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world is not just a, a moral tool. a more obligation that we have in my view is how we protect americans. as we're seeing with this new varian, america is doing our part. and we'll do more. but this is a global pandemic, and everyone needs to fight it together. and that includes countries we're helping that aren't particularly friendly toward us. their populations are in trouble to their credit. the scientific community, particularly in south africa, quickly notified the world of the emergence of this new variant. this kind of transparency is to be encouraged and applauded because it increases our ability to respond quickly to any new threats. and that's what we did on the very day, the world health organization identified the new variant. i took an immediate sceptre, restrict travel from the countries in south in southern africa. but while we know the travel restrictions can slow the spread of them across,
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they cannot prevent it. but it does give us a little more time to take more precautions at home. to prepare a month ago, we announced requirements that foreign travelers must be vaccinated if entering the united states. this week i announced this election to strengthen international travels to give us more time to stop the spread and study a new variant. it used to be that international travel flying to the united states traveler. fine. united states had to test negatively 3 days before their departure from that country. well, announcing the day that all inbound international travelers must test within one day of departure regardless of their vaccination status or nationality. this title testing timetable provides an added degree protection. as scientists continue to study domo crown variant. and we are extending the requirement,
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both internationally and domestically to where mass for travel on aircraft, trains, public transportation through the winter months. a close of this. again, the actions am announcing are ones that all americans can rally behind. and should unite us in the fight against coven 19. and they come from a position of strength. we are better positioned than we were a year ago to fight till the 19th. since day one of my administration, we've been doing everything we can to be this virus. and that's what we have to keep doing. that's how we keep our country in our businesses and our schools open. that's how even with a pandemic, we've generated record job creation. 5.6000000 new jobs since january 20th. more than any president and american history were on the track to the fastest economic growth and for decades in for decades. we move forward in the face of coven. i team
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an adult her. and we'll move forward in the face omicron variant as well. and we'll do it by keeping the face and doing it together as to united states of america. let me close again by saying, god bless our doctors, our scientists do all of your here and i age for what you're doing for the country . and quite frankly, for the world you the best very, very best. and god bless you all. thank you for your patience to listen to me. thank you. resonant biden. there, outlining his plan for how to come back. having 19 over the winter as the ohm icon, variance emerges and talking about the increased neetha boosters and also the, the plan to restrict international travel a bit further. but still calling the com and saying that people need to learn more was on just need to learn more about new variant. and also they'll be more free testing available. our white house correspondent can be how kit joins us live. so
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what's the strategy here for president? i'm all the strategy is multi pronged, but the upshot is that the president is trying to get a handle on the co bid, a situation in the united states given the fact that there is this fear that will be another surgeon cases due to the omicron variant that he admits scientists in the united states around the world still know very little about. so what we've got here, as we head into the holiday season is the mitigation plan put in place by the, by the administration. and it has a number of fastest to it, including making sure that those, that travel to the united states test negative for corporate night team within 24 hours. previously, that was 72. we know that there's going to be the availability of more in home testing free of charge, so that people are not spreading it unknowingly. and also the process of making a big push to see that those at tens of millions of americans that are already
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vaccinated. that they get their booster shots because they still believe that this is the best defense against this new very uncovered. for that matter of any kind. we also know that the mask mandate federally on public transportation is being extended until march. and as well, we know that there are going to be extra resources that kind of a doubling down if you will, of these so called search teams that go to areas where this may be breaking out, particularly in areas that may not have a lot of hospitals so there's the extra staff medical staff in order to deal with this. so the bottom line is, the president is doing this not only to get ahead of coven 19, and potentially another wave here in the u. s. but also the narrative that many americans are becoming increasingly frustrated with the president's handling of this said would like to see him do more. and he meant you mentioned that there was so the extension of the most mandate on non public transport. and those international restrictions. what about any pressure to put more restrictions on
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domestic travel? yeah, it's really interesting because the president is under a lot of pressure to put in more restrictions domestically. but from only certain segments of the united states is very divided country. and notably, the united states is lagging behind other countries, germany, for example, this just put in place new restrictions at limiting where people go if they've not been fully vaccinate. the reason that's not happening here and why they're doesn't see, or why there's reticence by the biden administration, has a lot to do with the conservative belief in the you asked that this would be a violation of civil liberties. so what we're not seeing here are vaccine passports . what we're not seeing are an additional lockdown. in fact, you heard the president talking, they're going out of his way to say that this will be solved with speed and science and not with any locked downs or chaos and confusion, almost sort of comparing and contrasting to the previous white house and the
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trumpet ministration. so, and this is a president going to great pains to say, we'll do this differently. even a, some in the united states are pushing for more restrictions, particularly as we've now found another case of the arm across very in the united states in the one day after california we're seeing at minnesota. and it was from a traveler who had travelled, not outside the united states, but domestically within the united states. so that pressure is still there, but so far the white house is resisting it. kimberly how can thank you very much indeed. and germany is announced tittle ban, unvaccinated people from much of public life in a bid to stop a 4th wave of cov infections. jossla i'm going to michael describes the far reaching measures as an act of national solidarity. he only cron variant is expected to become the dominant, straight across europe over the winter months. under simmons has more in less than a week, the ami chrome variant has swept the globe with more uncertainty about cove. it in
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many countries, especially in europe, new restrictions were being introduced anyway with the winter surgeon delta variant infections. germany is the latest to announce new measures. signs like these vaccinate immunized is the way this country and others are now heading the unvaccinated on our bod from access to all but essential businesses such as grocery stores and pharmacies. angler merkel says new stricter measures are essential in a situation she finds depressing. as it was got anything of the internet and to be quite honest, the fact that we are now in the middle of such a strong 4th wife does not make me happy. it depresses me, especially when i look at certain regions here in france, where the health services struggling with record numbers of curved infections. the government scientific advisor believes the amik chrome variant will be dominant within a matter of weeks laverne me. soon as i can berg, a regular volume,
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the real enemy is the 5th wave with the dell to variant. there will be some time before the army con variant establishes itself in france and in europe. in general . we estimated to be at the beginning of 2022 of at the end of january. you do need one in the u. k. where booster jobs will be available to anyone over 18. the arrival of the omicron variance has led to a clamor for vaccinations. we're starting to think people, i think, probably anxious about the needs area has been come across in the us to get people coming for their 1st and 2nd jazz that they couldn't possibly had months ago. you case prime minister boris johnson himself got his booster on thursday in germany. the government will also consider compulsory vaccinations. and as people put their hopes in japs being able to ward off or ma chrome, something that scientists are still unsure about. there's a chilling prediction from the european union's public health agency. it says that
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within a few months the omicron variant could be causing more than half of covered infections in the e u. and from the norwegian, capital alls low one of a warning, more than 50 people have been infected with the over crown variance at a christmas party in a restaurant. the government says they were all vaccinated. andrew simmons al jazeera, more than 11 and a half 1000 new kevin 19 cases were detected in south africa in the past 24 hours. as health officials warn the new variant is driving a sharp increase in infections. at soft infections doubled in a day on wednesday, or micron has become dominant across south africa, which was the 1st country to report on the highly mutated strain. the world health organization says more information about the covert 19 parent should be revealed soon. and evidence suggests on the chron poses a higher risk of reinfection. i mean, the miller is following developments from johannesburg. well, expert suspects that it is,
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the army can vary and that is causing that sharp rise. whereas previously, it had been the doubt of variance. and this was their main concern, just how transmissible army kron is how it would affect people. and just what role vaccines would play in terms of protection. now the institute of communicable communicable diseases has said to day that they is, chances are the people who had coven 19 before, it's likely that they still would be infected by this new variant, despite having antibodies. in fact, chances of being re infected or have risen about 3 fold. so that continues to be a concern. in the last 24 hours, they have been 11500 new cases of coven 19. and what is of particular significance? even though south africa as a total of $40000.00 existing active cases of coven 19 in south africa, even though that number is significantly lower than many other countries in the
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world, is the positivity rate that's now 22 percent. up from 16 percent just a day ago. so it's clearly giving scientist a better picture of just how transmissible this particular variant is ah, united states top diplomat has met face to face with his russian counterpart to try to diffuse mounting tensions over ukraine sector state entity blinkin, and for mr. sega lover of disgust, rushes troops build up near the border at a meeting in the swedish capital stock home, but spent at smith's reports from moscow. their positions are long way apart. this was the 1st face to face meeting between antony blinkin and sir oliver of since joe biden became u. s. president. the u. s. secretary of state used the encounter to warn russia of the serious consequences, including sanctions,
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if it invades ukraine. c. it's now on russia to deescalate the current tensions by reversing the recent true build up. returning forces to normal, his time positions, and refraining from further intimidation and attempts to destabilize ukraine, were watching the situation very closely. were in close contact and coordination with our allies. russian back separatists in east new crane had been patrolling these trenches for more than 7 years after russia annexed crimea. now a build up of russian troops along the border. more than $90000.00 says the government in kiev is fueling face of a russian invasion. across the field, ukrainian force is holding exercises. russia says ukraine is being provocative, deploying more than half its army, a 125000 people to the east. russia dismisses as inflammatory, any suggestions is preparing to attack. the kremlin is also floating the idea of
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a new european security packed to try to stop nato from expanding further east. we as president preaching the state id, do not want any conflicts, but if i may, to partner to state it, no one has a right to dictate to a country that would like to join nato, whatever it can do or not. we can say to every country is able to define its own interest, a guarantee dare security. in the spring, there was a similar show of russian strength along the ukraine border tension eased after a 1st summit meeting between the russian and us presidents. russia's deputy foreign minister says he's hoping for confirmation that there'll be some sort of contact between vladimir putin on joe biden in the coming days. that could be a phone call or a virtual meeting if it does happen then just as in, earlier this year could go a long way to calming tensions on the ukraine. russia border. bernard smith, al jazeera moscow, still to come down to 0, remain in mexico. biden's whitehouse brings back
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a trumpet law hosting asylum seekers to say over the border and the u. n. p to billions of dollars to help more people in need around the world than ever before. ah hey, there are getting going on your weather forecasts for europe and africa. we're going to begin where all of the action is. so we find ourselves in the central med, into the atria to see the eastern shore of the atria to see, but a lot of rain coming down for southern portions of italy. give you an idea of the moisture around the eastern shore of the adria exceeds very eva, could see up to 20 centimeters of snow, but go closer to the water. most started to broadneck. we're going to get down with some heavy rain. same goes for the western portion of greece, also disturbed weather for western areas of turkey. this includes is mere 19
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degrees celsius, have popped up here on correct 13 and a breeze through the boss for assist. stumble will seek us about 50 kilometers per hour, but nothing like we felt just a few days ago. iberia flood stricken areas of northern spain will touch on that in fact. but 1st to the northwest, we've got a run of atlantic rein towards south west of england, western france, we could see some flooding toward the northeast of france. snow moves away from latvia into saint petersburg, russia, and now we'll go to iberia, where much of that rain has peter out. so we've got dry conditions in store here, and we'll end this in northern africa where we've got driving rain for northern areas of algeria and soon easier tunis has a height of 12 degrees the other. can i watch these things with a canal? some money, i fear the buckle of ethnic somalis had long been the target of intimidation and
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persecution. in kenya, almost every woman was of it. no home at a doubt travels through his homeland to reveal how his people and family have been subjected to years of brutal discrimination. just typical of the way we are through that in a come to a colo, al jazeera correspondence news for our one of the top stories yolanda 0 u. s. president joe biden has unveiled new actions to combat coven 19 as the emergence of the omicron variant increases. the urgency for boost to vaccines. arden's plan includes talk to restrictions for international travelers and
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expanding access to at home testing. germany's announced it will ban unvaccinated people from much of public life to try to stop a 4th wave. if kevin 19 infections, flagler macro says proposed vaccination mandate could also take effect as early as february. and usa, 2 states has held talks with russia's foreign minister in an effort to defuse mounting tensions over ukraine. and anybody can and saga lever off disgust. russia's trip build up near the border. bosco rejects claims that it's planning an attack on ukraine. iran has submitted to draft proposals to european powers, working to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. officials meeting in vienna attempting to bring both iran and the us back into the agreement names to limit around the nuclear activity in exchange for sanctions relief. european negotiators urged around to show seriousness during the discussions on wednesday to you and nuclear watchdog warned iran is continuing to expand it. she read human richmond
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capabilities. despite the ongoing talks, honey hashim is in vienna. with more around the drop proposals. there are 2 lines, one on the sanctions. relieve the 2nd is on iran, rolling back its measures the post 2018 measures. and from that, the rangers will now be waiting to hear from the world. whether this is acceptable or not, as we had, as we understood from an iranian diplomatic sauce that these before are built up and what was agreed on during the past 6 rounds of talk. know some of the points that contradict with the j. c. p. all the nuclear deal that was struck in 2015 omitted, and additional elements and points that the iranians see as crucial to go ahead with the talk. where did today the iranian top negotiator bucket. he came back with the european with the russians on the chinese and is
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believe to the meeting also later today with mr. rossi, the head of the i a e. a. as for the, the talk this round of talk, there is no clear picture whether it's going to continue or it's going to be halted and be resumed later. maybe this month or next year. the u. s. is restarting a controversial border policy, which will force refugees and migrants to remain in mexico while their applications for solemn a considered. the policy was initially introduced in 2019 on the former president donald trump. it was rescinded when president joe biden took office in january. but a federal court in texas as overturn that decision saying it did not follow proper legal procedure. migrant expected to be sent back as early as next week. might kind of joyce's live from washington d. c. so explain to how this this is going to work. well
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basically, president biden, in the past describe this particular protocol as inhumane. his administration attempted to abolish it, but some republican politicians went to call to the lower court, upheld it. and then the supreme court ruled that the administration needs to re commence the policy, pending a clearer intentions as to what they propose for immigration. so essentially the by the administration forced into this by court order. it went into months of negotiation with mexico to attempt to do this in the bite and ministrations words as humanely as possible. and only today has mexico announced that it has agreed to the discussions the united states. this new policy will come into effect on monday among the safe guards. if one could put it that way, is that to mexico will provide secure transportation to and from the border. it
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will provide shelters for immigrants to wait while they are waiting for the court cases to start over the border. and mexico also insisted on a time limit for the legal process, a maximum of 6 months before the legal processes are continued for each individual who is impacted by this new legislation or new form of immigration. so at the biden administration continues to insist it's been forced into this. it's looking at its immigration plans attempting to rewrite something that will meet court approval and who will be the most effected under the reinstated do while the 10s of thousands of immigrants who being in the united states waiting for the legal process to conclude, what will now happen in terms of this return to mexico policy or remain in mexico, is that tens of thousands of them will be put back across the border to wait with
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in mexico, in encampments for the legal processes to conclude. so it's going to have a massive impact on a large number of people. remembering to that when this policy was 1st instituted under donald trump, some 60000 people were forcibly removed from the united states, pending court processes in the united states itself. there, the court process was taking a months in that fact years or the biden administration, insisting that it has a 6 month time limit on each particular case. but still as many human rights observe, as i said, this is just another accident waiting to happen. my can, i thank you very much. indeed. the biggest number of people are in desperate need of the most age. in decades warns the u. n. as it notice it's ran a tarion appeal for the next year. after the taliban take over, afghanistan tops the list with a call for 4 and a half 1000000000 dollars of age to help more than $24000000.00 people. syria comes
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next out of 37 nations and regions with 4200000000 dollars needed to help 14000000 people in the ongoing war. on more than $20000000.00 people in yemen need just under $4000000.00 in help in that countries entrenched conflict. and as article out against the james page reports, the global total is staggering. the humanitarian situation around the world was already the worst. it's been at any time in recent years. but now the un says it's deteriorating even more. in 2022, it's estimated that 274000000 people be in need of humanitarian assistance. a 17 percent rise in the u. n. is appealing for record amount for its annual appeal. $41000000000.00 us dollars. do you ends on the secretary general for humanitarian affairs? martin griffith struggled when asked to name the worst crisis. i think it is the most concerning. i mean it's a terrible thing to have to choose between. you know,
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places of such great need subsidized is at his worst. and they barely get to mention you remember when haiti had that extraordinary earthquake back in in the middle of august, it didn't make the news for that week because of course the taliban were walking into couple of my time. so it feels somewhat improper, somehow to choose among these places in some of the humanitarian emergencies. for example, somalia, or the democratic republic of congo, the situation has been bad for decades and it's not getting any better in some places though. in 2021. notably, ethiopia, mamma, and i'm going to stop things got much worse. a flash appeal for afghanistan in september was a success. it's now over a 100 percent funded. but the collapse of the economy, coupled with the worst drought for over 30 years, means much more funding is now needed. more and more afghans are struggling to
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survive here, selling their clothes on the street in a country where it's estimated, the price of bread has gone up 80 percent in just a few months. james bay's al jazeera of the united nations gander, sending all trips across the border into democratic republic of congo to help fight an armed group called the allied democratic forces. uganda blames the adf for 3 suicide bombings in its capital. last month. yet the f one to set up an islamic state and have been linked with iso, the t r c government told us here at special forces in both countries and working together in the joint venture operation. we are fighting doorways to you know, fighting theresa very complex issues. that's why we decide to bring to get our, our digital services. and now we bring together hospice or forces working the grounds to make sure we are ready, seeing if we can, when you see reduce 100 percent of the procedure we will do so by the 15 year. is that theory we want 1st to destroy word the and look at it. and we know that the
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way to make some are a personal day can a getting they can continue to act with doing i some last or as they act as they do. but that's why we stop looking for the nation to be vision and that those people, when they've been running, running after the back of the army, they can go get multiple tradition. we are aware that they can act like that. that's why we are asking off would be nation. so what is going on and to be very vigilant and to be in us all if you go to the police to the army, when you're see something, something, no, it's not clear about the movement of stores inside the country. we as government speaking, we've pro difference community who explained that you know who it actually should between country in poll. if in the past years there was some issues. and as today,
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most presidents, i will o king, close the and both raise us and we make movement economically, what it's kelly. and now strategically because we need to defend a common enemy. because and yet marketing in years, more than they are doing again, international olympic committee says chinese tennis player, punctuate appeared well in the 2nd video. cool as concerned for her well being persists that the former well num doubles number one hasn't been seen in public for weeks after accusing a politician, a sexual assault. on wednesday, the women's tennis association suspended all of its tournaments in china over the case. it said video calls may have showed she was, well, it did not guarantee her freedom. while she is home, alida sebastian court has made the shock announcement that he's to quit politics completely. his under investigation for corruption and stepped aside. as chancellor in october courts, his announcement was swiftly followed by his replacement decision to resign.
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alexander schoenberg was widely seen as a temporary appointment. our court attempted to clear his name. is ben b though, and hayley go north and from neither a sales nor criminal? i'm a human being was strengths and weaknesses with failures and successes and everything else. and especially because there are accusations that have been raised for the past couple of months. it is important for me to state again. i am personally looking forward to the day, even if it could take years on which i can prove in court, that the accusations against me are simply wrong. outgoing german lieder. angler merkel has been treated to a traditional send off to mark the end of her 16 years as chancellor. she has chosen some personal favorites, but the military band to play. ah, isn't it 74 pops on. you forgot the color film or is german artist nina hagen, who this became a punk singer michael up to not to stand in september's election. but you stayed on
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his chancellor until furnishing talks confirmed on a shots as her successor is expected to take office next week. and a quick one, you can catch up any time with our website address that is al jazeera dot com. and you watch a slide by clicking on the black live icon ah, top stories on audio 0. yes, president joe biden has unveiled new actions to combat to code 19. as the emergence of the army, kron variant increases the urgency. he said for booster vaccines, arden's plan includes tied to restrictions for international travelers and expanding access to at home testing. we're going to fight this verse with science and speed. not chaos and confusion. just like we beat back.


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