic forces. uganda blamed the adf for 3 suicide bombings in its capital. last month. the government spokesman as old alger 0, that's special forces from both countries are conducting the joint military operation. patrick we, i also said that the government has, in speaking to local communities in an attempt to gain their support for this operation. we are fighting terrorists, you know, fighting stories are very complex issue. that's why we decided to, to get our own digital services. and now we bring together hospice or prostate to make sure we are rigid, seeing if we can, would you see reduce 100 percent of their procedure. we will do so by the 15 year
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is that the or the want for the destroy were the catch it and we know that they will make some repression and they can getting sick in virginia to actually conditions when i somebody or is they they do that's why we start looking for the national to be vision at those people when they've been running, running after the army, they can go after more condition in the area where they can. i think that's why we are asking for support, which is going on and to be very vision and to be knows all the depletion of the army. when you see something, something that's not clear about the movement inside the country. we as governments, speaking with different swimming to explain that you know, where she between country info,
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if in different years there was some issues. and as today was president, i will close the and both raises. i agree to make movements it could meekly or it's kelly and now strategically because we need to defend a common enemy because we're getting in years the more than they are bringing. welcome wires. following developments on the story from kenya's capital nairobi, the nature of the abs attacks or certainly for about the last 7 years they've targeted communities which protected villages often around the city of benny, conducted brutal math because more recently in the last to they've been pushing vehicles on the road to making some of the key vote in and out of the city of any and getting no problem. making those very unsafe people in that part of the country are very tied of the violent people feel that the recent efforts of the congo
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leaves army in the last 6 months haven't succeeded. they declared a state of martial law in the eastern provinces. so definitely the dissenter month among many people that if somebody can just put a stop to these terrible master kids and the bloody attack on civilian target, then that would be a good thing. the same time a lot of skepticism from some people about whether you're going to coming increased and they will once again will bring stability or just yet more instability. ah, hello again, the headlines and al jazeera circles. andries are stepping up measures to fight a surgeon corona virus infections as president joe biden will soon unveil his winter plan to tackle the virus. germany has become delayed us to impose restrictions on unvaccinated people. so many cane his in berlin.


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