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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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the philippines is fighting to restore the fight induct saying not. i think we denied any wrong one i want to investigate on out of europe. the news this is al jazeera. ah. they are watching the news are live for my headquarters and del hi. i'm getting, you know, coming up in the next 60 minutes, germany bars, unvaccinated people from shops on leisure events in a bit to contain a dramatic rise in corona virus cases. covered 1900 confirmed, for nearly one in 4 people tested in south africa as health experts investigate the dangers of the new army kron variance. while in the us,
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president biden is due to lay out the pandemic response for the winter. with tighter rules, expected for travelers will be carrying his address live, also ahead the u. s. reaffirm support for ukraine and discuss as possible sanctions against russia. while moscow denies it has funds to invade its neighbor and the controversial border program under donald trump, that force asylum seekers to wait in mexico for us immigration hearings is back. i'm devin asked with the news live from off. be for our studio. well, kind of them want to know that just bitch of backs the decision to suspend or w t, a tournaments in china. it comes with the international olympic committee. they, they've spoken to chinese punch why disappearance off making a sexual assault allegations. a box worldwide concern in welcome to the news our several countries are stepping up measures to fight
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a surgeon corona virus infections. there's been another spike in cases in south africa, the 1st country to identify the new ami kron variant. about one in 4 people swabs have tested positive for the virus scientist say the strain was in europe before flight bands were imposed on countries in southern africa when the next few minutes the us president joe biden is due to outline his winter plan to fight cove in 1900 and the army kron variant. our white house correspondent, kimberly hockey, standing by for us on that. first, let's go to find me. the miller will give us an update on the situation in south africa. farmington, what's behind the sharp res infections in the country? well, expert suspect that it is the only con variant that is causing that sharp rise. whereas previously it had been the delta variance, and this was their main concern, just how transmissible on me. kron is how it would affect people. and just what
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volt vaccines would play in terms of protection. now the institute of communicable could communicable diseases has it to day that they is, chances are the people who had coven 19 before. it's likely that they still would be infected by this new variant despite having antibodies. in fact, chances of being re infected. i've written about 3 fold, so that continues to be a concern in the last 24 hours. they have been 11500 new cases of coven 19. and what is of particular significance, even though south africa, as a total of $40000.00 existing active cases of coven 19 in south africa? even though that number is significantly lower than many other countries in the world is the positivity rate that's now at 22 percent up from 16 percent just a day ago. so it's clearly giving scientist a better picture of just how transmissible this particular variant is.
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all right, thank you so much pharmaca for that update from johannesburg. let's now bring in our white house correspondent, kimberly hawker joining us from the white house. and we'll wait to hear what the president has to say, but what do we expect to hear in the next half hour or so? we expect that the president is going to lay out in detail his what's been called a winter strategy, the u. s. president just left the white house in the last few moments, the helicopter marine one that he travels on, headed over to the national institutes of health, where he's going to tour, and then speak to the american public about what he believes are some steps that couldn't as simply by time for scientists that are still trying to understand this on the kron variant. now we've had yet another case pop up in the united states just one day ago it was in california now a new case popping up in the us state of minnesota. so there is concern we know for
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some time, but the doctors and scientists been saying it was likely already in the united states. now we're continuing to get this confirmation. so the president, going to lay out a number of steps, 1st of all, with respect to travelers coming into the united states, the going to now need to test negative for covey. 1924 hours prior to coming to the united states. at previously that was 72 hours. we also know the president expected to extend that mandate for wearing mass some public transportation. this is expected to go until march. the president are also expected to make at home testing kits for cove at 19 free of charge. this is so that people will not be sort of prohibited because of cost and potentially spreading it unknowingly. and finally, what we know is the president's going to talk about the importance of booster shots . now, millions of americans, tens of millions, have gotten to of shots and are considered fully vaccinated,
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but not yet getting the booster. so we know there's going to be an announcement about a public education campaign. the target get a 100000000 people to get that booster shot. the reason the president's doing this isn't just because of the arm across very it, but also because his poll numbers are falling there or is increasing criticism of president biden. these not doing enough, or they're having less confidence in his handling of the pandemic. so he's going to go over to the national institutes of health where he's like landing any moment i and really try to get ahead of that narrative. all right, thank you so much. kimberly. we'll cross back to you as and when we hear from the president, thanks for the time being. well, germany has become the latest country to impose restrictions on unvaccinated people barring access to all but the most essential businesses. anderson, men's reports on the situation across europe in less than a week. the omicron variant has swept the globe with more uncertainty about cove. it in many countries, especially in europe,
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new restrictions were being introduced anyway with the winter surgeon, delta variant infections. germany is the latest to announce new measures. signs like these vaccinate immunized is the way this country and others are now heading the unvaccinated on our bod from access to all but essential businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies. angler merkel says new strict measures are essential in a situation she finds depressive as it was, got anything with it. and it has to be quite honest. the fact that we are now in the middle of such a strong 4th wave does not make me happy. it depresses me, especially when i look at certain regions when zia, in france, where the health services struggling with record numbers of curved infections. the government, scientific advisor believes the amik chrome variant will be dominant within a matter of weeks laverne me. soon as i can brag,
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are equal value of the real enemy is the 5th wave with the delta variant. there will be some time before the army con variant establishes itself in france and in europe. in general, we estimated to be at the beginning of 2022 of at the end of january, you do need one in the u. k, where booster jobs will be available to anyone over 18. the arrival of the on the chrome variant has led to a clamor for vaccinations. we're starting to see people who i think probably anxious about the knee. very miss been come across in the contest to get people coming for their 1st and 2nd jazz that they couldn't possibly had months ago. you case prime minister boris johnson himself got his booster on thursday. in germany, the government will also consider compulsory vaccinations. and as people put their hopes at jobs, being able to ward off or ma chrome, something that scientists sister unsure about. there's a chilling prediction from the european union's public health agency. it says that
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within a few months the omicron variant could be causing more than half of cov infections in the e u. and from the norwegian capital oslo. another warning more than 50 people have been infected with the over kron variant. at a christmas party in a restaurant, the government says they were all vaccinated. andrew simmons al jazeera, here, a sector state antony blank, and says he's deeply concerned about what he called russia as aggressive policy towards key f. as he, i'll talks with his russian counterpart and stockholm rushes for a minister, sir gala rob is adamant, the kremlin will protect its interests. it's as tensions flare over its military build up near the border with ukraine. bernard smith reports from moscow. this was the 1st face to face meeting between antony, blinking and circ. i love rav since joe biden became u. s. president. the u. s. secretary of state, use the encounter to warn russia of the serious consequences, including sanctions,
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if it invades ukraine. c. it's now on russia to deescalate the current tensions by reversing the recent to build up. returning forces to normal, his time positions, and refraining from further intimidation and attempts to destabilize ukraine were watching the situation very closely, were in close contact and coordination with our allies. russian back separatists in east new crane had been patrolling these trenches for more than 7 years. after russia annexed crimea, now a build up of russian troops along the border. more than $90000.00 says the government in kiev is fueling face of a russian invasion. across the field, ukrainian force is a holding exercises. russia says ukraine is being provocative, deploying more than half its army, a 125000 people to the east. russia dismisses as inflammatory. any suggestions? it's preparing to attack. the kremlin is also floating the idea of
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a new european security packed to try to stop nato from expanding further east. we, as president preaching, stated, do not want any conflicts, but if i may to partners have stated that no one has a right to dictate to a country that would like to join nato, or wherever it can do or not. we can say to every country is able to define its own interest to guarantee dare security. in the spring, there was a similar show of russian strength along the ukraine border tension eased after a 1st summit meeting between the russian and us presidents. russia's deputy foreign minister says he's hoping for confirmation that there'll be some sort of contact between vladimir putin on joe biden, in the coming days could be a phone call or a virtual meeting if it does happen, then just as in, earlier this year could go a long way to calming tensions on the ukraine. russia border. bernard smith, al jazeera, moscow, 20 more had on the auto renew our,
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including why the un humanitarian chief is calling for record multi $1000000000.00 assistance package next year. protecting the past campaigners fight to fight save a historic palestinian village from a redevelopment fund and an sport a deadlock over pay on conditions for players leave for the 1st lockout and major league baseball for 30 years. jemma will have more a little later. ah, but 1st, the biden administration has been forced to resurrect donald trump's controversial remain in mexico policy following a court order. the policy requires asylum seekers to stay outside the us while they wait for their hearings. the program is due to resume next week. my can is joining us from washington d. c. so how did this come about? my slow one must remember,
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president biden called this policy in humane. his administration pledged to remove it, but what happened is summer republican politicians brought court orders against the abolition of this particular policy. this was confirmed by the supreme court. the administration ordered to legally to reinstate this protocol. the by the administration has attempted to do so in a way, in the most humane way. it says possible. it has been negotiating with mexico in recent weeks in terms of providing certain guarantees to ensure the safety of the migrants who will be returned across the border. this includes security for them as they move back across the border, and encampments where they can remain. basically what the policy says is that any would be my grants, need to return to mexico to go through the applications for return or a permanent return to the united states. and they will be held in mexico until
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their court hearings are held within the united states. now another thing that mexico insisted on and which has not been confirmed, is that the u. s. has to commit to a maximum of 6 months investigation into each case. this puts a timeline on the holding of migrants within mexico itself. remembering though that under tramps some $60000.00 migrants with thrown out of the united states under this policy. so certainly some human rights campaign is insisting this is just another accident waiting to happen. so what, who advocates off this deal and thank what are they saying right now? well, the republican politicians who brought this said they are satisfied that the supreme court has ordered that the bill be reinstated bite and administration, as i said, trying to put the best light on it that it can, having actively oppose this particular form of legislation. but those who wanted to
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cut down on the numbers of migrants through imposing controls like this would have to be bearing in mind too that the bite an administration can still attempt to rewrite its migration protocols to do away with this made that remain in mex, because system as this, essentially in the eyes of many in the biden administration, is a temporary situation forced onto it because of the court orders. it needs to rewrite its policy. basically, the supreme court agreed with lower court that the pilot administration had not looked through removing these protocols substantially. so it would need to write a new immigration system which it's been attempting to do, which would then meet the favor of the courts. if not those republicans, politicians who are against any form of migration into the united states. thank you so much. my kind of reporting from washington d. c. iran has submitted to draft proposals to european powers, negotiating the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal. the talks are the 7th round to be
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held in vienna aimed at bringing iran and the u. s. back into the deal. they're meant to limit iran nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. on wednesday, the us nuclear watchdog said iran is expanding its uranium enrichment capabilities . despite the negotiations on the hash, them has more on iran drop proposals from vienna. there are 2 lines one on the sanctions. relieve the 2nd is on iran, rolling back, it's measures the post 2018 measures and from the radius will now be waiting to hear from the world. whether this is acceptable or not, as we had, as we understood from an iranian diplomatic source that these before are built up and what was agreed on during the past 6 rounds of talk. know some of the points that contradict with the j. c. p. all the nuclear deal that was struck in 2015
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omitted, and additional elements and points that the radians see as crucial to go ahead with the talk where i did today. the iranian top negotiate sort of bucket. he met with the european, with the russians on the chinese and is believe to the meeting also later today with mr. glossy, the head of the i a a. as for the, the talk this round, the folks there is no clear picture whether it's going to continue or it's going to be halted and be resumed later. maybe this month or next year. mohammed moran is the head of american studies at the university of ron and also an advisor to the iranian negotiating team at the nuclear talks. he says iran, the latest proposals should be fairly considered by all parties. what is important is that both drafts are in accordance with the j, c, p. o, a. in other words,
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the iranians have not submitted anything to the different negotiating teams that goes beyond the nuclear deal. what the iranians have been saying all along is that if the united states and the europeans expect the run to go to go back to 2015, then they to have to go back to 2015. and that's the major problem. the united states wants to keep some of this trump maximum pressure sanctions. and the iranians are saying that is simply impossible. i think one can say that there has been progress. the very fact that the europeans recognize that the new administration in teheran is going to be much more steadfast in protecting you, runs right within the framework. what was agreed 6 years ago. i think that that progress in itself, they, when the iranians made it clear that they will not allow the united states to take
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advantage of iran to keep certain sanctions in place and, and continue to use them. in fact, that that is a violation of the nuclear deal itself. everything that the iranians are doing today are in accordance with the international law. the regulations of the i a. and the non proliferation treaty, the caps that were put on iranian nuclear program, were basically the result of the j. c, p. o, a. so when the united states tore up the agreement, they should have thought about this or political rivals in iraq have met to try and, and the protest that followed october's parliamentary elections. demonstrators gathered on wednesday to oppose the final results of the vote. she our leader and looked at us under whose block one the most seats met leaders of a range and back political blocks on thursday. the professors who mainly support pro irena groups claim the vote was rates went up to what had has more from baghdad
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. after 6 weeks of political rivalries and tension controversy over iraq's parliamentary elections, political, the ravens met on thursday, noted to reach a consensus and to end the crisis to defuse the tension that has been brought on by the election results. on thursday. the religious and political leader to the soda, and met with leaders political leaders of the chord nation framework that includes the iranians backed the political blocks and political parties. they agreed on a number of major points on top of them that all foreign troops should leave the country as could yield by the end of this year. they also agreed
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on supporting and enhancing the rule of the popular mobilization forces, the military wings of the iranian fact and political parties also, they agreed on criminalizing any type of normalization with, as right now, among the points the tackled during the meeting is to support under privilege it areas across iraq was financial and economic support. they also agreed on the combating corruption, especially those who are abusing the state authority in order to serve their own interests. but following the meeting to the sort of just tweeted that the government will be formed only by the majority of the part the united nation says if fear is if you could descend into secretary and violence that could fracture the country. the un humanitarian chief has warning the growing instability there. it's a repeat of the k auto accident from august on august comes as the united nation
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says it need to record 41000000000 dollars next year to meet global humanitarian needs. martin griffith is the un under secretary general for humanitarian affairs and the emergency relief coordinator. he says, ethiopia is not the world's most worrying. humanitarian crisis in conflict of this kind of around the world is always the priority to try to avoid battles and areas reason to pick them up. and the job is, is a political project by the prime minister, which seeks to unite ethiopians around their identity as which, which is obviously something i think we ought. we don't want russia from the war, the conflict which continues to rage and melt and pressures between different ethnic groups in that it, because identity as an ethiopian is
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a guarantee of survival and endure. and then any battle for adults with, let's all hope another is no good news in that regard. recently, as a result of the action of the government, we've been able to stop moving trucks into to, to gray from the region to gray at about a couple of 100 trucks overall are getting through with urgent medical supplies and food, which we will distribute the people in need that, and of course we're very worried, as i've said elsewhere about the plight. so that's the 1st thing to get the supplies that are in the market as it were to the people. secondly, we have been also like all my, an agency's always do worrying about the laundry process. if you was plagued by drought, they doesn't locusts. there's going to be
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a major drought in the region and you in somalia. so we want to find out your monitor to pub across the country, although you know, the need to, which is obviously the area of the greatest needs, the most urgency for the hubs around the country. so we respond to the larger needs . if you get, has a very, very proud record, a response by its authorities and equal to natural disasters, we build on that as we tried to respond to the needs of this. the reason is that a conflict local community is also our 1st responders to those in need and in many parts of the world, the local communities who sell their own asset to help those displays space from their own home. by the way, 2022, we estimate one percent wells will be displayed, which is absolutely horrifying statistic. the 1st responders are the local. but the
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solidarity of the world that we are taking to today is to provide the essential financing, trying to reach most of those in need. that program next year has objectively assessed to be the priority. the un says increasing violence, income rooms, anglo phone, regions. it's impacting the safety and education of hundreds of thousands of children. there are innovations. as 2 out of 3 schools are closed in the northwest and southwest regions due to recent attacks. children on teaching staff have been killed and doesn't kidnapped anglophone separate to say they face discrimination in a country dominated by french speakers. and i go into the secretary general of our region refugee council. he says children should not be targeted by the war insides . it is a, has a paralyzing effect on education. this horrific violence and the
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inability of grown men to agree on, on, on the political grievances and their by taking it out on children. so the, these attacks are not far from here. where is the, is the capital of the south west region of cameroon, where i am now, i was today in one of the schools that is running. it was a school with 1100 students, half of them, with displaced from elsewhere. and there were $89.00 up to $100.00 in each classroom. so imagine trying to good quality education with 100 kids in your class, half of them traumatized by having witness violence. i think it is, it is related to these underlying political, linguistic grievances, feeling on marginalization that the lack of decentralization and so on. but,
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but what we keep saying is, these are really grievances they need to be dealt with in talks, in political talks, not by closing down the schools that may have had the wrong curriculum earlier or. busy that is wrong, run by the wrong authorities. children of the right to education irrespective or political problems. still ahead on al jazeera, ancient storytelling for modern day challenges. how artists and curtis done are dealing with corruption on crime. i'm joanna roscoe in cas going behind the scenes at this past. nasa re growing the next 12 ah
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hello. thanks for joining in your world's weather report. begins in the middle east and with that disturbance that swept through, we had drawn, we've got cooler air for tate on high of 11 degrees. and look at this. we've got a sham ball going on so that gusty northwind coming down the golf and for the gulf states, we'll see those wind gusts on friday, up to 50 kilometers per hour. meantime, cool air slinging into play here is to watch what happens on friday. q 8 goes from $25.00 to $20.00, though. hodges hive. 23 degrees in riyadh. we've got you in for hiv. 20. next, we're going to pockets. not much to report here. plenty assigned toward the north and south. it was karachi, a hive. 32 degrees after turkey and temperatures are bouncing back a bit. after that cold front swept through anchor a 13 degrees. look at all this activity toward the west. impacting is mere, with the high of 19 central africa. downpours of rain to be expect it through gab on and camera room to allah has a high of $32.00 degrees. further toward the south,
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we've got rain across angola, through swath of namibia, southern sections of botswana, and really toward that eastern portion of south africa. so i think we're going to power up some thunderstorms in johannesburg with a high of 28 degrees on friday. that's it. see again soon ah, who's going to win and match it? oh, it's a tough one. to be honest, i'm happy if they're happy, what the drivers know them and them and make it to make so everyone knows exactly what's happening, live and exclusive. that's true. so we could just focus on the web ex hale sat space to deliver your vision into the country with an abundance of
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results. trade are and walk indonesia, his firms forming. we moved full to growth and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia now ah ah, hello again. the top stories from the office to read news our several countries are stepping up measures to fight a surgeon corona virus infections. germany has become the.


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